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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 257 - Moonkins and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.
Juuno's Corner

World of Warcraft Improves Cognitive Ability for Older Adults

What We've Been Doing:


Back on RAF, did Grizzly Hills Dailies. Tried to get decent gear for Druid, totally don't know how to fight.
Blue Hill Logging seemed easier, use Shredder to help fight injured Horde. 
Finished all dailies, bug on log ride, got Grizzled Veteran. Flew around getting xp for discovery. Did a daily bombing from zeppelin
Brought in Auruk and ran VH, finished, even with Nevahoof skinning. Very hard but fun. Nevah got to 450 but needed training in skinning
Got hooked on running VH
Crazy AH with Festival Lantern:

Ran instances with Willopelt, Forge, Lomwyn and a pugger. 




Tamed the two cat models on Teldrasil
Portal to Exodar
Picked up cooking and fishing quests.
Baby octupus - want one.
Started Darkshore at 3 bars shy of level 15.
Discovered I forgot to buy a fishing pole when I picked up quest to catch darkshore groupers.
Working on buzzbox quests atm.

Started Coruscant quests with Aprillian.
Imperial main, Linx now 37. Questing on Hoth.
Working on getting fourth companion.


Submission for 257

Hello CAW sweeties hope you're all well & doing good! Big hugs Aprillian xoxo
Well love festival has come & gone - managed to get 2 "chickens" & a few pets. Missed out on getting the Love Fool title for my warrior ... Oh well next year lol!
I read an interesting blog on WoW forums about the WoW Iron Man Challenge. Have any of you heard of it? Anyway I couldn't get it out of my head, even though I kept thinking "no that's just way too crazy to do that!"  It just wouldn't go away - thoughts of how I could possibly achieve this challenge! Now I have something I'm going to confess & i hope you all wont think any less of me! You see ever since I rolled my very first toon I have had issues with falling off things! I've managed to fall off things in most zones, instances & raids! I'm an all round "fall to my death" specialist! So as you can understand trying to do this challenge for me would be crazy!! Yet I am going to give it a try. I decided on a lil undead lock & so far am Lvl 12. Feels very weird to run past all the profession trainers & ignore them!
Anyway that's about all for me this week.
Take care & big hugs

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Lionman (Eranth) (@lionchild)
2/22/12 7:36 PM
@Aprillian @Ashayo WoW Ironman is running an alt as far as you can in white gear, no buffs, no groups, etc.

Caw : From Rogue to Mage

Good day to you CAW crew
From Wales to England to America and to Australia
Even though I have never done it before I thought I might try and put in a audio submission.
Hope you enjoy it.

I do apologies for the background noise not sure where it came from?
Love you guys

For the alliance.
Cadwgan. (Codwagon)

Rigarmorty Audio CAW 257

Hi Aprillian, Eljeppy, Ashayo and Tedrah!

Attached is my audio for this week!

For the Horde, For rogues & for Podcasting!



Submit or Perish!

Hello CAW Crew

Another week another update, you guys keep recording a day earlier and its forcing me to keep writing these in less and less time to keep with my self imposed deadline of once a week. Perhaps I should try and motivate myself to do these before the night of. Hah!. Never! Procrastination is our life.

My Alliance Rogue and Morgaine's Druid have finally hit outland. When we sit down and play them again I know it will go fast, last time we leveled alts through outland we did hellfire and the marsh and were 68 before we even finished.

I've been in a bit of a funk recently and have had little desire to play solo. Instead we've been playing Facebook apps a lot Castleville for me and The Sims Social for Morgaine. (Feel free to friend us on facebook if you play either game, we are the only Wren Workman and Morgaine Ford-Workman on facebook)

Though I did start a lowbie boomkin and Morgaine rolled a new undead warlock to play, with pigtails and a cute little demon to accompany her as she gleefully does Sylvanas' bidding. We both love the Lilian Voss character, such an epic low level storyline. We really need to remember to ask someone to add Morgaine's many alts into the guild sometime.

Well here is our newest parody song. I wrote a few others but morgaine seems to have gotten a little stuffy again so we went with a range that was more comfortable for her. I apologize in advance for the crackling when she hits the higher parts, I really need to go get us a new microphone or two. Perhaps  then I'll record myself singing something terribadly.

Oh and we did start that youtube channel as suggested. We are going to go back and rerecord our first songs and start uploading them over time as well. Are any of your listeners any good at Machinima?

Thank for keeping us entertained week after week,
Wren and Morgaine

PS: This sunday was morgaines birthday, anyway I can get you guys to wish her a happy birthday?

Nexbardus update 2/26/12

Hello all of CAW and CoD, just wanted to send in a quick update of what I have been up lately. First off, I had a good time spending the 4 day Presidents Day weekend with my family in Florida. My Dad rented a condo there down close to Fort Myers/Tampa and we mostly spent time searching for sharks teeth on the beach and swimming in the heated pool. It was the first time my youngest daughter (age 6) got to see the ocean so pretty exciting for her and the weather was nice (mid 70's everyday).

In game I have been spending most of my time on Penyimon, my level 85 DK on Earthen Ring. I was able to finish up all of the Cataclysm zones for Loremaster of Cataclysm. Mostly I have been doing a lot of dailies everyday. Started the Molten Front/Firelands Invasion dailies and am more than half way to opening up either the Druids of the Talon or the Shadow Wardens. Other dailies I have been doing are Therazane, Dragonmaw, Fishing and Cooking. I round out my dailies with Tol Barad mostly to get the mounts eventually since the items you can get are kind of outdated at this point. I was able to get another Fox Kit to drop though and this time without trying too hard. I had gotten one before on my Shaman Nexbardus but it took upwards of 400 kills at least to get it. This time it only took about 20 kills, I was just casually killing the foxes as I did my dailies. I also spent a lot of gold trying to gear up quick and will soon be running the new 5 mans.

I also created a toon for the Ironman challenge. He is a Troll Hunter named Nexferrum on Earthen Ring. Have only leveled him to 6 so far and I am not overally serious about the whole thing but it seems like it could be fun.

That is about it, Good Luck in game, Nexbardus

MEl hits 85.... 85 hits back

Hi All Hope you are all well.
 In real life we have been so busy, and this has meant our real life( .. woops! ... wow life) has suffered.
Jumping back a few episodes to answer a question that came up. Yes we have 2 and they are the most wonderful children in the world (in my COMPLETELY unbiased opinion) and it was our Daughter who wrote the wonderful emails to you and it is our Son playing our toons when we do awesome stuff.   It is Mum and Dad when we do pathetic DPS or stand in the stupid
.In game, my toon Fortetwo hit 85. That is toon  number .....let me think 2 + 3 carry 3 ... this is too hard ....let’s say we have too many 85's .
Inspired by 42, Mel decided to do the same and do the last bit from 84 1/2 to 85. Now Mel has not done any dungeons in Cata (since some truly awful experiences in the first week in the LFD, long before COD existed)  so on the class she knows best (a hunter) she fearfully stuck her big goblin toe in a Cata instance for the first time in fifteen months . Well the world did not collapse and she got though it with the help of a wonderful tank from another realm.
To use the famous quote " in for penny in for a pound ". Mel did another 2 instances with the same tank and loved it. Very quickly the blue bar climbed up to one bubble short of 85. Now out of the dungeon Mel swaggered over to Twilight Highlands with confidence brimming over, to attack some quests to hit 85. Mel wanted to dual box the last bit but in a very unusual way. She got family to play another toon, who is also hers in general, (and appears that way in the guild notes) The second toon was her mage with the MzAwesome .Unfortunately  poor Tinok who was also online in the COD nightshift, it might have appeared somewhat confusing, with Mel appearing to congratulate herself, but all was soon sorted. Mel then strolled out and began to kill monsters , skin animals and collect items and soon had a gaggle of quests to hand in . Then standing in front of the quest giver and the whole family watching over her shoulder the achievement came up and finally Mel hit 85 . For Mel this is her 3rd or 4th on Earthen Ring but Mel is closest to her heart.
Of course 85 is hitting right back at her and  now she has to brace herself for the delights of heroics etc.Tinok (and all other COD-ers now she is a little more confident she may even jump into LFR with you one day. Well…. maybe. Anyway I think I have rambled on for way too long and I hope it has come out in my email how proud I am of Mel
 PS . Why can't I find a good steakhouse in Thunderbluff?

For the Honour Kills

Did I make in time this week did I did I think I did I wonder who gets to read me this week will El Jeppy be better will Junno have a segment will we have a special guest host will I don’t know my grammar improve who knows I will have to wait for the show to start and the people who were wondering. No I haven’t done my co-workers boyfriend in yet but the more I learn about her hard-core gaming skills her love of all thinks perverted and her willing ness to rip a man genitals off and feed them to him the more I really don’t like the life expectance of her current man.


mo-mo-mo.....moments?! MOway!

Hello all,
long time to email!
Hope everyone is doing well in and out of game and hope you still remember me.
I am sorry for this long hiatus as life does happen to many of us. I have not stopped playing wow just have played a few minutes compared to the hours before. I did cancel my 2nd account so in some ways I am not one of you sadly yet I am :) 
I have recently been logging in a few times a week to do some dailies on moheal on the COD guild and today I did log into my first character motauren on the balanzaar server to do dailies as well.  To my surprise I found out that I lost the guildmaster title for the guild I started over 6 years ago! I could not understand why or what happened.  I checked my mail to collect my mounts and I found an email from Blizzard stating that because had not logged in for a while the guild leadership was passed on to the next person that has been active in the guild. I have no idea when they started this but I say this is not cool at all! What do you all think? I wish they would have emailed me or something I would have logged in even for a minute.  I dont know what to do so I just opened a ticket and was emailed this in about an hour:

  In regards to your petition in the event of an inactive guild leader, promotion of a new leader may now be requested by high-ranking active members who wish to take over the role.  A guild leader is considered inactive when they have been "offline" for at least 30 days.

       The game will automatically notify members of the highest rank who have been online within the past week.  This notification is visible in the Guild News and Events feed of the guild window.  If none have been online, then the next highest rank will be notified, and so on.  Simply click on the notification to request leadership.

       More information on this change is available at

Hope none of you have to go through this as I feel like someone has stolen motauren's house or broken into it! He is a sad panda... I mean tauren right now.

I have been playing other games like most people.  I tried start wars for a month but could not get into it. I think I have played wow for so long that other mmo's just dont compare no matter how pretty or new they look.  Also I have played many xbox games, ps3 ( working to finish uncharted 2 than move onto 3 and need to play mass effect 2 as well) and I did get a ps vita and highly recommend it if you are able to get it.  It looks sooooooo cool and colorful.
I will be going to Nerdtacular 12 this year, first time I will be attending it for the first time.  I am real excited to experience all the fun and especially to meet all the great people.  Please let me know if you are going and we can meet up some where.  I am staying in the same hotel as the wonderful Valentines, so I know I will be bugging them everyday allday! :)

That is all I have for now.
Hope everyone has a great week in and out of game.
For the gamers!

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


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