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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 164 - Vrishna Dings 80

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 164 - Vrishna Dings 80
Recording Sunday, April 25, 2010

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:
Juuno Asks a Real Question
Epril got to wear [Wicked Witch's Band]

Accidentally got in a non heroic Culling - then got Violet Hold. Which was funny

Guy in og named Signatures

Friday morning did a random and got TOC. Group finished and immediately signed up for another random, got Nexus. Only one person dropped.

* Completed step [Roasted Worg] of achievement [The Northrend Gourmet]. - 04/25/2010 -
* Completed step [Wintergrasp Fortress] of achievement [Wintergrasp Ranger]. - 04/25/2010 -
* Earned the achievement [500 Honorable Kills]. - 04/25/2010 -
* Has now completed [Loken kills (Heroic Halls of Lightning)] 7 times. - 04/24/2010 -
* Has now completed [Keristrasza kills (Heroic Nexus)] 12 times. - 04/23/2010 -

Got my Argent Pony.
Aprillian & Vrishna
Pvp flag on Venture bay?

Wed morning did VH with Virinya while triple boxing Aprillian, Epril & Auruk.

Thu Drak'thar Keep, Epril got scourge thing for JC quest.

Utgarde Pinnacle and lvl 80

Alliance hooligans from Silvermoon to Tranquillen.



Crazy Train
- Gunship battle , one-shot Saurfang! Festergut down to 13% then 0.9% (13k). Destined to have super close wipes in this group.
- Marrowgar down easily. Not enough melee for Deathwhisper. Wemb swapped to offtank with Straddle going ret, and got her down. Did Gunship battle alot easier this week.

- 1-shot rotface. Won new gloves that arn't an upgrade, but have haste. So gives me some flexibility if I get upgrades that push me way over hit cap (which is on my current gloves)
- Blood Queen down - with 1 person left up!
- Working on Putricide - 11%
- After reset, tore through Marrowgow and Deathwhisper, Gunship. won new bracers. Got Saurfang down before 1st mark. Done in under 45 mins.
- Two healed Festergut (only 1 tank swap) Won Abracadavar, just coz it summons a cadaver. One wipe on rotface and then down
- Professor Putricide down! Achievement [The Plagueworks]. Ashayo hit exalted with The Ashen Verdict on the last trash before Dreamwalker at the end of the night.

Ashayo -Sarth 3D for the weekly. Ostira won the drake.
Group up with some AIE folks to do VoA on Asheal - won t10 gloves
Pud - Single tanked Noth
Ashariss - VoA. Took a few goes to get Toravon down - including a wipe at 40k. Won tier 10 gloves - and got [Needy] achievement

Ashield - Gundrak. After 2nd boss, somehow pull 3 groups of mobs and wiped. dps voted to kick tank for not holding aggro!
Pudendal - H Halls of Reflection - Zooe, Temp, Wing. Several wipes, including one where we'd killed the mobs, but the LK killed Sylvanas at the same time. Finally got it down, and won tanking neck upgrade
Started Black Smithing on Pud. Stupid AH prices, so farming some ore.

Pud - Enough frost emblems to buy 2 tier 10 peices - hands and legs. Now the same GS as Tempeste
Ashayo - Tier-10 legs
Ashariss - Randoms until enough for another 245 ring - [Heartmender Circle]

Warrior tank telling me not to gem for str, but go way over soft cap on def and stack stam. He says his defense is 750

Building foundations.

Email #1 from Acaldraa

Hey Ctrl Alt Wow Crew,

First of all, thank you for having me on for an interview, it was defiantly a lot of fun! Thank you for the kind words. This week has defiantly been an interesting one on my front. I have been running a few raids and get some more phat loots in ICC 10. A sweet set of boots that have awesome itemization for a paladin, even if they are leather and a shiny 2hander of Lord M. As a result of this awesome weapon upgrade, I have decided to put the prot gear on the shelf for a bit and work a bit more on the ret side of things... Of course this means that I need to enchant and gem so new gear. In other news, I took a look at Aprillian's armory and first of all I would just like to say, nice work with gearing up, you are defiantly ready to get some raiding down. However, I did see two items that could be improved if you so desire. Your 219 ring can easily be replaced with the Heartmender Circle from the badge vendor in Dalaran. Also, your chest can be replaced with the tier 9 chest from the Argent Torny vendor. These two items will run you a total of 85 badges and will defiantly improve your GS *wink wink*.
To Ashayo and Virishana, when you get your paladins to 80, I would be happy to help you guys out as you chose glyphs/gems and gear/stat priority.

Well that's all for now, thanks again,
Acaldraa, Champion of the Frozen Wastes
Alea Iacta Est

Email #2 from crashoveride
I just wanted to write in and say thatkyou for all the laughs. I enjoy you podcast and find it very uplifting. That being said I have 3 80 tanks and haven't found any tanking podcast do you guys know of any? Once again thanx for the great show.

Main, crashoveride, blackwater raiders.

Shout out to the guild zero tolerance, I love running with you all!

Email #3 from Tuggboat
Hello all,

Tuggboat here form the Bloodhoof server.
I love your show, and love playing many alts! My favorites are my 80 prot pally, and my 80 resto shaman. Some of my favorite things to do in game are to raid and to make things with the professions. I also have a few lower lvl toons that I like to play if i just want to relax or run low lvl stuff with some freinds.

Your show has been great lately and I look forward to listening every week. I often listen at work, and get some funny looks when I burst out laughing.
Hearing Aprillian read an email and say- "oo-la-la" refering to Sir Jepys sultry voice may have been the best moment in show history.

Grats to Vrishna on 77! It's been great to hear about all your experiences leveling up through all the different areas of azeroth!
I'm suprised no one suggested going to storm peaks to start on the hodir chain. The dailies that you open up are some of the best XP and gold in the game and its a great place to get mats for the stuff you need at 80. That quest chain also has some very cool lore that leads you into the halls of lightning and ulduar. From the sound of things I would reccomend going protection/ret with the pally since they are so awesome for doing groups at 80.

Well thanks for the great podcacst and keep up the good work. For Gnomergan!

Email #4 from Kilrog

Subject: Disapearing pie and chocolate

Ding! Hit. 80 last night on my priest. 80 number five. I now have all 4 healers and a warrior.

After listening to ur Easter episode I wanted to share my experience with disaperating stuff from my bags.

I was in my very first random heroic as a shadow priest. I was given some Mage pie and we got started. The healer was having trouble with mana on the undergeared tank. I offered to swich to healing. When I went to eat my pie IT Was Gone!!

Thankfully later on when I switched back to shadow it reappeared in my bag.

This is my 3rd email ghitta 80 druid
Kilrogg us

Grab your sword and fight the horde!

