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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 180 - Darts Anyone

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 180 - Darts Anyone

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator. Or Tshirt! Yes, Ctrl Alt Wow official T Shirts courtesy of our very own Nevik :

Let's start with Juuno!!!

What We've Been Doing:

Did TOC with a good group. Tank apologized for being silent and not taunting a mob off of me.

Shout out to The Addicted

How to do Nagrand for Alliance
Aprillian & Vrishna

there is no s-a-n-c-t-u-a-r-y-y-y-y You DON'T HAVE to die at 30. YOU CAN LIVE!

Auberdine awaits. Never quested in this area so everything is new.


Lore Courtesy of Zebestes!!!

Email #A from Eranth

Aprillian & Crew,

I wanted to get back to you after I finished the last 20 minutes of the most recent show. Monday was pretty full, with dinner being ready to eat around 8:30p. So, I didn’t get through until this morning while making trips to get the car out of hock, I mean back from being serviced for more things that I like to think about.

All that said, and having considered long and hard about options for being the magical number three last time, ..first I considered asking for a Sparkle-pony, or perhaps Lil’ KT, but I guess I should be practical and go with WoW game time. Please. And thank you.

Hopefully things will get better by the time this bit of game play runs out.

Thank you again, gang.

“Be well…”


AIE Hunter on the Earthen Ring server.

Email #1 from Deathskeeper
I can't Quit you Wow

Hey Hey Guys & Aprillian,

Deathskeeper here I quit WOW for almost 2 months stop cause I stop having fun no Pants on Head was great fun more like I felt like I needed a change so I downloaded and played 30 different free to play games I got the OnLive service but still nothing could fill the hole that leaving WOW made. So finally my wife said your going to play the new one when it comes out I'll pay for it just play what makes you happy. So I'm back this time no DK's or Locks I have master them I'm going hunter and paladin. Now that I'm back I want to play with PoH again I need to listen to the BOE's I missed to pass the quiz and it sounds like you guys have joined the other side on WinterHoof if you have a guild I would like to play with you guys. Man I go away for a little and Aprillian is a "cute" Dwarf but guess my Worgen Druid will need a home. Thanks for always doing a great show Death or I guess now my main will be Bubblelove.

Email #B from Skral

I'm glad you all chuckled a bit at my last email, I was worried that it was much funnier in my head.

My wife and I continue to work on the Venure Co alts, and had another noob moment trying to figure out how to get out of Moonglade after teleporting there.

But I did roll a Alliance character on Winterhoof. A gnome named Skral. But he's an evil gnome. Well at least as evil as I could make him. My big problem is I feel compelled to /dance to taunt every mob before I kill them.

I was out taunting and killing rabbits and actually had a player whisper me to tell me that I don't get experience for killing those. I looked around and apparently had taken all of the rabbits out in the starting zone.

I respectfully typed "thank you, but the voices in my head tell me to kill the rabbits."

And then I /danced for her.

At this point, I have to give props to this little female gnome who figured out I was joking around. She invited me to group!

I said I was waiting for my wife to come online so we could go play our Horde characters. She said "I am your wife, stupid! Who else would put up your gnome's behavior?"

She had a point.

I just wanted to add that you don't need to add my emails to the contest pool.

And anyone on Winterhoof who wants to group up sometime, just whisper. I even promise not to /dance.

Sent from my iPhone

Email #C from Mattdiox

Hello CAW crew.
Mattdiox here today with a big'ole'bag of potato nonsense.

I laughed when you read out my email last show. I don't know how early in a relationship the folks in America get busy but over in the UK some -I will say some- of us like to have a little class about it. Besides I'm a nerd and like all nerds just touching the hand of another of the opposite sex induces PAROXYSMS OF ECSTASY!
Also, thank you to big V for defending me. Or at least I think that is what you were doing . . .

I did play some WoW this week and had fun doing it. My strength/omg lasers priest has moved onto Grizzy Hills. I've found leveling a whole bundle easier because I re-spected to shadow. The reason for that was mainly because of the dungeon incident I told you about a few weeks back. It's not that I have given up hope but I would like to just focus on leveling and getting quests done without running the risk of being called a rubbish healer by a moronic Tank and his 2 goons.

I also have a query for you guys. Oh my god Matt is doing 2 paragraphs about WoW? The sky is falling.
Anyway, I have a friend -and I do mean friend, it's not like I am going to the doctors saying: I have this friend who smokes. No- and she is dissatisfied with our realm. Her guild is falling apart and the only person she really talks to a lot on the server is me. Don't worry she told me that I didn't just assume. But she does a lot of old friends on a different realm. The only thing stopping her is the money and she -like many others- has that feeling of connection to her starting realm. Now I said to her, that if she moves then I will too. I'm not too fond of my realm but I don't hate it either. Moving wouldn't effect friends since the two people I talk to regularly are on Real ID anyway.
My two problems are: The realm is PvP and I just don't think I should have said something like that 'cause it might give the wrong impression. I don't know what that impression is but whatever.
So do you guys think I should have said that? Because I am kind of in a fix now, if she wants to move I have to move or seem like a real . . . mean person.

Beside from all the WoW stuff I don't really have anything interesting to say. Claire came home today. (Friday) We watched an anime. I played a lot of Fallout 3 and read a lot of Jane Eyre which is a college requirement. Surprisingly it is a good read so far. I'm an ultra nerd and can understand old English. I did get a trial for champions online but apart from the slight graphical problems and HUGE! balance issues, it's a decent MMO. Not leaving WoW any time soon though. Unless I get a hankering for Aion again.

From what you say during the emails sometimes. You will be happy to know I did write a Ghoul Store for you guys. This one is more like the first one in the sense it is a monologue. I think this one will also be a lot more macabre than the others. . . cannibalism and all that.

Lots of love, potatoes and fried gnomes.
This was Mattdiox! For the British!

P.S Yes Big V you shall always be called Big V by me from now on!
P.P.S I must once again beg you all to say Jub-Jub please.
P.P.P.S Panderian Monk. . .

Bloop. Warble Garble.

Ghoul Store

Email #2 from Elle

Hi Ctrl Alt WoW,

My name is Elle (holy pally – Saurfang) and I love listening to your podcast. Your combined experiences and joys in game as very similar to mine, raiding and levelling many, many alts.

Our guild (Vendetta – Saurfang) is going well in 10 man but our consistency is letting us down. When we have our set 10 man team on we rock, getting 11/12 but we’ve only managed to get to the LK once L

We’re just finding people aren’t that interested at the moment in raiding and pugging is always a worry.

I have filled all 10 slots on my mains server and have started a few low level toons on Winterhoof, Jubby Bubbly and Earthen Ring. As you can see, all these servers are from people in fantastic pod casts…actually writing that makes me feel a bit like a stalker :S

BUT…I’ve stopped levelling these low levels as you game me a great idea! I’m going to RAF myself a free 10 day trial and multi box!(One of us, one of us).

So I’ll be looking for a home on Winterhoof. It’ll be from a warlock called Medrana.

Bit scared to ask for a home on Jubby Bubbly, as there is a quiz to answer! What if I get it wrong?!?!?

And AIE only accept new players during the first 7 days of a month so I’ve been waiting. Only a few more days to go.

Thanks for your time,


P.S. If I win the roll this week, can I please have the little panda monk? (insert boys doing sound effects) lol

Email #D Acaldraa

Hello ctrlaltwow,

Acaldraa here and not much has been going on in-game so I figured I would send in a few tips for making some extra gold to prepare and save for Cata. I myself have been stockpiling and waiting for the x-pack. Currently I have around 30k but am looking to get to 50 before the expansion drops.
Here are a few tips that really add up in the long run.
-Sell everything you get, people are willing to pay absurd prices for things that you might over look, maybe even vendor. The same rule applies for looting. Loot everything you see. There is an achievement in the game that will track total gold looted. You would be surprised to see that the amount is quite a lot.

-secondly, if you're no longer looking for gear, liquidate. Convert honor to gems, emblems to orbs, and don't forget about stone keeper shards. Also, if you don't reach the point where you no longer need any items with frost badges, buy Saronites.

-lastly, pay attention to trade. For myself at least it's worth enduring the spam to find good deals. When you see someone trying to sell something in trade, they may be desperate to sell and are willing to go very far below the market price. Buy these cheap items and then post on then AH for resale.

I hope this helped people if they are looking to put a little more gold in their pockets, and remember, have patience! Your items may not sell in the first 10 minutes of going on the AH and that's ok.

Best wishes,

Email #3 from Fathertedd
> Hi team of Ctrl Alt Wow: Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy
> from FatherTedd, Discipline Priest now swinging his sword for the Alliance.
The last time I emailed your lovely podcast I was a hordie altaholic whinging (like us pomms do) that I could not find a friendly levelling guild on an EU server. But hurrah, huzzah and hooray, I have found one. The Mithril guild on the EU server Eonar. It did require giving Blizz some additional money for transferring two of my alts to a different server and a faction change, but it was all worth it. To be in an active mature guild with good banter (chat for our American friends), where the members are not fixated all members raiding is right up my street. Also Aprillian would be interested to know they have a good TABARD very Tabardy and as Tabards go it is quite Tabarlissous. It would also appear that most of the people in the guild have a least 3 toons, so there is an abundance of knowledge and assistance available with alts at all levels.

Sad to say though I still can't seem to get away from those pesky unsupervised kids running round instances. For my sins I have been levelling a gnome tank (named: Sillymidoff) who at level 51 looks like a small tin can with a pointy stick (I have attached a picture that shows him in all his glory). I think it must be something about his size that pugs just like pushing him around as he seems to attract much more abuse than my Druid tank. I Don't like these gnomist people they should be band or sent to some small island. Anyway, the other day whilst in pug doing Sunken Temple "The Mage" commented "Oy tank are you sure you no how to tank, you should use your taunts to hold agro you know!".

I would like to point out at this point his sentence structure was not this long, but as you don't have a explicit tag I thought it best to put the meaning rather than the words he used.

I ignored this taunt from the mage but his next comment pulled a certain amount of agro. Unfortunately I cannot paraphrase this comment but needless to say it demanded a response. So I took a final quaff of my tanking Pinot Grigio and started typing to the fine gentleman in my best daddy way. "listen sonny!" I started "if tanking is watching you run into another room, pull a mob by frost bolting them and coming back for the tank to sort out, then, YES I am new to tanking" then hit return, by then I was on a roll and continued with "Plus if the big blue shaman could move to one side I could see what is happening". Unfortunately I think I had got their attention at listen sonny as they voted to kick me before I could hit return for this last retort. How hard those word were to take "you are not in a group".
Awww I here you say, but nay, I had the last laugh. Two hours later I was regrouped with the two oiks again ( oik noun chiefly Brit., informal noun uncouth or obnoxious person) and were they glad to see me, it was like going back to the old school reunion all over again. But what I did next I am not proud of :(. I ran off into the first few mobs, a number far too many to tank, ran back to the dps and dropped group. I do not condone this action but action needed to be taken, but I like to take this opportunity to apologise to the innocent bystanders, the Priest and the other DPS for their increased repair bills, and I will try not to do it again. As for the mage and shammy being from the same server I had to put them on ignore due to the /w I received commending me on my adult actions. Oh well how we laughed, just another story for my book "How to anoy pugs and influence them".

However, on a different note before I go, I have now got to grips with multiboxing on the Mac using two free pieces of software to enable multiple games and key cloning, plus a few useful Marcos to make it easier fighting, assisting and following. I will write again soon if you want to share my experiences of lvling twin gnome female warlocks, maybe I can give some tanks feedback as dps. For the horde, DOHL!!!!! I mean "grab your sword and fight the horde" as a well know podcast used to say.

Well it is goodbye from me and all the best from

Fathertedd, Bebehindu and the pocket rocket Sillymidoff of Mithril on Eonar EU
(have a cup of tea go on go on go on go on)

From Ctrl Alt WoW - The Podcast...

Email #C from Kurly

So, sorry about the mishap with the email last week. I actually have no idea what the "hand" was in there for. I can tell you that I sent that email from work and was getting ready to leave and edited out a some stuff and then just hit send......Please note that I am not British or Australian...although I am from Boston and SOUND like I am from Boston, I assure you that it was a mis-edit and nothing else.

So, it was yet again another crazy week of jumping from toon to toon to toon to toon to toon.....etc.

I was able to get my Tauren Druid into AIE and had the pleasure of healing a couple of runs with Aprillian which was great great fun...and a great honor for me! From what I have read in the forums it looks like some folks are looking to do the reated battle grounds.....WOO-OOO-OOT.

Other than that its been pretty my much BAU.

I hope you all had a great week, and a great weekend!

I hand you all!!

Email #

Shout Outs & Thank You

Hello all,
Hope everyone has had a wonderful week.
Mine was a bit long as I had to work at our office which is near the Blizz headquarters and how I always just want to stop by there and say HI but I do not!

Let me start out by saying thank you as always to our fine podcast hosts for their continuous efforts on this podcast and a big thank you to Mr Nevik for setting up the CAW store, its just nice to say CAW!

Because of the busy week I did not get as much wow time as I had planned but it does give me a chance to ask you about something I have been sitting on...well not literally that would be gross!
When all of you are leveling, with RAF or without for those looking for a challenge, do you level your professions?
I have always tried to level professions (gathering or any of the main professions) but especially with RAF it just never works out. With RAF especially you are able to level so fast that it is so easy to forget about leveling your professions. I know I have heard many do not and just wait to get to 80 but I have noticed for me that does not help. When I get to 80 its like my character gets to be as lazy as I am and just sits in the dalaran bar and drinks and eats! (ok I dont do that but it sounds funny).
So I wonder what you all do as I constantly run into that issue of having level 60s or 80s with either no professions or professions not leveled passed skill 100.

