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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 260 - Margin Call

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to ctrlaltwow@gmail.com telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.
Hello Darlings!  A prillian, Ashayo, Tedra and She Who Must Be Obeyd's El Jeppy!!!  I was super busy these last few days, and didn't manage to get my recording done...:-[  I apologize!  But I wanted to shoot you a line to let you know I am thinking of you and hoping everyone's doing great!  Mom wanted me to say hello to everyone too....rrrr...I mean, Pixiegirl, that is...hehe.  Speedracer broke his leg three weeks ago and she hasn't really been on the game since then, so she wanted me to let you know why and that she'll be back soon.  Speedracer's doing alright though, thankfully.  He was riding his snowmobile and my older ginger brother (who doesn't play WoW because he sucks!  hehe) ran into Speedracer's snowmobile with HIS snowmobile!  What a buffoon, right??  (Bugs Bunny used to say something like that so I use it from time to time...hehe)  Anywho, it was just terrible but he's healing.  He just had his 16th birthday on St Patty's Day, by the way!  So anyway, that's what Pixie's been dealing with... she did log in the other day just so she could deposit 150 gold pieces into the CoD bank... lol!  She said she deposits 50 gold pieces every week and felt bad because she hadn't done it in three weeks. She said that someone had cleaned out the guild bank, and that it probably needed it as it had been crowded.  Then we both agreed it was probably Jeppy.... hahahaaa!  :-P
Sorry I don't have any WoW news... I mean, Diablo III finally has a release date though!  That's cool, eh??  Well, anyway, I have to get going... so... back to the dungeons with me!

I love you guys AND gals!
Big hugs & kisses!  *muah!*
For the Alliance, for the Horde, and for real life broken bones!  Woot!  hehehehee
Juuno of Earthen Ring, Nevikhoof, and Korialstrasz

Oh, PS!  I just saw CAW's tweet about donations!  I will make a donation by this coming Friday and happy to do so too!  You should totally pimp that Paypal button, Aprillian!!  xoxoxox!


What We've Been Doing:


Tried to do the transfer with gold, but it wouldn't work unless I unchecked the transfer button. Went back and there was no option to move. Going to try it with another toon.
By Wed the RAF toons were 37 and the Northern Barrens quests were green, so we hopped over to Brakenwall Village. Oh the severed pieces quest was bizarre.
Py trained a Blue Wind Serpent:
As I jumped from place to place, I kept running out of Quest Log space. Remember only having 10 quests?

The toon you get to level 80 and the one you transfer don't have to be the same one.
Was thinking of sending a chopper to Nevikhoof. And I did. Ran around getting parts. Now I have a
RAF twins dinged 40! Abandoned all green quests, went to Feralas and got a quest to go to 1K. My first time questing in this area.


- Got The Seeker title (3000 quests) 70 quests into Icecrown!
- Soloed "Basic Chemistry" - normally takes 2-3 ppl because of cooldown on the neutralising agent you have to throw into the couldron. Fixed?
- Argent Tournament quests don't count toward Icecrown!!
- Stuck at 115/140. Then found quests for weeping quarry out of The Shadow Vault. 121/140. Which opened up Vereth the Cunning at the Rise of Suffering. 127/140 , and 3 5-man group quests - The Rider of Unholy/Frost/Blood. Can't solo Unholy, and can't assist with horde toon - even they I can see them, they are different mobs! Soloed Frost.

- Group quests : The Ironwall Rampart (dude with a hellhound and summons adds). Opens Before the Gate of Horror - kill 6 skeleton Reavers
- Got Jekle's help with Banshee's Revenge (blow  a horn a kill a dude where the Lich King turns up). Opens up Battle at Valhalas. 137/140
- Found a rare mob Hildana Deathstealer - a Valkyr that hovered such that a melee cat couldn't hit her!
- Jekle helped with Coprous the Defiled. 139/140
- Shatter the Shards listed as 5-man, but can do without even killing anything as a druid

Icecrown: The Final Goal!
Loremaster of Northrend!

Finished 96% into 83



SoR Kutlet Leatherworker of the future

AH MADNESS - *sell sell sell*

Inscription twists my melon


Tedra did a scroll on a baby druid. Put Teadora in CoD
Claypidgin gave me a scroll and I did baby priest, so Saxie joined CoD.
My friend Dawan gave me one for Sisters of Elune for my last dead account, so I did a baby Shaman, Peradot is in Unbroken.