Sent from my iPhone :)

Email #5 from ElfofShadows

Hello CtrlAltWow Crew,
After reviewing the class previews (Druid, Death Knights, and Paladins)
I was pretty skeptical about most of the Paladin changes.
I'm going to be hoping that the Paladin pet would be something totally awesome not another
warlock, or death knight pet. It would be cool if it entered a battle with a bright light around it.
But I thought again it's going to annoy someone won't it?
Crusader Strike FINALLY you know how many times I would have to take breaks from leveling a paladin.
"Crusader Strike will be a core ability for all paladins, gained at level 1. We think the paladin leveling experience is hurt by not having an instant attack. Retribution will be getting a new talent in its place that either modifies Crusader Strike or replaces it completely"
The only fun thing to do as a paladin leveling up was to keep reactivating the seal during combat during the leveling levels, and jumping up, and down. D:
I'm pretty content with everything else.
You now ACTUALLY need SKILL to play a Ret paladin instead of face planting your head onto the keyboard, and drooling on it...
Blinding Shield (level 81): Causes damage and blinds all nearby targets. This effect might end up only damaging those facing the paladin’s shield, in a manner similar to Eadric the Pure's ability Radiance in Trial of the Champion. The Holy tree will have a talent to increase the damage and critical strike chance, while the Protection tree will have a talent to make this spell instant cast. 2-second base cast time. Requires a shield.
Looking foward to be playing my prot paladin during Cata.
Wow! Since I play a druid as a main (Resto/Balance) I'm going to be sad losing the ToLF. :( I don't want to show my armor. D: I'm a night elf female with NO MOHAWK!
"Restoration druids will have a new talent called Efflorescence, which causes a bed of healing flora to sprout beneath targets that are critically healed by Regrowth."
Eclipse: We are moving Eclipse from a talent into a core mechanic of the class and making it less random. Balance druids will have a new UI element that shows a sun and a moon. Whenever they cast an Arcane spell, it will move the UI closer to the sun, and buff their Nature damage. Whenever they cast a Nature spell, it will move the UI closer to the moon, and buff their Arcane damage. The gameplay intention is to alternate Arcane and Nature spells (largely Starfire and Wrath) to maintain the balance.
Wouldn't this just make druids alternate each spell using starfire and wrath to maximize damage output? - ElfofShadows (Auchindoun)
Okay thanks for reading this.
Wild Mushroom (Level 85): Grows a magical mushroom at the target location. After 4 seconds the mushroom becomes invisible. Enemies who cross the mushroom detonate it, causing it to deal area-of-effect damage, though its damage component will remain very effective against single targets. The druid can also choose to detonate the mushroom ahead of time. This is primarily a tool for the Balance druid, and there will be talents that play off of it. No cooldown. 40-yard range. Instant cast.

Email #6 from Croze

Yoyo Ctrl-Alt Wow Crew

Love the show guys, my favorite WoW podcast that helps to make my week at work far less dull J

I’m Levelling up some Alliance toons at the moment (boo hiss) which is a change for me as I usually play Horde (w00ts and yays), but my guildies and I play ‘Alliance Wednesday’s’ over on The Maelstrom EU every week which is fun. Every time I see a Gnome though I keep reaching for my Shadow Bolt and I can’t help cheering any Horde characters that I see out in the world of Azeroth. Mind you, as a level 27 Warlock this can be a big mistake on a PvP server!

Anyhoo, I know its early days yet, but the new Guild leveling system that’s going to come out with Cataclysm sounds great. BUT! I come from a little guild called Apathy (we’d do more, if only we could be arsed! Oh, best say ‘bothered’ to keep that clean tag). Anyway, I digress, back to the question, we’re all RL friends and whilst the Guild roster suggests that there’s in fact 76 of us, it’s more like 8 or 9 in reality – We just all have a lot of alts! Oooh, that’s a good queue for Aprillian to chant ‘One of us, one of us’ hehe!

The thing is, do you guys know whether that will put our guild at a disadvantage just because we’re small come Cataclysm or should we be looking to expand our guild a tad? What do you think?

So that’s my question for the week, thanks for all your fantastic work guys.

A big shout out to all the guildies in Apathy and Sexy Dexy our illustrious guild leader (I’m keeping him sweet as I want to be promoted to officer and this should do the trick hehe).

For the Horde!

Croze - Level 80 Undead Mage

Stormrage EU

For the Horde!

Scribbler – Level 68 DK

Bounder Level 60 Rogue

Fraught – Level 60 Druid

Quirky – Level 60 Warlock

Tomfoolery – Level 60 Hunter


For the Alliance!

Yuck – Level 27 Warlock

Photophobia – Level 27 Pally

Email #7 from Jason

Hey Im relitively new to podcasts and found a list of recamended
podcasts to listen to. So I downloaded 3 of each show. Jeppy was on
warcast I believe explaining recruit a friend, I listened to that
section a few times but it kinda confused me a bit. I have 3 lvl 80s
(hunter, Druid, dk) and a bunch of lvl10-20s. Could I make another
account with RAF and power lvl it to 30 with an 80 in low lvl
instances then gift it to 59? then turn around and gift my main
accounts lower toons 30lvls each? Any answers would be much
appreciated. Keep up the good work!!!

Sent from my iPhone

Email #8 from Bikdar

Greetings Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy and Vrishna,

Bidkar, level four score, life challenged mage here. I just typed out a detailed email and pressed send. It promptly disappeared and no trace to be found. If you got it, read that one. If not, I will retype and send it again next week. I have trouble seeing when I am very tired or else I would retype it now. I really do not like web based email. Probably the Luddite in me.

Have a great week!

Bikdar and his tired alts

Shout Outs & Thank You

Hello all,
hope you are all doing well and having fun in and out of game.
After my Vegas trip, a few days off I was back to work and some wow play.
Of course I was able to get in some random dungeons in on my priest, hunter, and warrior to get some badges as I can still get upgrades on all of them.

On my hunter I was able to get in on a ICC25, a nice relaxed group of 25 people surprisingly, pleasantly if I can say. We did not get far but that is ok in my opinion. We had fun, some people were able to get shiny lootz!

Friday night our guild was able to run ICC10 (I was on my priest) with a couple puggers, oh those puggers you never know what type of person you will get. That run was fun as well even with some struggles. Oh how I ate rotface, he is just so annoying. Healing now is so much easier so it allows me to work on my other weaknesses.
This sunday we will be running ICC25 with my priest; my guildies also have at least one other 80 or 2. It is nice to be able to play with other characters, classes. I am still on my long mission of having one of each class at 80. I will get there some day, hopefully :)

For my other characters, or alt-news if i may say, my Druid-Mage is still 68 and in the Fjord, the Howling kind.
And I also have a Druid-Pally, level 60 and believe it or not, they are on the Alliance side!!!! :) I have other Alliance characters but this pair are my highest ones in level. The Druid is a Night Elf of course, dual spec in mochicken and resto and I had to change her name from Kasra to Parastoo when I transferred her to feathermoon. The Pally is a Draenei names Shahram, dual spec in Prot and ret but I may go holy at some point as I do need to fulfill one of my other goals of having healers from each class at 80. For now some of my friends/guildies are not close to 60 but I will be helping them and they will get there soon enough.
Yes yes just not enough time to get to all of our alts!!!

That is all from me for this week. Hope you are all achieving or working towards your wow goals and having fun at the same time and have another great week.

For the Alt-multitasking!


Plushie Contest




















Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 162 - UP Up and Away

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 162 - UP Up and Away

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:

Got kicked from Halls of Reflection
Aprillian & Vrishna
Witnessed the confrontation of the factions with the Lich King at Galakrond's Rest ( is that the Return to Angrathar in the Veteran of the Wrathgate achievement? )and helped to free Undercity from the Scourge. While fighting, had what turned out to be a very fruitful hunch. I was trying to level up my skill in two-handed axes. I said to Aprilian as much and asked if we could level fighting skills while fighting a fight where you can't get damage. She didn't know, so I switched weapons, and lo and behold worked ! The Aprilian said, "I wonder if you can do the same with unarmed!" Sure enough, that worked too ! So we both sheathed our weapons and leveled up. SERIOUSLY leveled up our unarmed. I went from 1/375 to 340/375 ! Aprilian similarly rocketed upward. You can't beat dumb luck ! Or stubborn curiosity.

