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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 259 - Resurrection Election

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to ctrlaltwow@gmail.com telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno's Corner

Hello Darlings!

I hope everyone's doing great.  Great big hugs to Aprillian, especially, this week.  :-*

Juuno  =)


What We've Been Doing:


Did DMF and had fun getting extra levels. Logged into Shemain, went to DMF and ran into Morja. I looked in Shemain's bags and she had The Dark Iron Ale. Seems like it takes 2 mugs. After I set one out, I had to give one to the chick to complete the quest.
Almost did a big mistake, I was doing the Who killed Dallas quest and needed to make 300 simoleons before the end of Wed. I was maxed out at the level I was on and needed supplies. I couldn't send anymore requests, so I almost used simcash. But then I tried just writing, and bingo, I still made money.

Took my 20 something RAF's to DMF and only one could do the cooking quest. Then I decided to get Eekeya for the hunter. Did they move the bones closer to Crossroads.   What! Mor'sham Ramparts has a fp! And is now a quest hub. Finished there, except the collection quest, arrows. Bruzilla dinged 24, Py dinged 23. Almost a quarter level each turn in.

Couldn't figure it out without using the website. Then didn't finish quest because I dinged 30.
Note to self, when you have a toon on follow, do not click the glowing rope thingy.
Skipped from Ashenvale to Northern Barrens. The new quests are fun.

Resurrected an old account and took a level 1 Dranei Shaman to a level 80 Goblin Shaman decked out in greens:

Py was ahead of Brus, so I started swapping out heirlooms:

Scrolls of Resurrections handed out.

You can store whole rooms in storage and even trade them between beach house and home. Hugged Big G and the symbol of a specimen bottle popped up.
Worked on Loremaster toons, 

Watch Your Step

Free 7day codes for SWTOR


AIE Salus

Got a new PC and set both instances of WoW to Ultra. Completely blown away by the ripple effect swimming through water!! WOW!

Tried to delete a toon to make an Iron man toon and got "This character has mail or has an heirloom in their inventory or void storage and cannot be deleted."

DMF - Bought the monkey

Storm Peaks
- The Warm-up (defeat Kirgarrak  - yeti - with a bear mount) failing like quests in Shadowmoon Valley - auto attack not working on vehicle, so can't do enough damage. Ended up killing in cat form.
- Flying over Grom'arsh Crash-site and there weren't any quests there. Followed all the chains I had and came to dead end. Then remember I was alliance! Headed off to Frosthold and picked up the quests from there for the first time.
- Finished "The Summit of Storm Peaks" 30% into 83

- Picked up quest "A Daughter's Embrace" Lilian Voss joins you as a guardian, and she kicks butt! I aggroed a group of 4 and she took them all on. Thought I'd grind some mobs while I had her, but got too close to her father, and she ran off. Could've abandoned the quest, but moved on. Really wasn't an issue - there are LOTS of quests in the Undead zone that give you a 'helper' - Orc Sea Dogs for one.
- Tip: Not a great idea to aggro rare mobs - they can often hit harder and do more damage!
- Always worrying when you get a quest to kill elites!
- Undead story line and starting quests are pretty cool ; hadn't done in Cata
- Came across a Red Exclamation mark!!







@Prancelot sent me a twitter about the ghost saber cat you can get in Darkshore from cat figurines you can find around the ruins of Mathystra.  The cat spawned for me on the second figurine I found and I was able to tame it.

So Teonna now has 4 cats. I need some name suggestions as currently they are all still cat.
Teonna did a few quests in Ruins. Collected highborne relics for Balthule Shadowstrike, killed shatterspear laborers for Tysha Moonblade.
Her next set of quests was to go into the shatterspear camp and free prisoners, kill mystics and enforcers & destroy armaments. It was really weird to be killing trolls and tauren and burning crates with horde symbols on the side. Also when you find the prisoner she is mostly dead and asks you to kill her torturer.  When you do you get a key that will open cages just a little further back.  There is no quest symbol on the key or cages, but if you open them the NPC will come out and a quest symbol will appear on her. She's an escort quest but it's really short and she runs.
Teonna is only 19 but she is already working on quests designated as low level for her. She's now Friendly with Gilneas. Dinged 20 on the 33rd quest in darkshore. Was able to take the nightsaber at the quest hub back to Lor'danel so I could fly to Teldrasil and get my mount out of the bank. Ended 7 bars into level 20 and about to start the Shatterspear Vale hub at 36/90 for Darkshore.

Did a little of the DMF. I had some lag doing the tonks, took 7 tries to finish it, usually only takes me 2.

The guild is getting really close to level 12 and Matahorn was working on it yesterday. I'm killing critters trying to work on the Critter Kill Squad guild ach.

Zix & Aprillian did the Black Sun quests on Coruscant and the first of the Gree quests to restore the hydrosupply.
+2 heroic The Face Merchants - shutting down a lab giving new faces to criminals
Esseles Flashpoint - we were a little over level for it but it was fun.  We took our time and made it the whole way thru. Aprillian did have a small glitch while trying to load into the instance and then again when she had a fall mishap and died.
On Linx I got my Jawa - Blizz - companion.

Been having a little gaming A.D.D.. The Sims 3 new expansion pack came out this week so I played that some as well as LOTRO, EQ2 & I even patched my STO though it took so long I didn't actually get a chance to play it. Also played some Sims Social.

Wanted to say thank you to all the listeners & cohosts for being so welcoming.  I appreciate it.


