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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 450 - LunkerBoosterBlighterpalooza!!

Aprillian, Leeta, Vrishna and Rogueslayer discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's greatest MMORPG. The show features audio segments and email submissions from our lovely listeners.
If you want to join the conversations on the show, we have a live chatroom with in-game giveaways moderated by chatroom-chick Tedrah. We record every Friday at 6 p.m. EST / 8 a.m. (Sat. Australia’s time), on our Ustream page!
We also have an ongoing contest. Send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altoholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno’s delightful adventures

What We've Been Doing:


1/ Recovery

2/ Doing the garrison shuffle after being away for 12 days… it took awhile lol

3/ Fishing - 10 Lunkers in Tanaan

4/ Jakur is still a weasel!


Screenshot 2015-12-03 16.10.35.jpg
Screenshot 2015-11-30 15.54.46.jpg
Boosted and Van Cleef
Screenshot 2015-11-28 21.00.12.jpgScreenshot 2015-11-28 20.41.17.jpg


Murloc-ed !

Level 22 and Ghostlands Quests

Rare Hunting
Aquarius the Unbound

Creeper Egg bug fix !

What up wit dat ?

Nice views of the Ruins of Southshore !

Yeah, he SLIMED me !
This one was CLOSE !

Rare Hunting
Where are MY RARES ?!? Krethis , Creepthess and the ??? Naga


Naga Lady Zephris

Sky-Bo, just too cool to not get a screenshot

Rare Hunting
Tamra Stormpike in Gun Darok


Bedeep bedeep bedeep dat’s all folks !! ………..(for now, maybe)



Crannger, dwarf paladin
  • Tanaan, garrison stuff
  • PVP - Honorable Kill! Damage Control (300,000 damage in a battle)
  • New follower (blue 100) Pylarch the Evergreen from harvesting Large Timber in Nagrand
  • First death since creation/boost - in Arathi Basin (2nd BG)
  • Went to Darnassus for fishing daily - got weather-beaten fishing hat and weather-beaten journal on first quest
  • Upgraded herb, mine and fishing to lvl 2
  • Explore Tanaan Jungle
  • Got a treasure from Kil’Jaeden then used Goblin Glider to escape. Killed Delvar, though.
  • Feblight, felblight, felblight

Ironpalaver, BE paladin iron
  • 24 -
  • Was on a 5-minute PVP flag when logged in (from Hallow’s End)
  • Got to Morshan Ramparts after a couple of quests - everything yellow but Ghostlands. Sigh.
  • Did the first few quests, hit 25, Hillsbrad green - off to there
  • After yeti quests, the Corin Nemic quests were yellow, back to Ashenvale
  • 29 upon arrival Splintertree, better gear from vendor at inn


Another week
From Alisaunder
I did finish season 1 of Doctor Who with Capaldi but didn't care for it very much. Clara dates a fellow teacher and although they both keep saying they love each other, they bring out the very worst in each other.
She becomes a habitual liar and adrenaline junkie. He turns into an angry spiteful jerk. It wasn't pleasant.
But do watch the last episode.  It has the best writing of the season and although I still can't tell you anything about his Doctor, well, I'll stop there because spoilers.
Heroes of the Storm is pretty fun actually and perfect for a few minutes of play. The characters look so much better here than in WoW and being reduced to a few abilities and buttons instead of the standard 5 bars on my screen, is kind of liberating.
I find myself wishing WoW was a little more like Heroes, but with quests.  Simpler, cleaner, no hour long queus.
I didn't get in my WoW time, I ended up buying the Heroes Winterveil Jaina set and if she isn't the cutest thing.
I watched several people playing the WoW alpha though on Twitch.
First there was the demon hunter starting zone. Mild spoilers coming.
Standard stuff. Kill ten of these five of those and keep questing your way up the road through s gray barren rock scape with splatters of fel green. There are some interesting moments for Lore people but nothing really new other than Illidan has an immortal demon soul and if you choose right on a quest, so do you.
Also the Shivarra demonesses are apparently quite happy killing other demons while working for Illidan.  Makes me wonder if we might not command our own demon army by the time we end the expansion.  
Apparently all we need do is kill the demons the demons are sworn to, then have them swear to us. Imagine that as a warlock, let alone a priest.
A few days later, the class alpha testing began and I watched Anne Stickney of Blizzard Watch roll through a scenario for rogues to get her Artifact blades.
I liked it. I liked it a lot. You team up with a pirate, tracking down Eliza Goreblade and battling various enemies and a minor boss or two with some good mechanics before you fight Eliza. Eliza has no real history in the game so isn't a major figure like Tirion.
The story continued a bit as you return to your sewer under Dalaran,  and it's still a sewer under Dalaran rogues. Sorry.
But what happens when you get there is pretty interesting.  Then the server crashed.
Dalaran looks just the same, same npcs and everything except at Krasus Landing there is damage like a rock elemental tried to smash onto the edge of the landing. I think the Arthas fountain might also be missing. And there's a new stage magician standing on the Raise Your Eyes To The Skies platform doing magic tricks for the crowd.
For me, I've caught a nasty cold so did some streaming on Twitch chatting with people and nothing really.
Finally seeing bits of Legion is great, even though all of it is bound to change. It's making me excited to see more, even though I'm going to try to avoid the bigger spoilers.
Happy Star Wars Movie everyone.

