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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 140 - To 80 or Not to 80 That is the Question

xCtrl Alt WoW Episode 140 - To 80 or not to 80 that is the question

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to ctrlaltwow@gmail.com telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or in game pet or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Still having issues on just Aprillian. Mostly gets kicked after logging in, finally in after 2 or 3 tries, no matter where she is.

Aprillian did dailies in Grizzly hills and dinged 79. Loving the dailies

Continuing to do the baby Raptor quest, oh and Sebastian got a Venomhide Ravasaur as a pet.\

Loving Grizzly Hills dailies, doing

Cold weather flying gets you flying when dead?

Craziest quest: sparksocket's tools wow

Finished Winterspring quest with Vrishna on Sebastian.

Aprillian went to the Crater to do the Venomhide Raptor Quest. Levelled up her unarmed skill


Raiding - 10 man

- Yogg-Saron : got to phase 2 a few times. Crazy fight. Spent about 3hrs in total, making slow progress.
- Touch a cloud and another mob appears
- Kill tentacles. dps have to go through portals and dps mobs without looking at skulls

- Nice wand for Ashayo

Raiding - 25 man

- Clean run through to Hodir - then wiped at 4%. Got him down - after he enraged!, and got [I have the coolest Friends - 25 player]

- Cleared

Toc 25 man - got down Faction champs. longest fight ever!

Pants on Head
- Tanked CoS on Pud - and dinged 80 when turning in the quest at the end!
- Tanked HoL

- Northrend Alchemy Research - should I be doing it to get random flasks even after I've learnt all the elixirs?
- Jekle - For The Horde. /walked out of IF
- Pud - VH, Gundrak, Grizzly Hills dailies - Wemb dings 80


- Nozdormu and The Infinite Dragonflight



Email #1 from Eranth


With the addition of the new vanity pets to the Blizzard Store, you might consider adding those to your list of items folks can choose from if they ‘win’ from Ashayo’s /roll’s. J


Email #B from Makling
hello fellas, makiling here

i just listened to you latest episode, and i have to say it was great hearing from vrishna. glanthurs lore segment was quite interesting too, and i hope to hear more from the lore behind the dragons.

right now, my wow time is spent doing cloth cooldowns on my mage, daily dungeons on my priest, and pugging voa on both of them. i also want to get my herbalism up on my lvl 61 druid so she can pick herbs in outland. i guess thats the problem with getting refer a friend bonus levels, the profs don't scale with them.

earl, the friend i referred, recently dinged 70. but they have yet to get the wotlk expansion due to some financial problems. so im helping them out with some rep grinding in outland. we started the quest line for the netherdrakes, and i recently did the quests for the ogres in BEM. it may be a good idea for others to start doing them, since achievement chasers will need to open them up for the winters veil title.

finally i just want to share something i discovered in altaholic. it gives a tooltip that shows if other toons have learned a recipe! its perfect for buying recipes with a bank alt without switching between toons that have the profession.

thats it from me for now. keep up the good work!

for the horde!


Email #2 from Nostalgic

First Time Writer

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, and Glanthur

Ive been listening to the podcast for a while now and thought id write in. I think you guys do a great job and your love of the game really comes through. Ive really enjoyed listening to David/Vrishna over the last few months and hearing the story's of a newcomer to the game. It reminds me of when i started out!

I wanted to thank you because your podcast is partly responsible for firstly getting me back into the game, and secondly inspiring me to start my blog whyimultibox.blogspot.com. Shameless plug I know!

Also I managed to 'get hold' of the first episode of 'V' despite living in the UK and really enjoyed it! Thank you for mentioning it on the podcast because I had no idea it was being made.

Keep up the good work!

Nostalgic of whyimultibox.blogspot.com

Email #C from Karen

Well, we now know that if you move a toon to an account so you can make a DK, make your DK, then move that 55+ toon off the account, the DK survives (as pretty much everyone thought). My husband has brought his mage back to his account and all is well.

Oh, and the only account that we share between us is my daughter's account, so I guess we're okay EULA-wise. We're both pretty sure that I did start my first toon on his account and then transferred that toon to my own account, but that sort of transfer isn't possible now (because the name on the account is different). So maybe they made that change since we started playing.

One more story about playing with spouses and real life friends. We have Friday morning WoW'ing with our neighbor across the street. My husband and I take our laptops over there and we have a wifi party and play WoW. We are all altaholics and are playing lots of different toons, so we have a rotation of who gets to choose what we're going to do. That way if one of us is working on a particular toon, we can get the others to help us out. Mostly we instance, though I'm thinking a few group speed runs through AT dailies would be fun as well. I may do that the next time it's my turn (not for three more weeks, today I chose to take my gnome DK through Ramparts).

Oh, and how about those in-game pets for sale in the Blizzard store? I already have my Lil K.T. and my Pandaren Monk and I love them both. My horde pet collector now has 95 pets (and if I could get the last two crocolisks to drop from the darn BC fishing daily, I'll be right on schedule to have 100 by the 3.3 patch).

Keep up the great work on the podcast! I'm glad that Vrishna's participating,


Shout Outs & Thank You


Hello everyone,
it is great to hear David I mean Vrishna with Aprillian, Ashayo and Glanthur. Now it is truly Alliance beat down, sorry Glanthur, just kidding of course.

It has been great hearing about the couples that wow and the lore segments, I know I am enjoying it and I am sure all the fans are too.

For me in wow, as I have been wanting to play more, now it seems like guildies are staying away from wow. I know it will change soon and we will be doing more heroics, raids, and even starting on some alts again.

I was able to get in this week to do a little guild heroic race, we were intending to have different groups start at VH and see who can get through the heroics the quickest but it did not really happen as planned so we went to Onyxia-10.

Now I have usually been the main healer or perhaps one of 2 in raids. There is a 3 healer geared well but they were not on and 2 other priests were on and they were going to heal. Ohoh, I was disc/holy spec, I got rid of my shadow spec!
Well of course I went the only route that I could think of, I changed my disc to shadow, rescpeced while the guild was waiting on me.
And surprisingly I was averaging 3500dps or around there, again not sure how accurate recount is sometimes. One reason I changed to just healing specs was because I really was not getting or liking shadow. The spell rotation, how to get the most of my dps. But for what I did I guess it was not bad and if I can improve that I can actually be an ok than a good/great dps priest.

Now I know I was not the first person to sacrifice my own personal liking for the guilds benefit but I am wondering how many of you have done that or said no. I am curious because I have to believe is some cases changing specs to dps should not automatically equal to being a good dps for the raid.

Also a question for Mr David, snap I mean Vrishna!
is doing instances, have you joined a pug group yet, one that you did not know anyone, in the level 70s, and any interest in checking out the raids?

Another short post for me again this week and until next week, thank you for the great podcast and to the listeners spread the Ctrl Alt Wow word!

Happy gaming!


just listened to the podcast and heard that we won! We already have authenticators, but a month of WoW sounds great..
thank you guys SO much! We love your podcast!
thanks again..
sofialorena and matadora :)


11/4/09 9:39
@ctrlaltwow omg almost fell over when i heard glanthur do the intro! It wasnt bad, i just wasnt expecting it.

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