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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 227 - Our Week on Nevikhoof

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.



Hello Darlings!  

Okay, I MADE you a video for 110803 CAW...however, I am SUCH a noob, I can't figure out how to share it with you!  It's too large a file to email...!!  Gak.  SO... what I did is upload it to youtube... it's at it's unlisted, but not private that way anyone with the link can see it.  If you know how I can share the original video with you, I'll do it, but I knew I wouldn't be able to work it out before you guys record here in a couple hours, so I thought this was the best last-minute solution...hehehe.  I hope this is okay.  <=S

Also, it's not the clearest video so I have to work on that...not sure if it's the camera (but I don't think it should be) it's probably the way I'm saving it...but I'm not sure how to fix that yet.  This is good practice, right?  hehehee...

Anywho...yeah....not sure what else to do with it right now, but let me know what you think for future episodes, m'kay?  I am SOOOO crossing my fingers that you can see the video...but I think you should be able to.  Still want to get it to YOU though, so you can do what you want with it and all... sorry for this mess...hehe...I'm a video noob still!  

Also, just realized I forgot to say "I love you guys AND Aprillian!" at the end!  So I'm saying it now...hehehe... love you!  

/big sleepy stressed hugs

Argh....New link

Juuno  <=)
Hello again!  Okay, scratch that previous link...the quality was poop so I re-saved it with higher quality, and was going to upload THAT one, said it was going to take 147 minutes to upload!  LOL!!!  And we don't have that kind of time, SO... xD  I backed out of that and just re-uploaded the poopy quality one.  I figured it's better than a sharp stick in the eye anyway.  hahahaaa!  So the new link to the old video is - I hope... hehe...
/more big hugs
Juuno  <=)

What We've Been Doing:


Upgraded out of date account to Cata for 10 day trial
Was thinking of buying the Traveling Tundra Mount for Epril but went for the Argent Tournament pony instead.

Started a RAF. Want to try to see if cross realm RAF works. Started toons on Nevikhoof and Jub Jub.
Ran with Vrishna on NevikHoof. But did straight RAF on JJ. Did a Belf Pally and Orc Hunter. Summoned Orc to Belf SA but she couldn't do the quests. Then summoned Belf to Orc SA and same thing. Love the new quests in both areas. Mailboxes in SA

Rested xp stayed on toon who had it. But not on one that didn't.
Cross realm RAF works! Leveled two toons to 10 and did RFC with a toon from JJ and got RAFxp.
When I went to do the invites, the social tab said Battlenet was not available. There was a small i button and when I clicked on it, it said restarting the client might solve the problem. And it did.

Just remembered I have several Alliance bank toons on ER.
You can train skinning in Azuremyst

Wanted to do DK, so I transferred DK to new RAF account. Upgraded to a Wrath I had lying about and used 10 day trial

When toons are in other realms but grouped together, their dots show up.
Faction changed Drame, the Druid, so we could do randoms. Gave Drames the Rocket, thanks Dommy
Took Drame, Tøp and other DK's through Dark Portal

Shapril's new Chestguard from Slave Pens

Tues Rolling restarts. Elyte finished Aspirant training. Yay, let the jousting begin. Did the Converted Heroes with Gål. even though she's on 69. Elyte has a rocket. Elyte loves flowering picking in NR 4k per flower and a level up in Herbs. The Lts weren't too hard, had to drop Gål off on the ramp. Can do 5 seals a day, so 5 days steady, can I? Three quest with 23k per. Starting Argent Crusade


My MBP Gelaskin

Thanks Nevik!

Aprillian & Vrishna

Did the Dranei starting area.
Started DK's on Nevikhoof - had a blast doing the starting area together. Although Aprillian's toons outleveled Vrishna's due to RAF & heirlooms.
Ran Hellfire Rampart, trying to finagle Guild Challenge

Stormwind under attack, go Horde, I mean, oh noes!





Guild Invite

    Dear Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy, and Vrishna,

Howdy fellow WoW players!  My brother, who plays Lokwyn in your guild on Earthen Ring, has told me lots of nice things about you guys.   I have been listening to your great podcast for a few months now and was able to catch up while on vacation.  It was very neat hearing my name and feel bad that I haven't sent an e-mail sooner!  I enjoy making alts as well, though I only mono-box.  Well I 've made a troll druid on your server named Zoojin because I wasn't sure what kind of roles you would need if you run a dungeon or raid.  I would love to join your guild if you would have me and try my best to help out.   I promise to NEVER harm any bunnies while playing!

Thanks and hope to see you soon!


