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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 563 - Happy Birday, April(lian)

Recording Saturday, April 1, 2018 1400

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 563 - Happy Birday, April(lian)

Aprillian, Constraxx, Vrishna, Grand Nagus and guest hosts discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's greatest MMORPG. The show features audio segments and email submissions from our lovely listeners. Guild Round up from Rogueslayer
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This week in WoW:

What We've Been Doing:



Week in WoW for constraxx

Q&A by the devs… Lore & Ian Hazacosta.

Reins of Poseidus.
Luminous Starseeker. Twilight. bundle 14% off 38$

Transmute cooldowns.

Log into my guilds where i'm guild master, just cuz...

9 years of WoW on april 9, 2018, never missed a payment on main account, never unusubbed.  I'm hooked.

Played hearthstone, won bonus pack, it will be available mid April.

Played Diablo 3 the reaper of souls expansion, logged into my Wizard... I've got the Giant Illidan 15 feet wingspan wings. And a corrupted battlecruiser pet that follows me around.  Sadly i Lost a pet I paid for, it was like a dog from the witch doctor that runs around the screen collecting your gold.

Kyle (played by Kyle this week)

DK Kargon nearly finished with all the quests in Nagrand - just have Ring of Blood to do.  Did not know that Greatmother Greyah was the grandmother of Thrall, that questline involving what was going on with the ancestors going into Oshu’gun was great.  Also did not know that Garrosh Hellscream was extremely depressed and had no desire to lead the clan - here I thought he was a ruthless dictator.
Mage Quivala is putting Shadowmoon Valley on hold for now - only group quests and one annoying materials quest left, I think (need 10 heavy knothide leather, and the AH wants 1000 gold each!).  Ventured to Netherstorm, fun questing.
My main, shaman Xalde on Bleeding Hollow, finally did some current content!  Did all of Antorus in LFR. Fun boss fights, kinda wish I had time to join back up with a raiding group.  Saw the cutscenes, and did some of the follow up Silithus quests. Interesting to see where this leads.

Grand Nagus


Hello everyone!

This week on Blast from the Past we continue to enjoy New Years Day :)  Happy 2010!


Greetings CAW Crew,

I haven't been doing a whole lot other than transmog lately. I am still trying to get the last pieces for Shaman, Paladin and Druid from Blackwing Lair.  And I am trying to finish up the sets from Karazhan. Just a few more random pieces and I will switch to focusing on Wrath raid sets.

I really need to do the LFR for Legion, but I keep putting it off. That has been good for my transmog runs though. I am working on getting another character to exalted with Argussian reach.  I need all my gold on Duvessae to buy the warframe, so the mounts for the Argussian Reach need to come from another server.

I am just starting to really level my Allied Races characters. They are all about level 40 now.

Alyssia is a Nightfallen warlock.

Dyani is a Highmountain Tauran druid.

Thasitalia is a Void Elf Priest.

Arinna is a Lightforged paladin. I don't remember if it was CAW or GGW that was talking about transmog for the Lightforged needing to show the tatoos.  I found the perfect breatplate for the max tatoo exposure.

For the Horde, and transmog always


Sorry for the lil audio this week
Big G

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