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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 126 - This One's for you Jeppy

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:

Big Shout Out to Kyle:


So hopefully if all went well you should have recieved 3 30day gametime codes from the blizzard store. You are free to do with them as you wish, either divide it up between the three of you for the personal account of your choice, of if you all want to use them in place or in addition to your regular prizes, or whatever. Thank you all so very much for your wonderful podcast! I look forward to all of your future episodes!!



Moved and spent little wow

Did Discover Crystalsong Wood. Did cooldowns, love the ability to fly straight.

Cleaned up some old quests on the DK Quad, including running over to Nessingwary to deliver that horn. While there I took the DK to Deadmines and we completed the achievement.



Apologies for Twitter spam this afternoon

Ulduar 10 - DWP
[Orbital Bombardment] - one tower up
One shot Ignis - woot!
One shot Kologarn - on fire!
Auriaya - two shot
Iron Council - two shot!

Power Auras mod: Priest auras:
Serendipity : Bind or Flash = faster Greater or PoH
Surge of Light = instant flash

Shadowthrone - Open Hodir dailies and Oracle dailies. (Just waited in cave until some alliance sucker came along and killed the mob)

Ulduar 25 DWP - Asheal
Razorscale - won [Guiding Star] mace
XT down
Ignis - had a tough night with healing. Only had 6 healers, and only priests and shaman. Druid and Pally needed in the mix.
Took 1.5hrs 2nd night to finally down him

Argent Tournament
- Ambassador Hiide
- Jekle is ready to hand in the last quest to become Crusader

Shadowthrone dings 80
And buys epic flying.
Working through Champion of Silvermoon. Tip: When playing a DK, don't bother standing around in the tent where all the other classes get quests!

Ashield - healing UK with Solador,Ostira,Gobu alts


Bladed Edge


Email #1 from Kurly

Hey All, sorry for the incomplete and abruptly ending email last week, I didnt mean to send it as it wasnt finished, and then some personal things came up that needed my sorry again.
Getting from 70-80 is tough. At last check my quest log was full and I have green quests all over the place that I feel like would be a big waste of time.
I have been trying to complete the Wrathgate chain, but of course that would require me doing some research and who the frig has time for that.
I can not wait to hit 80 so I can haul my cookies into the BG's, and I am considering converting my human priest to an undead one, and transferring him to POH!!
As always you guys are the best!! If you and Glanthur ever want to have coffee, let me know!!
All the best!!

Email #2 from Kevin

When I play wow I like to play with my friends. We level alts togather all the time as well as group on our mains. My little brother and his fiance play on one of my servers and i am a healer for their groups. I love to make alts, twink them out and get their tradeskills up their to help my main. I am always changing around from my alts to other alts and Just generally playing to have fun. I don't get into the hardcore part of it as I would rather have fun then see it as something I have to do.

Email #A from Makling

hey guys makiling here,

i just listened to your latest episode and i loved it. its really nice for you to bring in your significant other, aprillian. hearing about his adventures as a real wow newbie makes me feel reminiscent of the days when i was now to the game too.

i would also like to comment on the audio of your recent podcast. it was a great improvement from episode 124 where i was straining to hear aprillians voice. i could swear that i her her moving around the room, as it seems you record in stereo channels =)

i also liked the other email you had read. i could really relate to the other listeners. your show has filled a niche in my WoW life. the void that is the lack of real life people to talk about WoW has been filled up by your show. and i had recently proven that your show has done that more than other podcasts i listen to.

i feel for those who sometimes experience burnout in the game. but listening to you guys talk about it every week is like fueling the WoW flames. my only request is that you please continue to let us share our experiences with you.

to tell you about my WoW week, i had recently gained the heroic fall of naxx achievement. i find it funny because i have been getting into ulduar pugs and getting achievements there, but had only completed the whole of heroic naxx recently. a shoutout to We Raid Naked guild for pulling it off. if you think the pugs in are realm are amazing that we can get to auriaya on heroic mode, then you would be surprised to know that stuff like this happens all the time. and im pretty sure there will be heroic pugs once the new raids come out.

finally, id like to thank you for picking me again in your raffle. i was supposed to give the first one i got to my sister's fiancee, but he decided not to play because they are busy planning their wedding. so im using the first prize you gave me. i wont mind if you give away the prize you gave me for this week, but i would be thankful if decide to give it to me anyway =)

until next week, for the horde!

ps. i loved glanthurs interview on BoE. i hope the BoE-CtrlAltWoW crossover pushes through

Email #B from Michael

Hey C-A-W Crew,

Thanks for reading my e-mail last week.

