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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 352 - Goodbye Greenchie and Hellooooo Darkmoon Faire

Recorded on Sunday, January 5, 2014

Aprillian, Leeta, Rogueslayer and Tedrah discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. With segments by Grand Nagus and Donnie of Clan of Darkness. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno and Pixie Girl!


Hi Aprillian, Leeta, Rogueslayer and Tedrah and all of our awesome guildies & friends!
  Hope everyone is having a awesome week, in an out game!
Had some fun this past week doing old dungeons, I didn't get around to doing and got the Burning Crus., ach. Also got 40 Exalted Reputations, and Pandaren
Ambassador! This all started when Kzeah, he got me started doing this by pictures and talking about transmogging. So I though hey okay it's time to try doing this, after all Grand Nagus is putting all this info out. And with Kzeah's help maybe just maybe I can get a cute outfit.  My day, level pets for Donnie, look for stuff to transmog and finish some dungeon's, hellfire and walk right on through :) Still haven't gotten anything I like yet but I'll fine it yet!
Then last night (Friday) we did something a little different, Malygos kill for the Azure Drake, mount didn't drop and Wintergrap Raid, mount didn't drop there either but there is always next Friday :) Then we ran two more raids after that, and I'll leave that up too someone else to tell you about. But want to say thank you to, Ashayo for bring over two more of his charters for us, and to Deahtstryder's friends for joining us also. Also too Brudian a friend I met on the Timesless for coming also. We had a lot of fun great heals Willopelt and tanking, of course the dps was awesome. Grand Nagus did a great job leading us so thanks goes to him. Will be finish the last two bosses this coming Friday so come and join us of course will be doing more then just that :) Don't forget log in and say invite! Love to have all of you anyone is welcome to join us for some fun.
And that's been my week

Hugs & kisses
For the horde and Clan of Darkness
PS hope I made since think I've got the flu!

Hello CAW!

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow darlings!

The attached audio is from last Friday night (Dec 27), sorry I didn't get it to you last week! <=S

I just had to tell you that LAST NIGHT...Jan 3, was SO EPIC!  We didn't do a recording for last night because I already had last weeks' to send you, but now I wish we had! We had a full 25-man raid experience (full party!) and we worked on 25-man Heroic Bastion of the Twilight!! It was HARD, but fun! And Ashayo was one of our heroes!  We did several things last night, a couple that I failed to write down even.  We didn't have enough guildies for the guild achievement so guildies pulled in friends to help us and we still needed one more so Ashayo unguilded one of his toons (who was a guild leader!), so we could add him to CoD, and thereby we could get the guild about going above and beyond!!! Big thanks to everyone who harassed their friends to come and join us...hehehe.  Anyway, we wiped a couple of times and then managed to kill Cho'gall on heroic! The joy which filled us at finally killing him is hard to explain..but it was GREAT!!  And once he was down that meant we had unlocked...Sinestra!  She is terrifying!  And she killed us a couple of times...we're saving the lock-out for next week so we need guildies to come and help us down her on Friday, Jan 10th!  I think it's 10pm server time...  =D  We got lots more achievies, including The Spellweavers Downfall, You Don't Have an Eternity, A Poke In The Eye, Earth-Wind-& Fire, The Bastion of Twilight, Heroic: Cho'gall, Heroic: Ascendant Council, Heroic: Valiona & Theralion, Heroic: Halfus get the picture... thank you Grand Nagus!

Also, thanks to Martoyud for giving me a Personal World Destroyer, and Wingy for tricking me into clicking on his Dark Iron Dwarf trap thingy...I don't even know what that was, but I clicked it and ended up somewhere else and had to be ported was really funny!  And congrats to Demornaj (who was one of the friends helping us out) on getting the Twilight Drake from Obsidian Sanctum, and congrats to Maxamus who was just some random guy that photo-bombed our drake!  

Hope to see you next Friday night!

/great big hugs & kisses,


p.s. Attached 3 pics, one of us in front of Sinestra (before she killed the heck out of us), one of us after our Obsidian Sanctum win, and one with Pixie & I and Alexstrasza...I can't remember the name of that raid though...hehe!  =D

What We've Been Doing:


Astari of Bronzebeard invited Darshi to a group after the grinch went down on Darshi when I was on Winterhoof

Fighting Grinch with Orgrimar cloak

Procing 2 living steels almost every other one. Should have done this a long time ago. Thanks again Grand Nagus

Thanks to Duvassea (sp?) I figured out the JC daily. I prospected a lot of Kyprite (even bought some off of the AH) and


