Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 035 Working Together with Friends from Afar

Show Notes Episode 35 Working Together from Afar
August 25, 2007 Sat

What we've been doing
Auntrillia in Outland
Rilfire in WC with Relaq - Relaq is now unrested and tried to take her to SFK to level. I now think this is the wrong aproach
Veyle made some Green Iron Hauberek - blue chest mail - I need money for all of my characters. Sometimes you go for the loot and the levelling and of course the fun, but then sometimes you just need gold to train. With many alts, sometimes resources are plentiful and sometimes you find yourself a little short. As we've said before, there are so many ways to play this game.
Arlaerus on his Mount

Remodeling, what fun. I have to admit to being a little lax when putting up the show. The show takes about 5 to 7 hours of time outside of the game. Once the podcast is recorded, I am anxious to get it up and going. But now that this has been brought to my attention, I will try to put a little more effort into the processing part. I listened to this episode and did what I could to adjust the volume, I hope it is better.

Glanthur and I discuss what we've been doing. It's a casual conversation and we don't really try to stick to any serious guidelines. If there's something related to Alts and mid level game that you would like us to focus on, drop us a note at or and we will address in our upcoming show notes.

Auntrillia is enjoying Outlands to a degree. We touch on the differences of being Horde and Alliance in Outland. I made a small video comparing the Frostwolf Mount to the Raptor. Auntrillia spent hours in AV to get the 50 marks to get her mount. Check the show notes for my Utube video. I will be updating.

Emails, Lovely Little Emails


My main is a level 70 rogue on Uldum named Hap, and I have a level 11
alt on Earthen Ring (in your guild) named Tuskface (I hate that name).

I think I said on the forums that there were only a few good podcasts
and the rest were junk. Yours was not one I'd heard before so I gave it
a listen. I have the following suggestions:

Your volume level changes during the show. Some parts are fine, but
toward the middle things got very quiet and I had to turn my volume all
the way up. I assume you must be editing each show. Before you do
this, go through and normalize sections of the show, not just the whole
thing at once, so that they are all at about 98%.

It sounds like you are probably working from notes which is great! But
(doesn't everyone have one) each part of the show could be a little
more defined, then stick to each topic then move on to the next. If you
something, do it at the end then edit that part into its proper
place (but don't mention that's what you're doing - no one will know!).

Content is good, and you seem to know your audience well (people with
alts under level 40). This is great and not always easy to do. I'm
glad there is a podcast for lower level players - it is something that has
been missing from the WoW podcast universe.

Not sure I would have reused the audio from that Australian dual-boxing
guy. I don't like his segments. I would rather have heard you two
summarize his thoughts, or had your own guest.

So I think you're doing great! Keep up the good work and I will keep
listening to your Podcast along with The Instance, World of Warcast, and
WoW Chronicals.

Darrell (Hap, Tuskface, Bearbutt, Dauria, and others)

We hope we addressed some of Darrell's issues. We are open to suggestions, so please keep them coming

Email No. 2
Hi Aprillian, Just wanted to tell you about some problems I had getting your show. I was one of your contest winners from a couple months ago (the flaming tabard from the tcg) and at the time regularily listened to your show by downloading it from Digg, onto my Mp3 player. But then, all of a sudden, your podcast started to be posted onto Digg in a format that my Creavtive Nano couldnt play...Acc or Mp4 I believe it was! I dont know too much about audio files, just that it wasnt Mp3 format and couldnt play. But then, just last week I was poking around on your website and found that you can get just about any format of audio file, for any of your podcasts right there! So I just wanted to say I am in the process of listening to the last couple months that I've missed, and I wonder if other people know that they can find a huge variety of various audio files from your website. And also wanted to mention that I like your new co-host also, you two really radiate a true passion for the game unlike other podcasts (*********) not to mention any names. (But listen to that one sometime....they almost spend their whole time during the podcast complaining about various aspects of the game) Ron

Thanks again for the nice comments, and the information.

Ashayo's Tips on Dual Boxing

He goes into some details Aprillian is not that knowledgeable on. I am glad we have these great tips to share.

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