Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 183 - Moar Beer

Brought to you by Bidkar and his many alts!

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:

Over heard in trade chat

Logging started on 09/20/2010 at 11:47:10.
You joined channel.
12:45:28 [Meine]: Talk to the dungeonmaster in any city
12:45:28 [Meine]: lol
12:45:28 [Hotchokolate]: I just got a whisper from blizzard telling me my account is "complained by other players" and I need to go to this website with account info or i will be suspended
12:45:28 [Hotchokolate]: who complained me.
12:45:37 [Galvannar]: Tank LFG [XT-002 Deconstructor Must Die!]
12:45:43 [Meine]: I did, man, you ninja'd my [Reins of the Asian Gold Farmer]
12:45:53 [Rarcthalian]: dps lfg weekly
12:46:16 [Rarcthalian]: lol meine
12:46:34 [Manresh]: LF enchanter to do BLOOD DRAINING, paying 75g, my mats, pst
12:46:39 [Caldrent]: LFG 10 man TOC

Servers down on Tues. Went to EU & did Brewfest. increased cooking by starting a fire.

I love Coren Direbrew but why does he say run away little girl? Loving getting 4 Frost badges a day on Aprillian.

Got voted off of a random Pit of Saron with Aprillian for spamming Seeds of Corruption.

RAF with Mage with Rocket is set to expire. Got to figure out what to do
Aprillian & Vrishna


Almost finished Ashenvale.


Brewmaster on Pud
Use dungeon finder to kill him once for daily frosties
Only i200 items still, so only worth killing him for mount
Have to requeue after each kill
Doing Coren too many times locks you out of dungeons
Don't need all the clothes for the Meta, so quite a bit easier
3 x shanker
3 x tankard o terror
3 x ram - Asheal, Pud, Hiide
3 x remotes

Iron Man
- Filled in on Ashariss, did Rotface, Festergut and had some really good attempts at Dreamwalker

Crazy Train
- Working on LK
- Got raging spirits down and up to 4th val'kyr = 61%
- Good run at end of night - 56%

- Ruby Sanctum, Heroic ICC up to Gunship

- Razorscale PUG on Ashariss - DK rolled need on healing trinket

Pants on Head
- Flawless For The Horde run

- Mage hit 74 and completed Wrathgate again - amazed some people just doing it now for the first time - cough Allecia and Kalem

- Jekle bought T10 healing helm
- Ashariss bought T10 balance helm - 4 set bonus

Heroic Ach
- Old Kingdom
- Halls of Stone
- Nexus
- Oculus
- Culling of Strat - great job by Wemb
- Azjol Nerub
- Violet Hold - great clicking from Tempeste
- Gundrak - finally got Less-Rabi
Glory of the Hero - huge thanks to Temp, Wemb, Wych, Zooe, Baret, Tranith

Indiana Jeppy

Email #1 from HikikomoriinLA

Episode 181 contest submission

Hey everyone,

I would describe my time spent in World of Warcraft as more of a social experiences. I don't really give much thought into what I'm doing if it's farming, raiding, getting achievements or afking in Dalaran. All I care about is hanging out with friends in the game. I've met a lot of them in real life, and some of them were friends way before the game even came out. I think I'm slowly becoming an Altaholic though. It really gives you another chance to play the game without getting burnt out. I can switch between toons, maybe do a quest or two and then play a different class. I still have one main, my mage Hikikomori, who I do everything on because I'm an achievement junkie. I love the achievement system but I'm not to stressed about trying to get them all. I make some progress here and there and it feels great to get some new achievements once in awhile. I'm not crazy enough to try and go for all the achievements on my alts like I did on my main. I think with Cataclysm coming out I've planned ahead for all my future alts. I've got BOA gear up the whazoo. I want to make a goblin shaman, and tauren pally and much more. I already have a 23 rogue, 50 warrior, and 65 death knight. I'm excited because from the Beta and everything I've been learning about Cataclysm it seems like leveling up again on alts is going to be quite the unique thrilling experience.

As far as managing my playing time in World of Warcraft and my social/family life, I think its fair to keep it pretty balanced. You take care of everything you need to do and then you go play some World of Warcraft to relax. Most of my family are not gamers so they don't really understand it. They have their own hobbies as well that take up their time just like it would if their hobby were video games so they're not judging. It's pretty fun though because occasional you'll find someone at work, or in class if you're a student who plays World of Warcraft and that's always great to find out about. I feel like video games are moving away from you being alone in your basement for days playing video games, drinking energy drinks, and eating pizza and going towards being with friends in your basement playing video games for days, drinking energy drinks, and eating pizza. Hehe

9/20/10 16:29
@ctrlaltwow I plan on making a Worgen on Winterhoof as soon as Cata drops. What class should I be?

Email #A from Manbone
MGood morning Ctrlaltwow.

Love the show.

I am just writing in to say that after listening to show 181, I thought I would roll a toon on Winterhoof.
So I made a new toon, Fz (that's his name) a mage. I was actually a bit excited as I have never had a mage before.
I joined the CAW channel, said hello and went on my way.
I did the starter area. Boring as I have done it about 20 times before and pushed on to level 10 and started doing some battlegrounds to get a bit of exp that way.
I got skinning up to 55 and herbing up to about 30.
I rolled a bank too (Allprofit) and ran him to town and promptly sold all my gear (5 copper. woot) to have the deposit to list my hides and herbs on the AH.
I ran about 5 bg's in my starter gear and took the abuse. This is my first toon on Winterhoof so I have no money.
Every so often I would say hello in the CAW channel and never had a response. I figured as it was a US server and I was playing Sydney time, everyone was either at work or in bed. I pushed on.
Fz is now level 15 and I am having a bit of fun with him. I spent what little money I did have on a respec as I did not bother to look up talents and just started clicking.
Still no one replied to my call outs on CAW channel.
Then I had a moment of clarity.
So I rolled a new toon, /join CAW. "Hello? anyone there?"
"hi. this is Manbone from jubbly"
"Don't know him" "lol. Hey Man. This is Wingy"
"This is an alliance guild?"
then I tell him.
I just spent 6 hours levelling a toon to 15 learning professions, cooking at 65, won 4 battle grounds and getting a bank toon and running him to .....Undercity

Keep up the good work folks. Maybe I will start to pay more attention to the show.

Jubbly Wubbly

Email #2 from Wingy

Hello fellow Altoholic's

So many things have happened since i have last written.

1. i have advised ashayo not to roll high.
2. i have transfered 2 characters to Winterhoof caw caw caw. 80 Shammy and 70 Warlock
3. the price of fish in china has gone down.
4. i got into usta gusta aka team jonhson and have been having fun on my low level orc warrior in the guild kitchen eating the muffins.
5. 1 + 2 = window
6. i have 5 more achievements left in Ulduar for the 310 flying drake for my pally.
7. i have decided that the pally will be my main and i will respec him ret heals from tank heals for the Crazy Train raids. I came accross an excellent website called
8. i got my mage CRITSKILL on winterhoof to 40.. woo hoo bring on the portals. and ive respeced her to tank.. haha.. berat has been a great pocket healer. The mage is actually frost spec.. let it rain !!!!!.
9. i deleted all my toons on other servers except Earthring, Jub Jub and Winterhoof. You will be happy to know the highest purge was lvl 33.

