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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 217- Winterhoof! Winterhoof! Winterhoof!

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

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What We've Been Doing:


Felt so badly about the Kithores submission
Doing  [Blood of the Chosen] Realized I should have checked the Dal JC daily.
Happy CoD dinged 4 on Thurs, then that night Epril got exalted with Argent Crusade and got the Crusader title
Bought a bunch of heirlooms, sent them to lower toons and then felt aimless.
Fri morn did AT with Aprillian, Epril, Tiiaa and AstarĂ¥
Then did island with my 3 Crusaders
Made Dreamcloth for skillup, should I be making these?

Deepril dinged 68 in Auchid. She had a tome of Cold Weather Flying in the bank. Went flying around Northrend getting xp and fp. 2050 xp a pop

Stopped in on Winterhoof and added 2 guild bank tabs
Ran Auchenai Crypts Heroic

Loving the instant mailing between
Wasted money and time trying to get a gnomish army knife. There were none on ah

Aprillian & Vrishna

Ran Auchidoon, had so much fun. Beaste finally din  ged 65 so we could start Shadow Labs, one of my favorites.
Did Mana tomb Sun night on Heroic
Monday night did Auchindoon with cool guildies


Vrishna became exalted with Orgrimar and the Sunreavers. Also got 5 exalted reps achievement.

Guild news. mikewillow and Boombass. All I can say is THANK YOU so much. We are overawed by their generosity.



Level 85

Epic battle against Deathwing in Twilight Highlands
Honored with guild


I am an Altaholic, but it is not a problem, I can handle it!

Hi there CAW crew,
I just want to thank you for the great podcast. 
I have been sampling WoW podcasts for the last year or so, and yours is by far my favorite.  
So far I have found the podcasts seem to fall into just a few categories. They are, “the juvenile male productions”, “the Evening News casts”, “the elite players only podcasts”, “the we are cool people and this is what we are doing podcasts”, and “the we are all doing something fun by playing, and if you are having fun you are one of us! podcast”.  Ctrlaltwow is the best I have found in this final category. 
I have a couple of Earthen Ring characters named, Comix and Minenow. I would like to try a guild where success is less important than having a good time, and if I mess up, how great the story it makes, will be more important than how much time is lost due to my error.
I have soloed for years and I think of myself a forever beginner. For example, just what is an Honor point, and what are they good for?
Thanks again, and Keep up the Good Work, FOR THE HORDE! (‘til I wander away again)
Comix, that Old Comic Guy

A bit of everything and quite long :D sorry

Hi CAW nabboo/tribalh here again sorry I haven't been in touch for a while, the last email I sent was back in November I think and my partner was just getting into wow for the first time we was also over 2 months pregnant which was awesome then it all went wrong :*( we sadly had a misscarrage and I pushed wow aside for a couple of months but with a lil hard work and no WoW we are now 3months pregnant again life is great and listening to this show through the hard times cheered me up so thank you x the kiss then was for aprillian u guys cn have a hug (manly hug that is) right then what have I been up to in WoW after maxing all my professions i went for the vial of the sands recipe and I'm still trying after 7 Canopic jars :( in the end I just bought 2 one for me and one for my guildie as it was his birthday he loved it :D
Next I've been tanking alot on my warrior tribalh a guildie called damo kept calling me a noob tank so the next day when I logged in he w/ me wanna tank a dungeon which i replied sorry I cant I've sold my tank gear you was right I cnt tank he then apologised alot maybe I should of told him I was joking before he gquit and left the game I felt really bad but managed to get hold of him out of the game and drag him back in :D
Also my dual boxing has ended now got 6 toons to level from 60 to 85 :D do you think the will ever raise the RaF level past 60???
Right then this is the last thing I wanna ask as this email is huge already how comes there is no EU Ctrl Alt WoW guild could I lure any of you with the promise of choppers???
Keep up the good work guys love the show nabboo/tribalh of Hellfire EU
P.S aprilliand voice is still the hottest ;) byyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee love ya byyyyyyeeeeeee

Sent from my iPhone

Defending the Bunnies

Hello CAW Crew,

Mikewillow here, lvl 85, frosty, sometimes fiery, mage in AIE, checking in with a Jeppy sized email.

In the past month or so, I've moved a ton of my toons over to earthen ring to escape the madness of most of the realms.
And, I must say, aahhhhhh. It's better.
Been enjoying a load of pvp on my mage and hunter, running 5-mans on those and other toons, and have started leveling new alts on E.R. as well.

I look forward to leveling and having a blast with you guys in the "Official" <Clan of Darkness>.

I've donated a motorbike for the winner of some yet as to be determined contest for Clan guilldies. I'm going to leave the details up to the creative proffesionals such as yourselves.

and the alliance.

Mikewillow, shattering gnomes with much glee

P.S.  Juuno if you're listening, we miss you.

audio submission

Hi all, here is my first try at an audio submission....oooo and I do love blood elf chicks...I was just razzing...Hugs... ooo I already one the free month when I wrote in as Sofialorena... bye again.....Mel chez a dek

1st message, to join guild.

Hello,  I'm Elmo Fudd.  I have been roaming the cosmos in search of the bunnies.   Your transmissions have been received, and I understand you may be able to help me find them.  I've landed on your planet, and have contacted your high empress Tiiaa but she has refused my admittance into your inner sanctum.   She may be harbouring the dreaded bunnies.  If only you will invite me into your guild, I will do my best to rid the planet of those vile creatures. 
Elmo Fudd
Level 2 Goblin Hunter
Earthern Ring

how about me

Hello all of you fun people at ctrl alt wow,
 I have started 3 toons here in the earthen ring.  They are Ziffiegal
who is presently a level 13 goblin hunter, Fufufugly who is a level 26
tauren warrior, and Trollofdeath a level 58 troll death knight.
 Have been running with some of the guildies and have thoroughly
enjoyed the fun and podcasts and the great people in your group.
 It has been really fun driving dunebuggies around in the goblin area
and doing the quests in a new world with new challanges.
 Now being a tauren has been really funny to run cause she does not
fit everywhere never realized she was going to be too big to do her
job making dungeons a challange cause have to figure out how to get
out of places without getting stuck.  Have been running with Wyly thru
dungeons and he is a wonderful tank.
 As for Trollofdeath I have gotten her started but not sure whether
she will be my favorite character maybe I need to run with lots of
your wonderful guildies.
 I have been able to talk to many of you on Skype with the help of my
wonderful Inmyowndreams who is in this guild.  It is fun to enjoy the
banter and talk that goes on while running dungeons and getting to
know all of you.  Hope I will be able to be a part of your wonderful
group.   Thank you for being there!

Sarahsmom  also known as Mary Underwood

What I have been doing in WoW...

This week I discovered your Pod-Cast and I have learned that I enjoy questing
and listening to your conversations...

I am a definite alt-o-holic.  I currently play on two other servers.  Since
vanilla WoW I play Alliance on Twisting Nether... but don't hold that against
me.  A year ago I started playing Horde on Garrosh.  Having experienced
both factions I much prefer Horde.  FOR THE HORDE!

On both servers I have max'd out my characters.  My lowest char on TN is 55 and
on Garrosh is 37.  I very much want to play the new Cata starter content so I
decided to start alts on a new server.  Then I heard your Pod-Cast.  I would
really like to join your guild.  I like the idea of getting involved early.  I
am a big fan of the The Instance too but AIE is way big.

I am mature, pretty social guy and fairly active WoW player.

The naming convention I use for my chars is musicians I enjoy.  So I just
created a Gobbo Shammie named Entwistle on Earthen Ring.    He is only level 3
and has already had his first Deathwing encounter.

Hope to see you online!


Time is money friends...

The Clan of Darkness

Hello CtrlAltWow crew,

I am a new listener and would like to apply to be a member of The Clan of Darkness.

I recently did a transfer over to Earthen Ring with Inacan (a clan of darkness paladin) and would like to help with the building of your new guild. I was able to run several dungeons with a Clan of Darkness members and they were a great group.

I look forward to getting to know all the COD members.



