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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 258 - DMF, again!

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.


What We've Been Doing:


I sniped the Coalition from Vrishna who had sniped it from our coworker. Oh and Vrishna is keeping the guild because he heard people would start killing bunnies once he stepped down.
Did Grizzly Hills with Darshi and Nevahoof. Climbed the stairs to the taxi and had no problems getting on the flume. They both dinged 78!

Next day Nevahoof almost dinged 79:
On Friday, they almost got to 80.
And they nerfed RAF cross realm level granting in dungeons. Doesn't work anymore.
Saturday night, Darshi is half a bubble from 80. Had to skip the Brawlers ques    
They dinged 80 Sat night

Started back on my Loremaster toons. Brought in Tiia for her rocket, and so she could complete some low level quests. It wasn't easy. getting the Journal was hard. Figuring out the cockroach thing. But the hardest was theArcane Trail. Maybe I should have listened to Ashayo's LM segments. Don't turn in DMF skill quest until you train pass current max.




Jeppy Blacksmithing 1-525 / Mining via smelting 1 -500 Only left the city twice to 500
340 - 350
375 - 400
500 - 525

Bonita Tailoring 425-525 / Alchemy 1-525 went Transmute had to buy 4 truegold
Haibai Enchanting 500-525
Farthing Inscription 1-525

  • Mo sent me a 10 Pound Mud Sapper 'For your off hand pleasure'
  • Blazewing (Suze and Blazewing's Furious Kilt)
  • Phase levelling
  • Humbull filling the gaps
  • MFC high of my own supply
  • Milling a PAIN
  • First transmute (Decisions) 


Moondance wanted to say hi to everyone and say she hopes to be back in game soon.
Teonna level 16, started on the Cliffspring Hollow/River quests to get Foul Ichor from the diseased Duskrats.  While in the cave you now find cages with undiseased animals that you set free. You used to collect mushrooms in this cave but you don't anymore.  You do however kill Zenn Foulhoof which is the NPC that you helped in Teldrasil getting the wings, fangs & spider silk. All the quests in the Cliffspring cave get turned in to Tharnariun Treetender in Lor'danel.  Which last week I was calling Auberdine in error.

The next set of quests are for the ruins of Bashal'Aran. You still need to kill Anaya's shade and return her pendant to Whiteclaw in the inn in Lor'danel. Volcor who you saved earlier wants you to find his bear companion, Grimclaw.  One of the other NPC's who gives you a quest for there, named Glynda has a little speech bubble after you take the quest.  Make sure you read it.  The quest text doesn't tell you about the free ride to the area, but her speech bubble does.  You can take a nightsaber down to Bashal'Aran by talking to one of the NPC's next to one of the bridges leaving Lor'danel.  The correct NPC is sitting on a nightsaber.

Teonna at Grimclaw

The follow up quest for finding Grimclaw is interesting.  It's one of the ones where the questgiver asks you not to kill the animals. You are supposed to gather moonstalker whiskers while they sleep and bear fur while they are distracted eating fish by the water. I wasn't very good at getting the ingredients without killing the beasts.  Only succeeded a few times. Helped when I thought to put my pet on passive. Keeper Karithus gives you a quest to become spirit bound to one type of animal in darkshore. Teonna took the moonstalkers since I've decided she has an affinity for cats. Made all the moonstalkers neutral to me and gave me a buff.  It will work whenever in darkshore.

OMG Volcor is dead upon return. He did get to see Grimclaw before he died though, so he was happy. Two of the five you saved have died.

Picked up a quest to go to the wrecks off the coast.  At first I was not going to take them because I remember how awful the quest was before. I used to routinely skip it.  They've changed it completely now though. You become that little robot, you go in among the murlocs and detonate.

Dark Moon Faire started yesterday.  Spent time trying to get Teonna's professions to 75 so she can do the profession quests at the fair. Couldn't do the achievement for riding a pony because don't have riding skill yet. Did get the achievements Come One, Come All, Plethora of Pets, 5 Daily Quests, Blastenheimer Bullseye and Step Right Up.

Messed up and put copper ore up on AH for 15 silver, meant to do 15 gold.

5.5 bars from Level 19. Next stop Tower of Althalaxx.

Would like to do some heroics or PvP on Tedrah because I'd really like to try the LFR.  But I just don't seem to find the time.

Linx helped my friend Theo's sith warrior, Fendarus, with his class quest on Tatooine which continued on Alderaan then Hutta in an effort to get his next companion.  While on Tatooine we did the black box heroic so I was able to get the orange head slot gear for my companion to match Linx's.

Did space missions a couple of times. First time I wasn't able to complete one of the escort quests.  I usually try twice then give up for the day. Otherwise I get too frustrated.  I also do the grey space quests because although they only give 5 xp you do get credits which I figure offsets some of my fuel costs for traveling. Second set of space missions I managed to level Linx to 38.

Linx and Torian outside Linx's spaceship.

Linx space mission in progress.

Continually send out companions while doing space missions.  Always pick the missions that provide companion gifts when they are available.  Have Mako's affection over 7000 and Torian's over 6000.  Poor Gault gets very few gifts.

Zix and Aprillian turned in class quests and started next set of quests on Coruscant which deal with the Black Sun and the droids in the senate. First we did the quest to save Nia the dancer, but we left her in the nightclub and had to disappoint her husband.

Sims Social I managed to finally get my beach house.  Still working on getting what I need to build the fridge and the bed.


Rigarmorty CAW Audio EP 258

HI Caw Crew!

