Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 229 - The King Slayer is Back, the Real Kingslayer

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

Hellooooo! =)

Hello Darlings!'s my latest, including my COD's strange...odd even...hehehe...and I just realized that I say in my audio that I "made" the song, but you know I don't mean the lyrics...hehehe...xD  Okay...hope it's not TOO weird... <=)

Lova ya!

/big hugs!

Juuno  =)

What We've Been Doing:


Can give levels cross realm in dungeons!
Epril, Aprillian and Auruk did TB Dailies outside on Friday, and half inside. managed to do Problem with no problem

Decided to work harder on my RAF. I want to get at least one to 80 so I can give levels back. Then realized I wanted a Worgen Druid. Dilemma, can't RAF Worgens, referred account doesn't have Cata. So I started a pair with my older account and the referring account. Took 4 days to get out of the Worgen area. Seemed easier. The battle for Gilneas got crazy. Looked away to watch a movie. Hardest part was the finding Sylvannas quest, kept loosing the guy.

Needed a portal to Darnassus, only mage was on different server. Used Stockades to get together and got a port.

Got mounts on

Aprillian & Vrishna

Ran Deadmines with Elyte boosting. And then WITHOUT !


Macros, HOLY COW ! How did I ever get on without it ?


I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.... and did stuff.


To loot or not to loot. XCronos and Mikewillow conversation. So many multiboxers / RAFers in the guild = gold.



Well hello ladies and gentlemen and anything that has crawled out from under a rock. My week has been wonderful. Been working 14 hr shifts as a police officer so takes a lot of my time. But wow actually relaxes me. Im also on a raf account just no one to run with them so lvling individually. I have been playing for 7 years and am always reading on new things happening in wow. Im always around to help others whenever they need and just have fun playing. I have 9 85s  12 alts under that im still lvling. I found a chest the other day to note what u guys were saying in zul drak which had a lvl 70 epic in it which was a nice find. Im actually waiting for blizzard to announce the next expansion im hoping to beta test it as i did lich king. For the horde. Let the allaince live under a rock. And hope everyone has a great week in wow. If anyone wants to do a raf together let me know. Deviateone usquishy usquish Lrefusetodie.

submission for 229

I am Sorry :)
Kadak Audio

Tinock's first solo submission.

Howdy CAW Crew... Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and Jeppy.

This is my first solo audio submission and I am fairly new at this recording for a podcast thing so excuse if I get the levels wrong or anything like that.

Please, be gentle, it's my first time!

first time writer

hi guys my name wow nick is hobgoblyn and i'm a reasonably long time listener and first time writer... i have chatted with jeppy a few times on twitter and dreams too(she gave me my google+ invite )

i find your guys fun out-take on wow quite enjoyable to listen to tbh

i have been playing wow since vanilla and have raided quite a lot. my main hobgoblyn on chamber of aspects eu has raided and completed most content at level. i have an avg ilvl of 366 and do about 22-23k dps in a random dungeon. i have never had any problems making gold as i have made about 250k gold so far this expansion in various exploits. i have the vial of the sands and the travellers tundra mammoth which i got both in the first week of each expansion... i have an army of alts too which i play.

unfortunately i dont have a us account so cant join you guys and your fun exploits but i do have a very fun relaxed semi raiding guild that i have a lot of fun with by the name of fat lady sings again

right im sure i will think of stuff to talk about next week

thanks for your time

for the alliance gnome mage...

for teh rabbit stew


hobgoblyn of chamber of aspects eu

love the show

Hey all,

(the quick of it)
love your show, been playing wow about 2.5 years, just recently started listening to podcasts, decided to try it out myself.  when you get a minute drop by and check it out:

(the windy, winding version)
I play Horde side, though I do have a few Alliance most under 20 levels, one Nelf Rogue at almost 40.  My main is a resto shaman, Quahepok 85 and another 85- Eyore, resto druid.  I've got a couple alts the highest around level 65, soon I'll be venturing into the RAF territory, don't think I'll be dual boxing anytime soon but who knows.  My son is almost 8 and now that you can play free up to level 20 I thought maybe let him have a go.  He can level em for me ;)

I don't raid much and haven't since lich king, saw magmaw and halfus- died.  I'll do the baradin hold stuff when i can, mostly i just like playing the WoW.  If I had more time (read: less work, less bills, less kids, (i'm not gonna write less wife, because she will know somehow, someway)) I would raid.  I like working together with a group and challenging myself.  The best times are when you're right in the middle of appropriate content level- not way undergeared, or way overgeared.  Well that's not always true- ZA ZG are still a challenge as a pug but not always fun.  