Level 85 Druid

Hello CAW Crew

Hello CAW Crew,

I was very glad to find your podcast.  I'm a casual player and have been playing since 2005.  However I only have one 85, a Dranei hunter on Staghelm US.  In fact, the only reason she's even at 85 is because of my boyfriend who also plays. He rolled a paladin, caught up to my hunter, and then we leveled them together.  Without a regular questing buddy, I tend to get sidetracked by other alts that I'm playing. Lately I've been doing dailies, questing, and playing with my boyfriend and his 8 year old daughter.   It has been really nice to listen to people who enjoy the game but aren't only concerned with getting to end game content quickly, or think that there's any one true way to play.  Your show makes me laugh out loud often when listening, which gets me funny looks when I listen at work. :) I've a handful of alts on Earthen Ring, and would love to join your guild if you'd have me.  I promise not to kill any bunnies. :)

Thanks for the great podcast,


@jazzchica on twitter
Siovale, 85 Dranei hunter on Staghelm
Kelsin, 61Blood Elf hunter on Earthen Ring
Anguissette, 42 Worgen warlock on Staghelm
Jehane, 29 Undead warlock on Earthen Ring
Tebbli, 28 Goblin mage on Earthen Ring


> Hi.. My name is Miztake and I have a confession to make.. I am an altaholic.
> I have tried multiboxing but failed badly at it, so I I just play using very basic macros (follow assist) and 2 monitors and the game client on each.
> I love listening to your podcast each week, as you all seem to enjoy the game as much as I do. There are too many players who don't realize that some of us play for fun and enjoyment.
> I would really like to be able to join your guild on Earthern Ring and play and learn with and from you all.
> Have fun and hope to see you in game.
> Miztake & Mizfortune
> (Tauren Paladins)
> Level 8
> Sent from my iPhone

A new email 

Greetings CAW gang

The other day I was in Tanaris doing some quests and waiting in the queue for a dungeon. I had completed  a quest and was just outside the  gate of Gadgetzan  when my screen went pink.
My first reaction was “Damn!! the monitor is going” and so I was  not a happy camper.

Then I died .

Was I  ganked?  - No I am  not on a PVP realm
So I rezzed instantly  as I am a druid with totems and promptly died again .

Not happy Janet .   (Ashayo should know this expression  )

At my second death I promptly got into the dungeon but could not enter as I was dead. So with a short run back to my body I rezzed again and entered the instance.  

Then I noticed the pink had gone and I was getting congratulated by my fellow bunny protectors.  
What  had I done ?

So I scrolled back and read

“ You have been killed by Deathwing “    

Woot! and   did I feel like an idiot  - but the nice thing is COD ( Clan of Darkness) is the most forgiving guild if you make an idiot of yourself .

Has  this happened to your toons and where?

For the Horde

For the Alliance

For all the wonderful people in “Clan of Darkness”

42  and my new toon Aunt Pol a mage

PS Anyone for a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster?

Greetings CAW from Brew Dawg

Greetings CAW from Brew Dawg,

Hope all are well.

Been working on gearing up my DK, Dureau (Du-roe) for tanking.  His gear is ready for raiding. Now I have two raid geared tanks one better suited for AoE threat and the other better for single target (Druid).

I've successfully tanked both troll instances now with both tanks.  They are long and difficult but I like them.  In general they are easier to tank with the DK than the Druid.  But I think the Druid is easier on the healers.

Started with a new raid team but we are encountering a problem finding healers.  We have three but if one has to miss we do not have a back-up.

Talked briefly to El Jeppy in game.  Invited him to a Heroic Lick King fight but it was too late in the day for him.  Just as well several folks were having connection and lag issues so we were not able to get him down.  Heroic Lich King It's not an easy fight even at 85 there are several mechanics that will cause a wipe if they are not managed correctly

If there is enough interest I'd like to organize a normal ICC run for Clan of Darkness members level 80 or higher.  No Recount allowed!  Normal mode ICC is not too difficult even in green Cata gear.  Maybe make a monthly guild event running older content eventually growing into a raid team ready to take on Cata content.

Of course it would be easier to do this if I had a toon in the guild.  I'll try to get an "invite" for my paladin, Boileau (Bwallow).  I was going to bring in my DK in but he may start raiding with an AIE team.

Hope y'all have a good week.

Brew Dawg

lets hope this works

Well here is my attempt at recording. I have to say - I tip my hat to all who send in voice submissions. It is harder than it sounds. 


Never say never!

Another week, another Winterhoof update! This time I decided for some brevity and kept my submission under 5 minutes! Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I had putting it together!

Your bud,


The Big G Audio
I really should be in bed but I decided to record a segment for your wonderful show and a shout out to Juuno and her equally awesome show so hi to the chat room and hi to who ever you have on this week.

Update for Iceflow and Caoboi

Hey everybody!

We're not sending in our update at the last minute this week.  Yay!

I hope all of you all are doing well and pumped for this week's recording.  Caoboi and I played a lot of WoW in Clan of Darkness these past couple of weeks.  We are both level 50!  Him on his priest and me on my druid.  We are healing and tanking machines!  I had to deal with a few stupid pugs but I hope I won't have to for long since we should be able to do 5 mans with guildies.  Then maybe hunters won't be taking all my loots!

Druid tanking is deceptively simple and sometimes I really wish I had more AOE abilities but I suppose I'm not doing too bad.  Caoboi always has full mana.  He's dope.  Caoboi said disc healing is new for him but it's really awesome.  He likes the fact that he can by doing damage.  Smite heal for the win!  FYI, it's the Atonement talent in the priest disc tree.

We still haven't touched any quests.  We might do that when we first get to Outland.  Maybe.  

Want to give thanks to Melyndria for sending us some enchants.  She is awesome and guildiness at it's best.  I look forward to seeing you all more this weekend and hope to get to at least 55.  Maybe 60 if we are crazy.

Much love from the Horde and Clan of Darkness,

Iceflow and Caoboi
The @Valentine Podcast

Rigarmorty Audio 217

Hello the awsome Ctrl Alt Wow Crew!

Attached is my audio update for this week!


Shout Outs & Thank You


Hello everyone!

hope everyone is doing well.

I will be keeping in real and real short this week and will need to email in 2 weeks with some good content as we are going on vacation!

Yes and we cannot wait!  We are going to San Francisco for the next few days through the Memorial day holiday (in the states that is).

Thank you all in the clan of darkness and I hope to play with you all again in a week or so.

Thank you for the podcast as always.

Take care,


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 216 - Rapture's Coming, You Mean Those Little Tiny Dinosaurs?

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Cute Beaste wearing the BOA Cloth Helm:

So focused on Argent Crusade.

Sat ran Hellfire Ramparts twice, with Epril, 2 63's and a 61. Trying to get them to 70 to raid with CoD
Loving the banter in gchat

Sun Another day of working on the 60's.
    Found out how to show critters, now listing the Critter Kill Squad as an objective

Mon Epril back in Zul'Drak, sucking up to Argent Crusade. Just wish I had started these dailies sooner. Worse part, they count as 5 dailies
    Saw someone doing the serum dail
    Haven't done AT in a while.

Leveled Tailoring on Aprillian

Aprillian & Vrishna

HellFire Ramparts switching between Virinya and Epril Tanking

Running Mana Tombs with Epril and the twins. Dinged 66 and 65. Running in purple. AAAAHHHH !!!!  Bug killing as a distraction.


Ran several randoms with the guild for the guild achievement. Still can't say enough about the cooperative nature of all our new friends ! However, there was a funny story about a tank and a quest !

Also got a dragonhawk hatchling from Tedrah, I hope I mentioned it before, but just in case I didn't. Thank you !. And just to play it safe, thank you Forge ! I love the Mechanical Squirrel !

Thrusting Hodir's Spear. No numbered control on vehicle.

V control glitch. Thank goodness it was just a glitch.

Ashayo (or Kimmi)

Thanks to Tedrah for the dragonhawk hatchling! from both of us

Been playing a ton on my Clan of Darkness toon - Kimolly

Started out level 21 on Friday and now I am lvl 54.  The levels are screaming by!

