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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 313 - Nevik adjusts his CoD-piece

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Nevik of discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Jeppy is getting better, but not quite up to recording. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno’s Corner

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow Darlings!  

Here's our fun little audio for this week, we had kind of an "oops" while recording it, as you'll hear...
And attached is the screenshot that Pixie mentions...hehe...
/great big hugs & kisses!!!
Juuno & Pixiegirl

p.s. The podcast is taking me FOREVER to edit and I'm only going through and taking out long pauses in audio (that occur when we're focusing real hard on the game...hahahaa) but should be up before friday...we're just calling it "Juuno & Pixie" and I'll tweet it when it's finally up... Love you!

What We've Been Doing:


There’s nothing sadder than planting a crop you didn’t collect the quest for.

Doing Golden Pagoda quest


Warlock quest line

  • Black Temple fun! avoiding guards, using pet to tank, using eye of kilrogg, first time using gateway.
  • Was trying as affliction. Could get past imps with health funnel.
  • Switched to Destruction, but now learning new spec, so doing worse. Can’t even get past imps.

World bosses
- Pre-nerf many deaths, one wipe, got him. gold only
Sha on 3 toons - gold
Galleon on 3 toons - gold

Monk hit level 45 - what talent to choose!

Thunder Isle

  • Enjoying the stage scenarios
  • Now at Stage 4; Blacksmiths’ get Strange Metal Ingot off Itoka
  • Ashayo doesn’t get offered the PvP quests
  • Don't turn in Tattered Historical Parchments for rep insignia's until you are revered and have bought the commendation.
  • Exalted with Sunreaver Onslaught
- 496 cloak for 937 valor at revered
- Ring at exalted
- Bought the Crimson Primal Direhorn


  • April was right - no daily from Farmer Yoon to plant something once you own the farm :(
  • Ashayo only getting offered Klaxxi, but Jekle gets them all. Open dailies.
  • Finally got Foragers Gloves off Korda Torros on my miner - fast!


  • LFR on Asharmin - Throne of Thunder - came in on council, wiped twice so had determination buff. 502 bracers and tier gloves on bonus roll
  • Ashayo - first 3 bosses of Heart of Fear - two tier gloves and tier chest
  • Ashayo - ToES. Dagger, Sha-touched sword and Sha-touched Staff in first run!

Nevik as Jeppy (or as Nevik if Jeppy is good to go?)

Pulled myself away from Diablo 3. Transferred my rogue over to the ScoJo server to play with CoD peeps after the guild I was in on Cenarius partially merged with another. Ran into Mollyshot in the troll area of the Isle of Thunder when trying to get a piece of the Chamberlain. What a pain that quest was before the hotfix … and all for a Shan’ze stone? Oids.

Dailies. Dailies. Dailies. So very far behind in “progression” with all of my attention being diverted to Diablo 3. Started off at ilvl 464, now over 470 and slowly climbing. Nearing exalted with the Shado-pan (want that cloud serpent … they do give a cloud serpent at exalted right? from a quest that opens up?)

Cleared MSV LFR, half of HoF LFR. Haven’t won much: a dagger from … Feng (where’s Zhug and his sound-board when you need him?) and the same trinket from Elegon THREE times. One from my first Elegon kill, then again on my second kill (and the third came from my bonus roll on the 2nd kill >.> handy tip: make sure you know whether or not there is actually something you might like before doing a bonus roll).

Isle of Thunder is pretty awesome. Not a fan of the 3rd stage dailies though, or at least the ones where you have to traverse from one side of the island to the other to kill a named NPC and then BACK to Elsie).

Quest “What’s Inside Counts” is such a PITA. Guardian Tak’u is /HARD/ to solo for a rogue with poor gear. If you don’t have a dispel MAKE SURE TO KILL THE PRIEST OF THE HYDRA (or just make sure to keep some combo points available to kidney shot it when it starts casting waves of the Hydra). Want to get the cheevo “Our Powers Combined” related to Guardian Tak’u.