Anyway I really dig your show, not too many shows could pull off 2-3 hours, but I enjoy all of it, got you on my stitcher radio favorites, keep up the excellent work

For The Horde!
For the allian. ...meh


Adventures in tanking....SO TIRED OF THE HYJAL DAILIES!!!

Hey all....Your forever fan Kurly here!!  I am getting excited for Autumn!  I love the summer...but being the big, burly, furry fellow I am humidity and I dont often get on so well (TMI?  Sorry), and I love love love late September, early October!!  Woo hoo!!
As I have been healing for many a moon I decided to roll some tanks.  One of each kind, and have been trying to hone me skills.  I have found that Pally's and Bear's are the easiest, but it is not at all easy to get the leather gear on my bear.  She has been skinning and doing leveling leather working but it seems like you have to get the skill up into the 200's before you can make something a level 20 druid can use.  Also, warriors and Pally's doing DPS seem to love to pull aggro, and for the most part.are the least co-operative, and that most low level groups seem to be the most, um, noobish.  You can easily pick out the players who are rolling alts (one of us!!), vs. people who are starting out.  I have honestly had the most fun on my DK tank.  She is a very ugly orc named Torkalla and let me tell you...she loves to take a beating!!!  Most people are very helpful as I always announce my newness to tanking, and I am looking forward to getting out of Outland and Tanking me some Northrend content.  I have been listening to The Guardian Tank podcast and would recommend that everyone at least try and roll a tank.  I can totally see how its not for everyone, but it is an important roll in WOW and I think it would behoove everyone to see what its like.
The Hyjal dailies....what can be said?  I know I have mentioned them before, and this will be the last time I promise!  I think I have been at them for a month, and are just about to finish, most likely by the end of the week.  Its become a love/hate thing.  I love the zone and all of the action that's going on, and I love the "guest stars" that accompany you during one of them (Paltress, Lunk,  The Leaper), but to think of the number of World Tree Marks you need to finish is just mental.  I had heard a long while back (I think from Total Biscuit) that dailies are one of Blizzards way of keeping us hooked....repetitive kind of mindless quests that in the end offer some wonderful rewards.  My suggestion would be that the lower the number of Marks needed to finish....but that's just me.
'Tis all for now!  I hope you all have a wonderful week...and if you ever need a guest let me know!!!!
Love'n hugs!!

Yes, Strumpet101 is also an Altaholic - and proud of it

Hi guys -

So, I started writing the below email about two months ago.  Yes, over two months actually!  It became a rather long and involved email that you probably don't care to plow through.

However, I consider Jeppy a truly great friend, and despite claiming to be a bit of a loner (see below) in my gaming life, I *do* love being social occasionally!

So, after having issues with the new hairstyles available for my human priest - seriously, putting blood elf styles on your head, but leaving your original hairline visible?!? What's up with THAT!?! -- I've decided to move a level 44 goblin shaman to the CAW server.  Who knows?!? Maybe I'll like being social again :) 

I'm not sure about not killing rabbits though - it might have turned into a reflex action by now.

Just kidding.  /duck for cover.

See you in game!!

Strumpet aka Shoxxie the goblin (hopefully it's the same name after I transfer)

From June 4
I really enjoy your show - normally I listen to it as I'm trying to go for my walk -- I'm supposed to be good and go every day but well ...yea.

Although I don't often talk much about WoW on Strumpet's Voice, it is true.  I am an altaholic.  I do not, at this point, strictly speaking have more than one account.  Although I make frequent use of one of the three other accounts in the household - one of my boys' or my husband's.  Mostly my husband's these days, as he's busy playing a bunch of other games.

Many of my meta (or inernet) friends - I call them my imaginary friends - complain bitterly when I don't want to bring a toon, a cast of toons, or something of the sort to their server so we can play together.  I have my reasons though. In the 6 years (is it 6 since Vanilla?) that I have been playing WoW, I have played all sorts of ways.  I have been in a leveling guild that became a raiding guild. I have been an officer. I have formed a breakaway guild of disgruntled people.  Which didn't work. Does that kind of thing ever work?  I have healed as a permanent guest-healer in some prominent Oceania guilds (back in the day, anyway).  I have played one character to the point of obsession and I have leveled each class at least once to 80.

