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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 278 - Teh Awesome Sauce

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 278 - Teh Awesome Sauce

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno’s Call

Hello Darlings!  Omgosh, I went longer than usual on this audio, I'm sorry, I didn't realize it at the time...I hope you find it interesting though and I promise to keep it shorter next time... <=)

/great big hugs!!

Juuno & Pixiegirl

What We've Been Doing:


Problems with flying. Had to unmount, got Going Down Ach

Just realized what CAW is like. We’re like the exercise video with the three different examples. Each of us represent a level. Ashayo’s doing the hard one with no hands, Jeppy’s doing the medium ones and I’m on the floor with the pillows!!!

Potion of Treasure finding, one chest!! Then I found 3.
Ran LFR with
Arch is like knitting.
Flying bug



Monday: Jeppy XP leaching of Wight in Deepholm. Weird Phasing. Son of Kor hates Jeppy but loves Wight. In order to boost rested I did the first few quests in Deepholm. Forgot how gut churning the airship quests are and how disturbing torturing Mor'norokk was

Realised that I had no talent spec and many missing spells when an unplanned phasing left me facing a big old mob. Died.

Ran out of rested XP about 5 bubbles from 85

Tuesday: Claimed 5 Obsidian Nightwings - Gorgeous Mounts. Lots of comments from peeps in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Last time I had this many people ask to mount me I was in full dress uniform visiting San Francisco!

Bought fast flying for Jeppy the Paladin - man it hurts spending gold but the Nightwing deserves it!

Took 82 Hunter Wagner out to Deepholm for some XP leeching. Best place though somewhat dangerous even for Wight was Verlok Stand. Fast respawn of level 83s. Very weird pathing (little fences). Grunty the Murloc and Leo the Lion went bonkers.

Hit level 83 at just after 1am

Wight [21:20 @ 24hrs] AH 77-80 123items Deposit = 279G]
Wagner (82) in Deepholm 15% + Rested - Random Kills [22:00 1193079 / 4004000]
[23:00  1865825 / 4004000] [01:06 83!!!]
81 = 2860 82 = 3844 83 = 4400
Emerald Colossus (82 Elite) = 11538
Stone Bat (83) = 440
Jaspertip Swarmer (83) = 530

Wednesday: Some early morning mining down in Deepholm on Jeppy with Wight acting as body guard.
An hour at the Fractured front netted me 18 treasure chests a ton of embersilk and at 15:20 Jeppy hit 85 - yay!

After AHing was going to do another few hours farming and XP leeching but was too tired - and so to bed.

Thursday: wave of tiredness kept me in the duvet cave way longer than I had planned :( Finally up and playing at 15:30. Nice overnight sales including an Elwynn Lamb.

Taking Wagner out to Deepholm for some leeching at the Fractured Front Had Bonita brew up some more treasure finding potions so I am well stocked up.

Treasure Potion Test (1 hour @ Fractured Front)

Wight: 36481.62 Wagner: 434.75 / 20557 of 5203400
Wight: 36603.35 Wagner: 486.65 / 1671495 of 5203400

22 Treasure chests / 110 embersilk / 5 * 77-81s
Chests contained 107 embersilk /2 air/4 fire/3 earth/7 life/7 water/8 pyrite/11 elementium/2 77-80s and 67 gold.

The greatest bane currently of my life is rested XP. All the fun goes when blue turns to pink

Wagner 1 bubble from 84.

Friday: Early start. While Wagner builds up rested XP I have switched to his twin Mozart. Starts on 82 - 957836 / 4004000 - 16 TC :( 2661964 /4004000

Session 2 2680668 -> 83 455072 / 5203400 24 TTC Wight: 39338 -> 39534 Mozart:841 -> 874

After a couple of hours of treasure potion fueled troggmeggedon in Deepholm I have developed what I am calling Fractured Front Wrist. Ouch!

* No more enchanting rods in MoP!




