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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 324 - Let the good monks roll!

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno & Pixiegirl

Hello Darlings! Here is our little recording (in the dropbox, minus the usual music because it's SO late and I'm just wrapping it up...and I'm super tired...hehe...sorry!) and a couple of fun screen shots!  We had a really WONDERFUL night raiding was epic and awesome and we loved every second of it...thank you Ashayo, for helping us!

/great big hugs & kisses!!

Juuno, Pixiegirl & a few of our wonderful guildies

What We've Been Doing:


Commendation Duh

Lots of pet battles
violet Hold

Sucked up to the Tillers

Prillian mining like crazy
Transfer pets and didn’t make any money


Hiide starting point is i424
Challenge is to get raid-ready (i460) without grinding rep or a ton of dungeons/scenarios, or spending a fortune on the AH.

Chest - Leatherworking
Gloves - Leatherworking
Trinket - Engineering Dragonling
Trinket - Inscription DMF Relic
Rings - Jewelcrafting
Wrists - Justice points
Legs - Justice points
Boots - Barrens event (or could do Sha)
Weapon - Arena of Annihilation scenario
Belt - Barrens weekly
Shoulders - quest - Soggy's Gamble in Dreadwastes
Result: i461

Blood in the snow requires i425
Made LW items to get over the cap
Queued for blood in the snow - Strumpet was in there on her priest!
Did the Barrens opening sequence; boots make it i447
Arena of Annihilation scenario - new bow ; i450

Mage pet battles
- northrend safari
- outland safari
- quality and quantity - 50 rare pets
- Big City Pet Brawler
- Time to Open a Pet Store (400 pet battle ach points)
- Rewards Jade Tentacle
- Pandaria Safari

Big thanks to Duvessae for the pets! Mechanical Squirrel, Razormaw Hatchling and Lil' SMoky

Monk only doing the daily hit level 58. Time to heal some Outland!
Queued up, but got Blackrock Spire, Group was in progress but totally lost, then fell apart. I dropped group and got a 30 min debuff :/





Hello CAW,

My name is Jortandra.  I ave been listening to your podcast for a couple of years now and have to say it is one of my favorites.  The enthusiasm for WoW that comes through during your episodes is very infectious.  I would love to be part of the CAW community and hope this quick email is sufficient to qualify me for an invitation to the Guild.


Hi COD Crew,

I am a big fan of the show! I don't play alts but I learn a lot listening to your adventures.   I play a dwarven priest named Fiderbooze on a PVP server.  Some of my fondest
memories of the game are battling horde on an open world server.   Taren Mill, Booty Bay, the gankfests trying to get into MC or other raids were all fun times.  The anxiety of questing in an area where you might get ganked really adds to the fun of the game IMO.
 So my question to you all is do you think you are potentially missing the best part of the game by playing on a PVE server?


PS I am 46 so it's just not kids that play alliance!

Greetings C.A.W. peoples,

I know the pet battle episode was a couple weeks back, but I just wanted to mention a few things:

First up is a link to a very detailed PvP pet battle guide found on the WoW forums. Click here

Second is next Friday is the official start of summer, so along with Midsummer Festival event starting up again we'll have our chance to capture the elusive Qiraji Guardling in Silithus. I'm betting that pet will be the last pet most people need for the Taming Kalimdor achievement.

Last is the Blossoming Ancient pet is now available from the Blizzard store, so if any of you guys have ten bucks to burn i recommend picking up one.

Ok I think I've rambled enough for one e-mail

Laters for now.

Ularand - Eldre'Thalas
(LostCause78 in the chat room)

Kimmi (audio)
Hi guys - I have been so frustrated lately healing in lower level dungeons that I just had to put a plea out there to all the Monk Tanks.  You guys are awesome tanks, except for one REALLY annoying habit that I have seen consistently on almost ALL Monk tanks.  Love you guys and have a great show!!!


Big G (audio)
Sorry had a week full of non wow things this week so here’s my audio

Leeta (audio)
Dearest CAW Sweeties,
You all know what time it is? Yes... It's audio time!!
Have a great show :)
Big huggles
Love Leeta xoxo

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


Here you go gang! I also included a pic of where me and Lisa play wow. Can you see my Kitty Cougar keeping my chair warm till I get home from work?
Take care!

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