Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 204 - Live in Providence

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 204 - Live in Providence

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:

Running Tiiaa & Astarå through Nexus, Astarå dies, Tiiaa successfully used gnomish Army Knife to revive her.
Alch Healer FTW
Staying alive makes all the diff
Triple boxing - having a healer
Disenchant unneeded blues are awesome
Primal might hard to find, should I go back to do that quest.
Monkeys in STV
Aprillian & Vrishna
Still doing heroics. GREAT xp. Aprillian is addicted to the Nexus. Tried the Occulus. Couldn't get through the gate. I think that was probably a good thing.

Lost my sugar daddy. Aprillian wants all the greens for DE-ing. WAHHH !
So the flashbacks turned to flash forwards and didn't notice till the end of season 4. Actually on Vrishna. Got achievements for The Nexus and Grizzled Veteran. Doing the dailies in Grizzly Hills. Shredder and the Captain. At least I can keep all my gold ! Archaeology. REALLY miss the fast flying. 4500 gold. Ouch that hurts.




Email #1

Greetings CAW!
It’s been a while since I’ve written. A bit has happened since then. The week after I last wrote, while I was questing with my wife, I glanced at the guild chat and noticed a lot of commotion then saw one of the top ranked officers get booted. This was quickly followed by a /gquit by his wife. Then almost all the other officers left. I won’t go into what all the drama was about. Suffice it to say, the guild I’ve been in for almost two years and in which I had served as an officer for around a year had a sudden split as the officers and the gm had a falling out. It was stunning to say the least. After getting on vent to find out what was going on, I decided to log for the night. The next day I just did my transmute and got off again. I didn’t have much of a heart to play. I also couldn’t decide whether to stay with the guild (which was as high a rank as it could be at that point), or to jump ship with the rest of the officers. After giving it some thought for a couple days, I finally decided to switch guilds with the rest because, for me, the biggest guild perk is not the extra xp, guild items, etc.—it’s the people you play with. These were the folks I spent the most in game time with over the last couple years. I wasn’t ready to give that up.
Well, again I’m running late on sending this out, so I guess I’ll have to put off the stories of leveling the rogues with my two sons or the worgens with my wife and her friend.
Oh, yeah, if it’s not too late to claim a prize from way back when, and if you will allow it, I’d like an authenticator for my wife. Otherwise I’ll go with the free month of WoW to help justify buying BC for my son’s account.
Oh yeah, since I missed last week’s show, Happy 201! Or, maybe, happy 202! Or 203! (It all depends on when I get this in to you.)
For the Alliance! For the friendships!

Email #

Hello Caw crew from Jonick, dinged level 80 hunter, of the Midnight Special guild on the cenarion circle U.S. server,..... a confirmed Appy,

I have played wow for many yrs and now that my daughters are getting older...they are 11 and 10 and learning to play. I actualy took them to the midnight release of Cataclysm..much to my wifes was a school night.....My 10 yr old, Cecilia, gave me such a proud dad moment the other day...she is a worgen lover ...and I came home from work and she was at the computer, I noticed that she was on youtube, so I asked her what she was looking at,...being the ever cautious, doting dad...she looked at me with seriousness and said ..I am watching Worgen lore videos............ohh i was vaaaclempt... we sat for the next hour together watching worgen videos..

Wow at it's heart is a social game ...and who better to be social with than your family...So wether you just let someone watch you play, or you create an account for your ten yr old because she is filling all you alt spots with worgens....share the game....and the love..

And ofcourse remember a good father does not let a child go astray, to play the horde!.... For the Alliance... and hunters everywhere, This has been Jonick with fatherly advice..

p.s. Have you noticed that the worgens first druid form is talk about internal conflict.....I'm just saying...

Email #A
Hello All, My main toon is Resalecheap a NE Hunter on Warsong . I have left you a ITune review and thought it would be a good time to send a letter. I enjoy listening to your podcast and all of the content wow related or not . Just a little history I grew up on Nantucket . spent some time back in the mid 70's in and around RI at Newport & Bristol when I was in the US Coast Guard .also drove through Providence a lot when I was assigned to New London CT at the Coast Guard Academy in the late 80's , Now back to the rest of this e-mail I am thinking of trying dual boxing ? But is a little unsure on how to proceed I am running wow on a Imac 24' intel processor w/3 gigs of ram and the stock video card w/128 vram . I know way to geekie for CAW I tried ti look for CRTL ALT GEEK but it stopped but enough of that . just looking for some input ! I also found a desk that might help in quad boxing here is the attachment .Well I am hoping to be playing soon since this is Tuesday and maintenance day at blizzard catch you all later and have a great day!!!!!
Resalecheap and of course his many many toons/alts
& for the horde


Email #

26 February 2011
[Insert 13 Feb email here]
I want to say a special “Welcome back El Jeppy!” At least, I’m hoping that the tweets I saw today indicate that you will be back. Remember, it’s okay to visit a rift, as long as you don’t fall headlong into it. ;)
You ask what’s so wrong with trolls? For one, don’t you think it’s telling that the annoying people in trade chat are called trolls? Two, I know that those stinkin’ trolls would like nothing better than to roast my little gnome body and have it for supper! Or, was that the undead that were wanting to do that? Either way, I’m pretty sure I heard that troll hunter in the bg saying something to that effect as his killed me repeatedly. It came out more like “Kek. Friz fraz blugerdy boo,” but I know that’s what he meant!
My wife and kid’s RAF is about at an end without any of them making it to 60. My sons (particularly the eldest) had a hard time grasping the (in my estimation) importance of questing together to make the most of the triple xp. Part of the difficulty is that my eldest just wants to play his one or two alts. My second born, however, appears to be a true altoholic. Thus, my eldest kept outleveling his brother (meaning that there weren’t too many levels to pass along either). On the other hand, we were able to pass along several of those levels to my wife’s alts.
Yesterday was a momentous occasion in that my wife made her first journey to Northrend. We didn’t actually get to get in any questing, but she is finally there! Actually, she just asked me why she can’t fly there. Hey! Wait a minute! That means she is questing without me! I guess I better go try to catch up before she gets too far ahead. After all, this is on my heirloom deprived server. With all my alts and no heirloom gear, it’s hard to catch up.
For the Alliance!
Liteharted, level 85 GNOME mage, and his many alts (which have been multiplying as my 5-year-old has been having fun making new toons. Don’t worry, unless you are a gold-farmer, since he can’t spell he’s not taking any names you would want. They are all something like Fslser and Grssxrey.)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 203 - We're Half Here Plus One

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

Hello Darlings!