Dailies dailies and more dailies !

Found the slide from Blue Logging to Venture bay

Got ganked while questing there

Changing order of quest numbers

Dinged 77 finishing up Grizzily Hills.

FLYING AGAIN ... although never allow a Tauren o follow you.


Finished all the quest lines in Borean Tundra after finding Naxxanar. That was cool. Got to just shy of 77 at the end of that one.

Took the Taunka refugee from Borean Tundra to the camp in Dragonblight. Found barrel full of the bones of an unfortunate rider of rapids below the falls near the Westwind refugee camp. The river from Wintergrasp that goes over a STEEP drop and then divides Borean Tundra from Dragonblight.

A couple of fun achievements this week ! Quests and exploration for Dragonblight and Grizzily Hills. I see that I missed one site in Borean Tundra and need 4 quests to lasso those in.

Got my chocolates returned, despite abandoning ticket
Got the meta on Pudendal, again with thanks to Tempeste for porting me around.


DwP 10 man
Blood Princes down after only 3 tries. Won wand upgrade for Ashayo. Working on Dreamwalker.
Zoomed ICC 1st wing, Working on dreamwalker. Switched it up and tried 4 healers - 94%

DwP alt night. Jekle for the weekly. ToC - Beasts and Jaraxxus, and VoA fire boss - all done only with Druid healers. Trying to figure out why we couldn't keep Solador alive on his druid tank - after several wipes, he realized his gear was all broken

Crazy Train
Onyxia, VoA
ICC - Marrowgar, Deathwhisper, Gunship.

Ran ICC 25 with Ralff's trash group - hit exalted on Asheal. Very nice ring with gem socket. Switched to Jekle and put on several more bubbles.

Raid Weekly
Ashayo, Asheal - Instructor Razuvius
Pudendal, Ashariss - Razorscale


Ashayo - Looking at currency as per Molsan Method, and bought Ashayo Black War Mammoth with stonekeepershards. Probably save the rest for heirloom shoulders in case I want to level something later.

Ashariss running heroics
Enough emblems to get i245 hit/haste trinket, which has helped alot
Kept running heroics. Strangely got two full Jubei'thos groups twice in a row. CoS (won the drake), Drak'Tharon, ToC, Gundrak, Forge of Souls.
Got [Better off Dred] with Hyp, Zooe, Teo, Act
Ran enough heroics to get another 50 emblem 245 trinket for Ashriss - int/spell power ; got [Superior] achievement

Kept getting Azjol'Nerub over and over - including once where finished less than 1min before maintenance
After getting AN again, got sick of it and queued for VH. Much better group, exp and completed with less hassles.
Gave in and bought heirloom chest and shoulders using combination of champion seals and heroism emblems. Also bought the spell power trinket.
Venture Bay dailies to get the libram and trinket. (Shoutout to Reyan - nightelf druid in for helping with bugged Venture Bay)

Normal dungeons to level Philthmonger, chose Oculus, then a random - which was Oculus.

Oracles Report
Pud got the reins of the Green Proto-drake!

Pants on Head
Malygos to 4%. Even with geared group, the mechanics of the fight is hard for people that haven't done it.
Ashariss in Naxx; Arachnid qtr. Construct qtr

Winterhoof army assemble!

Email #1 from Acaldraa

Hey Ctrl Alt Wow crew,

Acaldraa here. I hope that all of your weeks have been great and you have had loads of fun in-game and out.
I felt compelled to email in when I heard about Jeppy's situation with his son. I feel that because his son has put in what seems to be a substantial amount of time into the characters in questions then they are his unless he says otherwise. I personally enjoy leveling a lot but feel that the game starts at a whole new level when you reach endgame and his sons has adventured in that for what seems to be quite an extensive amount. Yes Jeppy did level them but then he gave them to his son when he went to go play on the US server's. However, if Jeppy is dabling in the Paladin arts I would like to offer my services in any spec/role. Feel free to contact me on twitter or via email.
On another note, I have been switch my specs around a lot these last few weeks experiments on what roles I would like to play in raids. First it was Holy/prot then holy/ret then back to holy/prot. Currently I am going to stay with Holy/Prot as they seem to be the two most needed roles in a raid. However, I do quite enjoy going and AOE'ing in ICC and doing 10k DPS =P. Nothing better for the ego then that. On the Holy side of things I re-gemmed for SP from int and then back to int, blowing about 3.5k gold in the procces on gems, glyphs, enchants and librams. I think I might take a step back from the paladin and try some more RAF and get those 60's ASAP!
Lastly, I have a few things to add about raiding. 1) Never stop casting! This is very important if you're looking for max dps. For example while you are waiting for your dots to tick down, line up a shadow bolt and never refresh dots before there final tick. Also, gem and enchant all of your gear. It might be costly but you owe it to the people you run with. Also, drain soul executes are a lot of fun *hint hint

Well thats enough for now, thanks for reading my ramblings,
Acaldraa of AIE

PS Shout out to Rawrcast, this past week I won 4 loot cards from them in an epic live call in to the show! Thanks a lot guys!

Email #A from NevikJames

Greetings JAVA! (If you're keeping score in terms of the order of importance of every one's initials, there isn't one!)

Despite my continued alt'ism with my "console toons" I wanted to write in to share my opinions on Jeppy's morale (and ethical?) dilemma. On one hand they *are* his toons that he, himself leveled, but on the other they have been almost exclusively played and geared by his son.

At a glance it looks like quite a pickle (mmmmm pickles ... well at least my daughter would say that, I hate them personally) as reuniting with his estranged toons seems like the inevitable conclusion that I'm going to run with. But before we (the plural we) dive in, let's ask Sir Jeppy a couple of questions.

What purpose will you put these toons to?

How acquainted are you with the class mechanics of these toons?

The answers to these questions should provide enough substance to answer the dilemma all by themselves. If you're looking to just mess around in 5 mans or farm with them, then you should have nothing to worry about, even if you're far removed from the class mechanics of the toons.

If you get called out in a 5 man, you could always feign an excuse such as "Sorry guys, I haven't played this toon in awhile and I have a *LOT* of toons, it'll all come back to me." A little white lie won't hurt and with everyone substantially over-gearing 5 mans it isn't going to matter anyways.

Now if you're looking to explore 10/25 man raid content I'd advise caution. Having well geared toons will translate into expectations that *you* know your stuff and know the encounters you'll be facing. Even if you're doing older raid content, the expectations will be there and should you not live up to them, you're going to be the target of ridicule.

So you need to think about how important it is to see Wrath's raid content right now or hold off for Cataclysm to experience it. If it is important to you to see it while it is still relevant, well then my friend you're going to have to do your due diligence.

Scour the Elitist Jerks forums as much as you can stomach, watch tankspot videos and whatever else is necessary to give yourself a crash course in TOC/ICC raiding. You might be able to skimp on a few of these steps should you find a good group of raiders that might be forgiving and understanding of your situation.

