Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 015 - Looking For Emails

Alea iacta est

New Phrase for us Alt Addicts – Instead of Main player, I have a Main Server

Does anyone else Dual Box?

Ran around Darkmoon Faire – it was fun, got the mugs of Dark Iron Ale and got JubJub for Pril

Cross area Hunter training doesn’t work

WoW News

I love the Armory

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade has established a new sales record for PC games, with approximately 3.5 million copies sold within its first month. Keeping pace with the expansion's sales, World of Warcraft's worldwide subscriber base now exceeds 8.5 million. You can read more about these achievements in our latest press release. We send our sincere thanks out to the players across the globe who have continued to help us bring Azeroth, and now Outland, to life, and we look forward to adding more great content to explore -- and seeing how the arena tournament plays out -- in the months ahead.

Alt Round Up

Pril & Zee – Blood Elf Twins Pril = Hunter LW/Skinner Zee = Rogue JC/Miner
• 22/21
• Zee made [Figurine - Jade Owl] and was so excited to give it to Treshel, my level 44 Hunter who always needs a burst of mana but then after making it
o Binds when picked up
o Unique
o Trinket
o +3 Intellect
o +2 Spirit
o Requires Level 35
o Use: Restores 30 mana every second for 12 sec.
o Cooldown: 5 min
o Sells for 15 Silver to vendors

Creed & Ctraltwow Blood Elf Priest Tailor/Enchanter and Orc Warrior Miner/Blacksmith

Aprillian Main Troll Hunter Miner/Skinner

Rilfire Tauren Hunter LW/Skinner

Treshel Orc Hunter Miner/JC

Theeo Orc


• Trex
• Illia

The Dragonhawk Hatchling Connection
• Aprillian sends 4 gold pieces to Creed – costs 4 gold 30 c
• Creed buys 9 Hatchlings @ 45 silver a piece and mails them back to Aprillian 45s 30c X 9 = 4 g 7s 7c
• Aprillian puts them up for auction to April on the Horde/Alliance AH
o Aprillian puts them up for 25s, pays a 3s 12c deposit, the AH cut is 3s75c so Aprillian receives 24s 37c . So basically that’s 3s75c x 9 = 33s 75c
• Trex puts them up on Alliance AH

Favorite Places in WoW

Server Selection
Netherweave Bags 10g bid/ 11g BO Baelgun Horde Server


Good week, lots to do.

Lunar Festival is still going on, get those flight paths and rep points

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