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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 285 - T minus 17 Days

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Dr Who

Back to the DMF

Seven Days Free!
Astara n ot Friendlhy with Sons of Hodir
Quad boxing, Astara & Epril in HOL, Tiiaa at DMF, Aprillian trying to get fossiils
Cross realm- Coalition salute

As hayo


Thank goodness for The Stonecore - Troggmeggedon continues. Goal all teams to 85 by MoP

Xrealm the good and the bad

Thanks to Farli @TheOvercut I added the show to the subreddit wowpodcasts

Might be a good place to consolidate comments about each show?

7 days free

Still haven’t started RAF :(

All 4 active accounts now MoP and paid up until 2013

Bought the jousting place pets and learned them!



Panda - 19

Greetings CAW Crew

Just thought I'd email in to say hello, "Hello". The show is as awesome as ever, and if I can ever work out what time 7am eastern time is versus GMT, I might even make the chat room one day :)

Ooo which reminds me, can I join your super guild Clan of Darkness on Earthern Ring US. I thought I might level up my Panda with your guild, if you'll have me. And why wouldn't you, I'm lovely hehe.

With everything that's going on, WoW's just fantastic fun atm. I'm focusing on my main, Crozey the Mage  -  "If there's a ledge to be fallen off, I'm right down there!" Right now I'm getting his achievements up. I can't strut around Org. and pretend "what this old toon, aw he's just an underplayed alt, mate" now that the a/c wide achievements are in, so I've been busted. So I'm teleporting around Azeroth, the Fireland daily's one moment, cooking quests the next, and I'm STILL trying to fish up Old Crafty, whatever helps secure another 10 points. It's mad fun! Even if my mage looks like a right lunatic running around the place.

I'm also trying to get all the Tol Barad achieves before the expansion hits. Not sure about what will happen when the Panda's drop, Ooo, Pandapop *reserves name* but if its anything like Cata, Tol Barad will go the way of Wintergrasp and if you don't have the acheivements, it'll be very hard to get them!

Anyhoo, going to keep this email "Jeppy sized" and sign out now. Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic work…

Stay shiny,

For the Horde!


CAW email from reefberry

August 7, 2012

From Reefberry

Dear CAW,

     Updates from Reefberry

Did I ever tell you how much I enjoy listening to CAW and especially all the listeners’ stories. I have heard all episodes this summer, even though my letters have been absent. Little by little the guilt of listening and enjoying other listeners while not contributing begins to pile up.

There was very little Warcraft gaming in the Reefberry house from May through most of July. Our regular Friday night family group has dissipated. One of the brothers canceled his WoW account. The rest of them I have rarely seen on Battle-net this summer. I’ve become the outcast due to some non-Mac tank game. I guess there may not be more Durdle stories.

     So, for a few weeks I was kind of moping around and revisiting old games. I heard Ticket to Ride mentioned on an earlier Ctrl alt wow podcast, that game is actually quite fun and available in many formats: mobile units, desktops, online multiplayer, single player, and tabletop.   So, thanks to Ashayo for mentioning it. I also dabbled a bit in “Myth”, an old game by Bungie, the makers of Halo, before the Microsoft buyout. I was surprised to find ten players online over at marius-net. I played a few games and reminisced about our team appearance in the Myth World Cup, 1998 I think. Ahh, the glory days of youth --  well maybe not youth but just yonger.

Sparkles my wife, is hooked on Diablo. I like Diablo too, but she has all but abandoned her Warcraft. However, when the kids were let from school for the summer I bought my grandson, we’ll call him Sleet, a scroll of resurrection. He was not allowed to play during school. I’m hoping that will change this year. I gave the mount to Sparkles, hoping to entice her back into the game. It hasn’t worked yet. Just to clarify, I didn’t give her the mount; I just sent the scroll out from her account, which reminds me of a multi-account question. Since, I’m writing to a nest of the multi-accounted, is there a way I can manage the accounts (paying the bills) and still allow the three accounts their own authenticators? I don’t live at the same address as Sleet so I have to call and ask for the authentication number. This is kind of inconvenient.

With my new sidekick, Sleet, I’ve been back into Wow and we’ve been having a blast. There is nothing like the enthusiasm and imagination of an eleven year old newb to make Warcraft fun during the doldrums of pre-expansion days. At first Sleet never liked doing quests. He was happy taming new pets and killing random mobs. However, I found a hook. Sleet enjoys collecting mounts. I took him down to the crater and showed him the raptor mount and the quest line. Everyday he logged on early in the morning to earn his baby raptor teeth. Next, I showed him the War Chief’s command board and how they led to opening the cataclysm portals. This didn’t catch on as fast as the raptor mount, but he now has all the portals except Twilight Highlands open. Impressive I would say, considering he has one main character that ended last summer at level 26. Then about mid-summer we resurrected him and bumped him to level 80. He barely has had time to learn his class and now it’s all changed. I do take him on instance runs and he likes battle grounds.