So now that I've answered your dilemma with questions, I'm sure I've probably only "voiced" your own thoughts on the situation. At the very least having me act as a sounding board for what you're already leaning towards will give you the confidence to approach this situation. I wish you the resolve to do what you've already determined to do.

Now that I sufficiently didn't "solve" Jeppy's dilemma, I do have another question unrelated to the issue at hand: "How goes your jousting endeavors?" Bidkar's email reminded me that you were have issues and I hope that the advice I sent you proved helpful. Anyhoo, I've carried on long enough.

"I'm Crusader Nevik, and this is my favorite ctrl alt podcast on the internets"

Email #B from Makiling

i would just like to give my 2 cents about jeppy's dilemma by putting it in a different perspective using the RAF analogy. i had been playing my mage for the longest time, but when my RAF buddy got different toons to 60, he was able to grant me enough bonus levels to bring my druid from 10-60 in a snap. so there i was, with a relatively high level toon that i had no idea on how to play because i had not gone thru the process of leveling him. it's something built in the game, and i think its similar to having a toon that was "gifted" to jeppy by his son, dont you think? if they're a bunch of toons that jeppy has not played the end game before, isnt it the same as getting a high level toon from RAF?

well, thats what i had to say about that.

in other news, i've found that noblegarden is a world of a lot busier on the horde side of our realm. on my druid, i was practically alone in the dwarf starting area! but i did notice that the spawn rate seemed to be higher. i got the title on my druid today, with the Desert Rose in the badlands as the last one i got. but i thought i might try getting the jenkins title later since im near BRD. i want to get the tome of polymorph rabbit for my mage so i can make a random polymorph macro for when im in BG's XD

speaking of BG's i was going to ask you guys if vrishna has gone into the BG's from the new expansion, since i remember you guys doing a lot of AB back when you started. i hope to get to hear about your stories on the next show.

and finally i wanted to tell you guys how excited i am for the new RAF mount. the passenger rocket is awesome! and im sure we will be hearing a lot of your stories on how you plan to get it on your alts. but is this a setback to vrishna's grind to 80? time will tell..

thats all from me for now, for the bunnies!

Email #2 from Grothgar The Noble

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna, Jeppy, and Jasper,

I wanted to send a note to let you all know how much I enjoy your Podcast. I downloaded the previous 6 episodes to get a little background,

and could not be happier with the results. The Brit, and Aussie, flair are brilliant. The "real" quality, questions, side notes, and quick wit, and

occasional burning soup, make it very enjoyable. Well enough sucking up, LOL. (hint, authenticator would be smashing :))

A little background on me. I started playing WOW in Oct. 07'. I currently have 8 80's, 5 Alliance, and currently 3 Horde, with 2 more at 73. My

goal is to have all 10 80's, and all professions maxed when Cataclysm comes along. I think I can be categorized as an Altaholic, or simply mad, as

it was put :).

Like you guys, I thoroughly enjoy the game. Most of my 80's are over 5k GS, but have yet to venture into ICC. No real reason, just getting all

to the same level of gear together. I only have 1 toon I do the Holiday achievements on, and he (my Pali) will be getting his violet Drake after the

children's week, Woot. I dual boxed 4 of them to 60, but ground the rest.

I play on the Scarlet Crusade, US Server, but started out on PVP, so have dabbled in most areas. I will list my toons below, and keep up the

great work. You guys are all awesome...............

P.S. I do keep a spreadsheet to track all weeklies and raids, LOL.

Gravey 80 Night Elf Hunter
Biscit 80 Human Warrior
Ardonious 80 Tauren DK
Segwick 80 Undead Priest
Phylan 80 Draeni Shaman
Grothgar 80 Dwarf Paladin
Heartwood 80 Night Elf Druid
Stavross 80 Troll Mage
Merlon 73 Orc Warlock
Haegin 73 Draeni Palidan

Sorry no Rogue, cant seem to do it, maybe with the new classes...........

All The Best

Grothgar The Noble

Email #3 from Alex

Hello All,

Great show, I'm a big fan... I have a general question here: I noticed that April uses a MacBook Pro with a second monitor; this happens to be the set up I aspire to. I am in need of a new machine and I'm planning to buy a MacBook Pro as soon as they are updated. I have heard more than once that Macs are no good for gaming due to some noise about the graphics card not working to full potential or what not. The question I guess is, do you notice any difference using a Mac? I'm not into the quad multi recruit an Alt schizophrenagebia so I assume your using more "machine" than I would playing one toon on one account. Just curious about your thoughts and any advice/opinion would be great.

Thanks for your help,


P.S Sounds like you have your hearthstone set to the southern Mass/Rhode Island area. I'm from RI!!! Ocean State FTW!!!

Email #4 from Telonnord

Dear Ashayo, Jeppy, and Vrishna from Telonnord.

I am writing to you gentlemen because I feel you need to know a little unknown fact about Apprillian.

This issue starts with my first alt of over 4 years - Addillian the warlock. Addillian is a gnome warlock, and as a warlock - has been mysterious about his background. He is reliable and deadly, and has this funny laugh when amused by his own wit. He can be bossy and nosey, and must always have his way.

I have just started listening to your podcast this week, and I must say that this is the first WoW podcast that has me laughing out loud. (Most just bring out a polite smile of amusement.) I truly enjoy your podcast. Keep up the great work! But the important point is that once I heard Apprillian laugh at her own witty comment, I thought it sounded eerily as if I was hearing Addillian. That put the bug in my ear: “Apprillian - Addillian…two warlocks with similar laughs….hmmm?”

But I digress… so being the excellent rogue I am, I did some digging. After pain staking research, special payoffs, and a few accidental deaths along the way, it has come to my attention that several generations back, apparently, there was a union of sorts between two warlocks in a long forgotten instance; one being an alliance member and one a horde member. The result was fraternal twins of two races – as strange and unnatural as this sounds – but magic is magic. (I don’t claim to know anything about the ways of warlocks.) Time has passed and the secret has been long since been buried, but now the wonderful truth can be revealed.

So it is my conclusion gentlemen that..…Apprillian and Addillian are distant cousins!!!! Yes, Apprillian is part gnome! The evidence is irrefutable from the similar names, professions, laughs, singular wit, and the need to always being right. (Not to mention her need to unsuccessfully dominate her small dog which, on a subconscious level, is akin to a gnome….poor Jasper.)

I offer you gentlemen this nugget of information. Do with it what you will.



80 Human Rogue

Burning Blade

P.S. – Apprillian, if you are reading this >>>>> “These are not the droids you are seeking.” Forget you read this.

Email #5

I recently found your podcast and am working my way through from Episode 159, great work, and awesome to hear other people are Altaholics. I have been playing WoW for almost 4 years and have done a bit of hardcore raiding, when I played a lot, a bit of social raiding when I played less, and am now back to levelling alts because I can do that whilst looking after my newborn son in the sleepless nights. Feel free to edit out some of my toons if you list them, I have rolled way too many.