I have da flu. =P

Big hugs,


What We've Been Doing:

Third or fourth time i had to call in to validate my account

RAF bonus for doing Love dailies

Leveling alch on Astarå - Crystal vials only

Power leveled Astarå to 450 alch & Enchant to 351. She can now make some of the flask we were using. Made 3 - Flask of the North
Binds when picked up
Requires Alchemy (400)
Item Level 80Use: Increases your Intellect, Agility, or Strength by 40 for 1 hour. Counts as both a Battle and Guardian elixir. Effect persists through death.
"Can be used in arenas. This potent flask is not consumed when used, but is unaffected by Mixology."

Triple Boxed Nexus, jumped off wrong side with 2 toons on follow. Astarå can DE green drops & getting Infinite dust, which she needs
Primal Might off the hook

Dual Boxing Epril & Astarå - Getting my Healer - Astarå getting almost 3k per kill

Aprillian & Vrishna
UP on Heroics baby

Went to Nexus and did pretty good.

Big Scary Bosses

Sunreaver Dragonhawk. Still working on that Crusader title.

Vrishna in Borean Tundra.

Guild to 62% and rising.




Email #A from Kurly

So, I can not tell you how sorry I am that I missed your 200th episode. I happened during a crazy time in my life, but I am still beyond bummed that I missed it. You were the first poscast that I listened to regularly and you will all always be a part of my life...even though you never ask me to be guest host.....well maybe that one time....

Moving on.....things in Rabid Kittens (my guild on Norgannon) have been going well. Four of us have been leveling 'lowbies" in dungeons and battlegrounds and have been having a wonderful time!! I chose to level a Dwarf Enchancement Shaman and, although her damage is low (other than on boss fights) I am starting to warm up to the long as I actually remeber to drop my totems, and to remeber that I can wear mail now that I am over level 40 AND to make sure I imbue my weapons....GOOD GRIEF!!!

I have also been playing Ahbygsissie in my other guild (Living Dead Gurls) on Ysondre. I have ten toons over there in a guild of me, myself and I (well...and some toons from my friends from Rabid Kittens), and I have finally got the feral/cat rotation down.....just as the nerfed the cheese out of it in the most recent patch... but whatever...I am having fun so who cares.

So...has anyone else noticed the animation changes since the patch. There are at least two that I can tell you.....when a shaman is casting a heal spell the animation around the casters hands has been changed from the usual glowie green to splashes of water...and the Disc priest spell Inner Focus now has this crazy glowing disk animation that actually startled me as I thought I had been hit by something....any of you see anythig else new?

Also...there are some guys in our guild whose toons are in their mid 70's and a few of us jumped on 80's to help run them through Wratch instances....even after onuy doing a few Cataclysm quests we ate the instance FOR LUNCH!! It was a lot of fun.

Love to you all!!


Email #1

Hi ctrlaltwow crew.

Steinâr here. first time e-mailer her :D

I just heard ep.202. grats on 200 :)

Im a fello altaholic have 2 low level alts and 1 level 85.
one hunter, druid and my main a paladin.

I hpe i can get an authenticator or is it a competision(sorry for my bad english xD )

hope The crew get another 200 episodes!

Steinâr Ret Paladin of Kilrogg eu

Email #B
Wow and Mac

Hello Aprillian and Boys!

For the past few months I've been itching to buy a Macbook Pro, and am actually just waiting for them to do an update on the Macbook Pro line (which says should be in March). How does WoW perform on your Mac, and is there much of a difference between WoW on the Mac vs. the PC. I know, stupid questions.

Also, while listening to The Guardian Tank podcast, there was mentioned an app for the iPad (about 10min in). Every Air I think. Download to your computer and to your ipad. Allows you to interface your computer through your ipad. Tinker with it, and you can kinda play WoW on your ipad. Interesting thoughts...

Oh and another quick Q that's probably best for Ashayo: I loved the old-style raid frames that was around in Wrath (I'm probably the only one). They took them away and I hate the new raid frames - just so big and blocky and take up a ton of space, plus I always kept my frames on the right side of the screen and the in-game one just doesn't work well for that. May try out VuhDu or Shadowed Unit Frames. I primarily heal, and don't want healbot, and don't some blah colored boxes. Yes, I know, I'm complicated. Any tips or advice?


Email #C Audio

A voice mail thank-you for the recent contest win. My wife and son love the sparkle pony!


Email #D

Part 2, nearly a week later

Hmmm. This is awkward. I said I would have to cut my email short since I was running late. Instead, I probably ended up being the first email for this show as I sent off the email towards the end of the last show. Just a couple updates. First, I hit 85 on Liteharted (my second toon to 85), but arguably, one of my favorites. Actually that came second. First I hit 60 on my druid! At long, long last, I was able to get flight form. I know lots of others have their druids with snazzy flight forms. I mention this mainly as a warning to those who maybe leveling new druids (perhaps worgen or [shudder] trolls). Make sure you see your class trainer BEFORE you go to the flight trainer! I forgot and, since the Stormwind flight point was on the way to my class trainer, I went ahead and trained flight. [/smacks head] For those who may be unaware, the first level of flight is covered by flight form (much like riding is with the paladin mount). Sigh. That’s 212g 50s down the drain that I will never see again.
The boys and I had fun running our three rogues through Scholomance together, before they out-leveled me. (I actually had to look up the achievement to remember which dungeon it was. :P) It got off to a bit of a rough start. Our tank pulled the first few mobs at the door while the rest of us were still getting our quests. Though all survived, he dropped immediately thereafter without even saying a word. Four mobs down, x hundred to go! We waited and finally got a new tank. We went into the first room where he rounded up quite a few mobs. Between the number he pulled and the fears, we ended up putting up a valiant fight against about 70% of the mobs in the room. I think we downed ¼ to 1/3 of the mobs in the room before we wiped. At that point, the healer gave up and dropped group. Sigh. We wait and wait, then another healer joined us. Just before the pull, this one notes that the pally “tank” is in ret spec with ret aura on. So, the tank dropped. After we wait, the healer (another pally) switched specs to prot to tank. As we were waiting, I started to fear the healer/tank would try to kick my son for being a noob. My son (right after we requeued with the pally as tank, in party chat): “Who’s going to heal?” As I explain in words (with admonishments to quit typing), the tank says “The healer.” My son: “How do you know he is coming?” (Please, make it stop!) “We are queued for a healer.” After a while (at least 15 min since the last healer dropped), our original healer was randomly thrown back into group with us! She rejoiced upon hearing that we now had a real tank. Thankfully, the rest of the dungeon went fairly smoothly. Much better than our previous dungeon when we thought the healer was right behind us, but he was actually on the level below us (we discovered right after the tank pulled and got no heals). But, that is a story better left untold.
For the Alliance! For the family!
Liteharted, level 85 mage, of Alexstrasza! (And, no, I don’t say it the same as Juuno, though I now think of her every time I hear a “strasza” mentioned.)
(Okay, I think that’s enough parenthetical statements!)