I have done the Netherwing quests, I have grouped with my kids and my father in law.  I have been in Friday night Drunken Naxx runs where we had more fun than loot, and I have played with people I used to go to High School in Scotland with after finding them again in WoW.

But for the past year or year and a half, I have been happily playing 'by myself'.  I do put 'by myself' in quotation marks though.  Let me first explain what it means to play by myself.  My whole family (husband, and two boys) is a family of gamers.  We play 'together' but not necessarily on the same realm and in the same game! But we are all either in the same room & within hearing distance.  Which means I'm not by myself - and if I need help with something, hubbie usually logs on a toon to help!

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weekly cooking tip

Greetings CAW crew, and Virshna.
C.C. The Disgruntled Warlock here

So there I was listening to the most recent Podcast and thinly slicing a rabbit for a good old fashion BLT (that’s bunny, lettuce and tomato).  when I hear that Virshna wants to invite me to the guild, just to kick me out, how rude.  I mean we have the whole ” bunny love” thing in common.  Sure he wants to take long moonlit walks on the beach with them and I want to snap their necks and cover them with barbecue sauce, but still, we both love them.
So I thought maybe, just maybe, I am a little insensitive and how could I make peace with Virshna.  I went down to ye old killing field and after a short while a cute little bunny came hopping by. Just for fun, I picked him up and /loved him.  Wouldn’t you know it, he bit me. 

Enraged, I did what any truly evil Warlock would do; I cast life drain on him and brought him back to life with health funnel, over and over and over and over again.  After about an hour, I was in a much better mood, so I cast fear on him and laughed hysterically as he ran squealing into a pool of lava.  Then I went into town and started complaining about how incredibly low the drop rate was on the new “Reins of the Blood Soaked Proto Hare”.  Now the life expectancy of a bunny, on my server, is shorter than that of a Time-Lost Proto-Drake during school vacation.

I understand this isn’t going to bring me and Virshna and closer but hey, what can I say, I’m a warlock ---- It’s what we do……
For the bunny’s----- cooked over an open fire until golden brown then jammed between two graham crackers and a  Hershey bar ……..  
C.C. the Disgruntled Warlock
P.S.  If I’m really upsetting that pixel hugging Virshna that much, maybe the fine folks over at The Addicted will have me over for their next “Addicted to cooking” segment…… Just Saying

CtrlAltWow Listener Email

Letter 6   ----------  August 15, 2011
From Reefberry

Dear Rusty Garden Tools,

      I’m going to come right out and ask could I Real ID a few Clan of Darkness officers and become an honorary CoD member. I’m an established pro-bunny hugger, so no conflict there. Then maybe, just maybe I might get invited for an instance or a raid run when I not committed to assisting a family member. Joining an occasional run with the people I listen to so often would be surreal. Imagine if Gilligan suddenly put his hand out through the TV, pulled me in, and I assisted the castaways in another attempt to leave the island.

      On Friday nights we (five brothers) typically horse around in WoW, jumping into battlegrounds or dungeons, whatever fits our fancy. One of us stepped out and we let my grandson into the party. We ran him through Black Fathom Deep. Right away I noticed he was running up to mobs and punching them. I kept typing, “use your gun”. He replies, he can’t shoot, it just stopped working. Now, I know, he knows how to use it. We inspect him, he has his gun and its equipped. Now I’m thinking he messed up his action bars.  I get him to connect on iChat. “Adam what’s going on? Don’t run ahead of us and don’t run up to the mobs. Stay back and shoot with the gun.”  He meekly says something I couldn’t quite hear and starts sounding out some big word “dur   ab  ili  ty”. I slap myself in the head and realized I never taught him about repairing. Starting this game fresh must require a lot of learning.

