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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 343 - Marionette Madness

Aprillian, Leeta, Rogueslayer and Tedrah discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno’s Corner (with Pixiegirl)

Hiya Aprillian, Leeta, Roguesalyer, Tedra
Hope everyone is doing good in-game and in life!
Yeah I know this isn't normally my thing writing into the show, but thought about it and how can I ask other's to send an email if I don't.
So decided even if we do a audio every now and then I'll send something in myself :) This way I can show Aprillian that I think the world of her & this show!
Here goes, guess by now most have heard about Befreit's Risky Rolls how I got talked into this is beyond me lol  But really I'm enjoying it, made a Taruen Druid and she is kind of cute for a cow, learning too play her those is a whole different story! Must say I do like cat form and love prowl, sneaking around is so much fun lol Talk about a noob I've got a level 90 druid and don't ask me how I got her to 90 sure wasn't by playing her right, but now I have some awesome teachers so this time will be a lot better :)
Am loving the Timeless Isles, seems to be getting easier even for my mage, speaking of mages, I saw a mage that had amazing dps this guy was unbelievable. He was clearing out the Jademist Dancer's as if they were nothing on Fire no less, was wondering how in the world is was doing that, then checked his gear. The lowest armor he had on was a 535 and that was only one peace everything else was a lot higher! Someday will all be geared like that I hope :)
Hugs & Kisses
PS just a couple of shout outs
Willopelt I'm so happy that your back, and thanks so much for the help with Mr. Robot working great now all due to you, your an awesome teacher!
Big Steve I'm glad that your playing more and that you joined us on FB, you have a lot of people that care about you.
Ron H. (Kzeah) Hope you get to feeling better & hope you get your new computer up and running soon, miss seeing you on the game.
Tirefire thank you for sending me gems they did the trick :)
And thanks for all the awesome birthday wishes you really made me feel loved :) Ben Hadj even sent me cake and wine in the game that put a big smile on my face!

What We've Been Doing:


Oh no! Darshi accepted the Headless Horseman and then I forgot. She was in the monastary when I logged in and had gotten the loot filled pumpkin


1/ Day of the Dead World Event - Finally the Macabre Marionette is a permanent pet AND cageable! Looking for graveyards on certain toons was fun as trying to remember where I had to go to get the quest!
I may of gone abit OCD on the Event - 22 toons in total! lol
2/ I took part in the AIE Craft Faire as a volunteer this morning - helped out with First Aid - was alot of fun! Such a massive event!
3/ Side Project - TNAK Guild - Guild is Lvl 18 and I hit Level 40 on my Mage - still not feeling the DPS love however I am plodding along! The cast times on the main spells are 1.97sec for Frostbolt and 2.94sec for Frostfire - do many low level classes have these kinds of cast times?
We did a RP Event last night at Longshore in Westfall - organised by Wingy! We had to make up and write a story about a weapon or wearable item we had obtained. The stories were fantastic! Wingy also gave out prizes and we had a little game of throw ball - well more like all the boys ganged up on me (conspiracy I swear!) and I lost! Big thanks to Ashayo, Matahorn and especially Wingy for the great fun!
4/ Dinged Level 59 on my DK - she is just herbing to get flowers for my Mage! The good thing about using a higher level toon is not having to worry about aggroing mobs and the bonus is DK’s get pretty much all the flight paths!
5/ Reminder DMF starts - get your top hat for 10 tokens


Hallow’s End
Fishing and Farming
Geek IRL
Pet Battles
Day of the Dead


Restoring a Vendored or Deleted Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat

Hi CAW crew, this is from Bindar (aka Tom), long time listener and first-time writer.

During episode 342 Voltandra mentioned dumping her Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat during a character-transfer operation. She may be happy to know that it should be possible to restore this item via the web site. There has been a feature for at least a couple of years now where you can request restoration of any item or items you have recently deleted or vendored. This can be done once per month I believe. You pick the realm and character, and the web site presents you with a list of the items which have been deleted or vendored. You pick the item or items you want back, and voila they are mailed to you in-game! Any vendor sale price is deducted from the character.

Blizzard added this self-service feature to reduce the load on their Game Master staff, which was spending a lot of time doing such item restorations. I've used it a couple of times myself -- very handy.

Keep up the entertaining podcast,
      -- Bindar

Cloggie 1, Cloggie 2, Cloggie 3!

Hi Ctrl Alt WoW,

Long time no write! I still listen regularly to your show and I'm enjoying it immensely as always. Being a long time listener, it's great to see how the show changes and evolves.

My recent activity in WoW has seen me role a err hmm.. tank for the Aussie team on Aerie Peak. I swear all the straws were short! I've never played a tanking role before and it's something new and challenging. In the past I've always played dps with the exception of one priest who I used for healing.
My rogue Clogalis has seen some gear upgrades thanks to the timeless Isle treasures and LFR, he now has an average item level of 532, not too shabby.