The Sha'tar (EU)
Gamlix, Orc Shaman 80
Tujingo, Troll Death Knight 80
Khularis, Belf Paladin 72
Rajingo, Troll Hunter 71
Muradrin, Tauren Warrior 69
Craghoof, Tauren Druid 37 - levelling at the moment
Gamaroth, Belf Mage 35 - levelling at the moment

Darkspear (EU)
Lethin, Undead Warlock 80
Gamlix, Orc Death Knight 60
Khulula, Troll Rogue 50
Ignatio, Belf Mage 34
Khulhorn, Tauren Hunter 32
Craghoof, Tauren Druid 25
Porphyrion, Undead Priest 16

Darkmoon Faire (EU)
Mchavoc, Dwarf Priest 35
Scitheras, Draenei Warrior 35

Plus a whole host of others, 40 in total.

Well, back to my point, you may have covered this on a previous podcast, but I was wondering what you guys were thinking about the coming Cataclysm changes changing the Olde World? I have mixed feelings, whilst I can see the attraction of redesigning Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms to improve them for alts or new players, I will miss them when they are gone.

My first 60 (Gamlix) dinged grinding around the Temple of Arkkoran in Azshara, and post-cataclysm this will be a low level zone, ah the memories!

I would love to know what you guys think, and hear some of the inevitable tangents.
For the Horde!

Email #6 from Bozlee

Hi Jeppy,
After hearing last weeks podcast and how your son geared up some toons you lvled to 80, I was interested to hear what you usually do with your toons once you get them to 80. Do you leave them in their greens and blues and start new characters? or do you level their professions?
I have a number of 80 toons and I like to deck them out in purples and then move on to the next alt. I have one favourite which is a Tauren hunter named Bozlee on the Thaurissian server, he was the first wow character I created and I have a soft spot for him. His gearscore is 5.2k, which is the highest I've geared a character. I've done no raiding with him , just dungeons.
To answer your question from last week, I see no problem with taking over a fully geared toon as you've put in the effort getting it to 80 and have a good knowledge of it's class mechanics.
Love the podcast,and I look forward to it every week. Thank you,
Bozlee The Tauren Hunter :)

Email #7 from Ruker

I love your podcast. It's on my "must listen to" list every week. I play a Holy/Shadow dwarf priest on Azuremyst, and I pug the daily herioc almost every day. I enter pugs as healer and dps, but I have never been picked to dps. Even after almost one hundred pugs, I'm always the healer. Either there is a severe healer shortage or Blizzard knows I suck at dps. When Aprillian made that warlock rez comment on episode 161 I spit my coffee out. Wow how true, I'm a healer and I always rez the warlock first. I have much love for warlocks, scratch my back and I'll scratch your back. Fourty-six years old and for the Alliance.
Jonathan M. "Ruker" on Azuremyst US

Email #C from Bidkar

Greetings Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy and Vrishna,

Bidkar, undead 80 mage here. I only played on 3 toons this week. I have been working more than usual, so it cuts into my Wow time.

I have a had a great time dual boxing. My warrior, Abihu, is now 24. I went Fury with him, but I think maybe I should have gone Protection since I am using him as a tank for my shaman. If you want to insert your opinion here it would be fine with me. I keep going back and forth on that subject. My elemental shaman, Zabbai, is now level 25. He keeps getting ahead of the warrior, so I take the warrior through an instance on my paladin to even out their levels. I wish there was a way to turn off the xp gain from heirlooms. I mainly like the heirlooms for the stats, not the xp gain.

The warlock, Allerea, is now exalted champion with Silvermoon, Orgrimmar and Undercity. I'm still working on the Argent Tournament. It's going faster than I remembered from previous toons.

I have also learned to try keep my mouth shut on Twitter because some people actually read what I write. I always figured no one would notice me among their 700 followers and I could just type out whatever dopey thing went through my head. Then Jeppy read my Noble Garden comment out during the show and my face turned bright red. Also while listening to "This is Outcasted" Chris read part of what I wrote when I swam out to the Maelstrom, once again making me turn bright red. In real life I am very shy and try to keep a low profile. Oh well, I hope I learned my lesson.

I really do enjoy Twitter. Nobody I know is ever interested in anything I'm interested in. They think it's funny that someone my age plays Wow and that the shows like Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek are silly. At least on Twitter I get some interaction from people who are interested in the same things I am. It was nice to come back from seeing Clash of the Titans and having a little chat about it with Jeppy and Cypher. For the record, I don't mind Bubo as a mechanical owl, I just didn't care for the plot device. The owl itself was cool. I would hang with Bubo.

Congratulations Vrishna on 77! The rest of the way to 80 flies by now, so try to take your time and enjoy it.

For the Horde and For El Jeppy and Glanthur!

Bidkar and his many alts

Shout Outs & Thank You

Hope you are all doing well, the fine podcast people and the listeners.
Another week and yes another week of WoW QQing as you all know from all the expansion news and info.
Sounds familiar doesnt it? Were we not going through this before wrath.
Well as I was stating on twitter, just like everything in life, the QQers have to exist or there would be a void there.
For me, I like all the news so far and yes that even includes all the challenges ahead of healers.
I am sure we will adapt and/or it will not be as bad as we all say it will but come on people just chillax!
You know we are only getting a small portion of the new things to come.

For example, the Druid info came out yesterday and all the Druids out there lost their leaves! Do you really thing that just because Druids are not receiving any new healing spells that the other changes will not be significant? Am I just drinking the wow coolaid or what?
Perhaps I am but that is why we love this game.

Slow week in wow for me. Last Sunday a few of my guildies were able to get into an ICC25 group and we will be doing that every Sunday I believe which should be fun.

I am not sure how many of you have been in a raid let alone a 40 or a 25 raid. I did 40 raid a few times with original wow and in BC not so much. In AQ40, that was crazy! Chaotic.
The entire time I was saying where am I? what am I doing??? But it is chaos fun. I do recommend getting into a VOA 25 raid, for just the experience, well :) the loots too :)

Oh and also just the dynamic of a big group like that. You think a random LFG is a fail pug, well get into a voa 25 and watch someone do something wrong, raid wipe, and a few people say a nasty comment in raid chat and leave!
Well I will not get into that now, that is an entire mess of email talk in itself.

My hunter missed ICC again this Friday and yes she is mad as mad as a Blood Elf can get! (she will get over it)

My druid and mage pair are in Northrend but my mage is still 67 because she does not have the heirloom gear.

How about the new RAF flying mount!!!!
Come one Ctlr Alt Wow listeners, we will all be doing RAF once again :)

I cannot wait, the only problem is that I think I have max characters on my 2 accounts :(
So sad isnt it, I really cannot delete but I will have to.

I wonder if the new mount will come right before the expansion. hmmmm

Oh on one more thing (I know Im dragging this along) you all have seen how in game we have had tremors because of the expansion of course. Well, in California we are experiencing the real life version, except it is just plan weird and disturbing and in life I dont know of any Cataclysmic events coming until 2012, do you all know of anything to come?

Thank you to my new facebook friends :)
Twitter followers :)
and Thank you to the Ctrl Alt Wow crew for always making me smile and just improving all of our lives.

Have another great week and I will catch you all on my MoRocket!



ItsAdamDavidson: @Aprillian April , you jepster aschayo and the grishnaaar brighten up my week keep up the good work ;)

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 161 - Dude Where's My Chocolate

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

Met Herps from at PaxEast2010. Great website and cool guy.

