Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 020 Retuning your alt

What’s Going On
• Before we head into the meat of the podcast, I’d like to address some comments about last week’s Special Video Presentation
o Sorry about the sound quality, didn’t realize the battle sounds were so loud
o I use an Iogear KVM switch that allows me to move back and forth between the two computers using ctrl ctrl
o Combinations best suited for dual boxing
• In the video Warlock and Hunter, the Warlock places DOT’s (I kept calling them buffs in the video) and the hunter can autoshoot.
• Any suggestions for other combinations?

Alt Tips
Retuning Alts

I spent the weekend retuning my alts.
• You shouldn’t feel locked into a profession for life, especially with alts. Once an alt is in the upper 30’s or 40’s, the skills they have might not be as useful, or you might have another alt who can do the job just as well if not better.
o Treshel was a miner, but I had transferred in Iwari and she was around the same level in mining. I was hardly using Treshel to mine. I wanted to use Treshel to farm the Scalding Whelplings in the badlands. They drop a lot of loot that’s sellable and they sometimes drop a rare pet Dark Whelpling.


Email #1

I love your podcasts and hearing about your alts.
I was wondering how you felt about younger players. I am only 12 but I love
the game and I'm completely addicted. I was getting annoyed on the
non-roleplay realms because if I told anyone my age I would never hear from
them again, this caused alot of problems while looking for a guild.
I would really like to know your opinions on this subject.
I am a bit sad right now because WoW keeps glitching badly and shuting down
my pc, but your podcast cheers me up :)

Email #2

I wish I could say that I'm an alt-aholic, but I'm not. I'm a WoW podcast-aholic and have checked out pretty much every WoW podcast on iTunes. What I can say is that I really enjoy listening to your adventures with your alts. From dual-boxing to collecting 1g, it's fun to listen to your excitement while playing WoW. Your memory is much better than mine, because not only are you remembering what happened to your alts, but you're remembering the NPC and location names with great accuracy.

I know you recognize and listen to the other podcasts out there. Yours fills a niche that not many cover, since there's nothing like listening to personal WoW experiences. Spending the extra time to index your podcast and write up show notes makes it all the better.

Keep on having fun - with WoW, playing all of your alts, and creating a great podcast too.

Blazer, 70 Gnome Mage, Wildhammer (server), unstoppable (guild)

PvP on a PvE Server

Duel Club

Went to AB and WG

I’m hooked, I really love it.

Please try it

Closing Thoughts:

You don’t have to stay in the professions you are in, be flexible to change.

Try PvP, you’ll like it.

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