Monday, April 30, 2012

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 266 - Kids and Gufoni

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Interview with David Bryher! Thanks Gufoni!

Juuno's Corner

Hello Darlings!  

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you guys and gals aren't recording until early Monday morning because I am SO behind today!  I got to spend the day with one of my brothers, his wife and my ADORABLE little nephew today...we had SO much fun and I forgot to record my CAW till late late!  <=.S

Anywho, I hope you're all doing well!  

/great big hugs!

Juuno  :-P

p.p.s.  Here's where I'll be next weekend!  =D

What We've Been Doing:






Beta,BGs and Alts

Hey all!!!  So wonderful to hear you all every week!!  My daily commute to and from work now allows me enough time to listen to all my favorite podcasts, which of course, CTL, ALT, WOW is always at the top my my list!!!
I was not among the first people to sign up for the yearly pass so I was late getting into the beta....boy what a capital "M" Mess!! The client loaded fairly quickly for me, so I guess I was lucky there, but where I was not lucky at all, was tearing through the layers and layers of Pandarian trying to interact with  or pick up quest items.....YUCK!!  If the level of humanity displayed during those moments is any indicator of how people are in general I fear for the world.   All of that being said, however, I still jump in from time to time do a few quests and call it a night.  I have rolled a Night Elf monk to see if that is any easier and indeed, it is.  I haven't seen on other person at all in that area so that definitely is going a lot smoother.  I also tried to create a level 85 character but it kept failing as I assume all 2 million beta-ites were doing the same thing.
The majority of my time is spent in BG's.  Most of my 85's are full on in the 397 (not sure of that number) pvp....and slowly working their way into 403.  My favorites as of this email are Finnoulah my female dwarf frost mage, and Kyradanka my female dwarf enchantment shaman.  For reasons I am not totally sure Kyradanka started do major damage and as long as I have some heals she does pretty darn well.  I have yet to get the nuances of the class down as I have fought shamans who seem to take no damage what so ever and I want to figure out how that is done.
As we all know being an altaholic can make leveling a specific toon (or toons) kind of difficult.  I have three (yes...three) DK's all stuck between levels 66 and 71, and I swear if I run Pukegard Keep one more time I am likely to leap of my back porch and plummet to my death.  Only one of the three DK's have heirlooms and the leveling is SO SLOW.  I am also trying to level my first warrior, Tessitura.  She is 77 and has been a tank for all of her life, but I want her to run as Arms in bg's, but trying to pick up a skill tree at that level aint always fun!
Anywho...that's it for me.  As always, if anyone is looking to join an alliance guild feel free to look up Rabid Kittens in Norgannon...any toon that is on is most likely me.
Peace, yo!

Ironman challenge

Hi Guys

Listen to the podcast every week and really enjoy it.

I too have been doing the ironman challenge last 3 times have been paladin's,  lost them @ 36, 40 & 43  decided to go 
with a hunter sooo much easier currently lvl 56 , Ashayo, heres a tip you can use health/mana food as long as it doesn't
give you a buff, bugger just standing around and waiting on mana regen ...

Also there is a site to track challengers you can add you characters to it , it also tracks the fallen ironmen.

I normally play on th Aman'thul server (Oceanic) however have been doing my iroman toons on Wyrmest accord server , 
and we /join iron channel so we can swap danger spots / give encouragement etc.



I want my pants back

Hey gang I wanted to chime in on the topic of the length of your podcast. For me...the longer the better! I listen to 4 wow podcasts and I commute 2 hours total per day. So if Jeppy plugs that into a spread sheet, :-) that's 10 hours of banter I need to fill my addiction.  Also, although I miss Jeppy and Tiedra dearly, Wren is doing a fine job filling in. WTG Wren.
Hey Ashao I apologize in advance if you just failed to mention this little tidbit but I wanted to mention it in case you missed it. It involves the quest with the guy wanting his pants back. (I also apologize 'cause I don't know details of things as well as you all and I will be paraphrasing for the most part). But anyway, I believe after you give him his pants back, the quest ends and he goes running off. I followed him and he goes back to the female leader and she asks him "where have you been" and he's all telling her all this great stuff he's been doing how he's been fighting this and that and just lying through his teeth. And, so he doesn't get called on it, he ends it quickly and says " ok I've got fighting to do" and scampers off. And as he's leaving the female goes "ok..... oh hey.....why are your pants on backwards?" I was rolling!!! Great job as always gang!! Take care. Yensidz!

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Hello CAW, I been away for a while and took a break from podcast and just got back on to listen. There are so many podcast that I don’t have time to listen to all of CAW’s old podcast. What has happen to Vrishna & Jeppy?

Why me

Sorry for the poor recording this week seems all the good Kama I built up by doing good deeds has turned around and kicked my teeth in.

Big G

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First full set

Hey there CaW crew. Hope everyone is  doing great both in and out of game. Special get well wishes to Jeppy and Tedrah hope they are feeling better.

   I spent most of my game week working on my new Rogue "Lastkiss" I took her through all the low level dungeons which not only kept her looking very fashionable bur also kept her gear slightly ahead of the content she was running making all her back stabbing and ambushing very effective.
When she got to the wailing caverns I realized for the first time that there was an entire leather armor set that could be collected inside the creepy old maze. It took quite a few runs but eventually she got the entire "Embrace of the Viper" armor set. I was very exciting to have my first full set of dungeon gear. The set looked great and lasted quite a few levels (though its now in the closet awaiting its turn for transmog).
The next set she'll be hunting down is the "Cadaverous Garb" which is found in Scholomance.

