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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 206 - Can you Hear me Now

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 206 - Can you Hear me Now

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

Hello darlings!

I hope everyone's doing great! Here's a little sum-sum I cooked up for ya.

*big hugs!!!*

Juuno =)

What We've Been Doing:

Triple Boxing Ah kahet

JC daily, levelling JC
Prospecting is like scratch ticket

AstarĂ¥ dinged 76 in Ah Kahet

4 Froststeel lockboxes in about 10 mobs
Aprillian & Vrishna

Shadowfang Keep with Karinya, Narinya and Virinya

Virinya gets 1000 daily quests completed. Tried to grind rep in Thunder Bluff. Where has all the questing gone?


Stuff with stuff in WoW

Email from Kona

contest win acceptance from episode 202 the epic Ashayo 3 roll and and update

Greetings to all of the great Ctrl Alt Wow hosts,
Kona here again with an update on how things are going. Konajack once again has been taking all my time up, but I'm loving every minute of it.
Since I last emailed I have once again met up with Hemith Nesingwary and done his biddings, oh were will he show up again. Between that and doing the Argent tournament dailies and the quests they give out there, I hit 80 in a heart beat. SO off I went to the new cata zones, Vashir was my start on this one, I have gone much further in this zone than with any other of my toons. I have Helped out Bud, and have made my way into the head of some great creature being controlled by those Evil Naga. I have even been a Naga fighting Kvaldir in some sort of spirit world. Im nowhere close to being finished with Vashir but KonaJack is now lvl83. I'm going to do my best to finish the zone, but right now I moved on to Deepholm for better gear. I'm in no rush to move to a different zone, but i needed to get my ilevel higher to access more dungeons.
I have enough gold to buy the Epic 310 flight but have not yet, looking to get a little buffer of gold first. I do love dual gathering more so now that you can see more than one type of node on the map. Sadly all this leveling has made doing archeology kinda hard, always time down the road for that. My main goal right now is to start to gather up the mats I''l need to get the Kickback 5000 made, Not willing to spend 6k gold on a gun, and also grinding rep for some good lvl85 gear. I'm hoping to start running some 85 heroics with the guild soon.
As always "For the fun of the game" No matter how you play it
Kona and his many alts

Email Audio from Matt Diox

Hey Ctrl Alt WoW crew,

Yes, Matt is sending in an audio submission how weird.
I hope everyone is doing well.
This audio was done completely on the fly in between playing a game -cough- RIFT!!! -cough-

Lots of hugs and potatoes fused with Eggplants,

- Matt

audio from Gravenau

I know I said I wouldn’t subject you to the strains of my voice this week but then you changed the goal posts so here we go.

Email from Kurly.

Just what is going on with all of you..

So, just what in the name of all that is unholy was going on there last broadcast? Ashayo and Molly in your house? (where are the photo's! ) Ashayo going to the Space Shuttle Launch......Jeppy was gone for weeks.....just exactly who do all of you work for and what secret mind controlling pulse to you put in this podcast?

Okay...that was fun. So sorry I am yet again, sans an audio submission. I tried to do one last week, and started laughing at my self
in the middle of it and could not stop laughing every time I tried...this went on for about an hour so I gave up.....oh did I mention I turned 41 on March 3rd.....feel free to send gifts. I had a few days off and had a grand plan to work on my toons' professions on Norgannon. Now keep in mind that I have three herbalists, three miners, and three skinners each feeding mats to other toons that are doing all the crating professions and I still want to cry each time try to start crafting something. My jewel crafter/blacksmith cant smelt, but I forget she cant smelt so I send her raw ore that she really cant do anything with so I have to send it back to the miner who can smelt, who then sends it back to her. I break into a cold sweat when I look at inscription where you have to turn mats into something else so that you can make yet another something that you need to mix with something to make something......WHAT???!!!

My 3V3 team (cheers to Jeff and Ivan) have finally cracked a 1200 rating and as a result have been able to get some very decent PVP gear on my priest, Mhetzo, who is now at 2436 resilience and not an easy gal to kill in PVP...FUN FUN!

I have also been playing my Gnome Priest, Khurly, on Winterhoof, and I have discovered that Holy is a lot of fun, and look forward to leveling her.

I still have to learn how to tank...I have no friends with toons at my tanks levels and so its all LFG groups and they are often less than helpful.

So much for me this week. One of my WOW buds from Seattle is coming to stay with me in Boston 3/10-3/14 and we are going to PAX...if you know anyone going on the Friday, please feel free to to hook us up as I would love to show Jessica some fun, and I am quite dull.....


Email from

I won, yay (from vanhellsig)

I just wanted to apologize to you Aprillian. hearing my email read, I sincerely hope that you were not offended by message. I totally relate to your personality on air, which is why you are my favorite podcast.

I live in Canada so I understand if you can't send me the authenticator for any reason.

Email from Jonick

Whats makes me an altaholic

Hello CAW crew...From Jonick now a level 85 Hunter from the Midnight special guild on the cenarion cirlce u.s. realm.

