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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 356 - Jeppy, This Pod's For You

Aprillian, Leeta, Rogueslayer and Tedrah discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. With segments by Grand Nagus and Donnie of Clan of Darkness. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno and Pixie Girl!

Hello lovely ladies of CAW!  This is a quick hello...I hope everyone is doing GREAT!!!

Great big hugs & kisses!

Juuno & Pixie

What We've Been Doing:



1/ Lunar Festival - Firstly want to give big a big thank you to Wingy and Grand Nagus for helping my little Warlock get the 50 coins for the Horde pet.
She was Lvl52 when I started collecting the coins and ended up Lvl55 by the time I got the 50 coins! Yay for discovery xp!
Once I had gotten Hordeside done I figured I’d make a go of it on my Alli Mage - definitely did not take as long to get the 50 coins with her! Yay for portals! :)
2/ DMF - Took 18 toons over to get their professions done! I do love DMF!!P
Jeremy Feasel is still a weasel!
3/  Timeless Isle - Want to say a big thank you to Cloggie for coming to help me on Timeless Isle on my DK - he was putting my tanking skills to good practice!
I have been finding doing the dailies on Timeless Isle has been helping me with understanding the DK alot more! Really enjoying the melee/tanking though still not so good with moving out of the stupid!
4/ Dailies and Dark Soil - Since I have been playing the DK alot more I decided I’d grind out abit of rep with various factions so have been busy doing alot of the Pandaria dailies again!
Have been working on The Tillers and hunting Dark Soil for turn ins.
Also working on Cloud Serpent rep so she can get patterns for the JC mounts!
As well as The Anglers coz well… fishing!!
Have also been hunting the elusive Tiny Red Carp! So much fish, fish, fishing! Still no luck! Added up the amount of time I have spent trying to get this pet and find that I am at 8hrs worth of fishing! Not straight lol just total time so far!
The things we do...


NCIS: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be intrigued by this transmogrification
Macabre Marionette 25 during Leeta’s segment!
Rogueslayer (CoD)
  • Hills Like White Elekk
  • That spot around 65-66, can’t wait to get out of Outlands
  • Durn the Hungerer / Durn the Hiderer
  • Cool shiny blue sword in Nagrand for Durn the Hungerer - Crystalline Kopesh (screenshot)
  • Explore Nagrand
  • Bloodknight Antari, Grand Master Pet Tamer, Shadowmoon Valley: 24 Macabre Marionette, 25 Murkalot and Small Frog. MM left with 15
  • Death by Twitter - @SochiProblems
  • Honored with Thunder Bluff via dailies after DMF
  • 68 - off to Northrend!!


Just Back to wow!

Hey ladies, I just started back up my account and was excited to see you were still podcasting! Catching up on some of the new episodes and would love to get into CoD or CoD2. I will msg one of you in game.  Look forward to running some stuff with the guild. Im familiar with all the classes so if there is a class that could help out on the raiding side, Im happy to roll something useful! Keep up the good work!
P.S. I do have a Warlock that I got in the guild a few years back. I will see if that toon is still in the podcast guild!

New to Earthen Ring

Hello CtrlAltWow!
My name is Dave and I have been playing wow since 4 days into vanilla. I took a good bit of time off from the game between the end of wrath to October of last year.  I was super excited to see that the podcast was still going strong. I listened back in the day before I took a break. I have been on ERing now for 2 weeks and have been lvling a DK as to get the cash cow rolling! I would love to get into CoD and be able to play with you all. My characters name is gorgonzer and look forward to seeing you all in game.
Ps. I sent an Email for the show that that got canceled,  but my email must have been lost in the cloud! Hopefully this one gets delivered.

Love The Show!

Hey guys,

  Just started listening to the show about 2 months ago and have loved it so much! The caring relationships that you all show towards each other and other guild mates is by far the most touching thing I have seen in this game.

   I started playing about 5 years ago with a buddy of mine from college. Since then we have only leveled together or played with one another a handful of times due to him thinking that I just wasn't good enough. He invited to me to his guilds and I never quite fit in. Nobody seemed interested in helping me or talking to me.

    I hate to rant like this, however I feel like you all are exactly what I'm looking for. I have decided to make a new toon on Earthen Ring in hopes to eventually join Clan of Darkness. I hope that you all can accept me and I look forward to making new friends and memories in game.

   Keep up the fantastic work. And I look forward to the next Episode! For the Horde!

