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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 254 - Lunar Love Faire

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

CAW 253, sorry.

What We've Been Doing:


Logged on and found Epril in Uldum by Elder. Summoned RAF toons, was flying but steering on wrong toon.

Aprillian & Vrishna

Loving doing all the quests, they are so much fun. Some are hard, like collecting ire time


DMF - the Monstrous Egg that starts the quest "An Exotic Egg" can be done once a month, and isn't BoP, so you can win in a dungeon and mail to an alt. Awards 10 DMF tickets

Bladesedge Mountain
- Feels like the first outlook zone with unique alliance quest lines - out of Toshley Station. There are overlap with horde quests, but it just feels different. For one, you get "test flights" to quest areas
- New contender for worst drop rate quest in the game - "Meeting at the Blackwing coven" - you need to collect 5 costume scraps to make a disguise. To make it worse, its a quest where the tooltip doesn't show that a mob drops a quest item. Must've killed near a 100 mobs to get the 5 scraps. Put it on, wandered into the cave. There is a companion quest to use a net to capture whelps, so I cast the net .... and the disguise came off! Looked in my bags to re-apply. Nope!! Start killing again...
- Found a quest that doesn't appear to be soloable ; helping the skyguard launch an assault on Bash'ir Landing to study the Cystalforge - an elite comes out that is tough!
- Last few quests are painful because they require 35 Apexis shards
- Some quests make others not available, in particular bread crumb quests. I'd picked up one in Nagrand to go to Area 52. However, there was another on the border of BEM and Netherstorm and also one out Toshley Station to do the same thing - so they became unavailable.
- Completed the 86 quests 17% into 73

- No difference at all between horde and alliance, so a hard slog of 120 quests!
- Achieved 2000 quests 21 into Netherstorm
- You,Robot quest is still a 3 man, and very hard to solo!
- Shutting down Manaforge Ara is still 3 man and hard to solo too
- Finished 39% into 75, leaving several quests incomplete.

Shadowmoon Valley
- Path of Conquest chain, which you get early on, is still a group quest , but you can at least start it solo at 75 without too much bother
- "I was a lot of things" is annoying as hell! You need to find tuber growing in the ground and blow a whistle to have a nearby boar come dig it up. Sounds easy! Except there are flayers killing the boars at about 3 to 1. So you'll find a tuber, but all nearby boars are dead or fighting near death. You can't AoE the flayers, because then the boars aggro on you. And to add insult to injury, if you blow the whistle and the boar is just out of range, the tuber disappears!
- Still a number of group quests that are tough to solo, even at 75. "Uvuros, Scourge of Shadowmoon", because he is both elite and fears. Cypher of Damnation: 3rd fragment, because Ruusk is still elite and tough. The final stage of Cypher of Damnation - still a 5 man quest! Though the 3 brothers tank him pretty well, so it has been soloed. Also Divination: Gorefiend's Armor , and in that case you need sprectacles to see the dragon, so not easy to get help! Had to complete a quest chain on Jekle. (Had done on Ashayo, but deleted sprectacles). Disssension Amongst the Ranks is pretty much impossible as a solo feral druid, because the disguise doesn't work in cat/bear form! Couldn't even get credit for kills with Jekle's help.
Stuck at 72 quests out of 90. Once you get started on opening the Netherwing chain, and get over the group quest to free the dragon, the last 10 quests go really fast out on Netherwing Ledge
Finished 58% into 76



New to your podcast

Hi CAW.  I am a new listener to your podcast (for about a month now) and I just had to let you all know how wonderful I think you guys are!!

I too am an altaholic and have been nicknamed Ane by my friends because I can be on any (Ane) toon lol.

I was wondering what it takes to join your guild.  Most of my friends either quit, raid, are hardly on due to college or work.

Much love to you all


Hello CAW Crew,

I'm glad you guys enjoyed the song I sent in last week. In response to your question, It was a parody of the song "Santeria" by Sublime. Maybe I'll do another song and include my own voice at some point. I'm extremely tone deaf, so It would probably be better for the sanity of all if I dont try and sing, but I've got a minor sadistic streak, so I may yet.

My wife and I do a lot with the local community theaters, which trust me can really cut into our WoW playing time! (I'm a maintenance man/techie by trade and a comedic actor for fun, shes a  graphic designer by trade and a singer for fun, she love karaoke, I love to watch everyone sing karaoke)

Okay now onto WoW updates: Got my little Turbocharge up to level 20. Have been trying my other lowbie hordelings and am definitely noticing the same problems I've had overtime with my alliance alts. I'm terribad at DPS. I can tank or heal with the best of them, but whenever I try and play a dpser It feels like I'm trying as hard as I can and I'm lucky to hit third place in an instance when someone inevitably posts the damage logs to ridicule me. Luckily for me, I really enjoy playing tanks and healers, im actually thinking of deleting all my horde pure dps characters except my hunter. Would give me room for more tank and healer alts.

