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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 373 Introducing Maya

Aprillian, Leeta, Rogueslayer and Tedrah discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. With segments by Grand Nagus and Donnie of Clan of Darkness. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno and Pixie Girl!

Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent
Hiya Aprillian, Leeta, Rogueslayer & Tedra of course our awesome wow family
 Hope everyone is kicking but on & off the game :)

Well good news is Pontis is back with us for a little while, until his school year starts. GrandNagus, Pontis and I grouped and did some Timeless Isle stuff it was a lot of fun. Then the next day Pontis and I grouped again for some more Timeless Isle stuff, this time we had bodies stacking up lol Wish I had thought about it and got a screen shot, it was awesome, me killing, Pontis healing. And while we were doing this in the big middle of fighting I thought I saw exalted with the Emperor Shaohao, and yes after all the killing & looting was over sure enough I got it!! And of course the first thing I did was buy my mount Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent (picture included) Thanks Pontis for all the help, he kept pushing me, all I wanted to do was get his quests done but nope he knew how close I was to getting my mount. So we kept after it :) And now Ponits is back too pet battles got the ach for 75 level tens!
And Mstake (Moe) I just found out hit level 90! Congrats Mstake great job :)
Well sad news for us anyway, is Willopelt is gone for the summer :( But he did say he might join us sometimes in mumble I hope so! But I hope he and his family have a awesome summer since ours doesn't last all that long I can't blame him a bit, but still I know we will miss him.
And then more good news my son & his family (my little grandson) will be up here to start a new life in about a week! I'm so excited, going too spoil my little man rotten then give him back!
And that's it for me :)
Love & Kisses
Pixie & Junno
For the Horde & Clan of Darkness

What We've Been Doing:


Darkmoon faire

Photo Jun 08, 7 27 32.jpg
Went to the nexus with Vrishna’s triples. Lots of fun
Fought Moonfang
Finally sold Jade Panther, feel better
Photo Jun 03, 14 25 44.png
Photo Jun 03, 21 13 51.png


1/ Darkmoon Faire - 15 toons - 2 dinged!
Rogue - Lvl84
Druid - Lvl65
Jeremy Feasel is STILL a weasel! See you same time next month!
2/ TNAK - Mage Lvl87-88
Ran few Pandarian dungeons.
3/ Leeta
Been running few people through dungeons and raids to help get more gear for HoT.
Got Glory of The Raider 25man Achievement coz all I needed was The Safety Dance on 25man.
*Timeless Isle
Had 3 things drop for me this week:-
Blackflame Daggers off Champion of the Black Flame
Blackflame Daggers.png
Falling Flame dropped from Cinderfall
Falling Flame.png
*Alpha invite*
And finally Gu’chi dropped the pet for me :D
Gu'chi Pet.png
Bugged out Huolon!
4/ Herald of the Titans
Ran Ulduar to get gear for some of the 80’s then we decided to give Algalon a go once we had cleared all the other bosses.
We are doing a pre-pot zerg strategy and had 6 attempts to:-
1/ Show those who had not been in the Algalon fight what happens
2/ We just wanted to sort out how a zerg strategy would go with the pre-potting.
Best attempt we got him to 32%!
Awesome work!
Big thanks to Wingy, Lokwyn, Ashayo, Sumduud, Cloggie, Duvessae, Rain, Tiber, Matahorn and Grand Nagus.


I really hate when I fly to the Shrine for portal to Northrend and take Orgrimmar instead!!!

CoD in Tol Barad:
Everrose Ravn Grandnagus.png

Nelkall (dwarf warrior)
  • Re-did talents, gems, enchants -
  • Isle of Thunder scenarios - had to do full set to get quests
  • Quest runner:
  • Sweet Player.png
  • Hug.png
  • Entered world of Random BG’s - I have the basics down, can adapt
  • iLevel 523, good stats - not as much dying, more killing! (now Rogueslayer, Voltandra, Nelkall)
  • Saw two people gliding in Arathi Basin, to mine - hang glider and parachute!
  • BG Shamu:
  • BG Shamu.jpeg

Thursayre (87 draenae warrior)
  • Terrible at BG’s! Arathi Basin, Battle for Gilneas, Eye of the Storm
  • Did better when I remembered to stay back!
  • Honor/Conquest vendor spot not available at 87. :(