On a Horse:

What We've Been Doing:


Aprillian & Vrishna

Vraysalla, Lokita and LatinumBlond.  Winterhoof.  Bloodmyst Isle ALL DONE !!!  Our friends Anyon & Bellarose ran Deadmines as my first random dungeon and got to kick a gnome rogue who wanted to be a tank.. Having a ball leveling the Dranei starting area. And finished up dinging 20, getting my mount and my first real foray into professions. (Mining & Engineering.  105 & 134 respectively.)  AND I think I finally got MY healer.  And it is GREAT !


Virinya dings 73 while grinding in Dragonblight.  Running so fast between quests it's hard to keep up with the content but it HAS been fun watching those rested xp points adding up. Boy, it does STINK when they turn purple !


Noblegarden - Pretty much the same, but with chocolate bug. Drop rate on clothes seems higher.

10-man Raiding
    Crazy Train
        - VoA with Birthday boy tanking. Lag monster beat us in ICC. Did hit honored though and got ring upgrade
        - Marrowgar, died twice, plug lag, still one shot him
        - Deathwhisper - 2shot - awesome job for our first real night on her
        - Gunship battle done after some fooling around.

    PoH - VoA on Ashariss - Fire boss

    DWP - Ashayo - Blood princes down (still with 5% buff). Headed on to Valithria Dreamwalker with Asheal.
            - After reset, ICC buff is now 10%. Zoomed through 1st Wing and Festergut. Intentional wipe on Rotface to do weekly quest. Then killed Rotface - VERY messy, but oneshot. Two dps disconnected, lots of oozes.

25-man Raiding
    DwP 25 - ICC
        - Neck upgrade for Asheal.
        - Weekly quest on Deathwhisper to save npc - just tanked with a turtle without much hassle.
        - Saurfang - Conquerer's Marks dropped - won ; so 10.5 tier upgrade
        - Festergut - beserk at 14%
    Sadly, looking like DwP-25 won't have the numbers to continue much longer.
    Nowhere near enough. Did ToC 10 with some alts. Took Jekle and got new dagger, trinket, staff
    Sarth 3D 10 man.

Weekly Raid
    - Earthen Ring was Razorscale. New record - down in 2min 41 sec.
    - Jubei'thos was Flame Leviathan. Dual-boxed on Pud/Shadowthrone in the same vehicle for a bit of fun

    - Ashariss - H Nexus. Got the [Intense Cold] achievement - easy on Druid, since shape shift breaks you out of the ice. HoS [Bran Spankin' New], [Good Grief], and [50 Raid Emblems]

    - Ashield healed some more dungeons - mostly AN and OK. Getting better, slowly. Dinged 74

    - Pud Heroic Forge of Souls - priest tried mind controlling mob off the edge, but it hung there and attacked us.

    - ICC on Jekle with bunch of AIE Officers including Ralff, Gypsy, Xanar, Melyannna, Fusk, Secondaid. Got my first ring, and nice belt upgrade off Gunship battle

    - PoH - Naxx alt run on Ashariss. 16 min Safety Dance - Zoo tank, Wemb off tank, Temp healing, me dps. [The Plague Quarter], [The Construct Quarter]
    - Ashariss got the Onyxia ach

    - Noob moment of the week - Mobs that can see stealth have a blue spinning circle over their head. (Don't really play a rogue or feral druid, so never knew what it was)


The son also rises.


Email #1 from HannahBonana

I've been a listener for a while now and figured it was about time to drop you guys an email.  Being a fellow female wow player, I love that we have someone representing us! I have a 80 priest horde side. (HannahBonana on the Area 52 server) I also have a level 48 shaman.I love healing too much to give it up! (even on an alt!) I spend most my time raiding icc 10 and 25 mans.  You mentioned healbot and how much fun it is.  I must agree! It's a big part of my raiding on my priest.  On a side note, I giggled to myself when I heard your dogs barking in the background.  It reminds me of when I'm raiding and my little pups decides to  bark and all of the raid hears it...Well, I love your show keep it up!

For the Horde!

Email #2 from Riku

Dear Aprillian Ashayo Jeppy and Vrishna from Riku

Honestly i havent been listening for too long but i like the way you 4 work together. Well i wanna say i'm a Alt-Ahaulic and i dont even have a 80...or evan a 30...i have a 29 as my highist Mage who i'm working on now and i have several alts on multiple servers but i wanted to ask becouse i love plushys so much i wanna know how to actualy enter your contest for a plushy cuz i want one with the fury of a 5 year old. I know i'm rambeling but thanks for reading

Rikuwolfie Lv 29 BE mage
RikuDevil LV 12 BE Warlock

Sitting and watching from the Emerald Dream
Yer friend and new fan Riku

Email #A from Kurly

Annamia is mine.  I created her nearly two years ago and at level 30 something pretty much gave up on her and sent her on sabbatical.  After much time doing nothing in Stormwind (There really is just only so much you can see there and Varian Wynn is kind of a jerk) I have picked her up, dusted her off and sent her back into the world!  She recently ding'd 60 and I have got to tell you....they kind of kick tail!

Since playing a pallie is, er, slightly different I figured I would level her in Dungeons as Holy (whack-a-heal anyone?) and it was pretty good but for the fact that I was put into BRD every time with groups full of what could only be described as wet baco-bits....not fun.

I dual spec'd her into Ret and.....shall we say holy boom!! She can pull many mobs, and come out with barely scratch....and plunge head first in the next with holy vigor and mean swing from her two handed axe!

GREAT FUN!!! always keep up the fantastic show.....luv you all lots.....and happy spring/fall


Email #B from Lamongelo

Hi everyone,

  I am unable to express the honor I felt when my e-mail was read on your podcast, and it was doubled when my priest mentor himself read my letter. I have been inspired, enlightened and uplifted countless times while listening to your weekly adventures. The four of you complement each other so well.  The only thing that could make it better would be the return of Glanthur.  Please keep the episodes coming.
  I'm up to lvl 20. Working in The Barrens since it was right next to Razor Hill.  It was slow going until now,  I finally have a mount so travel is much faster.  Probably should be in Ghostlands or Silverpine or...aaahhh...too many decisions, lol.

  I never dreamed I would be lucky enough for Ashayo to roll another 100 (or 3 in my case).  It is so difficult to choose a prize.  I think an Authenticator would certainly come in handy.

  Thanks Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo, and Jeppy for the gift and the great podcast,


Email #3 from Anonymous?

Hi crew
It's me again. Although I quit WoW recently and have stopped listening to quite a few wow podcasts, I still find myself listening to your podcast for some reason so you guys must be doing something right :)
Anyway, I read on twitter on how Aprillian wanted to raid but is too scared to try it. Well, afraid no more, here is my raiding 101 just for you Aprillian!!
If you're not a PvP'er, raiding is the most fun you can have in the game, whether you want to be a hardcore raider or just raid casually. The main thing to raiding is what you want to get out of it. If it's just the experience of doing something with a bunch of friends together and not get too hung up on loots, that's usually a good place to start. Believe me when I tell you that if you want all the cutting edge stuff but you are not prepared to put in the hours on reading up stuff and spend time on perfecting your skill, not only will you find it frustrating yourself, but it'll also frustrate the people that raid with you. From what I can sense, you probably just want to raid casually and say you've experienced the end game, well, kind of the end game anyway. So with that in mind, here's the basics.