One day Sleet starts telling me about someone who offered him gold if he would dance. So Sleet danced but said the follow called him a loser and ran away. I asked him to open the guild window and read the guild name to me.

“I Dance for Money”, he reads back.

      I explain to him, “Next time, ask for the money in advance and if they ask for a mailbox dance, double the price.”

     He chuckles and says “That’s a stupid guild name.”

     I agree and reply “You can thank your great-uncle Durdles for that name.”

     Some listeners may recall I have a unique Warcraft hobby of marathon, feather falling. Well I broke my 147 second, “slow fall”, descent record this summer twice. From the top of the Mount Hyjaltree located in Nordrassil, I fell for 192 seconds (3 minutes 12 seconds) that’s seven slow fall casts to reach the ground. Unfortunately, I just caught the southern lip of the Mount Hyjal and Azshara border. I must try that jump again, because if I can clear it that’s at least another 2 maybe 3 feather falls. Right after setting that record I broke it again by jumping toward Winterspring. I landed in Everlook after three minutes and 31 seconds, with eight casts.

     My sidekick decided he was going to join in the fun too. Sleet would fly above a body of water and dismount. He loved it and would laugh and laugh. Eventually, he made his mother and sister come an watch him plummet to the ground and wait for tauren splat. He missed the water a few times so I had to teach him about durability and to take his gear off. Tumbling, naked through the sky seemed to make action even more fun. I could see all three of them on iMessage laughing and enjoying the skydiving. It didn’t end there. The next round of laughter burst from the speakers when he decided surprise people in Orgrimmar by bombing them with his naked tauren.    

I heard letters/audios from Moe and Curly so I really pushed myself to get something submitted before Mists goes live.

Five Years, High Five!
-- Larry

Voltandra's patch notes

Hello to everyone at Ctrl-Alt-WoW!

I've attached an audio from Voltandra, who has stories to tell of the aftermath of the latest patch.  Enjoy, and I hope everyone's having a FABULOUS week!

-Voltandra's player


Sorry about the voice this week as I have been sick as a dog for the last two days so I am sorry in advance I wanted to use a better work than sorry but I suck at spelling.

Submission for 9/8/12 errr or is it 8/9/2012 or ah screw it The Eighth of September in the year Two Thousand and Twelve of the Common Era.

Hello CAW Crew,

Just to get it out of the way early, we have a parody song this week!

Now onto our weeks in WoW.

Morgaine: I finally got myself a Darkmoon Faire strider on my Warlock (yay! Now all my toons can have it!). Other than the usual Faire games, ran a few dungeons with Wren's death knight. I really am enjoying my Disc priest- the only kind of healer that doesn't want to make me throw the keyboard across the room. :D Other than that, didn't do a whole lot of WoW playing, as I have had to work every single day this week (bleh!).

Wren: So, I forgot to mention it last week. I managed to scrounge up enough gold alliance side to create two mekgineer choppers. One for me, and one for morgaine to pay me back for later (I love her, but all that means is I dont charge her interest). So that depleted my gold supplies as I'm nowhere near as good as Jeppy in earning gold. However, a few days later someone posted a bunch of vial mounts at essentially cost (my guess was either an exploit or someone unloading them from a goblin alt, either way GIMME). After a whole lot of scoruning up gold from alts I had literally just enough. If I bought it I would be completely broke. So I sent the fellow a tell, and said "Hey how about you give me a 4% discount, you'll make more then what you'd make dealing with the ah cut, and I'd pay less. Its a win/win!" And he went with it. Woohoo!

My goal of getting all 85's alliance side (with no RAFing etc.) is drawing closer. 85/85/85/85/85/83/83/81/80/75. Less then 30 levels to go in total, even if they are the longest. I'm enjoying playing my horde DK a lot, and my draenei disc priest is insane. Perhaps its just me, but my Disc priest is usually third on the damage charts while in leveling instances. And I'm usually dead last when not playing a priest. So being able to heal AND contribute to a groups damage feels amazing. I'm still a tank at heart, but its a tempting backup character.

So that is our weeks in WoW. So as I said at the start we finally recorded another song. Extremely doubtful we will get one in the next few weeks seeing as lives conspire against us, our best friends getting married, us hopefully closing on our first house soon, work, sleep, and Wren being in another show (The show is: Almost, Maine - A show that is a collection of Love Stoires, where Wren gets beat repeadetly with an ironing board, but finds love for the first time in his characters life). The song we recorded is a love story, specifically made because Morgaine told me how her Undead Warlock has a total crush on Koltira the Death Knight while questing.

For the Horde, For the Alliance, For "Is penance really supposed to be that amazing?"

Rigarmorty update for episode 285
Hi CAW Crew!

Attached is my update for this week. Not a lot of Wow content but it feels like only a few days since the last show!