Wingy's Week

Greetings CAW Crew,
Since last I wrote, I have finished leveling all my 90's up to 100.  With the boost from the pre-purchase of Legion, that makes an even 20, all with level 3 garrisons.  But wait! There's more.  I decided I should level one of each class to 100 before Legion.  Unfortunately, the only classes left are melee combat, which I don't like very much. I still need to level Monk, Death Knight and Warrior  
Other than leveling, I am working on setting up my garrisons for max gold production.  Each garrison gets a level 2 Inn, Salvage Yard and War Mill, and a Trading Post.  Each week I get a new follower with the Treasure Hunting trait. The Salvage Yard and the War Mill gives me armor for the followers.  Then when gold missions come up, I get at least double the reward.  For the Blingtron's Vault mission, you can get 4000 gold.
Once the garrisons are set, I need to work on opening up the Shipyard and Tanaan Jungle outpost.  
That should keep me busy for a little while :-)
For the Horde! And for Brightpaw (so cute)!


Dead man Leveling
Here's my audio for this week in hind sight i should have record a comp entry for the 9 years of CaW is it or 8 its been one of those weeks I have to listen and record one before the due date well here my audio Big G.

P.S Had a major coughing fit right after I stop recording it was epic

Greetings CAW Crew!

Sorry for the last minute email and lack of audio this week. It's been a busy one and i slept in this morning.

So, Wow wise, i created a couple of alts this week. i created a troll enhancement shammy called Rigar Te Morty and just started a frost mage called Pryd for some PVP. The shammy is currently level 17 and the frost mage is level 7 so far.

i also created a Orc Demo lock in honor of Aprillian called Ayleriana and she's level 12 so far. Apart from that i've popped on various toons, barely touched my ironman and have been sleeping in far too much this week to get much of any Wow done.

I did do a few Periscope vids since the last show and took Rogue Slayer virtual shopping with me so a big hello to her and Razuris who and the others who toon in :D

Big huggles to Leeta and i hope you have had a great week!



Competition Time No.1
We will be giving away a Swift Springstrider mount - generously donated by Elvira AND a Lvl25 Hatespark pet - generously donated by Constaxxone AND 3 Elixir of the Rapid Mind for a guildie generously donated from Sideburnz- increases XP gained by 300% for 15 minutes. Works below level 99.

**The winner will get to choose the prize they would like, 2nd place will then choose a prize and 3rd place will get the last prize.
The competition is as follows:-
1/ Submit an entry - describe what CAW means to you!
2/ Write an email or record an audio and send it in before or on CAW’s 9th Anniversary show!
3/ The winner will be announced on CAW’s 9th Anniversary Show - Ep453.
4/ Please make sure that you have a toon in HORDE SIDE - Clan of Darkness on Earthern Ring US - to make it easier for your prize to be given out.
5/ Please put CAW 9th Anniversary Competition in the subject line.

Competition Time No.2
Competition created by Sherriey to give away the Gronnling Mount!

1/ Submit an entry about your best fishing stories in Azeroth. It can be a true in-game fishing story or a tall tale!
2/ Write an email or record an audio and send it into CAW before or on Ep460.
3/ The winner will be announced on CAW’s Ep460!
4/ Please make sure that you have a toon in Clan of Darkness on Earthern Ring US - to make it easier for your prize to be given out.
5/ Please put CAW Fishing Competition in the subject line.

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Guild Updates: 11/27 (late) - 12/5 (showtime)

Achievement watch: Daily Anticipation:    /150,000 daily quests (last week 145,755)

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