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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 125 - Yes We Are Podcasters Who Love WoW

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

Special Guests New Player David & Aleara of and

What We've Been Doing:

Overheard on Twitter:

Allecica13: It is a WoW podcast. try to be a little energized & upbeat please. /sad

Aprillian: @Allecia13 Do you listen to Ctrl Alt WoW?

Allecica13: @aprillian I don't - but I will go check it out now :) Is that yours? I miss you on the aie podcast! :)

Aprillian: @Allecia13 Yep that was a shameless plug.

Allecica13@: Aprillian thank you so much 4 suggesting ur podcast! I see now why you suggested it. Very refreshing to listen 2 some1 who still loves WoW

Shout out to El Jeppy


After podcast, got on DK Quad that I had been neglecting. Worked on Transferring a toon off the account I used to raf BF. Took longer than I thought it would. I had given her too much money and then spent time comparing the two AH before settlng on buying a bunch of wool to bring over along with some inscription supplies.

Did some dailies on Auruk and Epril.

Went to do the Cloth Cool downs on Aprillian and forgot about the flying.

Did Dailies on Epril, Auruk and fishing on Aprillian. Took the Quad in JT to Blood Furnace

Finally went to Argent Tournament and did the beginning quest. Then played my RAF Druid and Mage, grinding in the Badlands. Died a lot, was checking Glyphs and realized I had 25 points I hadn't placed on Tiaa and 30 on Drame.

Went back to BF on Fri morning but failed miserably


Ulduar 10 - on Ashayo!
FL, Razorscale,
Ignis down! finally! And won an nice offhand [Igniter Rod]
Kologarn - 1-shot
Auriaya later in week
Iron Council - first time seen it ; got 2 of 3 bosses down, and 3rd to 800k of 3mill
2nd try down - [The Antechamber of Ulduar], [I Choose You, Stormcaller Brundir]

Ulduar 25 - Asheal
FL, 1 shot Razorscale - but a long fight. Won [Glowing Ring of Reclamation]
2nd night - 2hrs on Ignis and FINALLY got him down! WOOT!

Ashayo - Guppers Ulduar 25
heroic: Orbital Bombardment - 1 tower up
heroic: Shutout - didn't cause shutdown
Heroic: Three Car Garage
Auriaya - 5% :(

Heroic: Emalon in Wintergrasp
Won [Conqueror's Deathbringer Leggsings] - defeated OCD and put mismatching

Levelling herbalism on Shadowthrone
Started Argent Tournament on Shadowthrone
Did the Oracles quest on Shadowthrone - Matahorn and I helped RACV do it too.
Completed [Into the Basin]

TIP: Warlocks can drain soul on practise dummies and get soul shards!


Arlaerum dinged 80.

Ran H VH and H Nexus as DPS, and then did H UK and H Nexus as a Blood Tank. I'm now hit-capped, but still having a tough time holding AoE aggro.

Decided I was going to be more active in my guild, starting with "Survivor Week", where we'll be IC the whole time. I've already started fleshing out Arlaerus', Arlaerum's, and Glanthur's backstories and where they live, what they do for work, et cetera.

Arlaerum is now doing both Valiant and Champion dailies. Woohoo!

Glanthur did H Naxxaramas, and got a new staff! He actually survived the Heigan Dance, but got pummeled by Heigan as he was coming off the platform. Don't know if it was poison damage or a melee attack or what. Whatever it was, it HURT! Like, DEAD hurt.

Sent materials to Aprillian from my Horde alts. It was feeling like work leveling them, and I just don't want to push myself into doing something I'm not having fun with. I'm not anti-Horde, I'm just pro-Alliance.