Tried triple boxing with no luck, so I did the first several quests in Hyjal doubleboxing Teadora & Saxie.
I got to do three or quests with Rigarmorty in Hyjal.

Teonna, my loremaster toon will be on hold until the month runs out on the new 80s.

Did a 2+ heroic & three 4+ heroics on Hoth with Fendarus (Alex), Laleh & Melyen (Alton)
Dinged 40 doing those.  Then we did the Colicoid War Games flashpoint. That was lots of fun, once we figured out how to succeed at the cannon portion of it.

Not going to buy next level of speeder because its 210,000 credits.


Scroll of Resurrection

Greetings and Salutations!

It’s been a while since I’ve drop more than just a tweet towards the Control-Alt-WoW podcast.  At the suggestion of our fine host Aprillian, I wanted to say that if there’s anyone who’d like to make use of a Scroll of Resurrection, I’m certainly willing to send out some, if someone needs one…or two…or three, or what have you.  I imagine, however, there may be little call for it, since unless you’re like Jeppy and have a spreadsheet full of old, lapsed accounts, you probably have enough of your own to perpetuate yourself. [Insert wry grin here.] ;-)

In other news, I’ve been pretty focused on Raiding, Raiding, Raiding since I’ve found a group that runs during the odd time-slot I have to do so.  However, I’ve noticed that all this Raiding is costing me more and more in the repairs department.  I need to find time to try to do my share of dailies and collect enough gold for repairs, as well as enchants when I get gear upgrades.  What a vicious cycle!

Well, that’s my news from this little corner of the digital world.

“Be well…”

Wolfbrother / Eranth / Lionchild


Hi Aprillian

Hope its ok, i've attached my very first recording that I've done ever! I was very nervous - how daft is that?

Don't worry about playing it if its not up to scratch as the people that write or record into the show are so talented.

Stay shiny


P.s. I meant to say 'Juno of Korialstraz'  not just 'Korialstraz' :)

P.p.s. if I ever had a video of the week this would be it for this week.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcgEGOmCYns&feature=related

greetings friends

Greetings CAW crew

C.C. The Disgruntled Warlock here 

Sorry to hear about Virishna he was fun to mess with, I know, that's what she said.  But cheer up, the last time I checked wow had 10 million subscribers.  So if we figure that at least 3/4's of them are men and half of those are over 18 and if we subtract Aprillian and Jeppy's characters I figure that's got to leave at least a million people you may be interested in....... (evil wink) Hey Aprillian "how you doing"?

Anyhow I was listening the other day and was shocked to hear Aprillian's story about riding around in a 50ft mechanized monster laughing evilly while curb stomping helpless wounded POW'S and I'm the monster....... go figure. 

OK OK back to the point.  Having played since vanilla days I was getting kinda bored with WOW and gasp....... I let my subscription run out.  I know scary right. I still listened to you guys and after a while the shaking and the cold sweats stopped.  Of course that is when I hear about the WOW Ironman challenge and that sick little part of my brain starts to say "hey that sounds fun".  I have not signed back up, but I fear its only a matter of time.

Oh any chance you can send me Virishna's cell phone number so I can call him and play the bunny death sound? I know it would make his day.  Just kidding, but that would be funny.  That is all for now and I hope to write more later

C.C. the Disgruntled Warlock

and remember, bunny slippers are cute but LIVE bunny slippers make the most adorable sound when you walk!

Another Saturday in Chaos

Hi there CAW Crew,
Every Saturday we have a Heroclix tournament, here at my shop. I have learned to hate these games. Without fail, I start an email to send to you.  They never get sent.  Life in the Comic Shop has a vaguely surreal quality.  The patrons are like the characters of the Big Bang Theory only in herds.  I have trouble staying as positive and upbeat as the shop owner in that show.  Your podcast is a great comfort to me… there is intelligent life out there. 
I have pictured you all in my mind, and wonder just how close to right I am.  I have to admit, I have seen Juuno’s videos and she looks just like I pictured her.  
Aprillian looks like Pam Grier
El Jeppy looks like Leo McKern from the Rumpole series
Tedrah looks like Paula Dean from the covers of the Magazines at the supermarket check out
Ashayo looks like Adam Baldwin in Chuck

Vrishna looks like Johnny Galecki who plays Leonard from Big Bang Theory

Please tell me I am right!  Of course, unless we meet, I will probably just ignore your reality and maintain my own. For example, I “know” that the photo of Terry Gross from NPR on Wikipedia should look like the ones at Lee Meriwether site. (ok, maybe not the Cat Woman costume one)

For the horde, and for the herd of clueless comic geeks,



Rigarmorty CAW 260

 Aprillian, Ashayo, Eljeppy and Tedra!