Email #2

Hello again to all the great hosts of ctr alt wow,
Kona here with a small update. I have gotten Konajack to the level of 75 and am once again enjoying Northrend. I have taken the time here to enjoy and find many quests that I have never done before. For instance I have followed more quest lines to the end and have enjoyed the story that goes with doing that. Howling Fjord is a wonderful zone. Im about finished there and will be moving on to Grizzly hills.
Once again thank you all for such a wonderfully entertaining show.
For the fun of the game,and the Alliance.
Kona and his many alts.

ps I would love to have the LIL Ragnoros. My kids would dig that one.

Uh oh I'm late! Really really late!
Hello all!

Belated grats on episode 200! Thank you so much for so many, many hours of quality entertainment. You all are brilliant. Aprillian, with your unique sense of humor, Ashayo with your awesome wow abilities and platters of content, Jeppy with your fantastic wit and Vrishna with your cuddly and righteous/solid personality have created one of the most beautiful podcasts I have ever listened to. I still look forward to new episodes and feel like I've won the lottery every time that little blue dot appears next to ctrlaltwow on my list of podcasts. Thank you for enriching my life. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you the best and look forward to the bajillionth episode of ctrlaltwow. Lots of love and hugs.

Big blue dragon / Gabe

P.s. I'll do another audio segment as soon as I can!

Email #F Audio from Gravenau

Update for the 20th

Had a little time to work on my toons this week and didn’t have to bury anyone which is always a plus and as for Skippy well Skippy completes me and that’s all I have to say about that.

Email #

Email #

Email #

Shout Outs & Thank You
Momomoments - Getting the Guild back together!!!

Hello all,
hope everyone is doing well and healthy.

I have so much to tell you about my mo-wowing that I hope I can keep it all straight for you. I will start with Moheal, I think I have him almost at max gear without raiding. Moheal is at item level 343 and should be 345 once I get 2 trinkets; just need 2000 more points so that should only take a year or so right? :)
I still enjoy healing on him even in regular dungeons, that is always fun. Oh he has hit exalted on the cataclysm factions so I may try to hit some older factions.
The guild moheal is on has had some people come on here and there, maybe 2-3 people have come back. Someone wanted to do some heroics so he posted it on the calendar, which I signed up for. However he did not show up!! Now if you set something up for 5 days in a week please make sure you show up. I know something may have come up but come on! :)
On the Feathermoon server I also have a hunter I want to level up to at least 83 so I can go farm this area in southwestern twilight zone, or the proper name is Twilight Highlands, there is a cave with tons of mining nodes. It will be nice to get some xp and ore and stuff vs doing it on my priest who doesnt need xp of course.
I also have another hunter who is mainly leveling by doing jc dailies and already 81.5 just by doing that.
My druid on Feathermoon is 83 almost and that class is fun too (as all classes are :) and of course I enjoy druid healing. It does take some getting used to for me going from holy healing to resto druid. There are a few minor differences.
The mage is also 83 and having fun with fire spec; its so fun to blow things up and set them on fire, fire, fire!!!

A few people that were in my old guild, Uptown Tavern on the Balanzzar server, are in this fearthermoon server with me and since the Phoenix Rising is dead and no one seems to want to come back right now we figured we would kickstart the Uptown Tavern again. I started that guild a few months after the game was launched, so what is that about early 2006, is that right? The guild is dusty but I still have plenty of characters there to work on and the daddy of all mo characters, Motauren,
my first character will be moving back to Uptown Tavern. I have transferred him and my shaman, moshaman. I also want to change moshaman to a goblin. I did not know you have to be logged off to change races, so keep that in mind.
The Uptown Tavern guild is at level 0 as a guild so I look at it as a fun challenge to see how just a few of us can get the level up and get people back into the guild. If any of you are looking to make new alts, and face it you know you will one of these days :0
come on over to Horde side on Balanzzar, yes it is a PVP server. I do remember leveling was so hard and I am not good at pvp'ing but it is so fun. Ok it is fun when you are doing the killing but still a challenge and if you know what movie this is from "you have to challenge yourself everyday"
I am still having fun doing everything in game besides raiding, unlike some people I am hearing they need a break from the game already. I do want to raid at some point but if it doesnt happen I am ok with that.

Hope all of you are having fun and take care everyone,

FOR the Uptown Tavern!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 202 - Gear Up!

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

With special guest Molly/Kim from Ladies of Leet which can be found on iTunes and at


Hello Darlings!!

Okay, I am SURE I'm getting this in on time...finally!! hehehee... I hope you enjoy it!

*great big hugs!*

Juuno =D

What We've Been Doing:

Running/walking on treadmill while doing discovery on Astarå
Need a higher level DE'r, should I level Primall, who is 369
Started leveling Astarå on Enchanting

Overloaded mailboxes full of good stuff.
Went through Aprillian's bank. Upgraded Netherweave bags to Frostweave.
Made my weekly Glacial Bag
Wed cooking quest, better with bacon, the best!

Got Astarå to 301 in enchanting

Valentine's Quest - Shadow Priest with Shadow Heart, cute.

No rhino meat on ah - went to Storm Peak

Focusing on getting exalted for AT, so silly I know. Took Epril to Orc starting area with two RAF.

