Monday, March 26, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 017 The Multi in MMORPG

What’s Going On

Talk about Guilds

First Guild – Everyone rushing to 60 soon fell behind – first taste of drama

Second Guild – One day logged on and it didn’t exist – felt homeless and confused
• Regrouped, got stronger, felt good
• One day we got a message everyone was joining another guild
o Felt betrayed
Decided to make a guild of one – Enjoyed it, especially with dual boxing
Then came The Instance Podcast Invitation, decided to try it out. Found out what it’s like to be in a really good guild

Immersed completely in alea iacta est

Did what a good guild member should do, followed the instructions for the guild. This involves downloading and installing specific Add ons. These included:
• GEM – Guild Event Manager

Being a Good Guild Member takes work and dedication. The transition from being a Guild of one to one of 1000 is amazaing.

Read the forums for both what’s coming up and what’s going on. It’s also a good way to get to know people.

Speak up in chat, even if you don’t have a lot to say. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and to offer it.
• Aprillian is an enchanter on Earthern Ring and I love running up to people with the Guild tag, inspecting them and then offer them the enchants I can do. Ctrlaltwow is a Jewelcrafter and gives his stuff to Aprillian to give away in similar fashion.

What I did this week

Ran Instances for the first time in a long time –

RFC – Ragefire Chasm – 2 times with some great people from the guild
• I love this Instance
Wailing Cavern – another great run. Got some good loot – finished a quest

Went on a raid to Stormwood. It was so much fun. I put pix up at:
It was exhilarating. There were many of us and as we ran up through STV and through Duskwood and then getting clobbered in the first little town there I think it was Raven Hill

Alt Round up

Didn’t do much on my “Main Alts”. Spent most of the time on Earthen Ring

I’ve been playing mostly on Earthern Ring

I transferred two alts to Earthern Ring, mostly helper Alts.
• Prilfire, now known as Iwari, from Lightenhoof. She was sitting there all alone and I never use her. I had gotten her as high as level 37, she’s a Warlock and has Engineering 247 and mining 238.
• Rillia, now known as Veyle, from Baelgun, she’s a level 36 Rogue with Blacksmithing 269 and enchanting 246.

I won’t be playing them much but their skills will come in handy. It was fun to transfer them over. And yes I paid the $25 fee twice, but it was worth it.

So my new main alts are now:
• Aprillian Level 19 Warlock Enchanter and Miner
• Ctrlaltwow Level 16 Blood Elf Hunter
o Because it’s a Role playing server, these two have a story. They are brother and sister sent out into the world and they have a character blog, something that was suggested on the AIE forum to help people roleplay better, and it’s a series of letters home. You can find it at

Singles mentioned above and Jajal, replacement for Ctrlaltwow because of his name. Right now I am trying to level him up to 20, so he can do JC to 225.

Banker Alts
• Trexrar, Gruzilla, Wateva
• Wateva is a Blood Elf and I got her to Dustwallow Marsh from Menethi Harbour. From there she swam to Ratchet. She died a couple of times from these things in the water, but each time she ran back to her body, she’d get a little further out and then was almost at Northwatch and she died again, and ended up at Ratchet graveyard and since she was only a level 5, I let the Angel bring her back to life and got on the boat and went to Booty Bay. So I have my dragon hatchling connection going again. Not as lucrative, I think others are catching on but still making money. I’ll have to find a new money maker.

Favorite Places in WoW

After finishing the Lady Sylvanas quest, I was sent to Sepulcher and Tarren Mills and walking along the road through Silverpine, I forgot how beautiful that area is. I will have to back there and kill stuff.

Server Comparisons

Jewel Crafting supplies
Bronze bars & Tin ore

No new email
Did get a nice comment on iTunes, thanks Priesteffer. Run over there and add your own.

Closing Thoughts:

Find a guild that fits, keep looking until you do. Don’t be afraid to /gquit and don’t hesitate to join one because you can always /gquit. If you do join one, jump in feet first.

I lost a good friend Steve Soltys, I just wanted to shout out to him the he will always look good to me and that I miss him more than words can say.

I put up a special presentation yesterday of the Lady Sylvanas’ performance. I’m going to close the show with the full uncommented version of her lovely song.

No. 1. What’s Going On
No. 2. What I did
No. 3. Alt Round Up
No. 4. Server Comparison
No. 5. Favorite Places in WoW
No. 6. Closing thoughts about the show

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