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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 230 - Quint Boxing Puppies

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Could not stand the Worgen run

Reactivated a frozen account and found heirloom chest on one toon, plus money and bags. Went through whole account and sold off stuff.

Created quint Worgens on ER, had to delete some low level toons, two were guildmaster

Aprillian & Vrishna

Ran Wailing Caverns all the way through and Mygros died. We were "at level" Then we ran it again and finished.

Level 6
00:10:15 Admiral Odesyus says: Hey, Cookie! What's for dinner tonight? And don't say chicken!
00:10:23 "Cookie" McWeaksauce says: Yarr, Admiral. Let me think about it... Arrr... It be comin' into focus.
00:10:28 "Cookie" McWeaksauce says: It looks like it be succulent pork ribs basted with its own delectable juices and a side o' Captain Sander's Secret Sauce - fer dippin'.

00:10:35 "Cookie" McWeaksauce says: And fer dessert we be havin' cheesecake, flown in fresh from Stormwind on the wings o' angels...
00:10:41 Admiral Odesyus says: Wow! Really?
00:10:47 "Cookie" McWeaksauce says: No. Not really...
00:10:53 "Cookie" McWeaksauce says: It be chicken...
00:10:57 Admiral Odesyus says: I hate you so much, Cookie.

bank and alt clicking to see
Aprillian ran 3 toons to Vrishna's one, two were RAF


Hunter triplets, Shadowfang Keep and Ragefire Chasm ! Lvl 22 only though.

Mono boxing Treesa, lvl 18, 50 quests and going down (with wings, what's that all about )


Ashayo & Asheal get another 150 world tree marks and open other faction.
Complete [Fireside Chat] 

Jekle - Healed BH - first time on Occu'thar. Funny that we wiped until a 'leet' druid dropped group, then we killed him

- VP healing yawn!
- Levelling BS. Not much ore about.
- Really starting to dig healing BG's, especially AV

Tip: Farm old tier gear for transmogrifcation




Hey CAW Crew,
Just wanted to update you all on whats been happening lately. Its been a while since I have written in, RL and all.....
Well I managed to get my 9th 85 on the Aliance side, with only my rogue, who is 50, to go. I have never gotten a rogue higher than 40, so its a challenge to say the least, but looking forward to that 10th.
I have also been doing dailies in COD on my DK, Ardonious, who is now 76, and planning on pushing him to 85 real soon. After that its a mad dash for the rest of my Horde toons.
Unfortunatley I am having shoulder surgery today, and expect it will be some what difficult to play consistantly for a while, but like all altoholics, I will try my best, LOL.
Well take care, and wish you all the best.
For the Aliance, the Horde,COD, and the SandGroppers :)

Audio Submission

Heya Caw Crew.
Well I finally did it. Here's my audio submission. Have fun tearing into this one if the mood strikes ya! I did this one on the fly and wanted to get this to you as soon as possible before your next show.  I'll be sure to be a bit more prepared for the next one. Darn you Illidan, you were right. I wasn't prepared.

P.S. It was a few shows back but I do believe Bloodfalcon won something. A pet I do believe. That's me. Oh well I'm not all that concerned, but I won't turn down a free pet either. ;D

paladins are overrated (email submission for show)

Dear CAW crew,

ive gone back to writing emails rather than audio submissions, i think perhaps i prefer hearing my words spoken by the hosts rather than by myself, you lot butcher the text a lot less than i do!

Sooo, TheMcfluffy, Deathfluff and Floof all got server moved in an geekily extravagent display of affection for my better half who wanted to have a fresh start on a new server. This has meant finding a new guild, making new friends and getting used to the new economy on my new found home. This has gone suprisingly well, ive now found a lovely guild with many lovely people in it, im starting to raid again and whilst im not making much gold anymore i am making enough to still treat myself to the odd potion of illusion to wind people up with in raids.

One good outcome of this is that i suddenly had many character slots free on my old server which i have now dutifully filled with alts, specifically exact doubles, all be it low level, of the three characters i moved away. Apart from causing general confusion on the realm amongst those that knew me well it also got me accused of hacking with recount failing to process the change and, based on the original characters data, was claiming that my level 1 paladin was doing 9k dps in his last fight.

I have also started up Mcfluffys on half a dozen other servers and evilmcfluffs on various opposing factions accross the same servers, at last count i have 15 paladins accross six realms all with names close to or exactly mcfluffy. I think its pretty safe to say im not going to run out of alts to level anytime soon but if i do i have a rather unlikely plan in mind to do an alt that sticks to oldschool diable hc rules... ie if i die i delete it.