Narendra (undead hunter)
  • Had Elder’s Moonstone and various Winter’s Veil stuff in bag
  • iLevel 433
  • Kicked Around.png
  • Salted Wound.png
  • 272 and 289 trinkets - first to go!
  • Kept forgetting to get battle standard.
  • Thursday night - Tirefire was in TB battle (two actual Alliance there)
  • Found use for Thunder Bluff portal shard from farm!
  • Wintergrasp solo:
  • Wintergrasp Solo.jpeg
  • BG etc. achieves: A-Bomb-Ination (5 bombs on enemy gates Isle of Conquest), Back Door Job (parachute in), Everything Counts (win AV while team controls both mines), Leaning Tower (destroy WG tower - need all 3 to reduce time), Wintergrasp Victory, Isle of Thunder, Damage Control, Know Thy Enemy, All Over the Isle, That Takes Class, Isle of Conquest Victory, Battle for Gilneas Victory
  • Hunter buff for party? I looked…
  • Used someone’s demonic gateway in Isle of Conquest running bombs to gates)
  • “Grow giant carrots, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.”
  • Going into random BG, got DC’d. Came back in, flagged as deserter! Next day guildie got deserter for leaving after finish
  • BFF Gina!
  • Rated Battlegrounds for guild achieves? Hmm?

Rogueslayer (BE Destro Warlock)
  • Battle for Gilneas Victory, Newbs to Plowshares (Battle for Gil < 6 minutes), Silvershard Mines Victory
  • Enchants

Whimihere (dwarf windwalker monk pvp)
  • 24- 25
  • heirloom shoulders, staff, trinkets
  • healing spell
  • Whimihere Honor Heirlooms.png

Battleground basics
  • I was clueless, and ran into someone in WG who had never done it and I gave guidance. So I’m not alone!
    • Tol Barad
    • Wintergrasp next week

If you want to friend me in Wildstar: or in WoW:


I don't always play WOW but when I do I Control Alt WOW
Dear Control Alt WoW,
Wow where do I start? Well Gosh Thank You! I know it can be tough to put out such fun and positive content every week. I am in awe!

I first came across the pod cast back towards the end of BC when six Draenei Mages instantly killed me with a torrent of ice! Thus my google for multi box found you. While I don't multi box I respect the life style. I too have many alts and would love to have a few clones to help them progress.

I remember Pixie Girls first voice submission, a total mix of smart funny & cute. I think ElJeppy was still with you guys then. No one does funny better then that islander. Thank you ELJeppy for so many smiles giggles and coffee stains!!

I remember the rail road cross country trip armed with only a Mac book air. Who knew you could log into WOW at 40 miles an hour on a train!! Way more fun then Snakes on a MF Plane!

Aprillian you are my heroine thanks for introducing me to this slice of you life, I love all the great hosts you have had over the years - the handsome Ashayo!

You Rock thanks so much - I don't always play WOW but when I do I Control Alt WOW!

All the best from GatVol the most interesting Orc in Azeroth

Hello! Aprillian, Leeta, Rogueslayer and Tedrah,
I hope this letter finds you all in good health.
I was away from WoW for a while as I had pc issues thanks to a faulty power board. It blew up 2 power supplies (from each of my pc) and my 22” monitor. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Bemmo for his generous donation of an unwanted laptop which saw me through until I was able to repair one of computers and scrounge up an old 15” crt monitor from the shed, eww. It will have to do for now.
So, due to the circumstances noted above, my update isn’t going to be that big but I it’s been so long since I’ve written.
Clogalis has been grinding valor anyway he can find it and has so far upgraded 5 of his pieces to 4/4 pushing his ilevel to 557. Apart from that, he hasn’t been doing much asides from helping out where possible with the Herald of the Titans team.
Flogalis is has finally reached level 80! Thanks to Leeta, Wingy, Ashayo, Mata, Grand Nagus and the rest of the H.o.t.T. team for helping him gear up. His average ilevel of 222 is now adequate for the achievement attempt and is able to contribute a significant amount of dps … if only he could stay alive. Those Cosmic Smashes are so hard to see amongst all the other effects going on. I’m confident we get there soon.
Besides from the Herald of the Titans achievement, I’ve decided to set myself another goal and will keep you all updated throughout my progress. As most of you are probably aware, Clogalis has already completed the quest chain required to obtain his legendary cloak. I have a total of 9 level 90 characters and I’ve decided to get a cloak for each of them too. Goodbye sanity. So here’s a short overview of my family’s progress so far:
Tennish, Blood Elf Priest – Has completed Chapter 1 and is under way with the quest “A Test of Valor”, 2225 of 3000.
Ochay, Undead Mage – Is up to the 4th quest in Chapter 1, “The Strength of One’s Foes”
Zarithia, Blood Elf Warlock & Igohaerias, Orc Warrior – are both just starting out and are up to the 3rd quest of Chapter 1: “Trial of the Black Prince” which is to reach a reputation of honored with the Black Prince.
The remaining level 90s are yet to start.
For those of you who are also grinding reputation with the Black Prince, regardless if the quest tells you to go the southern shores of Krarasang Wilds go to the Isle of Thunder coordinates 49,65 near Diremoor. Here, there is a small team of Shadopan npc which attack a relentless wave of Animated Warriors, use them to your advantage as they will help you kill the mobs. Without any buffs you will earn 55 reputation per kill. However, with the experience and reputation buff gained from The Darkmoon Faire carousel combined with the Battle Standard of Coordination (15% increase reputation/experience available from the guild vendor) you will earn 75 reputation points per kill. With the 1st rank Battle Standard (which rewards 5%, for those not yet able to purchase the higher one) you will still gain 69 reputation per kill. Using this method you’ll be exalted in no time.
See you all in and out of game,
For … not letting a wave knock you on your butt when you’re trying to launch your kayak in the surf.

