Friday, April 13, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 019 - Alt Tips and Misc

What’s Going On

I’ve decided to restructure Ctrl Alt WoW. There will now be just four sections:
What’s going on
Tips for playing with Alts
Closing Thoughts

I think Alt Round up will be mentioned in each section. I am doing this because I find myself holding back on something an alt did in the ohther sections and then skipping over it in Alt Round Up as I go down the long list.
Created 2 characters on Lethon, a PvP server.
· I’ve joined Randy Deluxe’s Guild –“Phat Loot Fishers”
Also tried my hand at PvP
PvE makes me feel powerful and strong
PvP makes me feel stupid

What I did this week

Visited Shattrah – Found out in guild chat that you can get a port there with a mage. I logged on to Rilfire on the Baelgun server and did a /who 70 mage search and whispered a few mages. At first I was whispering mages in Shattrath. Then I realized I needed to find a mage near me. I found one in Undercity who was willing to port me for 1 g. Then I logged on with Aprillian on the Baelgun and had the same mage port me to Shattrath. I was in awe.

Then I logged on to ER and did the same thing with Aprillian my level 20 blood elf. I had gotten Shattrath fever. When I showed up in Shattrath, I ran right into a couple of guild mates, Ashoyo and Kalisynth, two awesome warlocks. We set about finding the inn so I could set my hearthstone to Shattrath. Once we got there, they asked in guild chat if anyone wanted to be ported. So we started pulling people to Shattrath inn and it was awesome.

The neatest thing is that there are portals in Shattrath that will take you to the 8 major cities, four for each faction and you can only go to your faction city. This is great!

Decided hunters were more my thing.

Someone in IF asked where I got my hatchlings

Newbie area tip, you can hearth
You can see what materials are available among your alts.

Let’s take a look at it.

Aprillian on Earthen Ring
· Wanted to make Spidersilk boots Gave some away
· Level 14 asked for help on killing Razormanes near Camp T
o I think that’s called Power Levelling

Veyle is holding ore

Iwari - Mining in Alterac Valley, loading up on ore.


Treshel on Lethon Server
· Is up to level 13 and has 3 gold
o Sold some ore and jewelry on AH
o Got her invite into Phat Loot Fishers


From: stlgamergirl
I know how you feel about trying to explain WoW to non-gamers. I myself have a similar situation. I don't have a lot of friends and I spend a lot of time at work. I'm also a huge fan of anime so imagine the surprised looks I get from people when they see me reading manga or watching something on my iPod. When I tell them about WoW, they have never heard of it and give me all these funny looks. I got so sick of not knowing anyone who shares my hobby, I went to craigslist and put an ad up in the looking for friends section. Three women have responded so far and they all know about gaming and/or anime.

I love hearing from someone else that I'm not alone in this. Thanks for writing.
Closing Thoughts:

I submitted the following to The Instance. I’m hoping they will play it on their podcast. If anyone

Greetings Instance Listeners, You’ve caught me killing Ogres in Alterac Valley – I’m Aprillian, a confessed alt-aholic. And I wanted to tell you about a podcast I’ve put together To help me and other satisfy our urge to have and to help organize our many alts. It’s called Ctrl Alt WoW. There’s no end game content, because most of us alt-aholics never get that far, but there are useful tips on how to make the best of all those alts you can’t help yourself from creating. You can find us on iTunes or visit our website at Thanks Andrew, Scott and Randy for keeping the bar of WoW podcast raised high.

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