Finally a little bit on Floof who depressingly isnt a paladin but a hunter. he is actually my original character from when i 1st started playing wow but has been used almost exclusively for gathering proffessions until now. Due to a recent opportunity to do alt runs I have now started gearing him up and doing dungeons with him and im gutted to admit that without having a clue what im doing im already doing better dps with him than ive ever managed on a fully geared and researched paladin. some classes it seems really are easier to play than others.

and thats it for now, since ive been unable to attend the live recordings of late hopefully the conversations in the chatroom have been a little more on topic but i promise i will be back to distract you all at the first opportunity, till then stay well and stay altaholic!



hobgoblyn update

hi guys thanks for reading my email last podcast :)

so last week i mentioned my dps and i wasnt sure if you guys believed me or not so i decided to send you a screenshot of my recount at the end of a zul aman heroic

so this week i decided to be rather frivolous with my gold again and spent 15k on on a hyacinth macaw just because i could. i also decided to spend some gold on buying haris piltons bag so i could get the my sack is bigger than yours achievment heh.

my guild finally managed to get enough dps dps together this week and we made our first real foray into firelands... we downed shannox on our second attempt and i got  some new boots... coalwalker boots which are ilvl 378 and that took my avg ilvl upto 367. we then managed to take down bethtilac on our 4th attempt. on both bosses i managed to get an eternal ember so thats 2/25 needed for this step of the legendary staff quest. thats about all i have done on my mage this week as im really too lazy to do any more dailies since i finished the firelands stuff and i dont need gold.

earlier in the week we took a whole load of our not so geared members through both of the blackwing descent and bastion of twilight raids to get them achievements and gear which was pretty fun.

i also decided to take up a new challenge and create a druid   tank named Getafix on a new server and play with no heirlooms or gold or anything like that... i have managed to get to lvl 30 so far and gotten inscription to 150 and made 250g so far so well on my way to getting flying at 60.

ok so thats about all i have done this week

for the gnome mages

for the gnomes

for the gnomes

for the gnomes

for the gnomes

you get the idea lol

cheers guys

hobgoblyn of chamber of aspects eu

Submission 230

: )

Rigarmorty Email - CAW Episode 230

Hi CAW Crew!

Apologies I've not had the chance to do an audio for this week! I've been incredibly busy sorting financial stuff out and getting ready to go up to Scotland and I've barely had a minute to spare!

I'm due back from my trip Thursday evening so there's a slim possibility that I'll be able to pop online that night before my Wow time runs out at 3am GMT on Friday morning.

I've deposited 1000 gold into the guild bank and will miss everyone terribly! Aprillian, feel free to distribute or use however you see fit, even if it goes towards another guild tab!

I should be back within a month as we've just finished sorting a re-mortgage which'll free up some more spare cash for things like Wow. I will be on the EU servers from next week as they're easier to pay for and will keep you updated on my adventures over there!

Speak soon!


Our very first audio submission ever!!

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow,
Long time listener, first time writer. I love your podcast, it keeps me entertained during my long nights at work. Keep up the good work, and enjoy the submission.

For the Horde and for the Raidz,
Benadictator and Reglas

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RAF, Friends in game and real life ( from 42 and Mel)

Hi  Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy

Hope you are well .

I would like to go  back to an older podcast where you were discussing levelling in a dungeon with RAF.  The big advantage of doing a dungeon randomly is the bonus xp you get at the end from the random dungeon finder .   At lower levels it could be up to almost a level and at 70+ it was a few bubbles.  That was how we kept up with Jeppy. We also tried to ensure we picked up any instance quests , which became harder in Outland and Northrend

The only time this does not work is when you get bad members of the group. This only happened once or twice to us.

Secondly we would like to say hello to the members of the night shift of Clan of Darkness.  To our fearless leader  Wight  who is always in dungeons leveling/boosting lower toons  ,  to our dear friend Annastasza , to Rigarmorty  who is on a hiatus for a month or so from Earthen Ring . We will miss you.   To all our daytime friend like Dreams we salute you .  If we forgot anyone  please forgive us as it was not intentional.

If 42 heard correctly we think you have over 1,000 listeners. That is wonderful! – now  lets go with some maths ( note the s should be said). Let say 10 % write in so that is 100 people who can belong to Clan of Darkness. . As we are all mostly altaholics  on average we  might have over 5 toons on each account on Earthen Ring and have at least  two accounts ( for RAF purposes if nothing else) . So that should mean that we could have a guild of over 1000  toons . Well if we add Aprillian, Vrishna and Jeppy  toons we could have over 2000 toons in the guild .