1/ I miss Greenchie!!
Logging into the game has totally lost it’s appeal now that Winter Veil is over!! I miss going to see Greenchie everynight and playing roulette with the Stolen Present!!
**hehe kidding - but I do miss killing Greenchie**
2/ TNAK - Mage Lvl70 not far from 71 - ran Utgarde Keep and The Nexus
*have not spent a huge amount of time on her this week*
3/ Warlocks - Warlock hit Lvl26
Ran Shadowfang Keep to get the Warlock quest Staff - Staff of Jusified Sins which we are using as the Warlock guild Transmog for Staves
*Transmogged the Heirloom Staff - loses Transmog when posted* Bitterly disappointed as I wanted to see my Mage have it!
*Side note - Warlock Guild mount is either the Sea Turtle or Felsteed*
Ran Stormwind Stockade - drain life on Hogger screenshot
Screenshot of Warlocks dungeon team - Drain Life!Screenshot of Warlocks and Voidwalkers chilling in Stormwind!
4/ Clan of Darkness - Death Knight is now Lvl89
Mostly been questing in Kun-Lai Summit, Townlong Steppes and now into  Dread Wastes - it’s been enjoyable redoing the quests through these zones again.
5/ YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!! Or are you??! ;) - Darkmoon Faire is back!!
Starting tonight - remember to grab your Simple Flour and Thread/Dyes before taking your toons out there.
*Jeremy Feasel is still a weasel!
*Darkmoon Rabbit was up when I got to DMF Island - got group together quickly! Rolled a 17 on the pet :(


Rogueslayer (56 Warlock in CoD - still 56)  and Tartania (54 Dwarf Rogue, Starfleet on Zangarmarsh - now 55, hmm - 56 on show)
  • Tartania had 2 hours of Unburdened remaining (Wickerman)
  • Player Corvusmyria of Pink Misfit Ninja Pandas, on Baelgun (Human Rogue)
Coolchic and Voltmetra hit level 30 (Voltmetra first…). Now 32 and 34
Pet battles?
Mount up
Playing from Maine

***Quiz Question for Pet Giveaway***


Ark inventory tip

Hers a quick tip for ark inventory, set everything up how you like then make a copy of this file
\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\yourwowaccountname\SavedVariables\ArkInventory.lua
If ark inventory loses your config you can just copy back this file and all should be good.
Erallanri – Dath’Remar

This irritates me.......a lot

Dear Ctrl Alt Wow,

This is what irritates me playing WoW:

1. The Follow-option
2. The Deserter penalty
3. Aspect of Cheetah

and here is why:

It is just not right that anyone can put "follow" on you, you should have the opportunity to say "yes" or "no" to a follow-request. Especially in dungeons this is very irritating, follow equals afk, and it takes forever to kick that person. So please Blizzard, fix this!

And, when a player leaves in a dungeon so that you are only 4 (but still able to complete it) a window pops up, and it says, "A player has left your group, would you like to find another to finish the dungeon? Yes or No."  I clicked "No" because in my opinion we were quite capable of finishing it just beeing 4, THEN, game kicked me, and I got 30 minutes deserter penalty. This is not right?

And last, the hunter spell, Aspect of Cheetah, yes it is nice to be able to run a little bit faster, BUT it is not nice not to be albe to REMOVE it yourself! This is insane!  

What are your thoughts on this?

Love you all, best wishes


Where had he been?

Hey folks!  Sorry its been so long since Ive written.  To be honest there was a point for a few months there when I was seriously considering cancelling my subscription and taking a break.

Part of this had to do with real life circumstances.  Since I had to move in August, as well as having a couple of real bull bleep jobs, and very little income since April its been a bit of struggle to stay happy!

Things are on a slow upswing as of late, and I am hoping it stays that way!!

I hope you have all been well, and I wish you all the best of New Years and I promise to stay more in touch!


The Kithores!

Hola CAW crew!

It's us, the Kithores! Hope everyone has been having a good week, in and out of the game. So much stuff has been going on in real life that we hardly have time to play the game anymore, but we enjoy those times when we can. And it's all because of the wonderful Clan of Darkness!

But, as Kithore would say, we're making this too long. Enjoy our audio this week, and hasta la bye-bye!

Dreams and Kithore

Happy New Year

Hiya C.A.W. Crew,

Haven't had as much time as I would've liked to be able to play due to holiday commitments, but it wouldn't be right to start out the new year without sending a quick email to my favorite podcast.

Thanks to stolen present #693 (at least that's what it felt like) containing a Rotten Little Helper I'm now up to 555 unique pets. I was a little worried about not getting one this year cuz the drop rate seems terrible. I'm surprised he's only an uncommon quality pet as opposed to rare.

Influenced by the success of CoD's friday night raids, I've been running old school raids with my Alliance guild. While it takes a couple of us dual-boxing to get the guild achievements it is still a blast. One of my new goals before the expansion hits is obtaining Dragonwrath. Hopefully the mount that drops off of Ragnaros is incentive enough to keep everyone running Firelands on a weekly basis.

That's all I've got this week but before I go I have one question for the crew. What's on yer bucket list of things to do before Warlords of Draenor hits the shelves?


