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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 286 - Ashayo Levels Up

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

CAW286 from Juuno/Pixiegirl

Hello Darlings!!!!  I missed you!!  I'm back, feeling better...well, here, I'll just tell you all about it... =D

/great big hugs!!

Juuno & Pixiegirl

p.s. xoxoxoxoxox!!!!  

What We've Been Doing:


Halls of Lightening, digging, playing with new talents. Pets.

giest, Glyphs





Rumors abound

Hello again to everyone at Ctrl-Alt-WoW!  

The day is fast approaching.  On the day Blizzard announced the release date for Mists of Pandaria, I secured my digital download version and submitted my request for the day off.  I'll be online with the masses at the moment it goes live, and for the rest of the day.  Hopefully, I shall see you all there (as Voltandra would say)!

Speaking of Voltandra, the toons have been talking.  About what, you ask?  Well, you'll have to listen to the attached audio from my favorite blood elf paladin to find out.  

Have a great week, everyone!

-Voltandra's player

Sooooopa busy

Hail CaW crew, Apprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy and Tedra. The Nekro's have been so busy working on the new Polynesian props for the new Sheraton hotel that they haven't played wow in almost two weeks. (last week Mr. Nekro logged over 81 hours at work) And yes friends two weeks is indeed a record breaking absence from our favorite game.

The hotel opens on the 20th of September and we intend to take a few days off to rest up from our long hours of creating and building cool stuff. Our small holiday might just fall somewhere near the launch date for Mists of Panderia but I assure you that is a total coincidence.

Mrs. Nekro and I look forward to seeing all our friend in game very soon and we promise to catch up on our audio submissions as well.

Love and miss you all and thanks so very very much for your awesome podcast.

The Nekrobob's

Tatty bye and toodle pip and remember Undead love is forever…


I've included a link to a photo album incase anyone would like to see the wild and crazy stuff we've been building

The unintegrated Kurly

Sent from my iPod


Haven’t really got much to say this week seems my run of bad luck is still holding strong guild wars 2 has created some new awesome and still await with baited breath on the panda’s. Onto a something completely different who’s getting a new iphone 5 really thinking about breacking my current contract for one and what kind of sick person puts a cat in a harness and what looks to be walks it on a leash.

For the horde

For the Alliance

For the Sand grophers

And for my bad luck to break all ready

Big G

Rigamorty Update

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, Eljeppy and Tedra!

Apologies for no audio this week, Friday when I normally would have recorded was a bit chaotic and I just didn't get the chance to record anything. I did make it into Wow a couple of times this week still learning my way around 5.0.4 and struggling with re-learning and changing specs. For example, I'm currently looking at changing my main Pryderic, a frost mage (image of him below) over to Fire spec, simply as an alternative to Arcane and for running dungeons.

That's about all I've been up to. I'm certainly feeling a bit of the lull before MOP hits.



Submission for Ep 286

Hello CAW Sweeties,

Hope you all have had an fantastic week. It's that time again ... ready, steady, go  /weeeee group huggles

Aww that is so much better :D

Sorry no audio this week - Spring has hit here with a vengeance and unfortunately sinus has hit me with full force and my voice sounds like a foghorn - completely unattractive trust me lol

Hopefully will be much better and have one for you next week :)

Well what have I been up to ingame?

Thursday night we went and did OS 3D 25m - grats on Wingy for winning the mount. Then we went down to Onyxia's Lair and managed to do it in 25man - got the achievements :-
More Dots! (25 player) and She Deep Breaths More (25 player) - no mount dropped but was great fun! Thank you to all those that came along.

Also I have a confession ... yes ... I have been Digging!!! Lots of Digging!!

I've managed to get my Priest Attil's Archaeology from 415 to 525 and am hunting Tol'vir sites for the Canopic Jars! Yes the recipe will be mine ... one day ... hopefully!!

I have solved both the Fossilized Raptor Mount and Fossilized Hatchling this week however with the account-wide mounts and pets can learn neither as I already have the mount learnt from Leetar and as I have an over abundance of pets in my pet journal I cannot learn the
Hatchling at the moment :(
Am eagerly awaiting MoP just so I can sort my pets out lol

Anyway I'm keeping this email short and sweet again this week.

Have a great show tonight!

Have a wonderful week.

Lots of love and big hugs

Leeta xoxo

PS - This coming week should be very exciting - The Battle of Theramore will launch after maintenance. Cannot wait to see what happens!
Toodles hugs xoxo

For the grind!
G'day Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy & Tedra,

I just finished listening to episode #285 and thought it was high time I wrote you again.
My undead rogue Clogalis from Thaurissan has been picking away at his Insane in the Membrane feat of strength.
It requires earning exalted reputation with Booty Bay, Ratchet, Gadgetzan, Everlook, Darkmoon Faire, Ravenholdt and earning honored reputation with the Bloodsail Bucaneers.
The longest grind was pick pocketing roughly 1,400 lock boxes for ravenholdt rep. After completing all the other faction rep requirements it was off to the dark moon faire isle for few days of dailies to complete the achievement. With my finger poised above the screen capture key I turned in the last quest and ... nothing. Le sigh.
I'm not sure why it wasn't awarded as I did obtain all the requirements so I opened a ticket and we'll see what the outcome is.
The other day when I was online the guild was pretty quiet, no doubt due to the time zones, but Mourtisha was online and we had a great conversation. The friendly natured people within Clan of Darkness make you feel so welcome, I'm glad to a part of it.
All the new changes which came with 5.0.4 has resulted in many complaints in game but I quite enjoy the changes. It only takes a short while to go over your class, spec and abilities, and in most situations there are new cool abilities which make the game fun.
Bye for now,


Momoments - all of your talent specs are us!

Hello everyone!
hope you are doing well.
I am doing my best to not melt away as it is over 100 degrees in Southern California and I dont know why!

I did log in a few times into this game of ours this week but only to find out (as I forgot and i dont know why) that talents were reset...wait not only reset! We have all new talents and things.  I completely forgot this was happening and did not know what was happening.  One by one on each character I started looking at talents, reading, wondering which one to go with, being all was actually fun.  It is different than before but I do semi-understand why they have done this.  I have not referenced any websites for talents but I may have to down the line.  After I set the talent points and each player's UI, I realized I have to set scrolls too! for the love of Thrall!  Oh and dont forget, I do have two accounts, yes only two and close to 60+ characters.  In my moobness if saw there are some new scrolls I need to go learn on my main characters...I probably have 8 to 10 main characters, is that ok?!

AND THAN!! I was wondering if anyone is able to help me out, help a moob, as I may be the only person that does not understant transmogrification or however it is spelled and pronounced.  I have looked online and I dont get it?!
what is it?! why? who? When!?
So please help a Mo out, please!!!

Hope everyone is having fun and stay cool.

For the help a mo foundation!


Shout Outs & Thank You!home/mainPage

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