Well I made it to level 85 with my Worgen hunter...and I have maxed out Mining....Skinning, which with a Worgen is 540, and also archeology. All of that is during the time of the Cataclysm. So I have been playing a fair amount over the winter, and the other day I looked down to realize I had gained few pounds over that time also. So I have slowed my playing time and gone outside... I live in Texas and it has been in the 70s here for few weeks.

I listen to the podcast while walking and ..sometimes jogging. Well the other day a strange thing happened, I was walking a wooded trail near my house and a deer crossed my path.. And I thought arrow...explosive shot...kill shot...skinning knife = 2 gold in the auction house.

This got me thinking might be an altaholic if:

5) during passion.. you let slip "Ohh Jaina Proudmore"

4) While shopping you mutter..."Anyone do leatherworking."

3)While working on your wifes car, she asks "whats wrong with it" and you say " 2 words.....Goblin technology"

2)During passion your wife says, "THRALL"....F....nnnnn Horde.....

1) You take the time to write an email to CAW.....

P.S. Well happy and fun Warcrafting....remember it is just a game...I think Stormwind needs a crazy guy running around saying.. "I'm winning...."

Email from Brew Dawg

Hello all from Brew Dawg,

I hope y'all are doing well. I apologize if my greeting last week was offensive. Listening to y'all every week I feel like we are old friends even though we've never met.

I also apologize for my spelling errors. I am a horrible speller. I learned to read on my own at a very early age. However I read English like you would read Chinese. I see words as complete pictures and don't really see the letters. I've been able to read at a collage level from the age of 5
but in many ways I'm still functionally illiterate.

My poor spelling actually kept me away from MMO's for many years. I was an avid D&D player in the 80's but avoided playing games like Ultima and Everquest because of my poor spelling. I have a degree in Physics but can't spell Dungeon without a spell checker.

I spent most of last week in New Orleans with my family for Mardi Gras so not much WoW. However with BrewDawg in raid mode I'm looking forward to having fun with my alts this weekend. I've been PVP'ing with my level 85 hunter, learning to tank with my 63 DK, healing BG's with a level 12 disco
priest and I've rolled a baby warrior.

I also have a level 75 Prot Pally. He is actually my oldest toon on Earthen Ring. Shortly after joining AIE he started running instances with a group of guildies. For over two years we run once a week and we only run together. Our group pre-dates the Random Dungeon Finder. There has been some turnover but three of us go all the way back to the beginning and four back to BRD.

All the other members had toons at max level. They thought me a lot about WoW over the years and the time spent in game with them is a joy.

Thanks for all the laughs and making my 2hr round trip commute to work a lot better one day each week.

Brew Dawg

Email #1 from Londrik

Hey CAW Crew,

It's been awhile since I wrote last. I did send an email back at
beginning of February congratulating you all on your 200th episode but
I guess it was lost in the mail. What have I been doing in WoW you
ask? Maybe not but I will tell you anyway.

Since Cataclysm launched I have gotten my DK and my Warlock both to
85. Congrats Vrishna on your 85 as well!! For the longest time my DK
was my main but I am having problems with melee in the new dungeons.
It stinks and I die a lot. Maybe I just need to LTP but I was fine in
Wrath. So I play my Warlock and the ranged characters seem to be doing
me justice. Pity I can't move my 53 mounts and 30 pets from my DK to
my Lock. But ah well, something else to work on.

I have been making a ton of gold picking weeds and mining ore and by
now probably close to 25 thousand of that has gone to leveling my
tailoring and enchanting on my warlock and getting gear for all my
toons. The thought makes me cringe. I was half way to getting the Vial
of Sands on the auction house. I really want to turn into a dragon
mount. Speaking of mounts, I found out also this week, in addition to
a 359 trinket and a 346 weapon there are mounts for sale in Tol Barad.
I have been 85 since December! Do you know how many dailies I could
have completed since then? I hang my head in shame.

Lastly, I felt this bears repeating from my lost email. I tweeted a
rockstar and they replied back to me! Who do you ask is this rockstar?
El Jeppy of course!

Londrik from the "want to date my avatar" guild
US Dragonblight Server
@claypidgin on twitter

PS -- Aprillian did you get an ipad 2? And have any of you seen the
new series that Felicia Day is in for Dragonage?

Email Audio from Rigarmorty

Hi Aprillian, Eljeppy, Ashayo and Virshna,

Attached is my voice message for Episode 206! I've brought back sound effects!


Rigarmorty (Eric)

Email Audiofrom Nevik

Despite my being sick with the man-flu all week I wanted to get *something* in at least. So here we go, it's short and sweet.


Shout Outs & Thank You


hope everyone is doing well.
Just a mini email this week as I have had a major case of insomnia and I am traveling to Sacramento for the weekend for work.

I have played a little wow this week and other games so I hope to send you a more content full email or at least a more interesting one.

Looking forward to listening in on the next episodes and be good everyone,
Have fun.


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