Monday, November 30, 2009

Problem With Our Feed

I want to thank Makling the Mage and Falkork for alerting me via Twitter to a problem with our feed. Apparently is currently down.

I sent this email to podbean at 7:38am:

I am getting the following error and listeners can't download:

The connection has timed out

The server at is taking too long to respond.

* The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few

* If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network

* If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

This is happening on multiple browsers and on the iphone.

Please help.

And they responded at 8:20am:

We notice this issue and our technicians are working on it now.

Should there be any further question, please feel free to contact us.


The Podbean Team

So hopefully this will be fixed shortly. Thank you for your patience.

The Fine Folks at Ctrl Alt WoW

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 143 -Superman Returns

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Cooking, the end. Got my level 3, well now 4 alt, to 430 in cooking, that's crazy.

Epril hit 77 while doing the Grizzly Hills Dailies with Auruk on my lunch. She bought cold weather flying.

Going crazy getting cooking on as many alts as possible. Hopping servers. Went over to JT

Decided to make the most of the Sharing buff. Took Epril & Auruk around to do over 10 dailies. Waited to turn them in until I did the Sharing

Turkey part the hardest. Made a macro on hunter Sebastian that works like a charm.

Wanted to level on ER Ally toon. Level 10 bank toon dinged 11. But couldn't get Turkeys. Searched for Ally DK but it was hard

Did Exador For The Horde on Aprillian with AIE, thanks for the invite Lanc

Took Epril and Auruk out to the dragon wastes to kill elite worms for 5k a pop. And tried to take the to the cooking dailies every day as well.

Felt guilty killing the Lonely Turkey. Hardest part, but the rewards, can get up to 350 with Turkeys and then get all the recipes in Dal and use all that fish that's been cluttering up Auruk's bags.

Had a dilemna, only ally toons on same account, had a bunch of turkeys on my DK on JT but couldn't get it to her. Created a human and ran her to SW, wicked easy. At one point I was running a toon through the tram from SW to IF and at the same time on a different server, another toon from IF to SW.

Got the Turkey Hunter thingy on several toons. No achievement

Realized I could jump from fp to first level at TB


Pilgrim's Bounty
- Killing 40 turkeys on the 1st couple of days was impossible. Did they up the number and/or re-spawn rate
- Didn't realise turker shooter is 1 shot
- 350 cooking - easy as pie!
- Orgrimmar chairs bugged ; required server restart
- Lots of running around ; fantastic to do it with a mage
- Dual boxed setthek halls on Ashayo / Asheal
- Just did it on Ashayo and Pud
- Cooking Daily on Pud. Cooking award in the bag 3 days running, and captain rumsey's lager recipe in the 4th

10 Man Raiding
- Week off this week, but got 25 people together and took down Anub in ToC from last week. Got him down, which was cool because it was Ravanna's last night with us as raid leader.
And I rolled a 99 on [Trophy of the Crusade] - so a tier piece!
- Ran ZG/ZA instead of 10 man raid - Got Mojo pet

ToC farming
- mail attack boots dropped after Wych left - twice!
- ToC over and over until a hunter piece *finally* dropped for Wych. Straddle pretty much got a complete new set of gear.

Crazy Train
- 3 bosses in Mount Hyjal. Lots of fun. Lots of AOE

- Run OS with PoH. I came in as 10th, and ended up tanking. We one shot her - but I died at 2% and when she went down, only 1 rogue was left standing. epic.
- Tanked H VH. Did ok.
- H UP - persisted thru gauntlet , got there. Bugger healing on shaman
- H Azjol'nerub - gave up on 1st boss.
- H Drak'tharon - wiping on Dred, but fine once we cleared adds.

Weekly Tank Shopping
- Had the [Breastplate of the White Knight] made. Crusader orbs down to 350g.
- For 19 emblem of conquest, got a great level 226 tanking neck peice. Massive upgrade.

- Discovered Ashayo had been neglected - under hit cap from upgrades without hit, and a broken meta gem. Spent a bunch of triumph badges on bracers and gloves
- COOP Black Friay. Awesome fun taking control of SW and other cities.
- Pud bought first oracle egg

- Picked up a 2H mace, but had never skilled up.
- NW of Argent Vanguard are Reanimated Crusader. Great to skill up on because they heal themselves.
- Also noticed strange behaviour of DK runes. I was trying to use Death Strike to heal myself, but it was missing due to low skill. In that case, it didn't consume the rune. Also, you get 2 skillup points per swing. Went from 1 to 360 on one mob


Email #1 from Leralonde

Hi Glanthur, Ashayo and Aprillian,

i totally forgot to put my question in my last email i had send.
i have a druid question for Ashayo.
im feral, and i think i have reasonable gear (agility, strength stamina, mostly agility).
But recently i'm using a dps meter and i saw that in several dungeons i was at the bottom of the dps meter!

i use, when unsthealted, shred,claw and ferocius bite.
i dont have talentpoint in mangle.
Should i do that?
Is it my rotation that sucks (can i say that on your show?)
im a former boomkin and i want back at the dps top in feral.

can you help me?


lvl 78 druid tauren from the EU.

Email #2 from Makling

hello ctrlaltwow crew!

i just listened to your show, and at first i was sad about the news of glanthur's leave from the game, but i was also glad that he is off to a place where he feels will make him better as a person. so to glanthur, good luck to you and we hope to hear from you soon!

hopefully by the time this get read on your show, aprillian would have done some heroics and maybe some raids!

my week in wow was mostly spent leveling my druid, who at the time of writing is now level 65. my original plan was to go balance and resto, so i wouldnt need different gear sets, but i find balance sooo hard to use while leveling..! i was really surprised by that finding, considering that i had been playing caster types for the longest time. even with the spellpower heirlooms, i find that the balance druid has a harder time killing mobs compared to when i was leveling my priest or mage. so i then decided to spend my emblems, and bought heirloom leather with attack power, and specced to feral cat form. as i had not leveled a melee class, the feral druid was quite a unique experience. most of my time was spent reading up on rotations and configuring macros. i have to say, the druid has some of the most complicated macros i have seen. i have a macro that will choose the best travel form at any given situation, and a macro that will change you to cat, then stealth, then do a pounce all in one button! i got it all from researching the druid websites and combined the stuff i needed. one other thing i learned is that tree form is terrible in bgs, and cat form is the way to go! stealthing to a flag in wsg, then running across the field in travel form for the win!