I've also stepped back into the world of multi-boxing. ** One of us! One of us! **
I have a team of 3 warlocks which is both challenging and rewarding.
They are still quite a low level, around 12 I think. I'm quite meticulous however which has its downside, as one of my team disconnected during combat and is now out of sync with xp. I tried killing one mob unpartied but I can't seem to get back to the same xp level without going passed it. So I did what every rational geek would do, I began to write an addon which will calculate the xp return of a mob I target. This itself has its own challenges as there are so many variables to account for and the only formula I have found so far is outdated. So I've decided to write another which builds a database of xp given from killing mobs, from which I can hopefully devise an accurate formula to use in the previous mentioned addon. I'm sure there would be a much easier way to deal with it but I love a challenge and once I get an idea in my head I can't let it beat me.

Sorry for the lengthy email, and I hope to catch you all soon. Happy Halloween!

Bye for now,

PS: Thank you Leeta for making my gaming experience an enjoyable one.

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B-1 BlizzCon 2013 Contest Email!!!!

Hi Guyz!  It's Me...Lisa!
First of all....what I'd like to see from BlizzCon is all the costumes.  For Me, It's always so interesting to see the passion
and creativity that normally lives dormant inside people, come to the surface.  I love it when people are happy, and when
we can express ourselves without caution or fear of humiliation......we Smile from the Inside Out!
I'd also like to see video of the panel of incredibly dedicated and talented Raiders doing "their thang".  
I'm always in awe (and a little envious, but in a good way) of people who posses the ability, dedication, and commitment
to their selfish motives and are able to give 101% to that passion.
Lucky, Lucky dawgs!  
Anyways, that's it for me mostly!

B2 - What I look most forward to

I look forward to what the new expansion will be and seeing if we get any new professions, classes, race, etc

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Good Morning, CAW crew!

I am writing this email because Rogueslayer most politely suggested that I do so.

Thanks for listening!

Big Steve

Well, the one year anniversary of my discovering the podcast has come and gone, and my one year anniversary with COD is quickly approaching.  It has almost been two months since Jeppy and Ashayo left mom and went on to more "geekly" pastures.  I'll be honest--as much as I love aunties Leeta and Rogueslayer (how cool would it be to have an auntie Rogueslayer IRL?)  I was skeptical at first that removing all the testosterone from the podcast would be a bad thing, but I was wrong as I usually am.  The chemistry has been awesome and the show is getting better every week, plus Grand Nagus and Donneh do a great job at keeping the estrogen levels at bay.


One of my favorite things about being an altoholic is naming my toons.  It's the final step that breathes life into a character and gives it a soul,  Some players name the toon after the role the character will play and others will give their toon a lore-appropriate name.  Some players incorporate their own name into the toon's' name and still others will name their character after a favorite celebrity.  There are a thousand ways to do it.  I agonize over my names and each of my toons has a story behind its name.  My favorite character to name was my Gnome warlock, Turdslayer.  He is the most vanilla version of a gnome that you can create.  He looks like a giant baby with a thousand yard stare.   If you saw him on the server you might think "nine year old kid" and never think twice about him, but if you knew how Turdslayer came to be you might have a different opinion.  When I was about four or five I was big for my age--about the size of an eight year old-- and the neighborhood bullies would pick on me.  I was a pretty easy mark because I was intellectually and emotionally unsophisticated and easily intimidated.  I was a pushover.  One day, my older sister saw me in the process of being bullied and wanted to help, but she was physically no match for the kids that were harassing me.  Thinking quickly she went into the back yard and found a small branch that had fallen off a maple tree behind our house.  It was about three feet long, but it wasn't enough.  It had to be magically imbued to make it strong enough to withstand a bully.  She looked around the yard and finally found it:  Our dog had left a "deposit" just behind his doghouse.  She thrust the end of the stick into the poo and smeared it around liberally, and it was behind this feces-encrusted stick that the legend of the Turdslayer was born.  She ran out into the front yard with a guttural scream that belied her own small frame and stampeded toward the bigger kids.  In her right hand she wielded the mighty Turdslayer and he thirsted for blood.  After that there was a lot of swinging, screaming and running, and later there were a few calls from irate parents about my sister's odd behavior, but the terrible Turdslayer never had to be called into service again.  Every time I log into him, I think about what it must be like to be helpless and how awesome it is to have someone "stick up" for you (pun intended).  And then I'm reminded of COD, because that's how we roll:  An entire community of supportive players and real people who have each others backs in game and in real life.  I'd like to know if anyone else out there has a funny or poignant story about their favorite character's name.

Cheers !