Hey Gang!
I just wanted to write to you to tell you how much I enjoy your show. And OMG, the new addition of the Necro-Bob (sorry if not spelled correctly) submissions are unbelievably awesome!!! I agree Ashayo, if that’s the content we are getting from him by not being familiar with garage band, what the heck are we gonna get when he becomes familiar with garage band!
Aprillian, I wanted to compliment you on your hard work and longevity of CAW. You and your co-hosts, Ashayo, Jeppy, and Teidra keep me entertained each and every week without fail and I always learn something from each and every episode. Although I must admit, Cataclysm is the first expansion I have ever hit max level on with my main and as such, two days after I hit level 85, I was looking down at my action bars and panicked as I couldn’t figure out where my XP bar went. After I realized how stupid that was, it then hit me that I had been scampering back to the Inn for those past two days to get rested before I logged off. So yes, I still have so much to learn in this game.
So with that being said, and since “ALT” is your middle name, I was wondering if you all wouldn’t consider doing a show or weekly segment on Dual-Boxing. After listening to your show I am about ready to pull the trigger on another account, but I really have no idea on how to do it. Do you use 2 computers, or 1 computer and 2 windows or one computer and 2 screens. And do you have to have 2 games loaded on 1 computer or 1 game and 2 log ins. I know you need 2 accounts but other than that, I have no clue! It would be great to hear how you all go about your dual-boxing and tips and tricks.
I realize you have a more casual show than most and I love it for that. All of your band of characters… Junno, Ogre, PixieGirl, Speedracer, Big G, Wren and Morgaine, the Necro-Bobs, Leeta, Rigamorti, Brewdog, the Valentines and many more I may have not mentioned off the top of my head. It’s a great group of wonderful people and without sounding presumptuous or taking liberties, I feel like part of the “family” just by listening each and every week.
So I may be asking too much for some tips on dual-boxing but since Blizzard put the whole shebang on sale for 30 bucks, I bought the game and am ready to dive in and become “ONE OF YOU”, and become a dual-boxing altaholic. And hopefully someday I would love to be a part of the Clan of Darkness on my new account. I primarily (actually ONLY) play Alliance but it would be an honor to defect to the Dark Side if I was found worthy someday.
Oh and just so you know…. what I am looking forward to most when MOP launches?…. is Ashayo firing up his loremaster toon and all the stories that will follow! Take care everyone. Yensidz. (Donnie).
P.S. I’m 51. J

Ironman from a toon's view

Hello everyone - I've attached my first audio creation, in which Voltandra shares her opinions on the WoW Ironman Challenge.  I hope everyone's having a great week!  

- Voltandra's Player

@rogueslayer1 on Twitter

Transfer Mania

Hiya Sweeties,

Group hugs :D hope you are all having a wonderful week.

Here's my audio for the show - enjoy!

Take care

Huggles Leeta

PS - I don't really blame Jeppy ;P


PPS - Here's a screenshot of my new piece :D

Byeeee /hugs

Hola CAW Crew!

We were intending to send in an audio for you, but Kithore is so busy on the campaign trail for president that we have hardly had time! He's been travelling all over the country spreading his view on how things should be run, and the response has been amazing! He's been able to kiss babies, coach people in the Kithore style of English, and promote the healthy effects of beans, beans, the musical fruit. (The more you eat, the more you toot. The more you toot, the better you feel, so you should have beans for every meal.) Soon, he will be moving onto his campaign promises about job growth, his ideas on how to lift the morale of Americans, and how he proposes to help the economy grow.

I won't spoil the surprise, because we will be sending in an audio full of Kithore politics as soon as we get the chance, but I wanted you to know that we hadn't forgotten about any of you.

I (Dreams) also wanted to say that I had an absolute blast with the LFR group Friday morning. It was eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeearly, but so worth it. You guys were a ton of fun. I'm hoping I get to join you again in the future for more raiding goodness!

Well, this isn't getting long this time, but that's ok. We have one epic submission planned, I promise!


For the horde, the raiders, and the campaign promises!