Halloooouuuu, CAW!

So, I was going to send an audio this week but I kept procrastinating and now I'll just use the partially true excuse that my phone is almost dead and I don't want to break Aprillian's computer again with my PC's file format.

Every week the required overtime at work keeps rising, and that brat real life takes up the rest of the time so I don't get much WoW time in, but I did manage to make the raid this week.  No new gear (and considering I really only need two pieces, that's kind of expected) but we did do an actual attempt at the feat.  I won't go into detail since I'm sure someone else will, but considering that was my first time doing a raid at  I can see the allure of dps now like I never could before.  And Grand Nagus: you'll be happy to know that I installed DBM with Lich content today.  :D  I don't know that I could heal a full raid at level, but healing 5 man will always be one of my favorite things to do. But now I want to DPS in raids more often!  We did get him down to about 34% on our last attempt, and I really feel like just ironing out the wrinkles will get everyone that title!

So, my birthday was last week, and since I wound up not doing any self-indulgent things the weekend before like I had said I would, I decided that a present to myself was just the thing.  I really did debate on what it would be, and I almost got Wildstar.  But considering how many MMOs have come to challenge WoW and the fact that I always wind up back here (because really, there is no other experience like WoW) I decided to gift myself with a boost.  Plaguerain the DK is now at 90, and because I have tried and failed so many other times, I gave her engineering as well.  It will still take a bit of doing, but now I don't have to level through it at least!

I took her to the Timeless Isle right away to get rid of that boost gear, and wow.  She can actually KILL things!  Though, what she can kill is different.  Intarsya takes on one at a time - any more and it's likely she won't make it - usually the snakes or panda ghosts in the village.  It takes her a while, but those are the ones that are easiest to down.  Plaguerain, on the other hand?  I learned quickly: STAY AWAY FROM SNAKES AND PANDA GHOSTS!!!  Instead, I take her over to the beach and pull every turtle in sight.  Then I giggle madly while I kill them all, in less time than it takes my priest to kill one little slithery snake.

I did spend a little time on Enid (Cobblesmythe...she's my character and I'll be as informal with her as I like...even if she does put up a fit about it!) and managed another ding.  She's now at 88, and I SWEAR she will not stay there very long.  Ok, maybe I don't swear.  But I hope?  Oh!  The really funny thing...I have four 90s now.  I really thought Enid would be the fourth, but no.  However?  The boost?  Yeah.  THAT was the one that got me "Dynamic Duo," which is two classes to 90.  All three of my other 90s are priests, and I have one at 89 too.  

Ok, this is getting long, so I'll end it there.
For the Horde, and for the long chats in Mumble with awesome guildies.Ansley

The week that was
Sorry no audio this week as I have next to nothing to report on the gaming front home now mother was a lil sad to see me go but happy that I was no longer eating all her food and annoying her. Hopefully my new monitor turns up this week as I gave my old one to mum as her new system needed a better monitor. Well hopefully the show is awesome for the horde,for the alliance,for the sandgroper and for getting back into the game this week see ya.

Big G

Sent from my iPad air

Not Dead Yet!Hello most wise, attractive and damned inspirational CAW crew!

It's just me with a few seconds to get re-acquainted.

