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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 682 - Where Have All My Levels Gone

 Recorded Sunday, October 18, 2020 1700

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 682 - Where Have All My Levels Gone

Aprillian, Constraxx, Grand Nagus and guest hosts discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's greatest MMORPG. The show features audio segments and email submissions from our lovely listeners. Guild Round up from Constraxx.

If you want to join the conversations on the show, we have a live chatroom with in-game giveaways moderated by chatroom-guru Constraxx. We record Live on our page

We also have an ongoing contest. Send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altoholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

This week in WoW:

Hallow’s End starts today and runs until Nov. 1st

Pet Battle Bonus Event ends (change in calender due to SL rotation taking effect and us getting SL Dungeon Event added to the rotation.

PvP Brawl: Cooking Impossible ends

Arena Skirmish Bonus Event begins

What We've Been Doing:



Transmute mastery still alive after the patch as the screenshot demonstrates, some metals seem to be harder to acquire since the squish, Cataclysm mining can be trained for in Stormwind, prices on the Auction House vary greatly, some leveling swords sell for 5000 gold for green, some sell for 1000 depending on Stats.  Starting bid on Black market AH for longboy is 5,000,000 gold apparently, still driving an upward trend on some commodities like cataclysm volatile fires, volatile air, and elementium bars.  Wintergrasp is a max level PvP area, titanium can be abundant or rare depending how busy your server is.  Trade chat is still filled with a lot of trolls welcoming new players with a variety of poor taste gullible jokes that are not intended for any constructive or helpful advice.

Poisons have returned for my outlaw rogue, this makes me happy.  Did 2 quick invasions for 5 currency each toward the 300 currency mount for 7th legion mount wrap up, currently at 155.

Big spider in my garrison is now same level as me… longer fight to get the toy to drop (sack of spectral spiders)

Grand Nagus

Did some mods to my toons in the Barber shop.

Orc Warrior got to level 50 doing pet battles

DH reached 47 doing pet battles too.

Started to collect some transmog gear.

I got Legendary Pet Battler from doing this week’s (unexpected) SSD that came around on wednesday in the US after the calender schedule was changed, due to the new event “Shadowlands Dungeon Event” being added, supposed to be around for the first time on Dec. 15th, but has been removed with no replacement and moved to Feb. 2nd, as of this recording.


Hello everyone!

So I guess I forgot to check for updates in WoW.  Apparently there's about 20 gigs of data to download!  I'm trying to remember to set my computer to download while sleeping or while I'm at work.  I have downloaded enough for it to be playable but I haven't jumped into it yet.  Looking forward to hearing about your experiences this past week!

Here is part 2 from episode 424 for this week's Blast from the Past.  Enjoy!



Each week GrandNagus takes a closer look at some of the most useful World of Warcraft addons out there.

Addon(s) of the week: WoWUp Addon update app.

Overwolf takes over Curseforge next month and with that in mind, it’s time to say goodbye to Twitch, imo.

Positive aspects: WoWUp updates using Curseforge, WoWInterface and TukUI websites, as far as i know, those are the ones i found in the provider tab in the app, and not only Curseforge, so we have more supported update websites and their provided addons.

Negative aspects: WoWUp doesn’t have a feature where you can see details about the addon in the window, but rather it takes you to the respective website in your browser to show you that (same) information. That requires the browser and app to be open, rather then only the app when using the Twitch app.

Over all i like this app more then i thought i would, and again, thanks Per0tin for telling me about it. 

I switched to WoWUp and uninstalled the Twitch app.

There are other update apps out there, but this one has all i need, if you want to let me know about another one you like and that i should talk about, send in an email and tell us about it.

You can find GrandNagus on Twitter @GrandNagus1, or by email at


Guild Updates: Oct 11 to Oct 18



Greendarnhit (110)





Last week’s 50’s: Daprishnah, Feklhr, Yillie, Tashelle, Constraxxele, Epril, Aprillian, Readytogogo, Wanrong, Kirila, Grandnagus, Greendarnit, Aereneth, Shadowsleep, Allasomorph, Fulgens, Tumek, Ephedra, Taenir, Zulginga, Raztini, Msmurder, Mastake, Megelodar, Bangobingo, Decomposey, Bigjobs, Soulsista, Somuchawesome, Melindraya, Stegatamad, Fortetwo, Minoke, Zulkra, Khiriel, Duvessae, Ashcawk, Matarena, Alztraj, Zuglud, Rokwyn, Marouk, Trelan√©.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun:

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun:

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