   The lovely Mrs. Necro felt well enough to play a little WoW  this week and did some of the Children's week quest line. Her very favorite pet in all of Azeoth is "Egbert" so I'm sure she will be trying to get one of the crazy lil guys for all her new level 85 toons.
I'm so happy to have her in my life, both real and virtual ;)

   In other news I did a huge (and long overdue) mailbox and bank clean up. The auction house is now full to bursting with all the junk I found.

   Shout out to Auntpol, who needed a "delicious chocolate cake". He told me that the cake was selling on the auction house for well over a hundred gold. So I made a dozen of em. One for Auntpol and the others for the auction house (where I've made over 800 gold selling cake) Cheers and thanks for the tip Auntpol.

   I'm always a bit nervous sending sweets and food by post. Most people don't know it but the Horde mail system is actually run by the Goblins and not all of them can be trusted. When a Goblin mail worker goes "postal" he  stuffs his bags and pockets with letters and packages and runs off screaming "mine, mine, mine all mine!!!!!" The Goblin mail police are ever watchful and vigilant for the signs of "package handler fatigue syndrome".

Thats all for now my friends, thanks as always for your wonderful show .

The Nekro's

remember undead love is forever

I understand that some people turn off their experience when hunting for dungeon sets. Do any you know how to turn off XP? I assume you turn it off so that by the time you farm up the set you haven't out leveled it which I suppose is a problem now with the increased XP in the lower level game areas. Any advice on this matter would be appreciated.

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 265 - The Bittersweet Loremaster

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno's Corner
Hello Darlings!  Audio attached...hope you like it!  

/great big hugs!

Juuno  =)

ps. these videos are cute...well, the first one especially... "Video: British nerds bond over World of Warcraft"

("mount stupid" does not refer the game, just fyi ;)

What We've Been Doing:


The Trial of Fire Hard to figure out, but then I did. Trying to do my LM toons. Finally figured it out, but boy was it hard.

Started doing instances I like for fun. Did ZF using Astara, 85 pally to clear for Bruizilla. Then got focused on getting an heirloom had for her.
Mailbox outside of Garrosh's place new?



- Ended with 26857g = 1447G 

- ventured into the yeti cave near Tarren Mill. Quite heartstopping, since there were ones that patrolled right through the cave. Plus I dropped down rather than fight my way in, since they were respawning behind me.
- A fighting chance - Hill Fawn "saved". They explode! Don't stand near them!! 
- 100% into level 26 and Captain Iceheart did me in.

Twilight Highlands
- Got [The Bread Winner] (make 10,000 from quest rewards) 4 quests into the zone.
- Enoying the completely different quest line here, nice way to finish off.
- The barrels in thundermarr behave differently than I recall. Pretty sure on the horde side they explode and you click while in combat. On the alliance side, they give you a buff and get you drunk, but you can't use in combat. Of course, this time the Dragonmaw are the enemy, and you're helping the Wildhammer clan.




Another submission!

Hello again CAW crew! I sent my first submission last week and had fun doing it, so I’m subjecting you to more ramblings. =) I haven’t yet been on my toons to get the guild invite, and it’s Noblegarden’s fault.
I’ve recently become addicted to achievements, and am determined to earn “What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been” this year. After breezing through The Lunar Festival and Love Is InThe Air, I was happy that the timing of Noblegarden hit right when I had some downtime. Now that it’s done, I swear if I never, EVER see another cartoon colored egg for the rest of my existence, I will die a happy lady.
I started with the easy parts first – eating chocolates and planting flowers in the desert. I got myself into bunny form and was ready go lay my egg in Un’Goro Crater when I realized I couldn’t get there without breaking the bunny effect. I was not about to hop my way across two continents, though I saw on a forum that someone actually hopped from Goldshire and it took 53 minutes. WHOA. That’s far too much of my life I can’t get back, so I set my hearth to Marshal’s Stand and waited until I turned into a bunny the next time. I simply hearthed home, hopped past a few mobs and laid my egg. Easy peasy.
I then purchased a flower wand thingy and began stalking females over 18. And yes, I realize how wrong that sentence sounds. Some races were easy, the only trick being cooldown management. Five minutes can feel painfully long when you’re lurking in the shadows, eyeing your prey.
Uldum’s a great place to hunt Horde as they rez in – can slap the bunny ears on ‘em before they even know what happened. One Tauren male – an accidental wanding victim – seemed annoyed and came over to stare threateningly at me. I gotta say…as intimidating as those enormous Taurens are, they’re nuttin’ with some pink fuzzy bunny ears on their giant bovine heads. =) I did a little dance and he moved on without murdering me.
The female Tauren is much more elusive, and after 4 days of hunting, I decided I’d better make one on my starter account and level it to 18, just in case. I got her to level 11, which was actually pretty fun since I haven’t created a Tauren since Cata and everything’s different. Now I might have to pay for that account. Sigh.
I gave Uldum one last shot, and as I lay in wait for the final victim on my list, a Tauren in flight form rezzed in. I debated wasting a precious cooldown in case it was a male, but I’d still never seen a female, so I decided it was safe and tossed my flowers at the bird. No achievement. It was a stupid boy. 
About a minute later, a smaller, more elegant-looking cow-person rezzed in. By George, I’d found my female Tauren at last! I leapt to my feet and poised with my flowers ready to toss, when I realized there were still 2 and a half minutes left on the blasted cooldown. Curses!!
I followed her inside the temple building, hoping she’d lag or afk for a few minutes, but no such luck. She took flight and got nearly out of sight before I could mount my dragon and fly after her. I hung back and continued to follow as she went about her business. Finally the cooldown expired and I threw the goofy flowers on her to get the Shake Your Bunny Maker achievement, happy that I didn’t have to “cheat” and use my own toon.
My friend was kind enough to don a dress and let me smooch him for the Blushing Bride achievement, and at last I was a Noble Gardener. The one thing I hadn’t managed to do was find a tuxedo shirt in the eggs, which wasn’t necessary for the meta achievement, but I hated seeing that one thing left unaccomplished for the holiday.
There were 2 days left of Noblegarden, so I spent a couple of extremely boring hours hopping around Azure Watch, gathering eggs. After about 230 of the dang things, I FINALLY got the shirt – then got it again in the next two eggs. A bit of a smack in my adorable bunny face, but I finally had the holiday completed. I also had almost 400 eggs. I poured myself a stiff drink and resumed the hunt – might as well get the chicken mount, which I managed about an hour later. Whew! Another holiday checked off the list!
I’m already worried about Children’s Week, as it contains PVP elements and I’m soooo not a PVP’er. I sense a lot of frustrating hours coming on that one. Such pressure to know if you miss one element you have to wait an entire YEAR to try again - ARGH!
Well, whether you wanted it or not, that was my week in WoW. Hopefully I’ll catch you online for the invite and can relax on my little mage awhile.
For the longest, most stressful, most annoying and yet really fun achievement in the world,
Kezzee / Restlys of Earthen Ring
Elloraa the achiever of Arthas