Submission for Ep 285 - Jeppy Size ;)

Hello CAW Sweeties,

Hope you all have had an awesome week. Group huggles time /squeeee  :)

No audio this week - voice is a little scratchy today (through no fault of my own mind you!!! Ok well maybe slightly - been rocking it out in a Real World Event - yes I went to a gig to see a band I totally loved as a teenager and had a rocking good time lol)

Not alot from me this week as I've been wiping to the Real Life Boss - haven't done alot mostly Darkmoon Faire for all my toons. It's such a fun Event - I love doing it every month.

Also still sorting through my Warlock spell rotations and vaguely ran an Eye (of Kilrogg) across my other girls specs and decided ... they can wait! Lol yay for alts!

Well I'm keeping this email short and sweet - perfect for Jeppy hehe

Have a fabulous show tonight - as always, you all rock!!

Have a wonderful week and talk with you all later.

Big hugs

Leeta xoxo

PS - Yes I am still Dig Dig Digging ... when I can hehe

hello caw crew!

Hey guys, I hope everyone is wide eyed and bushy tailed or some variation thereof this morning.  I have listened to your podcast for quite a while now and have loved the vibe from the beginning.  Its very refreshing to listen to a podcast that is not apologetic about loving to play WoW.  I also love the fact that everyone seems to actually love playing the game.  Not just end game, not just pvp etc, not even shhhh dont tell anyone...just making alts! gasp! I know! Its nice to listen to people who don't talk about how there is NOTHING to do in WoW and how boring it is, how lame it is, how easy it is, not enough content, whatever. I'm all for constructive criticism but I feel that some people talk about how bad the game is just because they're trying to come off "elitist" or it's not catering to their one specific niche of content that they may enjoy.  El Jeppy may love playing the Auction House but he doesn't sit there saying how crappy the rest of the game is.  

I think you get what I am saying lol.  I love the caw community and all there submissions.  I look forward to hearing Juuno, Leeta, Necrobob, and yes the amazing Big G!  So many to list but I love hearing about everyones adventures in the world of warcraft....and even those other games *cough* Rift *cough * Juuno* Sims Social *cough* Aprillian * cough >.> lol!  I love how you guys and gals make everyone feel included, welcomed and enjoyed.  Even when you goof on someone its never with malice or thumbing your nose.  Its all in good fun. and everyone sounds generally happy and excited for all the listeners and their accomplishments.

Aaaaaanyways I know this isn't as long as some emails but I feel like I should move on.  I did have some things to talk about.

First a quick bit about me.  I've been playing WoW since Vanilla since it was released and have never looked back. I have tried many other MMOs but always have had WoW and only really had a break from the game when I was in Iraq and didnt know how I could play it out there (I eventually did find out but playing the game there was like being a psychic as that the latency was so bad you had to predict what buttons to press but wouldn't see what happened until like 3 seconds later lol.  suffice to say pvp was hilarious.  "oh there is someone to attack I think i'll atta-* what...oh he already killed me....greaaaaaat" >.>.

I enjoy all aspects of the game.  raiding, pvping, crafting, farming, the auction house, leveling, etc etc.  and I cant wait for MoP!!  I used to be in a raiding guild in vanilla but with work and life in general it became difficult to raid 4-6 hours a day for 3-4 days a week.  So I took a break and did the solo thing for a while and when I had time to raid it seemed impossible to find a good group (or as good a group as I had) to raid with.  Either everyone is too awesomesauce and rage after any mistake made in a group/raid. or its just hard to break into the group.  being shy probably doesn't help lol.  But despite it all I still love the game, still love playing and with LFR finally have been able to see current raid content instead of doing content and xpac or two later.  I know its not "real" raiding but its pretty fun and if you ignore the trolls/griefers etc its not too bad.  Playing with my fiance has made it fun but shes shyer than I am and is more casual playing the game than I am.  I think she does it more because she loves me but I love her for trying :)
So I rolled two toons on Earthen Ring US a lock and a rogue that i'm dual boxing.  I did a RAF and and going to level them up as high as possible and then another set so that when mop hits I can give all the levels to my panda ( i know its cheating, kinda) but I do plan on making making more pandas that I will level at a more respectable way.   In any case, I was wondering if you happen to know any horde guilds out there on earthen ring ;)  some of the things I am looking for is a guild who enjoys the game.  has fun. does things as a guild or guild groups.  They have to be a guild that likes making alts or doing dungeons, raids, or whatever floats your boat. you know of any guilds like that?  and what does one have to do/who do I talk to in order to join this amazing guild?

Thanks again Amazing Aprilian, the Audacious Ashayo, the Jack of trades..and auctions Jeppy and the Tenacious Tedrah! my hat off to you for putting together such a great podcast, guild and community!

Best to all,

Chris aka spinninzen in the chat room and the twitter when i can and Bruxo/Velhaco lvl 28 lock and rogue on earthen ring and Trilha lvl 85 hunter on Draka and ...too many to list everywhere lol.

sorry for the long email feel free to cut out whatever you like if you do decide to read on air :)

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