With all sorts of <3s and hugs,

Kithore and Dreams

Hey caw crew,
  Sorry for no audio this week but I just this moment noticed the podcast was bumped back to Sunday and neither wifey or myself have been feeling very well for the last few days. Not to mention that annoyingly chipper little Gnomescout has been coming to the house every day harassing me to buy more stupid cookies. I thought I'd gotten rid of her by devouring all her discussing cookies wile she watched and screamed in horror. I then refused to pay for them by shutting the door in her screaming little face and leaving her out in the rain. (you remember, you were there)
No such luck. She came round again the next day and somehow managed to get me to pay for the first lot I'd eaten and convinced me to buy a second bunch. My favorites are the Lich King mint chocolate chip delights and the Banshee queen double fudge bear claws. I swear those things are addictive.
At this rate that Gnome is gonna have more gold than Jeppy the auction house king. She's defiantly hit on an untapped market. I mean we all know the Forsaken will eat anything so why not sell em Gnomescout cookies. Cheers little Gnome, I'd say "your cookies are to die for"... but.… I'm already dead ;)

  This week in wow Prof. Nekronomicon, after several nights of digging, completed his Crawling Claw archeology pet. The house is really filling up with pets of every shape and size. The Claw and the Perky Pug have been strangely inseparable since the moment they met. They're so adorable together that we've given them both cute new nicknames, "Scratch" and "Sniff".

  Last kiss has been collecting mats to build her Jeeves companion and Skylla the Loremaster has finished both Deepholm and Uldum and is only one zone away from her Loremaster title.

  Thats all the news from the house in Brill this week friends, Love you all and thanks so very much for you delicious podcast

….remember undead love is forever….. (insert deep creepy laugh here)
Sounds a bit like a naughty movie from the 70's...
I really Dig this Zone
The famous Dwarf with no fashion sense

Last minute submission... Again

G'day Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and that other guy that is sometimes there.

I hope all is going well and the loot gods smile favourably on you all except Jeppy. Cause we all know he only plays the AH which makes him  the master of his own fate. And I honestly do care it he does well, cause daddy needs a new mechanohog!!!! Please?

Well what have I been doing in game? Well a little bit of this and that. Mainly levelling and gearing up my warrior. Hit 85 soon after writing last weeks submission and since then heis now geared up enough to tank the Hour of Twilight heroics, and has enough iLvl in his bags to be able to go into LFR. I have attempted this and it didn't go so well, I think the phase "kick the noob dps warrior" was used *sadface*. So as a way of coping with this, I've been levelling my warlock and he is now sitting at lvl 84 as of last night and has a full lvl of rested experience so that should only take me a few hours to get though.
I've also been playing around a little on my lowbie Mage (now lvl 61) sitting in Thrallmar in Outland and I'm finding it hard to find the motivation to do that, I might just AoE farm my way to lvl 68 and only using rested experience. While waiting on the rested exp to accrue, I've been playing on my lvl 47 rogue, just finished up with western plague lands and hitting up the eastern plague lands for the first time since the catacalism. I'm finding it really quite enjoyable and Fiona's caravan quest line is thoroughly entertaining. I also found Mr Grubbs in some of the bonus loot you get with Fiona's treasure hunting buff.

I am still doing a little bit of streaming for D3 on Saturday mornings but not getting enough people watching and it also slows my Internet speed a lot. Playing D3 with 600+ ms is really tough. What I'm hoping for is when I get my new laptop, the Mobius NT from doghouse systems then my computer won't lag behind and things will run smoothly. But I guess only time will tell.

I'll just mention that I was involved with the Aussie LFR again on Friday night and as always it was a schemovle, but a TON of fun. Keelhauls random disconnects and the raid wanting to kick low dps players (don't worry Aprillian, your secret is safe with me ;) ).

And for Jeppy TEH KETTEHS ARE TEH CUTESAUSE. Cause I know Jeppy loves my grammar when I do that. /tinkers

For TEH LFR. ( I swear this TEH autocorrected, but I'm too lazy to delete it).


Shout Outs & Thank You

Happy Birthday Dreams!!

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