I was able to get my JC dailies done this week and level skinning and leather working on my druid (part of the druid-mage combo still stuck on 72).
Another project I have been working on is to be able to purchase the Big Momma Mammoth and the Mochano Hog! It may take me into the expansion but something for me to work on .

Hope everyone has another great week and that is all for me, MO!



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CAW T Shirts by Nevik Designs at Cafe Press

An awesome salute to Nevikjames, who created our wonderful logo, has put that logo on some awesome shirts, mugs and water bottles at Cafe Press.

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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 179 - ZZZZ

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 179 - ZZZZ

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.


What We've Been Doing:


Ran Slave Pens with Shaasha

Winterhoof down for 24 hr maintenance, went to Jub Jub: Hey Zooe, Teo, Foog. Ran my 20 something pally through SM with Aprillian the DK.

Flew Gål in Elyte's Rocket around Hellfire Pennisula
Aprillian & Vrishna
Scarlet Monastery
Defeat the Scarlet Crusade within the Scarlet Monastery.

* Bloodmage Thalnos
* Arcanist Doan
* Herod
* Scarlet Commander Mograine
* High Inquisitor Whitemane




Crazy Train - 2% wipe on Putricide!
Reset - tore through lower wing
Got the weekly residue quest - all rushed to hand in after rotface - including Temp as our loot master , forgetting to hand out the loot
Messy Blood princes, but one shot
Messy Blood Queen (I moved away from Zooe as he was trying to bite me), but one shot anyway
8 of 12 bosses in under 2 hrs. A good night.

DwP - Got down Helion in RS
ICC - Heroic Deathwhisper ; with seconds to go before enrage timer. Was dead for phase 2 - Nikkto and Sigurn ROCKED the healing. Won heroic dps gloves
- Heroic Gunship
- Back into RS after reset - one shot Halion
Weekly - Ignis - easy mode


Ashariss - Finally completed a HHoR - Temp healz and Zooe tanking in a random. Spent most of the waves after the 1st boss dead, but we completed without a wipe

Ran Gnomer - voluntarily! to get the Pet Bombling and Lil' Smoky schematics as recommended by Molsan. easy peazy!
Running normals with Bugger, Molly and Vyv. This rogue asked who was tanking, because Molly had a shield. I said me. Bugger said me. I then patiently explained that Molly's 2h was in the wash. He left.
Mage - Stonard portal

Dranei - Escort of Demolitionist Legoso takes forever - I died twice and ran back - only to have him die. Took about 20 mins. Don't get credit for all the elites killed on the way - presumably if he does too much damage.
Finished the zone, and still 18
But wait! Found two items in my bags that start quests - [A map to where?] and [The Bloodcurse Legacy]
Dinged 20 on handing in the introduction quest at Auberdine
Bought riding and an Elekk - then went to trainer and got free Warhorse. D'OH

I slept and slept some more...

Email #1
I know my email last time was short. It was not a snuff film at all. I wanted to share my pain with all of you. They have become too big of a distraction. These will be the next ones to go.

It's time. This is 5 years of work. ( the female human is 72. You'll see in the next one). Am I overreacting?

Email #2 from recycleddk

hey guys
heya my names rob. i play on eu boulderfist and kor'gall. i have a hunter,deathknight,paladin and a preist. out of all my preist is my fav. i only got it to 80 other day but really enjoying it. I meant to email you saying about i never heard about wow podcasts untill now but came across yours and really enjoyed it keep up the good work.
ah yes from some of the other emails they explained their weeks and all ive been doin this week is playing priest. i got the gearscore high enough to go into an icc pug on my realm and 10 man got a few drops then went 25 man and got niblung.
lol and yes im reading this now and i love your english accent as i am english lol :).
i play pvp realms atm i used to play on aliance on boulderfist but had a falling out with almost evryone on the realm so as revenge made a horde preist to kill evryone that hates me and its working hehe and yes its a bit psychotic i know but its pvp.
i love my hunter to bits. shes a female nelf on kor'gall. i just got her to 6000 gearscore and now im kinda bored of her to be honest.
i would love to stay in touch with you guys ill make sure i download the next podcast keep up the good work
oh yes if you would rather refer to me as a toon name they are
recycleddk,moomoo,gecko or zeezee

Email #3 from Eranth

Aprillian & Gang,

Before I forget, because it’s been one heck of a week, I wanted to get you an email before I listen to the show you did today and Aprillian likely tries to give me my lumps for not sending this missive sooner.

First, and foremost, I need to growl and shake my fist at both Ashayo and Bidcar. I’ve been working the Mysterious Egg for months now, and still haven’t gotten those delightful Reigns yet! Curse the two of you…(where’s a warlock when you need one?) Curse the two of you and or making it look like it’s so easy to get those Reigns of the Green Proto Drake! Argh!

Secondly, I’m afraid I haven’t been up too much over the course of the last week. (I hope to correct that some in the coming week, but it’s hard to tell since this coming week looks horridly busy!) But, it all started when I was hit with a two fold whammy on my laptop with the LCD going bad, and my OS load corrupting while trying to install a Blackberry software package. (sigh) I had to ship the unit off to get the LCD replaced, and then had to re-load the OS and all my software thereafter. I haven’t re-loaded everything yet, but I’ve (obviously) got email back and of course I’ve restored my World of Warcraft directory. :-)

That’s mostly been the exciting extend of my ‘lost week.’ Hopefully after I hear the podcast for this week I’ll have more to report. Or maybe something different to report!

“Be well…”


AIE Hunter on Earthen Ring

Email #4 from Betla

This is Betla, from the CAW guild on Winterhoof, and I would like to submit a tabard idea (attached) for the contest! Its similar to the tabard on the site, because I think the icon of an octopus is great since it represents all us altoholics trying to play all our toons and/or multiboxing. :)

The colors are just ones I picked cuz I liked the combination, they don't really mean anything. Hope you like and hope others are also submitting and we all get something great to wear! :)

Take care,
Christian aka Betla

Email #A Zooe

Hi Aprillian
its zooe here I am honored to have won and would love a panderan monk pet

Email #B from Melvyl
Hey A A E V,

It has actually been 3 months now since I wrote you last.

Quick Summary (complete with a pronounciation guide for the hard ones
this time);

Sceadua ("sha-doe-wa" - sceadu was Middle English for Shadow) had
traveled from Aerie Peak to Jubei'thos with heirlooms and a Tome of
CWF when last I wrote. Lyvlem ("Lyv-lem" which is actually Melvyl
spelled backwards) of PoH reached 80 with just a bit of work.

She then visited Earthen Ring where Adversaria ('adversaria") was
happy for both the heirlooms, a Tome of her own, and some much needed
gold. She began the race to 80 when....

I took 9 days off for a trip to Italy - making that my longest time
outside the game.

Back at home and Adversaria found the Mid-Summer Fire Festival in full
swing. A quick bit of pole-dancing and she blazed her way up to 80.

And then two thing unexpected happened...

1) My Alliance Guild on Aerie Peak is really starting to take off. We
are actually getting groups together to run heroics nearly every
night. We actually had experienced a new never-before seen problem
last night: two people wanted to tank

2) I had a Frost Mage named Searsi ('sear-see") I was fooling around
with but I didn't really expect to level very far. It took too long to
get groups in the random dungeon finder as dps-only and I was terrible
at soloing with her. I could only solo things several levels below
her. I didn't think she was ever getting out of the mid 30s. And

All of a sudden, everything just went into focus. I finally figured
out how to break my melee habits and attack from long range, when to
use frost nova to freeze things in place, when to back up out of melee
range, and even better, I got the water elemental. That is a total
game changer. I was actually doing quests in Winterspring killing
things 3 or 4 levels higher than her. I still made mistakes and died
on occasion but it was totally different than before.

So anyway, thanks to the Fire Festival, she started climbing up. And a
couple of weeks ago, she reached lvl80. Since then, I have been really
enjoying gearing her up and learning the intricacies of Arcane, which
is fun to play but would have been a nightmare to level with.

Melvyl - who now has 7 80s and far too little time

p.s. As always, this one can be left out of the contest and lettered
rather than numbered.

Email #5 from Skral

The final frontier was apparently not STO, I'm in Wow now

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy-

Prepare yourself for this email, I have been sipping on a very large iced coffee for the last half hour and now am completely wired.

Aprillian and Vrishna may remember me as Skral, a listener of Ctrl-Alt-Trek. I was the guy that was listening to your live show and a live cigar podcast one Friday night at the same time on Ustream. I was even writing in both chat rooms at the same time. I didn't want to choose between two shows I liked. ;)

I hate to report that I hit a wall with STO and cancelled my subscription. And so once again I had to fill an MMO void.

I had always steered clear of WoW because I thought it was just full of Emo twelve year olds. But I remembered how Aprillian, Vrishna, and Bouvi, as well as many emailers to that show, were also WoW players. And of course, everyone who was a part of that show rocked! That gave me hope that maybe WoW was worth another look. I thought I would listen to a few episodes of Ctrl-Alt-WoW to get more of a feel about the game. I'm enjoying the commentary of Ashayo and Jeppy as well. I may actually be prepared to play as a level 80 when I get there if I keep listening to the show. And I've noticed a +2 Spreadsheet ability score increase since I've started listening as well.

I downloaded the trial, and after a few days of playing, my wife got curious and did the same. Based on the ten day trial, I have concluded that the Emo kids are actually closer to 14 years old. ;)

But despite that, we had a blast during the trial and each decided to subscribe. We are concentrating on characters that we recently made on the Venture Co server, dropping our Alliance characters on the old server and going Horde.

Now that we have Burning Crusade, my wife can still have her pretty Blood Elves while I have my Forsaken and Orcs. I have noticed the rate at which players have approached my wife's avatar in game and asked her to be their girlfriend has dropped off significantly since we joined our new faction and server, which seems to be a big plus for her. I assume that this is because the players are a little more mature in the new faction...because let's face it, Blood Elf ladies are still smoking hawt after all.

For the Horde!!!


I don't reuse my MMO character names at all, so Skral is dead. I love random name generators. So rolling now....

Email #C from Mattdiox

Hello Ctrl Alt WoW Crew.
Mattdiox here with my usual brand of potato nonsense.

Now I tried to remember all the questions you asked about my girlfriend in the last show but I only remembered some.
No she doesn't play WoW though she has agreed to try it.
Aaaaand that's that only one I remember.

I haven't played all that much WoW this week for no reason in particular I have just been doing lots of stuff.
My priest did reach 73 which is brillo-bananas.
I did order a book by Yatzhee Croshaw the guy behind Zero Punctuation. It is a parody of sorts of the MMORPG scene. Sounds hilarious and the writer is good at ZP so why not read his book I thought.

And since I have massive writers block I wasn't able to write a ghoul store for you guys. I'm sorry but my brain just wouldn't allow any ideas through this week. I was probably just dreading another 6 hour shift at work.

I'm not obsessed with potatoes! Well yeah okay I am.

There will be a ghoul store next week I promise, well that is if my writers block kicks it.

Lots of love and writers block.
Mattdiox - For the British!
P.S . . . Nah I can't think of anything for a P.S


Email #4a from Betla

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow gang!

This is Betla, your friendly curvy female Dwarf rogue, from the CAW guild on Winterhoof! "HAIL!" I have a question that I'm not sure if you all have covered in one of your many episodes, but I thought I would ask anyway!

We all know that we ALL love alts! I know I do, especially when they are shiny freshy new alts at level 1. I love new alts because I have always created alts after I have found some sort of inspiration for their race, class and name.

For example, I wanted to try a hunter once, so I created a female Blood Elf hunter named Kasmina. My idea for her was that even though she was a Blood Elf she had always loved animals as a child and knew she would grow up to protect Silvermoon as a hunter, and figured she should train with the master hunter race (in her opinion) the Tauren! So as a super low level Belf I leveled her up just enough to gain her ability to train a pet, and decided she wanted a different pet than the standard lowbie Blood Elf zone pets. So I hoofed her all the way to Dun Morogh to get a pretty white juvenile snow leopard. It was a long, harsh and lonely journey to the snow capped valleys of Dun Morogh, but she finally made it. Almost about to collapse from exhaustion she trained a nice leopard whom she named Sugar and then quickly hearthed her lowbie behind to Mulgore to begin her TRUE hunter training through the Tauren starting zone. Fast forward about 40 levels and she eventually got her Exalted status Thunder Bluff and is now riding pretty on a kodo and know the Tauren, her mentors, respect her. :-)

Sorry for the long story, I was just curious about your own alts' backgrounds if you maybe create any for them and wanted to share!

Hope you are all doing well!

Email #6 from Nightlion

Hi Java!

Just wanted to write to you guys really quick... add this in where ever if u plan on reading my last email just wanted to give u all big props and high fives for I guess it would be last weeks show now. I just litterarly finished listening to it and you guys had me in stitches towards the end.. which is sort of a bad thing cause my family is sleeping and I was trying to keep quiet... I guess I can't listen to your show anymore at 11 O'clock at night :p Vrishna you should give Jasper a treat for helping you with the Aprillian attack at the end... though I think if you guys got into a fist fight even with Jasper by your side Aprillian would still win sorry Vrishna. Also give Jasper a hug for me... some people like Ashayo... some like El Jeppy... my favorite on your show is Jasper because he always makes me laugh.

