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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 124 - All Together Now Ding

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Rerecorded last week's podcast.

Spent day playing off and on Grinding Aprillian in Grizzley Hills. Hearthstone 30m cd is spoiling me.

Was grinding in Grizzly hill When Guildie Burningwave invited me to Ampitheater, got tons of XP and a nice staff.

Hit 76 in Zul'Drak, then decided to go back to Grizzly Hill and finish quests. Then decided to go to Argmar Hammer for the Wrathgate, heard that quest gave lots of exp


Background downloader for 3.2

Jekle heals H CoS with Deadlyvyv tanking ; a learning experience for everyone!

Shadowthrone does Battle for Undercity

Ulduar 10 man - Ashayo filled in for Gobu's group. Was an awesome run
Achievements included [3 car garage] (Have completed the Flame Leviathon with all three vehicles)
We were actually dangerously close to killing the heart with the Deconstructor (which puts the encounter into hard mode)
[Must deconstruct faster] - 205 seconds
Crazy cat lady - won Elemental focus stone - 108 hit, + haste
[epic] achievement
Hodir - [I have the coolest friends] - no NPCs died
Freya - Was explained really well, and we one shot her
Thorum - Won Handwraps of Resonance
Train trip down to Mimiron. It was a close call, but we one shot him too.
Achievement [The Keepers of Ulduar]

Shadowthrone dings 74

Hour of the worg (group quest in Grizzly Hills) - silenced, turn into worg with 3 bites
Matahorn helped me do it with 1 min to spare at shutdown

Ulduar 10 man - Asheal
FL, Razorscale (3 attempts to down)
Ignis 26%. Gave up and moved on
Kologarn - 1st attempt to 1%
Got him down!

Shadowthrone wanders around Grizzly Hills and dings 75

25 man Ulduar - Asheal
FL, Razorscale
2nd night we spent a couple hours trying a new strat on Ignis. He still cleaned the floor with our flame engulfed corpses.

Shadowthrone wanders around Zul'drak and dings 76

Shadowthrone dings 77 in Zul'drak - 3am 18th ER time

Summer of Love ball - missed the event, but did the naked Onyxia run after


Arlaerum dinged 77
Arlaerus and Arlaerum shared lots of materials back and forth to get Arlaerum to over 435 in Alchemy
Flyers everywhere!
My cool-downs for transmutation stopped being 24 hours...what's up with that?

Bladed Edge


Email #1 Viranelda

Hey y'all. I hope its okay that I sent this email to both podcasts,

Despite my Altaholicness (is that a word?) I have, as I have mentioned in other emails, been forced by my Night Elf Druid (Viranelda) to play and level her. Its been a lot of fun not playing a caster (she is spec'd feral), and she is just fabulous! Although I love Northrend, and think its beautiful the questing up there takes forever. I went from 56 to 69 in a few weeks, and now are stuck in the low 70's. Since I dual spec'd her resto I have been splitting up the gear I get may be a disadvantage, but I would want her to be viable in both spec's.

So there has been a lot of talk of to raid or not to raid, and to pvp or not pvp. Raiding is not totally my thing. I have been on a few raids and although I enjoy the social aspect of, it can get a repetative and after three hours my but starts to hurt, and my click finger starts to go numb......AND since I dont raid regularly all of the good gear goes to those who do. That being said I dont see myself as being a hardcore raider, but I am happy to do so from time to time.

PVP has more or less become my thing. I hit a BG every day on a varity of toons and have a great time. A couple of my wow buds and I started an Arena team and do our ten matches and mostly get our buts kicked, but have a great time. I recently added healbot and have been throwing heals all over the place.

Email #2 from Aleara

Greasings and Salivations, Aprillian, Ashayo, and Glanthur!
It's your friendly Hobbit, Aleara.

I could get used to hearing my name on your podcast! *grin*

Thank you so much for helping me remember the name of that add-on a couple weeks ago. Also for the caution about it!

I tried it out on my one computer with my two accounts, and it seems to be working just fine so far. No crashes. But I will definitely keep you updated.

And, as an added bonus, I thought I'd try my hand at translating Valathilia's Espanol (Spanish).

"Aqui Esta

"Como estas CtrlAltWow? Pues esta semena fue tan feliz . Yo y mis amigos fuimos al Naxxramas, era mucho trabajo...."


"This is

"How are you CtrlAltWoW? Well this week was very good (happy). I and my friends were at Naxxramas, it was a lot of work..."