Cimmerii - Earthen Ring

hi all, just wanted to share a moment a had in game that made me giggle. Okay, backstory first...I finally got a smartphone, so I went online and downloaded some free ringtones( cause when you have a flip phone, you don't download ringtones :) ) so for a laugh I searched for World of Warcraft ringtones, and found a few. My favorite text tone is "For the Horde". Ok, fast forward to present. i'm  leveling my rogue in cooking and was picking up new recipes in Orgrimmar. As I was finishing my transaction with the cook he says "For the Horde" and I glanced down at my phone thinking I had just gotten a text message. When I realized my mistake I started chuckling to myself and had to share with my guildies, which I did... and Leeta asked if I would share with the rest of the class... Thanks for letting me share. See you all in game,
                         "For the Horde"

Good evening ladies and listeners,
This is Lokwyn. I was tasked by Leeta during the last recording to do something interesting this week. The craziest thing I can think of for myself is PvP, so I've set up a second spec on my hunter and set up my glyphs, talents, and pet. I used to run AV a lot on another hunter and Rokwyn, but I don't think I had done any real PvP since Burning Crusade. I expected to die a lot. I jumped into the random battlegrounds and I, well, died, a lot.  I ran head-first into terrible odds and didn't have a bit of PvP gear to keep me alive.  I wasn't used to requiring the use of CCs, but I got used to it.  I did enjoy it though.  It's an excellent way to branch out from your comfort zone if you're used to one rotation of spells.  It really makes you focus on knowing that one spell that you never use on a normal day that just may help you survive for a few more seconds.  Here are my stats from the week:

over 2k honor
323 honor kills
8 wins
24 losses
17 achievies
4 graveyard assaults
2 flag carries
1 base capture

My conclusion: You must keep a level head whether you're facing trolls in the chat or you're having respawn deja vu from an endless string of deaths.  As long as you keep the right mindset then PvP will stay fun.  Also, if you want to win any battlegrounds you have to exclude AV and the other raid one.  The random BG generator throws you in them repeatedly and somehow we lost EVERY one.   

P.S. Thank you Kurly for joining my antics on Wednesday.  I jumped in on a warlock I didn't know how to play and I somehow topped the damage chart once.  I was literally reading the tooltips on each spell to find out what it did.  Warlocks need to be nerfed because they're O.P. (and dirty). :)

P.P.S. Everyone should join us for "raid" night on Fridays just to join us in mumble if nothing else.  I always look forward to hearing the mumble voice destroy pronunciations of everyone's name as they enter the group, like "Grand Nay-goose"


Lokwyn (90 Pali)
Rokwyn (90 Shammy)
Dethwyn (90 DK)
Wolkwyn (90 Hunter)
Thorwyn (90 Warrior)
Lomwyn (90 Priest)
Rhotwyn (90 Drood)
Ridwyn (86 Warlock)
Valkwyn (85 Rogue)
Alkwyn (83 mage)
and Pandwyn (43 Monk)

Hello Ladies of CAW and Fellow Guildies of CoD.

It been such a long time sense i wrote into the podcast and said hello to all my great and wonderful online friends. Things have been going a little better for me when it comes to my mood and attitude on life. I've been so down and in a funk trying to figure out how I can get out of this depressive stat I have put my self into. I finally decided to sit back in my desk chair and just calm my mind down and try to look and my life with a new outlook. It's 10 more days til my divorce goes though. I am still scared. I need to let my fears go away from being able to change. I want to be a better person than I have been. I deserve to be happier than I let myself to believe. I'm finally seeing that I am not a burden, I am not a failure. I am a person. I do actually care. I do actually got friends and family who love me. Who want me to be happy. I DO CARE. (THAT MEANS THERE IS STILL SOME HOPE AND DESIRE INSIDE ME.) simple and to the point it kills me. I am gonna try!

So I have been smiling more. Just smiling more. It such a small thing. But you know what, it works. I am slowly feeling better each day. So gonna keep trying harder and harder each day doing small things to make me smile and keep a positive attitude and to make other smile as well.

So now for my in game happening! My personal achievements.

Deathstryder- I know longer need any more LFR gear from Siege of Ogrimar. I have reached a min. item level of 528 and higher with all of my pieces of gear. I have reached a average item level of 542. this makes me very pleased indeed.

ALTS: ( all in CoD 2)

Rosandrea level 41, my female blood elf Pally tank.
DeathNul level 40, my male troll Druid healer
DeathKul level 28, my male orc Warrior Tank
DeathSlycer level 23, my male undead Monk dps

wow have I been havin a blast leveling them. They all got a little special place in my heart for there roles in my alt addictions that need to be fixed every week.