Jason Rainwater (@nevikjames)
4/18/12 2:23 PM
Looks like the @ctrlaltwow guild on Nevikhoof is "safe" from my "tyranny" w/ the hotfixes yesterday. GM has to be inactive for 90 days now.

listener email

 April 20, 2012 

From Reefberry

Dear CAW,

I found this incomplete letter started back in late January. It may seem slightly outdated and disjointed.

So many alts and so little time, holidays can be rough for the multi-alted. Even so, I do enjoy the world traveling events. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon, Reefberry of CoD had already completed his Azeroth Lunar Festival tour. My many lower level alts had already made their rounds and I enjoyed the cataclysmic changes and new elder locations immensely as I traveled about. Having noticed a new Lunar Festival pet I took my companion collecting mage out for a gambol.

Completing the northern reaches of Eastern Kingdoms, I hopped off the taxi bat and ran toward the elder in the new walled-in Light Hope Chapel. There was a rocket hovering on the ground near the wall but I paid it no attention thinking it to be another player carting around an alt or a friend. Heading back to the taxi bat I realized I hadn’t seen anybody else in the area so I halted and turned back to the rocket. It was an NPC and he had a low level quest sending me to Fuselight on a goblin errand. Since I was done with the northern region, a free ride to Badlands sounded good. Better yet the quest would actually pay me to ride and I would have time to refill my real glass of grape cordial while on the taxi. The rocket flew me to Fuselight-by-the-Sea where I enjoyed coconut rum while watching sheep explode. The dancing goblin in a top hat convinced me to have a few more coconut rums however the screen kept getting fuzzier and fuzzier. Not willing to venture through the town of exploding sheep with a fuzzy vision I wobbled to the pier and did some fishing. You just never know what you might fish up.

From Badlands I flew toward the Dwarven regions of Loch Modan and Dun Monrogh visiting more elders. Somewhere on top of IronForge Mountain I spotted a lone dwarf sentry marching up the hill. He looked like an easy honor kill so I landed on the peak and picked him off. I trudged around in the snow looking for another. I found what appeared to be groups of sledders. Aye, groups of dwarves and gnomes sledding down the side of the mountain. I also noticed how high this mountain seemed.  Being a mage with feather fall I enjoy high places. I know the spell is really “slow fall” but I always call it “feather fall”, I don’t know why.

I climbed to the highest point and scouted for the deepest depression. Backing up from the edge and facing what I believed to be the greatest depth a ran a few steps hurled myself out over the edge and popped feather fall. Sometimes you need a little forward motion to clear any lower secondary lips. This jump took me down into Baradin Bay just outside Menethil Harbor for a whopping 116 seconds of feather falling. That jump was my personal feather fall record. Previously, I recorded 104 and 108 seconds off Blackrock Mountain and 90 seconds off Grim Batol. For the longest time I couldn’t find a spot to break the 4 feather fall cast barrier; 120 seconds. Just recently, I smashed the barrier with a huge 147 second jump, just shy of 5 feather fall casts. From the “Rim of the World”, in Mount Hyjal, I floated down into Felwood. The spot is above Leyara’s Sorrow and then point toward the Scattered Vale in Felwood. I almost landed on Kroshius’s head.

The secret to feather falling isn’t just the highest peak. One must consider the floor. Falling into a deeper hollow can add a substantial number of seconds to the fall. Additionally, forward momentum is a substantial factor. Most jumps are not straight down. In the non-physics hint section miss-stepping and miss-clicking can be expensive so practice on smaller cliffs first. Don’t wear or keep expensive gear in your bags. If you must resurrect at the angel the financial penalty can be steep. Winterspring’s ocean side cliffs and the Azshara/Winterspring waterfall taught me well about the possibility of needing the angel’s resurrection. My dead body was on the cliff face of Winterspring, but my graveyard location was in Azshara. In lower character level areas, like Azshara, dead people do not get flying mounts regardless of there avatar’s level. The prospect of running by foot from the far corner of Azshara to the cliff tops in Winterspring was not appealing.