So come on people lets fill up the guild and make it one of the biggest (as it is now one of the nicest) in WOW

In real life Mel and I have had a rough time with the passing of Mel’s Grandmother and the sudden decline of a very close friend who has not long to live. Our moral question comes from this friend .  He has played wow for many many years and wants us to have his account. We are very keen to keep one or two of his toons going in memory of him. The big “but” is “Is this is against the terms of agreement?” and we would like to have you advice on this ethical question. He is keen on us doing this and has given us full access to his account , but we are also not sure how we would feel playing the toons. I can see us bringing out his toons for special occasions like Brewfest and Halloween, but Mel at least can’t imagine playing them  at the moment without getting too sad. Perhaps with time, as our multiboxing skills improve it will become easier?

Anyway back to work for us

Our toons are ....
We would give you the list of our toons but we would run of electrons

So on behalf of Mel and 42

For the Horde! , for the Alliance!

For The FUN!
and finally For the Bunnies!

PS How quick is the guild levelling!?!? .

To quote young  Mr Grace from "Are you being Served "  - “ You all have done very well”  ( Jeppy or Ashayo will hopefully know how to say that)
PPS from Mel  -  You don’t know how grateful I have  been to you for your  podcast in the past few weeks.  Sometimes it has been very hard to be cheerful, and you have not only brought a smile to our faces, you have made us laugh out loud. I am sure that we are not the only ones amongst your listeners whose burden of  daily cares has been made a little lighter by your joy, not just in the game, but in life. Thank you very sincerely for all that you bring to the podcasting table each week, Mel

Another audio bites the dust

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna, and El Jeppy,

Here is a rambling audio submission for our favorite podcast....prompted by our favorite daddy Nevik....

For the Horde, the Alliance and lazy vacations...the most beautiful woman in the world Liztailor and your long lost son...Melchezadeck

Submission. Maximumforce

Hey there CAW crew!

*sigh* It's been one of those weeks, been so busy in fact I haven't been able to get you all an audio submission and pointless in fact, as I think I have only logged onto my character once this week and that was all for about an hour and a half in which time I maxed out my Shaman's Enchanting ;). Never fear though, I will be back in game tonight and striving more and more towards my goal for his level 85! Hope you all had a good one this week!

- Maximumforce for the Horde, for the death of the Alliance and for busy weeks!

CtrlAltWoW Submission #6


Here's our submission. Sorry we missed the past couple of shows with submissions hopefully this will make up :) love you guys! Welcome back Ashayo!

The Valentines

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Grab yourself a refreshing drink, this is going to take awhile.

Good Morning JAVA!

Let me begin by apologizing for not submitting an audio this week and forcing one of you lovely hosts to read my attempt at the English language. (This is English right?) Anyhoo, I did record something, but unfortunately I ran out of time to properly edit the thing to cohesiveness and then shortly after Lil' Deathy fell asleep I developed a MASSIVE splitting headache. So for now you'll have to forgive me and give your dulcet vocal chords a workout.

Our wonderful guild over on Nevikhoof has been a bustling place over the past 2 weeks with plenty of multi-boxing action. Between Aprillian diligently working on her cross-realm RAF'ng, Vrishna taking pity upon us by valorously working on his non-RAF'd toons, and Mike Willow blowing through dungeons with his RAF hunter trio (which hit 80 this week!) Nevikhoof has not been a lonely place.

That isn't to say that the usual suspects haven't been accounted for either. Bidcar, Melchezadek, LizTailor, Razurius, Kadak and 10 minute Riggy we MONO-BOXERs (sorry for the language) have been present as well. It has been a very welcome sight to login and see 4 or more people online even if usually 3 of them are Aprillian ^^.

All of this activity (especially MikeWillow's dungeon running) yielded more than enough gold for Aprillian to buy the guild a 5th tab (even though she still needs to fully set it up) and we're 92% of the way to level 7!

Sure, Clan of Darkness is rocketing through the guild levels and will hit level 25 long, long, loooooooonnnng before the ORIGINAL CAW guild does, but I'm proud of our merry band of Alliance-curious (or devotees) listeners contributing to make our little slice of WoW a wonderful place to be.

As for myself, I've been up to the same stuff I do every day ... y'know take over the world ... er I mean my Firelands dailies and punching Anzu Claus in the face to no avail. The [Scorchling pet] and [Reins of the Raven Lord] still allude me, but by this time next week I'll at least have a Nevikhoof Frost ... er I mean a Winterhoof, er no I mean a Winterspring Frostsaber to join my stable of ground mounts (which includes the striped zherva!).

I was also fortunate enough to find some spare time to work on my Dwarven rogue and plowed through zone after zone in getting him to level 52. I really have to say that for as critical as I have been with the end-game content in Cataclysm the 1-60 experience has been absolutely incredible. 

Running out of rested xp has been a welcome thing in my renewed journeys with my rogue simply because being in the purple meant not out-leveling the content and enjoying it as intended. It's a shame that I haven't found the time to blog about it (yes, I still have a blog) so I could more properly wax poetic about it, but hopefully soon I'll be able to rectify that.

