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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 308 - Hunting The Big Pink Love Rocket

Player for 308
Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Leeta discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno’s Corner

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow Darlings!!

We hope everyone's doing GREAT! I'm sorry for the occasional "clicking" in this was playing while recording... crazy, I know! hehehehe!

/great big hugs & kisses!!

Juuno & Pixiegirl

p.s. Pixie included three screen shots... one of her farm, one of her shack (on her farm), and one of my Snowraith sitting in the gaping maw of a turtle we just killed... hehehee... love ya!!  

What We've Been Doing:


Can’t decide if I should just faction change Auruk or continue to level my highest hunter to 60. Paid $40 for Mop. Running Prilly through auchidon

Epril & Aprillian has finally gotten 8 plots, Epril got irrigator.

Love Fool, Needs Ebon Roses.


Love is in the Air
- Quested my way to 89 on my disc priest to be able to do Chemical Brothers
- Farming tokens. Got my Lovebird and decided to get another!
- Dinged 88 on Ashayo doing it, so had to change to heroic mode
- Doing the Chemical Brothers every day on 3 90's and one 89 - no mount in sight.

- Helping Molly gear up to get to i470 to open the next tier of raids ; scenarios, heroics. Bought her a cloak off alliance AH which she upgraded immediately
- Jekle's luck continues with another tier helm from Terrace of Endless Springs, and a healing dagger
- Friday night attempt at LFR was terrible - trolls pulling, while Monday night run was great. weird.

- Farming ghost iron ore rather than buying, but not sure what to do with it - hoard, sell, use for transmuting.
- Monk hit level 40 doing the daily
- Mount runs. OS3D, and tried to Kara but failed at chess. LOL Ran Wintergrasp and got the achievement to kill 3 within 60 seconds


- Still working on Nat Pagle rep, currently into revered and ‘ friends’ status with Nat.
*Found that handing in the 3 daily quests doesn’t stop you from still fishing up more
of these items - so you can farm the items and be prepared early.
The daily quests are - Flying Tiger Gourami, Mimic Octopus and Spinefish Alpha.

- Been doing the Love Dungeon everyday and no sign of the Big Love Rocket! Wowhead states droprate is 0.03%

- Have been questing on my priest Attil - am about 2 bars from Lvl 88. Am enjoying questing on her again.

- Spent alot of time doing Pet Battles and Collecting mostly upgrading lower quality pets to rare quality. Managed to get about 10 over the weekend.

Addons I use for Pet Battles and Collecting

* Battle Pets - Quality Notifer
- shows the quality / rarity of wild pets
- if pet is an upgrade
- if you don’t own the pet
- tooltip shows what you currently have in journal
* Battle Pets Collector
- allows you to track battle pets in current zone
- shows quality & how many for current zone
- shows level of pets you have for that zone
* Daily Tamer Check
-tracks completion of the daily tamer quests
* PetBattle Teams
- allows you to create multiple teams of pets
- easy to switch between teams
* Pet Journal Enhanced
- allows for sorting and filtering options
* Pokemon Trainer : The Pet Battle Mod
- displays both my team and my enemies team abilities with cooldowns, bonuses and weaknesses
- highlights abilities whenever they proc to do more damage

All are available on Curse.

- Have spent alot of time grinding Lion’s Landing Commissions at Dominance Offensive areas. 2000 Commissions allows you to purchase a Rodent Crate from a DO vendor. This item once placed on the group releases Sumprush Rodent Pet Lvl 23-25. Time on crate is only 20 minutes however it appears that the Rodents will continually spawn until the time is up.



Rogueslayer (audio)

Hello to the stupendous Ctrl-Alt-WoW!

I know, I know, there was silence from this end last week. Between digging out from 30.5 inches of snow and dealing with work stuff, I plain old lost track of time! But I'm back with an extra-early submission this week - avoid the rush and all that.

I understand that my last audio, about time management, may have been a bit stressful to the listener. This week, I've been taking things a bit slower, come as they may. I've been working my original toon, and have this human rogue partway through 88. Perhaps I'll have Double Agent by the time of the podcast. Other than that, the toons have just been playing according to whim and taking it easy. Voltandra talks about this more mellow style in the attached audio.

Have a great week, everyone!

-Voltandra's player

Hi guys and gals,

It's been a long time since last I wrote. I've been wanting to get a character into Clan of Darkness for a while and I finally have transferred my level 86 priest, Pontis, over to Earthen Ring. I still have all of my alts (no purging allowed) and am nowhere near having a level 90 yet. I feel pretty bad knowing that Aprillian is probably going to hit 90 before me in this expansion (OUCH!). IRL, I'm back in school for my 2nd bachelors degree, this time in music education. School keeps me busy but I do have time on the weekends to pop my head in the game. Well I must be back at the school work now. Thanks for your continued work on such a great podcast.

Happily yours,


Hello CAW crew,
This week it seems Morgaine was a little more busy in WoW land then Wren- she blames Guild Wars 2 for taking away some of his game time.
Morgaine was busy being an alt-a-holic by gaining a few levels on her tauren hunter, troll druid and getting back into enjoying her undead warlock who now is level 70! She also cranked out a few levels on her Panda mage with the help of some Stockades runs.
The two of us also played our Death Knight/Priest duo a little more, and enjoyed seeing the horde side of Twilight Highlands.
Wren has been busy adding to his Living Steel collection. He has one alt that has pretty much every bag slot filled with Living Steel and Ghost Iron! Horder, much?
Wren also did a retro raid with Big Bear Butt, doing Black Temple and Sunwell Plateau.
Anyways, Have a great week all. Looking forward to the next patch to drop!

For the Horde, for the Alliance, for the "holy cow, that's a lot of Ghost Iron in your bank!"
Morgaine and Wren

Necronomicon (audio)
Greetings CaW crew, Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy (hope he's feeling better) and Tedra. Hello from your friends the Nekrobob's, we hope all is well both in and out of game for you and all our wonderful guildies. We had fun starting some new toons this week.
Below is our audio submission for the weeks show.

Cheers and thanks,

and remember undead love is forever….

BigG (audio)
Bit of a ramble this week sorry oh crap look at the time I better hurry up and get this sent so I can go to work seeya and hey how you doing guest co host

Hey CAW Crew!

Salty Sl√°inte here!

Wanted to let you know dual-boxing is soo much, everyone should do it!



P.S. After listening to CAW check out Bitter and Salty

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness
Donnie (audio)

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