Then took Auruk & Epril to Mulgore
Grandmother passed away
Aprillian & Vrishna

Guild Achievement, Everyone needs a Logo

Changing outfits when not fighting
Red Arrow?
Finished Valiant training on Auruk
Got butt handed to us in Ahn'kahet

Spent Friday morning checking the AH
Went back to Halls of Stone and finished.
Twilight Highlands

Sunday 2/6/11 A day that will live in infamy. (and that I will be paying for for the rest of my life ) I stopped at close to 1/4 bubble away from 85 to wait for Aprillian to be home to see me ding. FOR 2 DAYS !

Broke down and got Gatherer.

Deepholm, ah Deepholm . Almost didn't go.

Found Thunderhall and Camp Tunka'lo. Beat the north wind and got the flight path. Great quest gold.

I blame Keelhaul for spending almost 5000 gold. AAAAHHHHH !!!!!!! I level to 313 from 176 ? Superior achievement.

Heroic Utgard Pinnacle with Keelhaul, sadly , no blue drake. However did get exalted with Silvermoon !

What's up with the no fly zone in the Belf starting area ! HMMM ?

Latency for home and server.

Completed Worgen starting zone with Molly. Now questing in Darkshore.

TB dailies
Dragonmaw Dailies - annoying ganking mage

Ashayo - levelled inscription to make relic for Jekle

Rox The Horde - Mara purple (short!) and RFK

- BH attempts
- H Deadmines [Ready for Raiding] (cont) Cookie is crazy fight for melee
- Beat Man by 1 on chaos orb
- Beat Argaloth in B.Hold with less than 1 second to wiping

- Twilight Bastion trash. EPICS
- Jaraxxas as wekkly - slaughtered!!
- H Deadmines - only JUST managed to heal. Many wipes
- Mount Hyjal - may have accidentally ninjas some arrows off Molly

- dps in Throne of the Tides with Molly, Wurm, Ion's druid, and Beye's priest. Jekle came in to dual box healing after Beye's internet lagged out.

- Completed all quests in Hyjal. Great rep. Just a few thousand from exalted.
- Finished leveling blacksmithing
- Ended up getting chest off trade rather than try to do heroics for orbs. paid 400g each

- herbs in uldum! Hiide dinged 82 - put on about 60%
- latency shows home/world?
- fishing icon looks like a real hook
- moonkin flies with you



Email #A Audio

Sorry a little late but if it doesnt make this weeks show, please put it on 202. Oh and don't include in contest.

Rigarmorty (Eric)

Email #1 The Forge

new listener but long time alt junky.

i would like in the contest

hello lords and ladies of ctrl alt wow,
i have just got a droid phone (R2-D2 special Addison). so i just started listening to podcasts. and have found yours, and i really enjoy it. its good to know i am not the only alt Junkie out there. i have to start with some sad news. i had to delete some toon, i guess you can only have 50 on an account. i was sad but it was only some lvl 1 backers and AH working that had to go. but still sad.
i guess i should tell you about wow life. i started wow about 3 1/2 years ago. my friend at work was after me about playing. i was to xbox 360 gamer. but he got me a 14 day trial. i told him i have played MMO before (Ultimate Online , and Star Wars Galaxies). its not my kind of game. he said just try it and see. i though i would not like it but i try it anyway. it was two days and i was at the store to get my own copy. lol.
3 1/2 years later i am an alt Junkie, all of my toon have Forge in the name, so on my sever i am The Forge. i have 3 lvl 85, ( a frost DK, a shadow priest, and a resto druid ), 1 lvl 80 hunter , and lots of low lvl toon most below 50. i have started lvling a pally with most of a full set of heirloom gear.i dont have the heirloom helm or the fishing ring. getting about 30% XP bones. lvled from 15 to 37 this last week end. and also did some tanking on her. all on the main server Madoran. FOR THE ALLIANCE, will keep trying.
The funny thing is my main server is all alliance all 10 toon, all the rest are horde. i like the horde story line better, i started on the alliance side because that's were my buddy was at. but when i need a break or need to change it up a little, i jump on to the horde and play some, but i have put a lot of time in to the alliance side, so it keep pulling me back.
i did get to go to blizzcon this last year. i was awesome. could not get any of my friend to go with me. but i learned Early that all you had to do was ask the people around you " that do you play"and you could talk to anyone. it was good to be with people who all had the some interest.
well thanks again for all the hard work you put in to your podcast. and taking the time do all you do. we the fans enjoy it.
The Forge, Madoran sever.

Email #B Bloodrock

Hi CAW crew,
As I mentioned I would sort out a couple pets as giveaways and also to show a bit of appreciation for the effort that goes into the show every week. You should have received two gift emails via this address from Blizzard for the pets and this what the codes where if any issues.

Pet: Lil' Ragnaros US version - xxx

Pet: Lil' Ragnaros EU version - xxx
I will right an in game email soon, just need to get a bit of time to play, none so far this week :(

All the best,

Bloodrock, 85 Warlock and others...

Email #2 Wingy

Welcome to Wingys World - party time excellent woo ooo ooo!!

okay so game on.. remember when that guy signed a contract and... anyway here is what ive been up too since i last wrote.

The 85 warlock is raid ready and cant wait to start raiding this week with all the Crazy Train crew. (shout out to bind on equip)

The 85 hunter is my farmer and pvp toon. All i have been doing on this toon is the dalaran & orgrimmar fishing dailies and the cooking daily.

My druid hit 80 and i have had a blast killing alliance players (between 3 level higher and lower than me) whilst questing. After all we are on a pvp server and if they cant handle it then they should faction change. There is nothing quiet like a rush when you down the dk 3 levels higher than you. I kill most of the players when they are at full health.
This character is going to be my healer when it hits 85.
tip: If you are a skinner and you have not started CATA content. Do not quest at Hyjal as some skinning mobs dissapear when you complete certain quests. Quest at Vash'jir. I have been informed by certain individuals that Hyjal is the place to do to skin, but i maybe wrong.

My goblin warr hit level 40 and i have had a blast running content with Barat again. Cant wait to make a full set of Imperial plate to wear around. I cannot stand the goblin trikes we get and finally got exalted with undercity. So i am riding around on the swift ocre undead horse. woot

My worgen mage hit level 20 and i joined, well joined after i was spammed to join this pvp guild. It is fun doing bg's with them, but as this is my auction house toon i do not get to play much with them.