Just to add in on this week real fast... my hunter has a few nice purple pieces but he isn't ready for raiding yet... one more week probably... my druid, Nightlion, started off going into ICC where the group fell apart because of computer problems then the second night no one showed up (probably not the right grammer but I don't really want to look it up right now... its an email right... no needs grammer) so we cancled the raid. Tonight on my pally we headed into ICC were our guild master (who is normally our raid leader) couldn't make it so I was given the raid leader spot (whoot!) we didn't do to bad... died once on marrogar... almost wiped on deathwhisper and then got saurfang down on the 3rd and final try. :) I did such a great job that the officer that gave me the raid leader spot bumbed up my rank in guild... only place to go now is officer and im crossing my fingures that i can do well and help out the guild enough to get it.

Really quick thanks Temp for the advise I'm going to try it tommorrow's (well now its today's) raid.

Good luck questing this week... For the Horde, Alliance, and Everything in Between!

Email #D from Nevik
Hiddie Ho JAVA

I dun gone messed up. I've completely derailed my rogue leveling project by transferring my draenei mage from Whisperwind to Winterhoof and remembered just how much fun it was to play as a frost mage. After getting her the glyph to permanently have a water elemental as a pet I proceeded to go from 63 to 66 without so much as a thought of logging into the rogues.

Then once rested xp ran out, I made things worse by deciding that perhaps I should have gone with herbalism instead of mining with the dwarf rogue. Picking flowers feels so wrong for an ale guzzling killing machine, but the benefit of having a heal-over-time ability will turn my dwarf into a demi-god.

Despite being sidetracked I have gotten around to spending some time on jub jub and the experience of the LFD tool has left a sour taste in my mouth. I'm not sure what it is about the Vengenace battlegroup, but the ratio of fail pugs has been extraordinarily high.

What gives Vengeance? Is it the fact that there are a high number of PVP realms in the battlegroup? Do PVP realms make for bad teamplayers? Are there any decent tanks in the early levels? Are there any patient healers? Aren't chocobos the greatest? Do I ask too many questions?

Anyhoo, For the blood n' thunder and the Dwarven Ale!

Nevik and his many rogues.

Email #E from Kurly

is your good buddy Kurly here wishing you all the best that WOW can offer!! And with so many toons to manage these days........YEECH!!

So, I hope things are going well with the guild on Winterhoof. I have logged in a few times over there and haven't met anyone else online. I'ma hope to transfer one of my 80's over there to get my toons all geared into some heirlooms, and to do some runs with you folk...oh the joy the joy!!

Although I have a tank and a DPS on Winterhoof I think my primary focus is going to be on the holy priest. Of all the priest talent trees it is the one I have avoided, so I think I am going to keep her out of BG's and just run her in dungeons and questing!

I have left my toons on Ysondre to their own devices by transferring Viranelda (Vera-Nelda) my traveling level 80 Druid over to Earthen Ring and signed her up for AIE. So please please look for her there and say hello!! Since my other guilds are primarily PVP and leveling guilds its going to be fun to see what I can accomplish with her in AIE.

I have one toon left on Anderhol my Undead Death Knight, Mizzezdanvers (Mrs. Danvers). She is 72 know and I think I am going to pop her over to Ysondre as I feel like she needs a home.

So lots of content to play, lots of people to play with! I of course want to shout out to my home guild...Rabid Kittens/Norgannon.....I am hand with them almost everyday, and I am so grateful I have met them all!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing you on Winterhoof or Earthen Ring!!


Email #3a from Eranth

Aprillian & Crew,

I thought I’d take a few minutes to put together a little missive. This week has been a terribly rough one for me. Last Sunday I managed to throw my back out and while by Thursday I was able to get back into doing some work again, the following Saturday night it’s still got some spots that are stiff and occasionally sore. Anyone whose had their back out knows it makes things really difficult when you try to stand, walk or sit down, let alone lift things besides ones own body. This makes getting work done painfully difficult at best.

Being out of commission, I haven’t had much opportunity to work the dailies and random heroics, let alone try to find my way into a daytime raiding group again. However, as things have been going, I started to review my gold pouch and realized it’s getting lighter and lighter. As a result, I’ve had to cut back on several things, which I wish I did not have to. However, it is a foolish man who seeks to build a tower, but does not first count the cost.

Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I have, for now, pulled back from my subscription to World of Warcraft.

I will miss the friends I have made there. But, I also believe that friends do no go away simply because you lose track of one another. Things will get better and I’ll get back into the swing of things.

Until then, I’m not certain if I’ll continue to listen to my World of Warcraft Podcasts, or if I’ll continue to keep up with Twitter, as that’s primarily been meant to listen to chatter with fellow AIE folks. (I do hope I’m lucky enough to get back before the next character purge, and don’t have to go through getting back into the Guild.)

With the ‘extra’ time on my hands, perhaps I’ll be creative and put forth some prose to share, short stories and such. At least that’s what I hope I am able to do.

So, before I close this missive, thank you Aprillian for waiting for me last week. I’m sorry I didn’t get you my previous message before it was time to record.

Until I see you once again.

“Be well…”


Hunter of AIE

Earthen Ring

PS – Aprillian, don’t forget, …open the mug, drink the coffee, CLOSE the mug, put it back down. /grin

Email #F from Acaldraa

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow folk,

Acaldraa here, with my first email in a few weeks. I apologize for not writing sooner, life has been pretty hectic as of late. Between lots of RL stuff popping up and raiding, I haven't had much free time as of late. Twice I have meant to go for a raid, taken a quick "nap" before hand and ended up sleeping through my alarm and missing the raid. But on the raiding progression front my 25 has down BQL and we are currently wiping on the Lich King repeatedly. To top it all off, I respected Ret and have been playing a lot of BGs.
On the DK front, I was asked to tank some heroic ICC. This was quite interesting considering my buffed HP in ICC is only 50k and I still didn't have a few set. Lord M hit like a truck, Lady D was pretty easy, Gunship was gunship (got an awesome 264 axe) We ended up doing Death-bringer on normal and Rotface on heroic. We finished the night getting Fester and PP on normal. Well that's all for now.

All the best,

Sent from my iPod, sorry for any spelling errors.
Shout Outs & Thank You

Hello all,
Hope everyone is well and I am sorry I was not able to email in as yes the life bug has bitten me again.
My wow time has decreased but I am working on that :)

I know you will cover this, or at least mention it, but did you see the Cataclysm collectors edition?! I don't know about all of you but I will make my attempt to get one.

Two episodes ago a caller was mentioning one of my emails and how some people watch the recount healing meter and how recount does not count healing absorption. Well all of you disc. priests there is a solution for you!
Skada is an addon, better than recount since for healing stats you are able to keep track of healing and absorbs done. A guildie, yes she is a disc priest, told me about skada a while ago. Believe it or not you really can see a good disc priest out heal a Druid. Yes I know that really means nothing in the big picture but hey a little fantasy within a fantasy is not so bad is it. This is what I mean: in wow and in life, I like to play with all the numbers in our life. So for example, a LOOOOOOONG time ago this fine host that is not on your show anymore (GLANTHUR!!!) mentioned he likes to level his reputations until they are at 1000 exalted. Well there are so many things you can apply this to. I like all of my characters to have their weapons skills at the max, which I think is 400 at level 80.
So do any of your or the listeners play fantasy wow?!
Am I crazy?! ok you don't have to answer that.

Also in groups or raids I use the damage/healing meter like my own little fantasy wow (or like fantasy football :)
So just to have fun I post to my guildies in a raid the # of deaths we have had. Let me tell you in a bad night that can break the ice at times :)

I also wanted to say a late thank you to Nevik and Bidcar. A few weeks ago they were so nice to give me bags, gold and a guild invite. Thank you Gentlemen!
What I do when I create a new alt or when I am RAF ing, I like to make the large backpacks, 16 slot bags, you know the old school wow brown bags. Why do you ask? Why use the 16 slot bags over the 20 or 22 even!?
Well for me many times I don't play the alt for a while or ever! and for RAF I usually do not use that account again. I may transfer one or two of the characters I have leveled on a RAF account but many times they are just left there (play the sad music here) So if you use the non boe bags you can keep passing them around.

Also I have once so far transferred a character from my main account where I have many heirloom items to go around. So I pass a full set and than some of heirloom items to my lock, transferred her to my 2nd account and now that account has heirloom items. Granted they are cloth items but I can still use them with any character and they can be even with my main account character.

Another quickie, I of course listen to Molsan's great shorty casts and he mentioned he uses a particular key client for dual boxing. I still am more comfortable with just tabbing or on my desktop i have 2 screens so I just click between screens. One problem I still have is the video options, especially with two wow's running. My system can handle the ultra setting but again I have noticed that my frame rate, fps, is red when I have it on ultra. For a while now I have had my video settings on medium because I would get kicked from wow until I made this change to medium setting. I cannot explain it and it is really sad. The game looks unbelievable in ultra setting. Any thoughts? I will recheck my video card drivers but I am sure they are up to date.
Any one else having video issues?

Hope I jumped around enough for you on this email and the many topics.
Have a great time everyone

Take care

oh let me say once again of course thank you for your great work and I love your momomoments introductions, always makes me laugh out loud and I dont care where I am! and "who is it from?" "Mo!" LOL
So thank you again.
You all are the BEST!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 178 - Two degrees from Ghostcrawler

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

With Special Guest Host Wemb from Bind On Equip which can be found on iTunes and at

What We've Been Doing:

Ran a TOC, died twice, finally figured out the right door to fly in. Did Hall of Stones, with Spanish speaking members.

Solo el ultimo boss
Only the last boss

Somos de ragnaros quel y drakkari todos castellano
Quel Ragnaros We all Castilian Drakkari

me pueden dar panecitos porfa
I can make muffins porfa

Por dios son de servers españoles y hablan en ingles entre uds
By God they are of servers Spanish and they speak in English among uds

eathen ring y drakari no son de español
eather ring and non-Spanish drakari

cambie de disc a holy y no se por q gasto tanto mana
change from disc to holy and not by spending so much mana q

y si soy un !@#$%^ en servidor latino cual es el peo?
and if I am a Latino server !@#$%^ which is the problem?

toma que lo voy a empesar
I'll take that get started

Aprillian & Vrishna
RAF is over !!!! YEAH !!! OH, I mean sniff, sniff. Sob, sob. Woe is me ! I LOVE the xp but being shackled to only playing certain toons is, well, what I mean is that having to IGNORE certain toons can be painful. Don’t even know if I can go BACK to playing my 80 (Virinya 80 Pally)

Still levelling my Pallies on Bloodmyst but almost done. Worked very hard to even my xp, as I explained last week. THEN I find out one of my toons had completed AND turned in a quest on her own. THIS was what caused that 2000 xp disparity that I thought was caused by one dying and the other fighting on.

New mouse! Razor Imperator

Crazy Train
- A night of wiping on Putricide

Trying for Blood Quickening weekly quest
- One shot Blood Princes
- Missed one shotting Blood Queen coz mod was off, a 1% wipe, then killed her. Won dps neck.
- Oneshot Dreamwalker

- RS - ISP woes, late planes = no raiding
- VoA
- Tried heroic Marrowgar, got to about 40%. Killed in normal mode for weekly , won healing trinket

- Mechanar & Botanica to get honored with Sha'tar to do heroics and get key for Arcatraz. Repeated in heroic and did Arcatraz
- Auchenai Crypts, Manatombs, Shadow Labs, Black Morass - Outland Dungeon Hero
- Mage hit 40. Now questing in Dustwallow marsh. Doing all the Mage class quests - been a long time.

Dranei starting zone
- Had done crash site
- Had done Azure Watch. (Totem chain is cool, with different movement abilities)
- Had done Odesyus' Landing (Alliance Naval)
- Don't recall Bloodmyst Isle - had definitely never flown into Exodar before
- Tough around 13 - not many quests
- The caster bloodelves at the Cryo-Core , that also run around and pinch quest items is damn annoying - especially for melee. Made even harder by the rare mob Fernissa the Assassin
- Chol would hate the spider quests - they are some of the creepiest I have seen.



Email #1 OMG!!!! from Tempeste

Hello Ctrl Alt WoW,

I was listening to episode 177 and thought I would add these tips to Ashayo's regarding the Dreamweaver encounter in ICC

You need to interrupt the Mage's frost bolts as much as possible, these do a lot of raid damage AND slow down your dps. We also changed the priority to take down the mages before the suppressors unless there are A LOT of those still out!

Hope that helps your listener.

I hope Jeppy is feeling much much better this week.

Love to you all,


Email #A from OAK
Hi Ctrl-Alt-WoW!

I have to say that your antics make my days fly! I love listening to
all your stories throughout the World of Warcraft. Please don't enter
me in any drawings, as I only want to express my appreciation.

I haven't really been playing WoW long (about a year now). I have, of
course, created several characters across several servers. I am
currently enjoying leveling my Ret Pally "Oakspawn" of PoH on
Jubei'Thos (lvl 71 as of this writing). I have a goal to find a
battered hilt before the end of Wrath. This is just a goal, but may
not be realized since it is in the hands of the RNG gods. Still, I
will endevor to find one until Cat releases. Maybe then, as Ashayo
mentioned may happen, I will just be able to buy one. I'm sure all
those runs will at least get me geared up :)

Anyway, thanks for all the entertainment. Know that you are truly appreciated.

Hey, I thought of a new game mechanic that Blizzard could create:
"Guild Hearthstones". What if guilds could set a "home town", and
only so many guilds could set them at a particular inn? Let's also
say that guild groups could "port" to instances or major cities from
their home towns. This would then encourage characters to be spread
across Azeroth.

They could even use the new guild achievement system to decide what
guilds might get the chance to make their guild homes in major cities.
This would further encourage participation in the guild achievement
system. Anyway, just an idea, and thought you might like just another
thing to discuss :)

Happy leveling, and may all your quest ends be near you!