Aleara Jackley
The Guild Life podcast:
Aleara's Hobbit Hole blog/podcast:

Email #A from Makling

hello aprillian, glanthur and ashayo

first of all i would like to thank you for choosing me in you raffle. i would really appreciate it if you can send me the 1 month free WoW. i'm planning on giving it to my sister's fiancee. you see, i had lent him my WoW installers and he played the 10 day free trial only. for some reason, he didn't upgrade to a full account, but i'm hoping the free month will motivate him, and hopefully we get to play together.

congratulations to ashayo for getting the green proto-drake! i've only gotten the tickbird hatchlings, but im still hopeful that i'll get my own proto-drake.

hopefully by the time you read this on air aprillian would have dinged 77 and is flying around northrend at epic speed. so grats to her too! i'm sure the experience of focusing on one toon involved a lot of effort on her part, so i congratulate her for her efforts too.

in you last episode, ashayo mentioned the difficulties some of his guildies were experiencing with logging into the game. i also had the same experience, and i saw from twitter that other players were experiencing it too. i went into the forums and apparently a lot of people were having the same problem. the first solution i came across in the forums was to merge the WoW account with, and it worked! i haven't had problems logging in ever since. i went and spread the word to my guildies and hopefully it helps someone listening in.

for the longest time i had been stuck at 48 non combat pets. but this week i finally got my skunk pet after getting 2 chickens. the first one was from the homing beacon chicken from the gnome in stanglethorn vale, and the 2nd one was from the chickens in westfall. i'd like to make a shoutout to my guildie for pointing this out. thanks Molonlabe!

i really enjoy listening to you guys, and i hope to hear for you every week. thanks again for the prize


Email #3 from Inacan

Hey Ctrlaltwowians,

Just a thought on the grind vs questing that you were discussing on the last episode.

In BC and again in Wrath I have spent my last two levels grinding the mats to have my first level 80 blue crafted set made. You get the exp it takes to get the last two levels and with the blue crafted 80 gear you can go right into the easier heroic instances. With dual spec it ends up being a lot of mats but worth the work.

Good luck on getting to 80 April. Don't stop at 77 and prove Ashayo right. You can beat altaholism ....At least til after 80. ;-)

U guys Roc!


Email #4 from Bugger

prillian, Glanthur and Ashayo!
Just listened to episode 123 - my first Ctrl Alt WoW podcast upon the recommendation from the BoE podcast. And I'm glad they did. Very much enjoyed listening to your WoW antics. Glad to hear Wych dropped by, too.
I had 2 toons that used to be in AIE some time ago - Serufado (75 tauren hunter) and Qwess (68 troll priestess). Aprillian, you actually helped me quest through Hellfire for a bit and I enjoyed the company greatly. I have to say I'm rather surprised you haven't made it to 80 yet because when you helped me in Hellfire it was probably late 2008. Nevertheless, I'm glad that you're a person who takes their time.
When the free transfers off Earthen Ring were offered, I jumped at the chance for the new Garrosh realm. Kind of like heading out into the wild frontier. lol
I got sidetracked with other toons that I leveled to 80 on Garrosh and did a bit of raiding in Naxx. My wonky schedule keeps me from being able to commit to raiding on any regular basis, but I found a nice group of folks willing to work with me and teach me how to be a raid healer. My work schedule again interfered so I didn't get much more than a couple of months raiding experience. I've still never been to Karazhan except for a tour that someone in AIE offered after it had been cleared.
When I started listening to BoE, I promptly found a niche for my forgotten creations - PvP toons in Pants On Head guild.
I look forward to hearing more episodes - both past and future! You have a new fan in me.
Bugger (Pants On Head guild, Jubei'thos)
Bopmurloc (Twitter, [Bopping The Murloc - - is our project guild. A small group of us are doing a similar project to BoE's Rocks The Horde project. Everyone is welcome to apply to the guild and follow our adventures.]

Email #5 from Patrick Glick

Good morning guys

I know you guys though that maybe a break is needed, but then what would I do !!!! LOL, naaaa WOW is my fun time in the evening. I do not watch TV other then cooking shows, soccer and hockey. So when my wife is watching mindless reality TV, I play computer games. The problem lies in my main. My main is a level 80 dwarf warrior. Warriors are just not in demand any more. Paladins and DK’s make better tanks, and everyone else makes a better DPS then a warrior. So I believe that when the patch comes out were you can change factions, I believe I will turn him to a Undead Warrior and either come back to Earthen Ring or head over to Wyrm Rest.

I also have a Night Elf Druid (sorry Aprillian) and a Blood Elf Paladin which I am having fun working on. Some of my boredom is caused by many of my real life friends are dropping out of the game. My Druid & Warrior are on the Lothar server and my Pally is on Wyrm Rest. So I think I will be slowly transferring my toons to Earthen Ring and Wyrm Rest.

