Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 016 - Sweet Sixteen and I Got Mail

I got two whole emails

Email #1


First, thanks so much for doing the show! I also especially appreciate your taking the extra effort to put chapters, artwork, and notes in for iTunes. :) It's extra work and I appreciate it lots!

My first question is: How do you decide which alts to focus on at any one time? I only have 10 characters, all on the same server, but even that is enough to put me at sixes and sevens sometimes.

When you sit down to play, how do you decide -who- to play?

Second question: Do you let people know who all your alts are?

I do, in that I have a traditional naming scheme for all my characters, which is that they must all begin with "Ab". The story behind that is a bit long, but anyway it lets everyone know, especially in the guild, who's an alt of mine and who's not, and that helps with any guild-related business I may have to take care of. People always know it's me so they always know how to get ahold of me.

Thanks for your response!

Abkani, guild master of Eldritch Way on Azuremyst.

Eldritch Way Website:

Email #2

Hi Aprillian,

First off, love the podcast. This podcast hits close to home for me because I to have many alts (mostly alliance toons). I have a 63 human warlock, 61 human warrior, and my new main a 37 troll mage on Earthen Ring. I have several questions to ask. First, you mentioned that you dual box and your current favorite combination are the hunter and rogue. What other combinations have you tried? I recently read an article where a guy multi boxed five characters at the same time (Army of Xzin if I remember correctly). Since you play many alts do you have a favorite class overall? I've played most classes up to level 10 (with the except of a shaman which I have not played at all). My favorite class was the warlock (level 63) but I got tired of him and now is retired. Currently, mages are my favorite class.

Second, I'm a big fan of instances (Scarlet Monastary is my favorite pre-60 instance). Do you have a favorite instance? My highest level character is 63 so I haven't seen that many post-60 burning crusade instances. I'm really looking forward to the Old Hillsbrad instance located in the caverns of time.

Lastly, I'm a big fan of mods. Do you use any mods? I use the basic mods such as titan panel, ctmod and kth threat meter. I used to use class specific mods such as necrosis for warlocks.

Thanks for taking the time to read my e-mail,

Munchausen - Level 37 Troll Mage - Earthen Ring - Alea Iacta Est

Alt Round Up

Didn’t do much on my “Main Alts”. Spent most of the time on Earthen Ring

Pril & Zee – Blood Elf Twins Pril = Hunter LW/Skinner Zee = Rogue JC/Miner
• Nothing

Creed & Ctraltwow Blood Elf Priest Tailor/Enchanter and Orc Warrior Miner/Blacksmith
• Not Much – Creed bought the Hatchlings and sent them to April

Aprillian Main Troll Hunter Miner/Skinner
• Transferring the Dragonhawk Hatchlings

Rilfire Tauren Hunter LW/Skinner
• Badlands Farming Scalding Whelplings

Treshel Orc Hunter Miner/JC
• In Crushbridge Hold - Mining

Theeo Orc
• Nothing

• Nothing

• Trex – Sold over 20
• Illia – Just sold some Ogre Kickiers

Earthen Ring
• Aprillian is becoming a Great Warlock
• Ran Wateva – Dark Elf Alt to Booty Bay to start the DragonHawk collection, I need some gold

Favorite Places in WoW

Loving Eversong Woods and Ghostlands
• Full plate of quests

Server Selection

Jewel Crafting supplies
Bronze bars & Tin ore

Closing Thoughts:

WoW can be whatever you want it to be. There’s no limits, choose what makes you release the most endorphins.

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