Big Steve

Podcast Submission

Dearest Darlingest Aprillian and her CAW Crew,
Hope you are all well. I haven’t written in years, so here goes...
My week in WoW has been like every other week in WoW for the last year...farming!
Recently got my 6th toon to 90. So my little resto shaman Shoxxit has joined my stable of toons on Earthen Ring at max level. Now he can farm, farm, farm for my guild bank, like the others.
My routine is simple really. I log on to my toons in descending order to gather my crops at the Sunsong Ranch and plant whatever I happen to need that day. Several toons are locked into crafting cooldowns, so I might be planting Songbell for Motes of Harmony or Snakeroot for Trillium or Windshear for Cloth, it all just depends on my current inventory. Boring, I know...
So six toons usually takes a half hour or so in the morning. I do all their farming and all their crafting/profession cooldowns and the Cooking Bell if I have it on any given toon.
I consider Tirefire my DK, to be my main ATM and only because he is my best geared and easiest to play. I don’t really do anything on him ATM, I am done with the Legendary for him and I have very little interest in farming SoO in LFR so he is on the shelf for now.
My lock Tleilaxu (Tie Lack Sue) though not currently in CoD was my main to start Mists but after her guild fell apart in the first tier of raiding this expansion I put her on the shelf and haven’t looked back. She is in charge of shoulder enchants and spellthreads and not much else.. Though she is an inscriptionist I haven’t produced but maybe a half dozen glyphs on her ... ever...
My Rogue Melii has recently rejoined the guild after giving up on AIE ever being worth anything, never found a raid group, never got invited to anything ever, not a very social guild for being a social guild. But all is well now that she is back in CoD and working towards getting exalted again. Melii doesn’t really do anything other than provide smelting services for my crafters.
My Warrior Juuh, though a tank by trade, he suffers from extreme social anxiety and is unable to PuG or do LFG or LFR because he doesn’t like people he doesn’t know. He is my resident JC and is once again bummed that he doesn’t have a cooler profession. JC is useful but no fun. Once you are max, there is nothing to do unless you are into the AH and constantly posting and reposting gems. Juuh sits in Sunsong Ranch and dreams of tanking guild runs. *sigh*
Bruus, the toon that started it all on Earthen Ring is probably my least played toon. I can’t really play a Mage anymore, I used to PvP on him back in the day, so I just hang around Halfhill Market occasionally doing some Tiller’s dailies.
Shoxxit the Shaman enjoys his new home at the farm (Farmer Yoon was insistent that I take over for him when he left to join the Tiller’s) and turning leather into other leather and then into other leather which can be turned into amazing leather to make more leather to *yawn* suffice it to say he makes Leg Armors for my guild bank and that’s about it. I started Wrathion’s Legendary questline recently and have gathered quite a few Sigils to date, someday I hope to have the Legendary Healing Cloak on him.
I have a Druid on the way, but she is in a slump at 50. I have a converted bank toon huntard at level 41 though he is more concerned with the day to day operation and management of his vast supply of trade goods which he peppers the AH with on a daily basis. He oversees a silly little guild with a whooping “1” member...himself (he is so lonely...). I have a ret paladin at 40 and am weighing the pros and cons of replacing her with a holy paladin. I tried to do the Monk and fell flat on my face, my current best monk is level 20 and sitting in Orgrimmar wondering if I will ever return.
Those are all my toons (at least on Earthen Ring) and that is my basic week, If I think of anything fun I did recently I will write in again.
Thanks for keeping it going Apprillian! Thanks to all the Friday Night Guildies for the MSV night a couple weeks back and here’s to us giving Flex a try (there will be tears)
~ Bruus / Tirefire / Tleilaxu (Tie Lack Sue) / Melii / Juuh / Shoxxit


Heya C.A.W. peeps. I hope everyone had a great Hallow's End full of fiery green-footed flying horses.

Not much to update, so this should be a quick email. Still working on the Seat of Knowledge achievement without much progress, but I won't let that stop me. I dinged 90 on my seventh toon who is now also a master scribe. Now I just need to work on engineering in order to get the Jack of All Trades achievement.

Only a couple new pets since my last email. The Macabre Marionette and the Sky Lantern. Can't wait to receive Murkalot. The Darmoon Faire is back this week so don't forget to get out there and do some wold hunting.

A couple nights ago I got my first taste of the Firelands raid with a bunch of guildees in Clan of Darkness. I must say its tasted like... burning. It wasn't a what one could call a successful run, but I had a blast and can't wait to give it another shot.

My last bit of news is that I received a Hearthstone beta code. Holy crud addictive doesn't even begin to describe it. I've spent real life money on a game in beta. In beta! I better hide the credit cards once this game goes live or I'm going to be in real trouble. Speaking of addictive this weeks' Humble weekly sale for Steam features a bunch of game from the Worm's franchise. Well worth six bucks!

That's it for me this week. Have a great show!

May the eternal sun shine upon thee,


And another!

I had to write just one more time because I saw Pixie calling for show emails in the COD facebook group, so how can I not send another.  This time I'm rockin' it "Donnie Style" with a mobile audio from deep in the frozen tundra somewhere in Michigan, so please forgive the background noise and poor audio quality.


Big Steve

P.S.  This will be my last email for the week.  I'm sorry I didn't have time for more.

Addon Spotlight:

with Grand Nagus

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness

Hello Ctrlaltwow Crew
It has never happened that I write to you 2 weeks in a row but I come bearing a gift.
I won the top 25 in Guild activity competition we had last week in the game. I won an Armored Bloodwing and I thank Donnie for the gift. I already have this mount so I thought I would give it to you Ladies to give away.
You might be able to have a competition of your own and get somebody to make you a new Email bumper.
Anyway I love the new line up. You Ladies are awesome. Have a great week.
Sincerely Matahorn
Ps I must thank Donnie for letting me give away my prize.

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