I've been a baaaaad Big Steve.  I haven't been in-game for any substantial amount of time in probably four months.  It's certainly NOT the fault of any of my guildies:  You all are highly attractive, tremendously witty, and you all have very fresh minty breath--I WANT to be near you!
In fact, here's a visual representation of what it's like to be away from you:
​It's the only Google image search result I could find of anything sucking balls, at least with the family filter on.  I also hope the baby in the picture is indeed Nicholas, because if not there's going to be a lot of 'splaining to do. (and yes, I DO know photos go over really well on podcasts)

I'm not going to blame the "real life boss" solely for my absence.  Sure, I've got a son in baseball and a daughter that I'm going to lose to college in a few months.  I have to get this darn house sold and a thousand other things, but In truth it's my new found ability to focus on projects that has been requiring a lot of my energy.  I finally got my website WTF Steve to a point where I'm not embarrassed to have people look at it, and I hope everybody will check it out and maybe subscribe.  It's just my little corner of the internet where nobody can tell me to shut up.  I know my sense of humor isn't to everybody's taste, but it's a little different from some of the other stuff out there.  I've also invited Kurly to come on board as a co-author because I love his Facebook journal and I'm looking forward to his contributions.  "No pressure, Kurly!"  If anyone in COD enjoys writing and would like to contribute, but doesn't have the time or desire to maintain a blog I'd be more than happy to include your work on my site, whether it's a story, an essay, a critical review or just about anything else.  You have given me so much I thought it was about time I started giving back.  
Against my better judgment I also downloaded Wildstar this week with absolutely NO intention of playing it.  I'm sitting here, "broker than the Ten Commandments" and I drop sixty bucks on a subscription MMO.  Just so it's not a waste, I'm going to start a video series this week called "A WoW guide to Wildstar".  It's not going to be a strategy video or a walkthrough--let's just say I'll find a way to make it at least marginally entertaining.
I've also been working on my music a bit and will very settle on a distributor so I can capture whatever market it is that I appeal to, lol.  I plan on selling my music through Amazon while simultaneously offering it for free on Soundcloud--not a good business model I know, but it's not about the money right now.  I also have some ongoing musical projects to complete before I dive into e-commerce anyway.   I think I see a glint of sunlight reflecting off the scope of Juuno's sniper rifle.  She hasn't been busy with real life; She's been tracking me down for a Corpse Run Radio song!  
So that's what I've been up to.  I imagine that before long I'll be logging in to WoD and running all over Draenor with my guild family.   We all take breaks or get burned out for whatever reason, but I know that I'll still be there with most of you until the day they switch the servers off.

Big Steve

P.S.  If anyone knows George R.R. Martin personally, please tell him I hate him.  Then pause dramatically for ten seconds and tell him I love him.

Story time!
Hail and well met, CAW Guild mates!
It’s been some time since I made the time to send you a missive, so I thought perhaps now was a good time to do so.  First, let me share with you my new finery!  As you can see by my photo, my new, blue regalia shows me off as a Sage. I believe they think I’m wise by that.  So, now that I’m thought of a s wise, I’ll tell you a story.  This one, my guild mates, is quite true!
Story Time!
Once upon a time, in a land ravaged by fire, invaded by a lord of fire, there was a guild mate whom we all call Stegatamad.  Now, Stegatamad was dutifully going about his daily business this day, in this land ravaged by fire.  When low and behold, he came across a spirit beast in his travels!  This feline with stripes was the cleaver and powerful sort.  However, Segatamad, being the kind soul that he is, had no reason to tangle with this beast.  However, one of his good friends and fellow guild mates, a hunter, sought this beast for himself, longing to tame him and make him his companion.
However, his guild mate was no where to be found.  Likely off on another valiant quest of his own, or simply perhaps curled up, trying to catch up on his rest under a tree.  Since his good friend could not be found, he sent for the word to his other guild mates, you and I.  I heard Stegatamad’s calls, and answered him.  Though, I am not a hunter, I told him that I had kin who was.  If he could not find his good friend, I would be happy to send the word to my kin.  And so the story goes that I sent forth the word to my kin, Eranth.
The fine hunter and brave, Eranth, heeded my call and joined our stalwart Stegatamad in the lands ravaged by fire.  However, they were to discover that the two could not meet! It was horrid, my friends, horrid!  For our hero, Stegatamad had done many great deeds in this land ravaged by fire, and my kin, Eranth, had not yet fully made a name for himself there.  Saddened by this, there was nothing that could be done for now.  So Stegatamad went about his daily duties, while Eranth redoubled his efforts to catch up with Stegatamad’s reputation in his land ravaged by fire.
Much to our surprise, my kin Eranth was not so far behind as he thought!  Within the hour, the two found one another on equal footings, and the hunt for this spirit beast could begin in earnest!
For these two, it was not difficult to find this elusive spirit beast.  So, homing in on the prowling creature, Eranth began to engage it, to sooth and tame it, but it was savage and wild, and ravaged him quite swiftly!  Not daunted by this first failure, Eranth did what he should have done first, communing with nature, seeking the guidance of the Earthmother.  She bade him to shed the arms and armor that weighed him down and try once again.
As you can imagine, to shed a brave of what protects him from his enemies is a tall task to undertake.  However, Eranth had no fear of heeding the guidance of the Earthmother, and so he shed the shiny chainmail, and returned to sooth and tame the savage spirit beast.  This time, while the creature resisted, he was not enraged by the trappings of civilization, and soon his anger ebbed and began to hear the calm, soothing voice of the hunter.  The two spoke a language together that few understand, a gift from the Earthmother.
As you can see by the image of the two together, now called Ingonyama, the two will have many adventures together.  And hopefully Gerp won’t be too jealous of Eranth’s spirit version of Henry.
Be well, my friends.
Wolfheal / Eranth / Wolfbrother
Clan of Darkness / AIE / Earthen Ring
1 Wolfheal the Sage.jpg

