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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 297 - What Time Do Dailies Reset?
Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.


Hello Ctrl Alt Wow darlings! Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedra and that World of Warcraft BEAST...*sigh*...El Jeppy!  And our fellow listeners, contributors and the chat room! Hehehe...hellloooooo!  I'm sorry.....I have no audio for you this week....because you were so mean about Rift last week..... not!! hahahahaa!!!  I meant it's because I was too busy building my amazing new Rift player house!, no, not that either, I'm just messing with Aprillian...*giggling*  No, it is really because I'm leaving Vegas and heading to Florida with Ogre and Stabitha for a cruise!!! Wooohooooo!!! We're going to the Bahamas with 38 heavy metal bands and hundreds of metal fans from all around the's going to be amazing!!  But anyway, I hope everyone is doing GREAT in and out of game this week and having lots and lots of pandarific fun and adventures!  Pixiegirl might send me an email to forward on to you *crossing fingers* but she told me earlier today that she hadn't really done a lot in the game this week...she's still feeling under the weather, poor Mom.  She also says hello and hopes everyone is doing great.  They got snow up there in Maine, by the way, and she posted some pictures on looks pretty but too darn cold for my blood.  I'm glad Florida doesn't have a winter!!

I wanted to apologize to anyone who was offended that I called panda's chubby....but then I remembered that we're talking about a game so I didn't...hehehehee.  ;P  No, seriously, Pixie and I couldn't bring ourselves to delete our adorable little pandas (who are Horde, but who totally think Garrosh is a jerk! Hahaha!) and so they have survived after all!  Yay!  Flowerr is just TOO darn cute!! Plus, she has some really sweet bags that Pixie gave her, so I think she'll be my bank alt on Earthen Ring (for now at least.)  We both started Blood Elf monks on Earthen Ring, and Pixie got hers to level 5 and I think mine, Kali, is only level 3.  I got distracted playing with mods...I'd never really used them much in the past, but I want to grow-up to be leet like Ashayo some day so I figured I better get with the program!  I got a few and tried them out with a death knight named Purevil that I'd forgotten ALL about over on a server called Maelstrom.  She was only level 57...I think I must have made her right after Wrath came out...she looked like she had just got out of the starting zone.  So I popped her into dungeon after dungeon, threw in a BG here and there, and she's level 70 now.  Holy cats, Ashayo wasn't kidding about how fast you level up in dungeons, WOW!  It felt GREAT to get into those dungeons, and even though I'm not that great at BG's, I'm getting better.  I just have to remember to play her as a dps and not as a tank...haha...because she's a frost DK, and I kept forgetting and just charging in.  I also did *gasp* research...on stuff like mouseover and standard macros and class specs, spell rotation and gear upgrades, etc etc.  Anywho, it was a fun week and once I get back from vacation, I'm going to be rearing to go!  So...Pixiegirl, you have a week to get all better!!!  Hehehehee!  

OH, by the way, the interesting thing about the dungeons...people are much, much quieter in them these days!  And I liked that!  Out of all the ones I ran this week, there were only TWO where anyone was a jerk at all, and even then it wasn't as bad as it used to be.  I am impressed!  Everyone seems to know pretty much what to do and just about every single one I did was fast and successful.  FUN!!  The only bad thing was just how incredibly FAST people expect the tanks to go...if we had a tank who tried to take his time at ANYthing, it seemed like he'd get aggro from someone in the group.  That made me a little sad for the tanks.  They have a lot of pressure to "go-go-go".  Where is the learning curve in that?  Sometimes a dps (one time even the healer!) will run ahead and pull mobs.  I think the tank should set the pace in the dungeon.  If I were the tank, and someone ran ahead and pulled mobs on purpose like that, I would let them die. Seriously.  I was in one where the tank suddenly stopped...I had just been focusing on "assisting" and was confused when he stopped.  He just stood there and I thought maybe he dc'd, but he finally said, "I'm not tanking anymore."  I said, "Why?" and he said, "The rogue keeps running ahead and attacking things!" and I said "Well, then....kick him!"  Hahahaaa...nobody voted to kick the rogue (who was barely doing more dps than the healer throughout the entire dungeon according to Recount, by the way!) but he stopped running ahead, so that was good.  Anywho, overall it was a blast and I am really looking forward to running them from level 15 on up to 90!  Woot!!

Alright's late now and I have to get up in 3 hours to go to the airport, so I better sign off.  

I love you guys AND gals!!
Big hugs and kisses *muah!*
For the Horde, for the Alliance, and for the Bahamas!!!
Juuno (and Pixiegirl!) of Korialstrasz

p.s. I just listened to a cute podcast called "Battle Pets" with loads of pet info, and another called "Dark Moon Herald" that is really entertaining (I mean, not as wonderful as CAW, but it was a'ight...hehe... ;)  Love you!!

p.s.s. Oh, did you know you could attach a WoW sound file to a macro??  I had NO idea!  I found the below one on the web and when I used it, you hear the eerie voice in the air around you! I want more! Anybody know how to find the sound files in your WoW folder?