So awsome being back on the US side and home in COD and great seeing everyone!

Attached is my audio this week which turned into an 8 minute ramble.

For the Horde

For the Clan of Darkness

For achievements :D



Lvl 82 & lots of lonely toons

Hello Ctrl-Alt-WoW!  For the past couple of weeks I've told myself that after I hit [X level], I'll write in.  Then the week goes on and before I know it I've got a new CAW episode in iTunes - missed again!  So here I am.  Voltandra, the first toon I started on Earthen Ring, is now level 82, cruising around Deepholme.  I also have two others now in the guild - Narendra (lvl 30) and Jolantru (lvl 29).  I've been playing Voltandra so much that I'm sure someone will soon be notifying ATPS (Azerothian Toon Protective Services) to report me for extreme neglect.

I've been picking up the individual zone Loremaster achievements in a lot of zones, which is a new style of play.  I must say, it's been fun to follow the questlines through to completion rather than just zooming off to the next zone according to level.  I did get Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms, but haven't completed the full set for any other continents yet.  I do admit to bailing on Blade's Edge Mountains - I just couldn't take being there any more!

Yesterday I did the Oracles dailies in Sholazar Basin for the first time, and ran into a little issue.  I was on the quest to slay 30 puppy-men, and I found a big crowd of them assembled on a large ledge.  I thought this will be great - just land in the middle and AOE the lot of them.  This worked very well, except that they respawned faster than I could pick up the loot.  Of course I didn't want to leave any shinies behind, so I killed the respawns - now twice as much looting required.  But they respawned again!  After a while, I had to walk away from the sparkling bodies and leave the loot behind. *Sniff*

Today I landed off to the side and sent a ranged attack at one Frenzyheart.  He came over and brought his little group with him.  This worked much better, as I could loot one group before moving on to the next, and they didn't respawn right on top of me.

I've really been enjoying playing in Clan of Darkness. Noblegarden is coming soon - time to dust off the baskets!
See you in game,

Voltandra, Narendra and Jolatru
rogueslayer1 on Twitter
Beth from Framingham, MA

Chained to the wheel

Once again it’s been a quite week for WoW well here’s my audio.
Big G

Submission for 260

Hi CAW sweeties finally managed an audio for you this week - hope it sounds OK. Also attaching 2 pictures of my transmogged DK and Hunter - enjoy :)
Take care
Big hugs Leeta

Alt-hopping and Yeti punting fun

Hello Ctrl Alt WoW crew,
This week has been filled with lots of alt hopping and playing some more on my warlock Shadowsleep. I got her up to lvl 30 and been working my way through Hillsbrad and Alterac Valley. My favorite quests this week have to be the new Welcome to the Machine quest line in Hillsbrad. It is so very campy, but entertaining as well.  I love the battle with the crazy undead mad scientist with Jenny/Johnny "Awesome" and all the parts with the undead dragon Kasha and her orc Kingslayer Orkus.
I also begged Wren to help me finish off a few of the 3 man bosses in the area. Boy was the giant Yeti, Yetimus, tough! He punted me clear across Hillsbrad! I got Shadow's skills up as well, mostly mining in the Yeti cave in Hillsbrad (while hiding from Yetimus).
Besides Shadow, I officially moved over my lvl 69 troll Shadow priest Niylaa to Earthen Ring  whith her bags filled to the brim with stuff for my alts. So now all my Hordlings will all be on the same realm and all my Alliance toons will be on their own realm separately. I'm looking forward to basically re-learning to play her, as its been ages since I played her, and getting her up to lvl 85.
I also really enjoyed playing my goblin mage, Icybellina, and getting her up to lvl 32 alongside of Wren's goblin warrior Turbocharge. We mostly leveled them in instances, and I enjoyed playing her in them for once.  For some reason I have no issue playing her in instances dps-ing, where as my warlock I enjoy playing her alone and questing. Maybe it is all the damage over times that warlocks do- I can't seem to get a good warlock rotation for instances.
I dabbled in a few of my other lowbie alts as well, but those were the major happenings this week in WoW for me.
I hope you all had a giant green beer yesterday (if not, you should!)
Happy alting and Game on!