Auction house stuff:
After speaking to Manbone i went and bought the mobile auction house app for my iphone. It is awesome.. i am selling way more stuff than i used to and i am sitting at around i believe 20k. what do you spend that money on? well i was thinking of the vial of the sands dragon but we will see. Its amazing how much money you can make just flipping items that players have put on.

I meet up with a fellow guildie for the 1st time in real life and had a blast chatting and hanging out. If only there were more near where i live in NSW.

I got my pally to level 81 just doing the Jewelcrafting daily. (killing the elementals in Hyjal).

Although there is alot in there, i have been taking it relatively easy. This game should be fun and not feel like a chore..and when it becomes such maybe a little time off would help. Im glad a guild like Pants on Head is the way it is.

over and out
Wingy - pants on head Jubie'thos

Email #3 Konajack

Greeting to all the great hosts of Ctrl alt wow,
Hello again this is Kona here with an up date for you all. First of all im glad to see you all get my naming convention, I love coffee and Kona the best, sadly i do not live in Hawaii but it is a wonderfull place to visit. Where i do live is a complete contrast to there, Alaska, and I am looking forward to the winter to be done here soon.
So onto the updating, sadly once again most of my toons have been just chilling in there inns. Kohajohn my 75 Resto druid has been running a couple of Wrath randoms and selling things on the AH. Now Konajack has just leveled to 65 and is questing in Nagrand, oh Nesingwary and all your kill quests, I do remember these being kill 30 of each but now they are down to 12 of each, how things have changed. Mining and herbing are still quite the XP and money makers.
I still do not understand why all the hate for outland, for its time it was a big improvement to Vanilla, So the time line is all out of wack now and really makes no sense but it is not the grind that it is made out to be. I'm flying through this, I'll probably not even touch Blades edge, Netherstorm, or Shadowmoon valley.
Using the random Dungeon find has been a mixed bag, but more often then not have been successful and well run, PUGs are not always bad. I hope it continues that way.
A shout out to my Guild Division X on the Dawnbringer server, and as always keep reminding everyone that this wonderfull game is played for the fun of of it, no mater how you play. Keep up the great show and more updates to come

Konajack Worgen Survival Hunter of Dawnbringer and my Many Kona alts

Email #C Audio from Matt Dioxx

Ctrl Alt WoW
Will you be my valentine?
- Matt

Email #D Jonick

care bear fur.....

My name is Jonick, a level 76 worgen hunter From the midnight special guild, playing on the Cenarion Circle realm.... I had a wow related moment with my 2 girls..both are wow wanderers...they play ..but mainly like to look around the world...Well they are 11 and 10 and were watching a care bears dvd the other day and all I said was I wonder how much purple fur would go for in the auction house......after a round of aghast looks and many exasperated "Dad"s.... I began to think I should keep my skinning ideas to myself....:) and my apologies to all furry know who you are...:) the podcast keep it up......ohh also I came up with a new term for my wife....N W P....Non Wow Player.....She smiled....

P.S. I am an appy.....That is an Aprillion Fan.... I claim the nickname for the millllions of apies read it here first

Email # E Audio from Gary

Happy 202 from vrishna 's arch nemises

Hopefully this email finds you all well sorry for the rambling vocals this week but it was the best I could think of after the 8th or 9th take all the rest had a slip up followed by a string of obscenities Vrishna’s music video

Email #F Bloodrock

RE: love is in the Dungeons!

Hi CAW crew,
Not to start in a negative way but it's been a slow week for me in WOW... busy at work and getting home late, so no time to focus on any real game play. So I have been getting on with farming cloth, frostweave for gold and embersilk to level my tailoring, now at 505, nearly there, just getting expensive to level now, I am sure the same as all the professions at the moment.

I have been doing a few of the Valentine quests to get into the Crown Chemical Co. dungeon to try and get the rocket and higher ilvl necklace that's up for grabs. So far I have a couple 346 items but no rocket... yet!

Lastly, it does seem I have now found a guild (recently recruiting, which I applied to join) who are keen raider but open to new players. they have been very open, friendly, with invites and help via guild chat. So looking forward to building better in-game friendships and pushing towards fun in the dungeons.... yeah!

All for now. Best,
Howard (not Jones)

Bloodrock, Warlock 85, Nordrassil EU and a few more alts

Shout Outs & Thank You
Momomoments - "OM"

Hello all,
long time no emailing, well about 2 week or so but sorry I missed emailing in to your ninja episode :)
Hope everyone is doing well and not being sick.
After 12 days I am almost 100% finally! There is a major bug going around the US and hope it does not get you as it is nasty!

I wont bore you with the usual things I do in game (which you know is on my priest moheal :)) and I will dive right into OM.
OM is my alter ego, so the opposite of mo. He is not nice, he is evil, and he does evil things. Oh come on we all have an evil side, you know you do.

Well, about 2 weeks ago I was attempting to run heroics on moheal as a healer of course. After a couple failed attempts (mainly because the tank left after one wipe!) I decided to run a regular dungeon just for kicks. So I zone in Blackrock caverns instance with a DK, Pally tank, and other 2 dps I cannot remember. We start and we are doing ok. Healing is not that bad as it is regular. We are on the first boss and I notice the dk is just aggroing too much and than he chimes in party chat about how the tank needs to do this and that. We kill the boss and he is telling the pally tank what to do again and how he is a fail. Real encouraging stuff. To add to his QQ'ing he says let me tank, at which time I say in party chat that the pally is doing fine lets just keep going and worry about dps'ing. You can imagine he did not like that comment but we carried on. As we are moving along the entire time this dk is just simply being a "donkey"!!!! (you can substitute any other work you like here)
This person obviously has issues so I decide after a couple other incidents that I will not be healing him. We kill the 2nd boss and he has changed to his tanking gear and yelling at me to heal him, which I am not by the way. The Pally tank is still tanking mobs so I am healing him and the other 2 dps. Oh during this none-dk-healing time that person is also on my case and just using any general childish kid like comment he can think of; I know you know what I am talking about as we see it in trade chat all the time. We get to the 3rd boss, the fire dude and he is at about 30% health since he is too stupid to heal himself, and he is not dpsing the boss. After a few minutes the 4 of us minus the dk take down the boss and I have to tell the dk once again I am not healing him as he is being a you know what!
I forgot to mention that I was group leader somehow so he could not kick me :) and after the 2nd try I was able to kick him. One of the other dpsers left too but we finished the instance and I told the pally that keep on keeping on and dont mind the idiots in game.