Hello CntlAltwow

Hello and good morning Aprillian, Tedrah, and RogueSlayer, Also good evening Leeta,

I apologize truly to you all for not submitting a audio this week like i promised. I hope all of you from the guild had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New year, I know for other than being part of a great guild in CoD. This past month of December from questing my first Ninety level toon with all of you. Being able to gear up on Timeless Isle and Finally being able to start Raiding with the best guild and group of people I have got to known from this wonderful game of World of Warcraft.

This past year has been the toughest one of my life. Last December (2012) I lost the best job of my life. I mean it wasn't the end of the world for me. But it started a down word spiral of my life that has been the greatest battle to stay a float I ever had to go though. My life turned around on me in just a few weeks. Me and my wife couldn't agree or disagree on anything. After a few weeks of her kicking me out of the house. I decided to leave the house we just bought together 5 months earlier. I moved in with my brother down the road to try to get by sleeping on a old bed he had in the basement. It was hard but it was bearable. I mean I didn't have much but was able to find a 30 hour a week job in January to get by on doing maintenance remodeling on a old motel just a few miles down the road from where I was living. It worked out having somewhere to live. But fear and depression came over me so quickly it was taking me to a place I didn't wanna be.

April came around and my brother needed the basement for his step son needed to move back in with his new 18 year old pregnant girlfriend so they had somewhere to live. So I moved in to a homeless shelter close by for 5 months. I know it sounded rough. But it gave me peace having a structured schedule and spiritual atmosphere though such a heart burdening time in my life. I found a full time job though the summer working for a temp service at a few different factories running CNC machining. I was able to save up some money by September and move into a house were I am at currently. But after just a month of being here my job laid me off do to lack of work. It been such a hard time these last few months just trying to get by.

I love my wife with all my heart. There was no compromising for either one of us. She wanted to change me into a person that I wasn't. It wasn't for me to not be the person I have always been. It wasn't like it was someone bad she wanted me to be. It was just standards of a person that was not reachable for me. She took her spiritual believes in my eyes to a whole new level. It went from no church and god in our lives to going once a week to church. Which I loved and got to meet some amazing people and grow as a person so much. But when it came to church a few times a week. going to small group to discuss several different topics a few times a week and holding a bible study once a week as well at the house. It was just to much for me to handle. We had no personal relationship any longer. Something that should of brought us closer together. Well pulled us so far apart. We became strangers in our own home.

Then when I moved in with Karen and Gary (Steka) and (Stegatamad). Both in CoD thanks to me. Smiles. I have found a place I was able to be me again. They open there arms and there home to me. I knew them from the past for they are my best friend Corey (Demoraj) brother and sister in law. Then saw me play a game called world of warcraft. Oh my they needed to check it out for themselves right away. I come downstairs one day and see her in game on her laptop and him downloading the game on his computer. I was like OMG. They needed to be told so many things and asked 1000 questions over the last 3 months. But they both ding'd 90 in there first 3 months on the game. Now Steka has about 15 toons and is all over the place. Plus her husband has completed every dang quest in the game almost. Just missing a few in Pandara. They helped me keep my mind going. They opened there hearts to me. as I truly did to them. We play all the time together.

Then I met you guy from first hearing the CAW Podcast. I sent my email in and Aprillian got me in the guild. I got to come to share such a fondness for all of you so much. These last 4 weeks of Raiding and being with you in game and listening to you all in the podcast has made me feel part of something special. I love you all with the deepest and dearest parts of my heart. This month I got my divorce papers and court date for February 17. I'm so scared to have to go though this part of life. But I wanted to say thanks to all of you for being there for me. In a lot of ways you don't know how much you been there for me.

So Aprillian, Tedrah, Rogueslayer ,Leeta, Big G, Big Steve, Junno, Pixiegirl, Lisa, Donnie, Jeppy, Grand Nagus, and so many others from CoD. thank you.

With my heart there for you all.

Love DeathStryder

PS> My friends Steka. Stegatamad, and Demoraj wanted me to say thanks you as well for letting them raid with you from the Icecrown server. They had lots of fun. Plus my best friend Demoraj got the Twilight drake mount and has been flying it all over Pandara.   He loves it.

Addon Spotlight:

with Grand Nagus

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness

Pixiegirl contest

Hello Ctrlaltwow Crew
It has never happened that I write to you 2 weeks in a row but I come bearing a gift.
I won the top 25 in Guild activity competition we had last week in the game. I won an Armored Bloodwing and I thank Donnie for the gift. I already have this mount so I thought I would give it to you Ladies to give away.
You might be able to have a competition of your own and get somebody to make you a new Email bumper.
Anyway I love the new line up. You Ladies are awesome. Have a great week.
Sincerely Matahorn
Ps I must thank Donnie for letting me give away my prize.

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