Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 143 -Superman Returns

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Cooking, the end. Got my level 3, well now 4 alt, to 430 in cooking, that's crazy.

Epril hit 77 while doing the Grizzly Hills Dailies with Auruk on my lunch. She bought cold weather flying.

Going crazy getting cooking on as many alts as possible. Hopping servers. Went over to JT

Decided to make the most of the Sharing buff. Took Epril & Auruk around to do over 10 dailies. Waited to turn them in until I did the Sharing

Turkey part the hardest. Made a macro on hunter Sebastian that works like a charm.

Wanted to level on ER Ally toon. Level 10 bank toon dinged 11. But couldn't get Turkeys. Searched for Ally DK but it was hard

Did Exador For The Horde on Aprillian with AIE, thanks for the invite Lanc

Took Epril and Auruk out to the dragon wastes to kill elite worms for 5k a pop. And tried to take the to the cooking dailies every day as well.

Felt guilty killing the Lonely Turkey. Hardest part, but the rewards, can get up to 350 with Turkeys and then get all the recipes in Dal and use all that fish that's been cluttering up Auruk's bags.

Had a dilemna, only ally toons on same account, had a bunch of turkeys on my DK on JT but couldn't get it to her. Created a human and ran her to SW, wicked easy. At one point I was running a toon through the tram from SW to IF and at the same time on a different server, another toon from IF to SW.

Got the Turkey Hunter thingy on several toons. No achievement

Realized I could jump from fp to first level at TB


Pilgrim's Bounty
- Killing 40 turkeys on the 1st couple of days was impossible. Did they up the number and/or re-spawn rate
- Didn't realise turker shooter is 1 shot
- 350 cooking - easy as pie!
- Orgrimmar chairs bugged ; required server restart
- Lots of running around ; fantastic to do it with a mage
- Dual boxed setthek halls on Ashayo / Asheal
- Just did it on Ashayo and Pud
- Cooking Daily on Pud. Cooking award in the bag 3 days running, and captain rumsey's lager recipe in the 4th

10 Man Raiding
- Week off this week, but got 25 people together and took down Anub in ToC from last week. Got him down, which was cool because it was Ravanna's last night with us as raid leader.
And I rolled a 99 on [Trophy of the Crusade] - so a tier piece!
- Ran ZG/ZA instead of 10 man raid - Got Mojo pet

ToC farming
- mail attack boots dropped after Wych left - twice!
- ToC over and over until a hunter piece *finally* dropped for Wych. Straddle pretty much got a complete new set of gear.

Crazy Train
- 3 bosses in Mount Hyjal. Lots of fun. Lots of AOE

- Run OS with PoH. I came in as 10th, and ended up tanking. We one shot her - but I died at 2% and when she went down, only 1 rogue was left standing. epic.
- Tanked H VH. Did ok.
- H UP - persisted thru gauntlet , got there. Bugger healing on shaman
- H Azjol'nerub - gave up on 1st boss.
- H Drak'tharon - wiping on Dred, but fine once we cleared adds.

Weekly Tank Shopping
- Had the [Breastplate of the White Knight] made. Crusader orbs down to 350g.
- For 19 emblem of conquest, got a great level 226 tanking neck peice. Massive upgrade.

- Discovered Ashayo had been neglected - under hit cap from upgrades without hit, and a broken meta gem. Spent a bunch of triumph badges on bracers and gloves
- COOP Black Friay. Awesome fun taking control of SW and other cities.
- Pud bought first oracle egg

- Picked up a 2H mace, but had never skilled up.
- NW of Argent Vanguard are Reanimated Crusader. Great to skill up on because they heal themselves.
- Also noticed strange behaviour of DK runes. I was trying to use Death Strike to heal myself, but it was missing due to low skill. In that case, it didn't consume the rune. Also, you get 2 skillup points per swing. Went from 1 to 360 on one mob


Email #1 from Leralonde

Hi Glanthur, Ashayo and Aprillian,

i totally forgot to put my question in my last email i had send.
i have a druid question for Ashayo.
im feral, and i think i have reasonable gear (agility, strength stamina, mostly agility).
But recently i'm using a dps meter and i saw that in several dungeons i was at the bottom of the dps meter!

i use, when unsthealted, shred,claw and ferocius bite.
i dont have talentpoint in mangle.
Should i do that?
Is it my rotation that sucks (can i say that on your show?)
im a former boomkin and i want back at the dps top in feral.

can you help me?


lvl 78 druid tauren from the EU.