Now I know I lowered myself to this low-lifes level but I just had to. Have you ever seen the Michael Douglass movie Fallen? If you have you know what I mean. I just had enough! I know I cannot help every person out there but I will try one person at a time. Needless to say it was fun a bit to drive that person crazy than Mo was back and om was suppressed.

Hope you are not judging me and if you are well ok :)

After the latest patch, I changed my holy spec and I need to keep tweaking it as I do not like how it is working. I am still having mana issues however when I run a random heroic with a tank and dps that is actually "normal" I do fine. With the zergers or the dps that just cannot understand aggro or cc, not so much.

Latest on the dead guild I am in is that it is still dead and I just dont know what will happen to the mofamily of characters, my mains or main alts if you will.

There is still so much that I can do without a guild but I also enjoy running a heroic here and there. And I still have not raided in Cataclysm, so we shall see what happens.

Hope everyone is having fun and having the least amount of troubles with idiots out there :)

Please tell us your alter ego moments.

Take care and...
FOR the Alt in you!!!

Aprillian (@Aprillian) 2/6/11 10:08 Congrats to @Vrishna137 for dinging 85!!! Yes he dinged before me. I've created a monster! I'm so proud.
mohalen (@mohalen) 2/6/11 10:18 @Aprillian @vrishna137 grats Vrishna and Aprillian you know you have your own pace so I say no worries :)
Ron (@Bidcar) 2/6/11 10:45 @mohalen @Aprillian @vrishna137 I really like their pace. I don't know anybody who enjoys the game more than they do.
mohalen (@mohalen) 2/6/11 10:46 @Bidcar @Aprillian @vrishna137 I agree, if there are others they need to show them selves! :)
Ron (@Bidcar) 2/6/11 10:45 @mohalen @Aprillian @vrishna137 I really like their pace. I don't know anybody who enjoys the game more than they do.

Chris (@Achloryn)
2/9/11 0:46
Huh... Apparently you can't fly in azuremyst, bloodmyst, eversong, or ghostlands.. D: Lame.

A story of Woe

I Got Hacked Audio

Hail and well-met, Guildmates!

I promised Aprillian I would try to put together an audio segment about my experience having had my account hacked and what it took to get things recovered. I’m afraid this segment is about 12 minutes long, so I hope I’m not overly boring or ramble on too long.

Get those Authenticators I sent into hands of folks who can use them!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 201 - And the Sparkle Pony Winner Is...

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

Happy 200th
To the whole crew at CTRL ALT WoW,

Just wanted to say congrats on your 200th episode, and thanks for all the entertainment you've given us. It's always fun hearing about all of your ups and downs and getting different perspectives of our favorite game from each host. Looking forward to hearing April Ding 85 live on ep400! Just kidding... I know your shooting for 2012.
Thanks again!

The Addicted.
Cypher and Hypknotoad

Sparkly Pony Contest

Hail and Well-Met, Guildmates!

I understand you’re taking audio submissions for a Sparkle Pony Contest, is that right? Well, attached is mine. I considered trying to be more creative, but this is what I came up with in what time I had.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

“Be well…”


Sparkle Pony Contest.mp3 Sparkle Pony Contest.mp3


Contest entry.

I love having many alts. I have eight 80+ toons on Jubei'thos, and with my wife and son now playing, may soon have an 80 of each class.

Voice mail is attached in iPhone format.


What We've Been Doing:

Finally got Epril to 475. Guards don't really know where JC trainer is in Ogrimmar

Treadmill -

Aprillian dinged 83

Arch counts towards rested xp/

Aprillian & Vrishna
Utgarde Keep with Vrishna & Astara.

Mt. Hyjal and new greens that best the old purples. Just feels wrong.
Narrowing down on 85 with Virinya ! Champion of Thunder Bluff. Expert & Artisan in archaeology in the same day !

Vrishna dinged 70 in Utgarde.

Started a spreadsheet to catalog locations of herbs and ore. Got into it a ways before realizing that this info was probably readily available online. And THEN Aprillian tells me there is an addon that does it all and more.. Oh well, nothing wrong with a little leg work !
Jekle - H ToT except last boss - heroics take too long!
- Revered with Hyjal - head enchant and gloves
- Downed Argaloth - tier pants - i337
- Trying to heal HSFK; surprisingly, I succeeded - boot upgrade and Healer staff - now i339
- Revered with Dragonmaw Clan - cloak upgrade
- JP belt - i340
- Maxed out JC - last point was a fire prism

Tol Barad
- Doing LOTS of dailies
- Portal is to peninsula
- Tol Barad is adjoining island - do get queued if on that island
- Quest mobs and quest givers disappear at 15 min mark before battle, and get locked in

- H Vortex Pinnacle - Oneshot cyclone boss (woot!)
- Lost City
Got Zooe to make me the inscriptionist relic
Levelled BS to make belt and shoulders
i342 - Ach Cataclysmically Superior

Given up on transmuting truegold - no profit and constant price drop of bars, without drop in mats. Taken to Living Elements - fire or air



Email #A

Greeting CAW Crew,
I wriiting to thank you all for such a great show, I have been a listener sinceepisode 90 or so.
What I love best about listening is that you all have such love for the game, There are too many times that all that is talked about is what is wrong or that you are not playing the right way.
All that I have to do is listen and hear and be reminded that this game can be played ANY way you want to, from crafting to questing to just talking to you friends, I have done some raiding but not to the extent of ever finishing content before the new expansion. Heck one of the best memories I have had was first coming into Darnassus with my wife, she on her Druid I with my warrior and spending Half of my money on a pet Owl for her, whoa 50 silver, I was broke but she was very happy to have that. sadly she has not played in 6 months and I have gone on to have taken 8 of my nine toons to 80 and two of those are now 85.
I love helping out my kids with there toons by offering suggestions on how to set up there action bars and rotaions, plus gold when needed.
I did have to let one of my accounts go inactive, but I did move most of my toons to the kids accounts, Sadly i Lost an 80 warlock and alevel 12 mage in doing so.
Recently I started Worgen Hunter on the Dawbringer server to be with Guildies that had moved off of the Proudmore realm, due to all the caracter transfers I was unable to move any high level toons there, I am haveing a blast, KonaJack is a dual gather mining and Herbing plus im doing Archyoligy too. Im finding that with now rested and no heirlooms I am still out leveling the zones too quickly. Im at level 36 right now with less than a days play time on him. looking to catch up to my freinds soon. As for my Proudmoore toons they will get play from time to time, but The way the Guid system is set up I really do not want to invest time that will be wasted in guild rep by leaving to another realm, so im kinda stuck there right now.
Well im off, thanks again for reminding all of of that this is a game to have fun with.