Email #2 from ZooE

Greeting Control Alt Wow Crew, Aprillian, Ashayo, Eljeppy, and Varischna esta boosta boosta

It was a very cold day.... Ok it might be cold in Australia but it was pretty darn hot in the USA, I mean it is summer after all. It was also not really day but very early morning.
The Crazy Train had just started its sojourn into Ice Crown Citadel. This boisterous crew swaggered in having previously down several of the bosses within the citadel. As we approached the area that we had not cleared, our raid leader Storme (aka the very sexy Tempeste) began giving out instructions. She instructed or Shaman Burot to slip into his healling gear and activate his healing ability. Our off tank announced he needed to go afk for a few. We all paused to await... well all of us except that is for our tank Pud (aka Ashayo). Pud charged in, pulling not just the next group of mobs but the ones behind them as well. These mobs seemed very grumpy and proceeded to wipe the group.
As our spirits were running back to or brutally beaten bodies, Storme inquired why our wayward tank had pulled. He said he had not heard the command to halt and thought we were ready to go. Then he starts telling us about how he is doing a quest that involves riding a sea horse in the beta. It turns out that our tank PUD aka Ashayo was multiboxing during the raid. Ashayo it turns out was very busy indeed as he was questing in the beta, gathering herbs on earthen ring, twittering, playing depict on his iphone, taking a shower, cooking diner, taking a nap, grocery shopping at the locally market, recording your podcast, helping his little one with her homework, driving his car, cleaning the house and who know what else. Apparently he also multi-boxes in real life too. Because of this apparently his ability to listen to vent was very much reduced as he managed to wipe the raid not once but twice. Oh the horror!!! This is multiboxing gone wrong. We the members of Crazy Train beg you Aprillian hold an intervention and stop the menace that you have created in Ashayo. Like Dr. Frankenstein's you have created a monster. Help us April-one, your our only hope. Bring Ashayo back from the darkside.
(I may have exaggerated just a little bit.)

You Guys and Gal Rock
Thanks for putting out a proper length podcast.

ps. should this submission be worthy of a roll I would dearly love a panderan monk pet.

Email # B from Evilpurger

Good morning!
Sorry it's taken me a couple of days to get back to you. After winning this week on the podcast and getting excited about it, I completely forgot to write back in. I was so inspired by winning that I went out yesterday to buy a Powerball ticket and guess what... I won! No I didn't but it's fun to pretend.

Anyway, I forget what my choices are. Is it Authenticator, month of WoW, or vanity pet? I already have an authenticator, and have lil' K.T. so I would choose the game time or the Pandaren Monk if the game time isn't there. Let me know if this is correct please.

Thanks again April!



PS: what do you need to send me the prize? An address or I'm assuming it's all digital now so just this email address?

Email #C from Liztailor

hello aprillian, ashayo, jeppy and vrishna!
I just had to write you guys a quick note letting you know what a great day in WOW I had this week.
It was my birthday. I woke up and checked my email and there was my fantastic windrider cub in my mailbox from Nevik!
Its adorable. My girlfriend Melchezadeck(sorry Aprillian-i didnt know if your the one reading this-you can just say Mel) logged on also and we met in Stormwind.
She first gave me an in-game chocolate cake! which we ate-and then i looked again in my mailbox... there was a glyph that turns you into a cool!
I opened another gift and it was the celestial steed! I dont care what anyone says-its great-I love it..But then..OMG..there was the motorcycle!!!
Mel had been staying up until 3 in the morning farming, scanning the AH, and basically working her butt off gathering all the gold and mats it takes to make it.
I knew just how much SHE wanted that bike and it was touching to say the least that she made it for me instead. /sigh.
Financial times might be tough in RL, but thankfully its still possible to make real Fake gold in WoW. Liztailor is my pet alt as you know, so she got the glyph, but Mattadora
is my mount alt, so she got the choppah. We spent the day riding around Azeroth together and i couldnt stop laughing everytime the sidecar popped out. It was really fun in Wintergrasp!
Only fellow WoW addicts would understand how great all this was-how could i explain it to Non-geeks? It was the supreme Nerd birthday! lol.
Usually my birthday is kinda hard-this year i turned...gulp..46..but thankfully Im incredibly immature.
Thank you again Nevik for choosing me as one of the winners of the pet story and thank you guys for being who you are.
LizTailor/Suramar/Radikal Faeries guild


i said earllier that I got a glyph that turns you into a wolf-its an off-hand item called "ritual of the new moon"...:)
thanks! Liztailor

Email #D from Brad
Hi guys,

Thanks so much to everyone for the Gryphon hatchling. I took him straight
away to the cockroach vendor in UC and bought a roach for him to play with.
The two little fellas seem to be getting along just fine together although
im a little worried the Gryphon just wants the roach for lunch....
Ive attached a screenshot of everyone saying hello :-)

Thanks again and seeya


Email # E from Mattdiox

Hey CAW Crew. It's Mattdiox again with more potato nonsense.

Sorry for the lack of an email last week.
There are two reasons for that.
The first off is the most forgiveable one I think from a nerdy perspective. I have been playing my butt off in Stracraft 2. I absolutely love it and love to play online. I am getting much better and my Win-Lose ratio isn't too bad. I think it is 2 looses for every 1 win now? It might be 3-1 I forget.

The second reason which I have a feeling will have me shunned from the geeky community. Which I love being a part of.
The second reason is I -yes me- the strange young lad who sings strange songs, plays video games a lot and reads strange light novels from Japan. Got himself a new "Squeeze" as some say in the states. On the weekend I planned to record Ghoul store and get a song done for you guys I met a young girl by the name of Claire. Anyway I won't go into details, but I was walking around the town with her a lot. So I apologize, please don't stone me!

So obviously I haven't played much WoW, my priest is shamefully still at 72 but I plan to get her to 80 . . . eventually. You know how it is when you have all these potatoes to take care of.
Also on a happier note, I am going to be starting up 2 whole new podcasts. One is a podcast about a specific anime so I won't go all blah blah on you guys about it. But the other is an anime in general podcast. That way because in WAG I can't talk about it much I can now blab about what I love with another co-host.
Also -to make this podcast talk relevant to you- WAG is going through a make over after the next episode. Episode 20. (20 episodes in almost 2 years, that's just sad...) And to celebrate our re-invigoration of the show. I would like at the very least two of you guys to join us on the show for a big talk about cataclysm. If you're willing I'll be in touch and we'll work out a date and time for the recording.

As for working with Juno to make something for you guys. Sure, I'm up for that. Juno is a creative Gal and I'm sure we could create something totally and fantastically creepy for you guys. So Juno, contact me and we'll have a chat about making something maybe a little longer than the ghoul store.

And to finish off my great wall of text. I did another Ghoul Store. I hope you guys like it because I have polished it just a little bit more and used a new effect on the Ghoul's voice rather than changing the pitch all the time.

Lots of love, war drums, dragons and potatoes.

P.S I would love to have one of you guys voice acted for Ghoul Store. Maybe Appy And Big V pretend to be a Deathknight couple? Aw so cute.
P.S.S I started writing another novel, but this time I know I can stick with it. It's all about Dragons, yay.
P.S.S.S The potatoes are crying now! Take them! They need your love! Or your money . . . yeah . . . they need the money.


Email # F Bidkar
Greetings Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy and Vrishna,

Bidkar, controller of combustion and chill times eighty here.

This week my hunter Yancy finally got his skinning and leatherworking up to 300. He can now go to Outland fully prepared. I picked up some armor from the auction house since what he was wearing was woefully inadequate. I had used the RAF levels to level him up so he was not very well geared for 60.

My ally paladin and mage are now level 72. I am letting them rest a bit now. I found the ally vehicle quests to be very buggy and I just can't take anymore of that nonsense right now. The corker was the vehicle quest in Wintergarde. I went out to get the villagers who were feared. I would pick one up. I know they were riding with me because they chatted it up on the way back. I land to drop them off, they weren't there. That happened about every other time. I finally got that done and moved on to some other quests in the mine there which I enjoyed very much. Then I got another vehicle quest which didn't work right either. Enough was enough. I whined about it on twitter and haven't been back since.

I'm glad other people enjoy those quests, I do not. I probably will go back eventually, but I think I will work on my Borean Tundra toons for the time being and let Winterhoof rest.

Ashayo, will I still be able to dance on the top of the Orgrimmar bank when Cataclysm comes out? That actually is very important to me. I understand perfectly when Alachia talks about just being in the game and riding around on her bike. I like to just hang out on occasion also.

I hope Jeppy is feeling better and everybody else is doing well.

For the Horde and Glanthur!

Bidkar and a few of his alts

My toon is so fat the goblins try to fly her to Orgrimmar.
My toon is so fat the ogres use him for shade.

Shout Outs & Thank You
Zazoo of AIE

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 177 -And The Winners Are

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:

Trying to get Shaasha to Outland to ride her rocket. Dual & Triple boxed in BRD Blackspire & Strat & Scholo . Kept a pally at the front door. Loving my bike. Took Valeena for a ride.
Aprillian & Vrishna
Randoms with 20 something

Actually getting to the point where monoboxing FEELS WEIRD ! Aprillian needed one of my level 50ish toons to get the raf credit so I found myself playing only one toon. Never thought dualboxing would come to be the norm for me. 3 more days of raf for us. We’ll let you know next week if we distributed our levels properly
Wow, is it hard to keep the xp even whilst dual boxing. Here’s a salute to eljeppy. I TRIED, I REALLY TRIED ! The divergence is inexplicable. Don’t know how they first got off track. Second time I noticed, one toon died and the other was still fighting for it’s life, and while trying to run the other toon back, the xp was not shared. And a couple of times I forgot to group first reulting in minor deviations in their xp. Well all in all, it’s work. Someday, I’ll get it right. So I had to ungroup, deal with the spirit healer debuff, and work in aout 2000 xp to bring them back to within 50 xp of eachother. WHEW !!

Been doing all the quests on Bloodmyst Isle. Got ALL the way to the top of the Vector Coil escort quest and had my first death in the process of an escort. Actually got back before whatshisname died and almost pulled ouy a heal to finish, but alas, no. Gonna try that one again later today !


Raiding - Crazy Train : Getting Sindy into the low 20’s but being beaten by the lag boss. Reset and clearing again, which scored me new tanking bracers off Saurfang and a new dps waist off Rotface

Raiding - DwP - Made out VERY well on Jekle again this week. Did the Gunship fight in Heroic mode (won dagger - Midnight Sun), Saurfang ( won head piece ), Festergut (new ring), Rotface, Putricide and got the
Achievement [The Plagueworks]. Blood Princes (Heartsick Mender's Cape)
We oneshot Dreamwalker despite me not focusing and missing the first portal and just healing the raid. (Ssssh, don’t tell Solador)
Ruby Sanctum - won *leather* gloves - changling gloves - i258

Raiding - Weekly - Flame Leviathon in 36 seconds on Jekle/Ano

- Levelled the last 10 points in Blacksmithing - an expensive 30 titansteel bars
- Oracles report - Pud got 2nd drake
- Levelling mage the old fashioned way in STV, - randomed into Razorfen Downs
- Some more heroics on Ano for gear (still lots of greens, despite being def capped)
- Running normals on Pud to help level Molly & Vyv - nice to relax and run when overgeared.
- Not a lot of beta time - had to re-download the whole game - 15GB ; they are testing out a new feature where you can start to play before the whole patch is downloaded.



Email #1 Nightlion
Hi Java!

If you are reading this before doing this weeks show then please ignore my other email from last week. I was so happy this week to hear Aprilian read my short story. You did a wonderful job and was pritty close in prenouning my palidan's name. It is prenouns Hoh-tar-ro and it is a Japanese name that means Firefly. But please don't feel bad... when guilds or anyone try to say my palidains name for the 1st time they either bucher it or just call me pally so I'm the one who prenouns it. Though I just found out that half the time I prenoun it wrong by saying Hot-tar-oo (thank you to the english dubbing of Sailor Moon and Dot Hack). But anyways I digress...

This week I started playing my draenei hunter more than I did last week. He is almost level 79 so I have to start thinking about a raiding spec and gear that he will need. I also need to think about leveling his JC again but I haven't been available during the good hours to mine for titanium so everything has been at a stand still. I'm think of just making the Icy Prisms until I hit 450 but I have noticed a few rings and a trinket that would look nice on him so I guess I'll make those 1st. Also while I'm thinking about it, I just want you to give a quick shout out to two Hordies that helped me complete a quest, Solomash and Acin. I had died from one of the eliete mobs out in Sholizar Basin. When I had recovered my corspe I saw those two Hordies take out elite guy (I really wish I remembered what the mob's name was... I guess he isn't really that important). I decided to help them out after they pull him already and when they were done they waited for the eliete mob to respawn then helped me take him down. You two are so nice for doing that thank you. Anyways, back to my week....

My druid, Nightlion, didn't get to raid this week mostly because I was hanging out with RL friends. She did however work a little bit on her leather working since I had to make a few pieces for my Hunter to wear when he hit level 80.

My paladin, Hotaru, raided last night and will hopefully get to continue the push into 10 man ICC. Surprisingly, my pally isn't a Kingslayer nor have I ever seen the Lich King before on any of my toons (as a boss anyways...). But I know so much about the fights from listening to Ashayo discribe the fights and my own research on the side. One day when the servers were down, I spent hours watching every fight video in ICC 10 and 25 man as well as ToC 10 and 25 man videos on So I feel as I know too much about the fights for my own good. Though it is rule number one for a creative writer to have his or her facts straight before writing something in a story. If I has said that the Lich King has a flower for a sword someone would have called me out on that. :) so I guess I need to come to the realization that I know too much and that I need to sign up for WoW altaholics anoymous... but then again I don't think I have a problem do I?... I'm just a curious fellow.