FW: Maximumforce Weekly Audio Submission - Music Question

Question AGAIN! :D I got the song from the show notes. It was 2nd submission: Unknown - Mercury Rising, could he link to that song? I try to youtube it but it comes up with so many things that the search terms are to common. Thanks if you can give me that. :D Alliance RULEZ!! :D

Sent: Friday, July 01, 2011 4:49 PM
To: ''
Subject: Maximumforce Weekly Audio Submission - Music Question

On episodes Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 222 - RAF-arama, I wanted to ask Maximunforce music where did he get it from? My question for you all is do you guys/gals use something to transcript all of the podcast notes if not what software do you all use?

hello guildy luvs

Hello my guildy luvs,
  I've been unavoidably unsociable, we are still unsure of when our computer issues will be permanatly resolved, I am extremely over the whole {its fixed...oh, no, its not} thing.  Juju has been fantastic, giving me run over his brand new computer so I can still hop on every now and then to get a wow fix, while he gets stuck with his old, glitchy piece of junk (hence why he isn't on much himself).  supposedly the technition is giong to be out again friday to replace many many parts (this is not the first time...or the second, he's done this) i am hoping if it doesn't work, they will just replace the whole tower since they already pretty much did twice already.  

  I also wanted to share my gratitude to you for giving me the chance to go on that raid to kill the lynch king, it was my first time on any toon and everyone was so fun, funny, forgiving, patient, and so what i was hopeing to find in a guild...just plane kind.  it was really fun for me to spend time with the guild, i'm lucky to have found this guild...*sigh, i suppose i owe kad a favor for introducing me.  (hope i didn't get to mooshy for you ;))

 much luv,

2 min w/ Kadak


another cooking tip

Greeting  Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy

C.C. The Disgruntled Warlock here. 

Glad everyone liked my tip from last week, so here's another.  This weeks recipe is baked rabbit with stuffing.  The trick here is to "pre-stuff" Mr Floppy before cooking, and the easiest way to do that, is to let him do the work.  Fill a bowl with carrots and bread crumbs and head out to your favorite field.  Place bowl on the ground and let the bunny stuff himself.  Wait for him to finish and just starting to leave, then smash his head in with any heavy blunt instrument you fancy (you really want to hit the head, cause if you hit the middle all your hard work will come shooting me messy).  Cover with butter and northern spices, then cook, until done.  ----mmm mmm good!

P.S.   I'm not pointing fingers, but
after last week I saw a lot of people hanging around Ungor, and the Argent tournament reported a large number of missing lances...  Just Saying!

July 31st submission

Hola CAW crew!

We were in a bit of a hurry because we were going out of town, so i hope you enjoy our latest submission! Have a great week, in and out of the game!

For the Horde, Earthen Ring, Dragonblight, and the CoD!!

Dreams and Kithore

Maximumforce's Submission #7

Hey CAW crew, here is this week's submission along with the new song for this and the next submission! Hope you
enjoy!! Also, it may seem random (but will make sense after listening) but I am attaching a nice shot of my car!
So without further ado...

Hey there Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna, Jeppy and anyone else that is on the show today!
I want to begin with saying that my time recently has been very valuable, having to share it with my girlfriend
and my job which has begun to get increasingly stressful as things have seriously heated up through the end of
financial year here. We don't expect it to get back to normal until at least October and on top of that, it is my
partner's and my 2 years celebration coming up on the 7th! I was planning to get her a bunny as they are her
favourite creature on earth (yes, she does sound like she'd be perfect in the guild, but alas she has no interest
in the game!). Unfortunately, our state is the ONLY one in the whole country where they are illegal! Oh the horror!

In WoW news, I had a short episode of burn out earlier on in the past 2 weeks and was finding my Hunter to be a
little stressful with all the new needs and requirements of a high item level raider and things finally spilled
over when I went into the Firelands with a raid group and attempted to down Beth'Tilac, only to find that we did
not have enough DPS to overcome the mechanics of the fight. It was there and then that I put my little DPS on a
short hiatus and actually left the game for around a week during which I had luckily already prepared my audio
submission. To give a little more context, I am also an avid car enthusiast who (especially when I move into my
own place) is stuck between a rock and a hard place as I plan to do a full show build-up. During this week I also
actually gave my car a complete 6 step detail but I'm sure you aren't all listening to this talk for that.

Before I get into this weeks best achievement, I will tell all of you what the song is! This is by an artist called
Two Steps from Hell with his song entitled Heart of Courage. I chose this due to the firm cohesion of the
instruments and of course the overall feel of the song. The choir and strings are amazing!