Forget about raiding Naxxramas or Ulduar, the reason why I say that is because it'll be extremely hard to persuade 9 or 24 other people to run those raids with you at this stage of the game. the second reason being, even if you can somehow get people to do that with you, you're not really being asked to do anything taxing in there. Most people are wayyyy over geared for those places, they can plow through those raids pretty comfortably even without a full raid group, so you are not going to learn anything. Remember, having pressure on you makes you more alert and give you more responsibility which can invariably raise your game. Unless you are the kind that likes to have everything handed over to you without putting in the work yourself.
So, ToC is going to be your perfect start. DO NOT PUG FOR RAIDS!!!! Get some friends to do it with you, Pugs can be brutal and often ends up in tears because they're so unforgiving. Despite the criticism people have for that place, it's actually a pretty good place to start learning how to raid, you have encounters that requires lots of movements, some involve putting on PvP mindset, some are straight dps race and some are a good mixture of raid awareness and quick targetting.
First thing you need to do is of course schedule the raid. Download the neccessary addons that will help you in raid encounter, Deadly Boss Mods, Omen Threat Meter are the 2 most important things you need. If you have an Alchemist, make your own flasks or buy them from the AH, you should have plenty in your bag, since you're a Warlock, stock up well on your Soul Shards, there's not always going to be trash mobs for you to drain souls from in raid, especially in ToC where there are NO trash.
Before you go in, you should do some homework on all the raid encounters first, there are lots of good websites out there that have video and text guide on all encounters in game, dont worry if you dont really understand it just by watching the video, the video is just to give you a general idea on how the fight will pan out and different raid groups will have different strategy anyway.
So, you have your mods to help you, you are well stocked up on your buff food and shards, you read/watched the guide on encounters, now the hard part. Make time for raid, if you schedule a raid, you have to make sure you can stay the duration, unless of course some unforeseen emergency comes up. There's nothing I hate more than people going AFK in the middle of a raid without a warning, don't assume your time is more precious than others, it's a selfish thing to do to keep 9/24 other people waiting just for you.

Listen, learn, execute.
Listen well to your raid leader, take in what he/she wants you to do, dont be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand what they're asking you to do. Afterall, they're your friends and knows you are new to the raiding scene, so they should cut you some slack.There are going to be a lot of deaths for someone new in raid, don't get disheartened, Learn from your mistakes, be aware of what goes on around you, dont keep staring at your keyboard, you should have a pretty good idea on where the buttons are by now, concentrate on your surroundings, pan your camera around to see whats going on if you're not required to run around, anticipate the Boss's next move and be ready to run from void zones or AoE attacks when you get a warning from Deadly Boss Mod. Execute, know when to run and when to blow your cooldowns, this won't come naturally, it's all down to experience of knowing when is the best time to use your cooldowns, so the more time you raid and learn the mechanics of the fight, the better you will become. And lastly, enjoy what you do!!!! There's absolutely no point in playing this game if you don't enjoy it, you might feel intimidated by the task ahead, but you will get a buzz from the adrenaline rush for downing new Bosses, ask any raider why they raid and I can guarantee you the answer will always be the buzz you get for learning and conquering the Bosses thrown at you. The loot is secondary, even for the hardcore raiders, their main aim isn't the loot, it's nice to have new shinies, but that's not what a proper raider feed off of. Its all about the experience. So pluck up your courage and dabble in some raid. You don't know what you're missing unless you get a taste of it.

My WoW account doesn't expire till the 9th of April, so if you want me to pop in game and give you some help, I'll be happy to oblige.
Have fun and enjoy what you do :)

GettingWorse on twitter

Email #C Makiling

hello guys, makiling here

thanks  for playing my audio entry on your show..! my week in wow has been filled with a lot of alliance love. mainly for my night elf druid who is now at level 28. i have been leveling her through the random dungeon system since she got to 15, and i can just say that having the 6 piece heirloom set from my horde toons has been really helpful. i get a bit more attention when people inspect me and see that i have the heirloom ring. when they ask me where i got it, i tell them its from my lvl 80 undead mage =) the reactions i get range from disgust to awe, and some people even tell me straight out that they eventually plan on transferring to horde!

dont get me wrong, i love my horde toons, but with my busy schedule, im finding that my game time is more gratifyingly spent leveling then doing the same dailies and slowly grinding frost emblems. i guess you can say that its the leveling grind that im having fun with, even if it means playing alliance.

so slowly but surely im opening up the higher level dungeons. so far ive been repeatedly running gnomeregan, but im hopeful that scarlet monastery will be available at the next level up.

with all this alliance playing, my horde toons have not been neglected. i do heroic forge of souls on my tank for a quick run with the hopes of the battered hilt to drop, and i do the weekly oracle egg purchase. my mage has yet to get the mount, but this week my priest was lucky enough to finally get it! she looks really pretty flying around on the green proto drake with a tiny proto drake hatchling pet following her.

im looking forward to noble garden and the dailies i will be able to do on my different low level toons for easy xp. i might even get the title on my other level 80 if i have the time.

that's it form me for now. happy easter and for the horde!

Email #4 from Curme


I wanted to throw in my two cents on pally gear.

Int + spell power = healer plate
Strength + crit = Ret plate
Strength + stam + def = Tank plate

When you hit lvl 74-76 there's a really nice set of crafted blue tank gear, the "Tempered Saronite" set with a couple "daunting" pieces at 78, and there's blue shields at lvl 73 for tank and healer. With this basic set you're pretty much geared for any regular northrend dungeon you want to tank until you hit heroics, just add the pieces as they become available. Queueing for the random dungeon will get you 2 triumph badges each day and allow you to have enough by the time you hit 80 to grab an epic piece immediately, maybe the shoulders (tank) or a libram (healer), in addition to getting a chance to learn the dungeons.

For dailies you may want to target:
Kalu'ak: nice Ret polearm at exalted, and fishing pole
Wyrmrest Accord: great tanking cloak and sword, dailies in Coldarra and Dragonblight
Argent Crusade: great healing helm, and tanking enchant; quests and dailies in Zul'drak; (lvl 74)

There's also some nice PVP dailies in Grizzley hills that will give you venture coins that you can use to buy a blue libram, which will take you to 80.

My first 80, a warrior tank, I hardly did dungeons on the way up and had to learn them in heroic mode, rather than in the flow of the game, which made it really difficult. On my pally, I did lots of randoms with the dungeon finder while leveling. By the time I leveled up my Prot Pally, I not only knew the dungeons, but was also able to learn Pally tanking in the safer environment of normal dungeons with the added bonus of usually being 2nd or 3rd on the DPS chart as the tank.

Expertise is a pretty useless stat until you hit 80, and then its only relevant to tanks (its related to whether an attack can be parried or not). And while its a nice stat, you don't generally gear for it.

AJAV (yup, the initials...),

On my dual boxing toons I hit 35 on my hunter and 34 on my priest. I've now switched to my 33 druid to pair up with the priest. I'm currently feral cat and shadow priest. I'm not sure if I want to switch to a Holy Fire/smite holy spec at 40 and stick with the feral druid, or stay shadow and swap the druid to Boomkin. we'll see.

Thanks for the great show!


Uldor (34 priest)
Tuwanek (33 druid)

Email #5 from Juuno

I am so tickled pink that my email was able to entertain you, that I’ve been inspired to write you this poem.  Though no haiku, this poem’s for you!  (Yes, I know that was terrible and my total geek fan-girl underpants are showing...I can’t help it though!):
The Ctrl-Alt-Wow Crew

Aprillian needn’t ‘hang her head’
Because Ctrl-Alt-Wow is da schnizzle
It’s been hooked like an IV to my ear
for six months up in my hizzle!

