Saturday, August 26, 2023

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 803 - The Ring Chaser Saga

 Recorded Saturday, August 26, 2023

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 803 - The Ring Chaser Saga

AprilPvd is Virtual Reality

I will eventually record Live on our page Send an email to telling us how you play Virtual Reality as an altoholic or dealing with it in your family life.

My Path to VR

Stand Alone vs PCVR

When I first log into my headset, I am in an area that I feel is like my desktop but because I’m in VR I can move around in it. Outside I have pictures that I took with my Insta 360 flow to replace the 360° photos that come with the particular homebase I’ve chosen.

When I press my right menu button, I am presented with my choices of applications that I have, which again is like your home screen on your desktop.

From here, I can select a game to play. The game starts up, and I am presented with a choice of where to play and which character I want to play. and I am playing the standalone. I have the same choices that I have on the PCVR but the difference is that the graphics are not as fancy and I am presented every once in a while with a “freeing memory“ because the headset cannot handle the memory as well as the PC.

When I want to play PCVR I select it as if I was playing a game, but instead of being in the game, I am presented with a  recreation of my desktop computer by connecting to my desktop streamer.

Through virtual desktop I can choose whether to play my oculus games or my Steam games. I can click on my desktop with my controllers as if I were using my mouse.

It works really well and allows me to have a broader base of games because there are games that cannot be played on the standalone that can be played on the PCVR.

What I’ve Been Doing:

All of my characters have completed the Ring Chaser Quests. 

AprilPvd} - Cyber Ninja

AprilPvd/ - Essence Mage

AprilPvd* - BladeMaster

My biggest challenge in Zenith over the past month has been to complete this ring, chaser quest. It was driving me crazy because it tapped into my fear of heights. The ring chaser quest involved, climbing up to the island in the sky, using a combination of the grappling hook and the wind generated things to get you to float up. It was so crazy because I know I’m standing in my living room, but when I swing out over the open space, it makes my stomach freeze it makes my legs freeze and the thought of doing it on all three characters was driving me crazy.

My first attempt at trying the ring chaser I climbed all the way to the top and I started the event and when I got up there, I thought the tech birds and thought I had picked up the six cores. I need it and then I rolled up to the top, but it turned out that I needed to carry the balls up one by one in my hand kind of like when you’re carrying the bombs or the things you need to start the generator in outlaw Grove. You could not put these items in your inventory. I was terrified to jump down again and try so I gave up. Then I ran into Zealotz and he offered to help me. I ended up hiring up on the top while he went down and got all the cores and put them in.

I did get my essence mage up there, but I froze and I couldn’t do anything else. And then I ran into GANDALFtheGREAT, and he helped me with the understanding that I was a chicken and he was going to just put the cores in for me, which worked out well. So now I had two out of my three characters complete the ring chasing quest.

I went several weeks without progressing on my Blademaster, which was kind of sad, because she was technically my mean. Even though she did collect some materials needed for the final pylon, she could not progress very well because she did not complete the ring Chase request, but then one day epic no fail heard my dilemma and decided to help me. Of course I still had to get up to that first level of the islands in the sky. But by then I had done the daily that got you up there and I became more comfortable and getting up there and thanks to epic no fail my Blademaster was able to join the ranks of ring chaser completion.

Remote one and everything and there was a person

Other VR This Week:



Shout Outs & Thank You

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 802 - A New Ctrl Alt WoW

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 802 - A New Ctrl Alt WoW

AprilPvd is Virtual Reality

Welcome to the new Ctrl Alt WoW podcast. Over the past month I have been searching for the right voice/mode to express my journey in video games. I started Ctrl Alt WoW in 2006 playing World of Warcraft. In the subsequent years this podcast has evolved many times. I’ve had different house and different perspectives. I have changed in many ways. I’ve gotten older I’ve moved, I got married, I got divorced and changed relationships. I have also changed playing styles. Over the last five years my video game playing style switched from flatscreen to virtual reality. Even before I started playing VR, I had difficulties playing World of Warcraft. At first, I thought it had something to do with my aging eyes. I couldn’t quite focus on some of the NPC‘s, I even tried getting a bigger screen and that didn’t help. It wasn’t until I started playing in virtual reality that I could really target enemies and play the way I wanted to play. So now I’ll be focusing on my virtual play style. I hope you enjoy the new phase of Ctrl Alt WoW.

The only way to move around World of Warcraft in VR using VorpX.

On the top left I’m standing beside my Essence Mage AprilPvd/, top right and bottom left playing with friends. Bottom right was how I felt playing WoW.

I’m shooting as an Essence Mage.

I record Live on the  Ctrl Alt WoW page Send an email to telling us how you play Virtual Reality as an altoholic or dealing with it in your family life.

My VR Journey

New Headstrap for my main Meta Headset

What I’ve Been Doing:

Playing with UZA

Other VR This Week:

Holofit by

My Personalized Skybox


Closing Thoughts

I’ve been sober since March 14, 2023 and it has become a big part of my life. I am living the Single, Sober and Living Small Lifestyle.