There is soo much to do and soo little time.. i actually thought by this time i would be bored. But ive got to level, make more money, finish achievements, max professions...AAAARGGGGGG !!!!!!!!! When is it gonna stop? Do i want it to stop? nope

must dash .


aka wingthequick on twitter.

Hi Ctrl Alt Wow Crew,
Well firstly what a surprise, I updated my podcasts this morning before going to work, listened in and you read out my email! What really made me chuckle was the comment about Howard Jones - I was one of those 80's teenagers, with the New Romantic look and into the music LOL.

Anyway for Aprillian here's a few links to review the sounds of the 80's ;))
katchagoogoo -
Art of Noise -

Thank you all for the tips and I will look into the forums for a raid team on the Nordrassil server. What I did notice on the random Dugeon Finder it states my gear is not high enough to join a random 10 man. I will investigate further let you all know how I get on with that.

**just for you're info don't need to read out if you use this email in the podcast**
I am part of a small guild and when I joined it was good fun as we were leveling together but the leader and officers are sticking to leveling alt's to the high 60's. I happy to be part of the guild but would like to do other stuff leading up to Cata, so I think I will discuss this with the guild leader and what the next steps as to my part in the Guild, as a raid team might a nice introduction to the guild.

I have carried on with the normal and Heroic runs, spending my Triumph badges on a couple of 245 pieces of gear; Hood of Smoldering Aftermath and Pauldrons of Catastrophic Emanation, plus adding the gems and enchants.

There has been some nice loot drops to which is building up my gear score.

I started the daily quests for Argent Tournament, which has been okay but not really sure what's that going to give me. I do need to start farming up my gold so I can fly the Bronze Drake, which dropped whilst doing the heroic: The Culling of Stratholme. Now I need the 5K for Artisan Flying, urgh! I had Spent the 1K gold on Cold Weather flying as soon as I hit 77 which really helps, otherwise that would have been painful trying to get around just on horse back!

Ashayo spoke about the Oracles quest line to get a Drake, that will be my next challenge in between random runs as a couple of Drakes would be really nice to have.

lastly, I have been leveling a Death Knight, now @ 59 and trying to learn how to play this toon before doing randoms - I would like to try tanking but unsure how to tackle that at the moment so may stick with DPS.

Again thanks for the advice and I will drop you guys another email in a week or so.

All the best,
Howard but not Jones ;)

Bloodrock, Nordrassil, EU, Blood Elf Warlock and some other alt's which need some work

Email #4 from Kenan

Hey there CTRL ALT WOW, this is Kenan a.k.a Volkner that has been e-mailing you for the past 2 weeks. Last week my e-mail was confusing even to me. I'll clarify my typing, and not do it in such a rush so it's readable.

Anyways, I just have a few things to tell you all. The guy who e-mailed you last week, and said the show doesn't talk about the game until like 30 minutes into the show. While this is very true, tell that guy to go *BLEEP*. You guys still do a great job even though you talk about weird stuff like The Addicted podcast does, which is perfectly fine, pink marshmallows anyone?

A question now. I seem to not be able to find the correct time and date for the live show. Now I don't know if you have one, but if you do please tell me. Also is this a weekly show, or is it Bi-Weekly, because it feels like that to me. Maybe I'm just to impatient and want to listen to you guys, and think it takes that long.

Okay now some stuff that will get you talking, and maybe the community. What do you think about Obese people playing WoW? (I am Obese and know my issue and I am trying to fix that problem) Here is a great way to do this. I recently lost my job and just have no way of being able to pay for WoW. I am 18, and right now it's hard to find a job. I made a deal with my mom, she will buy me Cataclysm Collector's Edition one month from September 21st, which is in October during blizzcon, IF, and that's a big IF, I run 2 miles at least everyday. I know it seems like a lot to some people, but I used to do that everyday a couple years ago. Either way I hope I find a job by then, because I don't want to sit around all day playing wow it's making me hate it for some reason.

Wish me luck, and I'll update you guys on my goal, if you would like.

Hopefully I can inspire some more people out there, because a life with excercise, is a hell of a good life trust me I've been there.

P.S. Have Juno on your show sometime, you know without the recorded audio. Would be a really cool thing, don't you think.

P.S.S. Sorry or the long E-Mail hopefully you read it all, and there be more in the following weeks, and I guess I'll get you an Itunes review just gotta figure out how never really used ITUNES.

Ty, Love You oh and the thing i said last week about Jeppy, tell him I'm sorry. You know when I said Hi their ladies, gentlemen, and jeppy, hahah, sorry.


Email #5 Ericke

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy and Vrishna

My name is Ericke, Fortetwo ( said 42) , FayeFaye , Mandoralen , and....
I think I should stop at this point as I am sure you will have guessed that
I like variety and play many alts . Those above are all my 80's and are all
Alliance but I have about 7 more between 60 and 80 that are Horde, but more
of that later.

All my alliance toons are on the Dalaran server but the main two are
Ericke a Dwarf Priest who loves to fill in his days by healing in Ice crown
and Fortetwo a level 80 space goat Shaman (who can drop totems Aprillian )
and enjoys ranged DPS .

First many months ago my lovely wife Melindria wrote to you while Ashayo
was on holidays and said she was after the Loremaster achievement and I am
happy to report that she now runs ..... well bounces (as she is a night
elf) around Dalaran proudly showing off her title .

We both love to quest together but unfortunately real life intervened and
Melindria developed a heart problem and had to give up WOW for a while; but I am happy to say that Melindria is on the mend now and is playing

So what do when you have a heart problem, you turn to the El Jeppy recovery
method. Yes she started a RAF account and even multi boxed a few times.
Aprillian we called it the "El Jeppy" method as spreadsheets were
involved and even though I wanted to follow your way of just keeping on
leveling different characters Melindira wanted to keep track of levels
gained , levels granted, professions and so on .

So we had 3 linked accounts (eventually 4 ) as a friend joined us and
immediately he fell in love with the rocket and referred another account and
now we all fly as a group around outland chanting "one of us, one of us"

Anyway after 3 months of leveling we ended up with 13 level 60 characters
and 1 30 and 1 level 10 and most of them on Jub Jub Horde. Seven of these were by levels granted

We are seeking your advice on who do we level first from 60 to 80 on the
Horde side. Our Mage / Hunter combo.. Oh I just realized we have about 60
different combos and I won't bore you with choices but the two characters we
level to 80 will be our first Horde toons to be maxed out.
Can you recommend any Horde only quests in outland or Northrend that are fun or epic that we would not have seen on the alliance side?

For the Alliance -Ericke

For the Horde Peanutbutter .. a 61 Shaman on Jub Jub and this is the clean version of his name ( he is in POH)

Ps Our son would like to thank Ashayo for the POH run last Saturday in
normal Violet Hold and Drak'Tharon Keep as he was on the DK with Ashayo
healing . He has a question - does anyone have the Dread Pirate Ring which is
reward from the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby?