Anyways back to my pally, Hotaru also got a new shield from Regular Pit of Saron. For any newly level 80 healing pally or shammy the regular pit of saron will drop a shield for you on the final boss that is better than the badge one. Just a tip for everyone thats out there. After that, me and my four guild mates that were with me just started running dugeons trying to help fill out some slots on my paly's gear and the dk's gear that is in my guild and was tanking for us. We would pug an extra slot in the regulars even though I think we could have taken the dungeon down all on our own. Hopefully we made a few people happy with some nice fat loots.

So I has one question before I go. A,ayo can you share with me some helpful tips for taking down either Rotface or Dreamwalker. As I said before my guild hasn't down the Lich King yet and what stands in our way of progression is both of those bosses. We are working on both but maybe you can help us make things easier. We are close to killing both those bosses but the crap hits the fan about 20% left on both those bosses so I wonder if there is a way to pull out alittle more dps to simplify the fights to make them both easier...

Just so you know our set up for the raid is:
Tanks: 2 paladins
Healers: shammy, druid, pally
Dps: Warlock, 2 Hunters, Priest, and either a Balance druid or a dk/pally
Pets: Imp, Cat, Wolf

So what do you think? If anyone else has any ideas feel free to throw them out there. Any help is appreciated.

Anyways, keep of the good work and good luck questing inside and outside of the game this week.
Nightlion- Undermine U.S.

P.S. Since my other email is being ignored, hopefully, I just writing the p.s. for fun :p
P.P.S. Wait I accually have something... all those who like creative writing, Blizzard is holding a creative writing contest. 1st place prize is a Frostmourne replica... can't pass that up... oh yeah and you get to meet the story writers at Blizzard too... though I think the sword is way cool.

Email #A - Big Blue Dragon
Hello Almighty Hosts of Ctrl Alt Wow!

I am very happy to take this time to write in to the show. A lot has happened since the last e-mail: I've graduated from my local community college and now am enrolled in the University of Arizona (Woohoo, one hurdle down, a ton more to go!) I've taken in two little kittens: one paralyzed by a dog and the other starved. They're both coming along quite well and hope to find homes for them soon. So, it is summer and like I said last time almost every spare minute I have is spent in wow.

I of course RAF'd myself into a neat rocket mount. I gave it to my druid main. I know, I know, he has epic flight form. "Why give it to him?" You might say. Well, because I want to level this toon with my brother in Cataclysm. He's level 80 and has epic flying too, but nothing beats being able to give a buddy or brother a ride, Right? Only thing better would be if the passenger were allowed to dps. Especially if they could use a rocket mounted machine gun. He he he, I think I would pay for that. "Starting strafing run on Orgrimmar, fire at will!" Anyway... he he he.

I've leveled a pair of RAF toons to 60, warrior and druid. Then I gifted myself a level 60 mage and 55 priest with the levels I earned. I feel a little dirty doing that, but a good kind of dirty. :D I'm working on a pair of shammys now, and finding out that spamming the same spells is a lot easier than running two different classes and managing two rotations. I hope to get those to 60 before summer break ends.

I've also spent a lot of time gearing up my main toons, I've managed to get the druid to a GS of 5400 and the hunter to 5000. I just grind dungeons and do the weekly raid quest when possible. This of course bores me to tears, so I've had to add a new carrot to the stick: I'm trying to collect all of the heirloom items. It's kinda fun, but takes away from gearing the main toons. It is nice, however, to see all my alts in awesome looking heirloom gear at the character select screen.

Okay, two quick stories before I go. The first one involves a pet to go along with the current contest (Don't want to enter, just want to share for fun!) It was in vanilla wow. The friends that got me into the game decided to take me on a pitty run through uldaman. They were level 60 end game raiders and I was only 40 or so. We were breezing through the content pretty quickly. When we got to the hallway before the last boss, we took a quick break to do something, I can't remember. Well my pet, a black haired boar named Linda, had other plans. She decided to take off down the halfway and explore on her own. I can remember it happening in slow motion: linda slowly running to the nearest mob, me shouting "Noooooooo!" as she takes a bite of the stone guardians leg. That of course aggros the entire hallway. We die an amazing death, all the while laughing our butts off. Damn. That. Linda. I'll remember that as one of the best moments I spent with my online pals. They don't play anymore, and I do miss them. Next is a quick adventure with my rocket mount.

I was kidnapping my brother in the rocket after a wintergrasp battle. I wanted to take him to sholazar and he wanted stay and attack the horde hut. He decided that he was going to jump out of the rocket before we left the zone, right onto the mountain on the edge of it in fact. He he he, well he didn't time his jump right and missed the edge entirely. Instead of landing on the mountain, he slid all the way down into the basin and landed flat on his dwarven face. Luckily, I noticed his maneuver and was able to follow him all the way down and watch him splat on the floor. Again, laughs had by all.

Alright, that’s it for now. Thank you all again so so much for all your hard work on the podcast, I really do appreciate it. Out of all the ones I listen to, Ctrl Alt Wow is still the one I look forward to the most.

Lots of love and bearhugs,

Big Blue Dragon

Email #2 from Gufoni

Just listening to the latest show - those Valkyr don't come from the
Beasts of Northrend trinket. That trinket actually transforms its user
into various shapes. What you've been seeing is a staff called
Nibelung, which drops off 25-man Lady Deathwhisper. I would sell my
soul for it, because it looks sooooooo cool. :)


Email #3 - Mørpheus
Recruit A Friend
Hi All,

Up until a few episodes ago I was bummed. I subscribed to your podcast in January. In February iTunes stopped downloading your podcasts. It normally automatically updates. I thought since it was not downloading more podcasts that you folks decided to take a break. Well a few episodes ago I was browsing iTunes and to my most amazing surprise discovered your podcast again with a different logo. I was very happy and quickly downloaded the most recent episode. You 4 rock and keep up the most awesome work!

Anywho, for a while I have been wanting to do recruit a friend so I can get the rocket but I just cannot find anyone who wants to play WoW for the first time or wants to have a 2nd account. I can't talk myself into having a 2nd account. It would be like I was paying for the rocket itself. And I told myself when I began playing WoW that I would only invest $15 per month and no more as you all know how easy it can be to spend money in this game, right Aprillian :)

I heard you were wanting to do recruit a friend again. I wasn't not sure if you were wanting that rocket as well. If not and you just wanted the triple xp then I'm down. I can send you the recruit a friend invite and we can start. I'm on the Thorium Brotherhood realm which is a RP server. I've never RP'd and I think most people don't on my server but it is a very helpful server. My guild is amazing! I am on the Alliance side, 80 gnome Arcane Mage. I love my mage! He rocks! I am a huge mount collector and having the rocket would be a fantastic addition to my collection. If you rather not do recruit a friend with me, do you know anyone including the listeners that would like to do it? My mage's name is Mørpheus. Yes that is a funky zero and I own a Mac so I have no idea how to do that on Windows. For a Mac it is "alt" + "o".

Thank you for your time and I hope you have many more rockin' adventures in WoW.



80 Arcane Mage on the Thorium Brotherhood Realm

Email #4 Ruker
Still Horde

Hello control alt wow crew. Life is good on the jellybean realm. Even though Horde is new to me, my troll priest Rucker is now level 16. I became a skinner and miner to earn a living. After having constant bag storage problems, I decided to make a bank alt. I created Oneone, an undead warrior. The name Eleven was taken. I have always wanted a toon named after a number. Oneone left the undead starting zone and somehow hit a portal to Silvermoon. Such a nice blood elf city, and I have it all to myself. I gathered up stacks of ore, leather, and cloth to sell at auction only to realize that you need money to post an auction. Just a minor setback, I run into facepalm situations in WoW often. Back to my priest Rucker, I took an air boat ride to Stranglethorn. It appeared that I tripped getting off the boat and I died. Upon further investigation, the combat log showed that a paladin hammer to the forehead was the fatal blow. Welcome to a PVP server. So I have not given up yet, I am pushing on with my squishy priest. I am still seeking the pants to wear on my head. Thanks for the awesome podcast.
Ruker Dwarf priest
Rucker Troll priest

Email #5 Tranith
G'day blokes and shiela of the C.A.W crew,

Bonza poddy! Strewth I chuckle me tits off weekly. Fair dinkum ripper cast!

Now to speak English. I'm writing for two reasons. Firstly, I'd love to make an alt and join you on winterhoof but am not a Twitter user. So hopefully this email will suffice.

Secondly last weeks Mo Mo Mo Moments from Mo brought up an issue that is my major pet peeve in Warcraft. The use of meters, in particular healing meters. They are meaningless. Heal meters do not take into account absorbs so disc priests, and other "shield" based healers, always look like they are being slack. Yes there is an additional component of recount (guessed absorbs) but it is not accurate. By the way I play a disc priest and am fortunate to run with an awesome an informed raid team (crazy train) in the POH guild. The misuse of heal meters is the reason I stopped running pug raids as some fools look at the heal meters the same way they look at dps meters. That's just plain wrong. Healing is judged by people being alive, boss being dead without running out mana.

/end rant.

Ahhh much better. Anger subsiding. Blood pressure falling. Pulse slowing.

Love your work guys and hopefully see you on winterhoof.

Tranith, disc priest.

Sent from my iPhone

Email #6 Lunardevil
Dear Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy, and Vrishna,

I love your podcast. I haven't watched that many though. I started watching your podcast on episode 174. And ever since i have just enjoyed all of the rest. Anyway I had a question and I would be so happy if I could get some answers from you. I'm no noob. just wanted to let you know that. My question has to deal with being a tank and i have the basics down but i need to figure out what I need to build up on, because I have died way too many times as a tank. What is some things I need to do to build my level 80 Draenai Blood Death Knight to make him an ok tank? I have done ok on plenty of dungeons but there is no way I am going to become a better tank overnight, unless I stay up all night doing dungeons.Well, enough about that, I just wanted to say that I love you guys and I think you guys are the bomb. But I have to say Ashayo is my favorite. Keep up the awesome podcasts.

From Lunardevil, Nightdevil, and Nightjumper

Email #B from Bob

It was very painful.

Email #7 Evilpurger

Hello all,

it's been at least a dozen or two moons since I wrote last. In fact, the last time I wrote it was to thank Aprillian for the wonderful prize of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion collector's ed. (minus the game - which I already had anyway.) I believe it was the second prize that week. I am still using the mouse pad from that even now so thank you again.

I'm still here and still playing and still listening! I now have a few 80s including the Gnome mage (Amaging) that I used for my name when writing in last, a human priest, and a Draenei Paladin. Currently I'm leveling a Night Elf hunter at 66 and another Gnome, this time a rogue at 45. I have quite a few other alts like the rest of us but they tend to stay behind the scenes a bit more.

I still have never been in a raid outside of Wintergrasp. I have never stepped foot into an arena. Heck, I've never even been in a ten man. The guild I'm in is the same guild I joined 3 months after WoW's launch and we still only have 8 active members. It works for me though. My computer is ancient in tech terms (probably almost 6 years old) so I can't multi-box and I've never done a RAF before. I won't even be able to fit Cataclysm on my computer unless I buy an external hard drive. It's sad.

Changing jobs in this economy was a poor choice and my hours at work have been severely diminished leaving me with a kind of bohemian lifestyle. This has afforded me a lot more time to play WoW now, until about mid-August. I'm enjoying the kind of game play time that I've never experienced before and have been able to see things I hadn't expected too. It's good to find the positive in all situations!

I love how your show has evolved and although I miss Glanthur (Glanther?) I do enjoy the multi-national approach to CtrlAltWow now. As I was listening to this week's podcast I was thinking that your show could use a slight trim on the time - it was literally less than 10 seconds later that you read an email mentioning that someone commented they were happy with the length of the show. It goes to show, that you can't please everyone.

Other than that, please keep up with all the great ideas and commentary. I know this isn't a popular sentiment on this show but here is Evilpurger on Khaz Modan signing off, for the Alliance.


Email #C - Inacan

Hello C A W crew,

Thank you for selecting my email last week. I would like the in game pet please.
Last week must have been my lucky week all the way around.

I was able to farm 2 of the captured firefly pets between random runs. They sell for 2500 gold each on my server and the drop rate is 1 in 1500 so two in a week with a total of about 40 minutes farm time is insanely lucky.

Thank you again for the pet prize!!

May all your hits be crits,

Inacan for the Horde
Anub' Arak Server

Email #D - Makiling

Hay ctrl alt wow crew, makiling here

I just listened to your latest episode, and after hearing all the pet stories I became nostalgic of my pets and the stories behind how I got them. I also remember when and how I got my first vanity pet, it was the pig from childrens week, and the next pet I got was the dragon from the olympics a few years ago.

But I'm here to tell you about a friend of mine whom I met in game a few years ago. We ran her thru dungeons back when we were getting old world achievements, but she stopped playing after 6months. She came back to the game a few weeks ago and she wanted to start fresh in a different realm from her old toons. She started a bllod elf mage, and I joined her as a blood elf pally. Aprillian always mentions how great a combo the mage pally duo is, and it really is a good combo. The random dungeon finder is a new thing for her, and so we chain ran randoms, and now our toons are lvl 22.

Her goal is to get to 80 before the new expansion. And I hope I can be there to help her out.

That's it from me for now. Keep up the good work, and I hope jeppy has good health in all his days. For the horde!

Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld

Email #E Leralond

Hi ctrl alt wow team,

i just mailed you from the blizzard store site 2 codes.
1 is for game time. code xxxxxxx

and the other is for lil KT. code xxxxxx
i hope they arrived allright.
Do with them as you wish.