/cast Death Grip
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Ashbringer\\ASH_SPEAK_12.wav")

What We've Been Doing:



  • Loot idea - start at 100% and lose 1% for failing to do things that the fight mechanic expects you do to. eg dps not getting out of stupid, healers not dispelling, tank not taunt swapping.
  • Tailor - imperial silk comes in cacoon ; that might also have a new pet
  • Controversy over Blingtron change to once per account per day
  • Halfhill flight master moved!
  • Domination Point cutscene didn't play for me :(
  • New scenarios
  • Commendations at revered to boost rep by 100% account wide
  • Terrible Turnip from Ominous Seed!
  • Herb and ore prices at least tripled ; lower supply. other stuff not going up to match.
  • Monk - enlightenment buff stacks beyond 2hrs - up to 6hrs now.
  • Revered with Shado-pan. Not enough valor to buy head or ring. Rep grind plus valor is starting to piss me off. I started grinding valor, but you get capped at 1000, so in order to get an upgrade for a faction I had to grind for, I have to ensure I grind and cap valor for the next 3 weeks :/
  • Loremaster of Pandaria. Completed Townlong Steppes. Ding 89!
  • Questing in Dreadwastes. "Concentrated Fear" would have to be one of the worst quests of the expansion. Low drop rate, everyone in party needs them, and they fear into other mobs, including elites. Died 3 times.
  • LFR - Guardians of Mogu'shan, The Vault of Mysteries, The Dread Approach, Nightmare of Shek'zeer, Terrace of Endless Springs. Used all tokens and all I got was a 482 neck peice.
  • Exalted with The Golden Lotus. No gear to buy as reward - mixed blessing since I dont have enough valor to buy it anyway. However, a quest chain opens up to get a neck peice. (489)
  • Have to kill 100 mogu ; starts off tough, but you get super powers as you go so it gets easier and easier ; beware though - they all drop off as soon as you hit 100. Final boss fight is pretty epic. Took me two deaths to realise I need to jump over the lightning.
  • DMF - maxed out tailornig which gave me [Jack of All trades]
  • Disconnected while doing the leviathon harpooning quest in Dread Wastes with WHEE buff. Came back to no boat :(




Hello from Strumpet

Happy Almost December CAW Crew!!

Hope all the American hosts and listeners survived Pilgrims Bounty!

I managed to not do a SINGLE holiday event! I did however, do something I've never done before: I made characters that I am ACTUALLY playing on a second account.

I've had a second account on the same battle net for a long long time ... from some long-forgotten sale.

I also have a second battle-net account that I referred myself to a month ago - I'm currently paying for it, since I'm waiting for my RAF mount, but I'm not sure what I'll do with it after that.

For now, I'm just enjoying the extra character slots on Earthen Ring on my second account (same - Sheeeesh! How do you people keep things straight!  Loving the account-wide sharing of STUFF and GOODIES!!

Hope you are having a wonderful show!


CAW letter submission!

Hola CAW crew!
We hope everyone is doing well, in and out of the game. It's been a while since Kithore and I have sent anything, and we are sorry. Real life seems to get in the way every time we try to record for you guys. However, we are working on something that we think you guys will really like!  Thank you Claypidgen and Caoboi for the ideas and the help!!

As for the game, I haven't been able to play very much, but Kithore has leveled his alt, Kithorina, to 90, and has started Kithore on his way. He keeps getting stuck on one particular quest, though.  It is the quest where you are the sniper and have to keep the mobs from getting the hozen and the undead in the village. That last wave of mobs seems like it's impossible to get! Kithore keeps coming up with brand new words - or at least words I've never heard before - every time he tries the quest. Can anyone give him any hints that might help calm his spanish-speed tirades?

Anyway, as Kithore would say, this letter is getting pretty long. Hope you all have a great week!

Inmyowndreams and Kithore,

CoD, Earthen Ring, Dragonblight, and buggy quests!

Panting for pants

Hello glorious guildies,

  Its the Nekrobob's with our audio submission for this weeks show. We hope it finds all our friends well and happy both in and out of game. Last weeks show was an absolute hoot. It was so wonderful to hear Juno and Pixie girl working the cyber airwaves together, we adore them both they are the bomb kaboom :)
The show is truly fortunate to have so many talented hosts and contributors.
Sorry to say we may not be in this weeks chat room as we'll be in Hong Kong for most of the day on Tuesday.

Much love, have a great show

and remember undead love is forever….

If you listen closely... you still won't hear anything
Greetings to everyone at Ctrl-Alt-WoW!

I'm back from a broadband-challenged Thanksgiving in Maine, during which I was unable to login to WoW. This past weekend was spent celebrating my wife's 50th birthday, so again minimal WoW and zero audio creativity time.  Hopefully this coming weekend will be back to normal and I'll manage to splice something together for next week.

I'm enjoying the battle pet updates, although they wiped out the teams I had assembled with the PetBattle Teams add on. Totally worth it now that I can see the quality of the pet before engaging in battle, and once in battle I can tell which of the additional joiners I've already collected.

I did loot a Flawless Battle-Stone the other day, so was able to bump up my Sand Kitten from Common to Rare quality. Score!

That's all for now. Looking forward to getting in some more game time and seeing you all there!

-Voltandra's player

Rigarmorty update

Hi CAW Crew,

It's been a busy part couple of weeks since my last update. Mist if you heard about my cat and a big thanks to everything for their support. I got two new lovely cats this last weekend. You can see a picture of them in my very recent sweet.

Anyway, they've taken up most of my spare time so I've only done a few Golden Lotus dalies. I am planning to come back over to US servers hopefully this side of Christmas though I'll not have MOP I can work in getting my alts leveled up.

P.S. I've started featuring bands and artists music which have a gothic/horror theme.



I was born a ramberling man

Sorry for the stream of thought this week but it’s been one of those weeks where I set out to do so much and basically ended up sitting around watching TV and walking my grand parents dog.
Big G

Shout Outs & Thank You

Mars, Donnie, PixieGirl - Thanks for your donations!! You help us keep going!

Clan of Darkness

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