Email #B from Chris
Just listened to show 181 heard I won. Nice TY I would like one of the pets, anyone of them is fine. I don't have any of them. I don't know if you need my toons name so here it is just incase. Emporerwang ,silvermoon, US. Thank you very much

Email #6 from Criherin

BOE Ep 28

Virshna (is that the right spelling?) borrowed it from the website but we all konw taht tyops happen to teh bset of us.

Episode 28 of boe...put down any eating while you driving id even be careful walking round in public when will laugh till you cry and Wemb is so calm in leading up to it all....But this is the one you have to listen to if you have not done so yet....all the rocks the horde is good stuff but this is podcasting gold

Crilherin, Leseig, Aanalein, Bhandayd Arygos server.
Crilherin, Sinthvia, Mattief Jubei Thos

Oye and ty ty gal and guys again for all the enjoyment you give thru every minute of podcasting

Email #7 from Iceflow and Caoboi
Dear Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy, and Virshna,

I haven't written in a while but I decided to write to say hello! I am two months behind on the podcast but I am quickly catching up so even though I won't hear this as soon as you read it, I wanted to start writing regularly to tell you what Caoboi and I have been up to.

Well it's been quite a busy time for us. Caoboi and I both made Draenis on Winterhoof and joined the Control Alt Wow guild. I'm a hunter and Caoboi is a priest. We reached level 20 and we finally get to use our sparkle ponies. We also made horde paladin alts on Jub Jub but we are reluctant to even start playing them yet because we really don't want to be blood elves. We might use them as a placeholder until after Cataclysm so we can be Taurens.

I've been loving my level 80 Hunter Iceflare and it was more fun than I ever thought it would be. I had three very good hunters in my raid group (shoutout to Sulegna, Friscos, and Awrath) to help me improve my spec and gear the best I could. With a few nights in our alt ICC runs, she is over 5K gear score and is pumping out 5 to 6K dps in randoms. (More when I get to do my aoe damage. Oh, Volley, how I love thee.)

It's been a very busy week for our mains as well.

In our ten man ICC raids, Caoboi (a tauren Shaman) and I (a troll rogue) have done all the meta achievements for the Lich King drake except for the Lich King one. We hope to get that done soon (crosses fingers).

In our 25 man ICC raids, we were working on the heroic bosses but decided to get the Lich King kill a few more times for those that need it. We did Dreamwalker with no problem (my dagger didn't drop however. I REALLY need that dagger. I'm still using a 25 man heroic version of ToC!) and we moved onto 25 man Sindragosa. Because my raid group is known for zerging things just because, we decided to zerg Sindy. In the last phase of fighting Sindragosa, she ice tombs players. Usually you are supposed to break them out but we decided to break them out only if it was a healer. We finally did it and it was so much fun. It's much harder to zerg it than not.

Then we took a couple cracks at the Lich King but we were out of practice so we'll get back to it next week.

Achievement wise, Iceflow has been racking up. I FINALLY got There's Gold in That There Fountain achievement and The Coin Master after two months of trying to fish up the last two coins out of the Dalaran fountain. Of course Caoboi started on the achievement two days before I finished and got all the copper, silver, AND gold coins before I even got finished. The RNG monster seems to love him. He also got his second battered hilt (and sold it), he won four Tankard of Terrors from Coren Direbrew and he got the Brewfest Ram on his Druid! He's a lucky guy!

And my last achievement of the week was The Keymaster. It only had two more keys to finish up and it wasn't hard. It was just long and I had to go into Gnomer. I hate that place. Caoboi also got his Keymaster finished up so we are well on our way to the Over 9000 achievement (for getting over 9000 achievement points, of course!) If you aren't familiar with the name of that achievement, google Dragon Ball Z and Over 9000 and there are plenty of videos to get you caught up to speed.

I guess that's everything that's been happening with us. Sorry about such a long email but I had so much stuff to cover.

For the horde and for the alliance (sometimes),

Iceflow and Caoboi

P.S. In the time it took me to get this email together, Caoboi won ANOTHER battered hilt. Crazy huh?

Email #8 from McFluffy

Dear Ctrl Alt WoW Crew,

So i've finally caught up episode wise and thought i'd celebrate by
sending you an email! The last time I emailed i just sent a picture
because i felt my 2 characters didnt really qualify me as an altaholic,
but having been inspired by your show im now up to 13 and have even
dabbled in dual boxing.

Quick character rundown, Lvl 80 human holy paladin Mcfluffy, lvl 80 night
elf markmanship hunter Mordib, Lvl 70 Deathnight DoomFlower, Lvl 51 Druid
Hippycrusher, 3 more paladins between lvls 7 and 30, 3 additional
Deathnights unlevelled sitting in wait on different servers and 3 bank
alt/ auctioneers.

Im currently dividing my time between leveling the druid with my lovely
better half and getting Mcfluffy more achievements (currently working on
glory of the hero, the CoS zombie bashing ones a nightmare). I was trying
to dual box two of the pallys (I RAFed originally just to get the rocket)
but was clearly asking questions in the wrong forums as i got few answers
and a lot of sarcastic declarations of my apparent noobness.

Are there any prior episode you would advice from long ago where you do a
bit of a multi boxing 101? ive picked up a lot from just listening to the
show each week but if there was one where a lot of info was provided in a
single chunk id be most interested in delving into the archives and
listening to it.

Anyway, for fear of this turning into an essay i'll stop soon, just wanted
to add that im loving the seemingly ever growing length of the show, great
for boring days in the office!


Mclfuffy (EU Saurfang)

PS. dodgiest clean tag ever. most entertaining Brit/Aussie slang/innuendo,
they're very naughty boys those two ;) <--- recommended site for info.

Email # from C hearty hello from fello AIE guildy.. romperboom

I was enjoying one of my many alts the other day. This one happens to be in AIE. So there I am just running a dungeon on my little DK,tanking to my hearts content, and I saw the name Aprillian going offline. Hmm.. isnt that the gal from CAW. Oh well would have liked to have said hi. so i keep on about my business, when a few minutes later i see the same name coming back on. So I pst'd "Aprillian.. from CAW Aprillian?" and how cool is that.. it is Aprillian. LOL So anyways i just wanted to say hi, and tell you all how much i enjoy listening, as I have many many alts myself. At last count i think it was 26 on the one account i still have Of course most are less than 15, they are still fun to jump on and play if only for a bit and on rare occasion. On Frostmane. my usualy server, I have 4 80s and 4 other toons all 40+and 1 lvl 33, on dawnbringer 1 80 and 5 others 50+, and then my DK on earthen ring. So keep up the great work gang, and enjoying your wow in all its many forms.