Even though sky falling and cliff jumping are both recognized Extreme Olympic Sports by the Warcraft Olympic Committee, I personally prefer cliff jumping. First, the adventure in finding high peaks is more fun than just flying straight up on your mount anywhere anytime. I understand the convenience for you overweight Taurens and short-legged Dwarves, but come-on, hop on the health wagon! Get out there and live! Second, it takes more skill to judge the need of forward motion and timing the jump with the spell ignition. Sky fallers simply dismount, where’s the skill?

      Well, I finally honored all the elders I could find and retrieved the new Lunar Festival Lantern companion. I ran into Durdles on the bridge just before Taurenville in Orgrimmar. He was jumping up and down and mentioned something about trying to get balloons. I dared not ask for clarification, but instead asked Durdles over Skype, “What do you think of my new pet?”
      After about 30 seconds he replies “What’s the new pet, that pink lamp shade?”

      I chuckled and simply said “Yup.”

      I hear a disapproving snort then Durdles mutters, “Lamp shades, broomsticks, what’s next doorknobs?”

      Honeythunder pitches his happy quip with “Doorknobs? That would be good for my rogue.”

Five Years, High Five!

Audio Mambo Number 5

WARNING WARNING audio content may contain a lot of talking.

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah, special guest and the listeners.
(hope Jeppy gets better soon)

How's everyone doing? I hope you are all having a great week of wowness downing enemies and taking loot.

I hope everyone who has signed up for the beta is on the beta and discovering the world of pandaria and killing everything they can see on the island.

It's been a while since I have sent in a audio submission, so i may have made up for the lost time I do apologize....

I hope you all have a great week in and out of game

For the alliance

Cadwgan / Codwagon

It's not another audio submission

I know this week you will once again strive to keep my listening live to leeta or chatting live to her again in the chat room by finishing before I knock off work again tonight don’t you think I know it’s a massive conspiracy to keep me away. And I would like to say sorry to teedra next time I break into your house I will try to be more stealthy as to not wake you up that being your dream house and all. Thumbs up to whoever you get to guest host tonight I am hoping for a dreams or Juuno or maybe be still my raging heart a leeta but whoever you get should be awesome.
Big G

Getting over the gaming blahs

Hey CAW crew,

As I will probably be asleep when you're recording, since my sleep schedule is weird due to night shift work. I decided we should go a little more "fun" with the song this week, and take a break from the slower songs. Wren insisted it sounded better acapella, so no fun drum beats this week.
And Aprillian, don't worry, we haven't forgotten your request. We plan to do "The Climb/Grind" soon. :D
Anyways, Enjoy and sending some love to my hubs today!

Rigarmorty CAW 265

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, Eljeppy & Tedrah!

Attached is m audio update this week...



Rogue crazy

Hello CaW crew, Aprillian,  Ashayo, Tedrah, and Jeppy. Things are well with the Nekros, Mrs. Nekro is recovering nicely from surgery and sends big thanks and hugs to all her guildies for their kind words and get well wishes. Mr.Nekro has been playing some wow this week and after seeing the "Legendary Rouge" video and how amazing the quest chain looked, he went a little Rogue crazy.
First he assess his current Rogue toons and their level. Finding them well named but lacking any level much above 30 he decided to bring in his big gun from the Velen server "Shadowjax" a level 60 subtly Rogue with a truly messiness reputation. Jumping immediately into Outland Shadowjax met up with his old friend Maggotshot (who had miraculously level himself from one to sixty in less than a week, props to you Maggotshot). Together they completed several of the harder quest chains in Hellfire peninsula. Shadowjax then raced to Zango Marsh and on to Nagrand where he reached level 68 and we all know where you go at level 68… thats right, Northrend!
Beautiful Northrend, where the air is cool and clear the quests make sense, the Lich King rules and all the gear matches and no one has to dress like a clown (unless they just choose to mog that way)
Shadowjax is now level 70 and geared up rather nicely in blues and greens.
Playing a Rogue again was so much fun I decided to start another only this time I made my very first female toon, a Bloodelf Rogue named Lastkiss. She is currently leveling through ghost lands and looking very fine in her Warped Leather armor.

Cheers and much love from the Nekros

and remember undead love is forever

guys please don't concern yourselves with the length of your segments. As far as I'm concerned "the longer the better"  I find you show wonderfully witty, articulate, informative and very listener friendly. If people want to listen to short segments there are plenty of wow podcasts out there that have a half-hour format that are designed to fit the limited attention spans of the unwashed masses.
Keep it long and strong.


Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


Monday, April 16, 2012

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 264 - Hey You Get Off of My Egg

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno, soon!

What We've Been Doing:


Dragon conundrum

Eggs, eggs and more eggs. Bruzilla got the mount from an egg. Collected 20 eggs before logging off.

Funny seeing a felguard following a bunny

Did two nights of Ulduar with Brudawg and the Valentines, Moheal, Delthan

Great gear for t-mogging

Shucks Ears:





Did a little bit of egg camping. Went to Brill and just hung out in the tent and grabbed the two eggs that spawn in there. Needed a nap so didn't get nearly enough for a mount. Will have to wait for next year.

Did a little beta on Lost Isles server.  Made a monk, Cix. So friend me if you'd like. Starting area not nearly as crowded. Was able to see both the starting quest giver and the scroll upstairs.  Got further than on the original panda I made. 