Put in a mighty effort last week to stay on top of the weekly contribution and was having a wonderful back n’ forth with Pixiegirl … that is … until good ‘ol Mata decided to power level his priest and put both of us to shame. Hey Mata, mind spending some more time on Nevikhoof?

Speaking of Nevikhoof, really want to get my mage, shaman, dk, rogue and monk to 90. Yaaaaaah. Poop.



Big G (audio)
Lets see what have I been up to this week mostly trying to stay dry as it’s been raining for a week straight. Plus I was held hostage by a duel boxer the other night in a dungeon run as they were asking for 100 gold each or they weren’t moving before we paid up.
<insert screen shots>
lvl 28 Monk.j
lvl 46 hunter.jpg
lvl 50 Druid.jpg
lvl 50 mage.jpg
lvl 50 Warrior.jpg
Lvl 52 hunter.jpg
lvl 80 DK.jpg
Lvl 85 Rouge.jpg
lvl 85 warlock.jpg

Big Steve
Hey CAW crew and Clan guildies,

I apologize for taking so long to write and I hate to be the bearer of disturbing news, but something mind-numbingly horrible has happened and you are the only family I feel comfortable sharing it with.

I logged into WoW recently and Grizzleflotz was missing.  I scoured all the places in Azeroth I thought he might be, but to no avail.  Later I received an anonymous letter in my in-game mail with the cryptic message, "What you seek is in Azshara".    I hired a Shattered Hand operative to follow the trail and a few days later learned the horrible truth:  Grizzleflotz had been kidnapped and was now a "fluffer" at Gallywix Pleasure Palace.  Normally I would mobilize my alts and coordinate a rescue mission, but since Grizzleflotz was inherently creepy I figured he would like his new home better.  Disheartened and strangely relieved, I toddled over to the Orgrimmar orphanage where I promptly adopted a charming young Troll whose name was, oddly enough, the same as my Twitter handle:  Toastcrawler.  If that's not strange enough, he was wearing the exact same gear and had the exact same bag contents as Grizzleflotz.  It was as if fate had looked me directly in the eyes and said, "I see you."

I could have simply said that I did a class and name change on Grizzleflotz, but that wouldn't have been very RP-ish, now would it?

Sharavanga has been in game more and more lately and flourishing in the awesomeness that is Clan of Darkness and has had a couple great experiences this week that I wanted to share.  I checked my mail on Monday and I had received letter from an Orc named "Bahaalo" who I figured was in the guild.  It contained a very nice care package with some level appropriate food and drink, several health and mana potions and a very nice combat pet.  I replied with a thank you letter and an extra rare Zandalari Anklerender.  Later, Bahaalo replied with a thanks to my previous thank you and sent me yet another rare pet.  I looked at the guild roster and couldn't find the character, so I did a search and found that Bahaalo was in fact NOT in Clan of Darkness:  He was just a randomly nice person doing randomly nice things for other players.  In my almost seven years of playing WoW I have never seen this level of unselfishness on a server, and Earthen Ring is not exactly low pop.  It inspired me to return to Thunder Bluff and find a random person (without heirlooms) and give them some starter gold and a few items.  It felt so good I would urge everybody who can afford it to do something similar maybe once a month.  It's a "win" for all parties involved and it builds community which is the backbone of this game we all love.

Secondly, I'd like to give a shout out to guildie Dizinee, who has been very welcoming and engaging.  I've been in a few guilds and at the odd hours I play, the guild chat consists mostly of people linking achievements with little or no interpersonal interaction.  Dizinee noticed that I was new and gave me a very nice welcome and let me know that he was availiable if I ever needed help.  This is probably nothing new to you, but to someone who plays the game for the social aspect despite his social awkwardness, it is like a breath of fresh air, so thanks Dizinee!  I'll try to hurry to 90 and maybe we can PVP together soon!