Happy Hunting;

Romperboom, Pinkbunnies, Spellcheckx, Lt, Eighties, Sandman, Pinkzirra, Periscope, Chrisangel, Nitrocircus, Wintersheart, and so on and so on and so

Email #D from Bidkar
Hello Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy,

Bidkar the auction house alt here, The past couple of weeks Bidkar bought and sold extensively on the auction house, danced on the bank, polymorphed Gamon and trolled trade chat. He also received "City Defender" a few weeks back. It seems like I've killed more than 50 Alliance in the cities, but I play quite a few alts, so I'm guessing that's why.

Meanwhile, Jehi,80 paladin, worked on the his Netherwing reputation and received exalted status. Now BFF with the Netherwing, he picked out the veridian Netherwing mount as his free mount and bought the rest to have a complete set. Jehi named the veridian mount Sam. Does anyone else name their mounts? Bidkar named his first mount Stampy, the second mount is Stompy, his flying carpet is Tassels, the albino drake is Snowy. My sewer rat is named Melvin. I usually only name the important mounts and pets. Anyway, Jehi also bought the Traveler's Mammoth this week. The mammoth's name is Probiscus. He is currently working on the Skyguard and Consortium reputation.

While Jehi was in Nagrand, he finished all the quests he hadn't finished before. I finally got to see Thrall come to Nagrand to see his grandmother. It was very exciting for me. I love to see lore come to life in the game. Durotan and Draka are some of my favorite characters in WoW so it was nice to see some more tie in to them in-game.

I picked up the plate heirloom items for Altheah my death knight. I played her a bit in Grizzly Hills. She picked up the inscription recipe for "Rituals of the New Moon" off hand. She made one for Bidkar and one to sell on the auction house. Bidkar can now dance as a wolf in Orgrimmar for 2 minutes every 10 minutes. Altheah is now level 75. She only bumped up one level, but that's still better than no levels.

I subscribed to the mobile auction house for a month. I use it every day, but I don't think I will keep on using it after the 30 days are up. I can post things from my bags and bank, but I can only get gold from my mailbox not actual items to resell. That's a bit of a drawback for me. It's still fun to mess around with for a bit.

I only played for a bit on the beta. I started a a troll, Uglyshortguy. I tried to make him to be somewhat attractive, but there's no way that's gonna happen. The goblins actually make the orc females seem attractive. I got up to level 4 before the beta bugged out on me. There was an npc that was missing and I needed him or her to get the next quest. I haven't been able to play on the beta for a bit now because it won't load my toons. I guess I'm still helping out because it sends a message to Blizzard each time, but it's not much fun. Oh well, can't be Christmas every day.

I am really enjoying all the segments and bits everyone is sending in. You have such creative listeners. I have not a bit of creativity, being composed of only prose, but I do enjoy the creations of others.

Have a great week,

Bidkar and his many alts

P.S. Don't read this out loud (obviously) but I included a couple of time codes for you to give away.


Shout Outs & Thank You
mohalen (@mohalen)
9/18/10 23:05
I'm at World Of Warcraft TCG NACC (Paris Hotel, Las Vegas).



So, I've listened to two episode thus far of Ctrl Alt WoW and I'm liking it. But I'm having a problem with the Juno segment of the show. I'm not sure if it's her recording equipment, or if you might be using the audio directly from her recording or the audio from you recording the podcast, but the sound quality is odd.

Every time it gets to that segment I turn down the volume. It sounds kind of echoy or like there's a second voice saying exactly what she's saying but in the background a bit. It really hurts my ears and gives me a headache.

Just wanted to let you know.

Helmar of Excessus on The Scryers realm

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 182 - Argh It's Stupid Pirate Day

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:

Triple boxing the Argent Tournament dailies. Trying to raise money for a hog for Aprillian.

Primordial Saronite - 400g

Used Champion seals to buy Enchanted broom. Sold for 700g A

Can't do the PTR on an account associated with 8 accounts. Blizzard discriminates.

You can jump into a rocket in midair while flying from another mount!

Ran Heroics - Violet Hold / Hall of Reflection

Over "heard" in Trade Chat:

21:53:29 [Rayler]: wts [Primordial Saronite] x4, 450 each or 1700 for all

21:55:59 [Jeantar]: WTS(RAF thing){star}[X-53 Touring Rocket]{star}with a free month for 10k,it's two seats flying mounts.

Getting flowers for chick in lake, only one person needs flowers.

Took Sebastian and Astara to Sen'jin only 1 needs to get frogs. Wants to quad box heroics
Aprillian & Vrishna
Did Mana tombs again. Lokita dinged 75 and things went smoother.
Shaasha dinged, Gål dinged, Elyte dinged
Steamvault FTF

Wand -
It's my job ... to freeze you !

Leesa and Breesa stormin' thru Ashenvale. Found a flight path that Aprillian didn't show me, in Forest Song. Tried to enter Splintertree post .... again. THAT didn't work out too well. Tower of Althalaxx quest. Much easier at 28 than at 21. Hidden shrine. Quest to find the parts of a rod or staff for something. Raene's Cleansing. What was THAT like before 3 point whatever. OMG !

Pirates Day

- Working on heroic Festergut. Putricide throws goo at us. Down (first night)! Won leather hands.
- Working on heroic Rotface - about 16%
- VoA - Nikkto won Black war Mammoth
- Weekly was XT - did it in hard mode for achievement

Crazy Train
- Working on the Lich King. Getting pretty good at having almost just one Raging Spirit into phase 2. Still getting the hang of the timing and dance for grouping up for Val'kyr and spreading out for defile. Second defile giving us some grief - partially because a raging spirit is still up.

Pants on Head - 25 man ICC
- Marrowgar, Deathwhisper (won tanking helm), Heroic Gunship, Saurfang (after wiping because we forgot to put Saurfang back to regular), Festergut (oneshot for 1st time) and Rotface (on last attempt, and won tanking chest)
- Slight dilemma in that I now have 3 pieces of 264 gear, and not sure if that is work breaking my Tier-10 4 piece bonus.

Heroics and Dungeons
- Anomander tanked Oculus for the first time - The Oculus, Heroic: The Oculus, Make it Count (speed run), Emerald Void (no healer) , and I got a blue drake in my bag!!
- Super undergeared DK Tank got heroic HoR! Wiped once during waves and once on gauntlet, but despite pretty mediocre DPS, actually got it done. Great feeling to succeed. Won tanking helm that was a huge upgrade. Got enough frost emblems for 1st tier 10 piece - bought shoulders

- Epic Nexus run finally on my mage. Had a hunter that jumped off the ledge and missed, so he couldn't be rezzed. We kept clearing trash, and he runs back in pulling packs of mobs and yelling "that's for not waiting for me retards" and wipes the group. So naturally, I vote to kick him - first time in a while. We get to the final boss and it seems that a couple of the dps didn't know to move. One died, then another. then the healer. The boss is about 4% now and I'm madly trying to move and fire off spells. At 1% the tank dies and the dragon turns to me. I start casting a firebolt, and it just goes off as she oneshots me - then the firebolt hits and she dies. Completed a dungeon after wiping!