On Tedra, found out the hard way that Hellscream's Hope and Send me to Pandaria options on portal Panda have no quests.  You need to start at the wreck of the Sky Shark if you want there to be any quests to do. Loving the hunter stuff I've seen so far.  Particularly like Call Beast which is a level 75 talent option. Discovered they changed camouflage, you now need to use a glyph to be able to move with it. Currently stuck at the Acid Rain quest which is bugged and the gateway quest to move forward.

Linx married Torian. Got a couple of letters from Torian.  I like the way they play out the interaction between you and your companions.

Working on my dragon tower.


The Clayton Achievement

G'day everyone,

It has been some time since I last wrote and thought it was time I said hello with an update.
My Druid Ragulfa, who is in Clan of Darkness has now reached level 55. He is feral dps which I'm enjoying a lot, probably because the play style is quite similar to a rogue which is my main (Clogalis).
I now have 8 level 85s with the most recent graduate being my arms warrior Igohaerias (if you pronounce his name correctly you won't be able to say it with your clean tag) and I find melee dps to be the most enjoyable.
Ragulfa was recently on the flying taxi from Thunderbluff to the Cross Roads when the sky turned red and there was a distinct smell of burning Orc in the air. Sure enough as my taxi ride flew closer I was horrified to see that Deathwing had set ablaze to everyone and every thing at the Cross Roads. An achievement banner flashed up on my screen "Stood in the Fire" (Be killed by Deathwing) as my taxi approached the landing point. A second before I landed the fire burnt itself out so when I did land, I lived! To my surprise, I earned the achievement to be killed by Deathwing without being killed by Deathwing.
Lastly, I want to say that I look forward to Jeppy's segment even if others may think its a little long sometimes. It's interesting to me to hear how others find enjoyment in WoW from the many different aspects the game has to offer, in this case being able to play the economy.

Best wishes,

Clogalis (Clog-ah-lis)

Sent from my iPhone (not during work hours *cough cough)

Name goof - doh

Hello again - I misspelled my own character name when I wrote in last week. Lordy. I think I have another toon with a similar name and got them confused. 

Correct spelling: Kezzee

Also Restlys the death knight. 

Thanks and sorry for the confusion!

Bangobingo Update, take 2

Hey CAW Crew,

I hope all is well with the hosts and the listening audience. I regret to report my failure to keep with my resolution to provide regular updates in my last submission. The RL bos has been consistantly causing me to wipe on sending in an update. the biggest drain on my time is due to the fact I am competing for an assignement to graduate school and have to take the dreaded GRE (graduate readiness examination). While I consider myself a generally intelligent person, I struggle with remembering basic math concepts I learned over a decade ago in college. Moreover, I have not studied vocabulary since high school so that doesn't help either. In any case I take the test on April 5th and will hopefully make the marks required for my competitive assignment.
I have been able to eek out a bit of wow time and have pushed my mage, Readytogogo, to level 80. My goal is to get her to 85 prior to the launch of MoP but we shall see. I have also been steadily working on my goblin rogue, Tiptop, who rests at level 57 currently. I have been taking short study breaks to do some farming of herbs and mining nodes to support my new Shammy, Porkens, in leveling inscription and jewel crafting. I am still awaiting my beta invide from the annual pass and hope to gain access prior to the end of May. I have some "stay-cation" planned and would love to spend some of it helping to improve the game through diligent and methodical testing of the game's latest expansion. Ok, I really just want to troll trade chat and screw around in the panda starting area, sue me.
Well, that is all I have for now. Wish me luck on the GRE and I hope to get back on a more regular routine of submissions soon.
v/r (very respectfully, because its been a while ;))
Hey CAW/COD crew,

I hope all is well with everyone everywhere all the time… forever. I just wanted to send another quick update. In RL I was able to complete the GRE I mentioned in my last update (though I didn’t hear it on the last episode, curious :P) and it appears I have made the initial cutoff score needed to compete for the potential work assignment.

With that out of the way I have been getting back into Azeroth over the past week.  With Noblegarden in full swing I was able to run my warrior, Bangobingo, through the world event achievements and earned “the Noble” title. Special thanks to Leetta who helped me get the last achievement by laying an egg in Un’Goro Crater. I am anxiously awaiting  the children’s week “school of hard knocks” achievement as it took me three years to complete that one on my main on another server. I hope I can manage to compete it as I do not know if I can wait another year to complete the “what a long strange trip its been” meta.

On the alt front, my rogue, Tiptop, has been steadily leveling and is now sitting at level 61. I have been tempted to do the scroll of resurrection to revive an old RAF account but am not sure if I will get it done in time. The rewards are great but my time is being sucked away  again in the near future as I begin a new job as a course manager for the course I formerly instructed for the Army.

Well, that’s about all I have for now. I hope everyone in the listening audience is doing well and enjoying their time in and out of game. Remember to include the title “contest submission” in your emails to be eligible for the prizes from the hosts.

Take care!



Many Thanks

Dear Apprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy. I just wanted to send you all very special thank you. My lovely wife was recently diagnosed with cancer. After a month and a half of doctor and hospital visits, test after test and finally one major surgery she is finally on the mend.
I spent many a long hours traveling back and forth to Hong Kong on the ferry and even more time in waiting rooms waiting for news (good or ill) In many of those hours it was the kindly fun loving gang at Ctrl Alt WoW who helped kept me company. Your wonderful podcast never failed to bring a smile to my worried face and always brightened my day no matter how bad things seemed to be.
Every time I had a moment to jump into the game for a little wile the Clan of Darkness crew were always there with cheerful banter and a helping hand making life seem just a little normal for a wile.
Special thanks also to our in game friends Mel and Forty two, who's kind whispers and words of encouragement helped so very much, you guys are the best.