Take care from
KonaJoe 81 resto druid
KonaJobe 85 Blood/frost DK
Konajim 81 Blood/unholy DK
Konadark 85 Arms/prot Warrior
Konadark 80 Holy Priest
Robusta 80 Marks Hunter
KonaJohn 74 Resto/Balance druid
all on proudmoore
And KonaJack Surv Hunter on the Dawnbringer server

Email #B

Hail and well-met Guildmates!

Just listening to episode 200, and the question came up about Guild Rep Heirloom Rewards. I posted this question on a board and the answer I got back was that once you buy it, like any other Heirloom, you’re free to pass it around to any other character on your account, regardless of whether they are in the same Guild or not. You simply need to have the correct level of Rep to buy the item. After that, it’s like any other Heirloom that has previously been in the game.

I haven’t actually tested this, as I’m still working up my rep from Neutral. It’s a long road when you’re grinding a new character. At low levels, you’re getting 1 rep point per quest turned in. There are only 3 ways to gain Guild Rep:

* Turning in a quest
* Guild group boss kills
* Guild group pvp activity

The Guild Group gives you 50% rep when you have 3 characters from the same guild, 100% with 4, and 125% with all 5 in the group.

However, still at lower levels, you’re only getting one point a pop for quest turn ins. That makes it a very slow grind. When you get up to level 80, you should see 14 or so points a quest turn in, which doesn’t feel nearly as bad, especially if you can do up to 25 daily quests a day. (14 x 25 = 350 rep for dailies.) I hope that Blizzard will adjust this up sooner than later.

Now that you’ve had some added content, I hope this is useful! (Plus, I hope I got it right!)

“Be well…”

Eranth / Wolfbrother

AIE Guilds - Earthen Ring Server

Email Audio

Greetings JAVA!

I figured in lieu of writing in an email, it'd be far more entertaining for me to submit an audio clip for "what I've been up to." Thankfully I discovered the noise removal tool-effect so there shouldn't be anything horrifyingly embarrassing in this submission. Hope you enjoy it!

For the Amoxicillin!


Email #

Gday CAW crew,

Thought I'd drop you a line about Tol Barad as 90% of my game time is now
spent in there.

There are two zones comprising TB: The penisula (where you port in from
Org) and TB itself (south of the peninsula over a bridge).

The pensisula has a single quest hub with 6 dailies. No pvp needed.

TB itself has a total possible of 12 dailies, 6 of which are available at
any one time and can only be done when your faction is in control of TB.
There are 2 quest givers in the keep in the central portion of the zone.
One quest giver has 3 quests that randomly rotate between 3 microdungeons
availiabe in TB.

Every 2ish hours there is the battle for TB which takes place in TB and
does not affect the peninsula (ie you will be ported out of TB to the
peninsula if you are not in the battle). The battle heavily favours the
defending team (intentional design) so at present only changes hands
occasionally (there is a change in patch 4.06 that will affect this).

Aside from dailies TB is THE place to farm. I've made approx 60k gold
farming herbs in TB since cata started. There are a gazillion crocs to
skin as one of the dailies is to kill crocs so there are lots lying on the
ground. I assume mining is similar but not 100% sure. I usually farm in
TB itself (the south zone where the battle takes place) in between
battles. There is no alliance and the only competition is with mobs and
other farmers.

Rep rewards are awesome. At exalted there is a 359 trinket for pretty
much every class and it doenst take long to get exalted doing the dailies.

Well thats enough from me. Happy Tol Barad-ing


Email #

Just wanted to say thank you for my favorite wow show.
Grats on 200

I just wanted to share my OCD,

I am currently leveling a Mage, I'm level 71 as of writing and when get him over 80 the only classes I won't have at 80 or above is: rogue he's 38, dk at 67 and warlock at 60.

I'm loving the Mage, topping dps unless I'm running with damn survival hunters. I really don't know why I never played a Mage before, it seems to fit my personality.

I have a question- Which spec do you think is the best leveling spec for mages?My respec bills are getting high as I really want to experience them all. I love all the specs, maybe I should just /roll and that will be the spec I choose.

Thanks for your opinion, much appreciated

Vanhellsig -worgen resto/balance Druid
Formerly known as Ghitta (night elf) from kilrogg server

Sent from my iPhone

Email #


I am writing to congratulate you on your 200th podcast! I had only recently found you guys while looking for podcasts to listen to during my morning work commutes; I am totally hooked on CTRL ALT WOW.

Last week I heard you guys talking about the Ashara quest chain... which is good. But if you haven't done so yet, I highly encourage you to do the Horde quest chain that starts at the gates of Hillsbrad where you begin as a quest giver. The follow on quests through the zone are quite funny (and a bit twisted). As you progress through the Hillsbrad quests you will come across the NPCs you gave quests to and have to save them... The NPCs in question are an Undead guy named Dumass, a Belf named Johnny Awesome... and a orc named Orkus... HILARIOUS! Though Ashara was good, I put Hillsbrad at a notch above. Check it out.

I have been playing since soon after release and am sorry it has taken me this long to find you guys. I find your attitude toward the game light and refreshing, to often our fellow players get way to serious and intollerant of us more casual players (if you can call being online 20 hours a week casual). I too have an alt problem, but I'm weird in the sense that I don't like my log in screen to have more than 5 toons displayed... I have deleted or transferred many an alt just to keep things neat... weird huh? Maybe it is because I consider all my characters my main and want to give them equal attention. If I see an alt sitting there unplayed, it bugs me :)

On another note, I am moving from overseas where I raided on Oceanic servers back to the US and am considering moving my 5 main toons to a US server... I prefer PVE over PVP servers and wonder if the CTRL ALT WOW crew have a horde guild or two I might be able to apply to once I move.