Talk to you soon

Patrick Glick

Email #6 from Lanval

Hello Ctrl Alt WoW crew! /wave

I hope you are all fairing well this day. Except maybe Ashayo who might be 6k gold short now. If so, grats to Aprillian! Yey! (insert party noises here). If not, I take the party back. lol :P

Well, I write to yall today because I have a problem. It is said that the first step to recovery is accepting the fact that you have a problem. So, with that said... My name is Lanval and I'm an altaholic...

Ever since I started listenin to your podcast, which I must say is GLORIFICENT, I started to pick up toons that I once had left behind. Little by little I have begun to play them again and I can't stop! Being a raider with my human Paladin, Lanval, time is already pretty scarce. But now I'm balancing in my 80 PVP Dwarf Hunter, 64 Resto Druid and (can't beleive i'm about to reveal this) a 69 HORDE Blood Elf Rogue! /gasp. I feel like a traitor to my fellow Alliance! Forgive me Glanthur... Q_Q

Anyways, I just want to mention to you guys that this escalating Altaholism is all your fault. You are the reason for my descent into madness... And I LOVE it.

Well, thats all I got to say about that. Until next time, FOR THE ALLIANCE! And sigh... for the horde :P


Glanthur in BOE was epic!


Email #7 from Vala

Hello ctrlaltwow!
Valathilia here

So this week was pretty great, I did no raiding and I felt relief. And I am now farming the ravenlord with three of my friends which is fun. And I think I got my girlfriend to start a wow account so I am looking foward to that. In other news I am going to transfer to a new server in 3 weeks with 4 of my friend so that's very exciting. Wellgreat podcast and keep it up.
For the horde

Email #8 from Bidkar

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo and Glanthur,

Bidkar level 80 mage from Auchindoun here. My week has been fairly exciting for me. I am now exalted with all the Horde factions. My dream of riding a wolf has finally come true! Some dream of riding a proto drake, but I am so excited about my wolf. Other than that, I've been doing dailies and working on the Argent Tournament. I can hardly wait until Aprillian does the tournament and quad boxes jousting. That should be interesting!

As always, your podcast is the best and I look forward to hearing from the three of you every week.

For the Horde and Glanthur

Bidkar and his many alts

Email #B from Leralonde
Subject: paypal?

Dear ctrl alt wow,

first off all: you 3 have a great podcast.

I was just wondering why don't you have a pay-pal or donate button on your site?

greetings from the horde!
(and for glanthur too)


(ps. no need to engage me into the /roll email lotto. i'm european, so that would be too costly for you.)

Email #9 from Ariisa

Greetings all,

Just a quickie to say Congratulations!!!!

Great job Aprillian on making your goal, we all knew you could do it.

Grats Glanthur on also dinging 77 and for the totally awesome BOE guest spot.

And last but not least Congratulations Ashayo on FINALLY getting that beautiful proto drake. You truly deserve it.

Looking forward to the next show,

Ariisa, Resto Shaman
Stormreaver US

For The Alliance!

Shout Outs & Thank You


hope you all are well.

Thank you for the last show and Wych as always was funny on your show and sorry to hear you had to redo the recording.

I wanted to mention a few good pug experiences I had on my priest. A few weeks ago I was really down on my priest and healing abilities.
I had switched to discipline and have been trying to find a not so hard Heroic to heal and make sure I am capable of doing so.
So, with a guildie (or is it guildy, not sure) tanking on his Paladine, we did H Violet Hold (in Dalaran) which if you have not done that instance, it is very short and sweet like Aleara's podcasts. ( a little blug if we can for our local Hobbit.

So H VH went well, yes we did wipe but my guildie forgot to kite the boss (I am so bad with names) but we finished it in good time after that.
Than we did H CoS and missed the times run by, you will never guess, SECONDS! Oh well, I know we will do that run again even though I do not like that place.
What are some instances you 3 or the audience does not like?
Back on track, what I wanted to say was, even though I level my priest holy up to level 76, and I miss the spec, I am starting to like discipline.
Mana management is so much easier but I still over heal, way way too much.

I also ran a guildies through some old instances; I don't like saying vanilla, don't like vanilla. And they ran my rogue through Strat, which was so much fun.
A quick back story to my rogue, poor undead, well he is undead and he was stuck at 55 since before BC came out! yes that is what 3 years.
So finally he is 58 and in the outlands.

I also have been trying to level one of my mages because I love mage food and ports!!! The frosty mage Yasamin is 65 so some more leveling to go.

This game truly does not get old does it? There is so much to do.

Thank you as always and I will be at Comicon next week and hope I can provide some information to you, on Twitter and write something on our little blog.

Take Care


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