Both codes are for european realms since i only have an european account.

i was glad to hear that you have other european fans besides me.

Leralond of the Evil Wabbits guild on Azjol-nerub EU

ps: since a couple of shows you actually dont deserve these presents anymore, (with all that bunny killing) but thats for later.
i will mail you about that part later.

Email #F from Bidkar

Greetings Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy and Vrishna,

Bidkar, manipulator of Frost and Fire here. I have some exciting news! I opened my third Oracles egg on my paladin Jehi and I got the Reins of the Green Protodrake! I could hardly believe my eyes. I was gobsmacked. I always wanted a reason to use that word since I heard it on "Cash in the Attic". Thank you random number generator. I do not have epic flying on my paladin, but I will be purchasing it right after I get done writing you fine folk.

My priest Sagrado dinged 80 last week. Once again, he was well chuffed as Jeppy is wont to say. He started the Argent Tournament and is exalted with the Undercity. Admittedly, he did not have far to go since he is undead, but exalted with anybody is always a bit of a thrill. He's still 426 on his engineering, I'll probably take care of that next week., I just need to build up a bit of saronite.

Joash the druid got 5 King's Amber off of 1 transmute. Probably for other people, this is rather mundane, but I always get a kick out of the extra gems I sometimes get from the transmute. His best transmute was 6 Cardinal Ruby, I don't think that will happen again. Joash picked up exalted with Orgrimmar and now proudly rides about on a wolf. I surely do love the wolf mount.

I started leveling my death knight Altheah again. I took her to Ebon Hold and did fixed her talents. I kept her as Unholy, but spent my points a bit more wisely this time. Since then, she has been much easier to play. Probably will never be my favorite toon, but it's fun to play once in awhile. She went from 72 to 74. A comical note for you - I do not have the plate heirlooms so I just stuck the leather heirlooms on her that I wasn't currently using on any toons. I just stay away from other people and when I group up I just switch to the regular armor I keep on her. I would be embarrassed if anyone noticed what I was doing. I just want the 20 percent xp gain.

My Winterhoof toons, Alehta and Bidcar are doing fairly well. They are both 69 and questing happily in Borean Tundra. I am really enjoying the Alliance quests and have a great time there. I leveled my tailoring to the Northrend level. I am perfectly happy with the netherweave bag, but frostweave bags are nice too. I generally find the more bag space one has, the more junk one carries about with them.

For some reason, when I was out in Terokar Forest and out by Auchindoun, people kept wanting to group with me and quest together. I don't really like doing that since it messes up my dual boxing. I am not coordinated enough to have a third person I am not controlling in the mix. I felt bad, but they were not looking for help with a specific quest so I just turned them down. Just a bit of confession to cleanse the soul. I did feel bad about turning them down. I never do turn down helping others, but like I said, when I am dual boxing, I just can't do it.

I think that's it for this week. I hope Jeppy is feeling more peppy and things are going well for the rest of you.

I really enjoyed the pet story contest and all the audio submissions you have been getting. I was surprised when I heard Acaldra;s voice. I guess I just assumed he was an Aussie because he's on Twitter when the Aussie crew is on.

Have a great week everybody!

Bidkar and his many alts

Shout Outs & Thank You

Hello all,
hope everyone is doing well and had a great week.
I had a slow wow week once again but I was able to get in and get dailies done a few times this week and level my druid mage some more.
Nothing to exciting to report from wow adventures except for the fun cool news that some of my friends and old old old guildmates are back on wow, slowly but they are back.

I started playing wow just after it came out, so what is that November of 05 wow was released? A friend and actually he was also a coworker of mine back in Chicago when we worked in the ER, that is the emergency room :)
He pulled me into this wonderful game in the beginning of 06 (my years may be off because it has been so long!) and I have kept playing where he has not. After I picked up the game and started learning the hard way on pvp server Balanzzar, horde side of course. I started a guild names Uptown Tavern, which is a real tavern in the western Chicago burbs. We grew the guild to about 350 members at its max and we were mainly a leveling fun guild. I did not want to raid and just wanted to have fun. We made some friends with people we helped level and watched people get to 60 and leave onto greated raid pastures I guess :) I was fine with that because many of the good people still stayed in touch with us.
Many people like my friend are in school or in the military so they have been on long, I mean long breaks. So my friend coming back to wow, he has not played a min of Wrath!
So I think it will be fun to get back to the beginning and level with old friends.

Have any of your had any friends come back to wow or are going to come back to wow for Cat.?

Also I would love to join your new guild on Winterhoof but just one question, I hear its part of the alliance so am I allowed to join? And is it real cold in Winterhoof?

Just want to prepared. :)

Well that is all I have for this week, thank you as always and thank you to the emailers, you do have many many great emailers.

Have a great week.

Oh dont forget Madden 11 is coming out Tuesday so get some football time in! :)


Monday, August 2, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 176 - Pet Story and No Juuno

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:
Select the contest winners from:
Spent hours trying to figure out who to give the Bike to. Ended up giving it to my mage and then transfering her to one of my RAF who was getting a Rocket. Realized later, it would have been cheaper to do a RAF on that account, but hey that would have been silly.

I changed a gem on Aprillian to haste
Aprillian & Vrishna
Wailing Cavern Random

Draenei redemption quest ? I know we’ve covered this before, but my first pally was a blood elf and those quests took like 3 months to get thru.


Lore Segment from Alex Hana

Pet Story Entry from Mega Dan

Hi friend I hope you are well. Here's a pet story for you. I hope you like it. I have to give Juuno some credit for this to. On top of everything else she also has some editing skills. I'll paste in the script bellow. Please let me know what you think


My Dog “Wipes”

A few weeks ago as I was walking around Stormwind City. I wandered by a new pet store . In the front window they had some puppies. These cute little Pugs. So I went in the store for a closer look.

I stepped up to the pen. It was elevated making it very easy to reach in and pet the puppies. While I was standing there scratching these little guys behind their ears. I noticed one of the dogs toward the back of the pen. He was walking around sniffing. When suddenly he dropped his butt on the ground almost like he was sitting and then proceeded to use his front paws to drag himself around on his butt. It was the funniest thing I had seen in a long time. It made me laugh. I said “look that dog wipes” and as soon as I said the word “wipes” the little dog came running at me, barking and licking my hands.

“Is that your name boy, Wipes?” The little pug got even more excited. “That is too funny,” I said.
I couldn't resist so I payed the shopkeeper for the dog and I left with my new best friend. Wipes is great; he follows me everywhere I go but I've learned I have to be careful where I take him. If I stop for more than a minute, he's wiping his butt everywhere. Now going by the orphanage is great fun. The kids think he's tremendous. However, taking him to the palace when I had to see the King was a bad idea. You see the other day I was talking with the King about the affairs of state. His face went from pleasant and conversational to one of such anger I thought he would run me through with his sword right there! Suddenly he yelled “GET THAT DOG OUT OF HERE!!!” I turned around to see Wipes doing his thing all across the royal carpet. Panicking, I scooped up my dog and ran out. Yeah, that was the last time Wipes came with me to the palace.
Insert Audio here.

Pet Story from Brad
Hi guys,
Love your show please keep up the great work.
Last weeks show was hilarious and helped me soldier through some really monotonous stuff at work.
I thought I would share my pet story with you guys.
Its actually something id completely forgotten had ever happened until you started talking about funny pet stories and when I remembered I thought I would share.

I discovered WOW back in vanilla about 5 months before BC hit and my first toon was an undead warrior. Whilst I was immediately hooked on WOW I was a total noob for the first few months and fumbled my way through the game while I figured things out. I made lots of mistakes that still make me cringe to this day and funnily enough one of the most noobish moments involved getting my first pet. My warrior was level 10 or so and I discovered the cockroach vendor under the bank in Undercity. I was so excited…I had to get one of these cockroaches as at the time I thought it would do the same as the hunter pet and fight my enemies….
Unfortunatley they were 50 silver each and at the time this seemed like a fortune. I remember going out to tirisfal glades and farming mobs for what seemed like forever to raise the funds. I sold all my cloth and any random greens to vendors as at this stage I thought using the auction house to buy and sell was cheating…
Finally I raised the money and bought my cockroach and rushed straight out to tirisfal to attack some mobs and see him in action. Imagine my disappointment when I found that the darn thing did sweet bog all while I was getting my face smashed by mobs. I was convinced I was doing something wrong and spent ages fumbling through the interface and spellbook trying to find the button that told my pet to attack.
Eventually as I was getting desperate I went back into Undercity and started asking random people in /say how I get my pet to attack (I hadn’t figured out how to use channels at this stage)….I cant help but blush even now as I think what a noob a level 10 warrior would look like in Undercity with a chat bubble on his head asking how to make his pet attack…
Anyway after many WTF’s, LOL’s and ROFL’S a very nice person actually took the time to explain to me that the pets I could get were vanity only and I needed to roll a hunter. I was so mortified and embarrassed I logged out immediately and didn’t play the game again for a couple days. I was scared when I logged back in that people would know I was the ‘pet guy’ and laugh at me.

Anyway that toon is long since retired now, having never made it past lvl 30 or so but those early days of WOW when everything was fresh and new will always be very special to me, even if I did do a lot of noobish things. It’s a shame were all so jaded now. Hopefully Cata will bring some of the wonder back to the game.
Anyway guys I have to go …my Lock is going to head into Undercity right now and buy one of those cockroaches. J

For the Horde
Brad AKA Creepshow Lvl 80 Lock Jubie’thos

Pet Story from AzyxA

One fateful day, AzyxA defeated Ahune and out popped a baby scorchling!
AzyxA was very happy and there was much rejoicing. Yay.

AzyxA and scorchling went on many adventures all across Azeroth, Outland, and Northrend together, saw many wonders, and defeated many foes.

Scorchling was an adorable and faithful pet but over time, AzyxA wished he would do more than cheer randomly and leave a trail of fire where ever he went.
If only he would catch small critters on fire so that AzyxA could delight in the cruel burning of cute little fuzzy animals.

One day while journeying through Northrend together, AzyxA & scorchling stopped to rest in the snow. AzyxA noticed a cute little bunny hip, hip, hoppin' along through the snow.

All of a sudden scorchling lashed out with a fiery blast and the bunny burst into flames, screeching in pain!
AzyxA squealed with delight!
Scorchling had become a terror to critters all across the world! (of warcraft)
And there was much rejoicing. Yay.

DaN | AzyxA

Pet story from Rishal

Hello Ctrlaltwow Podcasters!

I am known to the metaverse as Rishal. I play Astl, a nelf druid on Boulderfist US. But don't let the pointy ears fool you. I've got my claws and a nasty bite. But if you feed me, I'm all purrs. Oh, what's that? Excuse me, I meant to stuff all those alts back in the cupboard, but they just kept popping out! Sh, you shaman, go cast some totems... Er, heh. Never mind them.

There's a nutter who casts with you known as Jeppy. Or so I've heard, anyway. Regardless, said crazy informed me there was some sort of contest going on, yes? :D So I'm determined to get involved in it. To that end, I present to you the story of my dear Egbert. (I prefer the wind rider pet. But honestly, either would make me giddy like a school girl.)


Egbert is an odd looking creature, part bird and part unhatched egg. He's a cute lil' guy who stole my heart the moment he opened his eyes. He continues to pluck my heartstrings with that adorable pink beak. I take him everywhere with me, though I get worried when he runs off. I've gotten used to his wandering antics. In fact, I've grown to trust him since he always comes back to me. One night, he came with me to Ice Crown Citadel. I was certain all those nasty monsters would trample him underfoot. But, as luck would have it, he proved to be far more nimble than I knew. Every pack of monsters, every boss, Egbert managed to avoid damage. I think, if he was bigger, he'd probably have been right in there with the rest of us.

All this is just leading up to the point of my story. There we were, in the Plague Wing of Ice Crown Citadel, sitting outside of the room with Rotface. Just as we were about to start the fight, Egbert decided he wanted to join in. My heart was in my throat as he ran straight at the boss! "Wait!" I shouted to the raid, not wanting Rotface to crush my poor Egbert. But at the very last moment, Egbert veered away and came back to me. Sobbing with relief, I cuddled my silly bird. Of course we went on to finish Rotface, but only after I chastised my pet.

He still does this on occasion. Every time he does I feel my chest constrict. But I've yet to see him get the courage to actually attack something. I can't tell if he's a pacifist, toying with me, or just gathering his courage. Whatever the reason, I have to commend him for being more adventurous than my other pets. All they do it follow me around, which can be rather boring. And I have the feeling that, should he ever hit a monster, he'll one-shot it.


Anyway, that's that. Rather short, but I hope you liked it.

Keep alting!


Pet Story from Eranth
Aprillian, Vrishna, Jeppy & Ashayo,

Alright, I’ve got all a few minutes to get this message together and sent to you. I’ve finally managed to get all the ‘kids’ outside, playing together nicely.

I’ve got 51 little ones, 12 animals to get me around and 5 hunting companions. With almost 70 ‘kids’ about, it’s hard to get some time to myself. Being a hunter, you just seem to have these little critters drawn to you, where ever you go. Especially the little ones that can’t fend for themselves. Whoever said that hunters don’t have soft hearts didn’t know what they were really talking about. Sometimes I feel like that guy, Noah. I mean…they’re animals, they ..well, make a mess. Okay, well, the Ghostly Skull…he doesn’t really make a mess, but he’s ..just a wee big creepy. Can you imagine how hard it is to get all the other kids to play with him? Thankfully, I’ve got a Skeletal Warhorse that doesn’t mind him, so they keep decent company.