I was playing back some of the old archives from when Glanthur first started co-hosting. It is fun to listen for how many times Aprillian refers to Ashayo as "she."

For the record, I am male but like Ashayo, I like to play both genders. It kind of depends upon what mood I am in when I am looking at the character creation screen. My main is a male Human Paladin:

And I also have a male POH DK who was on the Darnassus/Exodar raid that I need to get back to leveling soon:


p.s. You can leave me out of the contest, too.

Email #3 from Baccharus

Aprillian, Asheyo, and Glanthur,
CTRL-Alt-WoW is a must-listen for me every week. As I have a 45-60 minute commute each day, at least one day a week is "Ctrl-Alt-WoW Commute Day", which I very much look forward to.
My altaholism stems from a deep desire to draw on every experience WoW has to offer, and playing a multitude of classes and races is one way to do that. My two mains (Baccharus, 80 Human Mage) and main-alt (Bacchardin, 80 Human Paladin) were drastically different leveling experiences. What a change going from ranged dps to melee tank/healer!
Like Glanthur, I don't dual-box; I think it would cause me anxiety as well. I've got over 30 characters at various levels on various realms, all on a single account (including some horde, yes - love the horde lore / storyline. Someone else commented that it's more complex, which I definitely agree with.)
Guild: Awesome to Work with Guildies
Our guild (If I may, I'd like to request a shout out to Virtute et Armis on Eonar, and our founding deity Zelec) is very family-oriented, so guild chat is active and groups are always forming to run this or that instance or battleground. With that much activity, I don't ever feel lonely. On top of that, 5 of us work together, and so our lunch conversations revolve around WoW; I feel bad for the non-WoW people that occasionally stop by for lunch - they are so lost! Well, perhaps we'll get a couple to jump in and expand our group.
Impact to Home / Outside Life
My wife - doesn't get WoW, and she's not interested in WoW - let sleeping dogs lie.
My 7 (yes, seven) sons - all of them play! Oldest son is 15, and has an 80 undead mage and many alts, Next oldest son is an 80 gnome DK and guild Offtank, along with many alts. All the younger boys (all 5 of them) have low-level characters that they play with Dad's help. It's a real bonding experience for us, and I really enjoy talking to them about their experiences. 1st & 2nd sons each have their own accounts, so it doesn't impact dad's playtime. ;)
Sooo, if Asheyo's going to roll, can you read this one, er, earlier? :D (Just Kidding!)
Keep up the fantastic work on the podcast, I learn something new every time I listen.
Baccharus, 80 Human Mage on Eonar - "For the Good...of All"
P.S. Glanthur - you fit into BoE like a glove That was my favorite BoE episode to date. But don't leave Ctrl-alt-Wow.

Email #4 from Deathskeeper

Hello My Name is Deathskeeper and I'm a Altoholic...

I'm a fellow member of AIE. I play Deathskeeper my main (DK), Voohoodoo (Lock), Lifesblood (Priest), Beaststyle (Druid), Themonk (Paladin), Namekian (Hunter), Armyofone (Warrior), Deathbyice (Mage), Ancestorbles (Shaman) & Kissmysteel (Rogue).

Right now I'm duel boxing again thanks to you Aprillian. When I heard you on how I wow I tried it the first time but I didn't really get the hang of it until later and I was playing Alliance then so I gave that account to my wife. She loves her Gnome Mage. Now I've started another account to help level up my alts since I just started playing Horde again. I have ADD so it hard for me to play one thing for to long accept for my Undead Lock my first toon and now my DK. I have 2 guilds ShowJo Monks & Deaths Seekers for the banks I'm glad to find a pod cast to make me feel more normal about my game play. I love the show and BoE as well. Keep up the good work.