This week's big news is actually from a part of my gameplay that has recently been neglected and as I had got a
little down from continually running the same things from my hunter, my Shaman has stepped back into the limelight.
I am not entirely sure exactly what my previous level was when I last mentioned it but to give a little insight
into his progress he is now levelling in Outland at level 59! He has levelled absurdly fast! On top of this
ridiculous progress, I have even managed to keep his professions up and his Mining sits at 240 and enchanting at
215 or thereabouts. The secret with the enchanting is that I do not believe I have sold a single green or blue
since picking it up and therefore have a flowing stream of materials that have made levelling it a breeze. If past
experience with the Outland-Northrend zones are anything to go by, he will be 80 in no time and hopefully too,
into the Cataclysm zones. Can't wait to have an end-game Healer to play with!

This week's question asks a simple but interesting question: If you could choose any single mount in the game,
what would you have and why?

This has been Maximumforce for the Horde, for the death of the Alliance and for my occasional WoW vs. Car quandry!

*OFF NOTES* Would like to come and feature on the show sometime when you record, reckon we could organise that some time in the future? :)


Hello CAW crew,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know what I have been up to this week in WOW. Nexbardus my Shaman on Earthen Ring leveled from 65 to 85. On the way to 85 I ran Heroic Culling of Stratholme with Xeyoka and Augusteena for a guild dungeon run. Everyone in the run rolled need for the Reins of the Bronze Drake and I won it. Of course the tank rage quit because of this so we killed Mal'ganis without him. Also, thanks to Rophi, a Tauren Shadow Priest, from AIE Fortuna. We grouped up to do the Crucible of Flame quests and to kill Nemesis. Much easier than fighting each other for the mobs. At level 78 I started the Argent Tourney dailies eventhough I just recently finished getting all the mounts, pets, heirlooms etc... over on Winterhoof on my Paladin Dwimmerlaik. Just want to get the mounts, pets and tabard on Earthen Ring at this point. Also started doing the Fishing and Cooking Dailies in Org. This past sunday I dinged 85 and started doing the Tol Barad dailies as well. I activated my dual spec to Elemental and have begun gearing up to run dungeons. Not quite geared enough to do Heroic dungeons or Firelands dailies yet.

I have to admit I haven't been over on Winterhoof too much this week as I was concentrating on leveling to 85 on ER. But I did get a couple levels on my Hunter Nexbardus and he is now 52. Just did some more questing in Felwood.

Well unfortunately the school summer vacation is over after a very quick two months. So it is back to work and I wont have quite as much WOW playing time but you should still see me quite a bit. Everyone have fun, Nexbardus of Earthen Ring and Winterhoof

Rigarmorty Audio 227

Hey CAW Crew!
Attached is this weeks audio, just in time :D
I'm missing Ashayo and hoping Jeppy is back though loving the sit-in hosts!

Update for Caoboi and Iceflow

Hey everybody,

We hope everybody has been having a fantastic week.  Caoboi and I have been chillin' over on Nevikhoof and we've been having a blast with RAF.  Our space goats are up to level 48 and we are blasting through the levels.  It's not stressing me out like it was before since we are able buy the gear to keep up in the dungeons.  Thanks to Aprillian for doing the money transfer (it was all WoW money folks, not real cash!).  After we get done with this character then it's going to be J's turn.  We'll probably switch roles to give him a chance to not tank.

We've been doing our profession dailies on Earthen Ring and it's not too frustrating.  We're almost done with Thunder Bluff and Undercity both.  Then we won't have to do all the flying on the zepplins, hearthing, etc.  I like my druid but we haven't played on them much.  Trying to give Winterhoof its due diligence.

So we took down Shannox for the second time last night and it can still be tough if everybody is not 100% paying attention.  And he even dropped a dagger for me!  Unfortunately, it wasn't the fast dagger that I need.  I still have a blue fast dagger.  I am so ashamed.

We'll be on Winterhoof for the most part but we'll definitely pop on over to CoD to say hi to everyone.  We hope everybody has a fabulous week.  Talk to you soon!

Ice and Cao

Just In Time, Maybe?

Hail Slayers!

I was very humbled by everyone's words at the beginning of last week's show.  Simply put if I was not having fun I wouldn't be doing it.  I appreciate everything y'all do for the WoW community.  Helping you down the LK is just a small way to pay you back.

My pally still has a LK lock-out, I have schedule another run to get some more CoD toons their titles for late Thursday night.  We may switch to Friday if we can't get enough that night.

