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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 207 - It's The Same But Different

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

Audio from Iceflow and Coaboi

Hey guys,

Changed it up and sent a audio segment this time. It's a little long but it's no longer than you all reading an email with intteruptions ;) Love you guys and talk to you later!

Iceflow and Caoboi

What We've Been Doing:

Tuesday morning, got bored and loaded rift. Took too long to install.
Physics are off.

Sat= Triple boxed UK
Aprillian & Vrishna

Wailing Caverns to Scarlet Monastery to Zul Farrak

Heroic Ahn'kahet, Volunteer Work (Defeated Jedoga Shadowseeker on heroic without killing any Twilight Volunteers), instance lockout
Virinya- Almost a Crusader. Darkspear Trolls all that is left. Revered now and narrowing down on Exalted !

Karinya & Narinya

Somebody likes me (Bilgewater Cartel ... VROOM VROOM !), Wailing Caverns, Zul Farrak, Fast and Furious and 16 levels in 2 days, 10 in one night

Projected Textures wasn't on since Cata - makes a difference to see "the stupid" on the ground

- Was 75/75 in Arch and made 2 artifacts :(
- Magmaw down! Great kiting Ostira. Thanks to Rhyyk for great resto tips.
- Omnitron Defense System - lots going on, but as a healer, only have to worry about a few of them - standing in Arcanotron's blue circle buff, aoe healing during Magmatron's fire, Moving away from the group if hit by Electron's lightning, staying out of Toxitron's poison.
- Maloriak down again
- Halfus down
- Valiona/Theralion - 9%, but got a blackout in phase 2 when we were not ready to group up
- H Grim Batol & Lost City with DwP guys

- 525 herbalism

- Finished Deepholm. Seemed to go quicker 2nd time around. Hit revered with Therazane on same day doing the dailies. But can't buy/use anything till I hit 85!
- back to dual-boxing - Anomander/Jekle doing Therazane dailies
- Dinged 85 ; most of 84 from archeology

Ashamed not to listen sooner.

Email #

Hi CAW guys and gals,

I haven't written in quite awhile but I still listen to each and every ctrlaltwow as they hit itunes. I have had a sort of lackluster cataclysm experience until recently when I joined AIE. The 2 guilds that I have been in have pretty much split apart. Both of the guilds, one horde and one alliance are with the same group of people and were primarily headed by a bf/gf couple. But around Christmas they started having relationship problems and it affected the guild. It wasn't so much drama, just awkwardness and a level on uncomfortablity that accompanied any atttempts at guild runs.

I would still log on and the newness of the Worgans was very fun but I quickly began to miss the interaction of people. Pugs just wasn't cutting it. So I finally decided to give AIE a try. I had a few weeks before the end of the month and was able to get to lvl 18 before I joined. Once I got my instructions of how to join, imagine my surprise when I was able to request an officer for an invite and I say Ashayo on the list. I have to admit that I was smiling at the fact that I was able to get an invite from Ashayo himself. I guess I should say that my AIE toon is Qwisp, a goblin priest.

So far I've had a lot of fun since joining AIE. It amazing how much of a difference it is to have people to chat with a little and even just eavesdrop until you see something that you can add to. I haven't attempted a guild run yet, mainly because i'm low level and it most of the people who seem to be on have been many levels higher than me. I'm still having a good time doing the cooking and fishing daily and fitting whatever qwests in that I can. Oh, and I'm doing the herbalism and mining professions and I have to say I love getting xp for those. I've also tried archaeology for the first time and the xp is good but I know it will be a long haul to level.

Well I guess that is all for now. Thanks for all of the work that you all put into the podcast! I really appreciate it and look forward to every episode.


Email # from Lesman
Love the Show

Aloha C.A.W. crew, I just wanted to write in to let you guys know that I think you guys do a great show and I can't wait for a new show to download every week! Lately I have been just listening to the latest episodes of Ctrl alt wow, Bind on Equip, Liquid Wow and The Instance over an over during the last week and a half to get my WOW fix due to my gaming computer being stolen from my house along with other things! Everything is good though, me, my wife and kids were not home at the time and everything that was taken can be replaced by my house insurance. I guess the silver lining to this situation is that it is UPGRADE TIME! The bad thing is I am missing playing with my guildies in POH on Jub Jub and my guildies in Damage Inc. on Feathermoon. I don't have as many alts as you all do but here is my short list: Horde in POH, Lanakia 85 troll hunter, Fridgette 81 B elf Mage, Bigbearings 80 Orc dk and Lilnutz 13 goblin shaman. Alliance in Damage Inc. Kaledor 85 night elf dk, Majicmyst 83 human warlock and Romolus 29 worgen Druid ( leveling as a healer an loving it!). Well I hope to see all of you in game soon! Aloha, Lesman

PS. Don't enter me in the contest, I have an authenticator and the pets would be better off with someone who will enjoy them more( I'm just not into noncombat pets!) :)

Sent from my iPod

Email # Audio from Gravenau
Top of the morning to you

First things first this week I downloaded that other game as of yet I have not played it I also downloaded another game called magica and I have played that.