I love the new quests in the old zones too.  They have really revamped them and made them very interesting

Thousand Needles you get a boat

and in Searing Gorge they have my most favorite quest now! Lunk no Kill - A big orge. killing spiders, Lunk appears, you weaken the spiders so he can ride them around and get poison on his belly.

In Badlands, The quest - The day deathwing came - So funny - You actually get to tell the story of the

Now my leveling on my flower picking is stopped until I hit lvl 55, I hate when that happens

Question for the Vrisha on the killing bunny rule in the guild - Save the Wee Animals quest - Mt. Hyjal

Questing on Mollyshot with Ashield - he is still doing NO damage until I come along and help him.  It's been a blast because I pull out my rocket and that is the way we get around.  I wish I had a rocket on every toon!  We are in Deepholm now


Mining on Wight got to 450
Orgrimmar Fishing Daily bag had [Strand Crawler] (
Did Dalaran Fishing/Cooking Dailies

13:00 Back on Wight to complete Mining 498

More mining! and some questing in Hyjal. Want to complete the area before moving onto Deepholm.
Liked 'The Strength of Tortolla' really want a pet turtle!
Every chance I get I choose Gnomes to kill. Got another chance during 'Signed in Blood' enjoyed bashing a wee fella in the head.
19:42 Earned Coming Down The Mountain for 115 quests in Hyjal
20:53 83!
Helped some guys take down Ragnaros.
21:45 Hyjal complete
TEDRA is AWESOME!! (Sent me a Red Dragonhawk pet)

Entered Uldum in style but not on a camel.

Starting to pay attention to Achievements.

Hit 525 Mining [Professional Illustrious Grand Master] 

More mining down in Uldum this time for XP and gold.
Stayed up into the early hours chatting with the CoD. Very cool.

A wee bit more mining. Then headed down into Deepholm for some questing. The one on the out of control airship made me nauseous!

Some cool quests in Deepholm and I think it is quite pretty.
Interrogating Mok'norrok was fun. Hanging him over the airship spinning rotors. Felt like Jack Bauer!  
19:20 Wight Friendly With CoD Woot!
19:49 Level 84!

Zomg 9165100 XP to 85! and running out of rested.

Fishing / Cooking dailies in Dalaran then Orgrimmar

Started the Twilight Highlands pre-quests and rode with the air fleet.
'Hey, does this red shirt make me look expendable' Horde Negotiator.'
Kidnapped by the Dragonmaw.

Fishing in Dalaran sewers still want the rat pet.
Inside a turtle.
12:20 525 Fishing
Twilight Highlands Questing
'Everything but the sink' shooting down Wildhammer Grithons great fun.
'Off the wall' Also great shooting dwarves from an airship


I would like to start this email by thanking CTR-alt-Wow team for making my wow time so much more enjoyable, from the time i discovered your wonderful podcast! 
How rude, i did not Introduce my self! My Earthen Ring main is Vampp a protection warrior i have only been on the realm the last three months, and am loving the atmosphere there. I started listening your podcast from the first month of its release on iTunes, a few years back now. What made me continue to listen, was the enjoyment your team broght  to my hard core raiding experience from what non raiders in wow did on a weekly basis! When i started listening all i had in my wow toon arsenal was a top lvl hunter ilikad that i was raid leading Naxx-25 man raids on in my guild at the time. Fast forward to now and i have 11 lvl85 and 5 lvl80s plus, i attribute lvl so many high lvl toons to Aprilian and her love for multi boxing. Thanks so much for making this game sound and feel so much more enjoyable, then i thought it was as top lvl raider. I hope this podcast continues to entertain me and others for many years to come!

Vampp of Earthen Ring

Greetings JAVA

For countless years the lore and legends of the fellowship of the CAW
have been chronicled and retold across the lands of Azeroth and
beyond. Tales of heroism, passed on around a crackling bonfire by a
captain to inspire courage and valor in his company on the eve of
battle. Tales of honor, spoken by a father to his youngest son to
ready him for the challenges to come. Tales of companionship,
cheerfully embraced by the revellers enjoying a pint of ale at the
local tavern. Mournful ballads sung in the town square by the bard
commemorating those who have fallen into darkness.

From the highest mountain to the deepest dungeon, though marshes,
barren wasteland and across rough, unforgiving seas have I traveled,
gathering the tales of these four companions. Now, in a distand land,
far from comfort of my hearth and home, our paths have at last
crossed. My tale in the realm of Earthen Ring has only just begun, but
I offer you my sword to aid your party and fellow companions, the Clan
of Darkness guild, in your noble cause. Shields will be broken and
steel will glow hot from battle. Together, let us forge the legends of

Paladin of the 12th season
Earthen Ring

Maybe a little bit too much content for you guys...i tried

Hey CAW crew,

I have been wanting to join Clan of Darkness for a while now, I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with some content for you :-).
I thought I'd tell you and and the listeners about an awesome site i came across that could help you guys ( mainly Ashayo ) out. is the site, it allows you to optimize your gear: 
  • What gear is the best in slot,
  • What enchants you should have,
  • What gems,
  • How you should reforge your items. 
Just pick a character.  It will load all your armor from the WoW Armory.  You'll most likely see some red triangles in the left column and some red boxes in the right.  The triangles mean that there is an gear upgrade. If you click on the triangle a list of  gear upgrades should appear and their locations.  The red boxes mean that you have the wrong enchant, or that you have reforged the item wrong.  Click Optimize.  The boxes should turn green. It should show you the appropriate enchants etc you should have.  Just go in game and transfer what it says in the boxes onto your gear and bobs your uncle!

Here's a link to Jekle -

I'm pretty sure this only works for level 85 characters

I use it on all my characters and it's worked wonders!!!!!

P.S. Ive been listening to the podcast for about 2 years now. It wasn't until i started writing this that i figured out why you guys kept saying CAW all the time.... LOL i don't know how i missed that one.

Onondaga - Lvl 85 Resto Shaman - Wyrmrest Accord
Onondaga - Lvl 57 Death Knight - Earthen Ring


Becoming a new fan

Hello everyone,
         Let me start by saying i am a major WoW gamer. I have been playing since  Vanilla (for those who don't understand this) Out-land expansion patch. I currently play on a couple realms. I have  12 level 85's that are heroic / Raid geared from tanks, to healers and yes a few dps horde and alliance. I was introduced to you all by Inmyowndreams. Let me say; I think you guys are great, I love the Pod-cast never laughed so hard listening to so many people just having fun. After speaking with Inmyowndreams I had come over to Earthen-ring realm and play. I started the server with a DK named (Yursoulismine) horde currently a 59 and growing to make some funds for further alt creations. I was on the realm for about 24 hours and have accumulated over 5k gold. I am enjoying the realm so much that i made an alt Priest named (Rocyurworld) horde also currently a 22 and growing. I never thought i would say this but leveling is a little bit more fun not having all the Boa gear which makes us a little OP for questing. I could normally ramble on about all my experiences in the game but the show is only so long, so ill keep this short. This is my second MMOrpg game and ever since it was introduced to me i have not really looked at another game, so i guess i am truly a dedicated WoW player. Looking forward to listening to more shows and I hope you all enjoy the game as much as i do. For the Horde and For the Alliance which ever faction alt you might be playing.
P.S. My wife says I enjoy WoW so much that to have more time with me she plays also, BUT THAT'S ANOTHER STORY!! : )
Thanks again
aka (mike)

MOB - No drawing for me please

Hello Podcasting Super Stars,

I think that MOB stands for "Monster or Beast".

I could be wrong. It happens many times a day.

I keep meaning to stop in and start a toon in your new guild, but keeping up with all my alts is tough these days. Perhaps I will just transfer a toon or two.

I often wonder if you ever hear from Glanther. I am still using his authenticator. He was nice enough to send it to me when Bliz was out of stock. Just curious to know if he pops in to Wow now and again. Maybe you could shout out and get him to guest star, though I wouldn't want to get him in trouble at home. ;-)

Thanks for the show!

Ginsue aka Inacan

Bunny killing

On the subject of bunny killing I have a mage and was wondering if you sheep them first is its ok then ?


The Big G spot

Hey all this is my audio for this week
Graven au

Rigarmorty Audio For Ep 216

Hey Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and Eljeppy!