Email #5 from Bidkar

Ally healing Horde

Hi Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo,

Bidkar, undead level 80 mage on Auchindoun here. This week was fairly uneventful for me. I did a ton of dailies on my mage. I am essentially done with the Argent Tournament but I am leaving one faction uncompleted so I can keep on doing the dailies for them. Thank you Ashayo for that tip!

I played my troll death knight, Viha, for a bit this week and got her up to 70. I only started her so I could have an alt with inscription so I could make vellums for my enchanting whenever I wanted to. I find though I do like playing the death knight, but I prefer the paladin. I played my paladin on the Borean Tundra server this week, got him up to 38. I find playing on a normal server much easier than playing on a pvp server. I don't miss the pvp at all.

I did find out this week that an ally can heal a horde! I was helping out a random fellow out in Grizzily Hills with a quest and came upon an ally paladin on the same quest. He did not attack and all of us moved to the elite the quest required. I noticed when I was attacking the elite mob, I was receiving healing from the paladin. I didn't know that was possible! We killed the mob twice so everybody finished the quest and diplomacy between the Ally and Horde moved forward a step.

Sorry if this email sounds poorly worded and punctuated. I had to write it in a hurry and haste makes waste! No need to put it in the drawing for the prizes either. The opportunity to listen the the podcast every week is prize enough for me.

For Glanthur and for the Horde!

Bidkar and his many alts

Email #6 Bloodavenger

Hello everyone at ctrl alt wow,

I wanted to write in to say I love the show. Even though at first I didn't. I started listening to your show after Aprillian was on Bind on Equip and when I started listening I thought "where is all the music?" After the musical that is BoE it was alot different to come over to your show. However after I got over that I really liked your show. I enjoy the way you three act around each other and whoever you bring on.

A little bit about my wow experience. Well I am mainly on Wyrmrest Accord server and have a level 80 Blood Elf Palain named Bloodavenger in the guild The Insiders, named after another podcast Inside Azeroth, thats . Anyways back to my toons, I am a very big altoholic, though not as bad as you Aprillian. I have a lv 60 BElf DK, a lv 35 BElf Warlock,a lv 34 BElf Rouge, a lv 30 BElf Priest, a level 25 Orc Hunter, a lv 18 Troll mage and a lv 14 Tauran Druid. Can you tell I like Blood Elfs?

Anywho, after listening to Ctrl Alt Wow I decided to do something that I had never done before, dual-boxing. So I started by refering myself and got a trial account. And started leveling a Orc Shaman on my main account and a Orc Warrior on my other account. Two classes I have not ever rolled. So far it is going great I am using the Warrior as the main damage dealer and the shaman as support and heals and I am amazed at how fast you can kill suff when you never have to stop. Well in less than a day I got to level 20 and realized that there must be a block to keep trial accounts from going over 20. So I have upgraded the one account and continuing on the path of triple exp. I just hope I can reach 60 before the 90 days are up.

Sorry about the wall of text. Keep up the awsome work on the show.


P.S. It's my...well you know. Hey hey.

Shout Outs & Thank You

Thank you #A from Karen

Subject: Thanks for the Sandbox Tiger

Bast loves it (as you can see in the attached screenshot) and she looks appropriately ridiculous when she rides it. Her gnome partner, Hapenny, likes it as well (yes, Bast runs around with a gnome firemage backing her up and has for 79 levels).

I'm only 4 bubbles from 80 on Bast and predict that Aprillian will find the journey from 77 to 80 easy once she starts the Argent Tournament dailies. And there's a good altoholic reason to collect the Champion's Seals: when patch 3.2 drops, you'll be able to purchase heirloom items with them and give those to your lower level alts. Those are going to be much easier for my two mains to obtain since I don't have the blocks of game time to run (or pug) heroics.

On the horde side, my resto druid is still working on the BC 5-mans with his 3 DK pals. We did Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad and are heading off to Sethekk Halls next. We're looking forward to going through all the BC and Wrath 5-mans together. And he has some pretty sweet gear (since if it's leather, he gets it), though that makes the quest rewards from normal quests a bit of a disappointment some times.

Keep up the great work on the podcast, I'm enjoying the mixing of BOE and Ctrl-Alt-Wow, though you guys are completely confusing my husband, who is finally listening to both podcasts and enjoying them, but can't keep the names and people straight.

Thanks again for the loot card.


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