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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 385 - Legen… wait for it… Dary!!

Aprillian, Leeta, Rogueslayer and Tedrah discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. With segments by Grand Nagus and Donnie of Clan of Darkness. Contest Ongoing send an email to ctrlaltwow@gmail.com telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno and Pixie Girl!

What We've Been Doing:


Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 3.13.58 PM.png


1/ Achievements
Been working on the Glory of the Cataclysm Hero Dungeon Achievement

So finished up in Shadowfang Keep, The Deadmines, Blackrock Caverns, Grim Batol and Throne of the Tides.

Woohoo! Achieved!
Smexy new mounts!
Volcanic Stone Drake  http://www.wowhead.com/item=62900

2/ Halaa
Finished off grinding tokens and finally got Dark War Talbuk!
Smexy mount No.2!

3/ Timeless Isle

Managed to get 2 items knocked off my Going To Need a Bigger Bag Achievement this week!

Bigger Bag1.png

Bigger Bag2.png

Only need another 11 items! :D

4/ Warlocks Lvl64 - 65 Mana Tombs

Wingy, Ashayo, Mata and I had some fun! :)
Drain Life Screenshots
Rock It Out!
Static Baby!
Achieves All Round!

5/ Clan of Darkness Friday Night Fun

Big thanks to those that came out to play :) - Wingy, Ashayo, Big G, Moonie, Winslow, Tiber, Rain, Duvessae and Stegatamad.
We did 10m Heroic Blackwing Descent and Throne of the Four Winds!
Nerfarian is Nerfed!!
We all float up here!!

6/ Leeta’s Legen… wait for it… Dary Cloak!
After what seems to be many, many weeks I can finally say I got my Legendary Cloak!
What an amazing questline! Some good and bad parts but the end results speak for themselves! :)
Legendary Cloak3.png
Quest is called Cloak of Virtue  http://www.wowhead.com/quest=32861/cloak-of-virtue

Legendary Cloak1.png

Legendary Cloak2.png
It’s Soooo Purdy!!

At the Seat of Knowledge!
I Have Wings!


Made of list of my 90’s with iLvl <522 - eight currently

Empierce (NE hunter)
  • Went into Mogu’Shan Palace and tamed a Quilen
  • Leaning Tower, WG Victory, Destruction Derby - destroy each of four WG vehicle types
  • A Taste of Things to Come (trillium ore)
  • One on one in Wintergrasp - bait and switch (wi/Rogueslayer)
  • Helped kill an Imperial Python! Also Chelon (turtle), Archierius of Flame, Rock Moss (didn’t trigger…). Later another Imperial Python - 5 rare quest complete.
  • Legend of the Past (lost Pandaren artifact on TI)
  • Solo Wintergrasp Victory vs. unknown number of Horde
  • Accidental PVP in Grizzly Hills
  • Zen Master Medic
  • Rolo’s Riddle
  • Towers of Power (kill 3 siege engines single TB)
  • Eye of the Storm Victory, high in the damage ranks :)
  • The Tillers
  • Strands of the Ancients Victory - topped the damage chart!
Empierce SotA Damage.png
  • Reached Honored with The Black Prince (which is as far as I ever get…)
  • found rich trillium vein on TI - 5 black trillium ore
  • Just missed out on Great Turtle Furyshell and then on Emerald Gander
  • Eroded Cliffdweller Vengeance:
Downed Cliffdweller.jpeg
  • The Bread Winner (10k gold in quest rewards)
  • PIlgrimage (Time-Lost Shrines)
  • Switched hearthstone spot:
Home view.jpeg
  • Thrown off the bridge in Eye of the Storm:
Death by Bridge.jpeg
  • Stormy Assassin (3rd damage :) ) - 5 hk at each EotS bases, 1 battle
  • At Grizzly HIlls, Exalted with Valiance Expedition -> 5 Exalted Reputations
  • Fully outfitted in Grevious Gladiator - ilvl 522
  • 500 Daily Quests

Rogueslayer (human rogue)
  • Gathering conquest points
  • Got My Mind on Money (loot 1000g)
  • Went bag shopping for Empierce and herself

  • Working on conquest for Prideful
  • Take a Chill Pill (EofS)
  • Call to Arms! (100 bg’s at max level)
  • Eye of the Storm Victory
  • TI Rares - had 2, plus Jakor of Ordon, Archieros of Flames (massive crowd), Tsavo-ka -> 5 rares!
  • All Over the Isle (Kill someone at all the spots) - “Bad ass mount”

Gimbligyre (Frost DK in Robot House on Sentinals)
  • 71 - 72
  • Hadn’t played in so long I had to pick all my talents
  • So many spells, so complicated - key mash time

Quick little tip!!
So, it's Sunday night and I just ran into a goblin rogue wearing the DMF tophat...yet the DMF isn't for another two weeks.  I asked about it, and found a very sweet and helpful player on the other end.  I felt I HAD to share this tip, and I was afraid that I would completely forget it by the end of the week when I do my audio thing....so, here's a quick little tip!:

When you get the prize boxes from the DMF, be sure NOT to auto-loot them!  If you notice they have a DMF tophat, leave the tophat in the box, and once the DMF is over you can take them out and use them - AND still get the buffs!!  Plus, they aren't soulbound, so you can send them to your leveling alts!  So, next DMF, be sure to buy your tophats for use, and save the ones in the prize boxes to use after the faire ends!