With 4.2 I've been concentrating on gear progression for BrewDawg and Dureau my feral and DK tanks. The new dailies are ok but they feel a lot like having a job.  If I'm logging in just to mess around I feel like I have to do them before I do anything else.

After some upheaval my raid team has reorganized and we took down Shannox on Sunday night making us 1/7 in the Firelands raid.  We are a bit behind but we will catch up quickly.

BrewDawg also is finally 12/12 for tier 11.  It turns out he never ran Heroic Deadmines or BRD I'll pick those up this week and get him the "Defender of a Shattered World" title.  He'll never use it though he's "Brewmaster BrewDawg" for life.

He also got an agility neck to drop filling his last slot for the "Cataclysmically Epic" achievement.

My DK is 8/12 for tier 11. He has successfully tanked Nef and Al'akir but has never stepped into Bastion of Twilight.

I've ventured into the realm of healing with my Pally, Boileau (Bwallow).  He's done a ton of BG's, some with InMyOwnDreams, and now has a full set of Vicious healing plate.  This is the first healing I have ever done. It's very different and fun.  Next I'm going to venture into healing 5-mans.

Have a great week.


Pod episode

Ive been on earthen ring for a while now and know some people in your gulid. You guys sound awesome. I completely understand what you were talking about in episode 226 about dealing with lich king and having patient people. Think its in important to have fun with others and people remember that its just a game and no need to take it to heart. I have a couple of toons would love to bring into clan of darkness. Everyone sounds laid back and enjoys the game for fun and not make it life. I have a bunch of alts so yeah im an altaholic. Hope to hear from you guys soon. I do have a raf that im lvling and been running with xcronose. Look forward to running hopefully with you guys and getting the lvl up and make some new friends in game. Deviateone 85 dk lrefusetodie 70 pally Refusetodie 73 shadowpriest

Its been a while....

Hey folks, Kurly here.  No, I was not lost lost in the twisting nether, nor did I become a hopless wondering mess about my neighborhood looking for a bit of swill in the public trash cans (although, my beard has gotten so long, I have been mistakes for just that when going to the store for milk).  I have not, however,  been able to find gainful emplyment, and as the four month mark draws near, I am still doing my best to remain positive and up-beat.  I am about to start volunteering at the hospoital near where I live as I am starting to go a little stir crazy!
On the upside, I have had the chance to play lots and lots and lots of WOW (maybe too much, frankly, but when will I ever get this kind of time again??).  Its been a lot of fun, and I have had to the chance to get a lot of things done I may have not before.  Such as the new Hyjal Dailies.  I am not sure if any of you have had the chance to do them, but they are a lot of fun.  There is a lot going on during a few of them, and its the kind of action you dont normally see out of an instance or raid.  They do, however, get somewhat repitious, and tedious, and total you have to collect almost 900 of the total get reep the rewards.  My hunter has about 450 left to get (yeech!!!) before she is done.
In other more unbelievable news I actually delted some toons.  Since the majority of my time has been spent in Rabid Kittens, and Living Dead Gurls, I didn't think it was fair to other guilds.  I still have toons in Taint and The Dark Sun Cabal, but have decreased my toonage somwhat for more focused gamming.
I have also been leveling tanks!  I rolled a DK tank for the first time ever and I have to say that everyone I have grouped with has been most helpfull and not at all seriously.  Its a very different way to tank as there is no direct taunt like there are on other tanks, and I seriously think they should give a DK Death and Decay at level 58, but past all that its a lot of fun and look forward to the adventures in tanking!!
So thats it for now.  Please continue to wish me luck on the job hunt, and all of you be well!!
Big hugs and all the jive.....Kurly

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


Audio submission

Hey CAW Crew

It's been awhile since I submitted anything and was told by a couple
of people I am overdue.

Lately I have been farming and running dungeons on my level 85 toons
an was excited when I helped on two different achievements for the
guild. I hit honored on my warlock and we got the class act
achievement which gave us the cloaks to transport us to Ogrimmar.  On
my farmer DK I was mining ore and we got the 100,000 ores mined
acheivement. Yay Clan of Darkness!

In celebration of this I decided it was time to sing my own Clan of
Darkness theme. I am pretty sure I got all re words right.



My week in ctrlaltwow

Hey all you people who are out there in the hordelands hope your week was great! As for me having take some time off the game and busy myself with things that life delivers. Even though I thought of all of you and knew you were enjoying fighting all the alliance people!  So. Go get 'em and have a wonderful week on wow and enjoy the great company.
Thinking of you all.
Dream's Mom

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