Bladed Edge


Email #1 from Eranth

Aprillian, Ashayo & Glanthar…

So, I realized a couple of episodes ago, Glanthar was troubled with trying to get to the fires in Thunder Bluff. Of course, if we could fly, that would make it easy to get to about anywhere on Thunder Bluff. But, you see, the Tauren know that their land there is sacred, therefore, they have created a covenant with the Wind Spirits to keep fliers at bay on these continents. However, being fair spirits, they decided that they should let both factions have certain routes that they could fly regularly. (Which also explains why we have to sometimes takes such foolishly long routes to get from one place to another.)

Thus, that is why you aren’t allowed to take the ‘easy way’ to get to the flames in Thunder Bluff.

Now, more than that….the comment was made that Horde cities had two entrances, while Alliance cities only had the one. This is merely an issue of pride and arrogance. How is that, you ask? Well, you see, the Horde have a back door they can get the elderly and children out, should there be a raid on their city. The Alliance can’t imagine that they’d be over-run and their city taken.

Now, where’d I put that sign of mine? -- I MAKE STUFF UP! ;-)

Keep up the fine work, gang!


Beast Master Hunter of AIE

Earthen Ring

Part 2

Hey guys,

By the way, I don’t think Aprillian should work on her leveling. I mean, really, just to get a ‘free’ epic flyer and cold weather flight? Nah, you should totally slack off and just do what you want. You’ll get there eventually. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. ;-)


I’m totally kidding. Keep up the grind, Aprillian! (And, if I were on when you were, I’d sneak in and lay down the smack on mobs after you’d tagged, just to help stick it to Ashayo…but, I haven’t been around much at all, so alas, I can’t be much help.) ;-) good luck, and DVR TrueBlood while you catch up on your WoW-Work.


Beast Master Hunter of AIE

Earthen Ring

Email # A from Kyle

Hello CtrlAltWow peoples!
I just wanted to write in to sing your praises. I have been listening to your show for many months now and you are always a highlight of the week. Thank you!! Also I've really been enjoying your adventures with the Bind on Equip crew, be it having them on ctrlaltwow as guests, going over there as a guest, and the random twitters/emails exchanged. You all really have something great going on here.
Speaking of Bind on Equip, I had an interesting idea for a while that comes a bit too late. Since they are doing "BoE rocks the horde" you all could have done a "CtrlAltWow rocks the alliance." Or at the very least you could harass the BoE people a bit and try to gank them once and a while. But that would be mean, and you aren't about that.
Since Blade hasn't had time to write anything I thought I could share a lame "finding" so to speak. While in Netherstrom on one of my alts I ventured west of Area 52 for questing. I came upon the blood elf camp and entered the building. To my suprise in the center stood a pillar of pulsating light that resembled the warp core from Star Trek. I look at the names of the mobs and they were "warp-core engineers." I was highly amused.
Keep up the fantastic work!!
P.S. Please don't include this email in your drawing. While a prize would be nice, I really don't need it, and listening to you guys is the best prize. To continue on the sucking up trend, would you all be willing to take a donation - game time for one of your accounts or something? Each week you give away something to one of the listeners and I thought it would be nice for a listener to give something back to you ^_^

Email #2 from Lanval

Good morrow CtrlAltWow crew!
Lanval here. Hope you don't mind me becoming a regular writer, hehe. And i hope all is well with you guys and gal. :)

I want to send a few congrats to you guys. Congratulations to Aprillian for reaching 77 and stripping Ashayo out of 6k gold. Grats to Ashayo for your successful plundering of Ulduar. And last but definately not least, grats to Glanthur for spawning a Horde and losing ten Alliance points. >=P

Nothing new going on here. I suggested our guild master for a week vacation from raiding for the guild which was most defintely needed. Morale has been low after having had some time of constant epic failures in ulduar 25 man. So, this has given me time to relax and work on my druid alt which i must add i'm really getting into. He's dual specced into Feral Cat bite scratch dps which i use for questing and then resto for dungeons. By the way his name is Groundhopper :)

Regarding to one of your issues from last weeks podcast, I too have had some sort of carpal tunnel going on for a while. I would get pains on my wrist and for some time my grip strength was that of a 5 year old girl. So, i did what i had to do and took about a 3 month break from WoW. But since this game is like crack, I eventually came back and, of course, so did the pains. Though i did not go to a doctor, I did buy one of them braces that looks like a black glove with a ball of padding that sits between your palm and wrist. That relieved my pain for a little while but it eventually got torn apart. What i ended up buying after was one of them mouse pads with memory foam cushion on the front of it so when you move your mouse, your wrist always rests on the cushion. This has entirely solved my problem. Hooray! Its not expensive. I bought it in walmart for like 5 bux.

Now, for another reason I send this email. Your spanish, Glanthur, is mind-numbingly freaking terrible! Though it is, in fact, hilarious! Keep failing please. Its amusing.

Also, im glad to hear that you all enjoyed the "word" I used to describe your show on my last email. It was glorious. It was magnificent. It was... GLORIFICENT! And yes it is, in fact, made up. :D

One more thing, this part is actually aimed for the dwarf warrior that sent yall an email last week. I believe his name is Patrick Glick. Just wanted to let you know that Warriors are most defiantely still in demand as tanks and can put out plenty of dps. I myself am a Paladin tank and can assure you that you as a Warrior can be a better tank than a Paladin as long as you know what you're doing. A Warrior tank can easily be prefered over a Paladin especially on boss fights. I speak from experience because one of my guilds main tanks is a warrior and he rocks.

Well, thats about it for this letter. Yall have a good time now ya hear. :P


Here's a "bless you" for Aprillian's sneeze during Glanthur's weekly update. ^_^


Email #3 from Rynaa

Hi there,

just writing to say how much I enjoy listening to your blog, been listening for the last 4 episodes and wished I started much sooner.
First thing I listen to on Monday morning at work is your latest podcast (I live in New Zealand) and then go onto Bind On Equip
It's great to hear of everyone's different experiences and the higher level game/raiding.
I've only played for a few months now, and finally got into Outland last week with my now 61 Warrior and looking forward to making it 80 and enjoying your podcasts as I go

keep on doing a great job

For The Alliance

Rynaa (

Email #4 from Fayth

First of all gratz to Aprillian for hitting 77. That was nice of you to make Ashayo's wallet a little bit lighter. I think another challenge of some kind is in order ... maybe Aprillian or Glanthur will throw down a gauntlet of some sort. Also, gratz to Ashayo for all the Ulduar achievements and to Glanthur for Arlaerum's 77th level.

Mo asked last week what instances we didn't like. I still die a little bit on the inside every time I step foot into Gnomer. Such a terrible instance. And after a couple months of helping a friend farm the white hawkstrider mount from heroic Magister's Terrace, I never want to see that place again.

Speaking of mounts, I have this little obsession with matching my characters race and class with their mount. For instance, I'm still working on getting the Raven Lord mount from Seth Halls for my human priest - but for now I think she looks perfect using her horse and the epic flying carpet. The brown bear is the only land mount that my dwarf hunter will use, and she flies the skies of Northrend on her green Netherdrake. As for my level 75 human paladin, she has the keys to a chopper sitting in her bag just waiting for her to hit level 80.

Do you three have specific mounts that you like to use for certain races and classes?

Have a good week!

Ami Waite

Email #6 from Dwarfvader

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow,
Just wanted to write a short email to you guys! I wanted to tell you about how awesome your show is. This show is the greatest WoW podcast there is. I think Glanthur is hilarious even though he is an *chokes* alliance player. I have a quick question about dual boxing. Do you use any specific addons to help with dual boxxing? Thanks! For the Horde and Glanthur.
Dwarfvader, Wrymrest Accord a.k.a. Cheezey, Garona
PS- Dwarfvader is my new alt I made on Glanthur's server.