- Pud achievements - Oculus - Emerald Void and Ruby Void together - 5 dps

- Levelled Enchanting last week - last points are easy
- Oracles Report - Jekle got his 2nd reigns. Even learnt this one!

- Hearth for toon in Vashj'ir had been reset to Silvermoon - trying to figure out how to get back there. After going there the long way (there is a FP from UC), found that an NPC in Orgrimmar will port you there.
- Now have to travel to a dungeon entrance before you can use the dungeon finder for it. Had fun getting to Throne of Tides
- Lots of crowd control needed. Struggled to get to first boss in Throne of Tides and couldnt deal with adds during fight.
- Quest guy for MC attunement is gone. Keys are gone - don't need key for shadowforge gate in BRD. Can't jump through window in BRD to shortcut
- Ran BRC and finally downed a cataclysm boss

OCD Beta

Email #A

Greetings JAVA!

I'm starting to think my CAW coffee mug is defective. I've yet to spill my coffee whilst drinking from it. Curse you well-made coffee mug!

Then again, maybe I wouldn't want it to "work as intended" since it holds a ton of coffee. Cleaning up that much coffee wouldn't be all that enjoyable.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to write in and thank each of you for episode 181. I was all frowns and feeling rotten thanks to my sinus cold but after listening to the show while out on route that frown turned upside down.


For the antihistamine!


PS. I have a special message for Holizz from Maiev: It was your fault. Lick it.

Email #1

Hi Ctrl alt Wow crew,
I have been listening to the podcast since episode 133 a few months after really starting to play WOW. What was crazy, I had that copy of WOW early after it's release but couldn't run it properly on my little Mac iBook G3 and so gave up trying to play, stuffed it in the cupboard and left it there! Then 8 years later when I moved, found that copy and installed on my current laptop (HP running XP) sadly couldn't afford the mac book Pro ;(

So since March 2009 I have played a bit of WOW on the Alliance side. Had fun but found that starting with a NE Hunter was slow and I didn't understand the full mechanics to enjoy that toon. I got that alt into a guild but didn't like the style of play on the good side and still struggled to get the most out of it! I did try a couple of other alts on Alli and then got a cheap copy of the full expansion from "Game" @ £20 - cool! BC and WotLK (I am sure El Jeppy will relate to that - what a bargin) This changed my outlook and picked a Blood Elf Lock to focus on (love Elf's from LOTR, so just had to be that race). So since March this year I've played as often as possible to level this toon, it's taken a while but been well worth it - learning new things every step. And just over a week ago got it to 80, what a great feeling. A fresh new 80! ooh such a noob comment LOL

For me the game really got going, when I started to do random runs @ 70 in NR and enjoyed those so much kept doing them nearly every night (when the misses would let me play) Some great runs and others have sucked with people just dropping out, but hey some people are impatient but didn't let it effect my game play.

Now @ 80 I've got the chance to do random Heroics; I have read up on tactics and tried to work with all in the random and in most cases great, with all helping each other out and praise when things work out - especially the healer, who seems to get a lot of grief and in a lot of cases not just (from my limited experience) and my case have saved my bacon numerous times. Love getting the frosties and EoT's, love this new currency to work with...

With the CAW podcast I am now starting to relate to your game play stories and what I am doing in game, it's helping no end - great to have such an insight from you guys.

My next aim once my gear is up to spec is join a raid team. So this leads to my questions.

How do I join a raid team, who should I join and what are raid teams looking for? it seems they are mostly are after tanks and healers and as i am Lock DPS, which is not really valued, where do start? any advice please.

Keep on with the podcast, a great listen, ty.

Kind regards,

Bloodrock, Nordrassil, EU - Blood Elf Warlock

Email #2 Kenan

Hey there CTRL ALT WOW gang, thank you for reading my E-Mail last week made me all giddy like a little school girl when I heard my name. I have a question for you men, women, and Jeppy. What do you think about the, oh dare I say Cataclysm Beta, and PTR now, changes to skills at lower levels. I have tested every class now till at least level 10 in the PTR, sadly still not in the Beta, and I have enjoyed it a lot more then Live.

P.S. Juuno hugs and kisses to you.
P.S.S. Don't lose her she's a gold mine, no a titanium node.
P.S.S.S. I still like the Instance, so I don't want to hurt them.

Email #3 Acaldra

Hello there Ctrl Alt Wowerz!

Acaldra here with a dose of my personal wow action. These past two week have been interesting for myself with school starting up again. As would be expected, my late night raiding has gone way down and my WoW time has dramatically decreased. During these last few weeks, I have played my Death Knight "Acaldro" a lot as it's really a change of pace from healing or tanking on my Paladin. Also, getting upgrades is always fun :) My paladin has reached the point where no more upgrades can be found outside of Heroic ICC 25 so bringing in the DK to my regular 25 as I am saving a lot of gear from being DE'ed. After picking up my 2-piece tier 10.5 and Death Bringer's Will, I have seen a massive dps increase, pushing my numbers over 11k DPS. Well... enough with the egotistical rambles, this week I was wondering this myself and figured you folks may be doing the same. My question is this, Have you decided which toon you will level to 85 first when Cata drops? Or will you level from level 1 first? I am very curious to see people's plans.

That's all for now, sorry for the wall of text,


Email #4 Tempeste
To bring Vrishna up to date, who appears to have been living under a rock ...

Once upon a time Bind on Equip used to use Ozzie Osbourne's Crazy Train music in the show, WAAAAAAY back when, when we were young and naieve ...

Then one day Wemb came up with this amazing idea ... a project ... We would start new toons and record segments while we play ... Wych and I thought about this, and added our own ideas to the pot and so Rox The Horde was born. We began a 6 man team, formed a guild so that we would have a shared bank space and began levelling our way from 1-60 on a pvp server on a horde toon! That guild was called Crazy Train as a link back to our show. Then listeners wanted to join us and Ashayo was well, stalking us, so we created a second guild for people to come and join our guild ... and so Pants on Head was born. When we all hit 80, and we decided to raid, we formed a raid group and as we missed our Crazy Train days, we called this raid group Crazy Train. Crazy Train has had a solid core of great people including your very own Ashayo and are now working on the Lich King!

There endeth the history lessen!

i hope that helps you Vrishna.

Ummm No Mattdiox - No Ghoul Store - I'm looking at you chick dating Matt


Hello all,
hope everyone is doing well.

I have had yet another quiet wow weak but I was able to get some JC dailies and on Moheal by troll priest I was able to get in touch with my inner troll self. The little Troll quest was fun. Oh I have not been able to complete it since the end quest keeps bugging out, so still waiting to see the end of it.

I intend to do some winterhoof playing this weekend and in the coming weeks. I have a Warrior/priest combo but not really into that combo right now. The druid/mage mix is really fun in the later levels, you go in with the mochicken, start some storm or hurricane (what is that spell called anyways?) and than the mage starts the blizzard. On my horde 72 mix I have been able to pull real large groups and down them with enough health left to heal the pair.
I am not aware of any other aoe damage pair that can be as good as that.

My pally/mage is ok but much slower. Maybe hunter/mage but I would really be missing the healing.

On a side note I have my CAW shirt but will need to order another for blizzcon as I ordered a shirt that would fit a mammoth!

Also I will be trying for the tiger mount like everyone else. I just hope I have enough time before they patch it out.

It is opening weekend of football so GO BEARS and yes you will be seeing a lot of football tweets, you are warned! :)

Have a great time in and out of game everyone.



Shout Outs & Thank You
- Gratz to Paranoid raid group for downing the Lich King
- Huge thanks to Tempeste for organising a birthday dinner
- Happy Birthday for 24th Angy!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Juuno Missing Segment from Episode 181

The Button Monkey messed up and put in the wrong file. She fixed in the feed. If you downloaded Episode 181 afternoon Thursday, you should be okay. But if the length of podcast is longer than 2:33:39, then you might have missed Juuno's brillian segment:

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 181 - Call to Arms

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:

Working on cleaning up the 3 expired RAF Accounts

Someone answered my pleas on The Addicted Podcast and now Aprillian has a new rocket.

Transferred a 62 pally from Wow1 to ER and then Faction changed - Quad boxed in Slave Pens with

Flying around Outland in rocket with Shaasha and Gål getting 1100 per discovery, Shaasha dinged 65, got Portal to shat

Aprillian & Vrishna
Ran Coilfang Resorvoir
Got Darkshore discovery. WOOT !

"I SWEAR, "The Island" is a REMAKE of Logan's Run !" What is Ashayo saying ? I wonder if any of my cast mates read my notes? Actually I wonder if any of our listeners really read the show notes?

- Ruby Sanctum - first one-shot of Halion
- Weekly - Malygos - first time kill on Jekle
- Heroic Marrowgar
- Normal Deathwhisper because Darnavon was the weekly (just rooted him whole fight) - won offhand upgrade - 200 to 251
- Heroic Gunship - won heroic waist
- Working on Heroic Saurfang. Needed to switch to dps, so doing some gear shuffle to get hit capped
- Reset ICC - Heroic Marrowgar - won healing trinket, Deathwhisper, Heroic Saurfang! dps/heal
Achievement: [Heroic: Storming the Citadel]

Crazy Train
- Sindragosa defeated!

- Randomed into FoS again on my undergeared DK. On the first boss, all but me and a warrior died at the start of phase 2 -somehow I survived and we beat him down. Not so lucky on Devourer of Souls. Healer wasn't that strong, so ended up having a DPS switch to tank with better gear.

Mage dinged 68 in Sethekk Halls
Dual boxing with priest (ungrouped) in Borean Tundra. Hint: don't group. Use healbot and /focus to just assist by healing, and you still get max XP
Hit 70 in Caldarra. Randomed up got an 80 tank, ran 3 times - UK every time

Vestaa - run thru ZF , dinged 45. Bought heirloom chest and shoulders because Temp was getting ahead. Randomed into Mauradon - only have to do part of it to get satchel

Tip: Max out professions where racial bonuses exist - eg 460 Enchanting for Blood Elves.
Levelled enchanting to 455 - enchanters actually get it easy for the last 10 or so points, since they can just shatter abyss crystals and the result are mats they can use anyway.

Working on Heroic Acheivements
Respect your elders
Watch him die
Better off Dred
missed Less-Rabi by less than a second
Share the love

Taking back Echo Isles server event


Email #1

Hello CAW CAW !!!

Thank you for the shoutouts on last podcast. It has been a while since i sent in an email so here is the update, and yes i am a human being.. lol.

on Jub Jub
Enjoying raiding 25's on WINGFOOT(preist) and 10's on SEDEUCE (pally).
Loving the Auction house game whilst trying to cnr the market on a few items. Check out the Undermine Journal for prices on your server.
I got a chopper on my pally and i can see the attraction to this wonderful machine. LF partner to go on long rides on the beach.. hehe
Transfered the 80 Hunter WINGTIP accross and am PVP'ing with Bewbjob (Berat).
I have got Glory of the Hero drake and i am working on Glory of the Uldar Raider drake

on Winterhoof
Hunter is now lvl 25. shout out to elodar for assisting with the spawned horde white lion for me and Berat. you the man
Mage is now lvl 12
I am starting a warrior today.

Loving Life, Loving the game and love love loving the podcast.

To all those thinking about joining us on Winterhoof...DO IT!!! We dont bite Hard !!!


ps: Come bust a move where the game is played. It's kewl, It's hype , It's Aprillians Arcade !!!

pss: If i win i would love a chopper !!!! haha.

Email #2 Mitchell of Frostmourne

hello the MIGHTY Ashayo! the wise Jeppy, the Wounderful Aprillian and the laughful Virshna???
First time mailing in to the Ctrl alt wow crew your podcast is awesome, i know u must get this alot but anyways back to my point. Ive been listening since episode 159 and love it and cant wait till the 200mill stone.
My story for the contest. im 15 and i live in a house with 2 sisters and a mum and dad. my young sister likes to go on the computer to annoy me when all she does is youtube and muck around. when my mum tells me to get of she comes down and bugs me when im raiding or something and its realy sad because i get no fat loot (cough cough aprillian). When i get of she laughs and rubs it in my face how she can go on and i cant get any loot. and my elder sister just loves her facebook and music downloads which sucks because it chews through our internet time and she takes for ever. She is always teasing me to get a life and all and how il turn out to be a hobo. im limited to 1 hour a day because of my exsesive wow gameplaying and my dad hates it because im not the man/boy he wants me to be. all though i work hard in school. its realy hard to play wow and get decent game time out off it and i also multibox which means i pretty much throw money away with such little gametime. it cost 50$ for a two month game time card in New zealand. and to win the game time card would be awesome.
sorry this was rushed due to over time thanks to my mum
keep up the good work and For The HORDE!!!!! mitchell of frostmourne.
ps. Jeppy whats the best areas to lvl from 1-60 duel boxing horde side thanks

Email #A from Cryotank

Hi, Ctrl Alt WoW gang.

You guys are awesome. I love your show.

I listen to several WoW podcasts and yours is the most fun for me. Probably because, like you, I love making many alts. I have at least fifteen toons scattered across half a dozen realms. (Not counting the ten or so that I started but never played out of their starting zones.)

I love that you guys talk a lot about low-level stuff.

I've been playing WoW regularly for over two years and have yet to hit 70 (much less 80). My habit is to play a character as long as they are fun. And as soon as I get tired of a character I make a new one, or go back to an old one. Not a good method for creating 80's but definitely a good method for having a lot of fun. And having fun is the only reason I play WoW.

After I heard about your new guild on Winterhoof I started a new toon there in the hopes of joining your guild. Leelaa is a Night Elf hunter, level 12 as I type this. And a few days ago, I transferred my level 62 Night Elf hunter, Kheelaa to Winterhoof from Earthen Ring. I don't use twitter, but I hope you'll let me join the CAW guild anyway.

