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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 293 - This monkey is about to get slapped!
Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno Corner

Hello CAWS!  I am bound by the unfair servitutitous that I find myself in to send you this message.!  


What We've Been Doing:


Weird training and then going to buy the mount and realizing you already own it. In Dal, seeing lots of people running around.

Want to level First Aid, linen is too expensive on AH.

Tiiaa went farming, thanks to Ashayo

Spent time leveling up Prillian in JC, which seems silly.

Followed Shamaya around. We got into a debate about her granting me a level, she was half a level ahead, I said I could just wear my heirlooms.

Gifts for the Tiller, is this the caged guy, or the Felwood stuff
Shamaya wanted to level up skinning, went to Durator and then Ashenvale, Tanaris and finally the Crater. I was busy, put myself on follow.
The Venomhide quest, didn’t explain the implications.
Nice changes in the Crater. Loved the ashes
Explaining Ironman


LFR - 3rd boss only
LFR - 1st boss not too bad. 2nd boss wipefest. people already just wanting to stand there and expect healers to heal through it
LFR - first 3 bosses. won pants off 3rd. Still no idea what's going on
Also got my first Sigil of Power, which are quest items for the Legendary quest chain.
Decided I needed a 2 seater flyer on 2nd account. Mats for vial of sand not being farmed- had to fish and herb!
Questing with Molly - gratz on 90. Mages are squishy!
Heroics - head peice yay

Finally maxed out cooking  & Way of the pot.

TImed how long to do daily farm ritual - solid 30 mins on a good day.

Daily fun: Roll Club: Serpent's Spine. Super Mario run!

Questing through Jade Forest at a more leisurely pace on Jekle and Anomander. Some quests seem silly that you both have to do them - eg saving the panda cubs up the trees.
Sad I can't use the Sandstone drake while questing before 90.
Strange that some quests give rewards for some classes and just gold for others. My 'training' in Tian Monastery ended in gold for the druid, and a blue 2H weapon for the Death Knight. Other quests like "Back to Nature" are even stranger. You throw a bottle at a mob to release a spirit. If the spirit is angry and you have to kill it, both get credit. But if the spirit just runs off, only the tosser gets credit.
Also some weird stuff that happens if you are grouped when a cutscene starts - on multiple occasions, the 2nd toon suddenly got dropped from a great height when the cutscene on the 1st toon started.
This happened in the questing area of Temple of the Jade Serpent. When I tried to run back, I ended up in the instance. Finally had to wowhead-it.

Having some fun in AH. Put up 1 green tea leaf for 55s, and watched as I was undercut - and happily bought them.


Archy Experiment



Alts galore

Greetings to Ctrl-Alt-WoW from the edge of Hurricane Sandy!

I had planned on working a bit more on today's audio and sending it later in the week, but there's a chance I may not have electricity by the time this storm is through.  So off it goes on a Monday, perhaps a little more rough around the edges than usual.

Now that Voltandra has hit 90, I find myself in a bit of an alt-fest right now, switching back and forth, questing this one, dailying that one, pet battling with that one over there, plus all of those candy buckets - you know how it is.  So today's audio has the toons' opinions on the power of alts.  Enjoy!

I hope everyone had a great week, and that everyone stayed out of the way of hurricane-blown objects!

-Voltandra's player

Audio from Strumpet

Hi there!
Just a little voicemail from me :)

Re: what's been going on this week

Hi Friends,

Mandrageron here returning to the Wow universe after being away for over a year.  I fell to the curse of making it to level 82 and just getting tired of killing rock people on the way to 85; and the temptation of needing to play some of the Bioware games that were on the horizon of the holiday season last year.

Before I ran out and purchased my copy of MOP I made sure to tune back into my favorite Wow show this one of course to see what had changed and to here about the adventures of the four (I mean three hosts, plus chat room supervisor).  Honestly I wish I would have taken time to really check out what it meant to have an I Level of 360 before I made my trip to the lost continent; after all I am was an epic lvl 85 Death Night.  Needless to say following many deaths latter I quickly made a return to the auction house to purchase new gear.