Thanks again, caw crew, for all that you do!  If you're back, Jeppy, you're my hero.  You've definitely been in my thoughts since your unfortunate hiatus.  If you're not back, you're still my hero and I look forward to your much anticipated return.

Big Steve

Good evening CaW people, Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy, and Tedra and this weeks magnificent special guest.

Its your dear friends the Nekronomicon's coming to you with an audio submission for this weeks wonderful show. We hope everyone is well and happy both in and out of game.

Much love and heartfelt thanks for your delightful podcast you guys and gals are truly the best :)

and remember undead love is forever…

Rumplekuss Living large in Orgrimmar with his new Mechanohog

Makein' Big Bad Bucks on the auction house baby $$$$$

It has just hit me how long it has been since I have given you an update. So what has happened since the last time I wrote in…. oh yeah, just something small like me becoming a father. I’ll be including some photos of my little princess so you can put them in the show notes.

In game, I have been busy busy busy… from doing dailies (including daily cooldowns), to gearing characters to go into the Throne of Thunder LFR raid. Also been trying to work on joining a raid team on Aussie Sunday nights, and having the usual ADHD when it comes to which character I’ll be choosing… I think at the moment I’ve settled on my Death Knight as a dps… teaming up with a few names that are familiar to the podcast. But I’ll let you know how it all goes after our first official raid…
Just recently I also managed to do what Jeppy did like the week after Mists launched…. I managed to get the Master of All achievement. Finally got all my professions to 600, finished it by crafting some of the crafted PVP gear on my tailor that they can randomly discover. I did get a little confused with the Leatherworking daily discovery. Here I was thinking that you could do both the “Magnificence of Leather” and the “magnificence of scales” each day…. But alas, you can only do either or. Which works for me, cause all my leatherworker is doing at the moment is tilling leather, which is actually quite productive. I think I’m getting about 50-60 leather a day and only using 20 on the magnificence of leather, so I’m getting a nice surplus. Every now and then I get a Magnificent hide as well from tilling.
I’m looking forward to the easter break, cause I have 10 days off work straight, only had to take 4 days officially as leave, the rest being public holidays and weekends. And during that time, I’m going to go see “Legally Blonde: The Musical” with my wife to celebrate our 1 year anniversary (a little early cause the show stops before our anniversary). April is a very busy month, with both my wife’s and my birthdays and our anniversary, it’s going to be exciting.
Well that’s it from me.
So Long and Thanks for all the fish.

Reforging for Casuals

Hey CAW crew,

Just wants to share my two cents on reforging as a casual player. I've done LFR on 3 characters and done all 3 rolls (tank, DPS, heals), but really only the first round of LFR's. I'm have done limited reforging on my warrior main for DPS spec to make the hit cap, expertise soft cap, and reforge to crit when possible. I've reforged on my tank spec a little to target 4% on hit and expertise for active mitigation and can't really be bothered with anything else. I have never used AskMrRobot. If I was in a dedicated raid team and there was no progress, I'd use it, but its not needed for my gameplay. Am I an ├╝ber deeps? Of course not, but I think that's because I consider myself a tank at heart and enjoy healing in LFR the best. I truly think Blizzard added it with the intention of making a way to share gear between specs, and realized it could be a tremendous gold sink once the theory crafters got ahold of it.

I also wanted to share a leveling/gold making tip. I've been buying stacks of fish when they are below 2.50g, turning them into groceries and turning in the quest, trading the tokens for Soy Sauce and selling it for ~70 gold. It breaks down to 25-30g per stack plus 25k exp for my lvl 86 priest. Sure it might be faster and more profitable to grind turtles if you don't feel like questing, but with the mobile armory I don't even need to leave half hill.

Clan of Darkness
Hey Gang. here is this weeks audio! The wife experiment hit a few road blocks but is back on track. Hopefully she will send in a submission soon so she can join CoD!
You all are awesome! Take care
Shout Outs & Thank You
Sorry to see Solador leave the game - good luck in the real world; thanks for all the fish .. and gold.

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