Thank you Clan of Darkness, for your dedication and hard work every week. Your delightful podcast really does make a difference in the lives of people all over the world.

From the Nekro's

remember, undead love is forever.

Howdy from Texas!

Hello CaW Crew!

Long time listener, first time emailer.  

I heard my friend's email read on last week's podcast so I thought I should drop you a line as well.  Restlys told you about her introduction to WoW, and how she acquired a taste for medeval settings and blood shed by starting with bunnies as a human priest.  I've been playing a tad bit longer than she has, and was also introduced to the game by another Warcraft player.  I started playing during Burning Crusade.

My first character was a human paladin.  I picked the character basically because it looked like one of the most flexible classes.  I had no idea what melee, tanking, and healing meant, but Google searches told me they could do it all.  Although I did get him up a few levels, I quested some with a warlock, and decided that setting things on fire, and jumping around like an idiot appeared to be a much better way to level and PVP at the time.  (The Paladin at that time was much slower to level...I've since level capped another Paladin after Blizzard sped up a lot of the areas, but my original Paly is parked in the 50's DEing mats for AH speculation.)

When Restlys (Malyssa) started playing, I also rolled a priest to level with her.  The concept of playing two characters at the same time seemed strange to is also something I didn't grasp as quick as she did.  My muscle memory would often get in the way of switching between characters, and finally at around level 50 I opened another account, and leveled my priest to 70 by following the warlock around when I wasn't questing with others.  Some of the guildies didn't like the idea of me "cheating" the game, and one of them actually reported me to Blizzard.  Blizzard checked in on me...mostly to make sure my account hadn't been hacked, but I continued on with the multiboxing with the priest until level 70.  

On the priest, I did avoid some of the silly mistakes I had made with the warlock.  For example, I chose appropriate professions.  On the warlock, I had picked skinning and leather working simply because someone that was very helpful on the realm had helped me quest in an area and kept stopping to turn scraps into leather and make things from them.  

I also investigated talents for the priest and ended up going Discipline so I could PVP and PVE heal...on the warlock, I was probably level 20 before anyone told me about talents.  Actually others probably attempted to tell me, but I often didn't respond to the word "noob". I was on a small PVP realm...small PVP realms are known for their cliques and lack of social interaction skills.  On a non clean tag podcast, I would say they have their share of asses.     

From 70-80, I leveled the warlock up in a combination of WotLK questing and bgs.  I leveled the priest at the same time, but tended to do more healing in dungeons.  Leveling a priest can be tough work...if you're not shadow, everyone sees you as an honor point.  

Although I did do quite a few dungeons at 70...mostly due to warlocks being in demand for summoning and demon control in the dungeons on the Isle, level 70 heroics were difficult even with some of the better players in the guild and on the realm.  However, WotLK changed a lot of that, and that is where I really started enjoying dungeons.  So I rolled my first true purpose tank...a DK tank.  It was rough going at first...LFD made things much quicker, but that was before everyone just stopped talking...I endured the comments ranging from...come back when you get death and decay, to go level cap a toon before you start a dk, to "shouldn't have bought the toon on ebay".  

Having healed quite a bit up to that point, I did stick with it, and have since level capped a tank--as a tank--in every tanking class except the Druid.  I am working on the druid though...have one to 56 and got a freeby 80 druid from activating a scroll of resurrection.

I don't often think of myself as an altaholic, as I tend to focus on one toon for large periods of time, but I do have quite an army of alts now.  My account shows 39 characters...most of them Alliance.  Of the 39, my 85s include 3 dks, a priest, a warlock, a warrior, a paladin, and a rogue.  My children also play WoW and we have an achievement guild that we work on when we can.  My daughter is quite busy finishing up high school, so she can mostly only play on the weekend.  My son and I get 30-60 minutes in during the week a couple of times per week though.  

I would love to join the Clan of Darkness, and hope this email qualifies.

On Earthen Ring:  Lenuer, Befreit, and Shoory



This will be rushed as I am due at work in like five minutes
Big G

Rigarmorty Update

Hi Caw Crew!

I had some audio issues with what I recorded so no audio from me this week. My Undead Lock Mortagony is level 35 and I'm enjoying destruction spec quite a bit. He's questing in the Hinterlands. A quest area worth avoiding is Jintha'Alor there's a series of quests there but it can be quite tedious. You have to go and kill various troll types and spiders but have to go up several levels and back down again several times killing the same 20 or 30 mobs as they respawn by the time you come back down again so that's the same mobs in both directions! 

Not much else to report from me this week. Had a meeting last week work related and I think everything is starting it work itself out.


Rigarmorty (@Rigarmorty)
4/9/12 5:18 AM
Forgot to mention in my audio but my blog is this weeks blogazeroth blog of the week :)

Rigarmorty (@Rigarmorty)
4/10/12 11:40 PM
Cool :) It's hard to find the blog of the week but here's the post:

Hellooo CAW Sweeties,
Hope this finds you all well and having a great week. Special healing hugs going to Tedrah - I hope you are recovering well.
Sorry no audio again this week - my voice is still yucky from the flu however I am feeling alot better and should be back to "normal" soon :)
I've been very busy in WoW this past week. With Noblegarden being still available I madly collected eggs on 7 toons to get the new mount. Only twice did the mount drop from an egg so had fun collecting eggs while watching through some shows I needed to catch up with - yay for being sick ... kinda lol.
On Leeta I managed to get another mount from Argent Tournament, so only one to go. They still ask after you Aprillian, I think they're pining for you especially The Kraken. :D
I did LFR this week - no loot however a good fast run, pity about the increasing amount of trolls in there lately. People can be so silly. Does anyone find that people get more silly when an expansion has been out for awhile? Are people just bored? What do you all think?
I went to help a guildie in Twilight Highlands as she found a rare spawn called Julak-Doom. Let's just say after many many attempts and checking WoWhead we found that we needed at least a 10 man raid to be successful. Was funny trying though.
I made a new gear set for Leeta - decided I needed a new look and settled on the Felcloth Set. Spent a few hours gathering Felcloth and Demonic Runes and was able to create the set. Am looking around for another set to play with so anyone have any ideas let me know.
Managed to get my IM toon to Lvl 32 - didn't play her alot again this week (letting Ashayo catch up :P)
CoD girls - Managed to get the Noble Title on my lil warlock - was very excited. Did much corpse running to get the Desert Rose achievement - always reminds me of Vanilla WoW and the corpse runs I used to do. It's funny to see how far you get before you die.
Did some more herbing on my DK - always relaxing to just run around and pick pretty flowers :)
Well that's it for me. May you all have a wonderful week.
Big hugs

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness

Happy Birthday - Matahorn


Monday, April 9, 2012

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 263 - Eggmageddon 2012

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


The Beta kept giving me you are disconnected from the server. At the log in screen, it gave me an option of Wow1 and Wow2. I had chosen 1 for the first free attempts.

Almost made that classic mistake at DMF - Archeology skill level was 222 of 225. Went to train before turning in fossils. Took Bruzilla on my rocket to DMF staging area, only cost one 30silver and we both were teleported.
Took various toons to DMF. Epril still needed some levels in fishing and 

- Got the new mount in under 200 eggs!

Mount Hyjal
- Dinged 85 113 quests into the 115 required for the zone
- 17 days, 7 hours, 23 minutes, 8 seconds. (Although real time spent would be alot less due to all the AFK ness)
- Completed quest chain and made an additional 326g
- Bought chest and neck from Guardian of Hyjal quartermaster (had hit revered)

- Hit 21 and finished Silverpine Forest. Pretty cool story line and twists at the end between Sylvanas and Gilneas.
- Different quests in Hillsbrad. You become and questgiver. You have to use a shovel to whack human "seedlings"

- Hit 24 

- Tried running some dungeons to get mounts 
  - Heroic Sethekk Halls for Mount of the Raven Lord
  - Karazahn for Fiery Warhorse's Reins off Midnight
  - Utgarde Pinnacle for Reins of the Blue Protodrake off Skadi

- Heroics with Molly & Lanc
- Exalted with Ramkahen - 20 factions 

Launched AIE Salus. My hunter is GM and has terrible gear. Ran Throne of the Tides with Molly healing on her pally that got to 80 via SoR



I'm sorry, I haven't played anything.  Well, I did play about five minutes of sims social just to send everyone their requests.


Dear Ctrl Alt Wow Crew,
       "The Journey" chiming in again.  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Wolfbrother extending a scroll of resurrection to me.  I have added time to my account to give him his well deserved mount as well as purchased two pets that you can give to well deserving listeners!  A monk in the spirit of the new expansion and a Mookin Hatchling because it is the cutest.  I hope to see you in the World of Warcraft soon.  Just wanted to let you know how much of a positive impact you had in my life by giving back.

Happy questing,
     The Journey

***I added a picture with the codes also just to make sure you get them***
** I was trying to get them to you before you recorded this week's but that is okay***

Feel free to give them out however you feel.  :)

World of Warcraft® Pet: Pandaren Monk

World of Warcraft® Pet: Moonkin Hatchling


Hola, CAW Crew!
I’ve been listening to your podcast regularly for a few months now and really enjoy it, so I decided to finally write in to tell you so.
I was introduced to WoW about 4 years ago by an online friend who is now a real life best buddy and business partner. Ah, the wonders of the web. =) We were going to do an audio submission together, but I chickened out. Perhaps in the future.
I'm not a fan of medieval settings or killing things, so I ignored my friend's WoW invite for several weeks before finally giving in and creating a toon on his server. I made a human holy priest – healing sounded better than killing. When I logged in, he was busy helping another friend, so I waited outside Northshire Abbey until he could come show me the ropes. 
While I was inspecting the area and admiring the lovely forest graphics, a cute little rabbit hopped by, so I clicked on it. To my horror, the poor critter shrieked and flopped over dead at my feet! I spent the next several minutes trying in vain to resurrect the dead bunny, clicking on every spell I had on my bar. None were effective, and eventually the cartoon carcass vanished.
Shaken, I backed away from the scene of the crime and didn’t click on anything or anyone else for fear of starting a fight or killing another player. I hid behind a large tree to await my friend, who finally showed after nearly an hour.
Four years later, I no longer hide behind trees (well, not very often) and have honored the dead bunny’s memory by having my murderous priest complete all the critter-lovin’ achievements. =) I also have a whole gaggle of toons, several of them 85 or close to it, a few in the 60s and 40s, and a bunch of lowbies in their 20s. When I get bored, I make another toon.
After years of trying to deny my alt-a-holicism, I’m now quite proud of the little economy I’ve got going on a few realms. I also no longer feel I’m wasting my time if I avoid finishing a character to 85 in favor of starting another from scratch.
Raiding and equipment used to stress me out – I felt I was supposed to push through end game content, when I really preferred putzing around on lower toons or working on professions. I think listening to the podcast helped reinforce to me that there are plenty of ways to play the game and there are no requirements to follow any certain path.
Your podcast is like alt-a-holic group therapy sometimes – LOL. It’s fun to hear how others play their game and I always learn something new, from auction strategies to basic things I just never thought about. The Loremaster discussions are great – they’ve often inspired me to return to areas and pick up quests I missed because they sounded fun. I don’t have the patience to start a Loremaster toon myself, but am considering taking my priest back through the zones to add it to her achievements.
Wow – this got long. My apologies. Love the podcast and would love to be in the CoD guild – I created another little mage on Earthen Ring for this purpose and transferred / faction changed a dusty level 80 dk to be her money mule. =)
Hope you all get your beta invites if you haven’t already. I just received mine yesterday, but it’s so crowded in pandaland that there’s not much to do or see. Waiting until things cool down a bit.