I know how much work it is to do a podcast. I've been doing one since 2005. Mine's called "The Future And You." It gives me an excuse to interview people for their ideas and opinion about the changes we will see in the future. During the five years I've been doing the show I've interviewed over 200 people and done 163 episodes. Check it out if you get a chance. You can find it on iTunes or at

My favorite parts of your show is when you or a listener tells about some noobish thing you or they did in WoW. I don't have one as good as the cockroach pet from undercity that refused to attack mobs, but here is one of mine.

In the summer of 2008 I hadn't played a computer game more complicated than tetris in fifteen years. (Back in th mid nineties I beat the games Duke Nukem and Biomenace--a task that took only a couple of weeks each.) I had heard of WoW but knew nothing about it and had no interest in checking it out, since I knew how games can eat up a lot of free time. However, at that point I had been very active in Second Life for over a year. The people I knew in Second Life were all as obsessed with the future as I am, and we would have big get togethers in that virtual world, since in the real world we were scattered across four continents. I attended lectures and discussions inside Second Life almost every week.

Well one day I was invited to become a founding member of a new international group of futurists who I normally met with in Second Life. I was very excited by this honor. Many of them played WoW and EVE Online and other games and so I was only a little surprised when they announced that the very first meeting would be held inside Silvermoon City on the Earthen Ring realm.

I think they chose Silvermoon City because it is big and pretty. But another reason might be that Second Life gets very laggy if you put more than fifty characters in one place.

I wasted no time downloading the free trial version of World of Warcraft. I created an Orc Shaman and gave him the same name I used in Second Life (Boc Cryotank) so everyone would recognize me.

They mentioned I should level my character to at least level 6 before trying to leave the starting zone. And so I did. The day before the big meeting I found a map of Azeroth online somewhere and set out on my epic trek.

The journey from Durotar turned out to be far more difficult than I expected. I managed to find my way across the ocean to Trisfal Glades on a blimp, and followed the road toward Silvermoon. But I ran into a problem every time I tried to enter what I did not know at the time to be the Eastern Plague Lands. I kept getting killed with amazing rapidity by giant spiders.

Not one to give up, I decided to head north from Undercity to the ocean and swim along the coast until I got to Silvermoon City. My hope was that there would not be any sea monsters in my way.

I swam and swam and swam. I did not know that I could have pushed the numlock key to make my orc keep swimming and so I kept my finger pressed on the "up cursor" key for over forty-five minutes. I had to keep switching fingers since they would get uncomfortable after about ten minutes. I swam so long that I swam past--I repeat PAST--the place where Silvermoon City would be if Silvermoon City were included in the free trial version of WoW. I swam until I realize that the City was not there.

I was stumped. This was impossible. How could the city not be there? I had no clue.

Needless to say I missed the meeting. And I was very disappointed to learn later that if I had bought the Burning Crusade expansion I would have had the city and made the meeting. But the good news is that my adventure opened my eyes to the wonderful world of WoW.

Today Boc Cryotank is in AIE guild.

My other toons on Earthen Ring are:
Vorah (my highest toon) a 67 level Blood Elf Warlock.
Keelaa (my second highest) a 62 level Night Elf Hunter.
Euin (who bears my real middle name--which is pronounced "YOU win") a 28 level Blood Elf Hunter. (Also in AIE)
Moldee: a 14 level undead Warlock.
Bokk: a 20 level Warrior.
Eelah: a 12th level Night Elf Druid.
Klova: a 29 level Dranei Hunter.
Equin: a 8 level Night Elf Rogue.
Lomahongva: a 13 level Troll Mage.

And I have four toons on Steamwheedle Cartel.

I also created a few horde characters on Jubathos thinking I might join Pants on Head, but the bulk of that guild seems to be 80s and I may never get that high since I keep making new toons. Even my Death Night; Draalikara is only level 57 and has yet to get out of the starting zone.

Thanks again for the wonderful show, and for making me feel not at all weird for my inability to stay with a character all the way to level 80.

You guys are great.

Euin (again, that's pronounced "YOU win")

PS. Once again, my Winterhoof toons are Kheelaa and Leelaa. I don't use twitter, but I hope you'll let me join the Ctrl Alt WoW Guild anyway.

PPS. Please don't enter me in the contest. I don't want to reduce other people's chances of winning a pet or game time.

PPPS. For the WoW!

Email #3 from Volkner

Hey there this is Volkner form the server Ner'Zhul Alliance side. Just want to say a little to you guys about your podcast. I listen to about 4 podcasts a week, and now seeing yours 5 for sure. I have listened to the last 6 episodes i the last day. I just have to say that The Instance was my favorite podcast, but the way you guys make me laugh makes my day more enjoyable. I love you guys, and I am new to your podcast but expect me for many more episodes.

Email #4 from Razuris

Hey Ctrl Alt WoW Crew!

I’ve been listening to your fine podcast for almost a year now and love every minute of it! About three years ago, a couple of my employees suggested I play this game called World of Warcraft. They actually put their money together and gave it to me as a Christmas gift. I loaded the game, started playing and I was hooked! (They have since quit playing WoW… isn’t that sad?)

My first toon was a gnome warlock. My goal was to get that really cool Felsteed mount. (Back then… you had to wait until level 40! Remember those days??) Around level 44, I decided to try other race/class combinations. This was the beginning of my altoholism.

I did end up feeling really comfortable playing a human mage. In the starting area, I think I was level 4, I was approached by a guild leader to join their guild. I did and it was a great decision. The guild members were all extremely helpful and actually made me feel comfortable with running instances. (I never had…) After several months, there was a divide in the guild… some people wanted to raid Kara while the guild leader wanted to not push people to raid, but rather keep the game relaxing and fun to the point where he was telling people they couldn’t run Kara if they wanted to stay in his guild. This caused a major divide and several people quit the guild to create their own. I had friends in the original guild and the new one and was forced to decide where I wanted to be. Eventually that decision was made for me. The guild leader disbanded the original guild out of frustration so I joined the new guild. The heavy raiding atmosphere of the new guild turned out to be too much for me. With what little time I had to play, I wanted to quest, do dailies and work on professions, but upon logging on was told I had to raid. I wasn’t having fun anymore, but didn’t want to hurt anyone buy quitting the guild either. Instead, I said goodbye to my human mage and his alts: the human priest, the dwarf hunter, the night elf druid, the draenei shaman, the dwarf paladin, the gnome rogue AND the gnome warlock. I then started new toons on a new realm.

After a while, real life got in the way and I never seemed to be able to find the time to complete even a simple quest. But now things have finally slowed down, and I now have the time to start playing again. During the downtime, I continued to listen to you guys… AND Aprillian! Once I heard about the CAW guild on Winterhoof, I knew where to go. I’ve started a human priest named Razuris and he’s currently level 23. I just started questing in Duskwood… it’s so creepy there, but I love it! Hope to be a part of your guild soon!

For the Alliance!!


P.S. – Don’t worry!!! I haven’t purged a single toon!! J

Email #5 from Oak

Hey gang,

Keep up the good work. I continue to enjoy every episode. I have a quick question though.