Attached is my audio for your episode 258!

Apologies last weeks was a bit loud.

The start of the recording seemed to have cut out me saying Aprillian



Audio Submission 2#

Hello Aprillian, Jeppy, Ashayo and the high ruler of the chat channel Tedra
Hope your all having a fantastic week full of wowness.
I though I might try another audio submission. I have hopefully sorted out the background noise (fingers crossed)
At the moment I am currently studying media in bangor university and for an assigment I had to make a presentation about MMORPGS and the communities inside of the games. How cool is that? Not sure what game to talk about though hmm any suggestions?
Keep up with the amazing work
For the alliance 

Hello CAW Sweeties,

Hope you're all having an awesome week.
I tried doing an audio but it epic failed :D oh well next week hopefully!
It's been a crazy week! Been busy levelling my IM toon, my pally & DMF has just started again. Got my pally to Lvl 48. The IM Challenge has got me totally hooked - had hard time not playing her, trying not to rush it but having so much fun! I finished Silverpine Forest (which I really enjoy the storyline) & headed into Hillsbrad. Hit lvl28 got through about half the quests in the zone when tradegy befell!! Well more like I fell ... Plummeted to my untimely death off Gavin's Naze!!! For about 5 minutes I sat staring at the screen not sure if I should laugh or cry! Eventually I said a "naughty" word then burst out laughing! I headed bk to Org - emptied out her bags, stripped her down & deleted! Then created my next girl - so take 2 lol! She's Lvl 9, undead warlock again.
Very excited DMF is back - got a new pet for Leeta DMF Tonk :)
Been playing a lil SWTOR but not a lot!
Very excited on holidays after this week - looking forward to a break :)
Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Big hugs Leeta

Sent from my iPhone

It's Tedra time

Just my weekly update for this week and once again the safe word is Banana’s
Big G

Holy Last minute Submission CODman!

Hello Caw crew.

As some of you may have heard, Morgaine got strep throat this week. That explains all her voice issues recently. and I cant wait for her to get well again.

In game, I've done almost nothing alliance side except transmute airs in ulduum on alts and sell it on the ah, its not a lot of money but its easy and pretty fast money.

Horde side I've started playing finally, but I'm have A-A-A-D-D Alt-Attention And Distraction Disorder. My poor warrior looks like it may get pushed to the sides as I've been enjoying leveling a blood elf paladin. Woo doing quests that are evil for the blood elves and forsaken. I think its more fun due to the reassurance of having that awesome evil horsie mount.

In the facebook side of things....Gravenau started hitting on my wife so I had to take pictures of me holding swords to threaten him with, which of course went terribly as he then linked a video of him with knifes. Stay away mate, I'm a crackshot with a rifle as well. As bill would say on true blood: SHES MINE.

Oh, and this has nothing to do with the show, but I made vodka infused gummi bears, and they came out perfect, yay!!!!

Onto the audio: I tried to work in references to various people from the show. If I didnt include you, or I butchered your name. I'm terribly sorry.

This is hopefully the last time where I will have to stand in for the wifey. Any male singers out there want in on our chaos? Please? I've got some great duet ideas.

For the Horde, for the Alliance and for the oh dear god why did we agree to let the tone deaf guy sing?! This was a terrible idea! Our ears will bleed from the pain.

Wren and his lovely, sickly and dangerously too optimistic wife, Morgaine.

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


Momomoments - ONE of YOU, again!

Hello all,
hope you are doing well.
before I go on I have a little moshort story for you:

"tis was a warm morning on the ides of March or the 4th of March at least.  A young chap named Mo sat in front of his computer, a device he uses to go into the meta-world! a wondrous world it is.  He logs into another piece of meta names WoW, World of Warcraft, to control his alter ego names Motauren.  As Motauren is riding along in this World of Warcraft, Mo hears faint voices in the distance however he does not know where it was from.  Faint voices of little elves, goblins, mage blood elves, one in particular names Yasamin screaming "what about us!?" we want to live again, please help us!?" In puzzlement Mo gets a notification at the same time from the lords of WoW, Blizzard, and this notification was for an email from the lords to reactivate the account Yasamin is on. 
So he did! And just like that Mo became one of you once again! And his characters onthe 2nd account celebrated by drinking mead, butter beer and doing dailies and just simply standing around hellfire asking Jeppy football questions.  And they all lived happily ever after.  The End"

Hope you enjoyed the long version of me telling you I did reactivated my 2nd account as I did want to play around with my 85 mage Yasamin and other characters.  Light week for me again as I just did some dailies, quested a little bit on motauren.  He is 83 going on 84 and questing in vashir or however you spell it.  I am actually enjoying the zone again.  That is wow for me through the years if I get bored or tired of some thing there are so many other things to move onto.  I also tried to do the fishing contest however I think I learned the hard way by fishing for a while to catch none of the prize fish.  I think you have to be maxed out in fishing however motauren is not.  I am not sure but I will go with that and get his fishing maxed before I try again.

I would like to do some instances here and there and will need to ask in guild chat if anyone else wants to.  I am a bit scared as it has been months but if you all dont mind a rusty moheal or any other characters than I think it should be fun.  I also have other levels besides 85 of course so just let me know in game or on twitter you can reach me at @mohalen and if i can jump on i will do so.

Thank you all and have another great week in game and out of game
Remember as the lord Blizzard says, everything in moderation.

mo-ps email

I hear there is a 64 bit wow client, is this true?
is it worth it?
please let me know your opinions.

Thank you

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