I made it to 86.8 before I finally gave into the lust for all of the leather that I finally came across just like you said I would.  Thus the change to my hunter who was a skinner began and was just completed last week when I dinged 90.  Honestly this is the first time when I’ve reached max level this early into an expansion since I began playing shortly after the launch of BC.  To deal with the long road that was 89 to 90 I decided how close to 90 I could come from 89.5 by just running around grabbing candy from the pumpkins in the inn’s.

Lastly I had the chance to here the recent episode where our someone did an amazing job to convince their friend to share the blue they just found after promising to share any gold made off of the auction house.  Honestly it made me thankful that China never choose to hire said host to pose as the person who promised a lot of gold in exchange for my credit card number. (Lol)  But then again maybe they are smarter than we know and it is via this method that China has chosen to use to purchase so much of our nation.  If not, well then maybe they should take that under consideration after hearing her powerful skill’s of communication.

Fare Well,

Mandrageron Sentinels Server

P.S. Shout out to the guild No Person Left Behind

Hey gang!
Awesome show last week! Omg Aprillian...I was laughing hysterically during your audio with Shamaya! When it was over and the gang was giving you a hard time, I laughed even more. But I do want to stick up for you a little by saying Shamaya is actually getting the better end of the deal by only having to give up a few blues in essence for all the help she is getting from you. Now the fact that you may be adding an ounce of deception in not explaining the AH to her can also be attributed to the fact that there is another host on the show that might be better suited in guiding her on the intricacies in that area, so why bother right? Anyway the coolest thing about the whole segment was the "negotiation", the bartering back and forth and then sealing the deal with a "high five"! Priceless! Just another reason why I love this game! It can transform us to places in our lives where making "deals" in the schoolyard were the norm or making a pact with a special handshake or gesture brought two friends closer to another. Thanks so much for that.
On a gaming note I noticed the other day as I was mining nodes in pandaria, I would ride up to the node, click on it, would start mining, then the "interrupted" alert would flash and the mining ceased. I thought something was buggy so I tried dismounting before I mined the ore and everything worked as normal. Has anyone else noticed this change? I am assuming they may have done it to stop people from flying in and ninja-ing nodes from non flyers. Or it may be a bug. Anyway, keep up the great work gang! And EVERYONE take care. Donnie.

Sent from my iPhone

A long rambling submission!

Hello CAW crew!
It's been the best part of a year since my last submission, shame on me! I hope this email finds you all well.
The submissions is abit long and I say "erm" far to much so my apologies!
Mumble server details (spoiler if you haven't listened to the submission yet!)

P.S I cant believe I forgot to mention in this submission that I got the headless horseman's mount!

Greetings from The Netherlands.

Hello Ctrl alt WoW crew,

This is my first e-mail and i just love listening to your show.
My name is Danny and i am from The Netherlands, i play an Orc hunter called Viswijf, wich means fishwife :-)

I had a week off from work and decided to put some time in on WoW, started 2 weeks late with MoP after giving away all my stuff and gold ( like 400k worth ) and saying never to return again, LOL :-)
My hunter was 90 for a while now and i planned to level up my alt 85 priest and perhaps my 85 druid to 90.
Only thing i forgot is that i hate leveling and i only got my priest to level 86 this week...
I got no idea how you guys do it, i leveled my alts with RaF and even the 300% xp was too slow for me but i had to play with the guy i recruited.

So i decided to get some things done on my hunter, done some golden lotus daily's untill i reached honored and then i never touched them again, oh the painfull grind of daily's.
Now for some good moments the past week :-D
I got my spirit pet after hunting it for a few days and seeing it dead twice and getting killed myself by 2 stupid alliance guys who also killed the pet.
But now i am the proud owner of Karoma the spirit wolf.
Later that morning i did a BWL run and finally got my transmog bow, making the T2 belt the only thing i miss from this old lovely raid.
But my luck didn't end there, i whent on and did Molten Core and got my 2nd windseeker binding with in 10 runs !!!! Lucky me !
After that i took a guildie with me and we whent for Tempest Keep, this was my 3th Tempest Keep run and i looted the Ashes of Al'ar ! OMG ! :-D

So all in all it was a fine WoW week for me.
Didn't get my alts up but i reached some other goals in RBG's and Arena and got a freaking nice mount and a loyal pet !

