Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 021 What A Week

What’s Going On
Made a couple of changes in my gameplay
• Did some AB
o Went on Vent it was fantastic to use the Vent servers while playing AB.

Typical Day for me
• Get up and get my husband’s coffee.
• (more to be added later)


Email #1
I am known as Groffsnog of the Frostwolf clan. First off I love your podcast it is fun to hear about the many members of your war party (alts).

Email #2
Hello again.

I emailed you about younger player and I wanted to say thankyou for telling
me your opinion.

Also, I have started my first blood elf alt, she is a hunter and I was
wondering if you had seen any cool-looking beasts in the blood elf areas
that would make an ace pet? I am kind of obsessed with pets.

still loving your podcasts,

Closing Thoughts:

I hope you enjoyed my day in WoW. I would love to hear about yours.

Alt tip, you can shift click on a person’s name to find out information about that person.

Children’s Day is coming, keep a look out.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 020 Retuning your alt

What’s Going On
• Before we head into the meat of the podcast, I’d like to address some comments about last week’s Special Video Presentation
o Sorry about the sound quality, didn’t realize the battle sounds were so loud
o I use an Iogear KVM switch that allows me to move back and forth between the two computers using ctrl ctrl
o Combinations best suited for dual boxing
• In the video Warlock and Hunter, the Warlock places DOT’s (I kept calling them buffs in the video) and the hunter can autoshoot.
• Any suggestions for other combinations?

Alt Tips
Retuning Alts

I spent the weekend retuning my alts.
• You shouldn’t feel locked into a profession for life, especially with alts. Once an alt is in the upper 30’s or 40’s, the skills they have might not be as useful, or you might have another alt who can do the job just as well if not better.
o Treshel was a miner, but I had transferred in Iwari and she was around the same level in mining. I was hardly using Treshel to mine. I wanted to use Treshel to farm the Scalding Whelplings in the badlands. They drop a lot of loot that’s sellable and they sometimes drop a rare pet Dark Whelpling.


Email #1

I love your podcasts and hearing about your alts.
I was wondering how you felt about younger players. I am only 12 but I love
the game and I'm completely addicted. I was getting annoyed on the
non-roleplay realms because if I told anyone my age I would never hear from
them again, this caused alot of problems while looking for a guild.
I would really like to know your opinions on this subject.
I am a bit sad right now because WoW keeps glitching badly and shuting down
my pc, but your podcast cheers me up :)

Email #2

I wish I could say that I'm an alt-aholic, but I'm not. I'm a WoW podcast-aholic and have checked out pretty much every WoW podcast on iTunes. What I can say is that I really enjoy listening to your adventures with your alts. From dual-boxing to collecting 1g, it's fun to listen to your excitement while playing WoW. Your memory is much better than mine, because not only are you remembering what happened to your alts, but you're remembering the NPC and location names with great accuracy.

I know you recognize and listen to the other podcasts out there. Yours fills a niche that not many cover, since there's nothing like listening to personal WoW experiences. Spending the extra time to index your podcast and write up show notes makes it all the better.

Keep on having fun - with WoW, playing all of your alts, and creating a great podcast too.

Blazer, 70 Gnome Mage, Wildhammer (server), unstoppable (guild)

PvP on a PvE Server

Duel Club

Went to AB and WG

I’m hooked, I really love it.

Please try it

Closing Thoughts:

You don’t have to stay in the professions you are in, be flexible to change.

Try PvP, you’ll like it.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Video Presentation No. 2 - Dual Boxing

Dual Boxing and RPG Outfitter

One of my guildmates on Earthern Ring made a comment on the Guild forums about people with multiple alts in the guild. The post included the statement "You can only play one at a time" to which I had to reply, "actually I dual box".

I just checked out the podcasts and I apologize for the sound of my voice is drowned out by the battle sounds. But hey the beauty of the video is the video.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 019 - Alt Tips and Misc

What’s Going On

I’ve decided to restructure Ctrl Alt WoW. There will now be just four sections:
What’s going on
Tips for playing with Alts
Closing Thoughts

I think Alt Round up will be mentioned in each section. I am doing this because I find myself holding back on something an alt did in the ohther sections and then skipping over it in Alt Round Up as I go down the long list.
Created 2 characters on Lethon, a PvP server.
· I’ve joined Randy Deluxe’s Guild –“Phat Loot Fishers”
Also tried my hand at PvP
PvE makes me feel powerful and strong
PvP makes me feel stupid

What I did this week

Visited Shattrah – Found out in guild chat that you can get a port there with a mage. I logged on to Rilfire on the Baelgun server and did a /who 70 mage search and whispered a few mages. At first I was whispering mages in Shattrath. Then I realized I needed to find a mage near me. I found one in Undercity who was willing to port me for 1 g. Then I logged on with Aprillian on the Baelgun and had the same mage port me to Shattrath. I was in awe.