Well that is enough rambling off from the mouth from me. I just got one more special thanks to a dear new friend of mine in CoD.

I wanna say thanks you from the bottom of my heart for the dearest gift I could have received from someone that doesn't know me. From someone that took the time to help out a person down on there luck and down on the funds. This special person you know who you are, thank you so much for gifting me 3 months of World or Warcraft to my email address with me not being able to afford wow do to not having a job right now and my account about torun out last Saturday. You have made it so that I can keep doing what I love so much and be able to hang out with the greatest group of guildies I have ever been able to be part of. So what I am gonna do for the awesome gift you have put upon me is, gift another with gifting kindness when another person needs help and you have done it for me. You paved it forward for me. So as I promised to you. I will pave it forward to another in need as you requested. so thanks again. I will see you at raid time. I will see you in game. thanks again.

hugs and snuggles to all my fellow friends at COD and CAW


Ladies of Ctrl-Alt-WoW,
I didn’t get to listen to the podcast until Thursday evening on the way home from work.  I was very excited to hear that I’d won the write-in contest for character story.  I was quite excited, but had to reign in my excitement, the streets here are snow packed and there’s 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30 cm for Leeta) of snow still hanging around that the City hasn’t figured out where to put besides on the sidewalks.  So in the midst of all this “winter wonderland” it really is nifty to have won.
Thank you ever so much for your consideration!
“Be well…”
Wolfbrother / Eranth / Wolfheal
AIE & CoD of Earthen Ring

There and Back Again...(A Horde Story)

Hello CAW,

Thought I would write a quick email to let you all know what I have been up too of late, within the wonderful world of warcraft.  My mage Monize, that is now in Cod ii, hit 89 the other day and I am hoping to soon have him finally at 90.  This will be my first Mage at max level, and I am really enjoying playing him.  Danarra, my main blood elf hunter, has been getting a bit neglected of late, due to me spending a bit more time over on the Alliance side.  I was getting a bit burned out, playing my Horde characters all the time, and so decided to take some time over there.  Needless to say, I have been missing my Horde family, and I do plan on coming back to you all full time - FOR THE HORDE! For the Alliance! and for all the crazy and wonderful people of CoD, CoD ii, and AIE!  Love you all!

Eric (Aka Tayja, Aka Danarra)

Heya all!

Dear Ladies of CtrlAltWoW,
Good morning and good evening. Totemsontap here from CoD ii. Just a quick email before the show starts.I may not be able to make the show live today so I apologise.
Firstly, thank you for all your efforts bringing us a show that I look forward to every week. It is a show where I feel right at home listening to. Additionally, thank you for the CoD community that continues to bring a smile to my face.
My week in WoW has been a slowish one but Totemsontap is now lvl 59 and in Outland. Slowly but surely making my way to 90 and constantly fighting the urge to create another alt!
CoD ii is now lvl 9. Matahorn and Big Steve have contributed greatly to this and I just wanted to personally acknowledge them both especially for their efforts as I do for all those striving to get CoD ii to lvl 25.
Highlights for the week in game have included the epic battle between Leeta and Wingy out the front of Ogrimar, (Grats to Wingy after the epic 10 minute battle!) getting my butt handed to me by Leeta in a random pet battle and finally meeting up with CoD members Leeta, Wingy, Mata and Ravn in game to loot Blingtron and do a flaming dance at the gates of Og.
In real life, my family is great with one of my sons starting school. I posted a photo of my kids on CoD's Facebook page.
Im not used to Facebook so I ask all to bare with me :P Work is work but in all has not been too bad this week.
Anyways, must run. I hope to get an audio in next week. Have made a few but just cant get them sounding right.
Hoping the show goes well and that your week to follow is postive and treats you and your friends and family well.
Take Care,
Totemsontap CoD ii
Bemmo CoD

Sent from my HTC One XL on the Telstra 4G network

Dear CtrlAltWoW !

This week something amazing happened.
I had been riding around Pandara on my horse for several days, exploring the scenery, enjoying myself. One day I reached the southern tip of The Jade Forest.
The ocean, oh the ocean, never had I seen a more blue sea, a more mighty display of beautiful, calm water, as far as my eye could reach. Then, from across the sea, I thought I smelled something. Flowers, was I smelling flowers and green grass from something out there? I was confused. How could this be?
Then I remembered a tale I had heard back in Orgrimmar, something about a big island far out at sea, off the coast of Pandera. Timeless Isle. Coud I be close to it? Poor as I am, I had no dragon to carry me across the sea, but I was determined.
The water was surprisingly cold, and even though I am a good swimmer I very soon lost all my strength and I feared for my life. If I only had something that could lift me up from the dangerous blue, if only I had something, ..think, think, I must think I gasped.
Then I remembered, I can be lifted, I can float, I can use my Levitate spell!
And so I did, I also used my Angelic feather to get speed, and soon I was steaming out to sea, laughing of relief.
And this is how I found Timeless Isle. What an adventure!