But, I mean really…there’s almost always a mess around here. Snakes, Chickens Baby Bears, Cats, a little Prairie Dog, Cockroach (why did I keep a cockroach, really?), little Wolvar Pup (he’s really a cute fellow), Scorpion, Dragonhawk Hatchling, Owls, Mechanical Chicken & Squirrel (trust me, they make a mess…you wouldn’t think so, but there are oil spots here and there), Penguins, little Lizards, Whelpings and Dragons, Dogs, Rabbits, ..Squashling, (I’m still not sure what he eats..), a Skunk (don’t ask…please..), Frog, Moths, Bat, little Wolpertinger (another really cute fellow), and a broom. Yes, a broom, the Enchanted Broom that the Blood Elves make. Then there’s my Gorilla, Big Cats, Wolves, Horses, Kodos, Hippogryph, Wind Riders, Raptor, Hawkstrider and so on.

So, why all this rambling about pets? Well, I’ll NEVER say this in front of the ‘kids’ but I have to say probably my favorite is the Enchanted Broom. I mean, none of the other ‘kids’ clean up after themselves, but that’s all he does! He’s sweeping in the morning, sweeping in the afternoon, even sweeping after midnight! I used to have a moderately low opinion of the Blood Elves and their ‘beef’ comments about the Tauren. Then, I found their Enchanted Broom. I’ve had to re-think my position on them.

Now, I love them all, don’t get me wrong. But if they all cleaned up after themselves, then it’d be so much harder to pick a favorite. I have some of the ‘kids’ I like more than others, but I try very hard not to play favorites, I do care for and love all of them.

And if you should say something about my comments here in front of one of them, I’ll completely deny and disavow any knowledge of ever saying so. But, I do think EVERYONE should have an Enchanted Broom as a pet.

Especially in front of my little Argent Gruntling. He works hard, and should be rewarded for fine service. One day he’ll make a fine Warrior for the Hoard! Now, to wrap this note up and seal it so he can deliver it to you.

“Be well…”
Hunter of the AIE Guild
Earthen Ring

Hi Java,

The following is my entry for the short story contest. As you can see from
the story I already have the Wind Rider Cub so I would prefer it if I were
to win to get the Gryphon Hatchling code. If this can't happen no big deal
I can always give the wind rider cub to my dad.
Thank you and enjoy,
Nightlion of Undermine US

Toby Saves the Day!
The floor was cold and the little wind rider cub knew it wasn’t because of the ice that flowed over all the walls and floors. He whined softly to his owner, a human paladin and guardian of the light. She smiled back at him and muttered a small pray to the pet. Toby smiled back at her as he felt the light empower him.

They weren’t alone and the wind rider cub who had been named Toby upon his adoption by the paladin Hotaru knew that they were in the presents of good and evil forces. The Ashen Verdict troops paced back and forth in the room known to them as Light’s Hammer. All creatures that wanted in or out through the front entrance of Icecrown Citadel would have to go thru the Ashen Verdict.

“Are you ready to go?” another paladin asked Hotaru. He was a draenei and the leader of this little raid party. Although he believed in the Light, the Light gave the draenei a different power than the powers that Hotaru possessed. The draenei paladin was imbued with the powers of protection, not healing, and Toby admired that quality. Toby wagged his tail in response to the paladin’s question even though he was talking to Toby’s owner.

“Yeah we’re ready,” Hotaru said with a nod and picked up Toby by the scruff of his neck. Placing him on her helmet that was had flames pouring from the top of it; both Toby and Hotaru felt a knot form at the pit of their stomachs. Something was going to go wrong today.

They march through most of the Citadel. Toby watched as Hotaru protected her comrades from a giant, four head skeleton man and his lady friend that was also a skeleton witch. He flew happy on the flying boat where he promptly helped the fight between the Horde and Alliance by catching mice that he was convinced belonged to the Horde. By the time the group defeated a grumpy old orc, Toby was feeling as though everything would be ok. And that was true to a point.

The group killed a few more monsters that stood in their way. A crazy bat lady and her blood elf worshipers could not stand before them nor could the abominations and their master, Professor Putricide. They marched through the Frostwing Halls and both killed a former dragon and healed another. And the group was just about to face their toughest challenge yet when everything went wrong.

The rest of the team was over the threshold of the doorway leading into the balcony where Sindragosa’s dead body lay. They were eager to attack the Lich King and destroy the evil that covered the land once and for all. But Hotaru had a favor to complete. She knelt over the body of the undead dragon and muttered a prayer under her breath. Alexstrasza had asked her to bless the soul of Malygos’s dead mate. So that she might live in peace if there was an eternal life. She also wished peace to the earth as so the piece of Azeroth that Sindragosa might take with her to the afterlife would not upset the balance of the world.

With her duties completed, Hotaru looked down at Toby and smiled. He smiled back dutifully standing by her side. “Let’s go,” Hotaru mumbled down to the wind rider cub. They walked to the door; both mentally prepare themselves for the fight. Toby knew he wasn’t going to be fighting in the battle ahead but Toby also knew that he would be seeing things that should never be seen by anyone, adult, child, or cub.

They were almost to the entrance. Their party was packing up the left over fish and finishing the last of their mage water. It was then that everyone heard a thunderous explosion. The door frame collapsed in, separating Hotaru and Toby from the rest of their party. A thunderous laugh rang threw the air.

“You overcame every challenge I laid before you. My mightiest servants have fallen before your relentless onslaught, your unbridled fury... Is it truly righteousness that drives you? I wonder…” The Lich King appeared before Hotaru and Toby. He was adorned in his armor of skulls and Frostmourne glowed in his hand. His eye’s met with the paladins before he began to laugh again.

“It doesn’t matter. I will kill you then pit you against your friends. Let us see what happens when your friends become you enemies,” The Lich King laughed then lowered his voice, “Frostmourne hungers.”

That was all he said before he leapt at Hotaru. She only had enough time to pull her own sword out and block it. The Lich King laughed darkly and Hotaru growled under her breath. But Toby could see the panic in her eyes.

“Go Toby fly away from here!”

It was an order and Toby felt he must follow it. He ran and jumped off the platform, praying his wings would carry him. They did work but as Toby flew away he heard the clanging of metal and a scream. His stomach dropped as he turned around to see his owner on the ground, her sword was too far out of her reach. Toby had a change of heart. He couldn’t obey his owner orders and let her die like this. He could see just at the door way that their raid party was trying to remove the rubble to help them. Toby made a quick decision.

He flew back as fast as he could. When he was just above The Lich King, who had Frostmourne’s point near Hotaru as if to let the sword take her soul; Toby closed his wings. Toby landed on The Lich King’s head and began to scratch and bite with his cub claws and fangs. A roar erupted from The Lich King as he grabbed the wind rider cub by the scruff of his neck and threw him across the balcony. Toby land with a hard thump on the icy floor. The cub growled as he tried to get back on his paws again so he could fight. But The Lich King kicked him again so that he was on the ground.

“The little runt is clever… and kind of cute.” He shook his head at the change of though. “He would make a valiant servant for my undead army.”

The Lich King lowers Frostmourne to the wind rider cub’s body. Toby closed his eyes. He was about to die. But just before The Lich King could kill the cub a sword pierced threw The Lich King’s body, killing him. Toby looked into the face of the draenei paladin that led the group. The other paladin smiled at him.

“You have done a good job today, Toby. We killed The Lich King and you help save the day!”

Actual Emails

Email # A from Foog

Hi Apirllian, Ashayo, Virshna, and Jeppy in no specific order. Since I have to be part of the show instead of just enjoy listening I've put a little audio segment for you. Hopefully this will be enough to let me join you fine people in the Winterhoof guild, after all I will need a place for my wargan come Cataclysm.
I'll spare you by not listing my alts but all in all there are 5 80's , 2 74's and A 66 in AIE, and a 70 DK on JubJub in Pants on Head. There are many many more spread on many more relms. Sorry for the poor punctuation and/or grammar. I'm just a lowly candy store owner in Alaska. Please don't enter me in any drawings listening to you four each week is enough of a prize.
Milagro warlock AIE - Earthen Ring
For the Horde
F00g on Twitter

Email #B from Gongrim
Hi all at ctrlaltwow

Its Gongrim here again not wrote in a while so I thought I'd write and tell you what I been up to.

Firstly I've had a few days away on holiday with the family, which was nice and allowed me to recharge the battery's. But upon returning I found that my account had been hacked. Which I was really annoyed about as you may well imagine. Its really funny that it happened after I took the authenticator app off my phone due to it being returned for a fault and used the main desktop in the house instead of my laptop :(

So when I finally got my account back I found all my characters naked apart from tabards and trinkets they couldn't sell or disenchant. They'd took over 35k in gold and nearly 100k of mats from the 12 guild bank tabs I've got. So over the next few days blizzard returned everything.

While I was sorting everything out I decided it was time I started my RAF so I created my account and account and off I went. So in the last week I have got a hunter to 24 and a druid to 18. I keep playing these on alternate days keeping them in city's so they can have the extra xp from being rested. I also managed to do my daily hc's on gongrim and vorek everyday and get my Dk to 70 who I have just duel specced blood tank/dps for the trip to 80.

Well that enough from me for now keep up the good work on the show

Gongrim lvl80 dwarf warrior Dragonblight EU

PS I think the thing aprilian was referring to is the beasts of northrend trinket. It summon valkyr's and other things to fight with you
Sent from my BlackBerry smartphone from Virgin Media

Email # C from Kurly

Tis yer old buddy Kurly......

I am BEYOND excited about the CAW guild. When I heard it on the pod cast I immediately logged onto Winterhoof and created three toons (Tank, Heals, and DPS), and cant wait for them to be added to your guild....if you decide I am worthy of course! I find it amusing that you have created an Alliance guild as I assumed it would be Horde, but now I have a place to roll a Gnome Priest, and a Human Hunter and I cant wait to run with you all.

My Pally hit 80 on the morning of Friday July 23rd. She is is last of the four toons I initially created when I started playing WOW to ding 80, and the toon I was on when I got a guild invite from the woman I have since become friends with, and are going to Seattle in the fall to meet her, her boyfriend and their baby. That was just about two years ago, and I remember being all suspicious of her guild invite as at the time I had no idea what I guild was and was wondering what this weird woman wanted from me.

Working on an 80 now is a lot different than it was just a year ago. I had been purchasing level 80 PVP gear for Annamia starting at level 70 with Honor that I had been getting since level 10 (not as much as you would think, but...enough), and the badges she got running instances. Trying to tank on a toon that is level 70 is not something I would suggest as I had no idea what abilities to use when and would often forget the Prot buff that raises your aggro.

Being the trooper that I am, however, I refuse to give up on tanking, and plan to try again and see if I can get the feel for it. I hated healing at first, but it has since become my favorite thing to I am looking forward to the challenge of tanking. all have a great day!!!

Hugs and Love....Kurlie

PS....I think you thwee should stop making fun of the way The Jeppers talks.

Email # D from Karen
Hey, Ctrl-Alt-WoW crew!

Long time, no write, I know, but thought I'd drop you a note to let you know that I'm still around, still listening and still playing WoW.

Have to say I love your long episodes because I'm teaching 6 classes this quarter and all of them let out at evening rush hour, so I'm sitting in traffic and I need my podcasts to get me through.

Thought I'd let you know how I weave WoW into my real-world teaching. I teach college level courses (English and Computer Applications), so when I introduce myself, I tell my classes that my game of choice is World of Warcraft. I find it interesting that out of the 120 or so students I'm teaching this quarter, I only have two that also play the game. Even if they don't play, I think it helps me connect with the students and helps them see me as something more than just a teacher. I also use WoW as examples. In English we talk about stories and writing and where we find them, including video games. In Computer Apps we talk a lot about security and safety on the Internet, so I can whip out my authenticator and explain how it works.

So much for the real world. Though I don't have much time to play right now, I'm puttering along, using WoW as an escape from reality. I have four 80's and all the other toons I'm leveling are 55+ except for one baby paladin that I'm leveling with my friend. I hope to get everyone to 80 before Cataclysm, well, not the pally, but that's okay.

I'm spending a little time taking a last look around the world. My warlock, Surt, recently switched to skinning, so I had to take him back to the starter areas to level it up. I found myself in the Barrens, so figured I should go visit Mankirk's wife. Just then the Alliance patrol passed by. Surt took great pleasure in killing them all.

Speaking of Surt, he's a bit of a problem toon. He's a blood elf (and aren't they all problem toons?) and he absolutely refuses to adventure if his clothes don't match. As a warlock, this can pose a bit of a problem (we like to call warlocks clowns for the outfits they usually wind up in). Thankfully he has the BOA shoulders and robe and those match perfectly.

Anyone ever had problems with a toon that wouldn't do what you wanted him to? Or is that just me?

One last note on dwarf rogues. I don't have one, but have known a few and envied them for one reason: treasure detection. Makes it much easier to find those sneaky lockboxes.

That's it for now, keep up the podcasts and the great work!


Email #2 from Inacan
Hello Fine People of CAW.

Sorry I haven't emailed in a long time.

I just wanted to drop a note to help Aprillian with forgetting the quest line "what a long strange trip its been."

It gets its name from a line in the Greatful Dead song "truckin" and I will link the youtube vid.

Hope this helps you remember.

Smoking something prior to listening is optional but at least wear a Tie-Dyed t-shirt and maybe a flower or two.

Keep doing that voodoo that you do.


PS....Why do Troll females say "you come get the voodoo" and the male trolls say "stay away from the voodoo"?.....I'm just wondering /wink

Email # E from Mattdiox

Hello CAW crew, which includes the hyperactive altohholic Apprillian, the all knowing all powerful Varshna, the just too sexy and sultry for words Ashayo (To girls I mean ... not to me ... I like breasts!) and that British guy ... just kidding. The hilarious and just too damn Brillo-Bananas Jeppy.
Mattdiox is in fact back and you can all stop worrying. Why you would I don't know, I'm a young English bloke who sends you emails.