Why wouldn't you sell "enchanted Brooms" and such on the shared auction house instead of transferring them across? Is it that no one uses it any more? I haven't looked at it in quite awhile. LOL, maybe I just answered my own question!

Oak of PoH

Email #6 from Paul
Hey all

I was wondering if there is anything special that needs to be done to join your guild on winterhoof. I play(ed) Traden in the CtrAltTrek fleet who now lost in a wormhole somewhere.

I have a lone alliance warlock that is looking for a new home.

Let me know when you get a chance.



Email #7 from Chris

Hi.guys. Just to let you know about soulstones. You can make one put it on whoever, then make anther one to have ready to use. Just thought I would let you know

Email #B from Nevik
Hey there JAVA!

Destroyer of elite even-level mobs here. While I haven't been able to spend as much time in Azeroth as I would like, I have been having fun with my little op draenei mage on Winterhoof.

OP?! Really?

Oh yes, my frost mage has been having quite the time going around Blade's Edge Mountains solo'ng content intended for groups of 3. Between kiting, slowing and creative use of geography, I've had little trouble downing even-leveled elite mobs.

She's hit level 68 and although I /could/ head back to Northrend, I'm purposely exploring all of the TBC content that I missed from the Alliance perspective. Although I probably won't quest through both the Netherstorm and Shadow Moon Valley, I'm in no hurry to move into WotLK content just yet.

I've also been distracted from my rogue leveling project by farming for the Zulian tiger mount in Zul'Gurub with my death knight after learning that ZG will no longer exist as a raid in Cataclysm. It's a shame that ZG is being removed, but I'm sure Blizz has other plans for the "zone" ... well let's hope at least.

As if ZG farming wasn't enough of a distraction, I also managed to get into an open beta for another MMO, but so far my experiences with that have been less than stellar. Abysmal you might say, but I won't elaborate any further. Needless to say, it appears that I won't be leaving WoW anytime soon.

Finally, another distraction reared its head in the form of the Zalazane's fall. What a fun little quest-line, I only wish Blizzard had tested the final event a bit more because it is prone to bugging out. Oh well, in a couple of days I'm sure my troll rogue will be pulling his daggers out of Zalazane's limp corpse and celebrate the re-establishment of his homeland.

For the O-P! And For the Homeland!


Email #C from Mattdiox
Hello CAW crew with your Aprillian that does the hosting and things, the Ashayo that does the sexy voice and the raiding, The big V who does the happy go lucky new to WoW things and the Jeppy. Well he's British, that just says how awesome he is right there.

I have news that will make Aprillian happy I think. I think I already told you guys that I recently finished my GCSEs. That's 5 years of my life now finished with exam results to prove it. Long story short I got all Bs and for the reward I asked for a Macbook! It's going to be used for college and with Garage band and the like I may incorporate it into my podcasting and Ghoul's Store like stuff.

Also on a more WoW related topic, the last time I emailed you I asked you a question about a friend who wants to move realms. Well what has recently come to pass is she now just wants to quit WoW. This makes me sad because she was fun to talk to. But oh well, just thought I would update you guys on that.

My priest has still not levelled past 74 because I am finding it so hard to concentrate when playing WoW. Although I can't think of anything better to do, I don't really feel like playing Wow either. Have you guys got any ideas how I can gain back the enthusiasm for WoW I used to have?

Also in the secret underground bunker where I make a zombie record lines for me. I recently held hostage to the one and only Juuno, there she was forced to record lines as well and I edited it all together to make. (Please say this in a loud and epic voice>>) Junno's Visit to the Ghoul's Store!!! I had a lot of fun writing and putting this together and Juuno you were an absolute star with your lines. I hope you all enjoy listening to this.

Lot's of love, potatoes, Apple tech and zombies.
- Matt

P.S Big V! Jub Jub! Pandarian Monk!


Email #D Bidkar
Greeting Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy and Vrishna,

Bidkar level 13 Worgen rogue from the Lost Isles server here. Bidkar the mage recently picked up the "Explorer" title. I had the exploration for most of the world done for quite some time, but I was reticent to finish exploring Kalimdor because of the Alliance islands. It seemed like it would be a bit tricky. I finished the easy parts of Kalimdor on a Saturday night. I picked it up again on Sunday morning since I figured that would be a slow time and not many players would be on.

I hopped the boat to Azuremyst Isle pretty easily and did the exploration. Darnassus was a bit harder. There was a higher level npc on the boat and she wouldn't let me on and she had quite the knockback so I had a hard time staying in range to kill her. The boat left without me, the next boat brought an 80 night elf hunter who promptly shot me. That boat left and I pondered my situation. I looked online and saw a death knight rode along side the boat and went to Darnassus like that. The boat goes too fast for me to do so, but I remembered one time on my alliance toons I glitched inside the boat without actually boarding the boat. I drank my waterwalking potion and waited on the water for the boat, the boat came, I glitched inside by standing still where the boat parks. The boat took off, I had to ride to stay inside but it still carried me to the portal to Darnassus, where the night elf girls shake their *****. I finished the exploring and picked up the title "the Explorer".

Later that same day, Bidkar picked up the polar bear mount from the Brunhildar in Storm Peaks. He's been trying for some time and recently had given up hope. I just do the daily if I happen to be in the area.

I've been grinding gold lately since I want the Traveler's Mammoth and the mechano-hog. I've tripled my gold just by mining in Outland. Nobody is ever out there and the adamantite sells for 42g a stack on my server. I turn the eternium into enchanting rods, save the khorium for my engineer. You also pick up the primal fire and earth which get a fair bit of gold. I also kill all the air elementals I see to get the motes of air. I'm the only one who ever has any motes of air on the auction house so I get a fair price for them. I never overcharge like some people do when they have a monopoly on the auction house, I just like to get a fair price, that's enough for me. I do the mining on my paladin, Jehi, who recently received exalted status from the Mag'har in Nagrand. I was picking up quite a few of the beads from killing the ogres standing by the ore. I decided on another Sunday morning to grind out the reputation up to exalted. I picked up the Talbuk mounts for Jehi, then I decided to go about and pick up enough mounts to get the "Leading the Calvary" achievement. Jehi now has the albino drake from the achievement. I have him also doing the Netherwing dailies in Outland so he can pick up the cool mount from them.

I recently was allowed into the beta. I played a worgen rogue up to level 13. I won't give any spoilers but I strongly recommend that everyone plays a worgen even if you don't like Alliance. I loved the worgen starting area. I also copied over my paladin for questing. I picked up the 310 speed from the trainer by flight point in Orgrimmar. I don't know if that worked or not. The flying doesn't seem faster but I am never a good judge of such things. I flew around taking a look at everything.

Hope everyone is doing well.

For the Horde and for the Alliance,

Bidkar the Explorer and his many alts

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I have not played a single minute of wow this week!
Yes and I know what you are all thinking and I am on my way to check myself out with the wow doctors.

I will report in next week with the results.

Happy Birthday to the Wych,

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Hello everyone and I will redeem myself next week with a better email as I know I have failed you this week.


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8/30/10 6:01
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