Email #2 from Makling

hello ctrlaltwow crew!

i just listened to your show, and at first i was sad about the news of glanthur's leave from the game, but i was also glad that he is off to a place where he feels will make him better as a person. so to glanthur, good luck to you and we hope to hear from you soon!

hopefully by the time this get read on your show, aprillian would have done some heroics and maybe some raids!

my week in wow was mostly spent leveling my druid, who at the time of writing is now level 65. my original plan was to go balance and resto, so i wouldnt need different gear sets, but i find balance sooo hard to use while leveling..! i was really surprised by that finding, considering that i had been playing caster types for the longest time. even with the spellpower heirlooms, i find that the balance druid has a harder time killing mobs compared to when i was leveling my priest or mage. so i then decided to spend my emblems, and bought heirloom leather with attack power, and specced to feral cat form. as i had not leveled a melee class, the feral druid was quite a unique experience. most of my time was spent reading up on rotations and configuring macros. i have to say, the druid has some of the most complicated macros i have seen. i have a macro that will choose the best travel form at any given situation, and a macro that will change you to cat, then stealth, then do a pounce all in one button! i got it all from researching the druid websites and combined the stuff i needed. one other thing i learned is that tree form is terrible in bgs, and cat form is the way to go! stealthing to a flag in wsg, then running across the field in travel form for the win!

but my leveling time has been interrupted by the pilgims bounty. not that its a bad thing, but with my limited wow time, i can only do so much in a day so prioritizing is necessary. and since this is a seasonal thing, this gets top priority. im keeping my fingers crossed, and hopefully i get all of them done by your next show. but if i dont, then better luck for me next year.

and finally, i got my priest honored with the oracles and bought her first egg! /fingerscrossed for a green protodrake! i havent heard from any of aprillian's toons in northrend if she has been doing the oracle dailies, or am i wrong?

keep up the good work guys,

for the horde and for glanthur!

Email #3 from Avarynne


My husband (Nevik) has been bugging me, errr, reminding me to share my WoW experience with you all since he is excited about finally getting me into the game, so...

First, let me start with a brief history of gaming and our relationship. There was a lot of negativity that surrounded this concrete interest of his in MMOs in particular. Even though I had enjoyed playing Diablo in the past and was not completely against gaming, there had been a few rough patches regarding his level of commitment to games such as Final Fantasy and WoW, and each of our perceptions that had negatively impacted our relationship. We have since worked through these and thinking back of those times now, I wish I had spent more time getting to know more of the reasons behind his interest and less time criticizing them.

Moving on...

Initially, I didn't start to play WoW for the sake of playing, but rather for the agreed-upon "incentive" involved after each session of playing. (I'm sure you can guess what kind of incentive I speak of...*wink, wink*...)

Anyway, after playing for a few weeks the game actually started to grow on me and I felt as though my motivations for participating were shifting. I accepted my husband's recommendations wholeheartedly, as he was obviously more experienced, and started playing a warlock under affliction. As we played together in the beginning, he with his tank paladin and I with my warlock, I was a bit disappointed that I was not able to really get in there and cause much damage mainly because of the slow casting and lower hp/armor. I am the kind of person that likes to see results and I guess you could say I was frustrated. Eventually, as I leveled up a bit and after the recommendation to switch my spec over to destruction, I have been much happier with my 'lock. Seeing the big numbers was a much more fun and rewarding experience for me.

I have only been playing for a short while, but can already tell that I will surely be a lifelong fan of the game. I have also started playing a paladin so I can experience being on the front line and learning how to get around on my own (as opposed to playing the 'lock and the hubby sort of running the show). I also have to say that I am appreciative of the hubby being so patient with me, the noob. I know he wants me to have an enjoyable experience. He also continues to help me answer all the questions I have (and there have been many!)

AND I have also been enjoying listening to some of your lovely, informational podcasts and can add this to the bundle of great new experiences I've gained since playing WoW.

Thanks for listening!


Email #4 from Inacan

Hey guys,

I hope you are all well.

I am in the middle of an identity crisis. I have a Rogue, a Pali and a Druid all at 80. I can't figure out what to play on any given day. I know you are thinking QQ more three 80s but this situation is killing my play time. I find myself riding in circles around Dalaran on a mount on any given toon and accomplishing nothing. On my Pali I have a nice PVE raiding set and I am working on a tanking set and a PVP set. My Rogue is in Nax gear and she longs for badge gear and whispers to me that she isn't getting her fair share of play time and is in need of badges. She has a short temper and makes wild statements about taking vengence on my other 80s while I'm logged out. My healing druid has a couple of crafted purples and a nice healing mace, but is mostly still in blues. That Druid just sits in the corner frowning at me with those big sad cow eyes, longing for a run through Heroic Violet Hold or even a Heroic Nexus. The guilt is becoming too much to handle and I have nightmares about toon mutiny. I may log on some day to find all my toons have run away from home.

On second thought maybe there are just too many distractions in my life that are taking away my Wow time. Perhaps if I cut sleeping down to 2 hours a night and got rid of that pesky 40 hour a week job I could get things done. If I installed a microwave in my home office and lived on "Hot Pockets" I could cut grocery shopping time and meal prep time both at the same time. If I could just hit on one of these stupid lottery tickets I could pay someone to play my toons while I sleep those two hours.

Anyway its all too much to figure out today.....Any suggestions?

Enjoy your week!!

Ginsue, Inacan and Doncowleone

P.S. Glanthur,
I was kidding about the Itunes gift card you owe me. You didn't have to take time off to avoid me.
Good luck in all the things you are making time to do and if you find yourself bored....could you run my druid through H VH?

Email #5 from Fayth

Hey you four!

Just wanted to drop a note to say hello to all of you! While various circumstances and time constraints have put my WoW life into a hiatus for a couple months, I'll still be listening to Ctrl Alt WoW without fail. Glanthur I'm loving the lore segments and can't wait to hear more. Aprillian and Vrishna you'll both keep reminding me how much fun the game can be with friends and family and it's not all about loot and achievements. Ashayo, I'm counting on you, especially, to recount stories of your priest. That class is truly where my heart is when it comes to WoW.

And that leads me to ask a question before I fade into a life sans Azeroth - If Blizzard told us we could only have *one* character for the rest of the game, who would you all choose?

Take care everyone!


P.S. the crying orc on the account cancellation page is pretty sad. :(

Email #6 from Caleb

Dear Aprillian, Ashayo, Glanthur and Vrishna,

I have been meaning to write you for quite some time to tell you how much I enjoy your podcast. Being an alt-aholic myself, your views on the game are refreshing from some of the more hardcore podcasts out there who prefer to criticize the game instead of appreciate the many wonderful opportunities that Blizzard has offered us. Now I don\'t want to sound like a fanboy, in fact, I see many areas where WOW could be improved, but overall it is a wonderful game and has added a lot to my life.
So, a little about myself. As I said I am an alt-aholic and I love playing on both the Alliance and Horde. When I first started playing, I was an Alliance shaman on Earthen Ring, after hearing the Instance, I new I needed to make a Horde toon also, and it being my server made it easy. So I have a Paladin and a Druid in AIE. My Druid is önnab and my Paladan is Nannabo. On the Alliance side, my brothers and I (who are also in AIE) wanted to make sure we got to experience the whole guild leveling system coming in Cataclysm, so we started a guild called Döda Pà Sikte which means Slay on Sight in Swedish. On the Alliance I have all the other classes in the game above level 60 but my two mains are a level 80 Druid named Ripit and a level 80 Shaman called Shotok. I really enjoy the leveling process and can\'t wait for Cataclysm to be able to start a Goblin Shaman. My one wish would be something I know that you and many others have discussed before. I really want more then 10 char acter slots per server so that I can have one of each class on each side. I would even pay for this service, either in a one time mini transaction or through a small monthly upgrade.
I don\'t want to take too much of your time but if you ever see önnab or Nannabo on the Horde side and you need help with anything, just whisper me and I would be happy to help in any way I can.
Also, if you happen to want to try the Alliance a little, especially when Cataclysm hits, make sure to look me up. I would love to help any of you with gear, gems, or instances. Döda Pà Sitke is always looking for new members.

Have a wonderful day,


Shout Outs & Thank You

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