The only thing I can think of to tell you about my WoW time in this email is that fact that I had my first rude group leader as a healer. I have had many rude group leaders as a DPS, complaining to me. But this man was particularly rude to me and the mage for no real reason.
It was all going very well and I thought everything would be fine until the mage stopped to get some mana and the tank proceeded to pull. The mage quickly yelled "Mana!" Where the tank merely replied: "It's okay, we can do it without you."
This was my first clue that this guy was -to put it lightly- a badger with his head shoved so far up his bottom that if he sneezed he'd give himself a heart palpitation.
I kept going and left it at that until this guy just continued to whine. He was commenting on every little thing. Eventually I just said to him: "Are you going to keep whining? 'Cause the healer has better things to do then be insulted like this."
He said nothing and then we got to the next boss. We all whiped, the first time, okay yes we didn't know the tacs so it was fine for us to die. But this guy got so annoyed it was ridiculous. He told us all to stay as close to him in the pull as possible. So we all did and people were dying so quickly that I couldn't keep up. I'm not a great healer, but even a goddess of pure healing through the ether couldn't have healed that. Now I am not saying this guy was a bad tank, we just weren't doing it right.
But this guy just started ticking me off. "You can't even heal me up to full!" Yeah because he was dropping to half health in a few hits it was ridiculous. And does no one find it strange that a priest (me) had more health than a retribution paladin at the same level as me?
The only person I liked from that group was the mage because we were sort of in it together because we were both two female characters being demeaned by three idiotic lads with the internet woohas flayling in the air. Now I am not saying they were being so rude because my character and the mage's were female. No I am saying they were being so rude for the sake of being rude. And it was like highschool, the tank was the main bully the other two just kind of leaned in from behind shaking their fists because they thought being friends with a moronic bafoon would help them in life.

I haven't given up on dungeons, but I have until Cataclysm most likely.
Also, I started a Dreanai Deathknight on a different realm for funzies. Yay, it's also the realm I plan to start my Worgen. Shhhh don't tell anyone I have an allience toon.

Also, thanks for talking about my show. I didn't realise I got so passionate and quivery in Episode 19.5 but seriously thanks for the honourable mention. You guys always have a place on the show and I would love to have you on some time. Especially you Jeppy Wink wink. (I would say Apprillian but I fear the wrath of Varshna!)

And just like the last, here is some audio. This time two pieces of poorly done audio.
One is the second "Ghoul Store" Which I need to think of a better name for if you guys want me to keep doing it. I'd like to hear your listeners thoughts on it too.
And the second is another cover song of a very popular song. Now before you play it, I don't think for a second that I sung this song well or correctly. This is more to be hilariously bad than mind blowingly wonderful.
Either way I hope you like it.

Oh yeah, and thanks for the winning roll, last, last show. But I have already won it before so I couldn't accept another prize (Even though the first prize of 1 month wouldn't work 'cause it was American.) So I guess you will just have to do one more roll for that show. But if that is just a hassle I would gladly ease your burden and take a Little K'T off your hands. (He is one of the in-game pets you mean right?)
Also, since you counted my ghoul store in the pet contest, my preference would be the wind rider. Can a horde even have the gryphon?

Lot's of love, divine shields and pure British awesomeness.
- Mattdiox, For the Bwitish! All thwee of them!

P.S The potatoes are lonely! Give them a home!
P.P.S Do you think I should stop with the walls of text and just do all of my emails in audio form now? 'Cause I do right a lot.
P.P.P.S Can you all in turn please say Jub Jub because it's the best thing I have ever heard when you guys say it.

Email #2 from Arygos
Howdy yall.

Love the podcast and thank you for not being short. The hours at work fly by a lot faster listening to you vs some short BOE podcast. (Mind ya they rock too).
Anyhow listening today to 175 Beers on the wall and heard some talk about a mage with some pets that helped attack the mobs...look up Nibelung...two handed staff with a chance to call a val'kyr to fight along with you. Not sure if thats what the mage had but its a possibility.

Keep up the laughs and fun for your listeners (not to mention yourselves) and thank you very much for them

Server Arygos:
Crilherin 80 Prot Pally
Leseig 80 SPriest
Bhandayd 80 Holy Priest

Jubaeiae Thos (or however its spelled)
Sinthvia 22 Lock

quick question for ya...i'm fail at joining channels in wow...i tried /join theboechannel (got connected to /6 joined channel if i want my quiz is it just /join BOE ???

Email #3 from Theoric

Hey guys,

Awesome podcast!!!

Here is a screenshot i took of the Val'kyr guardian, which is an on use ability of Nibelung. A weapon from ICC 25 ( Aprillian dint know what these were in the instance she was running the other day )

80 Orc hunter, Wyrmrest Accord US

Email #E from Chol

Hey Guys,

Just for the, ah, less sociable members of the crew I took this opportunity to run my email through a "de-mumbling" machine.

1. Dead to me ... (pick a male crew member) ...

2. Just for clarification, how do you pronounce "Chainsaw"? "Chol" starts the same way. Yes, the word was chosen carefully.

3. I've been levelling a mage and a hunter. Unsure why I started two before Cataclysm comes out. Curious as to thoughts about Mage survivability. I've been told Frost spec is the appropriate survival spec, however, I found I have a truly ridiculous number of deaths 30 levels in. Is it just that the Mage, while a sensational dps'er, is absolute rubbish when it comes to surviving anything more serious than a mildly irritating hiccup? Other than running with someone else, it seems that the Mage is doomed to have a crazy number of deaths while levelling.


Email # F from 'Te'drah

Hey guys & gal of Ctrl Alt WoW,

Finally got a chance to listen to CAW #175 this week and all I can say is El Jeppy made me cry. You made Aprillian so happy, it was awesome. And now all I can picture is Aprillian riding around on her mechano hog using her crude throwing axe to slaughter bunnies and kittens. Vrishna don't look! And cover your ears or the screaming will haunt you.

My Druid friend, Sagiv, has a weapon or piece of gear, not sure which it is, that spawns three winged women that look like the twins in ToC that fight alongside him. I think this is what Aprillian was talking about.

Just looked it up on armory. It's the Nibelung staff. It has a chance of summoning Val'kyr when you cast harmful spells.

Vrishna's little comments this week were priceless. Got a little "blue" a few times, lol.

I'm afraid I have Aprillian's focus issue. I'm kind of all over the place in WoW lately, and in this email, apparently.

I used my DK, Pettrah, as a mule to transfer some heirloom items and bags over to Jub Jub so my baby hunter in Pants on Head would be able to level a little faster.

I've made a baby toon on Winterhoof in hopes of joining the Ctrl Alt Wow guild. She's only 5, but I'm looking forward to leveling Alliance for a change.

I haven't had much time to spend on my AIE warlock on Earthen Ring because I've been doing some reputation grinds on my main, Tedrah on Sisters of Elune.

I was really trying to get the 35 exalted achievement so that I could quit obsessing about reps. But Blizzard pulled a fast one on me. There's a 40 achievement as well and it has a title: the Exalted. That was just mean because 'Tedrah the Exalted' just sounds great. So now I'm furiously killing pirates trying to work on all 4 Steamwheedle Cartel groups at once.

I also recently got the 25 tabards achievement and I really like the Tabard of the Achiever that you get for it. It's very unique looking.

Tedrah has also finally finished her Netherwing rep and bought her netherdrakes. I now have 80 mounts. Going to have to return to doing argent tournament dailies to get more mounts. Still too far from 100 and my red dragonhawk mount.

Well I guess I've taken up enough of your time so I'll let you go for now.

Oh wait, one last thing, lol. You all completely crack me up because every other time I write in, you change my sex and call me a man. I figure it must be because you pronounce Tedrah as 'Ted'rah as opposed to 'Te'drah and Ted is masculine. Anyway, just for the record, I'm a woman.

Now I really will let you go. Although it's hard to say goodbye to such entertaining people as the sexy voiced el Jeppy, the awesome Ashayo, the lovely Aprillian and the kind hearted Vrishna.

For the Horde!
'Te'drah of Sisters of Elune and her various alts.

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Email #3 from Christian
Newbie Alert
Hello Ctrl Alt Wow gang!

I am just now finding your wonderful podcast and I am hooked after only listening to a few episodes! I'm a very casual WoW player (aka n00b) and came across your podcast via Twitter! Someone mentioned it and I got nosey and just had to check it out. I listened to the current episode, episode 175, at work and enjoyed myself SO much I listened to three more episodes and before I knew it the workday was over!

I absolutely love listening to your stories, accomplishments, misadventures and knowledgeable tips hidden through all the laughter (I too LOVE LOVE LOVE Aprillian's and Vrishna's laughs) and I love hearing Vrishna's point of view when it comes to the game because he is still fairly new to the game - from what I understand. (By the way, I love Ashayo's and El Jeppy's accents!)

I currently have a level 72 Blood Elf Paladin named Xtian (Ex-tee-en) which is suppossed to mean Christian (my name) but no one ever understands it. lol. I wrote it like that because of how people shorten Christmas to Xmas, in case you were wondering (please don't be sarcastic and say you didn't care! lol) I also have a slight case of Altaholicism as all my character slots on my server are full with a ton of different classes. I've been trying to get my boyfriend to play, but he is just not interested. Here's hoping I can get him to join like Aprillian was able to do with Vrishna!

Thank you and I would love to play with you all one day on the CAW guild on Winterhoof!

FOR THE HORDE!!! (Even though I think female Dwarves are really fun to play)

Email #4 from Berte

Hello Aprillian and crew,

I haven't written in a while, as I am a silent listener from the very beginning. But I would like to participate in your guild on Winterhoof when I am able, so you have forced me to write to you yet again. I was a little hestitant, as a few episodes ago you called "dwarves lower than gnomes". I was deeply insulted. I considered pouring my ale over your head.... but I can't reach that high, and its a waste of good ale. Perhaps a good kick to the shin.

Consider this warning! You will be contacted from a dwarf something-or-other teamed with another dwarf something-or-other, as soon as I figure our which combo I would like to try dual boxing from scratch. And you will be awed .... or at least have a good laugh. Thanks for the great podcast!


(pronounced Ber-tay)

Proud Dwarven Priest, Steamwheedle Cartel

Shout Outs & Thank You

Hello everyone,
Hope you are all doing well.

I dont know about all of you but it has been a nice crazy busy week in gaming. I am sure all of you know that Starcraft 2 came out this past week and I know it will affect wow until the expansion comes out. I have played it myself but I know I will continue to play wow too of course (as I am playing now).
It is nice to try other games, take breaks from wow, I know that may be hard to believe but I believe in that. For me that especially applies to raids. It is so nice to take breaks, long breaks from raiding especially when it is not fun. For example, we have been raiding with some old guildies (who are in another guild now) and we have been slowly progressing in ICC 10. Before I go on let me state that all 10 people in this raid and the others that come and go if they are on (like me) have been pretty casual and open minded in being understanding with peoples schedules, gear, lack of not being a good wow player to put it basically. This past Tuesday I did not make the raid but on Wednesday I logged into wow and was chatting with some guildies. They started telling about the raid and before I go on I will need to tell you something first. The others we know have a priest who they have helped gear up for her disc and shadow spec. She is actually better geared than most people that run this guild. It is just....well only way to say it is to say it...she is just not that great of a wow player it seems like. Which I feel terrible about because I feel the same way. I am not hardcore, I struggled for a long time gearing up my priest and for a time it was not fun that is why I really have not been a big raider fan.
Ok back to the raid on Tuesday, I was told yet again she was either last on dps or last on healing and just was not helping the raid once again. The raid leader had other opinions, he said that everyone has been making mistakes and just mistakes we should not be making. Now at this point I am being selfish and am thinking to myself how glad I am I missed this hell night!
Now how long does a raid, how long do the 9 other people need to try and try again to help people that are just not good or great raiders?
I really put myself in that category as I have made mistakes in Sindragosa (spelling?) that I know I shouldnt have. I have been told that I am a great healer and yes I have been tops in the healing charts for 10's and 25's but for me that is not enough. I have been doing my best to try to be great in all categories. I look at if the raid wiped or not, that is the #1 stat I think. I also look at over heals; if I am over healing, that is such a waste and part of the problem.
Well end story is that I feel bad for her but I also feel bad for others that have ran out of patience and just all frustrated out. Right now it looks like we will not be raiding with this priest and I wish I could have helped in some way. I know some guildies tried, tried to help, give pointers but I guess it was unsuccessful.
Sometimes this game of ours just has sad outcomes but life does go on thankfully :)

Well hope that little story above has made sense, I feel like I am rambling now.

Hope July was great for you as for me it was lame but here is to a GREAT rest of the year.
Oh and I really would like to buy a Ctrl Alt Wow shirt for Comicon so please let me know when I can do if anything to help.

Thank you as always, Love to listen in to everyone and have another great week.

Lisa Jensen (@Allecia13)
7/27/10 18:17
@Ashayo O.M.G. You talking the drunk talk when reading Nevik's letter was AWESOME!! ROFLMAO - my coworkers are looking at me strangely, rofl
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Lisa Jensen (@Allecia13)
7/27/10 14:09
zomg I heard my story on @ctrlaltwow! :D Virishna read it fabulous too! I'm all smilies now :D That was fun to hear, even tho I was nervous
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Lisa Jensen (@Allecia13)
7/27/10 14:09
@Aprillian And you guys pronounced my name correctly too! lol

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