Then I logged on to ER and did the same thing with Aprillian my level 20 blood elf. I had gotten Shattrath fever. When I showed up in Shattrath, I ran right into a couple of guild mates, Ashoyo and Kalisynth, two awesome warlocks. We set about finding the inn so I could set my hearthstone to Shattrath. Once we got there, they asked in guild chat if anyone wanted to be ported. So we started pulling people to Shattrath inn and it was awesome.

The neatest thing is that there are portals in Shattrath that will take you to the 8 major cities, four for each faction and you can only go to your faction city. This is great!

Decided hunters were more my thing.

Someone in IF asked where I got my hatchlings

Newbie area tip, you can hearth
You can see what materials are available among your alts.

Let’s take a look at it.

Aprillian on Earthen Ring
· Wanted to make Spidersilk boots Gave some away
· Level 14 asked for help on killing Razormanes near Camp T
o I think that’s called Power Levelling

Veyle is holding ore

Iwari - Mining in Alterac Valley, loading up on ore.


Treshel on Lethon Server
· Is up to level 13 and has 3 gold
o Sold some ore and jewelry on AH
o Got her invite into Phat Loot Fishers


From: stlgamergirl
I know how you feel about trying to explain WoW to non-gamers. I myself have a similar situation. I don't have a lot of friends and I spend a lot of time at work. I'm also a huge fan of anime so imagine the surprised looks I get from people when they see me reading manga or watching something on my iPod. When I tell them about WoW, they have never heard of it and give me all these funny looks. I got so sick of not knowing anyone who shares my hobby, I went to craigslist and put an ad up in the looking for friends section. Three women have responded so far and they all know about gaming and/or anime.

I love hearing from someone else that I'm not alone in this. Thanks for writing.
Closing Thoughts:

I submitted the following to The Instance. I’m hoping they will play it on their podcast. If anyone

Greetings Instance Listeners, You’ve caught me killing Ogres in Alterac Valley – I’m Aprillian, a confessed alt-aholic. And I wanted to tell you about a podcast I’ve put together To help me and other satisfy our urge to have and to help organize our many alts. It’s called Ctrl Alt WoW. There’s no end game content, because most of us alt-aholics never get that far, but there are useful tips on how to make the best of all those alts you can’t help yourself from creating. You can find us on iTunes or visit our website at Thanks Andrew, Scott and Randy for keeping the bar of WoW podcast raised high.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 018 A Cool Fun Game or a Complete Waste of Time

What’s Going On

My husband and I had dinner with another couple on Friday Night. I had spent all day Friday on WoW and I was rather excited about the fun things I had done. I mentioned something that happened in the game. To my surprise, the woman of the couple had never heard of WoW and after trying to explain it, she called Online games a “complete waste of time”.

What I did this week

Embracing RP

WoW News

Tinfoil Hats – possible April’s fool joke
Schematic: Tinfoil Hat
Binds when picked up
Requires Engineering (375)
Use: Teaches you how to make a Tinfoil Hat
Tinfoil Hat
Binds when equipped
10 Armor
-10 Intellect
+10 Spirit
Durability: 5/5
Requires Level 10
Equip: Hides the wearer's profile from the
Equip: Allows the wearer to see "the truth." May
lead to an incontrollable urge to share "the truth"
with others.
Use: Grants the wearer immunity to all forms of
mind control for the next 10 sec...or does it?
"On behalf of the International Gnomish
Conspiracy, I've got to inform you that we're
almost out of tinfoil."
Requires Tin Bar (99), Fused Wiring (4), Troll
Tears (8), Heavy Leather (4), Star Ruby

Aprillian spidersilk boots

Server Selection & Email

to me

show details
Mar 29 (4 days ago)
On Azuremyst:

Bronze bar x20 = 1.5 - 2 g
Tin Ore x20 = 1.5 - 2 g

Second Email

HEY! great show and there is something you need!
I just wanted to start by saying that I love listening to your show. It is great that it comes out more frequently than most other WoW podcasts and with a "little bit of regularity" which is great for me because I listen to a lot of podacsts and I'm always looking for more stuff on WoW. I heard you mention on a recent show that you used only a few add-ons and that most of them were purely cosmetic. I found it amazing that you didn't have one of my favorite add-ons that is almost necessary for alt-freaks like yourself. It's called "Recipe Radar"
and it allows you to see all the recipes that are available for all the professions in the zone you are currently in. Better than that, once you have loaded this program and logged on to each of your toons, it will remember which recipes each toon already has and what level their profession currently is. Recipe Radar will even show you on a mini map the general location of where the NPC that can train you (or sell you) is and if you use Cartographer with it, it will place a marker on your big map as well.

There are even more features that you will find useful in this add-on too and you may wonder how you have been playing for so long without it.


-Amaging (68 Gnome mage) of the guild Seven Ate Nine on the Khaz Modan server.

Closing Thoughts:

I’m enjoying the game. It’s something I like doing. I am learning new things and it’s not a waste of time.