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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 359 - Darkmoon Faire Marches In

Aprillian, Rogueslayer Guest hosts 
Ashayo and
Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. With segments by Grand Nagus and Donnie of Clan of Darkness. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno and Pixie Girl!

Good afternoon Aprillian, Rogueslayer, Tedra and the other awesome co-host you have this week :)
 Hope everyone is doing great in and out of the game!

Lets see what have I done this week, not much of anything so guess this will be a short email :) Been sick with this dang cold or think that's what it is, but getting better at least the coughing isn't as bad. Which by the way do you know how hard it is too kill a elite while coughing your head off? lol  Happened last night, but I did manage to kill him barely then ran for safety, after that gave up and went to bed!
Oh and another thing that Hardened Shell thingy well don't throw while standing by a guard, it' flags you then the guard kills you! Seems like as of late I'm getting flagged more often of course it's my own fault, having just a little to much fun with the hardened shell :)
And I'm happy to say my mage is finely 512 gear score, yeah I know that's not very high yet, but wow she isn't easy to solo. Funny I really like playing her and she is getting better or maybe I'm just learning! Also she made her first 553 belt, but didn't learn any new patterns, so is there somewhere else that she needs to go to train?
And lets see I put a screen shot of Aprillian, Leeta and I, we met up for a chat. I'm sure Aprillian will feel you in on our get together. Love you Aprillian & sweet Leeta :)
Okay one more thing I've decided that the pets will only be leveled too level 10, this way who ever gets them can have some fun too :) And if your around tonight lets go have some fun doing something 10pm game time. Open for incoming idea's, older, newer, pet, mount what ever you want too do!

Love ya
Pixie & Juuno
for the Horde & Clan of Darkness

PS if anyone has watched the show Vikings let me know if it's good? I love there commercial, okay really it's the guy with the bare chest!!

Just a short note I just listened to Corpse Run Radio, and well omg, I don't have the words to say how Big Steve song made me feel. I cried and filled with love and happiest at the same time. Turned my speakers up so my sons could hear it too and they said that it was awesome! Thank you so very much Big Steve I don't have the words to express how you made me feel, but I loved it and wow how beautiful!! Tell your daughter she has your talent such a amazing voice like her father. Now I need to download it so when I'm feeling down & so sad I can listen to your song again & again & again which will be every day.

Love you so very much

Happy March!
Hello CAW Darlings!  

First, I want to apologize for the quality of our audio...I didn't realize mine was so low, so I'm sorry...I hope you can hear it okay.. <=)

Secondly, I want to send a big shout-out to Reprint, Sumduud, Clogalis, Willowpelt, Mistake and Rockwyn...they are all so wonderful and we had a really great time hanging out with them on Fridaynight!  They helped me get my achievements for the Sunwell Plateau and Outland Raider tonight!!  Thank you SO much guys (and Mom!)  I really appreciated the help.  We took down Kil'jaeden, and then Illidan, and then headed out to the Timeless Isles.  It was a really good night.  Okay, I'm heading to bed now.... love you guys and gals!!

/great big hugs & kisses!

Juuno & Pixie

What We've Been Doing:


Aprillian made a pair of cloth pants from Celestial cloth and sold for 9k. Not happy with people putting up dozens of stacks of 5 of windwool. Had to log off and use armory app.

People are still making DK’s


Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 5.55.00 AM.pngScreen Shot 2014-02-25 at 7.26.13 PM.pngPets.jpgScreen Shot 2014-03-01 at 8.39.14 AM.pngScreen Shot 2014-03-01 at 8.41.58 AM.png



  • Stupid Diablo interference Friday morning
  • Double whammy of awesome sauce -
  • Worthy Opponent (Lon the Bull in Townlong Steppes) - rare Big Bag of Herbs and rare Razor-Sharp Chitin Choker. Bag had many herbs and 16 golden lotus
  • Wednesday someone in their Sky Golem was AFK, parked almost on top of the Halfhill mailbox - screenshotAstaara mailbox.jpeg
  • Worked my way out to Fields of Niuzao to fish up some Redbelly Mandarin, got Panderian Angler when I caught one.
  • Julie wants a warlock for a felsteed
  • Professional Zen Master - skinning
  • Near-death by dinner delivery x passive minion
  • Return and return and return to Soggy’s Gamble
  • Unlootable Sea Monarch in the current
  • Level 90 Thursday night (crickets in guild chat…). Now everyone in Halfhill wants to chat!
  • Sunbeam in Krasarang Wilds
  • Green Ashwing Moth on Timeless Isle
  • Zen Master Cook / Master of the Grill
  • You are now Hostile with Tina Mudclaw (aka Acquaintance)


Bruus' Report
Love is Certainly NOT in the Air...
Bruus’ report of the Crown Chemical Companies misdeeds.
After 101 victories over these gas-mask wearing chemists, I have amassed the following loot;
3 Vile Fumigator’s Masks
3 Forever-Lovely Roses
7 Toxic Wastelings
2 “The Heartbreaker” Trinkets
699 Love Tokens
2,525 Useless Valor Points
and exactly 0 (Zero) Big Love Rockets
I will be the one on the ledge if you’re looking for me.
~ Bruus

I just found you a couple days ago. I listen to a ton of Wow podcasts, but yours is the most realistic of anything. Real people, really playing. And playing the way I do. Not these “elite, only raid” shows about things that I’ll never ever see.
This is just awesome and look forward to going back in the archives to listen my way through.