Cheers – keep up the great work!
Kezzie or Restlys on Earthen Ring
Malyssa IRL (pron: Melissa)

Just when you thought you got out, it sucks you back inĊ .

Hi all!

It's been a while since I've e-mailed, mainly because I had taken a small break from the game.  I was finding myself feeling bored, so I dove into SWOTR for a while.  It's a nice change when I feel like I need to see some different sites for a while.  I got into the be beta, and was having a good time being a panda.  I ran into the same frustrations you had mentioned in the starting zone- guys standing on top of the beginning quest giver and that silly scroll you need to burn.  Once you get past those, it's pretty clear sailing.  I tried rolling monks on a couple of other toons.  I don't think they've worked out the bugs on that yet- found that starting a troll monk, the starting quest giver didn't offer the troll starting quest chain.  Too bad, I thought a troll monk would be a riot.  Overall, the beta so far is pretty fun.  I'm looking forward to the release!

I heard of the Ironman challenge, and decided to give it a try.  I rolled a tauren paladin, thinking healing would be a good idea with no potions allowed.  I was cruising along, until I got to level 18.  I decided to do the quests at Ratchet.  I was rolling through those too, until I decided to go for Admiral Proudmoore.  He had a couple of helpers with him.  I was doing okay with them, when a couple more guys jumped into the fray.  I couldn't heal fast enough and ended up dead.  Sigh.  Delete.  Reroll.  I've got my next pally up to level 16 already.  I just have to be more careful not to pull too many at once.  All in all, I'm loving the Ironman experience.  Knowing death is final really makes it exciting.  We'll see how far Ironskillet, the tauren paladin gets this time!

I also was wondering about the new scroll of resurrection.  I realized I had a lapsed trial account from buying the Warcraft Warchest that I hadn't done anything with.  I wasn't sure if it would work, because I had never added play time beyond the initial 30 day trial I got for free.  I figured I'd give it a shot, and see if Blizzard would allow it.  Sure enough, I now have Dhern, a level 80 tauren paladin on Earthen Ring!  This ought to be interesting, because I haven't got a clue how to play a high level pally!  The highest I'd ever levelled one was level 47!  I love the fact that you start with a really decent set of greens for armour, weapons, jewelry, etc.  I also love that you start with a 280 travel speed, and both riding and flying mounts to match!  I love that you start with all the flying skills trained and paid for!  Healing is at level 450, and you get a full set of frost weave bags.  I'm currently training up cooking, mining and blacksmithing.  That part makes it similar to starting a death knight.  I added my credit card info to the account, so I should be getting a spectral flying mount!  (Sigh, account number 3, and I don't even multi-box, I just roll a lot of alts!)

Anyway, love the show, and I'll see you in game, on one of the three accounts I'm now juggling!  ROFL!


Azhreghal, Madhenry, and too many more alts to name!

Submission: 6am? Really? Really? WHY?!?!

Hey guys, went with audios this week.



Wren and Morgaine (Pronounced: More-gain)

Drinking it's screws up your WoW time

Just a short intro this week again been full of work and lil WoW I like to also blame the new xbox wren in hero academy and also marvel avaengers academy for soaking up the rest of my spare time.
Big G

Rigarmorty Audio for 263




Submission for Episode 263

Hi CAW Sweeties,
Hope this finds you all well and having a great week. Sorry no audio for you this week - have been very sick and my voice isn't holding up well ... I sound like a foghorn at the moment, however am on the road to recovery.
I managed to get some play time in though so here is what I've been up to.
Noblegarden just started and this year they added a new mount - Swift Springstrider. Also they made the Spring Rabbit's Foot Pet no longer BOP. Yay alt's everyone rejoice!
I did my egg grind on Leeta and managed to get the mount from an egg on the 186th egg - woohoo however for Atil I had to grind the 500 chocolates as the mount didn't drop. Also grinded some eggs on my mage to get her the Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit which I brought from the vendor for only 100 chocolates.
I'm still doing Argent Tournament dailies on Leeta and managed to obtain another mount so only 2 left to get. And a message for Aprillian - they miss you oh so muchly and wonder when you will be back!! :D
Didn't play my Iron Man toon this week - felt that being sick might make me do something silly like fall to my death so figured I'd better stay safe and wait until I'm better - hehe!
I spent alot of time fishing at DMF - was inspired by Nekro fishing up the mount so I took Atil out there to see if I could get for her. Well I fished up alot of cloth, ore and volatiles however no mount. Oh well try again next month :) 
CoD news - I levelled my lil lock to 31 and also created a DK which is 58 who is busy levelling Herbing and Inscription as I don't want to go to Outlands until I can pick the "pretty flowers".
Well that's all I got for this week.
Take care and big hugs

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness