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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 255 - A Charming Obsession

Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Got my income tax refund, first thing I did was pay for 3 months of wow on each account.
Tried to do Elune's blessing, died a lot. Did get lanterns on Epril and Auruk.

SWTOR - companion responses=reset quest response
Black screen using shuttle, go to full screen, 800x600


DMF - Bought the Dancing bear! Feels like I'm riding a bull at the rodeo!

Borean Tundra
- Kaw the Mammoth Destroyer : always have trouble doing this quest for some reason ; die very quickly. ended up doing without the vehicle!
- Final quest in DEHTA chain - Assassination of Harold Lane is no longer elite. Although he still has more than average hit points.
- Finished 46% into 79, but finished the caldarra line

Howling Fjord
- Liked how the starting area of Valgarde was completely different to Horde.
- One quest "Fresh Legs" was to investigate sounds of battle coming from Wyrmskull Village. Went to the "?" and found dead bodies, but no quest turn in. It's at a point where there is ledges above as well, so I'm flying up and down and waiting, perhaps for a respawn. Finally I give up and look it up on wowhead - it's one of the quests that has been moved inside Utgarde Keep. Grrr.
- Funny that there is a poison supplier in Valgarde.. he sells nothing.
- The hawk quest line is pretty cools ; nothing like that on the Horde side
- Alliance story line also has more information about Loken and the Titans and hints of what's going on in Storm Peaks ; don't recall that being in the Horde side
- Dinged level 80 51 quests into the 130
- Runed Giants in giants run no longer elite, though have alot more HP than normal mobs. But miners beware!! You are given a runeseeking pick to analyse them, but the default is to actually mine them, and the corpse disappears!
- Finished 23% into 80


Charms Charms Charms


Did the Dark Moon Faire on Tedrah. I'm still frustrated by the cannon glitch.  If I don't jump soon enough I don't get any points even if I'm in the middle of the ring.  They need to fix that. I need to be better about doing the dailies every day of the fair since they don't take long and I need the tokens if I want to get the pets anytime soon.  Didn't manage to finish the grisly tokens quest so lost out on this month's 10 tokens from that.

I've made a Night Elf hunter on Nevikhoof. I had my 85 Teodora send her a Guild Rep Tabard and 20 gold as well as a big mining bag and herb bag & two regular bags. No heirlooms or anything like that. Going to follow in Ashayo's footsteps and do loremaster.  Really want to see the entire story from their perspective. I haven't gotten too far yet.  Teonna is currently level 11. I decided on another hunter because I wanted to play a class I'm really comfortable with since I'll be solo'ing so much of it. I do like the white striped cat that NE hunters start with.  A few thoughts about the starting area and Dolanaar. I really like the changes they made to Shadow Glen. The old timed quest where you had to find the elf up the path beside the spider cave has been changed.  The wounded elf is now right next to the girl that's going to heal him and you only have to get two of each ingredient and they are all around right in that area.  They also give you a helper for in the spider cave and a port back to the tree.  A lot less running around. There's also a buff for slow fall for getting down from the top of the tree.  All around really nice changes to Shadow Glen. 

Dolanaar has also had changes for the better. For one there is a flight path to Darnassus. Also, instead of being able to pick up all the quests at one time and not knowing which direction to go first, they've made it so you only pick up two or three at a time and then when you turn those in the next ones become available. There is a very nice flow to the area now. Fel Rock Cave changes nice.  New quest in there that lets you kill from range the grells so you don't aggro big groups and get overwhelmed anymore. Still have more to do in Dolanaar but really enjoying it so far. 

SWTOR: We are on Syth Wyrm. My Smuggler, Zix, did the Ord Mantell 2+ heroics on the Savrip Island with Aprillian and our companions.  We were level 11 so we were able to do it pretty easily which was nice. Then we flew off to the Republic Fleet and picked up our advanced class and crew skills.  I went with Scoundrel for the healing and grabbed biochem/bioanalysis/diplomacy for the stims and medpacs as well as companion gifts.

My Imperial main, Linx, on Begeren Colony server,  is now level 33, she's a BH mercenary and has her legacy and is in a guild with members from the wow guild I'm in on the Unbroken server. 

My third main toon is also on Syth Wyrm that I'm leveling specifically in a group of four.  It's me as the healer and my three friends from WoW, Rachelindria, Sagiv & Zoeyvonne.  We only play those toons when we are all there. Currently working on Taris quests.


Welcome Tedra!

I've already sent her a message on Twitter but wanted to give Tedra a Valentine's welcome to Control Alt Wow. While it's true that we haven't played in a while (as Aprillian has not forgotten to point out every now and then) we still have WoW in our hearts and we look forward to hearing you every week.

Just don't let Jeppy drive you away.  I heard his insolence is like a knife. ;)

We hope you are all doing well and now I depend on you all for my WoW news.  Scary thought huh?

Hi to Vrishna, we will miss you.

For the Horde (still),

Iceflow and Caoboi

Totally random stuff from ep 253

Hi CAW crew:

Fat or extra-thick French Fries are called "steak fries" (at least in NY) and the only kind of "crisp" you're ever going to see are the apple crisps that granny makes from her Betty Crocker recipe.

And biscuits are puffy bread-things from Pillsbury you use to sop up your stew.

And I know because I'm a DEATH KNIGHT!!!!   (LoL)

Mordryn, 85 DK, Terrokar

CAW Crew - Cadwgan

Hiya CAW crew
(Insert welsh accent here)
It's Cadwgan here. Just though I might give you a quick update on my adventures though World of Warcraft. As of late its been quite hard logging on to WOW with essays and work, I though saving the world from Deathwing would be more important than doing an essay, but there you go.
In the last two weeks I rolled my first rogue forsaken toon (Stanus). Lady Sylvanas has always been my favourite leader but the race never really appealed to me, but I decided to roll one to see what the questing was like compared to vanilla content and its defiantly changed I hardly recognized Hillsbrad foothills it was like a whole new zone. I enjoyed the Dumass quest line, but for some reason he reminds me of myself not sure why?
I was able to get him to 31, and I’m really excited to see how the forsaken story line opens up. I hope you all have a great week in and out of game.
For the Alliance and the Forsaken
P.S.Cadwgan in welsh means Battle honour.
P.P.S. This is probably the best way to say it: CAD-WWW-GAN.

Nexbardus update

Hello CAW crew,

It has been quite a long time since I sent in an update and with the maintenance this Tuesday I thought it was the perfect time to do one. I was going to try and do my first audio submission but apparently I dont have the correct hardware on my computer to do one at the moment so hopefully I can do one in the future. I was actually quite surprised by the downtime but it is kind of blessing since all my play time has been spent with the in-game holidays.

I had grand visions of taking a bunch of my toons from both Winterhoof and Earthen Ring and even 1 from Kel'thuzad around and doing the Lunar Festival holiday but due to work, family stuff and then the 3 holiday crush from last week it just didnt happen.

Over on Winterhoof I have not been doing too much unfortunately. It has been a month or more since it happened, but my Hunter Nexbardus did get Exalted with the Ctrl Alt Wow guild. I was running a lot of the new 5-man dungeons and only need a couple more drops from them before I will be ready to run LFR Dragon Soul. I would have liked to have gotten my Hunter Nexbardus the Elder and Love Fool titles but there just wasn't time. I also have a level 70 something Female Worgen Priest named Ratched that has recently gotten into the CAW guild but haven't had time to play her either.

Over on Earthen Ring I have been spending most of my time playing and leveling a new DK named Penyimon. Pronounced Pen-yee-mon and the name comes from a great book called Lucky Wander Boy that most old school gamers would enjoy. Just got him up to 85 last week and have been mostly just doing holiday stuff with him and my Shaman Nexbardus. I did get the Elder title on both of them but the Love Fool title is not looking too promising. Still possible on Penyimon but only time will tell. I opted to get the mounts first and then try for the titles second. I will be spending the Presidents Day 4-day weekend with family so very doubtful I will get any WoW time in at all so my time is running short to finish the holiday.

I actually kind of look forward to these holidays being over so I can just concentrate on gearing up. I procrastinated on doing the Lunar Festival stuff and then got overloaded when the Love is in the Air and Darkmoon Faire hit. I was forced to hurry up and get the Lunar Fest done while at the same time trying to get Love Charms everyday. Fortunately I dont do the dailies at Darkmoon Faire at least, I just do the monthly quests for now.

Well my plan for the near future is to gear up Penyimon and hopefully start tanking. I haven't tanked much in the past, a little on my Paladin Dwimmerlaik over on Winterhoof but that is it. I also want to finish gearing my Shaman Nexbardus to heal, I have run some of the new 5-mans with her but still have a ways to go. Also, hoping to get the last couple pieces that my Hunter Nexbardus needs from the new 5-mans. My goal is to get the 3 of these toons into Dragon Soul LFR soon.

Finally, I just want to thank all of you for everything you do. From making an amazing podcast to providing us with a great guild. I am not sure what I would be doing in WoW right now if I wasnt part of these guilds. Maybe in a future submission I can talk about the different guilds I have been in in the almost 7 years I have been playing this game and some of my experiences in them.

Thanks all, good luck in game, Nexbardus

Rigarmorty Audio for CAW 253

 CAW Crew,

I'm forwarding on last weeks email as I've virtually had no Wow time over the past week. My Episode 18 went on my blog today. Great having Tedra as a host!



Getting my Diablo on

Sorry not much to report this week as I been drawn every deeper into my sexy Deamon hunter and her need to lvl up everything in the beta and get the all powerful over (insert word that I can’t spell that means you do more than required) I have to admit a greater and greater desire to get my sith on to but lack of funds and no local servers are holding me back for the moment. To everyone else I like to say happy post valentines day and for all like myself that have gone yet another year  without someone to share it with there is always next year but I am not bitter not bitter at all. Besides all that the annoying lil man at work has gone away for 2 weeks so that’s a change for the better plus last week I met a girl online chatted she invited me over and we chatted some more then like all great things in my life I screwed it up and now I think she is close to getting a restraining order against me. And I didn’t need to even tell her about my love of blades just the combination of being a hard-core gamer and a sexual deviant scared her off me thinks oh well plenty more fish in the sea as they say just got to stop hunting for minno’s with a harpoon.

For the Horde

For the Alliance

For the Sandgrophers

And for me learning how to talk to people in real life that dosen’t have them phoneing the police or running screaming in terror


P.S no audio this week because I lazy  

Submission 255 - Dont stop raiding.

Morgaine and myself have been doing the Love is in the air event and both managed to get ourselves the pink tallstrider, yay! We both forgot however that darkmoon faire was going on and did almost no quests for that. Also got my Alliance rogue to 60, making it the farthest I have ever played a rogue. I convinced the wifey to try tanking and she is steadily learning the basics of tanking, which is good. It's always great to try new things, even if its just in a video game.

I convinced her to sing my newest wow parody song and she was ready to kill me as it was a song originally sung by a man and so she had to I'm thinking I'll try and do an Adelle/Wow song. I was going to record an opening too it but It was a pain getting it too work in the first place so I'll record one of me for next time.

Anyways, you guys are streaming live now so I'll cut myself off.


Wren and Morgaine

PS: Dropbox link, I hope this works!

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


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