I'm currently finishing up a total new reinstall of WoW, as well as everything else on my computer. I was having a weird audio glitch and got so fed up with none of my fixes working I decided to roll it back to factory defaults.  While this will definitely save me sanity in the long run it means a night of being a sad panda while I wait for things to redownload,

Speaking of redownloading: did you guys here about the fact that rift has gone free to play under level 20? I have an old rift account and I'll probably end up downloading it again now, since I heard this.

Well I'll cut myself off here before I go rambling on all night and turn into that weird guy at the pub who only talks about himself.

For the alliance, for the horde, and for terrible dps who can still be a surprisingly decent tank.


Aloha new guild family!!

Aloha CtrlAltWoW! I love the vibe and I have already made some dear friends! Hope to be a member for a very long time! Keep up the good work and Mahalo!

<3 Alohalani

Hello CAW sweeties,
Sending big hugs and I hope this finds you all well.
It's been a busy time since I last wrote - all these world events are keeping me very busy at the moment. I've managed to get the Elders title on 2 of my 85's and finish off the Cata Elder achievement on the other 3 (these already have the title from previous years). Been working on Darkmoon Faire every month - so much fun! Few days ago I finally got exalted with them on Leeta and this gave me the Insane title! I swear I will not be doing that one on any of my alts ... but I won't promise coz you just never know lol. Have attached a pic for you   :)   enjoy.
Now that the Love Festival has started I am busy collecting tokens. This year they have added a mount to the vendor items for 270 Love Tokens so am busy doing the dailies, as well as doing the DMF dailies.
I've also been checking out gear to transmog and since most Warlocks seem to wearing my favourite Maelfic Raiment Set, I decided to get the Vengeful Gladiator's Felweave Raiment Set. I have been doing some PVP to get honor points for buying the pieces. So far just have the head and chest pieces however the colours are gorgeous and will work on the full set over the next week or so.
Also I have been doing LFR - which I've found to be really good and managed to win some pieces. So far have not had any problems with people in it - everyone seems very focused and people explain fights and what everyone has to do. Now maybe I've been lucky with it so far however as I'm not a fan of pugs I was rather dubious as to how it was going to be. So yes I've been pleasantly surprised!
Also have been running some old raids with my guildies - Molten Core and Sunwell mostly. Sunwell is still painful if you don't know the fight mechanics. But lots of fun :)
One thing I've decided to do this year is submit an audio however I'm a little lost as to what is good to use. If anyone has some advice can you please let me know - either via twitter   @Leetawow or email  me at
All info greatly appreciated :)
Lastly as I have been far to busy in WoW I've barely played SWTOR the last few weeks, I find it's a nice break - when I want one from WoW - however WoW will always have my heart :)
Well this has turned about to be nearly a novel  - lol!
Stay safe and take care
Hugs Leeta
PS - I will get back to ER and Nevikhoof one of these days lol - so very busy I can't keep up with all my toons on my main server at the moment.
PPS - Was so happy to get some live 'fix' last week but I miss listening to you all live - hope you all have an extra special show :)
PPPS - Hehe just coz i can :D hugs

CAW Submission

How's that for a creative title! Here's a bit of an audio update for you. You may here some car sounds in the background. Rest assured that I started it at a stop sign, finished at a traffic light, and was hands-free in between! Unfortunately, during my one foray into editing (the trim recording feature), I clipped it a little short an didn't know how to unclip it. It should have finished with "Merrymaker Liteharted!"

I did my first LFR. Since my brother has run it ad nauseum, he was able to walk me through all 8 bosses for the achievement. Now I'm knee deep in Lovefool questing.

For the Alliance! Gnomes rule!

(I mostly just wanted to hear you say it on the podcast). ;)

Liteharted and his many alts!

Cue audio in need of editing which was better pre-editing....

Sent from my iPhone

Hola CAW Crew and listeners!!

We hope you have been having a very good week, in game as well as out of game. Here is our submission, we hope you like it!

Dreams and Kithore of Clan of Darkness, Earthern Ring, and Dragonblight!

Audio submission from the new Unit

Yay I haz the internet I haz the time to record a segment and I haz time to maybe listen live and to my arch nemesis What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow.

Big G

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


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