Hope this letter finds you all in good spirit, and in good health.


Oh you ment you were recording today

Sorry for being so late next week I will better prepared plus I may be moving in a lil over under a month so I may miss a week as the new place will lack both phone and internet access.

Hey hey, Caw Crew!

It has been a while since I've sent an email or an audio, so I thought I had better submit something quick, before you all forget about me. I've been in-game quite a bit, working on my Loremaster achievement and trying to help level COD2. I spent one week working on Kalimdor Loremaster with Soulfinger, my shaman in the Bitter and Salty Guild. I'm going to freeze him at level 80 for a Herald of the Titans run and hopefully bring some knowledge back to COD with me so I can sponsor some runs for OUR guild. My warlock, Broseidon left his position as Tertiary banker and GM of <God of the Brocean> to join COD2 and pursue Eastern Kingdoms Loremaster, leaving his former guild in the capable hands of Nabroleon. I had attempted this achievement pre-Cataclysm and was in fact just a few hundred quests away when the cata quest reset crushed my spirit. Luckily, I had done all the post-vanilla loremaster achievements, but let me tell you that Classic Loremaster is a long slog and still very difficult to achieve in terms of stamina and maintaining focus.
So in the early morning hours of February 6th I finally got my achievement, and though it was nice that some of my fellow guildies were there to witness my awesomeness, it was a bit anti-climactic. I was exhausted from two solid weeks of leveling two baby toons 1 to 60-ish, and it wasn't until I looked at the guild activity tab that I saw the REAL achievement—the one that made me swell with pride: I had actually been AHEAD of Matahorn for an entire 24 hour period, which as you all know is actually more difficult than achieving loremaster.

In real life, I have the worst case of seasonal depression ever.... I think the kids have only had thirteen or fourteen days of school since Christmas and the wind chill has made even going outside dangerous. I know a lot of you are in the same situation, so I'll just complain for everybody, and in August I can almost guarantee I'll be bitching about the heat.
I'm still fixing up my Mom's house to put on the market. Every room I clean and paint brings back childhood memories and I miss her even more, as do the kids. Even though I mostly keep it to myself, I want to thank Leeta for just being there. Sometimes she doesn't even have to talk to me. My mom was my coffee buddy almost every morning since I started drinking coffee, and though I'm glad she no longer has to endure the pain and suffering she endured in this world, my selfishness wishes she could be there at coffee time (my most lonely time). Now when I'm feeling sad at coffee time, I just have to look at the friend counter at the top of my chat frame and the little number “1” which is usually Leeta. None of my other friends are awake at that god-forsaken time. Sometimes we chat and sometimes we don't, but just seeing her little number 1 is enough to put a smile on my face and get my through coffee time.

So thanks Leeta!

I'm also spending a LOT of time in the studio. I'm afraid Juuno is going to disown me if I don't get busy here. I'm working on the lyrics for a Pixiegirl song and a Lilith the Lithe song suggested by Leeta.

I better get busy now!
Have a great week in and out of game!

Big Steve

Hello Ladies,
Thought I would write in again to let you all know that Segwick is once again a proud member of COD. The minute I rejoined I could not be more pleased with the overwhelming feeling of being welcomed back. I would be remised if I did not give a special shout out to Pixiegirl who was most gracious in chatting with me and sent a special level 10 pet to me as a welcome gift. I was very touched by her generosity. It just reinforces why COD is the BEST guild ever, because of its outstanding membership.
In other news, I just got my 15th toon to level 90, I know I should really see someone about my problem, but it’s so darn fun…LOL. I am going to try and get Segwick to level 90 before the expansion hits, which should be doable. I was amazed to see with my rested, and heirlooms, that I got 6 levels in an hour. I also have 3 other 90’s on Earthen Ring that I can always pull to help assist in the achievements when needed.
Well that’s all for this week, and once again thank you all for being who you are…..
Clan of Darkness
For the Horde, Alliance, and Pixiegirl…J

Addon Spotlight:

with Grand Nagus

Gryphonheart Items

Curse download page:

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness

Hey Gang here is this weeks audio! Have a great show!
Donneh :-)

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