Psst, remember me?
Hello Lovely Ladies,

I hope this email finds you all well. I have a bit of catching up to do as I haven't written in a few weeks.
Clogalis has been doing his leather working daily research and finally has discovered all of the MoP patterns. He's now wearing a pair of crafted Snow Lily Britches. While they don't sound like the most masculine pair of pants for an undead rogue, they do have an ilvl of 561 after 2 valor point upgrades so I shouldn't complain.
I've been playing a few alts recently and my level 90 Mage, Warlock and Priest have now made the perilous journey from Thaurrisan to Earthen Ring and can now be found relaxing in the bean bag room of Clan of Darkness. I'm enjoying playing holy spec on my priest Tennish but he's really struggling with mana at the moment. I swear he must be drinking it when I'm not looking. Hopefully gear upgrades will solve this. When I created him I was stumped for a name, I happened to look at the time and it was, well, 10-ish.
Outside of WoW I've been doing a lot better. I have taken some steps in the right direction and even achieved a few mile stones. A few weeks ago I spoke out about a personal problem that I've lived with since I was as young as I can remember. I never thought I could've reached where I am today and to be honest I think I couldn't have done it without the support I've received from my CoD family. I'm so grateful for the friends I've made in WoW.

See you in & out of game.

Take care,

Long time listener, first submission.
Hey ladies, and hey apprillian especially!
I started listening to your podcast not long after I started playing, towards the end of BC, it was just you and glanthur back then, I have to say I really enjoyed that small interview you did with him a while back, it brought back some great memories and reminded me to get off my butt and finally send an email in.

I have to admit I haven't played now for a good few months, I'm in my third year of UNI for Environmental science and things have been picking up steadily over the years. Between work and uni and having a social life I just don't have the time like I used to to log in at the end of my day and spend some time in Azeroth, I barely have time for a social life as it is!

I've taken breaks over the years when things have gotten busy but Azeroth has always pulled me back and I've been playing pretty steadily over the 7 or 8 years and listening faithfully almost every week. This last break has had something of a finality about it and I still feel a little bit sick when I think about leaving my girls in Azeroth for the last time. This game has a funny way of gettin in your heart, doesn't it.

Things have definitely changed over the years, one of the largest factors to this last break I think was that the majority of people I had played with over the last 6 years or so had finally all left to go their own ways, I'd log in to kill and loot but it's not the same without a family, you know?

I'd always meant to write in and thank you, it's a bit silly maybe but your podcast has been more of a constant in my life than almost anything else, I've moved state and country, been through relationships and breakups, different jobs, different friends, different lives almost, I was a lonely kid when I first started listening, just out of school, in a new city. I always wanted to thank Glanthur too, I was deeply closeted and miserable back then, and your friendly banter and warm friendship did a lot to heal my spirit. Things are fantastic now, I've been blessed in life more than I can say.

The new expansion is looking pretty great, and if I get some free time I'd love to join your little clan for some new adventures when it hits. I still listen to the show as often as I can, but sadly not as often as I'd like since jeppy and ashayo left. I know the podcast is in the capable and lovely hands of the new hosts though!

Thank you, truely, for everything over the years.


Ps - I've included some screenshots of my girls in the last place I left them. this is my Tauren Druid healer, my main for 7 years or so. this is my dps monk, full of brawn.

New Song
If you want to hear the full story make sure to listen to Corpse Run Radio #6.

I actually wrote this when Pixie left the guild, not knowing she'd be back in, like, twelve seconds.  However this song is very special to me because it accurately conveys what it means to be in a tight-knit guild like COD.

My daughter was nice enough to provide some background vocals, and of course you know it just takes thinking about my kids to get me blubbering.  I honestly think that her singing is what makes this particular song extra special to me--that and the person it's dedicated to anyway.

It's called "A Penny For Your Thoughts (Fly Pixie, Fly)

Hope you like it,
Big Steve

Guild INV
Hello.... just was invited by a friend who is in your guild. My Toon is name Rzeznik  Shammy.  I wanted to try a new UN PVP realm for a change. Please accept my probation period for a while.

Well as always I will let the audio do the talking
Big G

Audio from Bemmo (Totemsontap)

Addon Spotlight:

with Grand Nagus

Clan of Darkness Guildie Stuff




Steka (perhaps missed before?)

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun:

Top 10 20140224.jpg

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness

Hello Ctrlaltwow Crew
It has never happened that I write to you 2 weeks in a row but I come bearing a gift.
I won the top 25 in Guild activity competition we had last week in the game. I won an Armored Bloodwing and I thank Donnie for the gift. I already have this mount so I thought I would give it to you Ladies to give away.
You might be able to have a competition of your own and get somebody to make you a new Email bumper.
Anyway I love the new line up. You Ladies are awesome. Have a great week.
Sincerely Matahorn
Ps I must thank Donnie for letting me give away my prize.

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