The Chalice of Evermoon

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedra, and Jeppy,

I'll be very surprised if you folks ever heard of a radio play from WoW Radio called "The Chalice of Silvermoon," but you may have a vague recollection of the "Chalice" machinima that was done for the first Xfire/Blizzard contest way back at the beginning of 2006.  The radio play actually ran on and off from 2005 to 2009, and had a much higher production value by the time it died out than it did back in the days of the machinima, but anyway, I'm one of the two creators of that distant memory.

I'm writing you now because we've reconceptualized our radio play, taken the story out of the WoW universe, come up with a new universe for the story to take place in, and are now working on a web-based cartoon series called "The Chalice of Evermoon."  However, we're in need of a tiny bit of funding in order to make the project happen.  I was wondering if you kind internet celebrities could find the time to mention our GoFundMe site (http://www.gofundme.com/chalice) on one of your shows or your social networks to help us bring in some more donations.  Myself and/or my co-creator would also be thrilled to join you for a brief interview, if you feel compelled enough to have us, but anything you can do to help us get the word out there would go a long way.

Thanks a million,
Kyle McCarley
Donut Boys Studios

All quite on the home front

The Big G
Not much to report this week been busy outside of game and in sims so yes I ran a few dungeons and did a heap of dailys at the dark moon fair and that’s been about it for the week oh I said hi to varishna when he logged in so yer sorry so quick just on my way out the door as I am driving halfway across thestate tonight and really should be on my way.

For the horde

For the alliance

For the sandgrophers

And for ther chat with Tedra which was naughtier than you thought but cleaner than you feared seeya.

Taking Advantage

Hello Aprillian, Ashyao, Jeppy and Tedra

I hope you guys are all well, and had a great week in world of warcraft land,
With the new updates to scroll of resurrection, I have been taking advantage
On my old accounts and getting a free mount plus a level 80 and an upgrade
To Cata!!. People think Blizzard is just being desperate, but secretly there just
Giving some love to the altacholics.

Also from a popular warcraft news forum they believe MOP is coming out
Sooner than thought. So when the expansion does actually drop what will you
Guys do, roll a new toon. If so what race and class? Or will you try and get your 85s
To 90 first?

Well enough from me hope you guys have a great week

For the Alliance


Rigarmorty CAW 259

Hi CAW Crew!

Attached is my quieter audio or this week.

For the Horde, for the Alliance and for being back on US servers!



Hello and Morgaine's WoW recap

Hello Ctl Alt WoW crew,
Morgaine here (Wren should of sent his recap separately with the link to this week’s song).
In WoW I enjoyed some more time playing with my Undead Warlock, Shadowsleep. I got her up to lvl 25 and have been slowly trying to get her Jewelry crafting, mining, cooking, first aid, etc. up at the same time, so I don’t have to go back to the lowbie zones to level them up. I enjoyed playing her at the Darkmoon fair- especially when I got the 5 point center target on the first try with her from the cannon game. Yay!

I really have been enjoying the revamped undead zone and being Sylvanas’ buddy throughout the whole experience. Sadly other than playing Shadowsleep, I haven’t done a whole lot in game, except crafting stuff and sending things to alts.

In Facebook/Sims Social world I haven’t done a whole lot either.  After I finished the bar and unlocked the fish tank and did a lot of work on my beach house last week, I officially completed ALL of the general Sims Social quests and had to wait for the new weekly quests to come around before I had any new quests. I was sadly disappointed with the prizes for those quests when they did come up though. No offense, I’m not a fan of the whole “gangster” theme. I did just finish my Italian cafĂ© setup at my main house, and I’m trying to save up to unlock more land over there.

Wren makes fun of me for my obsession with the game besides WoW, but it helps me take all the cool ideas I come across while surfing Pinterest and put them in a virual house that actually has the room for those ideas. Haha. (If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, check it out- it is a cool site.)

Anyways, that’s basically what I’ve been up to. I hope to play Shadowsleep more tomorrow or when I get home from work at 2am and maybe play one of my many other alts waiting patiently to be played.
For the Alliance, The Horde, and all my fellow gamers everywhere,
Game on!


Hello CAW Crew!

Hopefully you guys had a great week.

My WoW week has been pretty simple, got my paladin up to 29, really wanna get him up to 40 by the end of next week. I really want the epic paladin mount. I decided that this character will be my horde side mount collector. Played the rest of my lowbie hordelings as well.

The NEW Scroll of Resurrection Proved to be a great boon to me.

What I did was I was ressed an account that I used for RAF for the mount years ago. I then created a lowbie alt on my alliance server, loaded it down with all the heirlooms I had except leather (still leveling a rogue over there and wanna save it for my eventual monk) and shipped it off via the Scroll of resurection to Earthen Ring - Horde so I could spread the love. Took a few items that are easier to get alliance side with so I could sell them on the AH, and easily flipped them for 8k when I arrived. So yay, for no long being an incredibly poor person. And now if I want a level 80 horde mage, I've already got one transfered over if I am ever willing to drop 25 bucks on it.

Life outside of WoW has been a little hectic, my company had its 30 year anniversary Wednesday and I pretty much worked From Tuesday morning till Thursday afternoon. Who needs sleep anyways.

We recorded our newest WoW Parody song, and its definitely one of my favorite so far.

I'm pretty sure Morgaine sent her own e-mail so this Wren signing out.

For the Alliance! For the Horde! For the "Man I'm tired, I'm just gonna sit down and drink some....Holy crap Sweet red wine is actually really good!"

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


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