Another Jeppy sized email to accompany my audio segment.

Hopefully I've been able to pop on for a hour probably half way through the show, you're all brilliant!

The attached is my audio, as usual :P



joining guild

Hey all, Ive been on scarlet crusade for 4 yrs and my guild all but quit on me. :( I listen to your show alot and was thinking about transfering a toon over to your server.
Background on myself  Ive been playing for over 6 yrs i have about 10 toons (i forget how many i have lol) four lvl 85's. I raid MC BWL Ony back in the good old days raided in BC exp I quit raiding in wftlk
just played pvp 5 mans was about all. I know about all the classes except i think hunter (only class i dont have).
You guys sound like a fun bunch would really like to join your guild. Im not sure what toon i would transfer over. I was thinking my lvl 80 priest but not sure yet.
Im not sure what im going to do in game maybe PVP, 5mans and maybe raid alittle if i fit in.
If i could join your guild please email me back with info how i go about joining once i get transfered or any questions you might have about me.
Ill leave my RL name so instead of toon name (not sure which toon ill be transfering if you guys will invite)
Looking forward to hearing from you  
Tom R

Glad to have found a bunny safe podcast

Hello CAW, this is Pricklypear from the Shu'halo server. I just got done listening to my first encounter with your podcast (215) and I am hooked. I would consider myself a altaholic as I have 40 toons spread across 6 servers ranging from my 6 85s to the few single digit alts out there. I have 9 toons on Earthen Ring and am wondering how you get an invite to the bunny safe zone or Clan of Darkness. I is wonderful to find a podcast with people that sound like they enjoy WoW as much as I do but do take things to serious. Thanks for an amazing podcast.
Pricklypear (current toon play)
and to many alts to name

Audio submission

Hey Caw crew,

Deimus again. I decided to try out an audio submission. Didn't even know what to use to record when I sat down to start on it, but hope you like my noob recording skills that I developed in an hour. Also, I'm sorry if the song in the background annoys you at all, but I just couldn't stand hearing silence in the background of the recording.


jeremy (@juwingsfan)
5/17/11 17:25
@Aprillian @Ashayo @Vrishna137 just heard last caw. Save jc tokens till 4.2 get a jump on new epic patterns and rake in gold early.

My Week in WoW

Hey CAW Crew,

Claypidgin here. I just wanted to tell everyone that I am enjoying
being in the Clan of Darkness. I did my first heroic this week with my
warlock and it didn't suck. In fact, the group I was in actually did
pretty well. Now granted the second heroic of the week didn't go so
well. The tank decided it was his job to tell us why we are bad
players. His advice went from telling me I should be ashamed of my
DPS. He told the Death Knight that they should learn to play their
class and watch You Tube to learn. Then he finally told the Shaman he
did well but if he were on his own Shaman he would have done better.
So my experience was 50/50 good and bad.

I've been tanking on my level 69 Death Knight for the guild. Vrishna
seems to like my style he just doesn't know my secret agenda. Someday
when he leasts suspects it the gauntlet will be thrown and I will ask demand that we all move faster and that there is no excuse
to run out of mana!! (insert evil laugh here). In the words of
Kithore...anyway this is getting kinda long. Conejo Matador is now at
level 26 with one good kill to get to level 27. This is now officially
the highest druid I ever roll. Yay me.

Finally, I have some disturbing news. Aprillian's iPhone was stolen
and the contents of her WOW playlist have been made public. I think
Vrishna may want to block his ears for this one. Now I present to you.
Aprillian's WOW playlist.

Episode Neeeenjaaa ... er *cough* I mean episode 216 submission.

Greetings JAVA!

How are you? How is Clan of Darkness? /tear ... er right ... I promised myself I wouldn't shed any tears. *cough*cough*

Hope you enjoy this week's Winterhoof update, it's a looonnng one [insert dramatic pause for Jeppy to make an inappropriate comment] ...

Your bud,


May 18th submission


Helloooo CAW Crew

Hello CAW Crew,
Leeta here again :) hope this finds you all well and busy WoWing :)
Surgery went well & I am slowly getting better - thank you for the kind words last time.
Firstly to reply to Virshna regarding my name - I'm afraid it is nothing as exciting as what you may think. I liked the name Lita & when I made a toon on my very first server that name was already taken so I played round and came up with this spelling which I had not seen before. Now I will admit I have various toons - some have completely different names e.g. my Hunter is Keelah, but most of my alts are all different ways of spelling Leeta e.g. my Gobby Warrior is Leitta and my Priest is called Atil (spell it backwards hehe).
Naming new toons can certainly be a interesting experience as I'm running out of ways to spell it - lol.
I hope that clears it up :)
My week in WoW - last night got my Warrior to Lvl 70 while doing UK with the guild - was a good fun run as always. Also been doing alot of Archaeology on Leeta - busy trying to get the Crawling Claw, Voodoo Figurine & Pterrordax Hatchling pets.
So another that that haven't been doin alot mostly due to trying to play onehanded which can be completely funny at times haha.
Since I love the pets so much thought I would share another one with you that you can go purchase - It is called Withers and is sold by a Vendor in Darkshore called Apothecary Furrows. He is in a little cave within Cliffspring Falls (co-ords are 57, 33). They are BOP and cost 30s - however this is only for Horde as Alliance have to do a quest chain to get it. Enjoy :)
And for Virshna - there are 5 rabbit pets you can get in game - Brown Rabbit Crate, Snowshoe Rabbit Crate, Spring Rabbit (Noblegarden), Wolpertinger (Brewfest) & De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion :)
Well that is it for me for this week. Hope you all have a wonderful week & may epics fall at your feet.
Hugs Leeta
P.S. I am @leetawow on twitter - am still gettin used to this whole new concept of communication & admittedly not very good at it, may need Aprillian to give me lessons :)
Hugs all and bye for now.

Shout Outs & Thank You

Momoments - "Everybody is working for the Clan of Darkness!"

hope everyone is doing well.
I am sorry I missed emailing last week but it may be for the best as I will have more content to email you this week.

I have been on a nice routine of getting dalies done on several characters, mainly the cooking and fishing daily.  The fishing ones are nice as it helps to sloooooooowwwwwllyyyy level up fishing without fishing at times.  I am still having a hard time to level cooking on some characters from the level 250-300 so far.  Even using wowhead to see where some of the items I need have not been helpful.  I still wish I could do the dailies in each of the cities; am I correct in that we can only do one cooking daily? (in the major cities)

On my druid Morfin in the CoD guild I have been also working on other Cataclysm dailies: Therazene I am about a week away from being revered and for dragmaw are them called? the clan in the Twilight Highlands, I just start so I have a few weeks before I am revered with them.   After I conquer that I want to get revered on the other groups so I am able to improve my gear a bit.  I have been shying away from doing instances unless it is a guild run.  I just dont have any sanity left to deal with pug groups, which is sad.  I was telling Mata in guild chat the other night, I wish we could run dungeons with the AI.  How it could work is we queue up and mark AI only so if I am a healer they rest will be AI controlled and we basically move along.  Yes wishful thinking but we can dream cant we :)

I also became Honored with the guild on my druid and looking forward to the other perks we can get as we level.  It is great to see the guild level as we all are working for the Clan of Darkness.  I am still looking to the day that Nevik will come join us, again I can dream you know.

In addition to my druid I have slowly been working on my shammy pally pair as they hit 70 this past week.  I joined the LFD as tank and healer and surprisingly after a few minutes was in Utgaurd Keep.  I had my shammy Moshaman following Molypolly and I starting on the first 2 mobs.  I was so overwhelmed for some reason! I had an epic dual boxing fail as I was struggling to heal myself and others. No one dies but I was freaking out as everyones health was going down.  Of course I couldnt keep aggro so I know that didnt help but I did what I hate, what we all hate to see or happen to us!...I left the group! :(
yes I was a group deserter not cool, I know I know!
I felt terrible for a second but it was for the best.  Now not to scare my fellow guildies, I think I can tank and heal for us if we have a guild run as I think you all will allow me to go as slow as I can or need to go.  oh well we shall see.  I have been trying to keep up with their professions but it is hard.  It is so easy to level now that leveling professions lag behind.