From Kurly
Sent from my iPod

Thoughts on LFR
Greetings!  Hail and Well Met!
I thought perhaps it was time to send another missive to my friends at Control-Alt-WoW.  I wanted to weigh in on the whole LFR conversation.
I’ve been doing LFR for some time, since my schedule is often so screwy and I can rarely have the opportunity to join up with an actual raid group.  (Although I did get to hang out in a Flex recently, but more on that later.)  I’ve a couple of characters that are pretty well geared just from repeated LFR runs.  Most key is often the weapon, since it feels like it’s the hardest to get to.
So, if you’re DPS, generally LFR isn’t difficult to do at all.  As Leeta has pointed out, you get in, keep your head down, say out of the Stuff, stay in the healing circles, and pew-pew-pew as much as you can.  Be helpful.  And before you know it, you’ve got gear and you’re doing better.  If you don’t know the fights, browse the raid chat for instructions.  Good leaders give them.  Ignore the stuff that’ll just aggravate you if you respond to it.  If you don’t have something good or positive or constructive to say, then just let it be and keep quiet.
Tuesday, Wednesday and generally Thursday’s are okay to run LFR.  After that, unless it’s during Prime time, and you can pull some guildmates into the LFR with you, don’t have high expectations.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best.  Good leaders, people in there trying to get Valor or gear and who are focused and forgiving.  Thursday can be so-so.
That’s been my experience as DPS.  I only Tank LFR’s on fights I really know, or I’m so crazy over-geared I just need decent healers who’ll keep me up.  As a healer, I started out as single-target healer and just try to ignore people who gripe about my low healing…y’know, cause I’m focusing on the Tank(s) and not the rest of the raid.  I’m just starting to branch out into more of the actual raid-wide healing, so I don’t have a good deal to add to that yet.
Now, recently I just happened to get to join an AIE group doing a 10-man Throne of Thunder (ToT), and they needed a slot filled.  I could do OT, mDPS, rDPS or healing if they really wanted it.  They asked me to Off-Tank.  We did ok, and I’m so greatful for getting to off-tank with actual guildmates who are reasonable people, who understand stuff happens, and that we have RL before game-life.  We spent half the time there, then moved over to Flex for Siege of Orgrimmar (SoO).  I swapped over to Ranged DPS, which I was much more comfortable with.
The group was new to getting into SoO, some had done LFR, some had seen the videos.  We talked, like normal people, to get through the first boss after several wipes.  But what was really outstanding, was coming to the second boss in the first wing of SoO, the Fallen Heroes.  After a 5-minute overview by the raid leader, we managed to one-shot the Fallen Heroes!  I have to say the key factors were healers who were on the ball, and a raid leader who could talk us through it and get us shifted from target-to-target in a timely manner!  You know, guildmates, respectfully working together! It was pure awesome!  And yes, we were all pretty elated.  Gear upgrades were icing on the cake for some of the folks.
There is no “I” in TEAM, except in the A-hole.  So, don’t be afraid of LFR, especially if you’re DPS.  You might find there are some things you really like about it.
Good luck, all…and happy hunting!
“Be well…”
Wolfbrother / Eranth / Wolfheal
AIE & Clan of Darkness
Earthen Ring

Missing my friends
Hello Aprillian, Rogueslayer, Leeta and Tedrah,

It has been a while since I have written, and also a while since I've logged in. I am sorry for the lack of happy content in this email but I feel I owe an explanation to everyone for my recent actions. As some of you may know, I've been struggling with an anxiety disorder ever since I can remember, and with this comes depression because sometimes the despair of living with a broken mind is so overwhelming.The latter was the cause for my irrational behaviour recently which saw me deleting all my level 90s and most of my friends from Facebook. My toons have been restored thanks to a very helpful GM and most of my Facebook friends have rejoined me, I apologise if I have missed anyone. I feel very ashamed for letting it come to this and causing pain to the people who have cared so much for me over the past few years. I am taking each day as it comes and I'm managing to get through the difficult ones. I am seeking professional help and support and I'm actively striving to overcome this. While I can't see myself logging in to WoW any time soon I'm sure I will be back to check out the new content when it is released and I still love to listen to CAW.

For the memories

Take care,

Hearthstone Chat
Priestly ways
Here is the next update to my hearthstone tips and as always hopefully it helps someone out. Plus don't forget to log in before September 30 to get the free spider room in hearthstone

Clan of Darkness Guild Updates

8/24 - 8/30

Clan of Darkness II:
  • Night Elf Slayer
  • Worgen Slayer


Last week’s 90’s - Winslowwong, Loonah, Maryskellie

Pandaren Ambassador - Swiftbloom! (Golden Lotus, Shado-Pan, Lorewalkers, Tillers, Huojin Pandaren, August Celestials, Klaxxi, Anglers, Order of the Cloud Serpent)

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun:
  • Golsnipe
  • Zartanji

Top 10 / Top 5
Top Ten CoD 8-25.pngTop Ten CoD2 8-25.png

  • Xandalynn:
    • Clockwork Rocket-Bot - Stormhoofer
    • Proto-Drake Whelp - Orcstein
    • White Kitten - Fendos
    • Frigid Frostling - Razmini
  • Leeta:
    • Wolpertinger
    • Ghostly Skull
    • White Tickbird Hatchling
    • Sinister Squashling
    • Leaping Hatchling
    • Tiny Snowman
    • Red Moth
    • Blue Moth
    • Winter’s Little Helper
    • Cockatiel
    • Tickbird Hatchling
    • Silver Tabby Cat
    • Siamese Cat
    • Imperial Silkworm
    • Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot
    • Winterspring Cub
    • Spring Rabbit’s Foot
    • Tree Frog Box
    • Truesilver Shafted Arrow
    • Voodoo Skull
    • Sea Pony
    • Green Helper Box
    • Captured Flame

Shout Outs & Thank Yous

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