If you guys like i will send more e-mails about my week in WoW.

For the Horde !


Update for Caoboi and Ice
Hey crazy crew! The new and ever improving Valentines have been playing a ton of WoW and it feels so good.  So much to say.

Pet battles have been put on hold in order to get our mains to 90. I'm really close to 89 and J is 89. There are a lot of things that we observed that we love.

The farming is amazing, the phasing is genius in this expansion, the art and soundtrack are definitely the best they have ever done. The quests haven't changed in their base mechanics (escort, delivery, talking, kill, and gather) but they just feel more fun.

It's been a great ride so far and I really don't want it to end! J got his skinning and mining all the way up and I got my herbalism up to Pandoria level and I'm almost done with Jewelcrafting and leatherworking.

We aren't bored and we can't wait for more. You'll hear more from us when we start raiding.

Have fun and for the horde.

Ice and Cao

Audio for you ears
Not much to say this week I will try and keep it short
Big G

Rigarmorty Email Update

Hi Caw crew!

Literally not a great deal to report this week. I'm plowing through Kun Li Summit on my main who dinged 89 yesterday. Apart from that and putting out my Halloween Special episode I haven't had a great deal of time to play and I'm still behind in all my podcast listening but I do most of my catching up on the weekends.

Hope your all well and fingers crossed I start getting more time to do audios again!



Busy with Annivesery

Hey CaW crew so sorry for last minute email but we've only just returned from being been away this week celebrating our first year wedding anniversary. Lots of time to party but not much time for wow. Below are some pictures of our party where we had an awesome time (as well as a link to more pix).

Love you all

The Nekrobobs,

and remember undead love is forever…..

Shout Outs & Thank You


1MoP CE Contest Entry

Hello all,

This is my little submission for the collectors's edition contest. Love the show.

May U live 2 C the dawn,


CE comp

Can I enter and if I win can I give my prize to Donnie
2 Big G

Audio Submission for contest entry.

G'day CAW crew,

Here is my audio submission for the 13th of Oct.

I did record this while driving. So you'll hear small amounts of background noise. I promise I didn't have the orchestra in the back seat for the music.

Seriously... I didn't.


3 Tinokk

PS. My apologies, for some reason the mp3 itself wouldn't attach, so I had to put it in a .rar. Hope this is ok.


Contest Audio

Hey gang! Great show last week! Aprillian, you mentioned Shamaya asking you about killing Sylvaanas and you quoted her saying, "cant we just kill her?" I'm not buying that. By listening to you both battling, and how intense she gets, I'm sure her quote was more along the lines of "Why don't we just waste the bitch!"
So ummm I made an audio for the contest. Buuuuuttttt it's over 4 minutes long and I couldn't trim any more so I'm sure I've disqualified my entry. But I still have a chance to win on Big G's submission! Thanks for that bud. And it sounds like you got to experience pet battles last week without even venturing into wow!!! So I've attached my submission anyway, take care everyone and hope to see you in game. Donnie.
4 Donnie


CE MOP Contest

Liteharted CE Submission
Favored Foursome and Fans,

Here's my brief audio submission.  I almost missed the cut-off because I was 2-3 weeks behind in my podcasts after a couple very busy weeks at work which drastically cut into my time to run (which is when I get to do most of my podcast listening).

Hopefully in the next week or two I'll get back with you about the joys of pet battling with my son who is too young for WoW, but is a big fan of Pokemon.

Quick tip for those who may be listening on this final day of Hallow's End, because the broom is instant cast, it can be very handy for those times you run or jump off cliffs.  It's about as good as been a druid! I've been loving it and will soon miss it.  Fortunately, I'm a mage, so I can still use slow fall in emergencies.

For the Alliance! (And squeaky or high pitched voices are fine because 3 out of 11 of my toons on my main server are gnomes--including my main who is a mage, a shadow priest [inspired by Ashayo or Jeppy's disdain for the idea], and a monk (Litefu)].

5 Liteharted and his many alts.

P.S. I'll try not to get into how my second month of refer-a-friend has only culminated in 30 some levels earned (not given).  I wouldn't want Jeppy to risk apoplexy.  On the other hand, he may be rejoicing since the attainment of further levels would go to the shadow priest gnome.

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