It won't be long before my rogue jumps through the dark portal and things slow down again, so I'm really trying to get the most out of questing through the new old-world. I only wish that I could stay on Azeroth until 62 and skip Hellfire Peninsula entirely.At least when the day my rogue is faced with "vacationing" in Outlands I'll have my DK with a full rested xp bar to "escape" to in Northrend.

I've been avoiding my DK for some time now simply because it seems the pace slows down dramatically in Northrend and that is compounded by the fact that my DK still has slow flying. Fortunately my diligence in fruitlessly trying to get my mage a scorchling pet has yielded enough sugar-momma money to send to my DK so she can buy herself a faster ride. Epic flying will surely remove my reluctance to start leveling my DK and it'll only be a matter of time before I have my 2nd 85 on Nevikhoof.

Anyhoo I've just realized that I've written quite a novel of an email so I should wrap this up and quickly!

For the pain killers!

Nevik of Nevikhoof

P.S. I'm really sorry about the length, but I guess that's what happens when I type out pretty much everything I was going to say in my audio.

P.P.S. My audio intro was going to be really funny! Well there's always next time.

P.P.P.S. No bunnies were injured, maimed, burned, frozen, covered in chocolate, or otherwise killed in the making of this email.

P.P.P.P.S. Just because I can and Vrishna enjoys it. He knows what I'm talking about.

Did I make it in time

Hi everyone one its back to audio for me this week I hope to catch some of the show live and hope your all having a simply smashing day cheerio
Big G

Shout Outs & Thank You

Momomoments - oh wherefore art thou mo

Hello all,
hope you still remember me, I am mo :)
I am sorry for being away for what seems like forever!
I have not been in game much in the past weeks however I did get some good playing time this past weekend.
I did finally hit exalted with the COD guild on my druid Morfin :)
And for some odd reason I have been on this kick to level fishing on him. I really have no idea as I have always hated fishing for how slow and tedious it is.
I hit 380 this weekend and 525 seems so far away but I am working at it slowwwwwwwly! Doing the fishing dailies as often as I can along with cooking.

There was some shammy pally action too as I did some questing in the borean tundra on them with some difficulty, my video card which is only 6 months old I guess doesnt want to handle 2 wow accounts running with chrome, itunes and other things :)
I know I should probably turn off some of the other things but you know we are all multi-taskers in our own way.

Grats as always for the COD guild leveling each week it seems like, great to see everyone working to level the guild.
Hope you are all doing ok in and out of game and until next time!

Hasta lavista!


Clan of Darkness


Guild Application

COD guild application

(from Tiber, and Brighttotem, Taillight, also Obberon)

Hail CAW Crew!
Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy,

I became an avid WOW player since shortly after the start of Burning Crusade.  I have over 50 Alts, spread across 13, uh, make that 14 realms now.  Maybe I should try your spreadsheet idea, and find out exactly how many Alts...

I discovered your fine show early this summer.  I really enjoy the way the whole Control-Alt-WOW crew interacts, and all the fun you have in game, and on the show.  I also love all your skilled contributors, and the awesome content they send in each week.  As I listen to you all describe your many Alts, multiboxing, Recruit-a-Friend accounts, and dislike of leveling "in purple" one thought keeps going through my head "these are my people".

While I have 2 level 84 characters,  3 more above level 80, and a dozen over level 60, I have not yet "dinged" 85.  However, I don't feel too guilty about my slow leveling speed as I was in Iraq with my National Guard unit (... "Army" National Guard unit), from before Cataclysm launched until this summer.  Logging into WOW while I was deployed was a great comfort to me, but I was only able to play low level Alts, and run holiday events.  The poor internet connection made high level content unplayable.

Now that I've returned home your show has inspired me to start a new RAF account (I really needed a rocket mount anyway), and I've created Tiber (a Tauren priest), and several companions on my 14th server, Earthen Ring.  I hope that we can be invited in to Clan of Darkness, so that we can join in the fun, and excitement of playing WOW with kindrid spirits.

For the Clan of Darkness,
For the Horde,
For the Earthmother,

PS to Tiber ginvite request

(from Tiber, and Brighttotem, Taillight, also Obberon)

PS: CAW Crew!
Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy,

I forgot to say, that I do not recall at this point in time, ever participating in any bunny massacre.  And any evidence to the contrary must be slander, and crude photoshopping.


guild invite /contest

hello crtl alt wowers
 i have been a  listener of the podcast since late 08. i have loved every show.
 i would love to join your guild on earthern ring. i have created a death knight called mithridates.
 when moneys allows i transfer my lvl 85 orc hunter .
 keep up the great podcast
todd aka mithridates ,flaminius

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