but my leveling time has been interrupted by the pilgims bounty. not that its a bad thing, but with my limited wow time, i can only do so much in a day so prioritizing is necessary. and since this is a seasonal thing, this gets top priority. im keeping my fingers crossed, and hopefully i get all of them done by your next show. but if i dont, then better luck for me next year.

and finally, i got my priest honored with the oracles and bought her first egg! /fingerscrossed for a green protodrake! i havent heard from any of aprillian's toons in northrend if she has been doing the oracle dailies, or am i wrong?

keep up the good work guys,

for the horde and for glanthur!

Email #3 from Avarynne


My husband (Nevik) has been bugging me, errr, reminding me to share my WoW experience with you all since he is excited about finally getting me into the game, so...

First, let me start with a brief history of gaming and our relationship. There was a lot of negativity that surrounded this concrete interest of his in MMOs in particular. Even though I had enjoyed playing Diablo in the past and was not completely against gaming, there had been a few rough patches regarding his level of commitment to games such as Final Fantasy and WoW, and each of our perceptions that had negatively impacted our relationship. We have since worked through these and thinking back of those times now, I wish I had spent more time getting to know more of the reasons behind his interest and less time criticizing them.

Moving on...

Initially, I didn't start to play WoW for the sake of playing, but rather for the agreed-upon "incentive" involved after each session of playing. (I'm sure you can guess what kind of incentive I speak of...*wink, wink*...)

Anyway, after playing for a few weeks the game actually started to grow on me and I felt as though my motivations for participating were shifting. I accepted my husband's recommendations wholeheartedly, as he was obviously more experienced, and started playing a warlock under affliction. As we played together in the beginning, he with his tank paladin and I with my warlock, I was a bit disappointed that I was not able to really get in there and cause much damage mainly because of the slow casting and lower hp/armor. I am the kind of person that likes to see results and I guess you could say I was frustrated. Eventually, as I leveled up a bit and after the recommendation to switch my spec over to destruction, I have been much happier with my 'lock. Seeing the big numbers was a much more fun and rewarding experience for me.

I have only been playing for a short while, but can already tell that I will surely be a lifelong fan of the game. I have also started playing a paladin so I can experience being on the front line and learning how to get around on my own (as opposed to playing the 'lock and the hubby sort of running the show). I also have to say that I am appreciative of the hubby being so patient with me, the noob. I know he wants me to have an enjoyable experience. He also continues to help me answer all the questions I have (and there have been many!)

AND I have also been enjoying listening to some of your lovely, informational podcasts and can add this to the bundle of great new experiences I've gained since playing WoW.

Thanks for listening!


Email #4 from Inacan

Hey guys,

I hope you are all well.

I am in the middle of an identity crisis. I have a Rogue, a Pali and a Druid all at 80. I can't figure out what to play on any given day. I know you are thinking QQ more three 80s but this situation is killing my play time. I find myself riding in circles around Dalaran on a mount on any given toon and accomplishing nothing. On my Pali I have a nice PVE raiding set and I am working on a tanking set and a PVP set. My Rogue is in Nax gear and she longs for badge gear and whispers to me that she isn't getting her fair share of play time and is in need of badges. She has a short temper and makes wild statements about taking vengence on my other 80s while I'm logged out. My healing druid has a couple of crafted purples and a nice healing mace, but is mostly still in blues. That Druid just sits in the corner frowning at me with those big sad cow eyes, longing for a run through Heroic Violet Hold or even a Heroic Nexus. The guilt is becoming too much to handle and I have nightmares about toon mutiny. I may log on some day to find all my toons have run away from home.

On second thought maybe there are just too many distractions in my life that are taking away my Wow time. Perhaps if I cut sleeping down to 2 hours a night and got rid of that pesky 40 hour a week job I could get things done. If I installed a microwave in my home office and lived on "Hot Pockets" I could cut grocery shopping time and meal prep time both at the same time. If I could just hit on one of these stupid lottery tickets I could pay someone to play my toons while I sleep those two hours.

Anyway its all too much to figure out today.....Any suggestions?

Enjoy your week!!

Ginsue, Inacan and Doncowleone

P.S. Glanthur,
I was kidding about the Itunes gift card you owe me. You didn't have to take time off to avoid me.
Good luck in all the things you are making time to do and if you find yourself bored....could you run my druid through H VH?

Email #5 from Fayth

Hey you four!

Just wanted to drop a note to say hello to all of you! While various circumstances and time constraints have put my WoW life into a hiatus for a couple months, I'll still be listening to Ctrl Alt WoW without fail. Glanthur I'm loving the lore segments and can't wait to hear more. Aprillian and Vrishna you'll both keep reminding me how much fun the game can be with friends and family and it's not all about loot and achievements. Ashayo, I'm counting on you, especially, to recount stories of your priest. That class is truly where my heart is when it comes to WoW.

And that leads me to ask a question before I fade into a life sans Azeroth - If Blizzard told us we could only have *one* character for the rest of the game, who would you all choose?

Take care everyone!