Have you missed us?

Hooooooooola CAW Crew!

Life around the Kithore household has been very busy this last month or so. We take what life throws at us, and we laugh in return. Hahahahaha!! (Uhm, do that laughter evilly, please. Just for me.)  And of course, we rise above.

I have been playing a little bit, though not as much as I would have liked. Instead, I have been (dun dun dun)... Spring Cleaning!! It actually feels really good to have the house all picked up, even though I know it'll be messy again soon enough. Heh. Despite that, I was able to get my Oracle reputation high enough to be able to start buying the eggs and hoping for that proto drake drop, and I have bumped my mage, Inmyowndream, up from 50 to 55. I have also developed an unhealthy addiction to Double Bubble Gum in the last week I have been at home from work, I'll have to curb that come the start of school again tomorrow.

Kithore hasn't been able to play all that much this week, as he's been keeping himself busy at truck driving school. Guaranteed to be top of his class, he's doing a lot of learning, a lot of getting up FAR too early in the morning so he can get to class on time, and a lot of video chatting with myself and the kiddos. Send him good vibes, as he goes Monday to take his tests at the DMV. We miss him at home, but we are very proud of him, and know he's just going to do AWESOMELY. Of course, when he chose to become a truck driver, we did consider his WoW time. As most of the truck stops have wifi access... we think he will still have ample time to play. :-) He intends to get some more play time in this week, while he's still at school. I hear his instructors are learning his version of English very well, and are slowly taking it up, as they much prefer his accent over their own.

Well, this is getting kinda long.

So, for the Spring Cleaning, the Truck Driving School.... and the Double Bubble Gum!

This is Kithore and InMyOwnDreams
Lovin' ya'll forever!

My Submission - Am I the last one?

Hello CAW Crew. Aprillian, Ashayo El Jeppy, Teadrah (alphabetical order, so no complaining)

My week in wow was quite fun, my goal was to get my paladin to 40, and I did that during last weeks live stream. So when I hit 50 this week I was ecstatic. When I hit 60 and was able to get my flying moutn already I was over the moon with joy. Then I started leveling archaeology...and I know why I don't usually do that now. It's so odd to me how sometimes questing gives much better exp the dungeons, at least in a zone im familiar with. I'm uber-ecstatic about the info that's coming out tonight, can come fast enough. I'll be rabidly refreshing websites two hours into the live show to get the info. Wooo!

Anyways, outside of WoW life has calmed down, though I was able to start back up my old D&D group with a skype/maptools mixed with real life players as well, very fun, and VERY enjoyable, since most my friends and players live scattered about eastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding states.

Moving onto our audio submission: I decided to go with a plain acapella version this week because I honestly thought the vocals without pauses sounded better that way. Hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. (Ahem, cough, aheem *writing it three hours ago* ahem cough)

For the Alliance. For the Horde. For the D&D players!


Shout Outs & Thank You

Momomoments -cough cough and more cough! bloody hell!

Hello all,
hope you are all doing well and much healthier than I am.  I have been sick yet again and frankly I am sick of it! :)
I have played a bit of wow this week, not enough to go on too much about though.
I have a new 80 warlock on balanzar server names Flerzen, a random name pick which I like for some reason. He is a troll and a product of the scroll of mo-resurrection.
After fixing all the addons and usual things, I picked up inscription and herbing which I have always hates but wanted to try something new.  I really do not know how others and especially Jeppy do it! What Jeppy does is simply amazing, to be able to level up one single profession within hours.  For some players, the elitist lets say, think they are all that a slice of pie because they are able to raid and talk smack about how someone doesnt know how to play the game and etc.  For me its amazing how Jeppy and Aprillian and others play and how they are able to level up characters or professions or w/e so quickly.  At least much quicker than I can.  
After a few hours in the last week I have leveled my locks professions to about 150 almost, thats it!  Well we are who we are.
I will keep at it and maybe by halloween I will have it maxed out...probably not :)

Maybe this week I will be able to do more than dailies and get some dungeons done, oh and I forgot the new guild Ashayo was talking about last week.  If you ever need any type of mo-help please let me know.
Have a great week and hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patricks day and drank Guinness.

For the  Irish!

Clan of Darkness


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