Again, grats on your 200th and keep em coming!

Best regards,

Quickjack (a.k.a. QJ)
Goblin rogue on Caelestrasz

Email #

Congrats on your achievement of attaining lvl 200! A round of ale to all! Are the age spots showing yet? Please keep the shows coming.. you're the only folks I have to talk about wow with; as well as listen to others stories of their adventures. Hey I can't for the life of me get my wife to play... so I'm doing this solo.

On my front well I've now got 2 lvl 85's Praevus and Thymr. Whew it is fun. I initially stopped leveling on Thymr at 81 to start Praevus because Vaj'shir was a pain. Well went back onto Thymr and finished out Vaj'shir and that is really a fun zone. Once you get past the starting area in there it gets much less crazy. It was the whole mobs on all angles. That just drove me nuck'n futs. (I kept it clean)

Even though I still have 80's to get to max level I've gone back on my lvl 12 Worgen Mage (Gruen) and have now got him to 25 in roughly a couple days play time. I love heirlooms =]

Well CONGRATS Apprillian, Asheyo, El Jeppster and last but not least Vrishna for the 200 shows.

Time for me to get back to leveling..

Take care all...

-Xenfoo "player of many alts, master of none"

Email #

Hi Everybody!

Happy belated 200th anniversary! Caoboi and I are so proud of all the content you have released over the years. You all have made all of the people in the community's lives better. I think each of you all should get an item named after you all in game.

Aprillian: - "Tiara of Decision Making" - An epic head piece with the caption (of course) "It was funnier in my head."
Jeppy: "The English Destroyer" - An epic two handed sword with the caption "Destroys all that do not speaketh liketh thiseth."
Virshna: "The Lightseeker" - An epic shield with the caption "Always does the right because it's always in the right."
Ashayo: "The Content" - An epic Wand with the caption "All the content you need."

But seriously, thanks for all that you do and you all are definitely pillars of the WoW community.

Caoboi and I have been having fun in WoW this week. We played our mage and shaman heavily and made it through Mt. Hyjal and started into Deepholme. We're now level 83 and we are having a blast. Even though Caoboi does have to stop and wait for me to farm mats. There's something satisfying about picking herbs. I'm not sure what it is. Plus it does help that I'm getting XP and skill points as well. Playing an enhancement shaman is all about fun. If you've never tried one, you have to level one up. This is definitely one of my favorite classes to play. And having Caoboi there firing off firebolts left and right is hilarious. He destroys most things before I even get to the mob!

We aren't doing the dailies with as much gusto as we used to. I think we might have gotten a little burnt out but I know we'll get back to it. Tol Barad is the one that we really need to focus on. Too many alts, not enough time. And just a little more info about Tol Barad, you can do five quests on the main peninsula of Tol Barad. If you are the controlling faction of Tol Barad, you can do six more quests that give more money and rep in the PvP area of Tol Barad which you can reach by running across the bridge. They are making changes to the Tol Barad fight however. They are making it so you cannot do any quests while the fight is going on so enjoy it while you can Ashayo. Also there is a small cheat (not that I've used it or anything, *wink*) where you can stand on the bridge into the fighting part of Tol Barad and get credit for the kill even though you are not really in the fight. They are fixing this as well I believe.

Our mains have been having fun raiding. But our raid group did something that we should feel a little guilty about. On Sunday, we went into Blackwing Descent and we killed....the disabled dragon, Atramedes. Disabled how you ask? Blind as Stevie Wonder. (Too bad he can't play the piano like him.)

You have to avoid his sonic discs that he expels as well as fire that he spews out everywhere. You have a sound indicator on your UI and if it fills up, he one-shots you in 2 seconds. And then you have gongs throughout the room that you have to ring to disorient him and he melts the gong after you use it. It's a super fun fight. It took a few hours but we got him down.

My guild mates said we shouldn't feel guilty because he is a dragon that would eat our face if we didn't kill him. Plus he has epics. Yea, I guess he does need to die.

Caoboi and I love to hear everything you all have been up to and we are wishing Jeppy well and we hope that he's feeling better.

Matdiox's voice actually makes me laugh. But then accents always makes me smile. He has a lot of energy that's for sure.

Oh! And there's some huge changes to the trash that you create in archeology. Before, the trash really didn't sell for much to the vendor, a couple of silver here and there. Now the cheapest trash you can create sells for a minimum of one gold and it can go all the way up to 500 gold. I think this will have me digging more to make some extra cash.

Ok, enough rambling. Have fun in your WoW week!,

Iceflow and Caoboi

Email #

Hi CAW Crew,
Sorry a bit late with the email but a BIG congratulations for hitting the 200th episode (now 201 or 202...)

Well, did you all think you'd still be talking for this amount time about one game... well I am sure the answer is yes!

I am still very much enjoying the conversations and the insertions you have from all your friends... really entertaining, funny and honest. here's looking forward to the next 199 episodes. Anyway I suppose this now post event and maybe a bit pointless :)

I thought it would nice to give something back and donate a couple of pets to use at some point in the future for comps/giveaways, but I am not sure if you would prefer US or EU or do the codes work universally (I am on the EU) please let me know and I will sort out asap so you can have a give away for EP201.

I have been keeping busy in game since I last emailed in 2010 - I have my main to 85 now and have been running randoms to get some gear and justices point to buy more good gear. Not been in an heroic yet but have enough ilevel to make it in. What has put me off is the waiting time for Heroic Randoms and when I only have a couple of hours in an evening I would rather do other stuff in game first - dailies and rep.

I have started a Goblin mage - "pickingbooga" - I was listening to Biz markie and that set the name for me, I had to laugh to myslef on that name. And also started a worgen but that I have found a little slow. I have also been focusing on my DK, Belthallusi, which is at 67 and want to get into NR to start farming stuff, mainly frostweave as this seems scarce and I need it for my bags on the AH.

All for now and will email in soon.

Howard (not Jones)

Bloodrock, Warlock 85, Nordrassil, EU. Plus a few more alts now...