P.S. the crying orc on the account cancellation page is pretty sad. :(

Email #6 from Caleb

Dear Aprillian, Ashayo, Glanthur and Vrishna,

I have been meaning to write you for quite some time to tell you how much I enjoy your podcast. Being an alt-aholic myself, your views on the game are refreshing from some of the more hardcore podcasts out there who prefer to criticize the game instead of appreciate the many wonderful opportunities that Blizzard has offered us. Now I don\'t want to sound like a fanboy, in fact, I see many areas where WOW could be improved, but overall it is a wonderful game and has added a lot to my life.
So, a little about myself. As I said I am an alt-aholic and I love playing on both the Alliance and Horde. When I first started playing, I was an Alliance shaman on Earthen Ring, after hearing the Instance, I new I needed to make a Horde toon also, and it being my server made it easy. So I have a Paladin and a Druid in AIE. My Druid is önnab and my Paladan is Nannabo. On the Alliance side, my brothers and I (who are also in AIE) wanted to make sure we got to experience the whole guild leveling system coming in Cataclysm, so we started a guild called Döda Pà Sikte which means Slay on Sight in Swedish. On the Alliance I have all the other classes in the game above level 60 but my two mains are a level 80 Druid named Ripit and a level 80 Shaman called Shotok. I really enjoy the leveling process and can\'t wait for Cataclysm to be able to start a Goblin Shaman. My one wish would be something I know that you and many others have discussed before. I really want more then 10 char acter slots per server so that I can have one of each class on each side. I would even pay for this service, either in a one time mini transaction or through a small monthly upgrade.
I don\'t want to take too much of your time but if you ever see önnab or Nannabo on the Horde side and you need help with anything, just whisper me and I would be happy to help in any way I can.
Also, if you happen to want to try the Alliance a little, especially when Cataclysm hits, make sure to look me up. I would love to help any of you with gear, gems, or instances. Döda Pà Sitke is always looking for new members.

Have a wonderful day,


Shout Outs & Thank You

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 142 - Dings 80

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Got Auruk's LW up to 430.

Took Aprillian, Epril & Auruk to do the protect the Hourglass quest and the Quest in Emerald Dragonshire. Died horribly while fighting the dragon at the end. There was an unguilded Blood Elf priest named Jaszmin in the area. She actually tried to heal us/me during the Battle. When I ran back to my bodies, I thanked her and asked her if she was doing the quest and she was, so I invited her and she "healed" and we didn't die.

Can't see Auruk Korgon vanguard. Did some dragon quests

Did a bunch of Dailies on Tues went to bed with one bubble left. It was very very hard. Got up and did the puppy daily, then the 3 dailies near the dock and dinged.

Aprillian still having problems logging in

Tri boxing Grizzly Hill Daily. Did Thane on Auruk using Aprillian just as Ashayo helped Aprillian do the question on his new Proto drake.

Did the dailies in grizzley on Friday finishing before going to work. Did 11 dailies on Auruk. Scared to leave Aprillian in Dal, but then realized she didn't need to be left in an inn. Put her on the carpet in the air and logged.

Got advice on making Frostsavage set from Önnab


Onyxia pet whelpling for logging in on 5th Anniversary - 22nov 2009

10 man Raiding
Cleared 10 man ToC. Tried beasts in heroic mode ; couldn't even get first boss down before the 2nd bosses come out. More gearing up to do.
Ashayo bracer and boot upgrade in one night.
Twin Valklyrs in 3 min 1 sec - 1 sec off speed kill
VoA - mount dropped again. (2nd time only that I've seen it)

25 man Raiding
- Onyxia
- Got [Fragment of Val'anyr] from Ulduar. Randy hasn't been with us latelys, so I ended up with it.
- Didn't use SK because of so many non-regulars - Won wand with a 10. lol
- Great night in ToC. One shot beasts, jaraxxus, and faction champs, Twins 2 shot, won Merlin's Robe pattern

Rock the Horde - Pants on Head
SSC - Lady Vash - One shot, but down to about 4 out of 21. Several 80's in the group. Must've been crazy at 70

Pud has had a great time tanking this week. Heroic Nexus scored a nice tanking head peice. Did Heroic UK with the BoE guys and finally got down Ingvar. Ran ToC , but we seem to get stuck on the Paletress. Healing + fears = lose.

Scrounged some more gold and titansteel together and got [Spiked Deathdealers] made - tanking boots from Ulduar pattern requiring Runed Orbs

Argent Tournament continues - now Champion of Orgrimmar.

Pud - AQ20 - record time. Got to Twin Emps in AQ40 super easy, but then could not hold aggro on them on the swap

Started a hunter with OJ
Pilgrim's Bounty - achievements this year



Email #1 from Rahkwa

G'day from downunder!

I was just listening to Ctrl Alt WoW #140 and just thought I would drop you a few notes.

I'd be more than happy to run an instance with you, Aprillian. I am usually with my hunter friend so that would make 3 of us plus how ever many more you are multi-boxing at the time.

I too have the Venomhide Ravousaur as a combat pet and a mount on my Troll Hunter Sinfjotli(Sin-fee-ot-Lee). There is a circumstance when you will see both of them at one time. There is a battle ground pet bug that if you enter a BG when mounted and then leave the BG at the end with the pet out you will have both your mount and your pet out.

The addon "Viper Notify" is your answer when it comes to accidentally leaving your aspect of the viper on.

BTW Aprillian: Beat you to 80 :P
I was level 75 at the start of November and heard about "Black Friday" (shh don't tell anyone) so I set about trying to get, Rahkwa, my Tauren Death Knight to Level 80 so I could be involved. I dinged 80 at 2am 13th Nov 2009 (UTC+1100).

Thoroughly enjoying the show and you audio editing is getting quite good. I must say you have much better sound quality than another WoW podcast I listen too (WoW Insider).

Rahkwa (80 DK) / Xelandra (75 Priest) / Machiavelly (65 Rogue) / Sinfjotli (60 Hunter) / Albiorix (39 Warlock) of Alea Iacta Est on Earthen Ring US
+ 33 other alts on various realms US/Oceanic/Latin America (Including quite a few Alliance)

Email #2 from Makling

hey guys, makiling here

i was quite surprised that glanthur was not in your show this week, as i was looking forward to the lore part of the show. (also you mentioned at the start that you were having him lar on, but i guess something came up). i just wanted to share something about the lore. the world of warcraft website has a timeline of the history of Warcraft, and it shows how and where the old warcraft games and WoW is related. but i noticed that there was a series of manga that came after warcraft 3 and WoW, and i was fortunate enough to know a friend who happens to have the comics. i was able to read them, and i have to say that it gave me a greater depth of insight to the lore and the world of warcraft. i wont go into what the Warcraft: Sunwell trilogy had, but im hoping that glanthur will tell all of us about it in his lore segment.

my epic pug stories did not end with my last email. almost immediately after i sent my last email, my priest was able to get into a city raid group, and got her very own black war bear! we started on a saturday afternoon and went through exodar, darnassus, and stormwind without any resistance at all. but it was when we reached ironforge that we had a problem, when a member of the raid left the group and tagged the king of ironforge! he then logged out, but the boss was grey to our group, but it was too late before anyone noticed as we did not get any achievement. we were bummed out, and could not do anything and went home with our heads bowed down in disappointment. but the next day, the raid leader of the city raid started another group going. this time, i was able to invite earl, my raf buddy who is still 70. but the leader didnt mind having lowbies tag along. he got the achievements as we went along, and we all got the [For The Horde!] achievement after downing the dwarven king. it was pretty awesome and i was really happy for him.

after that, my priest got into another raid, this time a 25 man toc which was mostly a guild run pugging for healers, and we got through the whole thing without wiping! i didnt get any phat loots, but the funny thing is that instead of motivating me to go and do more raids until i get the best loot that i can, it motivated me more to level my alts. the way i see it is that although getting into leet pugs to see the end game content is a really cool thing, the overall satisfaction with the game still depends on the individual playing it. and for me, leveling alts is what im enjoying more. this kinda ties in with the question you posted on the last episode from the bladed edge, because my answer to him would be that if you want to find something to do in the game, then you should look inside yourself as to what makes YOU happy. it may sound all philisophical or something, but a good example of this is listening to podcasters talking about wow, with Ctrlaltwow as a representative. aprillian and ashayo hit the target when they said that this game has a lot to offer, its just a matter of figuring out what you want. and every week, we hear their stories on how they authentically enjoy the game, because first and foremost, they know for themselves what they want to do, and what makes them happy.

thats my 2 cents about that, keep up the good work!

for the horde!

Email #3 from Nostalgic

Greetings again CtrlAltWoW crew! I believe this is my second attempt at an email. Not used to emailing from my iPhone.

I wanted to add my two cents worth about hitting 80. Back durring BC I raced to 70 as quickly as I could on a paladin! When I hit the level cap I started gearing up for Kara but very quickly lost interest. I think being so focused on leveling caused the dreaded burn out. I ended up messing around with alts for the rest of BC. The same thing happened to me durring wotlk, but I took it alot slower this time around and about half way through leveling to 80 on the same paladin, I had a break and played mainly alts for a few months. It was durring this time I started multiboxing for the first time.

Anyway to make a long story shorter I learned that the part of the game I like is the leveling and exploring aspect. I've started totally from scratch with four fresh accounts and have decided I'm going to try and finish every zone in 'old world azeroth' with my multiboxing team and alts, before cataclysm changes everything!

So far I'm having a blast! I'm really enjoying learning to play a warlock and I had forgotten how fun a paladin was to level. The point of my wall of text is this, not everyone plays WoW for the end game! Some people get to caught up on hitting max level and miss out on so much that the game has to offer. I think Aprillian should level until she's a sliver away from 80 and then just stop there and never ding.

Keep up the good work guys!

Nostalgic of

Email #4 from Vern

Hello Aprillian ,Glanthor , Ashayo and Vrishna

I Am a big fan of the show and wanted to write in to thank you for the hours of entertainment you provide me and to share some things about my WoW experiences.

My Main is a night elf priest on the Runtotem US server named Verneesha (everybody calls me Vern for short).

I have been playing the game for over a year straight and I really like it. I love healing, I have always played a healing role in dungeons and raids, even when I was leveling in shadow I was still able to heal dungeons at my level. Now I am a officer in a casual raiding guild that was formed with friends I made in game. I wish we were further progressed in raiding but its ok, i play more for the social aspect and the fun and not to be better than others.

My priest is fairly geared out now and I am trying to concentrate on some Alts. I made a Druid and sent him a bunch of heirlooms and he is up to 25 now. I also made a paladin blood elf on Jubei'Thos named Menasor and I really like the pally.Hypnotoad invited me into PoH and i got a warm welcome from Tempeste . My plan is to be a healer and a tank. So much I want to do, So little time.


Here’s a funny Experience I would like to share.

I had just logged in on my priest and a guildy asked me if I wanted to do the daily

Heroic dungeon, I said sure, he told me it was violet hold and I got an invite. I was already in Dalaran ,I grabbed some candles and picked up the quest as I made my way over there. I got inside the instance and noticed the doors where shut, I figured they must have started without me. I talked to the lady to let me in and when I got in, to my surprise, I hear the voice of the last boss yelling out, I saw her come out and turn into the dragon. My fellow guild mate didn’t mention they where having problems and I was left wondering where the healer had gone. I quickly jumped in and finished the fight with them but if I was a little later we would have to start from the beginning. We downed her quick ,I looted the quest item to complete the daily and was done. That’s the fasted I ever completed the daily heroic. I think the healer disconnected and they fought on for a while. In the end we all got lucky.

Thanks again and keep it up


P.S. I like Outlandish too, I think those guys are very creative

Email #5 from Leralonde

Wow Aprillian,

congratulations on dinging 80!
never thought you would beat me to it :)

greetings to Glanthur and Ashayo too,

(i love the lore segment)

keep up the podcasting!



lvl 78 druid on EU server Azjol Nerub.

Shout Outs & Thank You


Hello Ctrl Atl Wow gang, hope you are all well.

Grats once again to Aprillian on hitting level 80, it feels good right?! and I know you will not say what does Aprillian do now, there are things you can do like heroics and even some raiding! :)
And many thank you's for the AWESOME intro or sound bit for momoments!! THANK YOU!! :)
I had read a tweet from Glanthur about taking a sabbatical from wow and I know it goes without saying that his friends and fans will support him 100%.
For some people this may be an extreme idea but remember everyone has a different play style and most importantly wow does affect each of our personal lives, some more than others.
To Glanthur, hope you succeed in what you are trying to accomplish and if you ever decide to come back to wow or not, we hope to still hear from you.

In the last cast I think the question "what do you do to take time away from wow, or if you quit wow what do you do"
for me it is just trying out other games, console games, and other pc games and yes even other non-game things.
It is important to take time away if you are just not feeling the game anymore, it is not fun for you or if you are bored. I have read on twitter that some people are bored but at the same people cannot believe this game is 5 years old and so many people play it. I think it comes down to Blizzard getting so many things right that mmo players wanted in a game. In the last 5 years I have read/heard so many people complaining about wow but they still play. I don't think they are just complainers, I think they want to make the game better, better for themselves!
Remember millions play this game and blizz cannot make all the people happy at the same time.

For me in wow, I have move more characters to feathermoon, yes that is my main server now. It is sad in some ways as I played on balanzzar for many years! And I had jumped on there on my main main, big daddy of all mo characters, motauren, my first wow characters, my warrior. It was nice to chat with some of the old server friends. I also moved my other hunter over, he is only 76 so I can get some fun leveling.
Motauren is not specced at all, so i was able to get him into a naxx 10 mini run, we downed about 3-4 bosses and he was able to score a nice upgrade in weapon, a polearm. As a arms/prot spec he has a ways to go to be a grand warrior and fight Arthas! or they call him the Litch King for some reason or another.

oh speaking of the king, when do you think the patch is coming out?
to me it looks like it can be coming either December 15th or they may wait to release it in January.

In non-wow things, Star Trek movie DVD came out, so watch the movie if you have not. I still say Wrath of Khan is still the best with Undiscovered Country/First Contact, in Star Trek movies.

I was supposed to try Star Trek online but their batch just would not get past 79%, I may try again this week, they have another closed beta session.
It would be great to test out Star Wars online. :)

Well it is time for some football once again on this find Sunday.
To Glanthur, let us know if we can be of any assistance in anything we can do for you and to the rest of the gang and listeners happy wowing, Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate or just simply have a great week!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 140 - To 80 or Not to 80 That is the Question

xCtrl Alt WoW Episode 140 - To 80 or not to 80 that is the question

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or in game pet or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Still having issues on just Aprillian. Mostly gets kicked after logging in, finally in after 2 or 3 tries, no matter where she is.

Aprillian did dailies in Grizzly hills and dinged 79. Loving the dailies

Continuing to do the baby Raptor quest, oh and Sebastian got a Venomhide Ravasaur as a pet.\

Loving Grizzly Hills dailies, doing

Cold weather flying gets you flying when dead?

Craziest quest: sparksocket's tools wow

Finished Winterspring quest with Vrishna on Sebastian.

Aprillian went to the Crater to do the Venomhide Raptor Quest. Levelled up her unarmed skill


Raiding - 10 man

- Yogg-Saron : got to phase 2 a few times. Crazy fight. Spent about 3hrs in total, making slow progress.
- Touch a cloud and another mob appears
- Kill tentacles. dps have to go through portals and dps mobs without looking at skulls

- Nice wand for Ashayo

Raiding - 25 man

- Clean run through to Hodir - then wiped at 4%. Got him down - after he enraged!, and got [I have the coolest Friends - 25 player]

- Cleared

Toc 25 man - got down Faction champs. longest fight ever!

Pants on Head
- Tanked CoS on Pud - and dinged 80 when turning in the quest at the end!
- Tanked HoL

- Northrend Alchemy Research - should I be doing it to get random flasks even after I've learnt all the elixirs?
- Jekle - For The Horde. /walked out of IF
- Pud - VH, Gundrak, Grizzly Hills dailies - Wemb dings 80


- Nozdormu and The Infinite Dragonflight


Email #1 from Eranth


With the addition of the new vanity pets to the Blizzard Store, you might consider adding those to your list of items folks can choose from if they ‘win’ from Ashayo’s /roll’s. J


Email #B from Makling
hello fellas, makiling here

i just listened to you latest episode, and i have to say it was great hearing from vrishna. glanthurs lore segment was quite interesting too, and i hope to hear more from the lore behind the dragons.

right now, my wow time is spent doing cloth cooldowns on my mage, daily dungeons on my priest, and pugging voa on both of them. i also want to get my herbalism up on my lvl 61 druid so she can pick herbs in outland. i guess thats the problem with getting refer a friend bonus levels, the profs don't scale with them.

earl, the friend i referred, recently dinged 70. but they have yet to get the wotlk expansion due to some financial problems. so im helping them out with some rep grinding in outland. we started the quest line for the netherdrakes, and i recently did the quests for the ogres in BEM. it may be a good idea for others to start doing them, since achievement chasers will need to open them up for the winters veil title.

finally i just want to share something i discovered in altaholic. it gives a tooltip that shows if other toons have learned a recipe! its perfect for buying recipes with a bank alt without switching between toons that have the profession.

thats it from me for now. keep up the good work!

for the horde!

Email #2 from Nostalgic

First Time Writer

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, and Glanthur

Ive been listening to the podcast for a while now and thought id write in. I think you guys do a great job and your love of the game really comes through. Ive really enjoyed listening to David/Vrishna over the last few months and hearing the story's of a newcomer to the game. It reminds me of when i started out!

I wanted to thank you because your podcast is partly responsible for firstly getting me back into the game, and secondly inspiring me to start my blog Shameless plug I know!

Also I managed to 'get hold' of the first episode of 'V' despite living in the UK and really enjoyed it! Thank you for mentioning it on the podcast because I had no idea it was being made.

Keep up the good work!

Nostalgic of

Email #C from Karen

Well, we now know that if you move a toon to an account so you can make a DK, make your DK, then move that 55+ toon off the account, the DK survives (as pretty much everyone thought). My husband has brought his mage back to his account and all is well.

Oh, and the only account that we share between us is my daughter's account, so I guess we're okay EULA-wise. We're both pretty sure that I did start my first toon on his account and then transferred that toon to my own account, but that sort of transfer isn't possible now (because the name on the account is different). So maybe they made that change since we started playing.

One more story about playing with spouses and real life friends. We have Friday morning WoW'ing with our neighbor across the street. My husband and I take our laptops over there and we have a wifi party and play WoW. We are all altaholics and are playing lots of different toons, so we have a rotation of who gets to choose what we're going to do. That way if one of us is working on a particular toon, we can get the others to help us out. Mostly we instance, though I'm thinking a few group speed runs through AT dailies would be fun as well. I may do that the next time it's my turn (not for three more weeks, today I chose to take my gnome DK through Ramparts).

Oh, and how about those in-game pets for sale in the Blizzard store? I already have my Lil K.T. and my Pandaren Monk and I love them both. My horde pet collector now has 95 pets (and if I could get the last two crocolisks to drop from the darn BC fishing daily, I'll be right on schedule to have 100 by the 3.3 patch).

Keep up the great work on the podcast! I'm glad that Vrishna's participating,


Shout Outs & Thank You


Hello everyone,
it is great to hear David I mean Vrishna with Aprillian, Ashayo and Glanthur. Now it is truly Alliance beat down, sorry Glanthur, just kidding of course.

It has been great hearing about the couples that wow and the lore segments, I know I am enjoying it and I am sure all the fans are too.

For me in wow, as I have been wanting to play more, now it seems like guildies are staying away from wow. I know it will change soon and we will be doing more heroics, raids, and even starting on some alts again.

I was able to get in this week to do a little guild heroic race, we were intending to have different groups start at VH and see who can get through the heroics the quickest but it did not really happen as planned so we went to Onyxia-10.

Now I have usually been the main healer or perhaps one of 2 in raids. There is a 3 healer geared well but they were not on and 2 other priests were on and they were going to heal. Ohoh, I was disc/holy spec, I got rid of my shadow spec!
Well of course I went the only route that I could think of, I changed my disc to shadow, rescpeced while the guild was waiting on me.
And surprisingly I was averaging 3500dps or around there, again not sure how accurate recount is sometimes. One reason I changed to just healing specs was because I really was not getting or liking shadow. The spell rotation, how to get the most of my dps. But for what I did I guess it was not bad and if I can improve that I can actually be an ok than a good/great dps priest.

Now I know I was not the first person to sacrifice my own personal liking for the guilds benefit but I am wondering how many of you have done that or said no. I am curious because I have to believe is some cases changing specs to dps should not automatically equal to being a good dps for the raid.

Also a question for Mr David, snap I mean Vrishna!
is doing instances, have you joined a pug group yet, one that you did not know anyone, in the level 70s, and any interest in checking out the raids?

Another short post for me again this week and until next week, thank you for the great podcast and to the listeners spread the Ctrl Alt Wow word!

Happy gaming!


just listened to the podcast and heard that we won! We already have authenticators, but a month of WoW sounds great..
thank you guys SO much! We love your podcast!
thanks again..
sofialorena and matadora :)


11/4/09 9:39
@ctrlaltwow omg almost fell over when i heard glanthur do the intro! It wasnt bad, i just wasnt expecting it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 139 - El Día de los Muertos WoW

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:

Aprillian & Vrishna

Aprillian running around Northrend getting candy on short maintenance day.

Started a DK on JT with David, it was hard at first. But then he started liking it, enjoyed being evil. The final battle with Arthas was confusing

Dinged 78 on Aprillian

Went into Warsong Gulch with Aprillian, forgot to use fear, it wasn't even on my toolbar, until someone whispered me.

Decided to create a DK on Wyrmrest Accord so I could ride Glanthur's mammoth

Did Friend or Fowl on Epril

Got 100g from Glanthur on Wyrmrest Accord

Solador, 80 Belf Rogue invited me to HH, I got the helm and a ring [The Horseman's Seal]

Doing dailies on Aprillian


ArkInventory tip:
Create a rule as follows to split out the equipment in your bags that are not part of an outfit
equip() and soulbound() and not outfit() and not equip(Tabard)

outfit(dps) or outfit(tank)

Hallows End
- Pud hit 75 mid week and tried to get some epics, but all that dropped was spellcaster rings - 8 times in a row!
- Lost a day because I went over my ISP cap and got shaped. Luckily, upgraded next day.

Raiding - 10 man
- Asheal @ ToC - off night. started late. called in subs. wiped unnecessarily
- Asheal @ ToC - cleared night after reset, muuuch smoother. Just goes to show how much it helps to have a team that works well together.

Raiding - 25 man
- Onyxia - Asheal won helm [Aurora of Transcendence]
- ToC - Won a Trophy of the Crusade - allows purchase of better tier gear. Very close to getting down Faction Champions. Bought [Zabra's Robe of Triumph] - 245 chest peice. Also had enough triumph badges to buy [Zabra's Shoulderpads of Conquest] - 232 item. Required major shuffle of gems and made up a new hit set for shadow

- Guppers tried Sunwell Plateau, as we only had 20. Kept wiping on dragon boss that puts down a cloud that turns players against the team.

Pants on Head
- Pudendal started doing Venture Bay dailies since he hit 74. Got a new sigil and a tanking cloak in only two days. (TIP: For "Smoke 'Em Out, round them up and toss smoke bomb)
- Did all the usual quest chains - Wrathgate, Oracles, have started Sons of Hodir. (got Chol killed when doing the proto-drake leaping quest)
- Dinged 77, got cold weather flying and have started Argent Tournament.
- Pud tanked VH (nice gloves and pants upgrade because I /yelled abuse at Blizz for the shaman drops!)
- Pud tanked DTK and Gundrak
- Got [Northern Exposure]. The mob was green because I had a quest disguise on. Instinctively cancelled the disguise - in the middle of several mobs.
- Always have trouble with "The Storm King's Vengeance", where you ride on the back of Gymer the storm giant and kill 100 scourge and 3 bosses. Even using the storm clouds, seems difficult to do alot of damage without dying.

Crazy Train

Serpent Shrine Cavern
- Leotheras the Blind - one shot!
- Fathomlord Karathress - one shot!
- Morogrim Tidewalker - one shot!
- Good try on Lady Vash ; needed more ranged for striders


- Dragon Aspects overview and Alexstrasza


Email #1 from Paul


Love the podcast, only began listening yesterday.

Could you tell me the realm you play on – I tried searching through the archives and twitters – couldn’t find it.

Keep up he awesome podcast


Email #A from Kurly

Tiz yer faithful bud Kurly, wishing you all the best of the best...and I hope you're Halloween baskets overflow-eth with sugary goodness!

Its been a fun week! Me and my buds in our guild (rabid kittens) have been terrorizing battle grounds all over the Stormstrike battle group. The five of us consist of a hunter, two rogues, a priest (shadow) and a warlock. They way we have been doing it for the last week has been working out amazingly much so that were are pretty much 1 for 1 every time we hit Warsong Gulch.
Myself, the priest and the warlock constantly engage the enemy, annoying to such a point where their focus changes from getting the flag, to killing us. During these battles the two rogues will sneak off to the enemy flag room, dispatch any defense (if their even is any) and grab the flag. Usually after the first capture the rest of our team is on board and win after win is upon us.
In other news...I am beyond excited about the new LFG system. I could not even tell you the last time I found a group to do any dungeon. I know pugs can be a nightmare, but they can also be a lot of fun as it was always one of the ways you got to meet some great people and lets not mention the leveling and the phat loots!!
I have also rolled an new toon, a mage that I have named Itsabitsa (I am very proud of that name!) She be a gnome (I am sure you are shocked) and the second mage I have ever rolled. I had a Blood Elf mage that I deleted a while back that I think was level 21. She is level 11 now and I have been having a lot of fun on here and I am excited to see where she takes me.
Thanks you all for the great podcast!!
Yours always!
The Kurly Q

Email #2 from Erik

(Bear with me on the grammar)

Thanks for a really good show. I have noticed that people have a habit to look a bit strange at you when your on the tram or walking down the sidewalk and just have to laugh out loud.
I'm playing on Defias Brotherhood whit my Bloodelf Paladin, my 5 other lvl 80's and my 2 5 man multibox teams that just hit 60 (have bean some slow months on work). Altoholic, what is that?

Havent lisend for that long, but I'm working my way back in the PodCast history. Usually I dont send to many mails, but now i have a reason. I would like to issue a warning.

When you do a Faction Change (at least on a PvP server) you loose all the faction specific quests you have done when working your way towards the "Loremaster" and "Seeker" achievements.

I transferd from Alliane to Hord for a month ago on Defias Brotherhood. I have the 2k Quest achievement but only 1457 quests on my way to the 3k Quest achievement. This shows that i "lost" at least 543 quests, but i think its closer to a 1000 quests.

Here is a link to my Armory achievement page:

Here you can see that I have the 2k one but only half way on the 3k one and that should not be possible if I havent lost some thing on the way.

Some thoughts.
They remove the race specific quests when you transfer so you cant do a tactical transfer to finish of Loremaster just by transfer and have a hole lot of "new" quests to chose from (starting zones and so on) instead of having to do the last hard to find quests you need to get the Loremaster of "The Old World".

I'm typing this mail as I'm waiting for the GMs response, so I may send a new mail in an hour, or 6-7 with the speed Blizz response tho tickets, whit some enligthement on this.

Thanks again and I would like to do a shout out to Blackwyrm on Defias Brotherhood and the Guild Deserters.

Best regards.

PS. I just got my Thundra Mamut and noticed that when you dismount the Goblin vendor, Drix Blackwrench, he some times says,
"Hey, yea, I've always wanted to be stranded somewhere."
Would be nice if you guyes could find out if he sayd the same before Cataclysm was announce.

Part 2:

This is an follow up on my faction change mail.
In short: You will not lose any achivement you already have but any faction specific quest will disappear. Thats how I ended up with the 2000 Completed Quest acivement but only half way to 3000 Completed Quest.
I'm a bit lazy so i will just attach a screen with the chat, feel free to post the screen if needed.

Best regards.

Here is a link to my alt guild Deserters:

PS. If this mail dont make the same show as the first one. I would like to make a new shout out to Blackwyrm on Defias Brotherhood EU (forgot the EU in my last e-mail).

Email #3 from Super

Dear Aprillian, Ashayo & Glanthur,

Hello there Ctrl Alt WoW Crew! My names Ryan, but in Azeroth, I go by Superflous, or Super for short! He’s my level 80 human mage on the Staghelm server. I’ve been listening to your show for a long time now, and have really been enjoying the varying playstyles of Glanthur, Ashayo and Aprillian! With the recent discussions about having loved ones joining you in WoW, I decided to talk to my boyfriend about it and see what his opinion of it was. Turns out, he actually had played for a little while, having a level 28 Night Elf Druid, but cancelled his subscription, because it “didn’t grab him.” Well, I let him roll a Death Knight on my account, and he’s been obsessed! It’s so funny to have phone calls or IMs asking me about items or quests or a mob, it’s terrific. Unfortunately, he has yet to open up his subscription again, it’s a little sad that we can’t play together at the same time. Usually, I’ll be studying while he’s leveling and then we’ll switch back and forth, but it’d be very cool to level with his DK. I just happened to have a 57 Hunter, waiting for him. His birthday is coming up, so maybe that’ll be his present haha! Or maybe I’ll just get a second account, because I’ve been actually quite curious to try dual boxing. Great show! Keep up the Great Work, and maybe I’ll roll up a toon on Earthen Ring and go and visit AIE! Keep on Loving the Game and putting out a Wonderful Podcast :)



Email #B from Karen

Hey everybody, great podcasts, as usual. I'm really enjoying hearing from other couples that play together. My husband and I play together and have pretty much since we started the game (very soon after it launched).

Ted played first and I made a toon on his account (Elsa, my level 80 horde hunter) and soon after I got my own account and Itransferred her over to that account. We leveled several of our toons together and have had toons that only play with each other.

Now that we have several 80's and are working on Alts, mostly we instance together or bring another, higher level toon to help out with group quests. We've actually found that leveling goes faster solo these days, so we don't quest together, but we have our computers where we can talk while we're playing.

Ted was more of the gamer before WoW, though I did play Diablo. He played a lot of different first person shooters (well, as many as he could find for the Mac). We've both played D&D (paper and pencil RPG, that is) since way back and WoW pretty much took the place of our monthly D&D sessions. So much easier to get on the computer and play for a bit. No one needs to be the DM and figure out the adventure, etc. And we can play with friends and family that aren't local.

We have a very small guild of real life friends and family, so we know everyone we instance with and knew them before playing together. We've had luck with the Headless Horseman this year, helping several people in the guild get their title. Still haven't seen that mount drop though.

Our daughter plays a little bit, which brings me to my question. Our daughter doesn't play much, but her main is a DK on her account. The only reason she was able to make a DK is that Ted transferred over a mage from his account (who was 55+). He dual-boxed his mage with a DK on his account for a bit, but isn't really doing that any more. He would like to transfer the mage back to his account (to be able to give him cold weather flying and heirloom items) but what will that do to our daughter's DK since there won't be a 55+ character on that account any more?

I figured if anyone would know, it would be Aprillian.

Keep up the great work on the podcast. I'm really enjoying Glanthur's lore segments. I've even been reading the quest text sometimes instead of just clicking accept and seeing where my guide points me.


Email #C from Kyle

Hey all!

Just finished listening to episode 138 (as of this typing the most recent one) and on hearing the shoutout for me I was touched. Yes, you figured me out, not that I kept my identity all that secret - I have been supporting BoE also. How could I not! They're the yang to your ying. Or however that works. The money comes from being a crazy work-a-holic, well that and the special massage with free happy endings for the Wych.

Speaking of episode 138 it highlights oh so much what I love about your show. You include everyone, you like everyone, and all you want to do is just play the game and have fun. It's comforting, if only there were more people in the world like you. Also unlike other podcasts you don't talk at the listeners, you talk with them, invite them over to your place for cookies and just chat and laugh about your misadventures and swap stories. I'd like to think your show more like Ellen DeGeneres' morning talk show. As for BoE, they're more like Conan O'Brian's late night show - hilarity with a touch of naughty.

I've been meaning to mention that my shaman has recently hit 80! She was my first alt and is now my second level 80 toon. It was an emotional moment, I remembered when I created her and all the areas I went through (made a point of visiting everything my main the priest had not gone through). Those last four levels went by so fast, going through the story in Zul'Drak, opening up the Hodir dailies, and finally spending the last level or so in Icecrown trying to get some goodish gear. Now I'm splitting my time between getting her ready to run heroics and gearing up my main some more, because now that my shaman hit 80 I'm all of a sudden interested in getting my priest above Naxx-level gear.

Finally I'd also like to mention that I've loved Glanthur's lore segments. There's so much depth to this game, it's fantastic to finally learn about some of it. I've also loved your couple's episodes, though it's also a tad bittersweet since I'm not coupled with anyone. Unless you include the cat, but then that'd just make me that crazy cat lady down the street.

Thanks so much for all you do, keep it up!


Email # D from

Hello everyone Megadan here. I've Been enjoying the show for a few months now and figured it was high time I wrote in. I'm not an altahlolic i'm more of a raider but I do have a few alts. Megadan level 80 Human Warlock is my main, MegLadan 80 dwarf Paladin, Megalove 36 night elf priest, Megaprick 21 Druid. Oh yeah I also got a level 77 Undead Warlock called Mypenus in PoH. Ever since I started playing him I have found the lore around The Forsaken and Sylvanas rather interesting. If Glanthor wanted to cover any of this in his awsome lore segment that would be nice. Love the show, please keep them comeing.

Shout Outs & Thank You


Hello all,
Hope everyone had a great Halloween and Hallows end.
I was not able to treat as much as I really wanted to but still fun and this year I only did the Headless Horseman once (well one day of 5 runs).
Its ok as before we know it it will be Thanksgiving here in the states and the 5th anniversary of WOW.
5 years, many of us have been playing most of the 5 years and some for a little less but is it amazing, this game has been part of our lives for that long!?
I think it is amazing. I am excited to see what else is to come in game and get to playing it more often as the last month my playing time has decreased dramatically and I am down to one account!!! yes oh noes!!!!
(by now Aprillian may have passed out over the thought!)
Well one reason I have suspended my 2nd account is, well the first reason is that ever since wrath (WOTLK) it has been harder to run both accounts on my laptop. It is a gaming laptop but I guess running 2 wows now really slows it down.
I have tried some things to see if I can still do it but I dont want to mess with the way my molaptop is. So I am back to the soloing, isnt that crazy!!!???
(again imagine Aprillian gasping and sitting there with her jaw dropped down to the table!)

Other reasons are that with raiding, well hopefully getting back into raiding and doing heroics, I will not be able to dual box.

And another reason is that I am paying for Aion, and even though I am not really playing that now either :( and may suspend that account, I just need to concentrate on my main account and characters.

A little non-wow stuff, any of you watch Flashforward on abc? It is not a bad show, give it a try. Right now I really like Sons of Anarchy, great show on FX; I think it is a mix of the Shield and Sopranos.
Also V will be starting next Tuesday, any of you V fans?

I hope the new show is good; the original in the early 80s was very cheesy as they say but still, sci fi stuff is always fun.

Well I will keep it very short this week and hope this email makes it out to your next post.

Thank you and Happy gaming!
And Sci Fi ing!!!


10/28/09 14:46
@ctrlaltwow There is no doubt that @glanthur deserves the Grunty. It would be a travesty if he doesn't.
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Nick (@Nicktv):
11/2/09 22:32
@Glanthur you can get to this airport above IF in patch 3.2.2.
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