I still have not really worked on archeology, any of you our there like that? I dont know why, for me its not like fishing but just have not work on leveling it much on any character.

Ill leave you be at this point and thank you for an awesome podcast, guild and for being cool people.

Oh I want to apologize to the person (you know who you are) as this person messaged me in game right after I got spammed by gold sellers asking questions about the guild.  I am sorry if I was short in my answers as I was trying to figure out if you are/were a gold spammer lol also for anyone that messages in the CAW channel or any channel for that fact, I know its common knowledge but please remember if I dont reply back right away I am either away because of wife aggro or Im on another screen.

For the Altaholic in you!


Aprillian (@Aprillian)
5/13/11 8:41
@psynister: the dog whistle from SM:Lib is now a trinket with a 10 min cooldown instead of 3 charges”-Awesome!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 215 - Don't Panic, A Decade of Towellessness

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


There's a Fishing Daily in TB and UC
Pets Stay with us
Flask of Mojo and many others grey
Thurs night
Did CW on Aprillian and Auruk. Auruk is close to being honored with CoD. Aprillian is 440 points away
Found Dailies in Thunder Bluff
Champions clap for you
Using Tiiaa to get CW done
Fri Morn
Running around doing dailies like crazy on Aprillian
CW in Dal, couldn't find it in Shat. Will google later
Visited Wyrmrest for the Dragon Queen, love the npc chatter between kids.
Got an Oracle hatchling!
picked up  [Arcanum of Blissful Mending] for Tiiaa on Aprillian and traded it right away.
just found out didn't turn in AT on several toons!
While on CW, did the Uldum Warchief quest, escorting into Uldum
Aprillian got exalted with aie
Spent 5k on heirloom backs and hats.
Ran around icecrown doing stuff for Argent Crusade. Out to Moonglade back to Wyrmrest
Found dailies on O's Hammer but weren't right dailies. Kept getting Tanuka rep
Did the last Argent Crusade quest and no dailies opened up ??? With Epril, Astarå and Tiiaa
Ran HOL but kept dying because...
Tiiaa became Exalted with Sunreavers, island dailes opened up
Astarå completed UC Valiant quest, now on to Orgrimmar, almost Exalted with UC, last faction
Bags were full when we did Get Kraken, open a ticket
Noticed everything has an ItemId no. now.
Got the cloth BOA helm for Astarå but now I really want the plate one, even though it has no int or spirit
Decided to log into all of my toons today.
Got a response to my ticket, got the tooth
used free 7 day trial on one account just to see what was there
Decided to go with the Leather helm for Astarå. I had brought one for my Druid Drame but they're on the same account
If I remember, I will switch back and forth.

Found some Argent Crusade dailies in Zul'Drak for Epril
Ran HOL with Epril, Auruk, Tiiaa and Astarå
Auruk got Crusader in HOL
Did the Argent Crusade Dailies in Zul'Drak and then found Orgmirr's hammer for the

Aprillian & Vrishna

Mon Night TOC!
Did Get Kraken with Auruk, Aprillian and Virinya got tooth


Winds of the North and 250 fish. Looking for that guards arm was a NIGHTMARE !

Guild at 29% towards level 4 !

I begin to understand the level of contribution Aprillian made as an officer in AIE. We have only 30 Guildies and 104 toons in COD and although I love all of our fans who have joined us, it IS work & time consuming !

Took guildies advice and renamed Silverlei's rank from Dark Lord to Dark Empress ! Speaking of the Dark Empress ...

Jasonmoos, Mehetabel, Thorwyn & Banxy. Please report to the Dark Empress for Promotion & Identification. There is NO PARKING in the RED ZONE !

Forge sent me a Mechanical Squirrel ! It' so cute !

All is forgiven Reltar. I LOVE the Bunny !



- Dual boxing Uldum. Seems to be more "collect 6 of these" that require double kills in Uldum
- Ashayo dinged 85 42 quests in Uldum
- Quest Tailgunner! for Harrison Jones - don't have to actually do anything!
- The Decoy : Intentionally aggroing a mob while on a flying mount to lure away from a quest item
- "Battlezone" from Commander Schnottz is bugged if you are in a group - lose vehicle when first toon completes. Needed to abandon on second toon

- Got alot of JC tokens. What to do with em!
- Cho'gall - 25%, 20% (into phase 2)
- BWD - Record kill on Magmaw and ach for not getting hit by parasites, ODS, Maloriak, one-shot Atramedes 
- Reset - New healing chest off Magmaw
Clearcasting (Omen of Clarity) is procing ALOT with a boomkin in the group

- Archeology 225, 260


Started questing on Wight Sunday night. 

Great time listening to fellow guildies in Skype.

Loving Hyjal.

Throwing bears and bouncing them of the trampoline 'The Bears Up There!'

Created an Orc Warrior as a bank toon - Banxy. enjoyed the new Horde quests in durotar so much I may just keep going. He is level 10 so far.

Like the escort quest where the orc lady starts flying. Kind of think she didn't need my help.Grandmatron Tekla (Spirits be Praised)

Also collected some crocolisk teeth for Misha Tor'Kren (Lost But Not Forgotten) and then proceeded to slaughter all her baby pigs.

Exploring bunny killing loopholes

Picked up a core hound in Hyjal. Called it cuddles


Hey Hey

Hey Hey CtrlAltWow Crew,
 This is Kadak from the Muradin realm , and I am an Altaholic.
 It all started when I first tried Wow in the Burning Crusade days. My friends convinced me to try Wow even though I was thoroughly addicted to FFXI. Some aspects Wow appealed to me, like the ability to solo a character to max level if you wanted through questing, but the way my friends "grouped" together to do quests was so foreign compared to the structured and forced party play of FFXI, I ended up quitting after 2 months. My realm character list was full though :)
 I came back to Wow in the beginning of the Wrath days and have resumed my alty ways. I have at least 20 characters made. (Ten horde and ten alliance, one of each class) It is my goal before I leave this game to level each of those to cap before quitting.
 Thanks to C.A.W I am the proud owner of a RAF 2-seat rocket, however I didn't get to enjoy all the RAF has to offer thanks to an older computer that gave me the blue screen of death upon Alt-Tabbing between characters. 
 I really enjoy your show. You are one show I am not embarrassed to have my son listen to with me. 

Thank you for your time,
Kadak , Shieldmedic, Vastra, Conflicted, Morphmonkey, Edgewick, and many more.

 p.s. hope this can qualify me to get into your guild :)

Darkness Rules

Hello Gang,
   Just want to drop a note to thank Vrishna for getting the guild together on Earthen Ring. I am happy to say I have joined, and actually moved one of my 85's over too. I was also part of the Guild Dungeon run that dinged the guild level 3. I already feel at home. All of you guys are very awesome, Aprillian too :), whom I believe ran one of her alts with me in the run, I was the Enhanced Shaman. Well anyway, just wanted to let you all know that this is just another reason you all are by far the best PodCast, and are definately why the game stays fun for me. Playing with folks who enjoy it for what it is. Keep up the great work........

Throw an Email on the Podmcast

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy and Vrishna


Melindria  writing to you – I have only written twice before, but that is still two times more letters than I have sent to any other podcast.

Although my original toon Melindria is Alliance, as with most altoholics I have played Horde and Alliance on a variety of servers. When you started a Ctrl – Alt – Wow guild on the Alliance side I was sorely tempted to start up a new toon to join you, but the demands on my time then were such that I could not count on being there with any regularity.

Now with your guild on Earthern Ring, the moons and planets are in alignment, and my husband and I have started toons in your incredibly friendly guild. We were having so much fun that we actually levelled through to purple AND KEPT ON PLAYING!!  We have no RAF running, nor heirlooms, so whatever progress we make will be the groundbreaking start for a flurry of new toons that may eventually join you.

I just wanted to let any other listeners know that joining is easy, after sending in an email to the show, and the fun, frivolity and camaraderie are great.  As those who have met me already in C.O.D. know I like to use vent  because my typing is atrocious. I can never get the spelling right  while at the same time being speedy.

I am an Aussie, and would love to hear more Aussie accents in vent ( or really any accents, since to me  Ashayo is the only one on CAW that has no accent). So if you live “Down Under” and have been thinking of joining, throw another email into the podcast, and sign up, because in the words of that  infamous advertising campaign “Where the Bloody Hell are you?”


For the Alliance

For the Horde

And For the Fun

Melindraya Clan of Darkness Earthen Ring ( 20  Hunter when I started this email 30  by this podcast I hope)

Melindria  ( Dalaran) ( 85 Hunter)

And many others

A long time comming

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and El Jeppy

I am writing in again after a long time, with lots of inspiration encouragement from  my involvement with the  new guild I  have just joined. In a moment of madness my wife and I  rolled 2 Goblin’s on Earthen Ring called Fortetwo and Melendrya .

We did our research.

This was pre Patch 4.1 without  the guild advertising panel.
We looked at Guild levels, Raiding times, range of toons , guild ranking and their policy on killing Rabbits.  
With the last point being the most critical we promptly joined “Clan of Darkness”

We had a wonderful time last Saturday / Sunday levelling to 20 ish on our Druid that drops totems and a hunter and meeting some of your wonderful contributors in guild chat and vent.  

One question for Vrishna . At the northern end of Mulgore as you cross over the range into Stonetalon Mountains there are some rabbits with axes in their mouths and they kill Prairie dogs .

They look very scary – in fact they look like killer bunnies ( a great card game if you have never played it)
Can we kill THESE rascally rabbits  ??

For the Clan of Darkness ,  
For Elmer Fudd who never got those waskelly wabbits

PS thank you all for an entertaining and informative podcast  


audio submission take 2

hey all, please find attached my audio submission. hopefully better sound
quality though it appears i just have a quiet voice as far as the
microphone is concerned..

Rigarmorty Audio Episode 215

Hiya Caw Crew!
Attached is this weeks audio for Episode 215.

Contribution from a fan

Dear Control Alt WoW,


I started listening to the CAW podcast just before Verishna was allowed his own segment. CAW quickly became my number one WoW podcast.

Enjoying the updates and stories from the many show contributors has inspired me to at least try to participate.


Leveling was slow during the classic WoW days, especially on a PvP server. It took me several days to learn how to take down those wolves in Mulgore without dying. Just when I thought I would get my first wolf I accidently backed into a buzzard which proceeded to rip me apart. I fell, face forward with that Tauren half grunt, half moan sound. After a few more days I finally impressed someone enough that they invited me to join a party. My first party, I was ecstatic. I proceeded to follow him out of Mulgore into the strange new world of “The Barrens”. We soon passed through Camp Taurajo and onto a larger more populated town named Crossroads. During whole trip I was in awe of the vast extensive world. My new acquaintance eventually wandered off and I was solo again, but I didn’t care because this was a new world filled with new people all bustling about. In truth my party probably left me as I had yet learned to use the chat window and didn’t communicate beyond the white “say” text. I didn’t feel lonely though, there was a group of players outside the Inn running, jumping, throwing spells and seemed to be having a grand time. I stood by and watch for a few minutes. Suddenly, another party invite popped up, I eagerly accepted hoping for new explorations and adventure, and at the same time a big pole was planted in the ground in front of me. Did it have anything to do with the invite I just accepted? I wasn’t sure and didn’t have a lot of time to think about it because someone was stabbing me in the back over and over again until I went down on my knees. Yea, I still had a lot to learn in this brave new world, but my blood was pumping with excitement!


Hope to contribute more,



Hello CAW Crew

Greetings CAW Crew - Leeta here again.
Just wanted to drop you a line to say was thrilled to hear my mail read in Episode 213 :)
Had a very busy week in WoW with Children's Week - was extremely excited to find Blizz had introduced 2 new pets - one to the Orgrimmar Orphan & the other to the Shattrath Orphan. Plus they finally fixed the Dalaran Orphan as it was bugged last year. So 3 new pets - i was a very happy girl :) ... by the way I am a companion pet addict and currently I have 155 on Leeta. I also managed to get my Priest, Hunter & Death Knight all through the 3 Orphans with my DK getting The Matron title this year & my lil Warrior got 2 new pets as she's only Lvl 66 and didn't qualify to do the Dal Orphan ... always next year :)
One of the newest pets Blizzard recently added to the game is called Winterspring Cub. He is so gorgeous and you can buy him from a vendor in Everlook Inn for 50 gold. Honestly it is hard to pick a favourite pet - lol i love them all.
Raiding is slowly but surely getting there - one shot Argaloth in Baradin Hold and got some pretty new PVP legs. Then we went over and one shot Magmaw and I got a gorgeous new Dagger and finally went to play with Halfus - had a few wipes while we worked out the strategies however finally got him down. Had a great nite raiding and was so happy with getting some new gear.
By the time you read this email I'll be recovering from surgery as I'm having a shoulder operation in 2 days. Looking forward to listening to all my fav podcasts while I'm recovering, catching up on some DVD's and books. 
Thank you all for the wonderful podcast you provide - I eagerly await every week and maybe one of these days will figure out the live stream and come listen to you all live :)
Have an awesome week
Hugs Leeta

Greetings from Brew Dawg

Greetings from Brew Dawg,

I had a good week in game.  Did a little raiding and had the best in slot staff drop off of Halfus for Brewdawg.  Ran the new ZG with people from my Wrath raid team.  We one-shot or two-shot all except the last boss.  We ran out of time after 4-5 attempts.  It was a lot of fun running with old friends.  Did some research and now I know what we were doing wrong so we will get him next time.

In honor of BRK (Big Red Kitty) returning to WoW I dropped my Marksman spec for Beast Master on my hunter.  I've never played BM so it's been fun learning the rotation and taming exotic pets.  After a day of checking his spawn point and path every couple of hours I found and tamed Ghostcrawler my first Spirit Beast.  I'm normally creative with pet names but I just went with Greg.

"Shh we're Hunting Wabbits" moved to Cata dungeons last week.  To date we've completed normal Black Rock Caverns, Throne of Tides, and Stonecore.  Currently we are level 80-83. We tried Vortex Pinnacle but I had to bring BrewDawg in to complete the instance.

My DK Dureau (Du-roe) dinged 85 Friday and tanked  his first heroic with on Sunday.  Got  Grim Batol, only one wipe on the last boss.  DPS didn't follow my instructions and ignored the adds.  They heal and buff the boss so they must be taken down quickly.  Really like DK tanking.  He puts out a lot of AOE threat compared to my feral tank.  I'm spending a lot of time playing Dureau to get him raid ready.  I'll try to get him into Clan of Darkness soon(Trade Mark Blizzard Entertainment).

Keep up the great show!


It's almost Wednesday again?!?

Sorry I missed last week's show but at least I was able to whip something together for this week. Enjoy!



I'm Sorry .......

No audio this week as I have run out of time to record something but mostly my week has been spent lvling Dropbear to lvl 29 getting both my fishing and cooking daily achievements and chatting to guildies. I had a great chat with whats her name oh dam its gone right out of my head she knows who she is and she also has a toon called fortetwo or something like that and I like to say again I am the person she warns her kids about sorry if I had more time I would have looked up her name and used my talking voice but yer so.


For the Horde

For the Alliance

For the Sandgrophers


And for the clan of darkness theam song



New audio from kithore

Update for Iceflow and Caoboi

HI all!  

Just wanted to get this email off before I go to work.  I feel like Vrishna doing his show notes while Ashayo is talking because I'm listening to what Vrishna is doing while I'm writing this email!

We've been having so much fun  in Clan of Darkness.  Everybody is so nice and I love the community.  Caoboi and I have been working on our alts.  Caoboi was running with his hunter but he got a little tired of it and leveled a priest from scratch.  He was trying to catch up to me and he even got 18 levels in one day!  He's very committed.  My druid is 40 and his priest is 39. 

Neither of us have done any quests since level 15 outside of dungeon quests or fishing and cooking dailies.  Just pure randoming.  We invite people from the guild when somebody is around our level but it doesn't happen as much as we would like.  So we deal with the random people.  Most groups aren't bad.  Most are just silent.  I hate quiet parties.   But I finally got out of the range of Gnomer.  I was getting that every time and I think I wanted to die!  lol.

Caoboi is a great healer, never runs out of mana, and it's awesome to know that I dont' have to worry while I'm tanking.  If anybody in the guild has dps toons around our level and you see us on, hit us up and we'll run some dungeons.

Have you all seen the guild bank!  Announce that people need to take things!  It's sooooo full.  People are being way to generous I think hehe.

Our mains have been languishing kind of.  We've decided to just farm the content for gold but there are people with computer problems or real life problems so we haven't had as many people as we normally do.  I was excited to run with Allecia and Kalem last night in a raid.  They are so much fun.

Well I suppose we are off.  Time to go to work.  Boooo.  Take care.

For the Horde and Clan of Darkness,

Ice and Cao

Shout Outs & Thank You

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 214 - These Are Not the 85's You Are Looking For

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Blizzard likes me. Battlenet acct bound heirlooms and pets prove it. Including BOA enchants.
Epril got exalted with all the factions

Epril still didn't get Crusader, she was only

Epril dinged 85 doing JC daily

 [Shattered Log] is lootable by all party members, 3g for stack

Bought Renowned Guild Tabard for Epril, Guild rep gains are increased by 100%. Wore it to turn in JC quest and got more rep
Bought  [Illustrious Guild Tabard] for everyone else

Aprillian & Vrishna

Guild Achievements are fun and awesome.
Did Hellfire Ramparts
Quad boxin in Hall of Lightening with Vrishna


Found the bug cave, with a little help from my guildies ! Inmyowndreams led the walk-thru . I can now confirm, no bunnies were harmed in the extermination of these creepy critters !

Randoms with guildies, Guild XP GALORES ! 300k per run 7 times a week ! Guild challenges are fantastic perks, especially for smaller guilds ! Inmyowndreams shout out. She participated in all 7 for the week !. And Claypidgin is the nicest tank I've ever run with.

Vrishna received several achievements this week, Lance a Lot and Champion of the Undercity, and she dinged 82.

Letter from Reltar, in game ! Judge for yourself peoples !



- Dual boxing Deepholm
- Tip: When doing the catapault escort quest, you only need to start it on one toon, and both get credit.
- "Petrified Delicacies" got harder - used to be stone bats around to loot, now have to kill basilisks  - which meant 24 kills
- Summoned Asheal to Tol Barad to skin
- Finished Deepholm Ashayo 71% and Asheal 24% into 84

- ODS one shot - healing shoulders
- Maloriak one shot
- Atramedes down
- Valiona & Theralion one shot
- 5% wipe on Ascendant Council
- Halfus down ; 51 seconds faster - mages doing 40+k on boss. Redband in top 200 for World of Logs
- V&T
- Tol Barad
- Amazing amount of mail dropping - happy shaman
- Ascendant Council one shot
- Cho'gall attempts - adds giving us trouble

- Archeology up to 225

- Questing in Hyjal with Molly
- Dinged 82 on same quest I got [Coming down the mountain] achievement
- Holy pallies make poor farmers! Ended up camping ore in The Regrowth in Hyjal - a mob free zone after completing the area

- Got 100 chocolates in no time at Falconwing Square and got polymorph rabbit for my mage

Children's Week
- New pets - snail and legs. New Org quests involving Azshara raceway. Don't forget to do Dalaran Oracle or Wolvar



Hey CAW crew

Here is my first audio submission. Let me know what you all think.
This was my first time using audacity.



Hi from Skral

Hello CAW crew!

Just wanted to check in and say how much I've been enjoying the podcast lately.

I rolled a druid, you know- the ones with the totems, on Earthen Ring named Skralt. He is going to try really hard not to kill any bunnies this week, and if he succeeds, he may ask to join Clan of Darkness. I guess it also depends on if the Dark Lord will not hold my other toons' transgressions against him.

I haven't forgotten my Winterhoof toon in the Ctrl Alt Wow guild, but have had so much frustration with him, it has kept me from logging in as often as I should. Not the mage class or the guild, nothing like that. I'm talking about that fantastical invention known as phasing.

My Worgen hasn't been able to move from quest to quest in the Worgen starting area without help from a GM. My quest givers frequently don't appear and sometimes the NPCs don't react.

The night it started, about five of us got stuck repeating the battle for Gilneas City about four times while a GM watched. When it wouldn't complete, we got tired of trying and instead had a dance party right there with the Dark Lady Sylvanus and her banshee minions. They didn't seem to mind us one bit.

To move to the next quest, the GMs seem to have to manipulate things on their end to shift me into the next phase. It is starting to feel more like Quantum Leap or Sliders than WoW.

So, one day I will tough it out, drag one poor GM along for the ride, and get through the rest of the quests. At least then I might actually see my guild mates on Winterhoof.

Needless to say, the new alt is an Orc- one of those classic races with no phasing in the starter areas. So far so good.


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from Sylvanus's dance party :)

Greetings CAW crew,
This is my first time writing, but I'm a long time fan of the podcast since before the time of the honorable Vrishna.  I'm also a big fan of El Jeppy's Metatalks.  I subscribe to approximately thirty podcasts and Ctrl Alt Wow is easily in my top three favorites.

My main toons are on Thorium Brotherhood, in the Hitchhikers guild, which consists of mainly my brother and I.  However, I recently rolled a paladin on Earthen Ring named Lokwyn.  You all seem like a great guild for my casual altoholic nature, so I humbly request a guild invite into the Clan of Darkness.  As Vrishna mentioned, I believe leveling in your guild I could actually make difference compared to leveling in a large guild like one of the AIEs.  They also seem like a great community, but the large number of people is somewhat daunting.  If you need anything at all from me, feel free to ask. 

P.S. Can I get a shout out to my wonderful girlfriend, even though she doesn't play WoW.

For the alts!
Lokwyn, 26 Paladin - Earthen Ring
Kwakuma, 85 Shaman - Thorium Brotherhood
Shaggyos86 on Twitter

Blizz support Kudos

So I started a RAF account and somehow screwed it up and they weren' linked.  I created a ticket and it said to email or call.  I sent an email last night and recieved a response less than 12hrs later.  They linked the accounts for me without a problem.  I just wanted to pass on this positive experience with Blizz support.  They certainly could have said, well you didn't follow the instructions properly so too bad, but they went the extra step to correct my mistake for me.
KUDOS to Blizz support.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Mon, May 2, 2011 at 1:06 PM
Subject: Re: refer a friend help

Blizzard Entertainment Account & Technical Services

Greetings Brian,

The accounts have been linked as requested. You should now receive the Recruit-A-Friend benefits such as triple experience, the ability to summon one another, and level granting.

If you have questions about the Recruit-A-Friend promotion, please visit the Recruit-A-Friend FAQ here:

Please reply to this email if you have additional concerns. If you would rather speak with a representative directly, please contact Account & Technical Services. Our contact information can be found at

Hiya CAW Crew!

Another weekly update! Not as many audio bits as I had limited time but I've hinted what episode this is for in the introduction.