She creates and plays alts
like other people drink wine,
She makes me laugh my arse off,
And that’s tres, tres divine.

Whether his nuts are natural or salty,
Ashayo will give you an excellent tip,
regarding Northrend, quests or gold,
and he knows what gear to equip!

Varishna makes cookies for Aprillian,
Tells of their adventures and fun,                              
His hearty laugh sounds like Amadeus,
and he causes me to giggle a ton.

He said my name in 160 -Ooo, Ahhh-
El Jeppy’s voice is like a dream,
and She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed is secure,
But if he says it again, I’ll scream!

I’ve never been a hard-core raider,
Can’t pass the Lich King’s test,
So their tales and advice really help,
Yeah, Ctrl-Alt-Wow crew is the BEST!

Big hugs to you all!
For the Alliance and the Horde!
Juuno from Korialstrasz

Email #D from Bidkar

Greeting CtrlAltWow crew,

Bidkar,undead 80 mage here.  The last couple of weeks I ground out gold doing dailies.  I want to build up my gold a bit.  I'll never come close to having as much as Ashayo, but I would like to have enough to buy a Traveler's Mammoth and not worry about spending the gold.  I have enough to buy the mammoth now, but I would only have about 8k gold left. I want to be well off when Cataclysm comes out and I don't think that will be enough.

Bidkar made a trip out to the Maelstrom during one of the server crashes.  I was in Dalaran when the server crashed and left me in one of those frozen moments.  All the npc's were gone and only  a few frozen players were left.  During those times I always run for the nearest Ally place and hang out for a bit.  I hung out in the Ally place in Dalaran for awhile, jumped on their beds, loosened the tops of salt shakers etc.  This crash went on and on so I thought it would be a good time to go see the Maelstrom.  I jumped out the sewer exit underneath Dalaran.  I'm sure all of you know during the server crashes you become invulnerable and can run really fast.  I ran until I hit the ocean and then started swimming.  After swimming for a long time I finally got to the Maelstrom. I could see my arrow on the map.  But, alas, I saw nothing that looked like a Maelstrom.  Just water everywhere.  I thought about trying to swim to the Eastern Kingdoms, but I didn't think that would work.  I assume each continent is a different server or something like that.  I swam back to Northrend and that ended my adventure.  I was surprised that the water went out as far as I swam.  I always assumed the fatigue was there to keep us from seeing the man behind the curtain but the water went out as far as I went.  All the while, I could see Northrend getting smaller and smaller behind me.  I thought it was interesting and thought others might get a kick out of it.

I took Allerea, my blood elf warlock, to do the Argent Tournament.  I guess I can take a third toon through. I assume Ashayo has taken a lot more that three through and he survived the experience, so I guess I can too.  I make a mini game for myself for the jousting so I can tolerate it.  I loathe most vehicle quests and hope to Elune and the Light that Cataclysm isn't full of vehicles.  Sometimes I will try to finish each individual jouster before the renew health timer is up.  I can usually do it in about 3/4 of the timer, I try for 1/2 but that usually doesn't happen.  The other mini game I do is to never renew my health and do all four on the same health bar.  That one gets a little trickier sometimes, but I can usually do it.  I usually start out by backing up as the jouster goes out so I can get distance to do a charge, then I swing wide so I can throw a shield breaker then just rinse and repeat.  I can usually keep all of their shields down so I can get the full 8500 damage with each charge.  The jousters go down very fast then.

I started a recruit a friend also.  I'm dual boxing an orc warrior and an orc shaman.  I haven't leveled a warrior before and I've only leveled a shaman to level 14 so I thought it would be a nice change of pace.  So far so good, but I have spent quite a bit of time doing macros and figuring out my plan of attack.  I guess the first recruit a friend is always the hardest.  Thank you El Jeppy and Aprillian for your help with some of my questions.  I appreciate it.  I really do try not to bother people on Twitter.  Twitter seems to be more rhetorical so I try to keep to myself.  Once in awhile I can't help myself, but I have to be buttoned up and proper all day at work, so Twitter is my outlet on occasion to "cut loose".

I didn't get a chance to play my other alts.  The server was kinda funky after patch so I didn't get to play as much as I usually do. 

I played We Rule for a bit this week also.  It's fun and doesn't require much time.  Matt from Outlandish is way more serious about it than I am.  He made a spreadsheet for it.  I don't think I will ever be a hardcore gamer enough to make a spreadsheet for anything.  I'll leave the spreadsheets to Matt and El Jeppy.  My name is Ron773 on We Rule if anybody is interested.

That's it for my week!

For the Horde and for El Jeppy and Glanthur!

Bidkar and his many alts

P.S.  In my last letter, I said that I read Sherlock Holmes 30 years ago.  I'm only 44.  I love being 44 and wouldn't go back a year if I could and I'm looking forward to 45.  Every year is an adventure in which I learn more and gain more wisdom.  I get a good laugh from the Outcasted podcast when they talk about age. They always poke fun at Chris for being so old and I don't think he's even 30.  I once thought the same when I was their age, but I know better now.

See you in Northrend!

Shout Outs & Thank You

all and post-Birthday Aprillian.
Hope you have a great birthday and many many more.

Once again enjoyed the last podcast and you all put a smile on my face and I do appreciate that!

In wow, my priest Moheal has 3 tier 10 pieces and several off-tier and some from ICC bosses.  It is really nice to get geared as it does make healing a lot easier even on tough, challenging bosses.  Of course many ICC encounters involve not just great healing on my part, but also being able to move around at the exact time to be able to stay alive or keep the raid alive.  We are progressing, having our challenges here and there.  It is a good fun challenge, I only get mad or frustrated when other do not allow the learning curve of the entire raid. On my priest I have slowly started rep grinding for the rep's I have not maxed out yet.  Currently I have been running Underbog for sporegar (is that the correct spelling) and dual boxing with my mage.

My 66 druid and mage (66) are also running together, usually I have been doing random dungeons but a few times I have just given up. I am not sure what the problem was, maybe the people had spouse aggro or mommy aggro, but we were in shadow vault I believe it was, the tank of course did not wait for my mana even though I asked for a few seconds.  After we all died, my druid and mage of course ran back to res, and so did the hunter.  The tank DK and warrior, not so much.  I asked if they were going to run back and no reply.   I could not rez them as they were still close to the mob which killed us but I dont know if I would have rez'ed them anyway, just run back people! So I told the hunter it is best to go back to questing.  I have the pair in Nagrand doing the animal killing quests; I do no encourage people doing that in real life we are just taking about in game killing that is all.

My hunter missed the ICC run Friday night, she is vary sad.  She is coming along slowly in gearing up but I am able to do about 4k dps in 5 mans and in ICC about 3-4k; all the moving around cramps my dps style which I need to work on.  Oh she is survival, and 2nd spec is beast mastery which I never use.  I have thought about going survival and marksmanship but it was a short thought.

That is all I have this week.
Hope you had a wonderful birthday week Aprillian; enjoy your ipad.

oh on other news, I did have to cancel my STO account for now as some work changes really do not give me enough time to play that along with wow.

Have a great time in and out of game everyone.

Take care.