Email #5 from Makling

dear aprillian, thanks for the prize!

work has been really busy in the past week, so i've only written to you now.

i haven't been to many raids lately, but i would like to give a shoutout to RedDragon guild for inviting me to their heroic ulduar pug. we got to auriaya, which was the first time for me in heroic ulduar.

i have only one clarification, i play horde, and have not obtained the green proto drake. i got my westfall chicken from westfall, but i guess it would have been easier to get it from shatt.

thanks again!

for the horde!

Email #B from from Bidkar
Subject: Geek Joy

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo and Glanthur

Bidkar, level 80 undead mage on the Auchindoun server here. This week I did a respec into fire. I leveled as a frost mage, but it seems to be the consensus that mages should respec into fire or arcane once level 80 is reached. I was curious about fire so I went for it. While fire gives me substantially more dps, I felt like I didn't have the control I had with frost. I decided to spend the 1000 gold to dual spec so I could play frost and fire. I also had fun defending the cities against incursions from the Alliance. I hate pvp but I love defending the cities.

Glanthur, I loved your Bind on Equip episode! I just about passed out with geek joy when you said your spouse liked DC comics and Dickens. I expect to see a picture of both of you on the cover of Wired as the Ultimate Cool Nerd Power Couple. I consider the title nerd to the highest compliment by the way. It still seems so odd to hear any of you curse though. It's like hearing a nun swear.

Just to let you know, you don't need to put my email into the drawing for your prizes. I'm kind of lonely in the game right now because the only other person I know in the game isn't playing right now and I miss talking about the game with other people. The three of you are so nice I figured you wouldn't mind hearing about my week.

As always, your podcast is the best!

For Glanthur and the Horde!

Bidkar and his many alts

Email #7 from Michael

Subject: Quick Note about 77


I loved the fact that you all had characters who had reached 77 last week. I have been leveling a Death Knight and she reached 77 as well. I used the heirloom shoulders, made sure that I only quested when rest bonus was in effect, and with a little help from the Mid-Summer Fire Festival, she heavily quested in Hellfire Peninsula, Borean Tundrea, and Dragonblight. A few quests here and there and a whole bunch of rep-grinding dailies and she reached 77. I decided to bite the bullet and get her cold-weather flying on Sunday. She then started questing in Icecrown and Storm Peaks (focusing on the Argent Tournament and the Sons of Hodir). Last night, she reached 80.

I think you should really consider focusing on your character a few minutes a day and pick out some dailies to do. You will be at 80 before you know it.


Shout Outs & Thank You


Hello Ctrl Alt Wow,
just a short email this week as I am at Comic Con.
Wow, I am not sure if any of you have been too a gathering like this but wow, in so many ways.
Good and Bad!
The good, of course it is noober nerdtacular! So many cool things you can look at and buy and of course, so many comics and wow the D&D folks were going crazy.
And the different panels and conferences, talks, previews, once again people were in heaven. Watching the different personalities and wow costumes!!!! Truly amazing!

There are so many other good things to discuss but I need to cover the bad as well.
One bad, maybe it is my opinion but this event and just the nerd/geek persona or just what we are has become mainstream (I hate that word) but it has become popular.
For example, celebrities are writing comic books. Really!? I am to believe Tyson Beckford has always been into comics!?
Well perhaps but I wonder if I am alone in this thought.
Also, with 200,000 + people in a huge room all stuffed in like sardines still is not good for anyone. The smell, the bumping, touching, aghhhh will make anyone get sick even if you are not crazy like Munk!
You know, just having the feeling like you need to clean your hands every 5 minutes or organize things or trying to walk and not touch anyone!

I will try to share some pictures with you all next week if you did not see them on twitter @mohalen.

Quick in game, Motauren hit exalted with Wyrmrest accord (I hope I have the spelling right).
And trying the free way of getting RAF, referred a trial account but than I forgot trial accounts cant trade! oh well it is still fun.

Well tomorrow, Saturday is the big day as Lost will be the theme. I love that show, how about you all?
I wanted to get something cool from Comic Con so you would be able to pass it to a some kind of contest winner but I have not idea what to get!

Thank you as always and until next week,



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