2 Eranth with Ingonyama.jpg

Grand Nagus
My week in WoW:
Timeless Isle:
Trelané got the 535 trinket for 50k coins
Picked up the lantern pet on TI
Rogueslayer: Try the AskMrRobot addon --- explaining  how it works... import/export
Azeroth Choppers winner is…..
Story of a desire to move a toon from one account to another! :
Wish to transfer;
WoW 1 all slots on ER used --- WoW 2 only 2 slots used = transfer toon from                  WoW 1 ->WoW2 NO!
both licenses have to be the same expantion  to be able to transfer between!
WoW 1= WoD à WoW 2= MoP === no transfer possible
Either i had to update the WoW2 license to WoD,  NO
Or i had to delete a toon on WoW 1
Deleted lvl 12 Monk to free up a slot on WoW 1
I transfered my warrior lvl 88 over to ER, after 2 days of auction housing off all the stuff that wasn’t fitting in the bags. Net gain: 2000 gold!
Addon Spotlight.
A reminder about FriendsWithBenefits (CAW 343) with the transfer of warrior syncronised friends list!
Reminder update on AddonControlPanel (CAW 331): WoD will bring a Blizzard ingame version of its functionality to a extend, not sure about the ”Set creating” aspect, that is why i will probably keep it even after WoD comes out!!
Update of review of Ackis Recipe List (CAW 332):
3.0.0 release broght profession modules….
If you only have the core installed = go get the modules for the professions you want to watch lesser memory usage because lesser data to go through = good
Updates of the week :
Ackis Recipe List v. 3.0.2
Bitten’s  Spellflash Library v. 50400.4.2
Bitten’s  Spellflash Druid v. 50400.4.2
Deadly Boss Mods – Cataclysm module v. R115
Addon Spotlight with Grand Nagus:
I started this list of Addons is covered on CAW, it is not complete yet, but it’s a start. I will continue to rework and complete it over the next weeks.
339: Collect Me
340: Livestock and Grail
341: Overachiever
342: BattlePetBreedID
344: OmniCC and Healers have to die
345: NPC Scan
346: RareCoordinator
347: AddonControlPanel
348: MogIt
349: Chocolade Bar and Broker_everything
350: Scrap
351: AffDots
352: Archy
353: Greenwall and Broker_alt_guild
355: Identity-2
356: Gryphonheart Items
357: Altoholic

Clan of Darkness Guild Updates

Shooting Fish in a Barrel (any pool) - Complete!
Better Living through Chemistry  2578 / 3000 - Reward = Big Cauldron of Battle (Up from 2572)

6/1 - 6/7





Time Flies When You’re Having Fun:
  • Mataram
  • Fallenangelz
  • Boogah
  • Shaggz

Top 10
Top 10 20140602.png

In game mail:
  • Fallenangelz and Sorki for last week’s pets: “Thank you very much”

  • Gifts:
    • From Duvessae
      • Lumpy
      • Pandaren Earth Spirit
    • From Rogueslayer
      • Mr. Grubbs - Sorki

Shout Outs & Thank You

Thanks to Vrishna for Donation

Clan of Darkness

Hello Ctrlaltwow Crew
It has never happened that I write to you 2 weeks in a row but I come bearing a gift.
I won the top 25 in Guild activity competition we had last week in the game. I won an Armored Bloodwing and I thank Donnie for the gift. I already have this mount so I thought I would give it to you Ladies to give away.
You might be able to have a competition of your own and get somebody to make you a new Email bumper.
Anyway I love the new line up. You Ladies are awesome. Have a great week.
Sincerely Matahorn
Ps I must thank Donnie for letting me give away my prize.

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