Friday, August 3, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 032 Emails and More Emails

Episode 32 Show Notes Emails

What Aprillian has been doing:
  • Twinking Pri - Networking helped, (guildies, internet)
    • reworking my characters for alliance selling because of mail changes. Putting alliance at Neutral AH and Alliance in Exador on same account. This way, anytime I want something from alliance AH, I can now get it at once. Ally on Exador buys it, sends it to Ally in Booty Bay, who then puts it on neutral AH and my Horde Toon in Booty Bay can buy it and send it instantly to anyone on that account or in an hour to another toon. Consider putting a toon on all accounts in Booty Bay but would take up too many valuable Alt Slots.

What Glanthur has been doing:
Leveling Morion and Arlaerus. Morion has a felhunter now! Not as sexy as the Succubus, but could be a lot of fun? I'm sad about warlocks getting nerfed in the next patch, but I do see the potential of them being really overpowered at higher levels. I'd love to see protection-based paladins have more skills to make them a little bit stronger with their single weapon. I've also been collecting large amounts of enchanting material. Any day now Morion is just going to pop and go up 20-30 levels in enchanting. That will be a good day.


Hey Aprillian and Glanther this is lilthis again, now a 70 Night Elf Warrior, after listening to your last podcast where someone mentioned lightheaded i wanted to suggest another addont hat goes great right along side lightheaded it is called TOM TOM and it does just as the GPS it shows you where to go, any time cordinates are found in ligtheaded or throughout the game you can left click and it will put a nice marking on you map it can be found at and really helps, expect to hear from me as i will probable be sending in a recorded audio file this week as well keep up the good work.

Hey Guys its Auho (Ah-ho) again.

Lately I have been playing my level 16 hunter, Jovvi, and I was wondering if you could tell me a few tips to playing a hunter. Since you have mentioned several times that you have a few of them. Also in patch 2.2 Blizzard is adding voice chat for instance and raid groups to the game, what do you think of that? I'm all for it as long as it doesn't create server lag.

Also I am a mod nut so I am going to tell you about another great mod I use called Mappy ( It takes your mini map and makes it a square. Which lets you see a lot more!! And if you use a lot of mods like I do it makes the buttons fit better around the map.

Have a great week and FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!

From Ashayo

You only learn new grimmoires every 2 levels the same as training.
So each time you train, just scroll thru the grims looking for "requires level xx" (eg 30) when you hit level 30.

Train the current minion, put it on "stay" and walk away. At some distance, it despawns and you get the shard back. Summon the next, rinse and repeat!


Date: Jul 21, 2007 8:47 PM
Subject: Fwd: 29 comments

Hi, Just listened to 30. I guess I sent my email about 29 to the wrong address... I used ctrl instead of ctr I guess.... strange how my 2 earlier emails got through... oh well.

I haven't used any twinks. I'm interested in getting to 70 and seeing what's what then. Do either of you do the pvp things? Battlegrounds/arenas/etc? I never really cared for pvp stuff...

I agree with instances are fun when you find a good group. I'm doing BRD now (priest) and it is a very tough place. I've been trying to get lock the elite horse quest which has a part in Scholomance... holy cow what a tough place. Still not luck after 3 tries... I find instance interesting when using diff alts... which makes it fresher... you know the layout but you have to adjust your gameplay to you class.
Keep up the good work,

PS: I hear the next patch, locks DOT are changing... sigh!

Date: Jul 14, 2007 10:05 PM
Subject: 29 comments
To: ctrlaltwow < >

Hi, just finished your latest podcast after spending 4+ hours in SM killing all the bosses there. Other than the staff in the library nothing really drops there for mages. Anyway, this mage is an enchanter. This is my first time with an enchanter. I had my other chars send the enchanter stuff they didn't need so enchanting didn't really cost me any out-of-pocket money. I'm at 225 and now I have to go to Uldman for the trainer. I'm not happy about that at all. I haven't had any lucky getting ported/summoned to BC though that would be the easiest way to go. I tried once to disenchant another's players soulbound item and was unable to. I gathered from the podcast that you can do this? I'll have to try again if that is the case. As far as disenchanting for the group, the shards sell for good money but not sure about the different dust. I guess it would be more money then vendoring the item.
With all my chars I've been in some strange group policies as far as loot. I've had some that you never need no matter what. I've had some that players say "If XZY drops I get it, O.K.?" I find these really annoying... you should need if it is better than what you are wearing, otherwise greed. Most if not all are pick-up groups and some of the players are questionable quality. I think the thought of doing the disenchanting is too complicated for the groups I've been in. I've had players whine and quit the group if they didn't get an item. For example the staff in the SM library: I needed it and so did a shaman, I won the roll and the shaman whined about it and quit the group. I don't get it.
I was in STV in a group with someone who before starting playing WoW decided not to use any outside info about the game. No custom UI, no looking at stuff on the web. I thought it was interesting idea but I would go crazy if I had to do that... I play spellcasters and the normal UI is not good enough for me. I have spells for keys 1 through =, Shift 1 through Shift, F6 - F13 and shift F6 - F13. I currently use FuBar, Auctioneer, WoWKB, Cartographer, MBB and just started using LightHead which give info about quests in a window next to the quest window (avoids having to look up stuff on web). I use MacAceUpdater to handle most of these addons.
Well, have fun playing WoW. I'm still not decided if I should transfer to another server. It took me days to find a good enough group for SM. I don't mind the money if I could be sure the server was better... maybe I'll go to Earth-Ring... lol
Oh, did you notice that with the latest patch you no longer have to wait an hour before receiving items in the mail... YIPPPEEE!!! I love it.

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  1. great episode, the addition of glanthur has really helped to boost the quality of information in each and every episode