Email # from Kona

Hello to all of the wonderfull hosts of CTR Alt WoW
Kona here with another update, WEll I did it I made 85 right after my last email, woot. I started Konajack on January 23 and after 7 days 7 hrs of play time he hit 85 On march 8th.
i finished all the quests in Vashir and moved on from there to Twilight Highlands, I am about 10 quests away from finishing that zone achivement. Really liking the storyline and gaining rep with the Wildhammer clan, New blue helm to finaly replace the green that I have had forever. I'm also starting to run the TolBarad dailes and doing the battle there too, The Hoarde have the zone all the time so All I can do are just the first 6 dailies.
Konajack tries to run at least on random a day and I have had good luck with pugs in some of the heroics, But there was this one Halls of Origination, I came in late, as the instance was already going, and after many wipes and many many toons leaving and being replaced I finished it. There were none of the original party members left. What a grind that one was.
So let me tell you about the best part of the week. I logged in and was given as a rift from my guild the Darkmoon card Hurricane. That was awesome. It was for being the first 1-85 Toon in the guild. So shout out and thanks to Josh, Hannaha, Pete, Alaric, And Derrick for that.
Im hoping to give some updates on My other toons, Im sure they would love some time too. Till then
For the Love of the game Kona and his many alts

Email # from Kurly

Hey folks,
So ima hope to be with you on the Ustream this evening, but in the event I dont make it for what ever reason here is me email for the week!

First let me admit that I have been playing Rift, and I have to admit that overall it is a great game that is indeed a lot of fun. The drawbacks for me are that all of the races are very similar in appearance and each faction only has one starting zone. So any new toon is going to go through the same areas as the previous....which, hypotheticallty, could get boring if a person has already rolled four toons in each faction...cough, er, umhum.....

Okay....back to WOW
The majority of the last week I have been trying to level my Dwarf Shaman Kyradanka (Keera-dank-ah) as my friends are all in their low 70's and I am 69. I have been doing random dungons and have met with a limitless supply of bouche dags to a level I have never seen before. Holy Pally's trying to tank, Mages and Hunters pulling everything in eyeshot and at least one person has been kicked for being a total, utter, and complete tool. It really does drag the whole experience down and I wish people would just get over it and try to enjouy themselves!!

I dont know if I mentioned it in my last email.......cuz I know I have been mentioning everywhere else...but my friends from Seattle bought me a new computer for my birthday and I only have one thing to say...........60 FPS ON ULTRA!!!!! It really is a whole new is more beautiful than I thought and the processor is SOOO good, I can run two WOW's at the same time, with both toons looking at each other in a main city with no lag....can we say WOOOOT! If I was inclined to dual box, I think I would now be able too, since I now have two accounts, but I am afraid its not my thing, and I am happy now that I can roll leveling toons in my guilds.

On a sadder note, my roomate and I had to put our pooch, Jackie, to sleep earlier this week. I say so only because she used to sleep in a bed in the office while I played WOW, and have a pet or two named for her. We had her for nearly three years, and she went peacefully. She will be missed horribly, but I know that she is still saying: "When are you going to get off of that computer and take me out to pee!!!"

Jackie Mymzie Abazabooboo Poochka Von Ishkabibble: 1994 - 2011


You all have a wondeful night...and see you on the interwebs!!

(see photo of me and her)

Email #

Disco Dance Party
Hey CAW Crew,

Claypidgin/Londrik here. I have to say I really enjoyed last weeks
show. Juuno's blurb on the dance party in the chatroom was especially
entertaining. When is she going to be a guest host again with all of
you? I think it would be a great idea to have her on again. I am sorry
your ustream adventures didn't end the way you wanted. I plan on
trying to make the next one but 1:30AM is really late for me.

This week has been much of the same. Ran a couple randoms. Flooded
twitter with my inane ramblings. Farmed. Twitter. Farmed some more. I
did get back over 10,000 gold again. I am tempted to try and save
enough to get the Vial of Sands. It was "only" 47,000 gold on the
auction house. Quite a deal. Gives me heartburn to think about it. I
do have to admit getting my iPhone this week has caused me to play WoW
less. New toys tend to do that I guess *cough* Rift *cough*. A guild
mate of mine Sarajean and I have been playing WoW for about 2 and a
half years now. We both started playing full time about a month before
Wrath came out so I got into the game late. We have known each other
for over 10 years now online. We played MUDs together and then when
the MUD we played shut down lost touch for a bit. Then WoW brought us
back together and I met another good friend her husband Kithore and
the three of us have been playing since. I think an important part of
WoW is the community. I don't think I would have paid $15 a month for
so long without it.

I have a question for you all. What games are you all fond of that are
not online games? Personally I enjoy RTS type games like Sid Meires

Anyone, I guess I WoWed less this week than I thought because I just
sent you a Jeppy-sized paragraph of nothing.

Happy WoWing.
US Dragonblight
Want to Date my Avatar Guild

Hey all,

Here is another audio submission by kithore. Hope you all like,

For the Alliance, and the fuzzy dice!

kithore of dragonblight

Shout Outs & Thank You
Mo Mo Moments

Hello everyone,
hope you are all well and having a great March so far in and out of game.

Last week I had wrote to you stating I will have a more interesting, content full email.....
Well I am to disappoint (not really) I am sorry to say that this week has been wowless for me. I dont think I even logged in once.

So once again I have to apologize and ask for your forgiveness and work on some wow time.

I logged into rift for a short time because I received an email from Trion my account was on coin lock. I found out that is Rift's version of an automatic authenticator.
I logged into rift than had to enter a code to unlock my characters. Pretty cool and I know they will just improve on it.

I hope you dont mind me enjoying all the hard work you all do and listen in as always.

Until next time,

For the find some time to play wow!



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