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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 228 - So Close But Yet So Far

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.
Prizes discussion

Juuno's Corner

Hello Darlings!  Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo (on honeymoon still?? hehe ;) and She-Who-Must-Be-Obey'ds Ellllll Jeppy!  hehehe... And listeners!!! 

I didn't get a recording done for you tonight...I am working on the little Clan of Darkness song, you see, and still haven't got it all mashed out yet....teehee!  It's harder than it sounds, you know?

  Anywho, AND Tabi came back from Maine Monday night!!  Woohooo!!!!  I missed her SO much!  We had to sit and go through the pictures and chit-chat about everything she and Pixiegirl and the boys did.  She had just the BEST time!  Pixie just loves loves loves her new home (haha...just wait till it's covered in snow! lol ;) and the boys do too, so that's good.  Tabi's getting ready for her 2nd year of college, and we just got carried away catching up.
 I hope that one of these years we CAN get together for a CAW East-Coast meet-up! That would be SOOOO cool!!!!  =D 
Anywho, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I HAVE been thinking about you, that I'm working on something, but just didn't get it done in time..I hope you're all doing GREAT! 
Okay, back to the dungeons with me,
Big hugs and kisses *muah!*
I love you guys AND Aprillian!
For the Alliance,
For the Horde,
and for the Sand Big G says (even though I don't know what a sand gropper you??)
of Earthen Ring,
and Korialstrasz
p.s. Hey Nevik, are you done with the CAW hair flowers yet?  heheheehe ;)
/great big hugs! 

What We've Been Doing:


Trying to run SFK. Having to get there
Experienced glitches with id invites.
Epril running Patrol

Seeing Laralonde doing AT dailies
Auruk got revered with CoD and she and Aprillian brought guild banners

Doing Venture bay on Elyte feels so weird. Horde own the island, Elyte can't turn it by herself but I'm going to try.
The captain quest is so easy for alliance. The Horde captain isn't even on the ship, he's under an awning
LizTailor came to my rescue!

The failure to do quest in the Orc starting area for the Belf seems to have been a glitch. I started RAF Belf/Orcs on ER and

 When my Belf went home to train, she came back with gifts for her new Orc friend. They go well with her heirloom gear.

Aprillian & Vrishna

Auchidoun & Tol Barad


Karinya and Narinya - Azjol-Nerub, Drak-Tharon Keep and explore Zul'Drak.

Claudetta and Calicotia got Mana-Tombs.




Podcast e-mail submition for guild invite

Greetings Ctrl Alt WoW Crew, I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy listining to the podcast. I look forward to hearing about your WoW adventures each and every week. You are all so very entertaining and at times informative. (JK, you are always informative) Well, let me tell you a bit about myself. I have been playing World of Warcraft for about four years now and I have one level 85 Gnome (yes Gnome) on the Nordrassil server. Her name is Zora and she is an awsome, powerful, and cute little warlock. I also have about 10 other alts which are between levels 1-50. They are ALL Aliance toons, and even though I love each and every one of them I think it's about time that I branch out and experience what the other side has to offer. So, I have created a Undead Warlock on Earthen Ring named Dazmin. She is level 5 and I am having such a blast with her. I can't believe it took me so long to step on over to the darkside. It's like I'm playing a new game. There is only one problem and that is that I have no friends and no guild to call home. Soooooo, I am hoping that there is room for a lonley warlock named Dazmin in the Clan of Darkness. I really don't have much to offer at level 5, but I will do whatever I can to help out. I am looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you and hope that I can be a vital addition to your clan. Thank you again for your wonderful podcast and I hope to see you all in game. Have a great week and happy questing!


Hello Ctrl Alt Wow Crew. My name is Luciten, level 85 Undead Frost DK on Winterhoof. I have been listening to the show for over year now and I make it a point each and every week to download the latest episode of your fine podcast. I’ve been playing WoW for about two and a half years and I guess you can say that I’m totally addicted to this wonderful game...seeing that I have 5 level 85 toons and many low level toons... Anyhow...something recently that I’ve stumbled upon on YouTube was the Ring of Mushrooms in Tirisfal Glades. I made it a point to go check it out and although it took and hour and a half for the ritual to begin, it was well worth the time just sitting there waiting...and waiting. I was wondering if any of you have gotten a chance to go check this out and what do you think it all means?
Well I just wanted to write and tell you all how great I think the show is...I'm constantly laughing my A$$ off and all of the different personalities but the main thing that cracks me up is Aprillian’s “he he he” laugh. She owns me!!!
Keep up the good work!!!

norway attack and WoW explanation

Howdy folks,

i'm listening to CtrlAltWow episode 227 'our week on nevikhoof' and Juuno in her audio discussed the Norwegian attack.
I have followed that news a bit and i like to clear some things.

The shops in and around Oslo did take WoW of the shelves, but not because of it being a "violent" game that makes "normal people" aggressive.
They took it of the shelves in solidarity to the victims.
Also, it wasn't done in whole Norway.

The reference the crazy bomb and gunman made was that WoW was a great ruse / excuse to be left alone.
quote: "you can't imagine the things you get away with if you say you play WoW".

Also it was technically not a terrorist attack.
Terrorists want to strike fear in the minds of the enemy. terror = fear 
The Norwegian ***hole did it to "cleanse" his country.

I sincerely hope Norway will stay the same and not follow the route that the U.S.A, the U.K. and the Netherlands are on.

Sincerely yours,


PS: oh, and Juuno, sorry for me slacking on the audio, Editing is harder than i thought.
Now i know why Aprillian doesn't like to edit :)
And its not about my voice that i'm slacking, its truly about cutting and pasting and timing the singing. (which btw is not a metal song, sorry OgrePinguin)

PPS: And Aprillian, about the "not editing", don't worry, Scott Johnson says he doesn't edit cause he doesn't need to because  he and his co-host can wing it :P
And Adam Curry from No Agenda says he doesn't edit cause he wants the podcast to be so pure and honest as possible.
So your in good company :D
The next time your co-hosts make an "Aprillian and editing???" joke you now have 2 counter-attacks :)

PPPS: a ppps especially for Vrishna, because i know you love ppps'es :D

"Life is actually really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." ~Confucius


Hey guys this is Kurkka from Silvermoon a level 85 human mage.  First time emailer.  I have been listening to your podcast for about 2 years now.  I really look forward to it every week.  I have noticed that your guild seems to have alot of fun with the people you play with and also you guys seem like a good bunch to be around.  I have played this game for 2 years bouncing around guilds that didnt stick together.  Got into a guild about a year ago that started to raid.  They since have dropped off the face of the planet.  So i would really like to be apart of the family you guys have.  Not sure how to go about getting an invite.  I will start a level 1 toon on Earthen Ring.  But other than that not sure who to contact.  So if you have room for one more dedicated listener i would love to be a part of the CAW family and fun.

A little about me.  I have 4 85's and a bunch of 60 to 20 toons.  Been a wow player for about 3 years.  I have mostly played alliance with a couple low level hoarde mixed in.   I have raided some but not much.

Again thanks for all you guys do.

It happened in the Dungeons


Due to me trying to use a template instead of re-recording the intro.... the voices got changed. I enjoyed listening to it myself so I left it that way. Hopefully, I can figure out what caused the glitch so it doesn't happen again.


weekly cooking tip

Greetings  Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy.

C.C. The Disgruntled Warlock here with this weeks cooking tip.

This week I decided to give Virshna a break and not talk about killing and eating bunny's.  Instead I want to focus on work ethics.   I was always told if your going to do something, do it right.  For example anyone can round up a bag full of fluffy rabbits and throw them in front of a siege engine to make some good old fashion "bunny pizza".  But what fun is that?  Be creative, don't make cooking a grind, have FUN!
This is how I do it.  Hit your bank and put on all your old dusty winter Veil cloths (you know you have them in there somewhere).  Sprinkle your mount with some preserved holly and open up ye old Helper Box.  So there you, are a slightly deranged version of Father Winter, now what?  Gather up your bag-o-bunnies and head off to the orphanage.  I have to admit, the twinkle in an orphans eyes, as you set up that Winter veil Pinata, always gets to me.  
After about 20 min of "tenderizing", by those little ankle biters,  your bunny is just right.  Strain out the larger chunks to make your crust and then pour on remaining liquid for sauce.  Generously sprinkle with Northern Spices and cook until done------ abbondanza. 

Honestly,  the only thing better than the taste of fresh Bunny Pizza is the look on an orphans face when you open the bag or when Virshna reads this letter.

For the Bunny Snacks

C.C. The Disgruntled Warlock

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Audio Submission 8

Wow can't believe that I'm already up to submission 8! It's a short but sweet one this week with no accompanying pictures this time (lol) but there is a few cool little things that have happened and been thought of this week that i'd love to hear your thoughts about. Without future ado!

Hey there Aprillian, Jeppy, Ashayo and Vrishna!

This week has been crazy! Not only has work taken a big dip into the land of boring but my Shaman is taking big
strides into unknown territory with his levelling which has seen him reach 66 and especially with his professions!
I am very proud of his progress this week and I am amazed to tell you that I powerlevelled my Enchanting and in a
single night, have maxed it out at 450. Unfortunately you need to be level 75 to unlock the last 75 points but I
really don't mind. I have all the enchants I could need for my Shaman up to level 81-85 and that's going to be a
big bonus! Plus I have been saving through my own secret methods on another character who was able to gift him
with a nice fat 20k gold which has been chomped into a bit to finish off my enchanting.

Apart from my Shaman's progress, I haven't really touched my other characters as usual. I did hop on my hunter and
queue for heroics but both times I did I got bored of waiting and decided to hop onto my leveller as he is giving
me a whole new insight into characters I haven't played before: Shield bearing and Spellcaster gameplay. It very
much changes the game and really makes it enjoyable all over again!

Also, in regards to last week's question from another person, I am going to link the song you wanted in my notes:

This week I am proud to bring you a personal question which actually will influence one of my near future decisions!
I am getting prepared to transfer ONE of my characters over to the realm of Earthen Ring to join you all but as my
funds aren't as frivoulous as yours seem to be with multiple accounts, etc, I will only be doing a single transfer
until I deem it necessary to bring the other. So who would you rather have over with you in the guild (provided I
am invited!): A raid-ready 360 ilvl MM hunter or my Shaman I am levelling to become a healer and can provide all
enchants for guildies on. What do you think?

This has been Maximumforce for the Horde, for the death of the Alliance and for Enchanting!

Bangobingo Update #3

Hey CAW crew,

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer heat wave. It has been over 100 degrees (American) here for over 50 days straight so we are definitely feeling the sun’s love touch. Anyway, Since my last email I have hit several milestones both individually and with CoD. First, I got my warrior, Bangobingo , to 85 and immediately began the grind to upgrade the questing blues and greens to more appropriate gear. I was able to do the Firelands quests to get the i-level 365 cape and boots. I have been trudging though the dailies as much as possible and hope to round out the set with some purchased epics once I unlock the vendors. Still not sure which to turn in first as a plate wearer but I suppose I will get both factions unlocked someday anyway.  The conundrum I have now is that I originally intended this toon to be my first attempt at playing a tank, both while leveling and at endgame. Though I leveled almost exclusively as prot and even tanked some of the early dungeons, I am still a bit leery about tanking the cata dungeons and heroics. I guess I just need to man up beat my face against the random dungeon finder until I am proficient enough to confidently tank through the instances.

The next big event of the week was much more exciting! I was fortunate enough to be A) online and B) sober enough to join in the latest litch king raid (though B) is still up for interpretation). I was quite happy to finally get my first ever Kingslayer title with the guild. I was able to experience the legendary calm demeanor of Brew Dog and Dreams as them led us through the encounter. I only wish I could have contributed more to the event as I was the first to be swept away from the group by the flying ladies (can’t spell the real word for them). Such is life but if I am ever able to help on any other guild runs I would love the chance to repay the favor to my fellow guildies.  
I know this is getting long but I would be remiss if I didn’t pose a final question. As I was reflecting on the past achievements of my toons and the guild as a whole I was wondering if you could create any achievement in the game what would it be (criteria, rewards, etc)? Personally, I would keep mine with the current content. For any group that maintains a bleed effect on Ragnaros throughout the entire encounter would earn the achievement “On the Rag” and a pair blood soaked pantaloons. Additionally, you could get a debuff causing you to be cranky with anyone standing within a 30yrd radius.
Take care all and I hope to spend more time with you all in game in the near future!



Subjects: Bunny Cookies and Adam
Letter 5   ----------  August 9, 2011
From Reefberry
Dear Control Alt WoW,
I haven’t written since early July, but I have diligently listened to all the podcasts and enjoyed them all.
Lately there seems to be some kind of resentment or whiplash against not killing bunnies such as bunny recipes and subliminal kill the bunny messages. I think all that “don’t kill the bunnies” stuff needs some sort of release so I offer you the bunny cookie. I was going to type bunny “cracker” but I think that term could and would, be misconstrued too easily.

Now people can bite off bunny heads, and crush bunnies into dust, and enjoy the delicious taste of bunnies while releasing those pent-up bunny hostilities.

I finally broke down and bought my grandson a warcraft account. I know, I know taking on extra expenditures in this crappy economy…, but he’s not going to stop growing and wait for the economy to brighten. I just really want to share some fun time with him now. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. He’s a level 22 Tauren hunter and already his stable is full of pets. He just L O V E S collecting hunter pets and he hates questing. Jeepers, South Park’s Warcraft episode had it right for the young age group. Just kill 2 million boars.
Instead of forcing all the game rules into his cherished head, I’ve decided to learn to play in his world. During one of our weekend sessions he asked me to take him to Queen Smith. A few questions revealed he was referring to the giant spider in Stonetalon which he spotted while we were flying during a previous session. So for now I’ll be trying to enjoy the game through the eyes of a ten year old.
For the Bunny Cookies and a Brave New World

August 10th submission

Hola CAW crew,

Hope everyone is doing well, in and out of the game, homies! I wanted to let you all know that Kithorina hit 85 on Sunday. That was pretty exciting. Now I don't know what kind of character I should start next! Any suggestions, por favor?

Anyway, both Dreams and I hope you like this week's submission. We have Eljeppy and Tinock guest starring, while Dreams took voice lessons from Juuno.

Well, I better sign off before this gets too long....

For the Horde!

Inmyowndreams and Kithore of Earthen Ring, Dragonblight, and CoD

Rigarmorty Audio for Episode 228

Hi CAW Crew!

Attached is this weeks audio update. There's minimal sound effects again but I'm brainstorming for something more epic next week.

For the Horde, For the Alliance, For the HolyMorty!



Time for some ketchup!

Yes, I know ... it is a little odd that could be time for some ketchup, (although Pikachu would beg to differ) but considering that I haven't submitted anything for the past two shows it couldn't be avoided. So please forgive me, but this audio weighs in at a hefty 7 mins, 42 seconds. Enjoy!

Your CAW product whipping boy,

Nevik of Nevikhoof, Nevik'ng the Nevik up.

A couple corrections for Episode 227

Hey CAW crew,

Felt the need to send a note in about the recent show… I am having trouble grasping how someone with 7 accounts can not know what races can be a shaman and then on top of that ask what their bird form looks like?  Even if you only played Alliance, I would think someone that has that many accounts would be in game enough to see the various races of the Horde.  Orcs, trolls, goblins and tauren can be shaman and druids have bird form for tauren and bat form for trolls; shaman have ghost wolf form to travel on the ground.

Also I needed to correct you all on the Death Knight Taunt.  They have a spell called Dark Command, with an 8 second cool down and 20 or 30 yard range that is a taunt.  Between Death Grip and Dark Command you have 2 taunts.  I am not exactly sure if you learn Dark Command at a certain level (maybe around 65) or if it is a talent, but if you are a tank there is no excuse to not have that spell.

Perhaps it was the traffic I was sitting in while listening, but these stuck out in my head as needing correction.  I dig the show and thanks for spending the time for our (my) enjoyment!


Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness

Thank the guild for all achievements (Mata got 4 of class act)

Kingslayers all around

Brew Dawg, Tinockers, Accessdenied, the Kithores, Alton, Bingobango, Greca, and MutableParadox

Then we went after the drake under Wyrmrest Accord


Guild Application

Hi guys!

JJ already invited me into the guild but he told me that I'm supposed to send you all an email and introduce myself.

My name is Sam. My main is Morghanna, a level 85 hunter.  I'm another AIE alum.  As much as I love AIE it's gotten a bit big for me and so I was looking for something a little bit smaller and JJ and Aprillian were kind enough to offer me refuge in Clan of Darkness.

I'm not sure what else I'm supposed to tell you. I'm not a hardcore player, I'm not that good. I just like to kill things (in game, I don't kill things in real life anymore) and have fun!



Hey Caw crew.  Neph here.  Just wanted to get on here and say thanks to some ppl in the guild for the last week.  Dreams and brewdog, thank you guys so much for the pvp running you did with me.
Also I want to thank tino. We ran arenas and got a few wins and some achievements.  I had alot of fun.
Later in the week I got to run some instances with some other guildies and they were all awesome!  I am very happy with my decision to transfer to earthen ring.
this week I decides to transfer my pally over and had to rename her.  So, to make it simple I named her Nephindil.  Ran some instances with some other guildies with her tanking.  That was fun also.
Now I decided to start up a druid since I have not had one of them yet.   it is a troll named Nephriit. Well I am off to do some house work because we are selling our house and moving to another.   Ugh!!!  The things we do to make our wives happy.
Ty again for your awesome guild

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