For the Rusty Garden Implements


My week

Well hello Masters of the ritual called RAF. It has been a interesting week in the world of warcraft for. I decided to make a raf on winterhoof to help out another server. My toons are 31 and rapidly getting bigger. My toons on earthen ring are taking a well deserved rest so when i lvl them again they get the full rest bonus.. Im looking forward to making my next raf account and hope to find a guildie to run it with... May your gold making days in warcraft be prosperus. In real life i celebrated my 15 years with the police  department. Time flies when your busting bad guys. If you ever drive through deleware and get pulled out dont mention my name..... Have fun in game and if you ever cant find a cop just call your local dunkin donuts. or krispy kreme depending on where you live. DEviateone

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Maximumforce 9

Hey guys here's my ninth Audio submission! Only one more til' double digits!! I'm attaching a photo of my Shaman as he sits at the moment in addition to all this so you can see how far he has come ;) Well anywho, hope you enjoy this week's submission. Oh and before I forget, this new song's name is "Deadly Onslaught by Audiomachine". Cheers

Good morning Aprillian, Jeppy, Vrishna and Ashayo!

As I speak, it's the morning of my glorious day off and I just woke up really so if I sound a little out of it,
you'll know why. You'd be surprised how fast a Pepsi can wake me up though, it's my little personal addiction!
In a sort of bitter-sweet happening earlier this week I managed to cop second degree burns from a car's burning
coolant under pressure jetting up and wiping out half my face so I got two days off work which gave me a little
extra time for my Shaman. I have to say it hurt like hell though.

In the world of WoW, things have been moving stupidly fast with my Shaman who is now sitting at level 72 and still
going fast. He has been levelling as an Elemental Shaman and I have kept his restoration tree up to date as well
which I actually got the glee of testing the other day to help a friend knock over a multi-character quest. 22k
heal crits! I also managed to solo a quest that said to take 3 people without running out of mana with self-heals
and the like! I'm truly loving the Shaman more and more as I continue to level and discover more powers and his
versatility. It is my first time ever doing a healer so I have to say it is an exciting and exhilarating experience
having the ability to heal so much.

As usual my Shaman has been at the forefront of my levelling so I haven't really touched my other characters. I
have however, made an Orc Mage on Earthen Ring who is sitting ready when i get bored of my Shaman! Not likely for a
while though so I have a real urge to transfer some guys so I'm not feeling required to stop my Shaman just to level
a guy with you all.

My question this week is going to have to be about all the hype over Blizzard trademarking a new name under
computer games licensing named "Mists of Pandaria" and everyone is going nuts over how it is going to be the new
expansion, as the same thing happened with the name Cataclysm before it came out. I for one hope to high hell that
we will not be getting Pandarian races as playable as I have always loved the fact that World of Warcraft has
stuck to it's Lore and as Pandarens are a sort of joke that we have never really explored, it would completely go
off the rails. I may as well not stick to my Orc-only rule as whats the point if Lore is going to be turned upside
down anyway? What's your thoughts?

This has been Maximumforce for the Horde, For the Alliance and for Shaman Healing! Oh, and NOT for playable Panda
People with no adherance to lore!!!!

Rigarmorty Audio for CAW 229

Hi Caw Crew,

Attached is this weeks audio...

A Short and sweet Jeppy sized email :D

P.S. The person's name I'd forgotten was Kobybeef who was on his toon Omgwtfrun.



8/15/11 3:28
Check this video out -- Ctrl Alt Wow Submission via @youtube

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


Guild Application

Hi guys!

JJ already invited me into the guild but he told me that I'm supposed to send you all an email and introduce myself.

My name is Sam. My main is Morghanna, a level 85 hunter.  I'm another AIE alum.  As much as I love AIE it's gotten a bit big for me and so I was looking for something a little bit smaller and JJ and Aprillian were kind enough to offer me refuge in Clan of Darkness.

I'm not sure what else I'm supposed to tell you. I'm not a hardcore player, I'm not that good. I just like to kill things (in game, I don't kill things in real life anymore) and have fun!


Guild Invite

    Got 2 Toons on ER that would like an guild invite  Nanok and Frixy.  Been listing to your pod cast for a while and you guys r doing a bang up job. the main reason 4 this is I am getting sick of the *** hats out there and hoping to find some good people (Uz guys) to play WOW with.
i haven't gotten to Boxing yet but got a 85 of every class (4 the Horde) mostly. All of the Horde (lvl85)  Toons are on Yersa with the exception of Nanok. should be on later today or some time tomorrow. Will look forward to playing with you guys.
Until then GL and safe travels.


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