Hope to catch at least the usual hour and a bit during lunch and I've told the boss it's CAW Day tehe



Hey CAW crew. Tedrah here.
I was thinking about attempting an audio submission.  But then I realized if we all start doing audio submissions that will mean less time for the hosts to talk.  Less time listening to elJeppy's sexy voice. NO audio submissions from me.
Love the show, as always. Unfortunately, I can't make the Wednesday morning broadcast as I'm on my way to work at that time. I would much rather be hanging out with you all.
For my week in WoW, I've been kind of all over the place. Been mostly playing on Earthen Ring having a blast doing dungeons with my Clan of Darkness guildmates. Actually ran into Nevik over on Jub Jub briefly Monday evening.  Then saw him again over on Winterhoof.  Not sure who was following who.
I was logging in and out of all my toons on my main account getting my baby Cenarion hippogryph from the mail. Was able to feed my companion pet addiction while at the same time helping a good cause. Speaking of my addiction, Tedrah got the Menagerie achievement for 125 companion pets when I turned in my ORG orphan quest.  Then I got two more - one for the Shattrath orphan quest and the second for the baby hippogryph. So Tedrah sits at 127 companion pets. Now I just need four more mounts to get the 100 mount achievement and she'll be all set.
Did lots of dungeons with variations of Inmyowndreams, Vrishna, Aprillian, Claypidgin, Glig and Mo on Saturday & Sunday. We got all 7 dungeons for the weekly guild challenges.  And a huge thanks to Mo who had his high level toon run our group of DK's through several dungeons getting us lots of XP. Talaine is now 67 thanks to him.
Had a real fun time attempting to tank Wailing Caverns on my balance druid who has no tanking gear. Thanks to Inmyowndreams' awesome healing we managed to get all the way thru to the end. Even four manned the final encounter.
That's about it for my week in WoW. Just want to say a special thank you to Vrishna for opening up his bank alt's guild to all us fans. It's been incredibly awesome hanging out with such a great group of people. CAW really does have the best hosts and fans around.
So, this is Tedrah
For the Clan of Darkness
PS: GRATS to Epril for dinging 85. I'm very sorry we can't "take it back".  But don't worry, Epril is going to love 4.2 if the info on MMO Champion is right.
Audio from Kurly
Oh my heavens I hope this isnt TOO AWFUL!

Audio from Kithores

Podcast email

Dear Ctrlaltwow crew,

Hello my name is Deimus the evil twin of the evil twin Phobos. I have been listening to your podcast for over a month now and decided I'd follow you guys on twitter to try and catch a live stream. Then I was awakened last week to find you guys stream at 3 in the morning here X_X. This doesn't go well for me. Anyways I just decided to write to you to say hi and tell you guys I love the podcast. I'm gonna try to stay awake tonight to try and listen to the live stream even if I die at work tomorrow. Too another point, my main is Deimus, a blood elf warlock on tichondrius who I am currently pvping with. Fighting alongside him is Hyperon an 85 Blood elf Paladin, Hadez 70 Blood elf Dk, Sttyxx 49 blood elf priest, Achilles 47 troll warrior, sisyphos 40 undead rogue, Phobes 36 undead mage, Orion 35 troll hunter, Odin 34 tauren druid, and finally loki goblin shaman. Im just currently trying to enjoy my last few months of playing wow and civilian life till Im off into the Navy. Well hope all is well for you guys and sorry for any trouble reading my email.


Audio from Garry

So another week has come and gone work has sat heavy upon me once again and taking huge bites out of my gaming week evil work but it does let me buy things for my favourite podcast and help japan in the process so work has some redeeming features but not many. I must say the offer of mount services came after a long discussion about Disney toons and how they rate plus a little of my creepy side snuck in to see how far I could rock the boat I am now going to climb under the covers for I have been up since 11pm and I have work in like 7 hours so I should sleep so no chat room for me today but say hi on my behalf to them all hope for a Juuno this week but if not you have another of mine to suffer thought later all. 

Update for Caoboi and Iceflow


Glad to see all four of you present.  KAVA was cool, but sometimes I just like good old JAVA.

First off, just want to say thanks to you all.  You all are great for providing a wonderful community for all.  You all definitely rock.

Caoboi and I have been doing more in WoW for sure.  We haven't played Rift in a long time so that might have something to do with it.

Caoboi surprised me with the hippogryph pet.  Not only is he giving to a great cause but he made me smile as well.  It's so cute.

And there's something else....*drumroll*....we have completed the current raiding content!  Yay!  We beat that nefarious dragon Nefarion last week and we finally beat the wind genie Al'Akir last night for 12/12 bosses.  AIE Verendus now has access to the dark phoenix mount if you have exalted rep.  We still haven't done any hard modes but I think we're going to take a break for a bit.  At least we hope!  All those repairs were getting expensive!

Cao and I have spent a lot of time on his hunter alt and my druid alt.  I'm having a blast tanking and we're both level 29.  I really want to get back to them more and I look forward to seeing everybody in Clan of Darkness.  I have to hurry up and get 85 so I can run dungeons with you guys!

I have to start getting the champion seals again.  I used them to buy some heirloom gear so now I feel way behind.  I did them last night with no problems at all.  It feels different when I have over 100K HP and my crits one hit the mobs.

Did you hear about the rogue change coming in 4.2?  They are extending the length of the spell blind to 1 minute!  It's about time they give us some love!

Speaking of giving love, Caoboi and I would like to give our love to you all.  You all are awesome and make us so happy each and every week. 

Have fun and mind where you step.  You don't want to step on a stray bunny rabbit or anything ;)

For the Horde and for the Clan of Darkness,

Iceflow and Caoboi

Hi there

Hi CAW crew,

It's Mystic again, and I just wanted to say thank-you for reading out my first email. It was great hearing it being read out on this podcast.

I hope all are well, and aren't too sick of all the chocolate eggs either being picked up, or consumed.

Well, it hasn't been the best of weeks for me, as Patch 4.1 has caused havoc with my iMac, and I've been unable to play all week. I might say that the GM's at Blizzard have been quite attentive, and helpful, but this issue seems to have stumped them. This has to be the first time that anything like this has ever happened to me, but it hasn't put me off the game, it's just annoying. Also, just to let you know, the first time I opened a ticket, the timer told me I had about 18 hours to wait, and just like others have experienced, after a few hours, the timer was still the same. Imagine my shock when only after 30 minutes, my call was answered, and imagine my surprise even further (it's been a week full of surprises!), when my second open ticket told me I had to wait 4 days ! now that's gotta be a record?

Anyway, as I said, this hasn't dampened my spirits, and I am sure things will work out.

I have started a goblin shaman on Earthen Ring, and I would love to join the bunny appreciation guild  - Clan of Darkness. He is only at level 4 at the moment, but I am sure that I will be able to level him up fast. His name is Mysticgob.

I was going to start a DK, as that is the fastest way to 85, but it looked like others had the same idea, and I do love playing shaman's, so I hope to be able to contribute to your guild, providing I can get my game working!

On a final note, as a thank-you for all the enjoyment that this podcast has given me over the last year, I have gifted to you a Cenarion Hatchling Pet. I would very much like Aprillian to take ownership of this pet, and look after it, afterall, if it wasn't for Aprillian, there would not be a Ctrl Alt Wow. Enjoy!

Well, time to go, enjoy the week ahead.

Your avid fan

Mystic - For the Horde, for the bunnies, and for the love of community.....

Shout Outs & Thank You

Momoment - Ding 85! oops wait, no, can I turn back time!?

Good morning, good afternoon and GOOD evening!

Hope everyone is doing well.

I have had a good week in game.  Even if I have little time to play I try to log in several characters to do some dailies, usually the cooking daily. I do wish we could do the dailies in each of the major cities, when the patch came out I really thought we could do that.  We are only able to do the cooking daily in Org or TB or UC, not all 3 in one day.
I have spent most of my time on my druid in CoD and I actually dinged 85! :) I think thats my 2nd 85, sad that I am not sure how many 85s i have.
He is only at item level 311 and I need to be at 345 I think to get into heroics.  Basically he will end up like my priest moheal, I will gear him up as best as I can without any raid gear and move on to the next healer I want to level :) Which will be my shammy Moshaman, he is at level 61 I think.  I will have to move him over to ER server.  It will be nice as I can dual box him with my pally Molypolly.
I was able to get some dungeons done with some guildies and looking forward in doing more.

Right now children's week is the thing to do for most people but I just cant get my head in doing any of those quests.

Thats pretty much all I have as I am completing this at work during a busy day.

Have fun everyone and FOR the people that have dinged 85 but didnt want to but congratulations for the one person that did ding 85 and it was an honor to be online when it happened :)



Bruce Soileau (@BruDog)
5/3/11 17:51
@CtrlAltWoW 85 Hunter, 85 Druid, 83 DK, 82 Pally am I an altaholic yet? No raiding, been tanking 5-mans all week. No email this week sorry.

So sorry that i have been missing the show. RL has been really getting in the way. I hope to be giving you all an update here soon.
For the fun of the game.
Kona and his many alts